Problem Reporting Thread

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Re: Problem Reporting Thread

Postby Cyberpath » Thu Dec 06, 2018 3:23 pm

The forum is acting a little weird for me -- some posts by other users show up retroactively between posts I had already read. The posts weren't there initially and a few hours later they are there.
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Re: Problem Reporting Thread

Postby ZeroWolf » Thu Dec 06, 2018 3:42 pm

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Ah that will because they are new users so their post has to be checked by a mod before it can be shown on the forum. Though through a quirk they appear straight away on the news posts.
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Re: Problem Reporting Thread

Postby Cyberpath » Thu Dec 06, 2018 3:54 pm

Thanks! I figured that was it, but that also happened with posts by board veterans like Cobotron & Megatronus, I think. Maybe it was just a glitch from all the new users.
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Re: Problem Reporting Thread

Postby Burn » Thu Dec 06, 2018 4:12 pm

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They slot in between posts depending on when they posted to when they were approved. That can then push other posts back.
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Re: Problem Reporting Thread

Postby ZeldaTheSwordsman » Fri Dec 14, 2018 10:06 pm

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The "Mark topics read" link doesn't actually do anything and the "first unread post" link doesn't work properly - if there's a new page since the last time the thread was read, it will always go to the first post on the new page even when the actual first unread post was on the previous page.
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Re: Problem Reporting Thread

Postby Rainmaker » Tue Jan 15, 2019 8:15 pm

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The show posts results isn't updating, it still shows results for an old post count number.

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Re: Problem Reporting Thread

Postby Nemesis Maximo » Wed Jan 16, 2019 6:55 am

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Any time I go to upload a photo from my phone, the site just sits there loading and loading and loading, and then it stops loading, except it didn’t “load” anything and it’s just stuck on the “post a reply” page, with my attached photo not...attached. It also will not let me save or preview the post after I attempt to upload the photos.
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