Syria - Lethal Escalation

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Re: Syria - Lethal Escalation

Postby Chibi Starscream » Sat Nov 03, 2018 9:54 pm

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Syria-Outskirts of Aleppo

Amethyst's human female avatar chuckled at Redwing's avatar blushing. To be honest, she didn't understand what a blush was, or why the hue of his fleshy hull was changing color but she decided that'd be something to look up.

‘I should look up a lot of things about these natives here.’, she had decided. It was best to understand your prey the best you could. They technically were prey right? After all, here her team was….giant aliens invading these people's planet. Yah...sounded like the himans or humans...whatever they were called, were prey.

"We'd better get to the transports before we're left behind.", Redwing said to her. He made a valid point. If they were left behind after volunteering, they'd be volunteering their afts to be scrapped instead.

“Yeah, you're right! Let's book it then! Race you! One...two, go!!”, she said, not counting to three. She took off sprinting like it was natural, her hologorm almost gliding across the sand, and she jumped onto the back of the humvee at the end of their party's caravan and swung herself through the open window and into an empty seat.

“Hello boys.”,she said with a snicker.

>>Come on Red, I thought your make was more advanced than mine. Shouldn't you be faster?<<

Waiting on Red, and purposely propping one leg up to cover the space next to her to preserve it for Redwing, she began downloading all sorts of information on these Earth fleshlings from their history to their cultures, and even their pop culture. Even in minutes, she began to become fascinated with them, for the fact that even though they were tiny and fragile, they had a similar sort of story to that of Cybertronians. They kept steadily evolving, building, coming up with technological advances rapidly, and they waged war for as long as they had existed. Unfortunately, it seemed they were sharing a similar fate. As the human populations rapidly increased, their governments became more radical and their lands were being depleted of resources. She frowned, thinking about the destruction of her homeworld. What would life had been like, if the war had never happened? If Cybertron were never destroyed by their war? Amethyst couldn't think about this more. She turned off her optics for a second and sighed before they brightened again...errr...her holomatter avatar blinked. Humans….interesting creatures. But….everything dies eventually, right?

‘Even us.’, she thought. It was a chilling thought though. She decided to think about the mission again and stop thinking about other stuff. The mission was all that mattered. Megatron would save the Cybertronian race. He had to, and she wouldn't forget her loyalty to the Empire.


The feline mechanoid known as Ravage had been silent during their trip so far, besides the comment he had made to Sixshot. Now though, the operations were beginning. The Seekers and a few others had secured the perimeters of their base of operations, an abandoned aircraft hangar within what. appeared to be a warehouse complex in a forgotten and mostly destroyed military base.

The black metallic cat made note of everything noteworthy, should Soundwave ask for information. Anything of value would be recorded and available for playback in cassette mode. Right now though, Ravage was just glad to not be cooped up on the Thanatos. He enjoyed missions such as this. To make it more worthwhile, he like many of the mechs who had joined this expedition, entered the holomatter device. He chose simply, a black house cat, whose eyes shown a vivid orange. His robotic jaguar form would rest near where Megatron was in the hangar, while his holomatter avatar ran for the humvee where Megatron was seated. The small and lithe cat form was silent, purrfection. He jumped into the humvee just before Megatron had closed the door and he settled into the seat next to the avatar of the aging, battle worn Russian man, meowing and resting in the seat against Megatron's lap.

The cat spoke then to his Lordship, “Please let me know when you need my assistance, My Lord. I am always happy to serve.”
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Re: Syria - Lethal Escalation

Postby Smokescreen85 » Sun Nov 04, 2018 12:10 pm

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Syria – Warehouse Complex

Sixshot had followed Megatron out of the shuttle and remained by his side while the other Decepticons scouted the area and eliminated whatever flesh creatures they found nearby. There were a surprising number of meat sacks that were easily terminated by those whose power paled in comparison to the sixchanger’s own abilities. The STAG felt that killing these human germs was really beneath him even more so than most regular Cybertronians. It was far more important to remain close to the slagmaker just in case there was a repeat of the uncontrollable rampage that had previously occurred aboard the Thanatos.

Megatron wrote:>>"Infiltration team, we're heading into the city.”<<

Megatron’s newly generated holomatter avatar was a sight to behold. Sixshot could not recall having ever seen his lord produce one in the past and it had become clear that the sixchanger would need one, as well, if he were to accompany the slagmaker into the city. Megatron did say he wanted the STAG to become more familiar with the earlier stages of infiltration and this would be a good way to do just that.

As a result, Sixshot hooked himself into the holomatter generator and soon a small human male appeared at the phase sixer’s feet. His consciousness entered the avatar and gazed around at his surroundings. “Very intriguing,” Sixshot spoke through the mouth of the faux human. He looked down at his holomatter hands and body. It was a strange feeling as Sixshot had never utilized an avatar before. Of course, he never needed one as the STAG was always called in when a world had already entered Phase Six. By that time there was no need for avatars. This was a new experience to be certain, and the sixchanger wasn’t quite sure what to make of it yet.

“I’m not sure if I should be disgusted by my new form or not,” Sixshot remarked as he followed Megatron’s avatar into one of the vehicles in the middle of the convoy. The STAG’s avatar climbed into the back seat as Flamewar and Ravage sat up front with the slagmaker. “Being an organic, even a fake one, is rather odd for me, but also rather liberating at the same time. Does that make any sense?”

Megatron wrote:>>”Defensive positions, Decepticons. We will undoubtedly be watched by fleshlings from both sides of this conflict. Just as I have intended. Nevertheless, our transit into the city center may or may not be a smooth one.”<<

The convoy of humvees lurched forward towards the city as Sixshot sat back in his seat to enjoy the ride. He kept his new eyes focused out the windows for any potential attacks that could come from these fleshlings. The STAG’s avatar then noticed a weapon sitting on the seat next to him. He picked it up and looked it over in his fake fleshy hands. It was an AK-47 assault rifle.

“Is this what these creatures call a weapon?” Sixshot asked to no one in particular. “So primitive. Still, I guess it will work well enough against these humans’ frail bodies.”
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Re: Syria - Lethal Escalation

Postby ctrlFrequency » Sun Nov 04, 2018 4:03 pm

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Outskirts of Aleppo
Insidious wrote:
>>"Excellent, Blackout. Remain on standby accordingly,"<< Megatron transmitted back.

Blackout sent back a silent affirmative, and back at the warehouse he moved outside before transforming into his helicopter alt mode, silently sitting out of line of sight of the roadway with intent to not attract attention from the fleshings.

In the Humvees, Blackout looked over the assembled Decepticons that shared the vehicle with him, taking note of what everyone looked like since they didn't have electronic signatures as their mechanoid forms had, he needed to know who was one of them, in case of humans being present.


Feint was also looking at the assembled Decepticons, but not for the same reason Blackout waa. Feint was assessing skills based on limited observation of his current teammates.

He did get bored quickly and shoved an elbow into Reaver. The jet-former's avatar didn't react. Fraaaaaggg. Reaver was such a bore.

"So..." He finally said out loud. "All I know about all of you is you are all seemingly talkitive and noisy." He said with sarcasm... And a smirk to let them know he didn't want them to take offense despite the fact that they all were rather noisy.
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Re: Syria - Lethal Escalation

Postby Cravex » Fri Nov 09, 2018 4:49 pm

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Syria – Outskirts of Aleppo

Amethyst wrote:“Yeah, you're right! Let's book it then! Race you! One...two, go!!”

Redwing opened his new human mouth to ask if it was necessary to race or do anything else foolish when Amethyst took off, looking far more coordinated than he felt.

He glanced around him to make sure everything was okay, then hurried after her. Before taking on this new form, he’d had some trepidations. None of which he’d been able to pin down until he saw how daunting their real forms were. Worse yet, he felt beyond helpless.

What if they were attacked in this form? What if their real bodies were found and damaged by a human or Autobot? What if… what if he ceased to function in this form? Would he be able to reenter his real self, or would his consciousness disperse and join the planet’s energy field?

Oh, I didn’t expect this. This is more than I can handle.

Amethyst wrote:>>Come on Red, I thought your make was more advanced than mine. Shouldn't you be faster?<<

Redwing groaned as he tried to reign in his growing fear and come up with a reasonable answer. It was bad enough she had helped him with his bunkmates, but to do so on an actual mission? With Megatron, no less?

He forced his energon pump to slow down as he responded, >>Heh, you’re a little more aerodynamic than I am now. I’m still getting used to this form.<<

He hoped she didn’t pick up on his nervousness, but by then he reached the convoy as they were pulling out, and hopped on.

He held onto a rollbar and slid into the interior. Seeing Amethyst had saved his place he nodded his thanks, then looked at the others. “Pretty amazing, don’t you guys think?”


Thrust’s plans had been far grander than being the last in the building to choose his holographic form. But last he was, after he left the missile launcher outside the structure for potential use, of course.

The process was simple enough, as he’d gone through it previously, to one extent or another.

In a matter of seconds, a shimmering form of a man wearing an aviator’s jacket and sunglasses appeared. He’d “studied” some of this world’s war documentaries and had chosen one from a documentary about fighter planes.

He felt an affinity for these people, as they were the Seekers of their own kind, of a sort. Still far inferior to himself or the others that had tagged along.

The sound of the vehicles’ engines starting caught his attention.

Ah, so Lord Megatron wishes me to make a grand entrance. He knows me well, Thrust thought as he ran toward the vehicles. More than showing off the abilities this new form undoubtedly offered, this gave him the perfect opportunity to show the younger mechs how a true warrior reacts under pressure. And there wasn’t a greater pressure than missing a mission led by the mighty Megatron himself.

He made it to the convoy in time, but his first attempt at grabbing hold of the side of one vehicle failed and he nearly fell face first into the dirt.

Somehow, he managed to regain his balance and with a final lunge, grabbed hold of the door and pulled himself inside, landing on one knee with a thud. The others glanced his way, some appeared annoyed and others curious. The other mechs he’d served with fore eons were easily recognizable, but two others were new. He couldn’t be certain, but he thought he recognized Redwing and Amethyst.

Seeing an opportunity, he immediately projected his enhanced persona. “Greetings, my fellow warriors. Onto victory we ride, do we not?”

It didn’t bother him when a couple looked away, shaking their heads of grumbling about something. Jealousy knows many appearances.
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Re: Syria - Lethal Escalation

Postby Cravex » Tue Nov 20, 2018 12:59 pm

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Syria – Outskirts of Aleppo

Amethyst wrote: “Hello boys.”

Thundercracker was about to respond when Redwing joined them.

Redwing wrote: “Pretty amazing, don’t you guys think?”

Revising his thoughts, Thundercracker nodded, saying, “Nice of have you both along.” Because of the enjoyment he got out of watching them make a spectacle of themselves in their efforts to join the convoy, he resisted pointing out that there were better way to test the dexterity of their holographic forms.

His previous plans to talk with Redwing about being careful what he said, especially with Megatron and Sixshot nearby came to his processor, but this was not the time or place to discuss something so delicate. He just hoped the mech had enough smarts to know to keep his opinions to himself.

Still, things like that tended to happen when mechs thought they were among friends. Or even their enemies, for that matter.

With that thought, he decided a quick warning may be necessary. As long as he worded it correctly. “This is a mission we don’t normally partake, so be sure to watch yourselves and blend in as much as possible. The slightest mistake could cost us all.”

There. A little blunt for his liking, but it was something that would be expected when dealing with mechs so young. Of course, there were those there that didn’t give them any leeway, and they were the truly dangerous ones.

Opening a channel to Skywarp, Thundercracker said, >>Warp, I really think we’re in for it this time. << He was interrupted by a commotion from one of the transports behind them and heard Thrust being Thrust. He groaned and messaged to Skywarp >>What was that you were saying about not being a babysitter?<<

Sometimes, he wondered how the Decepticon cause lasted this long.


Redwing’s mood shifted somewhat at Thundercracker’s tone and his hands clenched slihtly. Not that he was surprised, given his inexperience. Still, he wasn’t a rookie. He wouldn’t have been brought on this mission if he hadn’t proven himself, albeit to a lesser extent than others accompanying them.

Focusing on keeping his spark calm, he accepted the criticism in the way it was meant: to keep them alive.

He looked at Amethyst, and drawing strength from her, and not wanting her to become offended and jump to his defense in this case, he smiled.

Turning his attention back to Thundercracker and Skywarp, he nodded. “Understood — this mission is pretty wild. I won’t let you down. We’ve got your back.”

Whether the older Seekers took comfort in that he wasn’t sure, but it was the best he could do baring the worst case scenario happening.
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