Heavy Metal War - The Ultimate Online Battle Between Good and Evil

Mission #188735:
Inferno: Hell Unleashed

The Decepticons have won the mission.

Transformer Level Final Condition Score    
  Team:   Night Stalkers
  Cdr:   Lunatyk
9Not damaged
(100% health)
556 xp  
Troop Transport Vehicle
  Team:   The Mayhem Attack Squad [RDD]
  Cdr:   High Command
7Not damaged
(100% health)
472 xp  
  Bio Titan
  Team:   Xenocons
  Cdr:   Xenos Prime
6Not damaged
(100% health)
400 xp  
Alien Titan
  Darth Stealthus
  Team:   Sithcons
  Cdr:   DarthFoozar
3Not damaged
(100% health)
400 xp  
Futuristic Jet
  Team:   rockstartrev
  Cdr:   dolenarda
7Not damaged
(100% health)
400 xp  
Chem Cannon
  Team:   Cybernetic Vikings
  Cdr:   tmthor
4Not damaged
(100% health)
400 xp  
Chem Cannon
  Team:   Crusher's Crew
  Cdr:   Jaw Crusher
1Stasis lock
(0% health)
0 xp  

Mission log

  Action Status
00:08Dolenarda misses Morayelle with a Maceration Laser.
00:10FrankenBot hits Morayelle with a Acid Rainmaker.Morayelle is severely injured (22% power remaining).
00:15Mixtape transforms into a Gadget and strafes Morayelle. Mixtape strafes Morayelle.Morayelle is severely damaged (2% power remaining). Morayelle has gone into stasis lock!Cassette

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