Revenge of the Decepticons trilogy

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Revenge of the Decepticons trilogy

Postby Overcrusher » Tue Mar 03, 2009 6:59 am

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Ok, im posting this here instead of the old place to combine all the stories. This could be considered a gap between HMW1 AND HMW2 because all our teams and players are getting wiped arn't they? anyway just saying, I don't know any knowledge of the present day transformers, apart from the movies (G1 and New ones) so just go with the flow folks.
Just a small backstory:
Autocons and Autobots are at war, no more decepticons, just both of those teams. Yes, this is the team created by Galvatron Supreme, the most awsome Heavy Metal War Autocon/Decepticon Ever. Consider this a tribute of sorts.


Many years ago during the fall of the decepticons to the autocons and the deaths of hundreds of transformers. Among them Ironhide, Demolishor, hot-shot, far too many. Still, there were enough to enhabit cybertron. Barely though. Among them, a secret Decepticon known as Overcrusher. When his spark came into life, he had a vision. A vision of Megatron. He told him:
"The decepticons are almost gone. If you don't do somthing about it now, All shall be lost do Galvatron! Do this and you shall have un-questionable power beyond your wildest imagination!" Of course, he was wrong. This Megatron wasn't real, he had made himself think megatron was alive, but there was only Galvatron now. He and the rest of the new decepticons need a leader like Megatron. They would have their chance in Overcrusher. He had the only thing he needed:
The Decepticon Banner.

Overcrusher stalked the city tops at night. He knew that one day the banners of the Autobots would be replaced with the banner of the decepticons. He had found comrades above and below:
His comrade Bonesnap, a fellow decepticon who remained at the new decepticon HQ on Omni-6.
Facecrusher, a great long range attacker, armed with a Ballistic cannon.
And Breckneck, a Jet transformer with a laser sniper. Of course, this was no ordinary transformer. This was the ressurected form of Starscream, killed by Galvatron years ago and resurected by forces unknown. He couldn't let anyone know though. He wanted a new identity.

Overcrusher had a plan to destroy all who opposed the decepticons (basically all of cybertron) He would plant seizmic charges on the cybertronian power core. Neither side guarded, attacked or defended this single plant; because its destruction would cause a massive chain reacion that would leave all of cybertron in ruin. Overcrusher would detonate the bomb, causing massive damage to the area around the power plant and beyond. Once the charge went off, all of cybertron would be a dusty wasteland, ready to conquer. He would conquer it using a giant mechanical war machine: Omni-Goliath. Formerly sided with the Autobots, soon abandoned because the energon intake was too much. Now Overcrusher had the power to ressurect Omni-goliath with the power of the mystery ally that had given him the charges in the firt place. Omni-G (Nickname for now) had thrusters on his feet, to travel between one world and another. Immense power was need to take Omni-G to Cybertron, and the mystery ally had given the power to Overcrusher to ressurect him. Once he was ressurected, he would fight under the name of the decepticons or stay in stasis.
Overcrusher also found out that the Autocons would lead a final assault on Cybertrons to defeat Optimus Prime and the last of the Autobots. He would wait one day until the bombs detonated so all the Autocons would be on cybertron, not in orbit.

"Okay, lets go over it one more time," Said Overcrusher across a table, sat near him were his fellow Decepticons (apart from Omni-G, hes WAY to big for that)
"The bombs detonate, we stay on Goliath. When he lands we attack the remnants and claim Cybertron as the new Decepticons. Any survivors will be begging to join our ranks. Facecrusher and Bonesnap, you two clear the remaining buildings, which should be very fun! Me and Breakneck need to deal with some..."
Overcrusher paused.
"Whats the word? Ah, yes. Putrid stinking maggots,"
The Decepticons burst out laughing. They loved insulting their enimies.
"Ill deal with Galvatron, Overcrusher will deal with Prime. Any questions?" asked Breakneck. The table paused.
"Good. Ill start the initiation sequence for Goliath. Get ready. Once the bombs go off, we were promised our power to clear the remnants. Lets go"

Bodies were scattered everywere. Flames ran through the defences the Autobots had put up. The scene was grim.
"Don't stop Autobots! We need to hold back the Autocons from the control centre!" Yelled Optimus Prime. Autocon drones were attacking from here, there and everywhere. Suddenly, a flash of yellow jumped from the flames. It was bumblebee. (if you have read Autocon Deathsquad Members, you will understand. Hes an AUTOCON!)
"PRIME!" Yelled Bumblebee. He had his target in sight. Ready to kill.
"Bumblebee!" Yelled Prime back. He saw the familliar yellow robot moving toward him with a energon blade, moving for the kill. He quickly shot Bumblebee with his Laser Rifle, making Bumblebee fall, holding the scorched point of impact.
"Im sorry, old friend" Prime said, with saddness in his processor.
Prime then let his Rifle do the rest of the talking.

Goliath was on the surface of the planet, preparing for lift off.
The decepticons climbed aboard. Ready to move. An alarm sounded, signalling lift-off. A huge cloud of smoke engulfed the release silo, taking off quickly and swiftly.

55 MINUTES LATER. (its just boring space travel)
Overcrusher watched with the rest of the decepticons (including Omni-G) Cybertron tear it self apart. Flames were visible from outerspace.
Overcrusher was laughing maniacly. Soon, that would all belong to the decepticons.

Ratchet and a few other autobots roamed the Power core. He wondered where that bizzare energy signature came from. It seemed to be coming from a seizmic charge, but who would blow up Cybertron? He stopped in his tracks, frozen with fear. A seizmic charge was planted on the main reactor. Ratchet activated his emergeny protocal.
Off course though, the intense fighting had knocked out the sirens.
Ratchet ran for his life. The drones followed, attempting to flee. There wasn't much hope though, considering the timer had reached the minute.

Overcrusher counted down the seconds.
30, 29, 28, 27...
He counted down the destruction of Cybertron.
20, 19, 18, 17...
Breakneck couldn't wait to wrap his hands around Galvatrons neck.

Prime looked up and saw an imense light all around him. All of his allys disintergrated aroundhim. Aswell as the Autocon drones. He dived into a pile of remains tring to shield himself from the blast.

Overcrusher had a fire in his eyes. The fires of destruction. A massive explosion engulfed Cybertron.

At that point, red lighning hit all the Decepticons. They were being upgraded. Overcrusher 'grew' a gigantic, glowing green blade on his wrist. On his other hand, he had a large handgun, cabable of cutting through heavy armour. He also 'grew' gigantic plates of armour. He also looked more menacing. Breakneck 'grew' a minigun on one of his hands and also had a energy bomb for his jet mode. He also looked more bulky. Basicaly, all of the Decepticons were upgraded.
"Ah...ha-ha! This is more like it. Now, Goliath! TO CYBERTRON!"

Prime got up from the Pile of corpses he was hidden in. He was heavily damaged, missing one arm and his chest armour was crippled.
He looked around. Some figures were on the horizon. It was a desert now, the bodies of the drones and the corpses had simply disintigrated. Prime was lost. He just lost all he ever fought for to a colossal explosion. Suddenly, under another pile, Galvatron steped up. He was also crippled. Then a earthquake. Galvatron spoke to Prime, barely speaking. All of his internals had been leaked from his mouth.
"W...what?" Replied Prime, limping over to Galvatrons body.
"You...Blew up...fzzzzzzzz...Just"
Suddenly a laughter sourounded both of then.
"Ahhhhh...Ive waited too long for this day..." Said a voice from the darkness.
"Show yourself!" Cried Optimus
Overcrusher appeared from the shadows, followed by Breakneck.
"Prime...Im your suprise guest. And you, Galvatron. My friend here will handly you nicely. Now as your Autobots are destroyed,"
Prime limped away from Overcrusher, falling into a heap. He watched as Omni-goliath landed and started baking all of the remaining Autobots with his gigantic flamethrower.
"Now the words of Megatron...ILL CRUSH YOU WITH MY BARE HANDS!!"
Overcrusher then grabbed Prime's head, and lifted him up. He then focused all his power on crushing Prime's head. Prime tried to stop him, but he simply could not. With a small crack, Prime went limp. Overcrusher dropped Prime. He then looked over to Breakneck.
"Oh mighty Galvatron..." Said Breakneck to Galvatron in a sarcastic voice.
"Its you old firend Starscream. Remember me? Time to repay you for all those years ago..."
Breakneck then wrapped his hands around Galvatrons neck. He then strangled Galvatron, doing his best to cause as much pain as possible. Galvatron then also went limp. Breakneck watched the ligh fade out of his cold, dead eyes.
"It is done Lord Overcrusher!"
"Exellent. Transform and tell the others to regroup. our work is done."

All the Decepticons had regrouped. Then Overcrusher shouted to the sky
"The deed is done! What is our reward?"
"Ahhhhh...yeeesss...Cybertron is cleared of the Autobot scum. Now. A deal to make with you..." Replied
"You have recreated the decepticons. Now...Do you wish to conquer Cybertron again?"
"Whatever do you mean?" Replied Overcrusher
"I can teleport you into my dimention where Cybertron is still...alive"
"hmmmm...I like that. Lets go." Replied Overcrusher
Suddenly a vortex appeared above them. Overcrusher went through the vortex, followed by all the others. They were teleported to Omni-6 where Megatron (G1) was there himself with his Decepticons to meet them.
"Lord Megatron!" Said Overcrusher in shock, who then procedded to bow, along with the other Decepticons.
"Rise my brothers!" Replied Megatron.
"There is MUCH to do!"

Revenge of the Decepticons 2

There was a time, before the destruction of cybertron, where a infinite battle raged between the Autobots and the Autocons. Many casualties were recorded, but so many more than the official records state died.

This is their story.

It was a cold, wet night on Cybertron. Few cybertronians walked the streets and the only sound was of the city and its inhabitants. But on a distant planet far away, an attack was planned...
"Lord Galvatron, our forces are mopping up the last of the decepticons. The Autobots still don't know about the drone factory,"
Said Bumblebee as he walked down the chamber of the Autocons.
It was a large hall built from destroyed Human buildings and enemy parts. Anyone who walked through that hallway would have, without a doubt, surrendered immediently because of the sheer erie-ness of the building. This building was the Autocon HQ.
"Exellent...We must start building forces immidently to achive victory over..."
But before Galvatron could finish his sentence, he was interupted.
"Lord Galvatron! Our base on dranos is being attacked by..." Shouted a meesanger that ran into the hall. He was interupted when Galvatron shot him with his fusion blaster. Galvatron then walked over to his copse and shouted at it;
"NEVER INTERUPT ME YOU PETTY SLAVE!...wait...did he say that we were getting attacked on dranos?"
"Yes lord Galvatron!" Replied Bumblebee
"Then that is our next destination. Devastator! You must acompany us to dranos, there you must wipe out the attackers and defend the forces there. Bumblebee, you bring your wasp drones and use them to attack. Understood?"
"Yes lord Galvatron!" Replied Bumblebee and Devastator.


Prime and a group of Autobot soldiers moved through a crater. They took positions and fired from cover. The decepticons were inside the fort and were slowly being cut down, one by one.
"Ok men, Ultra magnus will support us while we assault the fort. Once were in, Magnus is distract the guards while we sneak in. Understood?" Asked Optimus Prime
"Yes sir!" Replied the soldiers
"lets go men!" Shouted prime as he and his squad climbed out of the bunker and ran for the entrance. Ultra magnus and his squad provided a rain of blaster fire.


Blaster began to panic. His squad of drones were slowly dying. Ravage couldn't attack because of the blaster fire and shock wave was slowly dying. He was going to die inside a steel bunker weither he liked it or not. Suddenly the door to the bunker blasted open. This was it. An Autobot soldier was about to shoot him, when suddenly, Ravage jumped onto the soldier, biting him in the face as Blaster tried to steady himself to shoot the rest that entered.

Suddenly an earthquake shook the battlefield. A transport ship landed nearby, carrying Autocon warriors. Prime exited to bunker to see what happened.
"Prime! You need to retreat! Waspbots and Constructicons heading your way fast! You gotta' move! NOW!" Shouted Ultra Magnus over the radio. Optimus Prime then ran as fast as he could back to the destroyed buildings that Ultra Magnus and his squad were hidden in.
Waspbots were like insecticons, but larger and deadlier. A large swarm of them could decimate a city, and a massive swarm could decimate a planet. When Prime reached Ultra Magnus, he pointed to a large mechanical titan forming near the transport. It was Devastator. An ontop of Devastator was Galvatron in weapon form.
Suddenly, a shadow appeared on the land. Prime and Magnus looked up and a swarm of Waspbots were approaching from above. Magnus shouted on the radio for reinforcements, but it seemed that all hope was lost. As Devastator and Galvatron moved from Autobot squad to squad, destroying all in their path. It would seem that would be the last thing they saw.

Suddenly, an immense light appeared all around them...

Prime woke up on a flat bed, next to Ratchet and Ironhide.
"Thank Primus you alive Prime! You got it real bad!" Said Ironhide, standing next to him. Prime sat up.
"What happened?" Asked Prime
"Well Prime, you were being attacked by waspbots when we arrived. It was a good chance to test my new liquid napalm. I used it and it worked! Pretty well too!" Replied Ratchet.
"Uhhh...Wheres Magnus?" Asked Prime once more.
"Well...we were...too late..." Replied Ironhide
"Oh..." Said Prime in a deep voice of sadness. Magnus was a great fighter, a great soldier and a great friend. Knowing that he died to waspbots decreased his hope of victory. They defeated Unicron and Megatron in the past, but this time, things are diffrent. Heroes are dying, soldiers slaughtered and Cybertron would soon be attacked. Prime didn't assume Cybertron would fall, he just knew in his circuits that Galvatron would attack soon...


"I swear lord Galvatron! I tried my best! I swear!" Cried Blaster as he was dragged on his knees and into a pool of acid. His cries shattered through the remeains of the fort.
"Like music to my ears. Bumblebee, soon we attack Cybertron."
"How soon? I wan't to kill some Autobots!" Replied Bumblebee
"An hours time, we attack Cybertron!" Shouted Galvatron
"Exellent! It shall be very pleasing. I will prepare the troops and get ready!"
"Good." Replied Galvatron


Prime was customizing his rifle. He would need it to be the best rifle if he wanted to beat Galvatron. He attached a scope for long range attacks, a grip for better handling and a laser sight to look cool :D
"Sir! The defences are set up and ready!" Said a Autobot Soldier
"Good. Is the power core safe?" Replied Prime
"Yes, it is now protected with an energy field. No projectiles will pass through and hit the reactor now sir!" Said the soldier in a rather informative tone.
"Good. You are dissmissed." Replied Prime. Afterwards, the soldier walked away and out of the command bay of the Autobot HQ. Prime went into the CR Chamber to gain more armour and revitalise his spark for battle.


Prime was awoken from stasis by a soldier.
"Sir! The defences are ready!"
"You...already told me...unless..." Replied Prime. Prime pondered for a while. The soldier was confused, so he walked out of the room.
Prime called Ratchet on radio...
"Ratchet, go to the power core, have a look around. I have a feeling somthings going on..."
"Right away sir." Replied Ratchet


The soldier walked out of the room. He activated radio:
"It is done, Overcrusher," Said Bonesnap over the radio
"He didn't susspect a thing. You may plant the charge now. Its safe."


Orbital attack station

Ironhide, along with a few other Autobots, watched carefully for decepticons. They were on a massive battle station, with enough room for 5,000 Cybertronians. It was designed as an escape ship for some residents of Cybertron if Unicron ever attacked again. Now it was a defence station, armed with the latest weapons systems to date. Including Ratchets liquid napalm turret. It was designed to attack Unicron and move, so it was perfect of building defences on. In the command centre, worrying signs...
"Sir! Multiple large transports approaching sir!"
"Hmm...Energy signature?" Replied Ironhide who suprisingly had a small knoledge of computers.
"Autocons..." Said the soldier
"Ok, put the ship on high alert, prepare for attack!" Shouted Ironhide
The turrets rotated into position. They steadied to fire at the incoming transports. Unlucky for the Autobots though, Galvatron had a plan...
"Sir! The first straight...for us."
" :shock: " said ironhide as he prepared for impact.
The transport contained the constructicons, ready to form devstator at the command of Galvatron. With a gigantic explosion, the transport crashed into the ststion, causing debris to fly everywhere.
Ironhide managed to move out into space by an airlock, so he was ready. From the explosion came Devastator, the goliath of the Autocons. He swung to hit ironhide many times while Ironhide attacked him with his laser cannons mounted onto his wrists (an upgrade from Mr. Bay). He eventually clung onto Devastators head, blocking his eyes to make him see. He went tumbling off the remains of the station and into a pair of transports. This caused a gigantic explosion killing both Ironhide and Devastator and lots and lots of Autocon drones.

Prime and the rest of the Autobot army looked up and saw the transports explode. They prepared for war. They made blockages and turrets and readied the rail-cannon; the power of the autobots weapondry condensed into one gigantic cannon that could tear a station apart and continue to travel through numerous objects. The cannon aimed upwards, charging its lazor. When its charge had reached maximum, it shoop da whoop on the transports. It hit one at a time, and there were too many. Countless drones and Autocons were slaughtered in outer space. The first few transports touched down just outside Autobot HQ where numerous turrets had been set up to defend. All the the Autobots manned the turrets and attacked the oncomming hordes of drones, that seemed to constantly rebuild their ranks. For each one that was killed, it seemed another three would take their place. Many Autobots tried to abandon their posts, but were stopped by Optimus and the other Autobots. Each bot tried their hardest to fight, but most of them died. It was the begining of the end.


A Large, bulky transformer named Overcrusher spoke to another 3 Decepticons at a table...
"Ok, so lets go over this one last time..."

(Incase anyone is wondering what this means, thats the start of the first story)


Galvatron approached the forcefield. It acted as a window, protecting from the void outside he knew all too well. He watched as the shuttle thrust through outer space, the stars passing by and the glow of the sun reflecting off his shining armour. He began to grow impatient.
"How long is this going to take Starscream?" He shouted
"Not long lord Galvatron...I would work better if you took these..."
"Silence you stupid piece of worthless scrap! I didn't ressurect you for nothing! Now hurry up...he is waiting..." He interupted.

Revenge of the Decepticons 3

Overcrusher walked across the grassy hill. He still couldn't belive he actually met and spoke to Megatron the destroyer. He also couldn't belive where he was. A planet inhabited by puny, maggot-like infestations known as humans. They were so easy to crush, but so hard to remove their blood from your feet.
Overcrusher turned around and stopped walking. It was Megatron.
"Lord Megatron! Are my services requied?"
"Yes, as a matter of fact they are!" Replied Megatron
"Your friend, Omni-goliath, won't respond. We need him to take us to Cybertron. Will you ask him to?"
"Yes lord Megatron, your wish is my command!" Replied Overcrusher, as he ran back to the command base of the Decepticons. Megatron wondered what Overcrusher was watching. He was watching a ruined city, crumble in flames. Megatron grined, and then giggled, before coughing to stop.
"Get a hold of your self megatron, no giggling in front of the men" He said to himself, quietly as he could. Meanwhile, Overcrusher was powering up Omni-goliath.
"Come on you piece of scrap! Work!" He shouted at him as he stood in a hunched position, looking empty.
"Whats wrong with him?" Asked Soundwave
"I really don't know..." Replied Overcrusher. Suddenly, Omni-goliath sprung into life. Although, his Decepticon insignia had dissappeared. No-one cared or no-one noticed. They just wanted to be off earth.

MEANWHILE ON DRANOS.(A planet near Cybertron, just so you know where it is, like in the second story)..

Breakneck was ontop of the fort, watching Bonesnap test the new recruits. The training was harmful, but it made them harder, if the training didn't kill them first. They had already lost 21 recruits out of the 50 that had signed up. He wondered what Facecrusher was doing on Cybertron, apart from killing some Autobots...


Omni-goliath, carrying all of the decepticons on earth, began to fly to Dranos.



Aaaannndddd were back.

Omni-goliath landed on Dranos met by Breakneck and the others. Overcrusher jumped from Goliath's transport bay and landed on the ground below.
"Welcome Decepticons! There have been no sightings of the Autobots, but there have been a few recruits that have been overtrained!" Said Breakneck as Overcrusher walked toward the fort. After the welcoming, strange frequencies interuped radar and radio signals everywhere on Dranos.


Soundwave was training some of the recruits that wanted to become radar opertators. Seeing as Soundwave was an expert in electronics, he seemed the best trainer for recruits of that occupation.
Breakneck formed up with Megatron;
"Lord Megatron! There have been no sightings of the Autobots on the perimeter so far..." But before Breakneck could finish his speech, an imense shockwave shook the planet. It caused massive destruction and havoc, killing most of the recruits and injuring most of the decepticons. Overcrusher stood up from the wreckage. He looked up and saw an immense vortex, like the red lightning that made him powerful. He heard faint voices from near him. He went to those voices to find a large peice of scrap crushing Bonesnap. He observed the damage and found that most of his body was being crushed under the heavy scrap. eventually he stoped talking altogether.
"Overcrusher!" Cried Breakneck, transforming from jet mode and landing in front of him.
"What is that thing?!?" Shouted Breakneck to Overcrusher as he pointed at the vortex. He shouted because of the immense noise the vortex was generating.
"I have no idea!" Relied Overcrusher. Suddenly, a large laser beam came through the vortex, hitting an area near Breakneck, sending him flying into a wall near by. Autocon fighter jets swarmed through the vortex, firing at all below on Dranos. One of the fighters shot Overcrusher, causing him to fall. Suddenly a gigantic, Autocon attack ship came through. It fired the familiar purple beam that caused Breakneck to get blown into the wall. Then somthing that made his very spark cringe in fear: Omni-goliath with Facecrusher, but somthing was different. They were using different signias. They looked like an evil, powerful, strong force that almost destroyed Cybertron once before...

In fact, all of the Autocons were using this symbol. Could it of been the return of the dark lord of evil? Could it of been the return of Unicron? Suddenly, a said from behind him:
"Gotcha!" He was then lifted into the air. He looked down and saw the same thing that was carrying him was carrying breakneck too. Overcrusher then blacked out...

He awoke several hours later, on a medical bed.
"Rise and shine Decepticon. Now before you go all evil and try to kill me, both sides are in a truce at the moment. So stay calm."
Overcrusher opened his optics. He didn't realise where he was. He sat up rubbing his head. He was greeted by Ratchet, medical officer of the Autobots.
"Where am I?" Asked Overcrusher
"Autobot HQ medical bay. Your safe." Replied Ratchet. Overcrusher wa suprised at who walked into the room after wards. It was Optimus Prime.
"Ahh. Your awake. We thought you would never make it. You got hit bad." Said Prime.
"Whats going on? Wheres Megatron?" Asked Overcrusher
"We have not located Megatron yet. He could of escaped, but we can't confirm anything. You and Breakneck were the only survivors, and Breaknecks in pretty bad shape..." Prime Replied. Overcrusher then got off the bed, trying to walk, but noticing a large hole in his left leg, causing him to limp. He limped to the chamber where Breakneck was being held.

When he walked through the doors, it saddened him to his very spark. Breakneck was in critical condition. His arm was missing, his legs had been horribly mangled and his face was cut in many places. He was barley recognisable.
"Overcrusher?" Asked Breakneck, barley able to speak.
"Yes, its me. Are you ok?" Replied Overcrusher. It was hard to talk to him after what had happened. He had been his friend so long, through all the perils and destruction in the other dimention.
"No" Said Breakneck. His spark began to fade.
"Come closer, I have somthing to tell you." Asked Breakneck. Overcrusher came closer and listened to what he had to say as his spark died.
" Starscream!"
Overcrusher was shocked to the core. The very thing that Megatron hated was in his team and his closest ally and friend. He stepped back a few steps. Breakneck began to laugh as he slowly faded away.
Optimus entered the room.
"Im sorry for his passing, but we have big problems."

5 minutes later...

Ovrcrusher stared out the window. He watched as Unicron devoured Dranos.
"After hes done with that hes going for Cybertron. And you could be the only one who could stop him."
"Who? Me? Stop Unicron? Never." Replied Overcrusher
"You see, that red lightning that hit you was Unicrons power, but from the other dimention that they came from. So, he almost controled you Just as he did Omni-goliath and Facecrusher. It seems obvious now that Galvatron had no use for them seeing as they were on the planet when Unicron started Devouring it." Prime told him.
"So, you need to trust us and promise us your not going to let go of yourself to Unicrons power,"
"I won't" Replied Overcrusher
"Good, because we need all the help we can get." Prime said,
"You need to take the, umm...wait..." Prime paused. A guard passed Prime somthing. It was encased in cybertronian steel, to protect it. He unlocked the steel and showed it to Overcrusher.
"The...Allspark!?!" Said Overcrusher, trying to hide his excitement.
He was going to touch it, and just as he was about to, he saw a vision. It was a human boy, standing near what seemed to be Optimus Prime, but strangley different. The boy was shoving the allsparks power into what looked like Megatron, but strangley different. The boy was killing Megatron!
Overcrusher stepped back. It seemed like he just witnessed oblivion.
"Did you see a boy with the allspark?" Asked Prime, still standing there holding the Allspark in the case.
"Ye...yes!" Replied Overcrusher.
"Everyone seems to see that. Besides, how could that ever happen? A boy using the Allspark. Ha-ha! And did you see me? I mean, Vector Sigma! Why would I have flames? I would have to sell my sould before I let that happen! " Prime laughed
"Ha-ah-ha...yeah..." Said Overcrusher, steadying himself.
"Anyway, back on point. We need you to take the Allspark and put it into Unicrons spark. If the vision is true, then it should destroy him." Prime told him
"but unfortunetly, that means youll die too." Prime said in a grim manner.
"Ok" Overcrusher said in a simple tone.
"What? your not going to say 'hey! I don't want to die'?"
"Well, I just saw my best and only friend die in front of me, my other two comrades turn agains me and my best soldier is dead. Not to mention the fact that I will have nothing once this is over."
"what do you mean?" asked Prime.
"Megatron abandoned us with his minions for a reason. He wants to see Autobot Cybertron burn so he can rule earth and there will be nothing left to stop him. If I do destroy Unicron and somehow live, I will have no team left to join. And im not saying I want to see Cybertron ruled by Autobots, im saying where I come from, Cybertron is my home."
"hmm...ok...lets go." said Prime, ajusting to the fact that Overcrusher was suicidal. They went to the hangar to send out the second wave of Autobot fighter Jets after the last few were destroyed by the Autocon fleet. There would be much more fighter jets for the Autobots this time though. Overcrusher would be clinging onto a fighter jet to slingshot himself to travel to Unicron, which had just finished devouring Dranos. Most of the Pilots assumed they were not coming back alive, sacrifice was necesary to ensure the survival of Cybertron though.
The jets began to take off, and fight the Autocon ships escorting Unicron. The jet that Overcrusher was hanging onto was transfering all power to the engines. The pilot asked him on the radio;
"You ready?"
"Ready when you are" Replied Overcrusher. Suddenly the pilot stopped the engines and swung the ship around, throwing Overcrusher straight into the Autocon fleet. There were explosions everywhere fighters were battling each other, sending one or the other crashing down into the bigger ships. The battle had begun. Grim voices came onto the radio;
"Quick! I got one following me! Ungh...I can't shake 'em!"
Overcrusher drifted throught space, almost at his destination. Unicron was near. Overcrusher felt somthing was wrong. the looked left. Galvatrons flagship was about to engulf him in one of its hangars. He did his best to escape it, but it was hopeless. The shadow of the hangar ate him like a crumb in a turkey feast, and the cruiser was the fat man. Once captured, he was taken up to Galvatron in the command bay.
"well, well, well. If it isn't the mighty Overcrusher. Desastator of Cybertron, ruler of the universe! It seems you are defeated. Now tell me," Asked Galvatron as he turned to face Overcrusher. Galvatron looked more demonic than he did before. He had spikes sprouting from his back, and heads of autobots on them. He looked like he was in pain, but it didn't seem so.
"how does it feel to know you are carrying the burden of death?"
"It feels cold, you will feel it soon you freak. Serving Unicron won't help you. Have you learned nothing?" Asked Overcrusher
"Unicron will destroy you, just as he destroyed the real Galvatron all those years ago!" Overcrusher told him. Galvatron then began to laugh.
"You don't seem to get it. Unicron has given me the gift of immortal life, through pain or otherwise. Look at poor starscream here..." Said Galvatron. Overcrusher looked at a qwuivering wreck in the corner. It slowly came into light. His legs were melted together so if he transformed to escape, he would feel immense pain. But Starscream was a coward, he would never attempt to transform and feel that kind of pain.
"Now Overcrusher. Prepare to die. Again and again and..." But Galvatron underestimated Overcrusher. He leaped at Galvatron. Galvatron fell back against the window while Overcrusher pummled him. He slammed him in the chest repeatly, causing the window to crack.
"You wouldn't!" Asked Galvatron
"I would!" Replied Overcrusher.
He then slammed Galvatron once more, causing the window to break. The gravity setting inside the command pod let the people inside stay while Overcrusher and Galvatron were sucked into space. Starscream saw one of the captors holding the allspark chest. He looked outside. Unicron was getting ever closer to Cybertron, getting ready do eat. Galvatron and Overcrusher were battling, almost sucked into empty space. Now was his chance. He grabbed the Allspark and transformed. He screamed:
He flew into Galvatron and Overcrusher, carrying them both. Unicron opened his Jaws. Starscream then flew into the mouth with Galvatron and Overcrusher. His spark was visible, sucking in most of the thing in his mouth. Galvatron was loosing grip, he also had one of his spikes impaled on Starscream. Starscream looked at Overcrusher, who he had hold of.
"Let go of me! Ive wanted to die for too long! LET ME GO!" Screamed Starscream. Overcrusher nodded and let go. Starscream fell into the spark first, causing him to instantly disintigrate. Overcrusher looked down at Galvatron, slowly falling into oblivion. He watched as Galvatron fell into Unicrons spark. He looked like he was in pain, because his armour slowly melted away, causing his protoform to be visible. He then sank into the spark. Overcrusher unboxed the allspark and let himself drop. He fell with the allspark in front of him, casuing the allspark to collide with Unicrons spark first. It glowed red, making Unicrons spark to burn. It began to overheat causing massive damage. Overcrusher did'nt know what was happening outside, but at least he knew that Unicron was dying.


Unicron started to erupt into a massive ball of flames. Optimus watched at it slowly disintigrated. The debris that was sure to hit Cybertron hit the Autocon fleet instead. The Autobots cheered, but Optimus knew they had lost a great a brave soldier. Even though he fough for the Decepticons, he was smart, and knew what to do and when to do it. He was even considering asking to join the Autobots before he left. But it was too late for that now.


Overcrusher watching as he slowly started to melt. His outerform was just about gone. He was finaly at peace with himself and the universe.

Unicron then exploded into a massive explosion, destroying all near it. Well, apart from me. Yes, it is I, the great and weak Overcrusher! -Cough- But im a shell of my former self. I was lucky enough to be blasted with a fragment of the allspark, like that Starscream guy in the old days. Its quite good really. I spend time now at the power sector with my buddies from the scrap heap. We laugh and joke and be normal. We fight for no man. We serve no-one. The Autobots and Decepticons still battle to this day, and Megatron re-appeared to battle Prime but a great deal of men were lost on Dranos. I still wish I were able to help some of them, but I know I couldn't of done much. After all, I was mearly weak compared to what I am now. I am strong because I am Willing. I am strong because I am free. I remember them putting a statue of me up in the memorial centre. They made me less menacing and an Autobot. I must admit, it did look rather...-cough cough- Hansome -cough cough-. I stalk the rooves of buildings on cybertron now. I wear a large earth hood to conceal myself from them. Not that they see me, I just like to look cool and powerful :grin:
Well, thats all. Thanks for the interview!
Wait, don't tell anyone or show anyone this, ok?
Well, ok. Goodbye!

He then took off onto the rooves of Cybertron, stalking the cities at night. Always patroling should the Autocons return. He was a great, heroic Autobot, he was an evil, cunning Decepticon. But the truth was, he was both. He was never seen, only at night, could you ever see him though, that was the real concealment. He never did tell me why he helped Optimus in the first place, or why he faught. Many questions he did not answer. But whenever anyone who knew him spoke about him, they always had a slight grin on their faces.

That, perhaps, may be my answer.

Thats it folks. Comment and say your view!
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Re: Revenge of the Decepticons trilogy

Postby Overcrusher » Wed Mar 18, 2009 4:46 pm

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Phase, why are you copying the story over and over? Where did the love go in this thread :sad:
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Re: Revenge of the Decepticons trilogy

Postby phase » Wed Mar 18, 2009 7:16 pm

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Overcrusher wrote:Phase, why are you copying the story over and over? Where did the love go in this thread :sad:

I since my computer is slow, I accidently pressed the Submit button twice to get it going, The ssme thing happened with my story Ghosts.

This is the Secret Police. Prepare to die.
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Re: Revenge of the Decepticons trilogy

Postby Burn » Thu Mar 19, 2009 2:10 am

Cleared out phase's two posts, phase, if you want to comment on the story, have another go.

Couple of tips.

If you find a post in a thread not to your liking, use the report button.

If something goes screwy with one of your posts, use the edit button, and I think you may even have a delete button.
I'll be ignoring Burn's comments from now on
he's just being an @$$hol€!
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Re: Revenge of the Decepticons trilogy

Postby Galvatron Supreme » Thu Mar 19, 2009 8:48 am

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Nice story, OC! I like your style. :grin:
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Re: Revenge of the Decepticons trilogy

Postby Kickyourassacons » Thu Mar 19, 2009 2:20 pm

Great story OC :APPLAUSE: 3 of my guys in the story, pretty cool B-)

Overcrusher wrote:"PRIME!" Yelled Bumblebee. He had his target in sight. Ready to kill.
"Bumblebee!" Yelled Prime back. He saw the familliar yellow robot moving toward him with a energon blade, moving for the kill. He quickly shot Bumblebee with his Laser Rifle, making Bumblebee fall, holding the scorched point of impact.
"Im sorry, old friend" Prime said, with saddness in his processor.
Prime then let his Rifle do the rest of the talking.

Lol, I killed bumblebee! You better watch out GS, I'm going to take the rest of your team out :D ... n_id=47218 Air Raid Kills Dridge 07:23 ... n_id=53516 Roadbuster Kills Galvatron 06:49 ... n_id=53520 Smokescreen Kills Thunderbolt 06:30 ... n_id=53548 Wheeljack Kills Shockwave 04:13
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Re: Revenge of the Decepticons trilogy

Postby Overcrusher » Thu Mar 19, 2009 2:53 pm

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Galvatron Supreme wrote:Nice story, OC! I like your style. :grin:

Kickyourassacons wrote: Great story OC :APPLAUSE: 3 of my guys in the story, pretty cool B-)

Thanks for all the comments guys!

Im really lovin' all the readers of this. It makes my day to see that a mini-con like me could write a story that gets so many viewers!

applause to you, the common fanfic reader!
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Re: Revenge of the Decepticons trilogy

Postby Overcrusher » Thu May 07, 2009 2:51 pm

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Great news readers! Four is on the way. Its gonna be long, big and bold. Heres a short blurb:

A collider. A death. A secret. A threat.

The Fallen has arrived on new Cybertron, and theres no heroic decepticon to save us. It will take a sacrifice, a retaliation, a will and revenge to defeat the greatest threat of all.

Failure will spell doom for the entire universe.

Revenge of the Decepticons: The last march.

Comming soon to a thread near you!
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