Antarctica – Lost in the Ice

Earth is a beautiful planet, lush with life, overflowing with energy and ripe for the taking. The Decepticons want to conquer it and harness that energy for their own purposes. The Autobots want to keep it out of Decepticon hands. This forum contains their battles and struggles all across the planet.

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Re: Antarctica – Lost in the Ice

Postby Chibi Starscream » Mon Nov 05, 2018 6:39 pm

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Antarctica- In the Cave

“I was just getting to that, Blurr. Okay, everyone, let’s start extracting the ore…carefully! I’ve already contacted the Ark-22 and requested some additional Autotrooper help. The faster we can get all this mined the faster we can get out of this frozen wasteland,"

"Aye aye, Wheeljack!", said Blurr, and he began doing just that. He located the nearby tools needed for the extraction and carefully but quickly began chisseling out the ore from the walls. This really wasn't his cup of energon you could say, this work, but the payoff would be worth it! That in mind, a little smile played onto his face.

Cliffjumper and Twintwist were complaining about the job being boring, which Blurr agreed with. However, he didn't want to join in the complaining and just kept working, gently digging out nugget after nugget of ore faster than the others were. Hot Rod went exploring deeper into the underground cavern, and Percy yelled down to them all to be careful with the ore or else it'd explode, in which Blurr responded,

“YahyahPercyweknow, weknow!”

When the hover carts made their way down into the cavern, Blurr quickly but gently loaded his haul of ore into one of them and was going to continue digging when his audio receptors picked up the ominous sound of ice breaking, followed by Hot Rod yelling. His voice had faded away. Blurr began to panic for his best friend's sake and rushed over to the hole where the others were gathered, shouting down to him if he was alright.

Blurr got Cosmos’ message too, but he ignored it. If Blurr could sweat, he'd be doing it now.

HOT ROD!!!”, Blurr shouted. He got no answer.

The look on his face turned bitter. He gritted his teeth and narrowed his optics. He knew he had to do something. The whole reason why he came on this mission was to help Roddy if he had another weird episode. He couldn't just stand around doing nothing.

Wheeljack! I knowyouhavesomecablesomewhere don't you?! I'mgoinginto the holeafter Roddy!”, Blurr said. He couldn't even wait for Wheeljack to rummage through his equipment. He took it upon himself to raid the inventor's supply until he found some suspension cable. He quickly wrapped it around his midsection, and then told Wheeljack and the others while throwing Wheeljack the end of the wire cord, “Actfast, I'm goin'in!!”, and with that, Blurr ran to the edge of the hole and jumped in.

Once at the bottom of the hole, he found Hot Rod K.O.ed on the ground.

Roddy! Speaktome, buddy it's Blurr! Wake up!!”, he said in his panic, kneeling down and picking up the red cavalier in his arms and giving him a few shakes.

“Nonononononono!!”, Blurr yelled. “Comeon!!”
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Re: Antarctica – Lost in the Ice

Postby MasterSoundBlaster » Wed Nov 07, 2018 3:37 pm

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“Great...” Railway huffed as he saw everyone slide on down into the cavern. He grabbed one the hover carts and slowly lumbered by the entrance, looking in and immediately feeling the brunt of his claustrophobia beginning to mess with his processor. “C’mon, it’s probably more open inside the cave.” he told himself to steel his servos some. “Unless it collapses... gaaah...”

The Terror of the Tracks readied his hammer and laid the business end of his weapon into the icy terrain. Pushing the car forward, Railway slowly slide down into the cavern utilizing his signature weapon like a great big anchor dragging behind him while the cart was making gravity do all the work for him. Slow and steady, that’s what he needed right now...

Once he reached the floor and quickly found everyone and walked up with his hammer resting over his shoulder and hover-cart tugging along behind him. The train-former did what he could to hide his anxiety from the closeness of the cavern walls.

“Alright, what do you need me to do?”
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