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Allegiance: Decepticons
Sub-group: Casseticons
Function: Warrior
Alternate Modes: Microcassette
Weapons: Laser Cannons, Pile Driver Arms, Drill Arms
Special Abilities: Sonic Screech, Robot Mode flight
Height: 7ft/ 2.1m
Quote: “Sew panic and surrender will bloom.”

Strength: 02
Intelligence: 05
Dexterity: 06
Speed: 02
Endurance: 06
Courage: 10
Firepower: 09
Accuracy: 07
Melee: 06
Tech Skill: 04
Charisma: 06

Profile:If it weren’t for conflict, there would be a vacuum at the core of Frenzy’s being, rendering his life meaningless. He knows no cause or purpose other than violence and warfare. So, he eagerly laps up his role in the Decepticon army, throwing himself headfirst into conflict with fervor worthy of his name. He is always ready to attack and is absolutely fearless in battle, traits that the other Decepticons greatly admire despite his overall standoffish attitude and diminutive stature. Frenzy is a belligerent and unprofessional soldier who might be considered as much of a thug as his frequent partner Rumble if it weren’t for his devotion to Soundwave’s commands. Considered to be almost a victim of his own abilities, often his mental state is questioned.

Abilities: Frenzy has low physical strength but has an internal high frequency transmitter mechanism that generates sonic vibrations. When concentrated, the vibrations can reach hundreds of decibels in volume, and Frenzy is capable of completely controlling their direction and focus. In addition to causing physical damage, these high-frequency attacks can also disrupt the target’s balance centers and auditory functions, and induce panic and hysteria. He is also armed with two hand-held laser cannons that can be mounted on his back for aerial attacks and his arms can become pile drives to pound the ground and cause concentrated earthquakes, or drills to bore into….materials.

Weaknesses: [From the personal data tracks of Rumble, Decepticon demolitions] Frenzy’s nuts, but he can’t always back it up. See, Frenzy’ll come at an Autobot all crazy-like, but he ain’t that strong. If they stay cool and don’t freak out, they can usually find a way to beat ‘im.
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