Twincast / Podcast Episode #244 "Call Me Maybe"

Twincast / Podcast Episode #244 "Call Me Maybe"

Call Me Maybe - Episode 244 of the Twincast Podcast finds the cast starting out the episode by talking about the recently released comics from the IDW Publishing Transformers ongoing, issues 18 and 19. While the pair of issues constitute signs of life and creativity, the cast members question whether this is enough to revive the series. Contributors are then challenged to think of a piece of Transformers media, be it toy line or content, they were initially unimpressed by but were later drawn back in to. Obscure trivia follows after that about Transformers Armada Mini-Con Inferno, partner of Decepticon Thrust, and the mystery behind an intended part of the design or a widespread assembly error. The episode ends with a robust discussion with cast member pitches on what kind of Transformers cartoon would be accessible and friendly for all ages, given the conclusion of the Transformers: Cyberverse cartoon.
New Gallery: Deluxe WHEELJACK from Transformers War for Cybertron Earthrise

New Gallery: Deluxe WHEELJACK from Transformers War for Cybertron Earthrise

Wheeljack - Everyone's favorite Autobot mad-scientist, Wheeljack, is the first figure to get the ol' gallery treatment of the highly anticipated Transformers War for Cybertron EARTHRISE product line. Deluxe Class Wheeljack is like a mini-Masterpiece figure that has a G1 cartoon style in robot mode and a G1 toy look in vehicle mode, complete with various decals that homage the Lancia Stratos Turbo racecar.
Twincast / Podcast Episode #243 "Mega Teeth"

Twincast / Podcast Episode #243 "Mega Teeth"

Mega Teeth - Episode 243 of the Twincast Podcast starts with the group taking stock of the recent release of Transformers: The Manga Volume 1, available for the first time from Viz Media with a new English translation. The cast discusses the artwork, the story with its parallels to the original 80s cartoon, and the overall packaging of the collected volume. The conversation turns to the latest toys out of the Earthrise line, as Megatronus and Counterpunch update the Twincast crew on which figures from the recently released first-wave of toys are their favorites, counterpoint opinions on Deluxe Class Hoist and Voyager Class Grapple from the previous episode, and reflect on which new toys leave them wanting something more. The episode ends as it often does with the Bragging Rights segment, where each cast member discusses what they acquired since the last episode.
Review of IDW Transformers #18

Review of IDW Transformers #18

Transformers #18 Reviewed - I liked this issue. It is actually my favourite issue of the ones I have reviewed for the site. Of course that doesn't mean much, all I needed was an issue with less stairs and talking. And funny enough, I don't recall any prominent stairs here, instead it was more star wars type walkways and ramps. Now that i think of it, for a species that turns into cars, don't ramps make more sense than stairs? Why even have stairs? Eh, moving on ...
Check out Seibertron's review of Transformers: The Manga Volume 1 from Viz Media

Check out Seibertron's review of Transformers: The Manga Volume 1 from Viz Media

Transformers: The Manga Reviewed - For many years, the Transformers G1 Manga from Japan eluded Transformers fans. It was once the stuff of much desire and wild speculation. For the first time ever, Viz Media has released an English translation called Transformers: The Manga! Check out's review here.

Studio Series Sentinel Prime and Scrapper English Video Reviews

Posted 1 day ago by Bounti76 - 6,652 views

Thanks to regular reviewer and Seibertronian PrimeVsPrime, we have two video reviews to bring to you today, those of Studio Series Voyager Class figures Sentinel Prime and Scrapper! These two are due in the next wave of Studio Series figures, and PrimeVsPrime takes a look at them both in detail. While we did post video reviews of these a few days ago, today's reviews are in English. On with the show(s)! What do you all think? Are you looking forward to these two figures? Do these - Read More

Transformers Generations Selects Super Megatron Update

Posted 1 day ago by D-Maximal_Primal - 10,582 views

Thanks to a notification from Takara Tomy Toys on Twitter, we have an update on the Takara Selects release of Super Megatron, which was last teased a year ago along with the initial teaser of Turtler. Takara Tomy posted on their Twitter page a shadow image of Super Megatron in both his robot mode and his jet mode, with the caption stating that a full reveal of the figure can be expected this week on April 2. This Super Megatron appears to be an extensive retool of the Titans Return - Read More

Forgotten Gem: Alternators Rumble

Posted 2 days ago by Burn - 9,988 views

I've finally reached that point in setting up my TF collection room ... Alternators and Binaltech. Unpacking them, I'd remembered the major figures. Smokescreen, he started it all. Sideswipe, he came after Smokescreen. Grimlock and his annoying pain in the arse double hip rotation point. But the one thing I'd forgotten, was this guy. Alternators Rumble This guy, was released in 2006. Yeah, fourteen years ago. Yes, it's been that long since we've had Alternators, sadly, this - Read More

Transformers Generations Selects Turtler and Gulf Available on Hasbro Pulse

Posted 2 days ago by Bounti76 - 8,394 views

Thanks to a heads up from Seibertronian xRotorstormx, we have some good news for those of you who were interested in the Generations Selects series Seacons, but didn't get a preorder in when they were up. It appears as though the first two in the set, Turtler (Snap Trap) and Gulf (Skalor), who recently began shipping via Hasbro Pulse, are now available for purchase, and are in stock at Pulse! Given that preorders were only open for a limited time, and the limited availability of the figures in - Read More

TFSource News - Transformers ReAction, DX9 Capone, Civil Warrior Grant, Flame Toys & More!

Posted 2 days ago by D-Maximal_Primal - 9,056 views

TFSource News - Transformers ReAction, DX9 Capone, Civil Warrior Grant, Flame Toys & More! NEW HOT PREORDERS: - ToyWorld TW-BS01 Tyrannosaurus Rex | Limited Edition - Transformers Flame Toys Kuro Kara Kuri 05 Megatron - Sentinel Plaiobot Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Model Kit | PX Previews Exclusive - Newage NA-H13D Hodur | Limited Edition - Magic Square MS-B09Y Blue Trailblazer | Limited Edition - Vecma Head Warrior VS-06 Sea Dragon - Mazinger DFS065 Mazinger Z 1:9 Scale - Read More

The Chosen Prime Sponsor News - March 30, 2020

Posted 2 days ago by D-Maximal_Primal - 10,116 views

The Chosen Prime Newsletter for March 30, 2020 Greetings from The Chosen Prime! We have new arrivals and pre-orders available this week including those presented below. Let us know if there's a particular figure you're looking for that isn't listed here or on the website. Happy shopping! LATEST PRE-ORDERS 01-Studio CELL Estimated Release June 2020 ThreeZero Patlabor ROBO-DOU INGRAM UNIT 2 + UNIT 3 Compatible Set Estimated Release September 2020 - Read More

Images of What is Inside the Netflix Transformers Series Spoiler Box

Posted 3 days ago by william-james88 - 19,600 views

There was a leader class box for the Netflix Transformers series toyline that we did not see the contents yet. It was said to contain spoilers. Well, thanks to images from Robot Kingdom, we now can see what's inside. We knew it would be Ultra Magnus, butwe didn't know the deco. Would he have a cape like in the trailer? Would he be a Decepticon? Would be have Delta Magnus colours? Well... None of the above. It's just Magnus looking burnt in certain areas. The real spoiler, if there - Read More

Pictorial Review of Studio Series Sentinel Prime + Singaporean Sighting of him and Scrapper

Posted 4 days ago by william-james88 - 23,738 views

Fellow Seibertronian Actar found Transformers Studio Series Sentinel Prime and Scrapper at the BHG Bugis outlet in Singapore. He was even kind enough to take some images and make a write a review for us, which you can find right here: Here's my review for Sentinel in the event anyone's interested! Ooh boy. This one's going to be a tough review! To preface it, I'm going to come clean and say that I'm absolutely in love with the DOTM Leader Class figure from way, way back. It's one of the - Read More

Twincast / Podcast Episode #244 "Call Me Maybe"

Posted 4 days ago by ScottyP - 17,980 views

Back again to cure your real folk blues, it's the Twincast / Podcast. Join Counterpunch, Megatronus and Scotty P as they chat about some of the more recent Transformers comic book releases, Mini-Cons, imaginary TV series and more. After all the toy talk, this one's for our media and general discussion crowd and follows a similar format to the previous episode. Episode #244 “Call Me Maybe” is available directly and in our RSS Feed, and should appear on Apple Podcasts, - Read More

Top 5 Beast Wars Transformers Toys of Show Characters

Posted 5 days ago by william-james88 - 22,352 views

Every two weeks, brings you a Top 5 list related to all things Transformers written by me, your fellow editor. These are our opinions so what matters most is what you guys think of the topic or list, and I hope to see your own lists or comments on omissions and ranking. Let's have fun! All previous lists can be found here. Top 5 Beast Wars Toys of Show Characters I did a list of non show characters before, and even a list for the best Beast Machine toys, but there was one - Read More

This Week's Highlights from HLJ: Studio Series Scavenger, Mafex Batman, and More!

Posted 5 days ago by william-james88 - 12,449 views

No.1 Mafex Batman Hush Black Ver. No.2 PLAIOBOT Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: Gurren Lagann No.3 RIOBOT Rockman X Falcon Armor Ver. Eiichi Simizu No.4 Mafex LeBron James (Los Angeles Lakers) No.5 1/6 Television Masterpiece: Mandalorian & The Child Set No.6 Kingdom Hearts III: Bring Arts Ventus No.7 Nendoroid Nick Wilde (Zootopia) No.8 Nendoroid Judy Hopps (Zootopia) No.9 Super Mini-Pla Blue Knight Berserga Story Vol.4 No.10 COMBAT - Read More

In Hand Images of Generations Selects Tentakil, Overbite and Piranacon

Posted 5 days ago by william-james88 - 18,902 views

It's the end of the month, which means the new Transformers toys from Takara are out. that includes Generations Selects Tentakil and Overbite. Transformers fan Richard shared some images (to keep his privacy we will not link to his personal Facebook page) and you can see them below. He of course took the opportunity to finally combine them all to make King Poseidon / Piranacon. So, are you getting yours? Or did you decide this combiner was just a bit too much money to your liking? - Read More

In Package and In Hand Images of Transformers Siege Nemesis Prime

Posted 5 days ago by william-james88 - 20,426 views

Did any of you forget this toy was coming out? In case you did, here is a fun reminder that he is out now. Takara toys always come out near the very end of the month, so in the end of March we get the final Seasons and this Nemesis Prime. This was a Takara Tomy Mall exclusive which simply meant he costs more at whichever online retailer you preordered him from (and hopefully you did preorder him since most places are sold out now). He comes with a redeco of the sword that came with Titans - Read More

New Gallery: Deluxe HOIST from Transformers War for Cybertron Earthrise

Posted 5 days ago by Seibertron - 20,755 views

Up next in our all-new galleries for Transformers War for Cybertron Earthrise, is none other than the Autobots very own Maintenance 'bot Hoist. If his Generations Thrilling 30 toy was a disappointment to you, then the latest Deluxe Class version of Hoist should hit a lot of the right notes for you. Hoist features key character design elements like his "full spectrum multi-sensor", his orange wings and an arm cannon. In tow-truck mode, Hoist can even tow his fellow Autobot comrades that were - Read More

Video Reviews for Transformers Studio Series Overload, Scrapper and Sentinel Prime

Posted 6 days ago by william-james88 - 19,018 views

Thanks to Youtube reviewers Kevin Liu and Ton Ton, we now have video reviews for upcoming Transformers Studio Series leader Overload, voyager Sentinel Prime and voyager Scrapper. The Overload review is in English while the other two are in Chinese. The voyagers are meant to be coming out soon since they have an April release date from online stores. That particular wave will also feature a repackaged Mixmaster. Overload is set to come out between June and August, depending on the - Read More

Pictorial Review for Exclusive Transformers Netflix Series Toys Megatron with Lionizer & Pinpointer

Posted 6 days ago by william-james88 - 22,295 views

The Walmart exclusive Netflix Series voyager three packs are out in Canada and your fellow news editor found them while getting some milk today. Since these are all simply redecos, I felt in hand images would be all that was needed for a review since all of these molds have already been released multiple times. This review will be for Megatron with Battlemasters Captive Lionizer & Captive Pinpointer (yes, that is their names, Megatron has imprisoned these guys). Firstly, as a multipack, - Read More

In Hand Images - Transformers Masterpiece MP-38+ Burning Convoy

Posted 6 days ago by D-Maximal_Primal - 18,610 views

Thanks to several posts from the TrabsFans Facebook page, we have several new in hand images of the soon to be released Masterpiece MP-38+ Burning Convoy! Burning Convoy is based on the Burning Justice upgrade that Optimus Primal AKA Beast Convoy attained during the Beast Wars II movie, when he was pulled through time to the future to fight alongside Lio Convoy and his Maximals. This Masterpiece figure interprets that with translucent red plastic for a loud and garish looking figure, but - Read More

In Hand Images for Transformers Studio Series Sentinel Prime

Posted 6 days ago by D-Maximal_Primal - 15,898 views

Thanks to the Facebook page TFND - Transformers Never Die, we have a ton of brand new images to share with you today of the upcoming Transformers Studio Series Sentinel Prime. This new Sentinel Prime figure is a brand new voyager class mold, and is based on the characters appearance in the Dark of the Moon film from 2011. The traitorous Autobot is shown off in all his traitorous glory, complete with his sword, but no shield or cosmic rust cannon. We also see that his sword can split to - Read More

Transformers Generations Selects Turtler and Gulf Shipping from Hasbro Pulse

Posted 6 days ago by D-Maximal_Primal - 11,841 views

Thanks to a heads up from several Seibertronians, we have news that the long awaited release of the Transformers Generations Selects Turtler and Gulf from Hasbro Pulse is finally upon us! As you might remember, all 6 of the Generations Selects Seacons were delayed at some point or another prior to their original release dates. Despite the current worldwide situation with COVID-19, the figures are now ready for release, and Turtler and Gulf are ready to ship out from Pulse. With the release - Read More

Bayverse Grimlock Toy Appeared in one of the Worst Films of 2019

Posted 7 days ago by william-james88 - 16,781 views

Have any of you heard of 2019 film The Fanatic, a film starring John Travolta and directed by Limp Bizkit? While Travolta aimed for a Rain Man type performance, it was more of an embarrassment for everyone involved and has a 16% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which is a little better than the rating for The Last Knight (15%) but worse than the rating for Age of Extinction (18%). I bring these three films up because they have something in common: Bayverse Grimlock. In a scene where John Travolta - Read More

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Transformers Podcast: Twincast / Podcast #244 - Call Me Maybe
Twincast / Podcast #244:
"Call Me Maybe"
MP3 · iTunes · RSS · View · Discuss · Ask
Posted: Saturday, March 28th, 2020

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