Who's Having Fun with Fall of Cybertron?

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Re: Who's Having Fun with Fall of Cybertron?

Postby Supreme Convoy » Mon Aug 27, 2012 10:54 pm

I bought the game on Thursday and finished it Sunday. Really loved it, great take on the Transformers origin.

I love War for Cybertron but High Moon went above & beyond with this game. The scope is gigantic! It’s so much fun to play as Bruticus and Grimlock, which makes the gameplay even more unique than the previous game. Even though you don’t control Metroplex, that segment of the game is also spectacular.

I wonder if they’ll do a third game. Would it be set on Earth? I’m not caught up on Transformers Prime so I don’t know what they explore Earth in the past.

I love all the easter eggs like Slag knocking down a door on an Insecticon like the scene from the animated movie.

Didn’t pick up any of the pre-order bonuses. I forgot to pre-order and couldn’t wait for it to come from Amazon. But it looks like a lot of the bonuses are being released in DLC packs in a few weeks so I don’t mind replaying the game then.
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Re: Who's Having Fun with Fall of Cybertron?

Postby Duke of Luns » Wed Aug 29, 2012 10:19 pm

Got it on Sunday, started it Monday evening, and I played it in mini-marathons. Finished the campaign a little while ago.

Wow. Just, wow. :D :D

There are so many good things about this game, quite a few easter eggs, character moments, etc. While it's true there are a few "less" things, such as less playable characters and shorter chapters, they polished everything that they left in and made the entire game a blast to play through. And in a way, short in sweet is a lot better than long and drawn out.

The story is what really drew me into the game and kept me playing. I just had to see what came next, and every moment is oozing with character. Yes you can play as Soundwave in WFC, but in FOC you play as him significantly less, but it's more memorable. You piece Megatron back together, and you can launch Rumble and Laserbeak, making those moments all the better.

At first I thought I'd be disapointed that Bruticus and Grimlock were one level wonders(more or less), but I understand why they did what they did. Bruticus was awesome to play as, but he was kinda slow and stepping on ants would bog the game way down if they had the level any longer. Same with Grimlock, time spent with them was pretty much perfect.

Speaking of the Dinobots, poor Sludge. :-( The made a Dinobot model for him, but you never get to see it in game. Disapointing, hopefully we get a sequal that rectifies this.

Oh yeah, Shockwave's voice was...Steve Blum. Steve Blum is an awesome voice actor, but the role did not fit him. However, pretty much all the other actors were spot on, and they even got G1 Grimlock's voice actor back!

Finally, that giant cannon you control near the end of Mission 2 as Prime, a sly reference to the G.I. Joe Thunderclap maybe?

It's not in the clip(or even the show itself, cause that was IT for the Thunderclap's animation appearance), but there's a chair on the side of the cannon for a Joe to sit on, very similar to the one Prime sits in to operate the cannon.
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Re: Who's Having Fun with Fall of Cybertron?

Postby FortMacs » Wed Aug 29, 2012 11:38 pm

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Ive had alot of fun with the game. i just really hope for Co op story if we get another game. was one thing i really missed in this game, along with having options on who to play as in the missions. other than that and not being able to find a better name for slag than slug....
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Re: Who's Having Fun with Fall of Cybertron?

Postby Triptykon » Sun Sep 02, 2012 4:19 am

Adored War for Cybertron, played through to completion on both PS3 and PC, and on PS3 took all classes maxed into Prime Mode.

Fall of Cybertron is everything I hoped it would be. Done with playthrough No.1 on PS3, working on playthrough No.2 on PC.

Always looking for some fun in Multiplayer on PSN. Username: DoctorWho

If sending friend request, please specify you are from this site, as while at the time early in PSNs history, being able to secure such a user name was cool, but now there are literally requests, invites, and messages from all over the world, hundreds per week, some people actually thinking that it is an official Doctor Who account. Kill me. :)
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Re: Who's Having Fun with Fall of Cybertron?

Postby Supreme Convoy » Sun Sep 02, 2012 8:56 pm

I just noticed that Shockwave has both his hands in the game but Grimlock tears off one arm in the end. Nice little touch!
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Re: Who's Having Fun with Fall of Cybertron?

Postby KingEmperor » Sun Sep 02, 2012 11:56 pm

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Varia31 wrote:I am having an absolute blast with the game. The campaign in great, and has a ton of variety, it's also challenging and makes you have to think about how you engage the enemy. Rushing headlong into a group of enemies like you could get away with in WFC will more than likely get you killed. Using your different forms and cover, as well as abilities and weapons and upgrades from the Teletraan Store to your advantage is key, and vital if you want to survive. And I can't tell you how awesome it feels to play as Grimlock! :) Voice acting is superb, with several great lines, and there's also plenty of stunning visual set pieces.

For multiplayer, I love the customization, I can truly make my own character that stands out from the rest. The combat is over the top crazy fun, which I think suits giant robot combat, especially the Transformers. There are 10 maps that are all very different, but nice to explore and fun to fight on. There are not as many game modes, only four, and I miss deathmatch, but oh well. There is Team Deathmatch, Conquest, Capture the Flag, and Head Hunter. We all know the other three modes quite well, being classic game types in multiplayer games. Head Hunter, however, requires you to kill enemies and take their Sparks, then drop them off at a node to score points. It's like Kill Confirmed in MW3 you could say, only you have to do something besides just pick up the "dogtags" (Sparks).

Escalation is fun, but you really have to work as a team if you want to get far. Just getting past Wave 1 on any difficulty is a challenge. It would be nice to be able to choose any character you want, but High Moon made it to where each character fulfills a specific role, which is okay with me. Every team has a fighter that's meant to take the most punishment and dish it, a medic with a heal beam, a support character with a sentry turret, and another support character that provides an ammo beacon with a damage boost. enemy AI and strength are no joke, in the later waves there are enemies who can annihilate you if you aren't careful. There's only fifteen waves, but they get so hard that you'll probably be relieved when it's over. Key to survival here is to stay together, keep moving, and keep getting new weapons and abilities to aid you. All in all, I'm liking this new Escalation a little better than WFC's, though it was also fun seeing how many waves you could conquer.

Overall, I have been getting more enjoyment out of FoC than I did WFC, and I loved that game. Sure, there can be some technical glitches like the last games, and there are a few things from WFC that were omitted that I miss, but the more I play and have fun I start to forget about those small gripes. In my opinion, FoC takes a 9/10, it's great fun and fan service, and would even be enjoyable for the non-TF fan.

How about you guys?

Well, you pretty much nailed it for me. Love this game.
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Re: Who's Having Fun with Fall of Cybertron?

Postby Justanormalguy » Tue Sep 04, 2012 7:13 pm

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I am, i love how you can have the Dinobots' heads on the robot mode, I have Grimlock's head on my tank character! I also have a G1 Prime, I wish I could color him like Nemesis Prime, that would be sweet.
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