Transformers Animated, Episode review

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Transformers Animated, Episode review

Postby Saber Prime » Sun Jan 06, 2008 4:11 pm

I just saw a bulliton TODAY on the main page here saying Transformers Animated premered last month. I looked it up and found the full episode on YouTube.

My first thought watching this episode was "What the hell" as I was seeing sceens from the G1 cartoon. It was kind of a nice suprise but at the same time it was verry confusing. First off, the animation styles are completly different so it doesn't really fit to insert G1 footage into Animated. Secondly I allso got really confused on another subject...

Optimus Prime mentions that Ratchet was actully there. This leads me to belive that allthough the other characters might just be new characters with G1 Names, Ratchet is actully the original Ratchet. If this is the case there are some huge continuity errors here. 1. The All Spark doesn't exsist in G1 erra. 2. Ratchet died in the movie. There's allso some diolog to sugest Megatron might allso be the original which leads to 3. Megatron was reformated in Galvatron.

OK now that we got to verry confusing G1 tie off out of the way lets move on to the rest of the show...

There are several simularitys between Animated and the Movie. Megatron's apperance for one. Then the mention of the All Spark. And finally Professor Sumdac (Spelling?) found Megatron's crashed form on Earth and 20 years later built a bunch of his own robots. Allthough not actully mentioned like in the movie his robots were built by reverse engienerring from Megatron.

I allso gotta say this is my most Fav. Starscream yet. He took action to replace Megatron as leader in the verry first episode and he never talked about doing it! I like this all action no talk version of Starscream. He may not be the best looking Starscream what with the Jay Lenno chin and all but he's better looking than Movie Starscream.

I allso like the fact the Transformers got to fight multiple enimeys in the same Episode. It started with Megatron. Then went to this weird half organic half technological bug thing. And ended with Starscream.

All of the characters allso got a fairly decent amount of screen time and characterization for the short amout of time some characters were on screen. Here's what I know about each character just from that first episode. (not including what I've read online)


Optimus Prime: Is the leader of a group of 5 Autobots who were originally asigned to repair warp gates. He went to Cybertron Acadimy which apperently is like a training camp for the Cybertron Elite Guard (Lead by Ultra Magnus) He gives long speeches apperently multiple times as Prowl mentions "Not this one again" and he's a history buff.

Ratchet: Old as $h!t. Ratchet was arround durring the great war as mentioned abouve and imediatly recognized the All Spark when it was uncovered by the Autobot crew durring one of their missions. He has really good hearing so don't talk about his missing diodes behind his back.

Bumblebee: Fast and brave little bot. Even when he says "We're all going to die now, aren't we?" he says it with no real tone of panic in his voice. Then later he tells Megatron "You're even uglier up close."

Bulkhead: Huge and strong but kinda dumb. He doesn't seem to be fully aware of his own strength. Bulkhead seems to be good friends with Bumblebee.

Prowl: Is not really a team player. He hates Optimus Prime's speeches. Durring this episode he's managed to throw weapons at enimys nearly hitting his own team mates twice, dissobey orders, and openly addmited he doesn't trust anyone but himself right before being absorbed by the giant bug. I think his personalty might change a little in the next episode now that his team mates have saved his life.

Sentinel Prime: Looks like the Tick. Him and Optimus don't appear to like eachother. He apperently allso recognized the All Spark when Optimus showed him what was in their cargo hold allthough Sentinal seems to be much younger than Ratchet.

Ultra Magnus: Leader of the Cybertron Elite Guard. He doesn't seem to like Optimus much either and looks much like the original Ultra Magnus allthough I've only seen his head.


Megatron: Scares the $h!t out of everyone. That is if robots had such a need to do such things. Possibly the Original Megatron who has been searching for the All Spark ever sence the Decepticons were banished from Cybertron.

Starscream: Sure he's a butt kissing suck up to his face but really he's a back stabbing Decepticon bent on Takeing over the Decepticons.

Blackarachnia: For some reason has an organic alt mode.

Blitzwing: Has three heads and three personalitys to match. One apperently likes to sing... verry badly.

Lugnuts: Is Megatron's only real loyal minion.

Sari: Yes that is pronounced "Sorry" but is spelled differently. She's tutiered by one of her father's robots and doesn't really know how to act around other kids her age as she's never been to a public school. She allso seems to know more about her father's company than HE does.

Sari's dad: may run his own company that builds robots but he doesn't actully seem too bright. I wonder how he does it?

Forgot to actully wright an ending to this post...

Anyway, overall I thought it was a good first episode for Transformers. It's not easy to fit that much action and story telling into a half an hour long program.


I think I made a mistake. I thought I was watching a single episode but after looking up the title "Transform and Roll Out" I realized it was a 3 parter not a single episode.
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Re: Transformers Animated, Episode review

Postby Saber Prime » Mon Jan 07, 2008 2:08 am

"Home is Where the Spark is"

This is the first time we really get a good look at Megatron sence he first crashed on Earth. In the 20 years he's been offline Professor Sumdac has completly taken Megatron. We see one of his hands and his big old head inside his private lab.

Sari uses her Key which was somehow altered by the All Spark to gain access to his lab. (No one is allowed in his lab not even his own daughter) The left over energy from the key seemingly reactivated Megatron.

Hooked up to all the computers and other machinery in the lab Megatron was able to learn of Starscream's treachery and that the Autobots were still in possession of the All Spark. He did not actully find out where they were hideing it however.

Megatron used one of Sumdac's inventions as a scout and stoed away in Sari's back pack before she went to the Autobot's base.

Once in the base he took controll of machinery there to try and illiminate the Autobots.

By the end of the Show the Autobots are still entirely unaware that Megatron is still alive and Professor Sumdac seems to think Megatron is a fellow Autobot that went offline as he worries the Autobots will never forgive him if they found out the secret to his robots.

As far as I can tell Sumdac is the only person who even know's Megatron's sitting in his lab but he does not know that Megatron is evil.
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Re: Transformers Animated, Episode review

Postby Pyrostrata » Mon Jan 07, 2008 10:26 am

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Saber Prime wrote:As far as I can tell Sumdac is the only person who even know's Megatron's sitting in his lab but he does not know that Megatron is evil.

He'll find out soon enough....11-12 weeks for definite...That is when Megs the Nasty is slated to have his body back! I cannot wait!!!! Starscream Squarepants is SO dead!!!!
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Re: Transformers Animated, Episode review

Postby 0ptimus__Prime » Mon Jan 07, 2008 12:24 pm

Pyrostrata wrote:
Saber Prime wrote:As far as I can tell Sumdac is the only person who even know's Megatron's sitting in his lab but he does not know that Megatron is evil.

Starscream Squarepants is SO dead!!!!

Don't you know it! (well he usually always gets it from Megatron anyways lol.)
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Re: Transformers Animated, Episode review

Postby GetterDragun » Mon Jan 07, 2008 1:07 pm

Wrong forum and a thread already exists for reviews:

Check out my collection thread!
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