Machine Wars: Transformers - The Fanfic Series -- Episode 1

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Machine Wars: Transformers - The Fanfic Series -- Episode 1

Postby Sabrblade » Sat Mar 22, 2008 2:30 pm

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Machine Wars: Transformers – The Fanfic Series
Episode 1
U.S. title: “Revival, Part 1 – Deception”
Japanese title: “Four Destrons Resurrected”

Planet Cybertron, a world torn by war and hatred for millennia, has at long last found peace. The wars between the Autobots and the Decepticons, spanning two generations, have finally reached an end. Fifty years have passed, a new era has begun, one that thrives with peace, prosperity, and harmony between both Autobot and Decepticon alike. Its name is the Pax Cybertronia, The Peace of Cybertron, which is also the name of the treaty that established the peace. Cybertron now has a new governing body, the Cybertron Alliance Council, consisted of an equal number of Autobots and Decepticons. But with peace, there will always be those who prefer disorder and chaos, and have become criminals and renegades. Thus, a new law enforcement division was established, The Cybertron Peacekeepers Secret Police. One notable criminal is about to start a whole new chapter of Cybertron history.
In a dark alley at night, a mysterious figure waits patiently for the arrival of another bot. Then he noticed something, a small light glowing in the shadow of a building. He walked towards it. It was the bot he was supposed to meet.
“You’re late,” the bot said in his deep voice.
The other nodded without care.
“You better have the goods!” snapped the first bot.
“I have,” spoke the other in a droid-like voice, for that’s what he was. He pulled out a containment box and opened it, showing the “goods” to the first bot. The bot grinned.
“Excellent, the boss’ll be pleased. No witnesses, right?”
“These better be authentic, or my boss’ll have your spark ripped out!”
“I have no spark,” said the droid, for that was how he was able to obtain the goods.
The bot then transformed in into vehicle mode: a six-wheeled transport vehicle.
“Load the goods, droid. Then get outta here!” said the bot. The droid loaded the containment box onto the back of the vehicle’s bed. Once it was secured, he was off. The vehicle started and drove away.

The vehicle drove onto one of the main Cybertron highways, speeding passed many. He almost ran into a white and gold transport vehicle, though he soon lost it. Finally, he pulled off the main road and into an almost abandoned district of Cybertron. There, he soon reached his destination. He then ran into another bot, who unloaded the goods. The first bot transformed back to robot mode and showed the goods to the other, for they both worked for the same guy. Then they went underground, into a hideout in a lower level of the city. There they came face to face with their boss, the Decepticon crime lord Immorticon (name taken from the Transtech character that never was).
“Have you got the sparks?” questioned Immorticon.
“Yes, sir, right here.” The bot showed his boss the goods.
“Yes. Now we can begin,” said Immorticon. “Prepare the bodies for implantation.”
The crime lord’s minions began the project. The objective of his master plan was to steal four sparks from the Allspark and use them as a test of his new project to create an army of Decepticon soldiers whose sparks were from Decepticon warriors of the past wars, which he would use to overthrow the Alliance Council so that he could reign supreme.
Four bodies had been prepared to hold these four sparks. Three of which had been created from ancient Earth vehicles and the other one had been salvaged from a Cybertronian junkyard and repaired.
“Install the sparks!” ordered Immorticon. A large mechanical claw reached into the containment box and pulled out the spark containers one at a time. Then each was carried over to the four bodies and lowered to their chests. Then the containers were opened and each spark was inserted into each body’s spark chamber. Then, all was still. The bodies were still lifeless.
“What happened?! Why didn’t they activate?!” snapped Immorticon. He approached bodies and spoke directly to them. “I command you my minions. Awaken from your eternal slumber!”
Then, there was movement. Eyes opened, visors lit up, fingers curled, heads turned, arms moved, legs stood up. They were alive.

One of the newly-created Decepticons looked around in confusion.
“Where… where am I? What’s going on?” He looked at his new form. “What has happened to me?!!” then he noticed Immorticon. “Who are you? What have you done to me?!! I demand an explanation!!!”
Immorticon spoke in a calm manner to his creation. “Allow me introduce myself. I am Immorticon, you creator and master. You work for me now. You will do my bidding and will follow my commands. Now, bow before your master!”
The other Decepticon laughed. “You fool! You obviously don’t have any idea who I am! I am Megatron, leader of the Decepticons! It is you who will follow my commands, or be destroyed!”
Immorticon's calmness was gone. He was furious at this threat. He was about to speak back, when another awakened bot spoke.
“Megatron? Is that really you?” His voice was very deep and mechanical, and had sort of a rhythm to it. Megatron turned toward him in surprise, for he recognized that bot’s voice.
“Soundwave? Can it be?”
“Yes, Megatron.”
“You’re alive as well.” Megatron turned toward the other two. “Are you two also familiar Decepticons?”
“That depends,” spoke one of them in a deep voice. “Are you really the Decepticon leader Megatron?”
“Of course I am!” snapped Megatron.
“Then we are your allies. We are Thundercracker and Skywarp, your loyal minions.”
“Ahh, I haven’t seen you two since the Battle of Autobot City of 2005,” exclaimed Megatron.
“We haven’t seen you since then either,” said Skywarp.
“As much as I’d love break up this reunion,” interrupted Immorticon, who finally spoke up, “Let me clarify something. You all work for me, now! Any other act will be noted as treachery and will not go tolerated!”
“I beg to differ,” said Megatron, “How can we betray you, when we were never on your side?!! Decepticons, attack!” The four of them sprung forward to attack their so-called creator.
“How dare you rebel against me!” thundered Immorticon. “Seize those traitors!” he commanded to his other minions in the room.
His minions easily overpowered Megatron and his group, mostly since they had no weapons. Immorticon grabbed Megatron by the neck.
“Now you have no choice but to follow me, minion!”
But before anything else could happen, there was a great explosion from the ceiling. Everyone looked up. From out of the hole in the roof came a horde of the Cybertron Peacekeepers.
“No, this can’t be! How did they find me?!!” cried Immorticon.
Megatron’s group watched in confusion as to who the Peacekeepers were. Then the Police leader stepped in with two other members. One of them, who was female, had been the white and gold vehicle from the highway earlier. When she had almost been hit by Immorticon’s minion, she had recognized him from past crime reports and shot a tracking device at him, which led the Peacekeepers right to Immorticon’s lair.
The police leader approached Immorticon who was now pinned down by police. He turned to the female. “Excellent work, Lieutenant Strika. You were wise to track that reckless driver.”
“It was my duty, sir. That reckless driver would’ve caused an accident. Who would‘ve thought he would lead us to Cybertron‘s most wanted criminal?”
“You and you partner, Obsidian, will be rewarded, as it was he who alerted us of your discovery.” The chief turned towards Immorticon. “As for you, renegade, in the name of the Pax Cybertronia and the Cybertron Alliance, you are under arrest!”
The secret police carried Immorticon away. He was now in their custody. But in all the commotion, no one had noticed that Megatron, Soundwave, Skywarp, and Thundercracker had escaped.

The four of them flew above Cybertron cities. They had no idea where they were going, but they knew they had to find out what has happened to Cybertron while they were offline. They soon landed in the middle of a city, where they noticed that all of the Cybertronians were not only both Autobots and Decepticons, but were living peacefully and in harmony. This disgusted all of them greatly.
“What has happened to Cybertron?” asked Megatron. “Everyone is living in peace. Autobots, Decepticons, living amongst each other without conflict. It’s madness! Decepticons should be conquering the Autobots, not wasting their time living like the idiots they are now!”
“So what are we gonna do about it?” asked Skywarp.
“Whatever we do, it won’t be easy.” said Thundercracker. “It appears that these new Decepticons don’t seem to think of conquest or destruction. We are clearly outnumbered here. It’s us against the planet’s entire population.”
“He has a point, Megatron” agreed Soundwave.
“Hmm, yes. Indeed he does, Soundwave. That means we’ll have to find way of conquest elsewhere,” said Megatron.
“Elsewhere? Where are we going?” asked Skywarp.
“We will go to..." He though for a moment. Then it dawned on him. "We will go to Earth,” said Megatron. “The humans are puny fleshlings. We can easily overtake them and use their resources to conquer Cybertron.”
“You mean, like we did before?” asked Thundercracker, for he remembered their past failures on Earth. Megatron grabbed Thundercracker and slammed him to the ground. “Never question me like that again! We will not fail this time! We will not have any Autobots to stand in our way this time! But first, we need to steal a ship.”
It was then that they found their opportunity. A screen in a window of a shop was playing a news report about the unveiling of a new spaceport just outside the city. In exactly one hour, several Alliance Council members would be holding the opening ceremony of the new spaceport. Megatron saw this as the perfect chance to sneak onboard a ship and escape in it to Earth.
“That spaceport is our key to victory. Decepticons, move out!”

Fireworks were exploding. Music was playing. Cybertronians were cheering. The spaceport was filled with a great crowd. A stage was set up in front of the port with screen behind the pulpit. Seven of the twelve council members were on the stage. Each one was sitting in a chair behind the pulpit. When the music stopped playing, the head Councilmember stood up and stepped up to the pulpit to give his speech. It was then that Megatron and the others snuck into the spaceport, knocked out the few security guards who were guarding the entrance since the rest were guarding the council members, and boarded one of the ships. Once they were onboard, Megatron decided to leave Cybertron with a parting gift. He tapped into the screen behind the pulpit on the stage. The head Councilbot had just finished his opening speech and was about to declare the spaceport open when Megatron’s face appeared on stage before the crowd. The crowd was confused and horrified about what happened next.
Megatron laughed and said, “Attention Cybertron. This is Megatron, the true leader of the Decepticons!”
“No! It can’t be! This is impossible! He’s dead!” cried the head council member, who instantly recognized Megatron.
Megatron continued. “Today is the dawn of a new era. One in which I will reign supreme! I shall leave Cybertron only to return with enough power to conquer the planet and rid it of this disgraceful peace and harmony! As for all of you who dare call yourselves 'Decepticons', but choose to live equally amongst these repulsive Autobots, you will be terminated unless you return to the ways of total domination! I leave you now Cybertron, with these words: 'Glory to tyranny and the Decepticon Empire!!!'" With that, the transmission ended and the ship’s engines started.
The head council bot would not allow Megatron to escape. “Stop that launch! Put a halt on all aerospace travel. We must not let Megatron escape! Do not let that ship leave the atmosphere!!!”
But it was too late, the ship blasted off into space, on a course set for Earth. There was nothing that could be done now. All that could be done was to watch as the Decepticons fled into space. Megatron was gone.

To be Continued…
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