Studio Series 38 Bumblebee Optimus Prime (Unbiased Written Review with pictures)

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Studio Series 38 Bumblebee Optimus Prime (Unbiased Written Review with pictures)

Postby bruticus24484 » Wed Apr 10, 2019 2:33 pm

Straight out of the latest transformers film comes a new Optimus Prime figure that is all stars!

Robot Mode (as Packaged) Completely Solid and well articulated. Officially of course a movie design but clearly an homage to the classic animated series. Colors aren't completely on spot with his film appearance because it was in development at the same time and was based on early concept work. The differences are easily fixed for those that it matters to. Still a very well decoed figure.

Transformation: By Primus the engineering love in this figure is fantastic! Some feel it's too complicated but the Studio Series from the start has been aiming for an adult collecting audience so it makes sense that they went all out and I personally am all for it. Everything slides into place and tabs together very well. Nothing slips out easily or has trouble lining up.

Vehicle Mode: There's that classic Peterbilt cab over engine semi straight outta 1984! Easily the best G1 inspired truck mode we've gotten at this size class yet. Holds together well. Very well proportioned. Two options for weapons storage which is nice (normally the gun pegs into the trailer hitch but you can also work it into the rear section and it fills in the gaps there very well). Only minor aesthetic issue is how the rear section looks with the front of the legs pegging into the back of the cab but it isn't a major issue, certainly not compared to the likes of Power Of the Prime's Orion Pax cab mode. Also note while he doesn't come with a trailer I am thinking that when the Dark of the Moon Optimus comes out with the trailer, there's a good chance it will be compatible.

Overall: Absolutely fantastic figure! I can appeal to movie fans, retro G1 fans, or people who like like transforming robots with complex engineering and solid modes. Just damn good.

Subjective/controversal material: Acknowledging that I am one of the exceedingly few fence sitters who enjoyed the films for what they were and also grew up on the original cartoon for which I will always have a certain preferrence for, this design is right up my ally. It honestly puts the seige design to shame, though by no means has to be considered a replacement for. Seige Optimus is a cybertronian deisgn (technically, even if only barely) and this optimus technically is a movie design or at very least a solid G1 earth mode design. They are from seperate continuities so really don't need to be compared, but as a fan of Classics Optimus Prime as my typical Earth mode optimus, I am more then tempted to think of this mold as a replacement for him. Another thing that may effect collector mentality is the fact that the status of film continuities is up for debate. Theres two films coming, one which is a follow up to bumblebee and will feature this optimus, and another that will be a sequel to The Last Knight but will not be about Unicron.

Regardless on your stance as a fan Studio Series has been exceptionally great. Since this design stradles both retro and film concepts it can easily fit in any collection. It looks great with both other Studio Series figures like the other Optimus Prime film designs and will also look great among Generations type figures. Especially for the price ($30 from Hasbropulse) he's a great addition to any collection.

Unrelated Side Story: I ordered this from Hasbropulse who shipped Fedex like usual, so I put my street address on instead of my PO Box. Fed Ex apparently got lazy and handed it off at the post office anyway. Just a few days ago they delivered a BluRay set to my door from Amazon which typically ships normal USPS and gets dropped off at the Post Office. Just a weird story.



Note: I don't know why this is upside down, it's right side up on my computer. Sry.
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Re: Studio Series 38 Bumblebee Optimus Prime (Unbiased Written Review with pictures)

Postby Nathaniel Prime » Wed Apr 10, 2019 4:53 pm

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I definitely agree with you (and everyone frankly) that SS38 Prime is an amazing figure. The fight between whether I should get Siege Voyager Prime or SS38 is sooo hard. I know that if I get one, I definitely won't be disappointed, and I would be getting the same amount of enjoyment as the other. Others have told me I should get both, and I totally would if I could afford it... I can only afford to get one right now, and I want to get one while they're still here. I might get SS38 if I see him for that 21$ pricetag, or else I might just go with the Siege version simply for him to pair with my Siege Megatron. Great review!

P.s., totally agree that SS38's truck mode is the best one of its size
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Re: Studio Series 38 Bumblebee Optimus Prime (Unbiased Written Review with pictures)

Postby bruticus24484 » Wed Apr 10, 2019 9:43 pm

Indeed! I'd recommend going for whichever one is on sale if you can find one, or even just settling for which you find on the shelf. Both are good investments.
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