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#67 Transformers TCG Omega Supreme card exclusive to Loot Crate 2019-02-15 1:08 am CST
#66 Rumor: Leader Astrotrain coming to Siege 2019-02-14 10:48 pm CST
#65 First look at Siege Springer, Thundercracker, and Red Alert from Walmart 2019-02-14 10:27 pm CST
#64 Legends Big Powered previewed ahead of release at Wonder Festival 2019 Winter 2019-02-10 4:02 am CST
#63 New Revoltech Optimus Prime revealed at Wonder Festival 2019 Winter 2019-02-10 2:56 am CST
#62 2007 Transformers: the Game concept art shown off by Ken Christiansen 2019-02-06 3:10 am CST
#61 Machinima begins process of closing down 2019-02-05 10:44 pm CST
#60 Life-size movie Bumblebee statue stands tall in Odaiba 2019-02-01 10:45 pm CST
#59 Get a clear look at the extra hidden details on Siege Voyager packages 2019-02-01 9:00 pm CST
#58 Studio Series SS-34 Megatron and SS-35 Jetfire sighted in the USA 2019-01-28 3:34 am CST
#57 MPM Megatron and Jazz stock photos, prices, and release dates announced 2019-01-27 4:01 am CST
#56 Take a look at new stock images of Encore Big Convoy in package 2019-01-23 7:09 pm CST
#55 Movie the Best returns with MB-EX Bumblebee plus SS-EX Drift Japanese release 2019-01-23 12:16 am CST
#54 IDW Optimus Prime Furai Model box art previewed ahead of release 2019-01-19 3:15 am CST
#53 3A Movie Blitzwing gallery and pre-orders go live 2019-01-14 5:25 am CST
#52 Bumblebee Movie Nitro Blitzwing does indeed have two heads 2019-01-14 3:51 am CST
#51 3A teases Bumblebee Movie Blitzwing figure 2019-01-09 7:20 pm CST
#50 Hasbro Toy Shop Prepares for major overhaul in February 2019-01-09 2:53 am CST
#49 New Rescue Bots Academy figures found at retail 2019-01-09 2:11 am CST
#48 Walmart uses Bumblebee and other famous cars to promote Grocery Pickup 2019-01-09 12:33 am CST
#47 Bumblebee Movie sends a special New Year's message in Japan 2019-01-04 2:29 am CST
#46 New Cyberverse Scout class stock photos found on Amazon Australia 2019-01-04 1:58 am CST
#45 BotBots 5-packs showing up at Big Lots 2019-01-04 12:46 am CST
#44 Hasbro wins legal battle against bootlegs in China 2018-12-30 4:12 am CST
#43 New pics of MP-44 Optimus Prime from Figure King magazine 2018-12-28 7:29 am CST
#42 Flame Toys reveals Skywarp and Thundercracker plus more updates 2018-12-24 10:43 pm CST
#41 New Transformers fashion line has got Russia covered 2018-12-21 10:47 pm CST
#40 New Simba Dickie 4 pack found in Italy 2018-12-20 9:27 pm CST
#39 Take a better look at Nitro Series Dropkick and Blitzwing 2018-12-17 2:37 am CST
#38 First look at G1 reissue Optimus Prime out of box 2018-12-16 2:22 am CST
#37 Bumblebee Retro Garage Volume 1 Being Released by Takara as SS-EX Exclusive 2018-12-05 7:47 pm CST
#36 Transformers Masterpiece MP-41 Dinobot Getting Reissued 2018-12-05 9:52 am CST
#35 New Stock Photos and Price for G-Shock x Transformers Optimus Prime Resonant Mode 2018-11-16 9:54 am CST
#34 Spend $50 Save $10, Spend $100 Save $25, plus Free Shipping 2018-10-09 2:27 am CDT
#33 Reissues of Takara Tomy Transformers Unite Warriors Superion and Devastator in February 2019 2018-08-02 3:31 am CDT
#32 Transformers: The Last Knight Deluxe Cogman finally found at U.S. Retail 2018-07-21 1:17 am CDT
#31 Steal of a Deal: 15% Off Site Wide at HTS With Promo Code! 2018-05-11 4:31 pm CDT
#30 Steal of a Deal: Price Drops on Select TLK Figures Online 2018-04-18 12:47 am CDT
#29 Toys R Us reveals closing dates and liquidating stores 2018-03-19 8:39 pm CDT
#28 Toys R Us Closure Official Press Release, MGA Entertainment Bids on TRU Canada 2018-03-16 4:34 am CDT
#27 Up to 35% off "Favorite Character Toys" on Amazon: Rescue Bots reduced, Fortress Maximus under $85 2017-12-06 4:56 pm CST
#26 Buy One Get One 50% Off on Toys at Target US Until 11 / 22 2017-11-19 8:20 pm CST
#25 Michael Bay's Transformers Movies Parodied by Family Guy 2017-11-07 1:22 am CST
#24 The Preorder Goal to Start Production of Takara Legends LG-EX Grand Maximus Has Been Achieved 2017-10-27 5:08 pm CDT
#23 Steal of a Deal: TLK Cybertron marked down to $109.19 2017-10-12 8:49 pm CDT
#22 Marvel Legends Death's Head II Sighted Again at US Retail 2017-10-05 3:38 am CDT
#21 BOGO Free Deal at Toysrus for all Transformers: Rescue Bots Toys 2017-06-23 9:16 pm CDT
#20 Movie Masterpiece MPM3 Bumblebee Preorder is Up 2017-06-01 8:27 am CDT
#19 Release Delay for e-HOBBY Magna Convoy 2017-05-30 12:10 pm CDT
#18 New Transformers Generations Cyber Series Optimus Prime Redeco 2017-03-26 11:56 pm CDT
#17 New York Toy Fair 2017 - Possible First Look at Transformers The Last Knight Display #TFNY #HasbroToyFair 2017-02-17 5:04 am CST
#16 New 'Power of the Primes' Fan Vote Now Open, Full Bios Revealed 2017-01-23 10:39 am CST
#15 e-HOBBY Magna Convoy Comic Part 3 Now Online, plus Box Art 2017-01-15 5:49 pm CST
#14 e-HOBBY Magna Convoy Comic Part 2 Now Online 2017-01-11 4:42 pm CST
#13 Cyber Monday Transformers Deals 2016-11-28 2:37 am CST
#12 Combiner Wars Boxsets Now Available at TJMaxx 2016-10-25 11:05 pm CDT
#11 Transformers Collector's Club Update with Final Club Pre-Orders 2016-10-12 12:06 am CDT
#10 UPDATE: Unreleased Prince Transformers-themed Album Probably Spoof 2016-05-06 6:33 am CDT
#9 First Image of New Platinum Classics Optimus and Megatron Set 2016-01-23 7:55 am CST
#8 Transformers Masterpiece MP-22 Ultra Magnus Getting a Reissue 2015-10-02 8:13 pm CDT
#7 Transformers: Armada Director Hidehito Ueda Passes Away at 61 2015-07-02 1:11 pm CDT
#6 New images and preorders available for Kotobukiya D-Style Seekers 2015-05-12 3:21 pm CDT
#5 Takara Tomy Q-Transformers 'Return of Mystery of Convoy' Collaboration with Decks Tokyo Beach 2015-04-07 12:06 pm CDT
#4 Transformers: Robots In Disguise - Drift Fight Scene Video Clip 2015-01-01 8:18 am CST
#3 3A DOTM Bumblebee figure revealed 2014-12-17 9:07 am CST
#2 Kotobukiya Reveals D-Style Megatron 2014-09-26 10:07 pm CDT
#1 Color Images: Convoy, Ultra Magnus, & Black Convoy Pens by Sentinel 2014-06-01 8:00 pm CDT

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Transformers Podcast: Twincast / Podcast #216 - Prime Galaxy
Twincast / Podcast #216:
"Prime Galaxy"
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Posted: Sunday, January 27th, 2019

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