Various figures for sale

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Various figures for sale

Postby steals_your_goats » Sat Dec 15, 2018 9:11 pm

Weapon: Twin Swords
Hey everyone, I have a handful of bots that are looking for a new home. Everything comes as shown and shipping is not included in the prices.

MP-17 $45
Combiner Wars Superion w/Slingshot $100
FOC Soundblaster $20
Prime Abominus $15
Prime Sharkticon Megatron $35
AOE Leader Grimlock $25
GDO G2 Megatron $25
Studio Series Bumblebee $10
FOC Deception Cassettes $10
FOC Autobot Cassettes $10
Generations Straxus (Darkmount) $20
T30 Goldbug $10
FOC Blaster $20
T30 Cosmos $5
T30 Dreadwing $10
RTS Battle in Space Cyclonus $15
T30 Windblade $10
T30 Rattrap $10
AOE Crosshairs $10
T30 Skywarp $10
FOC Starscream $10
TLK Skullitron $10
T30 Waspinator $10
T30 Jhiaxus $10
TLK Barricade $10
SS Dropkick $12
RID Twinferno $12
T30 Orion Pax (no weapons) $8
Generations Springer $20
Generations Sky-Byte $20
T30 Chromia $15
Generations Warpath $15
Generations Brainstorm $20
Legends Seaspray and Lione $20
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