Dairycon 2011 Round-Up.

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Dairycon 2011 Round-Up.

Postby Methusalen » Tue Apr 19, 2011 1:45 pm

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Excelsior Moo believers!

Methusalen here, with some pictures this intrepid photographer managed to take while in attendance of Dairycon 2011 over the weekend! I'm aware that many of the figures that were available at Dairycon this year weren't shown in their final states, and thought that many of you would like to take a look at the 'final product'...

So here we go, a quick 'gallery' of images from the show!

First of all, we'll hit up the images of this year's exclusive figures!
Here we have the Preregistrant exclusive, Action Master Ravage!
-And yes, ladies and gentlemen; the figure *is* compatible with both microcassette recorder/players, as well as any 1/1 scale replicas! ;)

On the left of this photo is the first of the six figures that will make up the "Reinforcements from Dairycon!" assortment, Wannabee! The figure was available only as a raffle to those that had their Moo Points, received from attending various Dairyland Transfans Meet-Ups over the year...
On the right side is a packaged & loose example of Steers, this year's Regular Raffle item!

The Gold Lucky Draw item belongs to the 10th Anniversary Reissue of the Dairycon favorite, Electrum Beast!

And, we're happy to include the final product from the 2011 "Assemble Your Own Transformer!" contest, the papercraft version of Crack-Up!

So there you have it folks, this year's graduating class of.... Wait a tic, that ain't right... the Exclusive figures from Dairycon 2011! Want to learn a bit more about them? Why not head over the Dairycon Universe Page featuring the figures' bios & other images? You can follow this here link to take a gander at them: The 2011 Dairycon Exclsives!

Of course, there's more to Dairycon than the toys! We have the finalists for this year's Art Contest:
3rd Place, belonging to our very own "Big Cheese": Bruticus & Computron!
(Click to Embiggen)
2nd Place, going to Allison for her 2d interpretation of Ravage!
1st Place, going to 'Stogie' for his Green Lantern corps Sideswipe custom (& Black Lantern BB)!

This year was the first year for the "Custom Jumpstarter Races", where participants could enter a modified (modded, repainted, or 'other') Jumpstarter figure... Of the 8 participants, your mild-mannered photographer handily defeated his opponents, facing off against the ruthless "Fender Bender" in the Final race for the win!
However, it was not to be; as Fender Bender had luck (and an untested Armada Starscream Happy Meal toy) on his side... While my Jumpy was constantly able to head down the track and jump up to his feet, the little Happy Meal figure had the distance AND agility...
Your winner (of the his first Jumpstarter race, as well as the very first Custom Jumpstarter races), FENDER!

Earlier in the post I mentioned the "Assemble Your Own Transformer!" contest, well, here are a few images of the contest in progress...
(Again, click to embiggen!)
-An unofficial 2nd Place went to this attendee, with his armless piece...
But, here's our victor who was able to fully assemble his "CrackUp" figure first:
It's rough, but assembled! :APPLAUSE:

We had two official entries in the Costume Contest this year...
Blaster & Optimus!

And here's the final picture I'll toss up here on this post, the End of Dairycon Raffle! Here's the pile of swag that was available to win! Every attendee received a ticket for the raffle, prizes ranging from a single figure all the way up to a complete set of the year's exclusives!!!!

Of course, if you'd like to take a look at *ALL* of the images I took at this year's Dairycon, ranging from the Friday Night Gaming, to each heat of the Jumpstarter Races, to the Art Contest, and beyond... check out my Photobucket gallery located at http://www.photobucket.com/Dairycon2011!

I hope you enjoyed the images. If you or someone you know are in an image, feel free to share the image, tag, or leave a message below the picture; as I'd *LOVE* to hear everyone's feedback!
Methusalen out...
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