Twincast / Podcast Episode #278 "The Return of Rodimus Prime"

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Twincast / Podcast Episode #278 "The Return of Rodimus Prime"

Postby megatronus » Sun Jun 13, 2021 6:39 am

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The Twincast / Podcast is back with faces old and new as ScottyP, Megatronus, xRotorStormx, and prodigal son RodimusCOnvoy13 tackle the latest Transformers news and more.

Episode #278 “The Return of Rodimus Prime” is available directly and in our RSS Feed, and should appear on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher Radio and many other Podcatcher sites within 24 to 48 hours of when you see this news post.

Here's what we discuss in this episode:

  • We start with a non-focused catch-up chat with RodimusConvoy13. Just hangin' out, talkin' Transformers to kick this one off, with no set topic in mind.
  • After that, the discussion moves on to another War For Cybertron Kingdom Battle Across Time 2-pack - what a mouthful. This time, it's Maximal Skywarp and Earth-mode Sideswipe. Listen as we admire the double bird heads and try to pick out the differences from Siege Sideswipe. Sold out on Pulse, still available for PO on Amazon.


  • Prior leaks have yielded this totally expected first look Road Rage. We welcome more lady-bots... and suspect Road Rage would give Tracks a swift kick in the lugnuts.
  • Speaking of leaks: Waspinator. Since this episode recorded, it appears a video comparison has emerged, which validates our collective 'meh' reaction.


  • Here we go: more redecos, this time under the banner of Takara Premium Finish. But you know what? We can actually get behind a few of these.


  • Special Topic: considering the discussion thus far, which do you prefer - option A of "make a new toy of a character even if it's not as good as the previous iteration", or option B of "re-release with or without a slight redeco"?
  • Bragging rights! What has everyone gotten since last time?


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Cobotron wrote:Hey! You seemed to have attracted a wild Megatronus. They're hard to find, but boy are they fun when you catch one!
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Re: Twincast / Podcast Episode #278 "The Return of Rodimus Prime"

Postby Flashwave » Wed Jun 16, 2021 3:25 am

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Uniceon: I knew ordering through BBTS would mean a longer wait, but that was painful watching the hype die down before I ever got my shipping notice. So glad I got him rhough.

I have transformed him exactly once. Took my about 45minutes to an hour, and that was while watching tv abd only half paying attention. I think the wordt part for ne was trying to get thw stand in. I was expecting a "click" or a "thunk" so for a while I was stabbing wildly up his butt thinking it wasn't fully in... And it was. I did pop off a planet chunk by mistake trying to figure out what gave abd what unsnapped. I am glad those are tight, but MAN are those latch tabs tight. Not sure which mode I prefer him in. Both are beautiful. That Bot mode has PRESENCE but I also love the planet mode.

I ended up keeping his box, and the outer box from BBTS, but only because I anticiapte moving sometime in a year or two. I went ahead and tossed the foam inserts. I felt guilty about that, but I have no room in my 300sq ft apartment or my storage unit for that box without folding it down and I cannot do that with the foam inserts.

Skywarp is the only non-show BW Figure I am picking up. I am usually all over 1 off roster builders like Artfire or Another Seeker(tm) but I just don't have the same nostalgia for Beast Wars to do that. But I like Eagles so its happening. Which also means I am getting Sideswipe.

I really think they did a great job in making Sideswipe's behicle mode so close to Sunstreaker's. I wish it had the spoiler, and unfortunately the side vent holes do not match the ones Nonnef used for the Sideswipe Spoiler... And it cannot use the Sunstreaker set without the 5mm pegs that were on Sumny's forearm rear bumper. We'll see if I get a Red Alert but this does help disntguish between all the reuses of the Siege Mold.

I am glad soneone else pointed out that Waspinator has some (pronably not planned) Animated proportions going on. I never got T30, so I will get this. The worst thing that immediately sticks out to my is the bell-bottom leg vents in bright flipping yellow. Those needed to be toned down... Or omitted. And I wish the gun was not just a chunk of his stinger. Give it a slide out barrel or SOMETHING.

Ypu guys missed the obvious recent example when we literally had two of the same Cheetor on the shelves at the same time... And since we already knew the premium Netflix deco was coming half of us all skipped the Kingdom one.

For me its "both" and "neither" Megatron is the good example for me. I got the original Siege one. Then I bought the Netflix one, but I skipped the Remolded Megatron, I am skipping the Takara Premoum, and I am not ordering the Spoiler pack cause none of them are different enough. Another Siege Megatron would be a hsrd sell, they would have to do something hugely different, like hiding the feet better (or you know, actually hiding the feet) or doing somethi g different with the sword so the turret can elevate. Otherwise I will just wait until the next trilogy... And enjoy my "Lord Emporer Megatron" (Super Megs)

Its been a while since I dealt with the Energon Megatron... Was the Shattered Glass mold the full size or the smaller release?... But yes, there IS supposed to be a button. The small hatch/nub up his back from the front landing gear is supposed to release the sword. I don't recall if it was supposed to release a latch or push the sword into a track away from the edge, but as I write this I seem to remember that the tolerances on the SG release was not ideal.

I like the new release that's coming. Its funky and wierd and we coulda done a better mold but someone clearly made an effort to make this work and I can appreciate that when it shows. Is it wrong though I want this SG Megs redeco'd as Prime Megatron? I really think it could work.
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Re: Twincast / Podcast Episode #278 "The Return of Rodimus Prime"

Postby ScottyP » Fri Jun 25, 2021 12:18 pm

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Flashwave wrote:Ypu guys missed the obvious recent example when we literally had two of the same Cheetor on the shelves at the same time... And since we already knew the premium Netflix deco was coming half of us all skipped the Kingdom one.
Oof, you're right, that was a great example. I think the issue was I already forgot about Kingdom Cheetor :lol:
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