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Product update from - 2008-12-15

PostPosted: Mon Dec 15, 2008 9:51 am
by Seibertron
Here is an update we received today from one of our sponsors,


We have some TF news updated.

1) Animated Exclusive Pack - Jetfire & Jetstorm

Will available around 18 Dec, US$26.9 ... =TFANICPJ1

Also, sealed case of 2, US$49.9 ... =TFANICPJ2

2) Animated Leader Shadow Blade Megatron

Available around 18 Dec, US$47.99 ... =TFANILSBM

Also, sealed case of 2, US$89.9 ... TFANILSBM1

3)Hasbro Transformers Universe 2008 Voyager - 09 Wave 1

Inferno, US$27.9 ... 08Y09WV1IN

Vector Prime, US$25.9 ... 08Y09WV1VP

Also, sealed case of 4, US$99.9 ... 8Y09WV1VP1

4) Exclusive TF watches (manufactured by MIRACLE PLUS LTD.)

Pre-order, available in 2 weeks.
Type A, US$189 ... II=TFMA001

Type B, US$199 ... II=TFMA002

Type D & E, US$129 ... II=TFMA004 ... II=TFMA005

Type F, G & H, US$139 ... II=TFMA006 ... =TFMA006-1 ... II=TFMA007

Type I, US$165 ... II=TFMA008

5) The new MP silver roller / Magnus gun kit will arrive this week. US$19.9. ... II=MPKIT04

Robotkingdom Crew

Re: Product update from - 2008-12-15

PostPosted: Mon Dec 15, 2008 10:19 am
by dragons
i understand the set i mistakenly took the mp trailer comes with roller but it foest no matter what version you get mp4 or just trailer ok but to stay true to ralism and identical to the series roller should be blue not silver.

great set if knew the mp trailer didnt include roller i might have gotten this set.