Who makes transformers ?

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Who makes transformers ?

Postby ExciKaiser » Mon Sep 04, 2017 2:34 am

Sorry for the troll-like title, I couldn't resist.

But this is a real question. No I'm not talking about the companies which sells them (Hasbro/Takara), but the people behind.

We know who do the voice acting, we know absolutely all designers of the movies as they all promote themselves.

But the others ? It feels like the old comics situation, where the authors were not allowed to sign/exist, comics were done by "Marvel" and "DC" and that was all.
But I would be interested to know who are the people behind our toys. I would like to know if the TF I don't like have all been made by the same guy or if it's more random than that.

I found 2~3 names on TFwiki, but it's far from being exhaustive, if there's 15 transformers listed, that's the maximum.

I'm surprised the guys don't tweet/facebook/tumblr about their jobs or wathever, I can understand that the current lines being under secret, but what's the problem reavaling who desinged Classics optimus, Cybertron Hotshot etc?

Am I looking at the wrong place ? are this information available somewhere and I'm the only one not aware about it ?
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Posted: Monday, November 13th, 2017