Want to Trade: Classics Mirage for parts or small figures

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Want to Trade: Classics Mirage for parts or small figures

Postby ZeldaTheSwordsman » Fri Jun 21, 2019 5:49 pm

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Back in November of last year, I misplaced my Classics Mirage. When he didn't turn up I presumed I had left him behind on campus and somebody decided "finders keepers" (which is what happened to my original Vector Prime :-x :( ), so I bought a new one. But then the original turned up when we were cleaning out the car in preparation for the Christmas trip. So now this one is redundant and I'd like to trade it for something I actually do need. As you can see, He does not have the front spoiler

Here's a list of items that I want and which I think one of would be a fair trade:
Beast Wars:
* Optimus Primal sword OR Flail OR Mutant Mask OR missile (maybe 2 if you think that's fair)
* Megatron water squirter

Robots in Disguise (2001):
* Ultra Magnus Missiles

* Jolt (regular)
* Thunderclash (Skywarp ver. not Ramjet ver.)
* Clench
* Tidal Wave missiles
* Downshift (regular colors)

* Optimus Prime Copter OR Digger OR Fire Truck drone

* Safeguard (white ver.)
* Nemesis Breaker claws
I realize these might be stretching it.

Revenge of the Fallen:
* Either of Jetfire's "JTFR" panels
* Leader Megatron missile

Titans Return:
* Brawn
* Rumble
* Seaspray

Power of the Primes:
* Tailgate
* Windcharger
* Beachcomber
* Alchemist & Megatronus Prime
Energon Optimus digger, firetruck, & copter drones; super mode head
Ultra-class Optimus Primal missiles, left back panel, mutant mask
Combiner Wars Dead End or Offroad HFG, Breakdown HFG
Armada Thundercracker missile
Armada Optimus front left trailer strut, cheekguards
ROTF Jetfire "JTFR" Panels
Armada Downshift
RID Ultra Magnus missiles
Vector Prime Cyber Key
Armada Jolt, Thunderclash, Clench
RID Galvatron foot/dragon head, 1x launcher/sword hilt
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