Takara MP8X King Grimlock Released In Japan

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Re: Takara MP8X King Grimlock Released In Japan

Postby dragons » Sat Dec 19, 2009 10:42 am

First Gen wrote:I don't get it. Technically, its a bogus repaint as the "blue" portions of the body are supposed to be black, but comics back them commonly used blue to show the darker color as shading hadn't been introduced yet.

i like it little but if i didnt have the first one i would get this one but i am glad i own the first one i dont like the blue to much it looks funny to me & the price is a big let down fo his size as mp & the accesoires they give you

what i dont get is takara said they never going to reproduce this grimlock i forgot why & here he is in a slightly modified repaint, same with fansprojects & all the stuff they make but what see form them is repanit enegon superion kit, chroem added to city commander prime, there was something else i dont remeber if these compaines are stating that there never going to reproduce some of the product that they make or all of there products , we see 2 years later the same thing as repaint whats the piont i feel us fans are getting ripped off in some point.

but in the end the fans who missed out get second chance win lose situation here
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Re: Takara MP8X King Grimlock Released In Japan

Postby Mkall » Sat Dec 19, 2009 3:51 pm

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Seibertron wrote:
Mkall wrote:
Seibertron wrote:I buy everything that Hasbro pumps out and just about everything mainstream that Takara pumps out. I haven't been buying the extremely over priced exclusives like the clear Mirage and ghost Starscream nor the Movie Skids/Mudflap inspired repaints of G1 Skids / "G1" Crosscut. Some of these exclusives are just nuts price wise lately. I'll pay up to $60 for an exclusive Japanese deluxe class figure, but any more than that is crazy ... even in BotCon exclusive terms it's crazy.

Shame boss, glad to see you have your principles down and you're sticking to them, but Clear Mirage, Ghost Starscream, and probably Dar Skyfire are some of the best figs to come out of Japan in recent years.

Not for the price they aren't. $90 a pop for those guys is anything but "some of the best". That's a higher price than BotCon prices and these figures are probably nowhere near as limited as the BotCon ones are. Hoping to see these drop in price at some point. Of course, never saw Henkei Clear Convoy or Wildrider dip in price but one can hope!

Tough to buy those figures when I've already spent $1300+ during the past two months on mostly new Hasbro and Takara Tomy figures and that's not counting the Overlord that I got back in October nor is it counting anything that I've bought on eBay recently. I'd rather spend the money for those uber expensive Japanese figures on old school Japanaese figures. Let's see ... Dai Atlas for around $250 - $400 or 3 or 4 exclusive deluxe REPAINTED figures from Japan? ;)

I suppose if I were unloading that much dough on figs I'd be a little more selective too. Still I hope that you can find some to borrow and give the good gallery treatment to. They should deserve the spotlight in my oppinion.

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Re: Takara MP8X King Grimlock Released In Japan

Postby Rated X » Sat Dec 19, 2009 4:47 pm

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Im just gonna be patient and wait till Wal-Mart cashes in on this mold. I really could care less about the crown and apron...
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Re: Takara MP8X King Grimlock Released In Japan

Postby Chaoslock » Sat Dec 19, 2009 6:48 pm

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My to do list:
1. Get the original release
2. Get the King release
3. Take the original figure and his gun, the Kings crown, sword and the fancy packaging
4. Sell the rest.
5. ?
6. Profit!

EDIT: Actually, forget point 4.

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Re: Takara MP8X King Grimlock Released In Japan

Postby Dr. Richtofen » Sat Dec 19, 2009 7:34 pm

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considering i have no representation of this charicter in any universe, this would be an Exellent representation. CROWN SHINY!!! ME WANTZ =P~
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Re: Takara MP8X King Grimlock Released In Japan

Postby Dagon » Wed Dec 23, 2009 4:43 pm

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First Gen wrote:I don't get it. Technically, its a bogus repaint as the "blue" portions of the body are supposed to be black, but comics back them commonly used blue to show the darker color as shading hadn't been introduced yet.

By this token, Superman had blue hair for most of his original run.

I agree. This is what we get for always having people whine and cry that none or not enough of our figures are comic/cartoon acurate. We get $250 worth of shit-looking Grmilock with blue thighs. And a stupid little crown. Yeah, that's worth the money. You know, I almost didn't buy an MP Grimlock because I wasn't happy with the non-accuracy, but then I caved and bought one. Too bad, becuase had I waited a little I could havepaid an additional $125 from what I paid for mine, and could have also gotten one that looks terrible. So I could have paid more and gotten this eyesore, but I'd have gotten the little crown he wore for the four issue of 80's comics where he was a king for somereason and was chasing after Blaster. (Sarcasm throughout).

On this note, I find this a perfect opportunity to once again promote my idea for a set of G1 Autobots from the Immobilizer episode. If you'd spend $250 on this, you're obviously dying to add a gray, half tansformed G1 Gears to your collection.
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