Autobot City: Hidden Foundations

Earth is a beautiful planet, lush with life, overflowing with energy and ripe for the taking. The Decepticons want to conquer it and harness that energy for their own purposes. The Autobots want to keep it out of Decepticon hands. This forum contains their battles and struggles all across the planet.

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Re: Autobot City: Hidden Foundations

Postby Cravex » Fri Sep 14, 2018 8:53 am

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Autobot City Construction Site

Sideswipe shook his head in disappointment at Brawn as the smaller ‘Bot headed off. Some mechs have no sense of adventure.

He quickly shook it off, then turned to the others. Most continued about their business, not paying him or his previous question any mind. Not that it mattered. He was used to having his ideas questioned, but Prowl had given him permission to work with some of his troopers. Just because they haven’t stepped forward and volunteered didn’t mean anything.

A sly smile played across Sideswipe’s faceplate as he gave Prowl an exaggerated salute that only exemplified his playful side. Of course, those that knew him would realize it generally wasn’t a good thing for one’s peace of processor.

Turning, he headed to where a small group of Autobot troopers stood chatting among themselves. His smile widened as he approached them. “Ready for some fun, guys?”

One of the troopers groaned and glanced skyward before replying, “I don’t think we’re interested in your ideas of fun.”

Sideswipe continued unfazed, “Sure you do. What would be better than flexing out joints in some good natured combat.”

“Combat?” another trooper asked. “What kind of combat?”

That’s right, you can taste it, can’t you? Sideswipe thought as he tried to appear nonchalant by shrugging. “Nothing too serious. Wargames, more than not. To keep it simple, we split up and attempt to track each other down. Strictly on the downlow, otherwise Prowl will blow a gasket. Physical or stun weapons only.” He leaned in and lowered his voice in a conspiratorial manner. “Just think of how fast you’ll rise through the ranks if your skills are superior to your fellows. It’d be great to give the orders instead of taking them for orns, am I right?”

The four troopers slowly came around, exchanging glances and a couple of shrugs. Even the first one that spoke looked interested as he said, “If you want to keep it simple, why don’t we try to find you?”

Sideswipe tried not to smile too broadly at that. Since first approaching Prowl, his idea had morphed several times. His initial thought of testing the city’s defenses had morphed into them pushing their personal abilities, and he couldn’t be happier. Truth be told, he hadn’t wanted to openly offer himself as the prey in this exercise. Somehow, he knew his fellow Autobots would line up for that one.

Even he wasn’t crazy enough to do that.

Well, crazy was a strong word.

In the end, he merely shrugged. “Sure, if that’s what you four would prefer. Nothing like a challenge, am I right?”

The first trooper nodded, a smile giving away his glee at the idea.

Do I know him? Sideswipe wondered. It was a look he’d seen on several mechs, but especially Sunstreaker’s faceplate more than a few times.

“Then it’s agreed.” The trooper motioned to the armory. “Once we’re rearmed, we can begin.”

“Sounds great,” Sideswipe said, wondering what he’d gotten himself into.


A spark of sympathy wormed its way into Brawn’s energon pump at leaving Sideswipe hanging, but stumbling around the jungle hunting fellow Autobots wasn’t his thing. Now, had it been an actual fighting scenario like a tournament or something like that…

He shrugged off the thought as he weaved along the narrow jungle road he’d spent a good part of his time on Earth exploring. Had he stopped to think about it, he would’ve questioned why he, of all mechs, felt the need to explore the jungle. It was something he never really thought about as it was standard for him whenever they landed on another world.

What could be better than testing one’s skills in the wildness of a new, unknown world? Sure, chances were he’d eventually stumble across some indeginous lifeforms, but what were the odds humans were around here?

Unless the genius that scanned the area had a glitch.

He had to admit the thought had merit. How else would a pathway wide enough to become a road come about? To his knowledge, there weren’t that many large organics in the area to make it. Still, what fun would it be to think too much? In his thinking, the best discoveries came when one didn’t think too much.

On whim, and following his current train of thought, Brawn suddenly turned right and drove into the thick foliage. He only went a few meters before he had to transform to make his way through the thick vegetation.

It was something he couldn’t put an actuator on, but this felt right. Maybe he’d stumble across a new energy source of something. Nah, he thought. I’ll probably find something worthwhile. There’s got to be something around here to test my mettle.

He pushed a vine aside and ducked under a low-hanging tree when the ground beneath him gave way and he crashed through the vegetation, bouncing off a few rocks before coming to a stop in a depression flat on his back.

Sitting up, he put a hand to his head. “Ow, should’ve watched that first step.”

This wasn’t how he intended his test to begin.
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Re: Autobot City: Hidden Foundations

Postby AFTRHR » Fri Sep 14, 2018 9:18 am

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[Autobot City Construction Site]

Grapple wrote:"You know, I was pondering that myself. Not only is the terrain uneven but it's composed of such a wide variety of densities. In one area you have terrain that could support Omega Supreme and in another you find terrain where Eject would sink. It's so difficult to account for. But yes, I would go ahead and bump it up. We can't afford structural integrity flaws anywhere."

“Alright then, I’ll be on my way to help out the rest of the construction crew.” He gave a jolly nod and a quick two finger salute to Grapple, and scurried back towards the construction site. He made his way up onto a higher platform so he could address the builders while Grapple was busy with Prowl.

“Can I get everyone to listen please? We’ve got some changes in the plans. Please make sure that support beam #78 is 7.3 decakels long! I repeat, please make sure that support beam #78 is 7.3 decakels long. Over there, on the southeastern side, please make sure that the shafts are deep enough into the ground. Nothing here should be compromised! If you see something that looks uneven or shaky, please let either me or Grapple know about it. Thank you and carry on!”

The green engineer himself turned into his alt mode and started towing some material carts filled with reinforced steel beams along towards the other side. The construction was coming along nicely, and Hoist was happy to see how much work Grapple had done. It truly was a product of his design.
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Re: Autobot City: Hidden Foundations

Postby Cravex » Fri Sep 14, 2018 9:31 am

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Autobot City Construction Site – Inside Omega Supreme

Barbarian builders!

It was all Pharma could do to keep his frustration from spilling out into the vast emptiness of Omega Supreme as he worked.

He’d never had a use for builders beyond needing them to construct a proper facility for him to utilize. Even then, it was hit or miss. Too many times he’d been forced to follow behind them to clean up or reorganize what they called completed work.

Just like now. He shook his head as he finished the second conduit Bluestreak had informed him of. The damages weren’t too severe in that he hadn’t come across any that needed to have a part replicated. So far, a little tightening and welding and they appeared as good as new. Better, even.

He absently kicked the scrap he’d had to cut away from the conduit so he could refit the patch the group had used. At least, they used the right metallic compound. Has to be the work of a medic.

Wiping a stray bit of oil from his optic, he surveyed his handiwork. Pleased this section wouldn’t leak again for a long time, he checked his display. Only a few more conduits to repair in these sections and it’d only be a matter of time until the guardian was refueled. This was a little easier than he’d expected, though he had no illusions as to the extent of Omega’s injuries. This was going to take some time.

At least, it gave Pharma a chance to study the guardian in depth. So far, the power exchanges appeared to be the regular design all Cybertronians used, except a hundred times larger. Not surprising, given their function, but he had to admit he was slightly disappointed.

Since the idea of combiner technology came to him, he expected to find something more complex within Omega. He’d always assumed the real answers he needed were in Omega Supreme’s processor, most likely in his motor control subroutines, but it would’ve been nice to have another puzzle to occupy his time while working on mundane repairs.

“Dwelling in the obscure. Such is the function of those destined for greatness,” he mumbled while plotting the next series of repairs. He noted when and where it’d be wise to have engineers help. Though he detested the idea, someone had to begin working on the guardian’s structural injuries while he handled the more complicated aspects such as restoring Omega Supreme from stasis lock. He wanted… no, needed to be the first one to talk with the guardian to gain his trust. Besides, Omega would be needed to help direct his repairs in ways most mechs couldn’t due to their smaller size.

How easy would it be if one could simply walk into their patients? The idea had some merit, but Pharma also realized if that was possible, anyone could conduct the repairs and those of his skill set could be labeled as obsolete.

Maybe not all progress needs to happen, he thought as he headed for his next repair assignment. Lost in his thoughts, he almost forgot to let Bluestreak know of his progress. Opening a channel, he said, >>Bluestreak, my boy, I’ve completed repairs of the conduits in 4a. Moving to the next section.<<
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Re: Autobot City: Hidden Foundations

Postby Smokescreen85 » Sun Sep 16, 2018 11:23 am

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Peruvian Valley – Eastern Perimeter

Kup wrote:"Yeah. You sound like I felt, heh. But yeah, we found 'em both. Blaster, I think it was, picked up their signals somewhere in the Earth continent of Africa. That sure as slag wasn't no coincidence. And them goin' loopy at the same time? Nope. Somethin's connected there, but I sure dunno what. Like you said, tho, I'm happy we got Prime back too. He isn't back to normal, but just seein' him is gonna do wonders for the morale department. As for Megatron? Next time we get a chance like that I hope someone has the sense to order us to take him out, for good. Because exactly what we were worried would happen—happened."

Howlstrike listened with great interest as Kup laid out how Optimus Prime and Megatron were found and then both went crazy at the same time. The former Predacon shook his cranial unit in amazement. “Wow, there’s definitely something going on with them that’s for sure. I’m surprised Prowl didn’t order Megatron’s termination when he had the chance, but knowing him, he probably wanted the slagmaker for something involving the war, probably info. Still, like you said, having Prime back is a big morale booster even if he’s not quite the same as before.”

Kup wrote:"Scourge? The Sweeps? Last I remember they were runnin' around with Scorponok in the 2nd Fleet. That's Max's territory. Wonder if that's where Omega came from? And where he was before that...This don't sound good, kid. If they were hunting Omega, I got no reason to see why they'd give up after one try. But I guess Springer will get Prowl all caught up and he can decide what to do with that info. If any 'Bot is an ace at counterstrategizing, it's him. Too good for his own good, sometimes, heh.”

“It’s not good at all, Kup. I’m shocked more ‘Cons weren’t sent to get Omega already,” Howlstrike replied. “And your’e right. Scorponok’s not one to give up so easily. I’m sure he’ll send more troops sooner rather then later. We’ll need to be prepared for when that eventually happens. And the possibility of having both Megatron and Scorponok together in this system will not be good news for us even with Prime back. In fact, the combined might of those two would be down right terrifying.”

Kup wrote:"Yeh. It just takes time. Fighting in the trenches with someone forges the strongest bonds I know. You've got plenty more battle scars to earn fightin' for the right side. Sometimes that line gets blurred a bit, but I'm still sure we're on it."

The teal and gray tracker nodded. “I’ll take all the battle scars I can get to help atone for past sins. I just wish more ‘Bots could see that I’m trying. I know my anger gets in the way of that sometimes, but, again, at least I haven’t tried to rip anyone apart lately. Heh.”

Howlstrike cast another toothy grin in the direction of the six autotroopers who had been assigned to him. “Well, I guess we should get to patrolling the perimeter. I haven’t heard anything more from Mirage or the other teams, so I’ll send them a communique to let them know we’re getting started here.

>>”Mirage, Arcee, Broadside, this is Howlstrike. I’m going to start patrolling the eastern border with my autotroopers now. Kup has decided to join me for a bit. Just giving you guys a heads up. Howl out.”<<

The former Predacon then looked over at his team of autotroopers once more. “All right everyone, let’s get started. Spread out along the border, check for any weaknesses and, of course, keep an optic out for any ‘Cons.”

“Sure thing, boss, whatever you say,” one of the troopers responded, adding, “fraggin’ Pred” under his breath before he and the other autotroopers drew out their weapons and began to spread out as instructed.

“They’re so pleasant, aren’t they? Heh,” Howlstrike muttered to Kup as the Autobot hunter transformed back into his timber wolf alt mode. “Follow me, old timer! Keep up with me if you can! Hahahah!” Howl teased as he leapt forward, his four legs carrying him at a decent sprint down a small path through the trees and foliage.

Autobot City Construction Site

Pharma wrote: >>Thank you, Bluestreak, my boy. Yes, I think I’ve encountered some of their work already. Can’t blame them, but it would’ve been easier for us if there had been a legitimate medic or two with them. Job security, eh? I’ll start at the top and work from there. With any luck, the damage won’t be as severe as we fear.<<

Bluestreak chuckled at Pharma’s remarks, especially in regards to job security.

>>”Yeah, you have nothing to worry about, Pharma. Your job isn’t going anywhere. The vast majority of mechs couldn't even come close to doing what you, Ratchet and others like you guys are able to do. If it weren’t for you doctors and medics alike, the Decepticons would’ve won this war long ago. You keep us going when we would otherwise fall apart or remain blasted into bits. You keep thanking us, but it’s us who should be thanking you.”<<

The chatterbot managed to shut up long enough to keep his attention mostly on the readout screen of the diagnostic machine. As Pharma continued his work inside Omega Supreme, the device continued doing its job, too. After another few breems, the machine completed its diagnostic run and the results were quickly downloaded onto a datapad that was connected to the front of the machine.

Bluestreak disconnected the datapad and gave it a quick once over. For a brief moment, he considered transmitting the information dump directly to Pharma, but then he decided against it. Instead, the Autobot gunner would deliver the datapad to the CMO in person.

Pharma wrote:>>Bluestreak, my boy, I’ve completed repairs of the conduits in 4a. Moving to the next section.<<

>>”I read you. The diagnostic cycle has finished. I’m on my way to you to deliver the results.”<<

The chatterbot then approached the open hatchway on the side of Omega’s rocket mode and swiftly climbed aboard. After a short while, Bluestreak had traversed the corridors of the Omega Guardian and located the source of Pharma’s transponder signal.

“Hey, Doc, here ya go,” the dark blue and silver mech said, handing the datapad with the diagnostic info over to Pharma. “So, is there anything else I can do to help out here? I’m no medic, but I’m pretty good at following instructions. So, I’m sure I could do a better job than the patchwork the others were able to manage. Heh.”

Sideswipe wrote:“Of course, Prowl, when have I ever been aloof or gone overboard? Don’t answer that.”

The military strategist rubbed his temples with the actuators of his right hand. A cranial ache was beginning to form deep within his logic circuits. Soon it would swell into something far more painful. “What have I unleashed?” Prowl muttered to himself in a low tone before returning his attention back to the others who were still present around him.

“Anyway, it’s time for that debriefing now, Springer. What the hell happened out there when you found Omega? I want to know everything.”
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