Syria - Lethal Escalation

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Re: Syria - Lethal Escalation

Postby ctrlFrequency » Mon Aug 27, 2018 6:58 am

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Outside of the Warehouse

Blackout gave Incinerator orders to take out the humans he had seen as he scanned the area for other fleshy things. He detected a few more to the west and one a little to the South that he could quickly reach.

>>"Decepticons, there are a few targets to the west of my position."<< He let the others know over the comms just as Incinerator burst out of the ground in front of the humans, sending the flesh creatures diving for cover.

Incinerator wasted no time 'stinging' the humans... Shoving his tail blades through their chests, disposing of them near silently.

As for Blackout, it didn't take him long to close in on the human to the South, quickly taking him out with his laser cannon.

(Edit: I typed west when I meant north, so changed the north to west)
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Re: Syria - Lethal Escalation

Postby Quill5506 » Fri Aug 31, 2018 9:08 am

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Outskirts of Aleppo - Abandoned Complex

Brakeneck was fairly confident that these fleshlings were going to be easy to take care of. He started brainstorming ways of eliminating them - crushed under his giant tires, stomped on, hacked away at with his axe, the possibilities just captivated him. He’d always wondered what their texture was like.

Stepping foot into the complex, Brakeneck finally folded himself into his large alt mode. Man, what a relief. That shuttle was cramped as frag. He revved his engine and squeezed himself out of the hangar that they had landed in. Although there wasn’t much of interest, there were a few, small Earth vehicles lying about, though they seemed to be much more primitive in nature. Let’s give these bad boys a good taste of rubber.

The cars crushed like aluminum foil underneath his massive wheels. The sound of glass shattering from the windshield tugged at Brakeneck’s spark. He loved that sound. When he was done rolling over the car, he halted, transformed and turned around to look at the row of flattened vehicles. He grinned underneath his faceplate, a menacing look in his optics.

Unfortunately, it seemed that he had been beat to the punch, as he couldn’t find any fleshlings in his area. Comms from others came in. Darn, they all got all the best ones. Figuring that there was nothing else to be done around here, he started heading back. >>”Nothing of interest in the western sector. I’m comin’ back.”<<
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Re: Syria - Lethal Escalation

Postby Insidious » Sun Sep 02, 2018 2:28 pm

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Outskirts of Aleppo--Warehouse Complex

As the Vehicons completed their physical installation of the rudimentary equipment that Megatron had requisitioned and sent the signals to Soundwave for fine-tuning, the Slagmaker opened a channel directly to Soundwave.

>>"Have our facsimile contact and his entourage here within five breems,"<< Megatron transmitted.

The silver warrior then turned and shifted his focus. A few meters away from where the Decepticon leader stood, a holomatter avatar began to generate. It was a human male in approximately its fifth decade of life with silvered hair, a nondescript military uniform with American regalia and an overcoat that was similarly decorated.

Megatron had no intention of interacting with these flesh creatures directly, at least for the time being. This would do nicely.
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Re: Syria - Lethal Escalation

Postby Cravex » Fri Sep 07, 2018 5:07 pm

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Outskirts of Aleppo - Abandoned Complex

Redwing remained quiet for a few astroseconds as he watched Amethyst. She never ceased to amaze him in both her kindness and ruthlessness. It was a unique trait among their forces, at least that he’d noticed thus far. Sure, there were cliques, but she was a mech close to his spark and that helped him to deal with the warring thoughts in his processor.

Turning, he focused his scans on another section, but only a couple of smaller biological showed. He didn’t want to waste his time killing what amounted to pests on this world. Mainly because he didn’t want to appear weak in Amethyst’s optics. Not on a mission.

Steeling himself for what was to come, he started heading toward the scans as he extended his range to the next building, and then the next.

Nothing. Not even a blip/ He paused as he wondered if that was a good thing. It wasn’t that this was a complicated assignment or anything, but if he failed to tally any fleshlings, how would that make him appear to his comrades.

He forced those doubts aside. He could do this. He had to do this. There simply wasn’t any choice. Besides, they were just fleshlings; surely he was doing the cosmos a favor in aiding in their eradication.

A fast moving blip caught his attention as his sensors locked onto it. It was a fleshling in one of their vehicles. It was moving faster than he imagined a routine patrol would, which meant he it was probably a civilian.

Great. Just great. Not even a military target.

He knew that shouldn’t concern him, but it did. Not everything was a threat to them, but even he was glitchy enough to say that to Megatron of Flamewar. He did have some common sense, though he doubted most cared. Still, he didn’t want any witnesses to the act, so without a word to Amethyst — which he hoped he wouldn’t regret — he headed toward the fleshling, taking a diagonal route as best he could to cut it off.

He tried not to rush and make too much noise given their orders, but sometimes things like that were impossible. Especially given the reports coming in from other sections tallying their successes.

It was an odd thing as he stopped at the edge of a warehouse to wait for the fleshling to come to him. Four point five astroseconds, he thought as he readied to step out in front of it. Part of him wondered what he’d done in a previous activation cycle to deserve this, but the better Decepticon-programmed part silenced it. Time to worry about those implications later.

Time to impress the femme. He shook his head at that, swearing never to utter it to Amethyst or any other mech for as long as he functions, and stepped out as the vehicle drew closer.

The human screamed, slammed on his breaks, and swerved into the warehouse wall. The impact sent him over the folded down window of the jeep and head first into the building.

Despite his lack of knowledge of human anatomy, he could tell the human was deactivated.

Pleased that he hadn’t had to take part directly, he opened a comm to Amethyst, >>Got one without firing a shot or getting their fluids on me.

Strangely, he felt a surge of relief at his action. If only more problems took care of themselves.


Dessicater had made a decision that humans were a disease that needed eradicating for the simple reason one had thought it wise to stroke him.

Like I’m some Earth bound pet! His growing anger only fueled his desire to burn these creatures out of existence. Oh, how he itched to transform and start lobbing shells into the area around them. Leave nothing but ash, it’s what they deserve, he thought as Blackout’s transmission came through.

Blackout wrote:>>"Decepticons, there are a few targets to the west of my position."<<

So, we have a spotter. Without thinking, he transformed and turned his turret to the west. His scanners were already active as he searched for the humans. Unfortunately, his system was designed to pick up such small things as organics at a distance. Cursing and grunting to himself, he almost fired a shell in frustration. Only the disapproval of Flamewar prevented him from doing so. Had she not been along as a senior officer…

He forced those thoughts away along with his urge to bombard the area out of spite.

Slowly, his energon flow slowed and his energon lust faded. Not much, but enough that he wasn’t ruled by his desire to bomb the entire area. The things I do for you, Flamewar. You had best appreciate this.

With his logic circuits debugged, he thought about transforming back, but decided against it. If he was going to have to deal with these disgusting creatures, he might as well do so in a form where he could run them over and ground them into pulp. Surprisingly, he felt a lot better as he opened a comm to Blackout.

>>Blackout, Dessicator here. I’m enroute now. I request exact coordinates if you have them, over.<<

He only made it a few meters when another message came through.

Brakeneck wrote: >>”Nothing of interest in the western sector. I’m comin’ back.”<<

Are you scrapping me? Dessicator nearly replied over the comm instead of in his processor, but he’d kept enough self-control to remain silent as he stopped and let his engine idle. At least he didn’t vocalize and give away his position. Okay, this just means the others are doing their jobs. It’s as simple as that.

It was difficult getting used to others being involved, but he was adjusting. He just hoped he did so before he blew a logic circuit and turned his guns on his comrades.
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Re: Syria - Lethal Escalation

Postby ctrlFrequency » Sat Sep 08, 2018 9:29 am

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Warehouse Perimeter

As Incinerator was returning from dispatching the humans, Blackout received the message from Dessicater requesting coordinates, he quickly transmatted the coordinates to him.

Within a moment later, Brakeneck's message came through, Blackout cursed the humans softly and scanned again.

He picked them up again... Just a few clicks off from the original coordinates, so he retransmitted the amended location for Dessicater.

>>"I believe they left sensor range for a moment."<< He transmitted as Incinerator reattached himself to Blackout's back. >>"They seem to be skirting in and out of near range radar."<<


In a seemingly uncharacteristic moment of quiet, the mouthy Feint had turned his sites to the area Blackout had indicated humans were. He transformed though, leaving his alt mode so he could root through his storage to find his night vision scope. He handed it to Reaver as he went back to sniper rifle more.

Without instruction, Reaver swapped out the sites for Feint.


Now with better vision, Feint got a visual on the humans that Blackout had seen and indeed, they we're moving slightly in and out of short sensor range. He could have taken them out, they we're within his range, but he left it. "Okay, Gruesome." He said to Reaver. "Let's get off this roof. Everything is out a bit further."


Reaver nodded, picked up Feint and slung him across his back and jumped off the roof. He headed east to see of anything was out that way.
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