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Postby Jedi Kermit » Wed Sep 12, 2007 5:42 pm

Hi - Here is a quick update from about
another big batch of exciting new preorders, many new arrivals, and a 20%
Off Sale.


From now until Saturday September 15th, save 20% on everything on the BBTS
website except items marked 'new' or 'preorder/backorder'! Thousands of
items are included in this sale including vintage department items. Just
choose your favorite menu and look for items with the 'Sale' icon.


METAL GEAR SOLID - FIGURES & KUBRICKS: Medicom will be releasing a
variety of very nicely done 7" action figures as well as an assortment of
Kubricks. This is all done in honor of the 20th anniversary of Snake's
first appearance on the NES console oh so long ago. The set of five 7"
figures is priced $15 under MSRP at $84.99, with singles available at
$17.99, and boxes of 24 Kubricks are $139.99 or $6.49 for a single random
blind-box figure.

MACROSS 25TH ANNIVERSARY BLACK VALKYRIES: Yamato recently unveiled images
of the new 25th Anniv. 1/60 YF-19 and 1/48 VF-1S. Both of these cool new
items feature an all-black color scheme and they are priced at $199.99 and
$164.99 respectively. ... th+macross

STAR WARS KOTO - YODA VS PALPATINE: The latest kit from the ArtFX statue
line has just been listed at $40 below MSRP. Check out this new beauty
from Koto here: ... ode=retail

GI JOE - SIGMA 6 COMMANDO WAVE 10: This wave has been under the radar for
quite a while, but Hasbro was just able to get images over to us. The set
of 6 is priced at reasonbly at $94.99 and should be arriving this month!
View Crime Boss Destro and more here: ... ode=retail

2008 STAR WARS: Hasbro has just releaed images of the new 2008 items!
The two new vehicles look fantastic, the Mighty Muggs are a fun new
addition, Evolutions are back, and there are more new Galactic Heroes. ... &company=0

NEW ANIME ITEMS: Another round of beautiful anime ladies

--XENOSAGA - T-ELOS 1/8: Long white hair and an intricate set of
swim-suit style armor - $62.99 ... ode=retail

--CREATOR'S LABO - SHUNYA YAMASHITA - ARISA: Another superior sculpt on
the attractive Arisa - Interchangeable outfit & guitar included. ... ode=retail

--AIR GEAR - SIMCA: Another release from the Yamato Creator's Labo Line.
This cool statue is up for preorder at $64.99 ... ode=retail

--COVER GIRL: The new Cover Girl Feane figure features prominent
sculpting in all the appropriate places - up for preorder at $72.99 ... ode=retail

--IKKI TOUSEN: Ryomou Shimei Nurse Cosplay in both Pink and White $54.99 ... nurse+ikki

--EVEN MORE ANIME: Check out these figures as well by doing a quick
search on the site: Kino no Tabi - Kino 1/8 figure, Toradora - Aisaka
Taiga 1/8 Figure, Sei Narukana - Ikaruga Satsuki 1/7 Figure, Persona -
Persona 3 Hero 1/10 Statue, Shining Tears - Xecty 1/8, To Heart - Silfa
1/8 Statue, Zero No Tsukaima - Louise Negligee, Utawarerumono - Kamyu 1/8,
and Moetan - Moetan One Coin Grande figures, Ghost in the Shell - Motoko
Kusanagi Diver Down, Votoms Fyana Space & Woodo Version.

THE GN-U TRANSFORMING GROIZER X: This cool mech is made of die-cast as
well as plastic and stands around 7" tall. Three miniature G-Machines are
also included in this cool set: ... ode=retail

STAR WARS PALPATINE & SIDIOUS - 12" SIDESHOW: More cool 12" figures from
Sideshow to bolster the ranks on your shelf. This 2-pack features a bit
of before and after with Palpatine as Chancellor and also later as Sidious
the Sith Lord - up for preorder at $114.99 ... ode=retail

300 PROP REPLICAS: Museum Replicas is producing a high quality, high end
line of metal prop replicas including the Leonidas Helmet, Spartan Shield,
and Spartan Infantry Helmet. These are priced between $335 and $400 -
check them out here: ... ompany=195

MEGAZONE 23 - NEW GARLANDS: Yamato brings us two new versions of the
transformable Garland. The Proto Garland and Factory Color Garland are
each listed at just $149.99. ... egory=1956

FORBIDDEN PLANET - ROBBY THE ROBOT: Three new Robby items have just been
listed including the Metallic Grey version, Black & White version, and
Robby with Transporter set.

ALIENS DIE-CAST POWER LOADER: This cool import from Aoshima is priced at
$109.99 and is set in the 1/12 scale. ... ode=retail

TERMINATOR HUNTER-KILLER MINI STATUE: This cool mini statue is priced at
$39.99 and features the deadly bot found in T2 - Judgement Day. ... ode=retail

25 NEW DISNEY STATUES: A big variety of new Disney items has just been
listed including items from the Walt Disney Collection, Disney Traditions,
Pooh And Friends, and Snow Babies series. Check them all out here - there
are over 100 listings now:


NECA CONVENTION EXCLUSIVES: The 300 Battle Leonidas Figure, NBX Vampire
Jack, and Harry Potter with Hedwig are all now in stock at $19.99 each. ... =neca+sdcc

SOUL OF CHOGOKIN GX-23 ZAMBOT: In stock now for just $159.99, get your
die-cast metal & plastic - high quality Zambot here: ... ode=retail

KINGDOM HEARTS - SORA MASTER FORM: This limited edition yellow repaint of
Sora is now in stock for $21.99 - this version comes with two new keyblade
accessories - “Circle Of Life” and “Guardian Soul” ... ode=retail

ALEX ROSS - JUSTICE LEAGUE 6: Another cool new set from DC Direct, this
one features Armored Batman, Armored Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, and
Scarecrow - in stock now for $49.99 ... ode=retail

WWE WRESTLING: Classic Superstars 15 and Deluxe Aggression 10 are now in
stock. We are offering them as sets as well as single figure listings for
those that came packed more than 1 per case.

SERENITY FIGURE PVC SET: Just in from Dark Horse comics, this new PVC set
is priced at only $16.99 and features Mal, River and Jayne. ... ode=retail

DOCTOR WHO: A variety of new Doctor who items have just arrived including
12" RC Dalek Thay, Dalek Voice Changer, and the Dalek 10 figure Giftset.
We also have a ton of various other Doctor Who items in stock.

MEZCO'S FAMILY GUY 8: This fun set features Diane Simmons, Quagmire in
robe (blue & orange versions available), Excercise Chris, and Secret Agent
Millionaire Peter. Sets of 4 are priced at $49.99 for the Orange robe set
and $54.99 for the variant blue robe version.

NECA'S 300 CAPE REPLICA: Complete your Spartan outfit with this life
sized red cape. It may be a bit itchy on a bare back, but not nearly as
painful as all the situps needed to get your 300 style 6-pack abs. ... ode=retail

MCFARLANE'S 3" SPAWN SERIES 2: McF has done a nice job miniaturizing the
figures previously released as 6" versions. This case of 18 will contain
8 various different figures and you'll get at least one full set for
$69.99 plus a variety of extras. ... ode=retail

STAR WARS HOLOCHESS SET: This cool expansion set features the 8 miniature
critters visible on the Holochess game played aboard the Millenium Falcon.
We have them in stock now at $47.99 ... ode=retail

DC MINIMATES WAVE 5: Another cool new set of 8 minimates for just $29.99.
We've also restocked waves 2 through 4 and waves 1, 6, and 7 are
availalbe to preorder. Check them all out here: ... egory=2430

EVANGELION RED EVA: The 'Launch Tube' packaged Red Eva is now back in
stock for just $14.99 ... ode=retail

MCFARLANE SPORTS PICKS BOXED SETS: The special Peyton Manning, Brian
Urlacher, and David Ortiz Boxed sets have all just arrived - here are
links to all the Sportspicks menus: ... portspicks

SIDESHOW VENOM STATUE: Sideshow is completely sold out of this awesome
statue and we have just a few pieces remaining - get your 16" venom statue
for $199.99 ... ode=retail

SDCC EXCLUSIVE ITEMS: We've just restocked or received a variety of SDCC
items including: She-Hulk, Marvel Legends Stan Lee, Battlestar Galactica
Titanium 3-pack, Utapau Clone Trooper Koto Kit, Bender Coin Bank,
Underdog, Abe Sapien, Justice League Hawkgirl 3-pack, Luna Lovegood Bust.
Just do a quick search on the site to view these items.

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check
out some of the many new items. Don't forget to pick up some older items
on the 20% off sale as well.


Joel & The BBTS Crew
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Postby rikkomba » Wed Sep 12, 2007 5:52 pm

uber-coolness! I scored some nice haul, I am happy :-)
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Postby Fury » Wed Sep 12, 2007 6:08 pm

Man, and nothing interesting for me there... A little restock would be nice BBTS!
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Postby Bonecrusher27 » Wed Sep 12, 2007 7:02 pm

damn! A fat lot of good that is, since all the stuff I want from TF07 and MOTU are new, on pre-order, or back-order. What did you guys get?
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Postby Sid Burn » Wed Sep 12, 2007 7:13 pm

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Takara Tigatron reissue is on sale, switched it for the one already in my POL

Also picked up Airazor Transmetal

Nothing else of real interest
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