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Postby Air Commander Starscream » Sat Nov 10, 2007 6:07 am

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<b>Joel</B> of <a href="" target="_blank"></A> has posted a update to his site.

Hi - Here is another quick update from about
a slew of new arrivals and many more new preorders:


Seeker Busts is our latest venture with Diamond Select Toys - the G1 Jazz
bust is limited to only 600 pieces worldwide. Even more exclusive busts
are in the works, we'll reveal those when the time is right. Take a look
at the cool new Jazz bust here: ... ode=retail

STAR WARS BOBA FETT 2 ARTFX: Another cool new release from Kotobukiya is
up for preorder at just $84.99. This kit features Fett in an action
running pose with cape flaring - arriving spring 2008 ... ode=retail

WORLD OF MIXED MARTIAL ARTS - MMA: Four cool figures from manufacturor
Round 5 have just been listed at $16.99 each. Fighters up for sale
include: Quinton Jackson, Randy Couture, Matt Hughes, and Tito Ortiz.
The set of all 4 fighters is available for $64.99.

REVOLTECH FRAULEIN: This is the beginning of what should be another wildy
popular line of figures from Kaiyodo - with all female characters! Enjoy
the extreme articulation and beautiful lines of this new series, starting
with Rei Ayanami from Evangelion - Preorder now at $22.99 ... ode=retail

MEZCO'S CINEMA OF FEAR SERIES 2: A variety of new items have just gone up
for preorder including a 9" stylized Jason, 3 more Screen Grabs, and 4
more COF figures - all from the big horror movie properties.

TRANSFORMERS MOVIE ITEMS: Hasbro has recently unveiled new Voyager,
Leader, Fast Action Battlers, Blasters, Real Gear, and Movie Legends
items. New figures include a G1 style Voyager Prime, Incinerator, Evac,
Offroad Ironhide, the Leader Class Deep Desert Brawl, a very nice looking
set of 4 Fast Action Battlers and a bunch more: ... &company=0

DISNEY CARS ASSORTMENTS A, B, AND C: Mattel has just sent over
information about the case breakdowns for the first 3 waves of the
standard 1/55 scale cars. Cases contain 18 cars and we've just updated
our listings to mention which characters come in each case. Those of you
who have already preordered have had your cases converted to the first 'A'
assortment - feel free to order different assortments as needed. ... egory=4189

TRANSFORMERS ALLSPARK RUBIK'S CUBE: There is not an image of this item
yet, but its easy to imagine how fun (and difficult) it will be to work on
the Allspark Rubik's cube. This item will be the size of a typical
Rubik's cube and is priced at just $9.99: ... ode=retail

LIVING DEAD DOLLS SERIES 15: Mezco's next wave of LDD figures includes
extra pieces to build a 'Talking Board' accessory. The five figures
included in this set for $99.99 are: Judas, Countess Bathory, Death -
Scythe, Flamingo and Gypsy. This sounds like another great wave: ... ode=retail

THE MUPPETS - GONZO PUPPET REPLICA: Master Replicas continues its line of
high-end Muppets with Gonzo, priced at $284.99. This replica stands about
26" tall and is pictured here: ... ode=retail

PUMPKINHEAD - CLEARANCE SALE: We've come across a great deal on the 18"
Sota Toys Pumpkinhead figure - preorders are available now for just $29.99
- thats $40 off our regular price of $69.99 - a great deal on a very cool
figure: ... ode=retail

TONNER DC STARS - THE JOKER: Tonner releases another new character in
their growing 16" lineup of Character Figures. We have The Joker priced
$15 below MSRP at $154.99 - This is a limited edition of 3000 pieces. ... ode=retail

TRANSFORMERS ALTERNATORS MIRAGE: We've found a small supply of what is
most likely multi-lingual packaging Mirage figures. Preorders are
available at $69.99: ... ode=retail

ALIEN VS PREDATOR REQUIEM: The second series has just been listed
featuring two different Predator characters. The set is up for preorder
at $25.99

STAR WARS MIGHT MUGGS 2: The second wave of figures is now available for
$44.99 - this set includes one each of Luke Skywalker, Mace Windu, C-3P0 &
Ep II Obi-Wan Kenobi. ... ode=retail

FRIDAY THE 13TH - PART VII DIORAMA: This awesome diorama features Jason
shackled to the bottom of Crystal Lake with heavy chains. Sideshow has
done a great job with this item and preorders are open at $189.99 ... ode=retail

BOWEN MARVEL STATUES & BUSTS: Twelve new items have just been listed to
our Bowen catalog including these Busts: Tiger Shark, Scorpion (modern &
retro) Hulkbuster Ironman, Spider-Man 6-Armed, Nighthawk (classic &
squadron supreme) and these Statues: Wolverine Tigerstripe, Wolverine
Brown Costume, Wolverine Classic, and two Silver Surfer statues. ... ompany=121

MCFARLANE: HALO, SPORTS, FANTASY & MORE: We've listed a ton of different
McFarlane items today including single figure listings for all the new
NFL, NHL, MLB, and NBA lines. More Halo 3 items have gone up including
the second and third waves, Aloha Elvis Presley, Spawn 35, McF Military 7,
Warriors of the Zodiac 2 & 3, Legend of the Blade Hunters 2 & 3, VCD
Hamburger Head Spawn, Sports Picks special items: 12" Barry Sanders, Brett
Favre 3 Boxed Set, Ladainian Tomlinson Boxed Set, Ultimate Team NFL
Offense sets and more: ... 8&browse=1

STREET FIGHTER - IBUKI STATUE: Another new release from Sota Toys - Ibuki
stands 12" tall and is priced at $95.99 (MSRP is $109.99) ... ode=retail

SIDESHOW'S THE DEAD: This figure is quite gruesome and very well done -
the Subject 805: Tactical Containment Unit Operator is a nice addition to
any zombie collection: ... ode=retail


statues from NECA and The Four Horsemen. This set features Battle Armor
He-Man, Mosquitor, and Jitsu - in stock now for $57.99 ... ode=retail

STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT EXCLUSIVE: This Previews Exclusive features a ton
of great army building figures with many Clones and Droids, we have them
well under the MSRP at only $59.99 for the full set: ... ode=retail

BEOWULF - MCFARLANE: These just arrived hours ago, sets of 4 figures are
now in stock at $54.99 each, and Beowulf, Grendel and Dragon are each in
stock singly for $11.99 ... egory=3528

MAZINGER: Several cool new arrivals including the West Kenji Black Swing
Action Mazinger at $74.99, and Fewture's Mazinger 1901 Bossborot & Doublas
high-end Silver edition figures. We have quite a few other imported
Mazinger items here as well:

HOT TOYS - PREDATOR 2: Another beauty from Hot Toys - this figure stands
around 14 inches tall and is priced extremely attractively at only
$119.99. This has been one of the better selling Hot Toys items we've
carried - take a look to see why: ... ode=retail

ASSASSIN'S CREED ALTAIR: In stock now for $12.99 each - Neca has done a
great job with the sculpting of this figure, we can't wait to see who else
from the world of video games they will work on next. ... ode=retail

HALO 3 SCALED WEAPON REPLICAS: Master Replicas did a nice job with these
cool little replicas. The Covenant Carbine and BR55 Battle Rifle are
available as a set for $39.99: ... egory=3974

BATMAN & SON: Just in from DC Direct, this new set is available for
$51.99 and it features one each of Batman, The Joker, Ninja Manbat, and
Robin & Damian 2-Pack. ... ode=retail

STAR TREK WRATH OF KHAN: The Enterprises arrived last week and the
figures are just in! Kirk, Khan, Terrel, and Double Cross Kirk are now
in stock here: ... =trek+khan

REMENT - PETITE MINIATURES: These catchy little items are completely
Japanese and great accessories for smaller dolls and figures. We have a
variety of miniaturized foods as well as a dining table and cupboard -
take a look at the Rement collections here: ... egory=2831

SPORTS PICKS: A variety of items including NHL 16, 49ers, Ultimate NFL 2"
Team Sets, and more have arrived - check out our selection here: ... portspicks

REVOLTECH $14.99 RESTOCK: A variety of items are now on sale for $14.99
including: Yellow Eva, King Gainer, Ingram 2, Soltic, Giant Robo, and
GR-2 - take a look at all the Revoltech figures here: ... =revoltech

SOUL OF CHOGOKIN: A variety of items have been restocked including the
GX-36 Ideon, GX-31 Voltes V, GX-04S, GX-03, GX-13, and we've also listed
preorders for: GD-99 Aquarion, GX-01R and GX-28 ... ategory=63

JAPANESE BEAST WARS TM-SP: The Convoy and Megatron figures with DVD have
just arrived, these figures feature slightly different paint than the
normal versions and are priced reasonably at $49.99 each: ... arch=tm-sp

MARVEL MAGAZINE & FIGURES: We've received a variety of the Marvel
collector Magazines with mini lead figures - check out this menu for all
the new arrivals priced at $11.99 each: ... egory=2932

YAMATO MACROSS: We've restocked a variety of figures including: VF-1S
Roy, VF-1J Stealth, VF-1J Hikaru, VF-1A Hikaru, VF-1A Max, VF-1S Hikaru,
VF-0S, YF-19, and Konig Monster

VARIOUS TRANSFORMERS: A variety of Transformers are back in stock
including: Classics Soundwave, Commemorative Astrotrain, Tracks, Ultra
Magnus, Encore Starscream, Reissue #8 Inferno, #15 Stepper, #20 Kup &
Wheelie, BT-10 Grimlock, MD-06, RM-24, SD-14, and be sure to check the
vintage department for a variety of other recently listed TF items.

Many more items have also arrived including a variety of imports so be
sure to check through our menus for that special item.

Thanks very much for your interest in and have a
great weekend!

Joel & The BBTS Crew
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Postby Liege Evilmus » Sat Nov 10, 2007 11:11 am

not much going on this week

My Collection, updated 4/21(sorta)... viewtopic.php?f=4&t=35550&p=627727#p627727
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