youre fave moments

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youre fave moments

Postby Heres a Hint » Fri Nov 23, 2018 1:18 pm

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with a rich history transformers has giving all transfans their fave moments what is yours heres mines

the decepticons becomes target and head masters (g1 rebirth season 4 )

yes i know the autobots did the same but this is way more entertaining not only was the decepticons espechally the animals wasent keen on the idea but the nebulans was less keen ( not at first ) espechally the heads heres my fave lines from this screen

monzo...iam to be bonded to this creature this was a bad investment

blowpie .. iam freakus and if you think blowpipe is bad iam worse

scourge .. and you,re louder

the interegation table ( transformers prime )

sylus was a jerk pure and simple he was a hypercrite a villont thug insane and bloodthirsty so joining the decepticons was a perfect fit unfortunetly he took over breakdowns body ( after being killed by anrachnia ) as a sort of merch suit

going to megatron he offerd his services after this exchange

megatron will have a place at the decepticon table

sylus ...iam very hounerd lord megatron

megatron knockout,s desiction table

after being led away we never see sylus again assuming knockout didnt leave any fiber untouched ie he ripped him apart iam assuming alive

this was a excellent wrritten screen you think these two are joining forces the minute you see megatrons iam going to **** you up smile you know this isnt going to go sylus way also the atsmophere was done really well

female autobots i thought they were extinct ( g1 season 2 ...)

ok first of all no dont go there ;(

this was shockwave at his most uncaring the fact he said this line like it was nothing shows how arragant he is like something like female autobots can ever excist as far as the fans goes this was a shock for the time closest we got was starscream ( come on admit it we all thought it ) so seeing aleta 1 moonstar ect was a treat unfortunetly no toys ( 30 plus years later ) but seeing these charecters was awsome on top of that in non 80s style these girls can actully fight :P

the fight to end all fights ( tf the movie 86 )

you wanted a war you got one do i need to discripe this one every single ( most anyway ) tf fan knows what iam talking about i watched this recently and i stillgot goosebumbs from it every single screen during this segment was awsome devestator distroying the base blaster and preceptor in the tower the shuttle massacre blitzwings come on down autobrat not to mention the iconic final fight between megatron and prime this deserves to iconic

megatron vs prime ( tf the movie 86 )

centurys of fighting centurys of hate like the entire wwf against hulk hogan in the 80s this was a fight to end all fights years of tension unleashed in 5 awsome minutes all their rage being let out along with robitc blood for megatron this was a awsome send off well deserve :)

cant wait to see youre s
not one fibre or fibre optic shall go untouched

(knock out human factor )
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Re: youre fave moments

Postby ScottyP » Mon Nov 26, 2018 8:49 am

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Old school favorite:

Medium-old school favorite:

Or maybe:

Recent-ish favorite:
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Re: youre fave moments

Postby Duke of Luns » Tue Nov 27, 2018 8:43 am

I'm sure I have many more, but a simple one to start out on:

The forming of Liokaiser.

Brief backstory: I saw this back in like the 2000 or 2001, before having regular access to the internet. I also saw it on bootleg VHS tapes with barely watchable video quality and the Star TV dub. Oh, and while I had seen the intro(on another tape), it wasn't before every episode(and no end credits either, they squeezed the series onto 2 tapes!)

So I'm enjoying the series so far, and I figured the introduction of the likes of Drillhorn and Killbison were just that, new characters. The Breastforce gimmick was and still is great, like mashing together Soundwave's cassettes and a Targetmaster, so these guys were fun to watch in action. Then the episode with Deathcobra comes up. Firstly, I'm surprised they kill this new unique guy, and then the inevibatle phrase "Merge!" is shouted. Liokaiser was born.

I was rather surprised by that revelation, and I still think it's the best introduction of a combiner, as well as one of the more "developed" combiner teams.

RID 2015's Stunticons do come close, but aren't nearly as cool.
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Re: youre fave moments

Postby Nacelle » Wed Dec 05, 2018 8:36 pm

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When Starscream's clones were introduced in Animated. Those five were just hilarious.

MAJOR SPOILER ALERT FOR TF PRIME AHEAD The battle between bulkhead and hardshell. I really liked how they made the insecticons a major threat again (after having them get really quickly killed in the episode armada). Also, the ending made me genuinely worried about a major character, which doesn't happen all that often in tf cartoons.

the final battle of tf prime

megatron's resurrection in tf animated and in tf prime

a lot of other great moments from tf prime and animated, too many to list
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Re: youre fave moments

Postby M.M.S. » Thu Dec 06, 2018 3:02 am

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One that immediately jumps into my mind is Optimus fighting Dreadwing in the Prime cartoon. Man, I just love that tussle between those two.
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