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#50 Listing for Movie Masterpiece Brawl Found 2023-11-11 3:27 am CST
#49 Transformers Discount Bundles Found in Walmart Stores 2023-11-09 7:41 pm CST
#48 More info on Upcoming Walmart Transformers Bundles Featuring Leftover Stock from Hasbro 2023-11-07 10:01 am CST
#47 Listings found for Upcoming Transformers Toy Bundles 2023-10-30 8:15 am CDT
#46 Transformers MPM-11D Ratchet with DOTM Deco Officially Revealed 2023-09-07 4:57 pm CDT
#45 MPM-14 Bonecrusher Revealed and Ready to Pre-Order 2023-07-14 4:24 pm CDT
#44 Hasbro Officially Reveals Wheeljack's look in Transformers Rise of the Beasts Film 2023-04-25 2:17 pm CDT
#43 First Ever Look at Bumblebee Movie "G1 Scene" Megatron Render 2023-04-01 12:04 am CDT
#42 Bayverse Renders are Creeping into the Rise of the Beasts Toyline with these New Toy Sightings 2023-03-31 9:03 am CDT
#41 Hasbro Officially Announces Studio Series Gamer Edition for Transformers Tuesday 2023-03-07 6:35 pm CST
#40 Optimus Prime Roleplay Weapons Found at Five Below 2023-02-22 10:07 pm CST
#39 First Look at 2 New Studio Series Core Class Toys including ROTB Arcee 2023-01-08 12:00 am CST
#38 Two Transformers Studio Series Rise of the Beasts toys Officially Revealed 2022-12-06 3:31 pm CST
#37 First Images of Actual Studio Series ROTB Airazor and Battletrap 2022-11-22 7:17 pm CST
#36 Review of Studio Series TLK Hot Rod with Comparisons 2022-09-02 10:01 pm CDT
#35 Video Review and New Images of Studio Series The Fallen Show More Comparisons for Scale 2022-08-18 11:14 pm CDT
#34 The Studio Series Leader Class Fallen Toy will have a Removable Face 2022-08-14 12:05 am CDT
#33 Here are your Transformers Tuesday Reveals 2022-05-24 2:41 pm CDT
#32 First Look at Upcoming Studio Series DOTM Bumblebee and SS86 Arcee 2022-05-09 11:07 pm CDT
#31 Transformers Studio Series SS-90 AOE Galvatron Revealed with Info From Designer 2022-05-06 1:17 am CDT
#30 More Details on MPM-13 Blackout with Scale Comparisons to MPM Line and SS Figure 2022-05-04 4:18 pm CDT
#29 Bumblebee Movie Toys Rereleased Through Buzzworthy BB Rise of the Beasts Line 2022-04-16 7:59 am CDT
#28 Transformers Micro Machines Sets Up for Preorder on Amazon 2022-03-21 8:35 pm CDT
#27 New In-Hand Images of Transformers Micro Machines Blind Boxes 2022-03-13 3:48 pm CDT
#26 Transformers Premium Finish Live Action Optimus Prime Revealed 2022-02-09 6:56 pm CST
#25 New Unmasked Version of B127 Bumblebee Deluxe Toy shown in Video Review 2021-11-05 7:37 pm CDT
#24 Preliminary Wave Assortments for 2022 Studio Series Line with the Fallen, AOE Galvatron, Sludge and More 2021-09-21 3:01 pm CDT
#23 Transformers Studio Series ROTF Sideswipe Found at Meijer in the US 2021-09-15 10:34 pm CDT
#22 Studio Series Grindor & Ravage, Jolt, ROTF Bumblebee, and BB Thrust Officially Revealed 2021-07-18 1:58 pm CDT
#21 Studio Series News with Latest Leaders found at Retail and New Product Reveals 2021-07-03 10:49 pm CDT
#20 First Images Of Upcoming Studio Series Jolt and ROTF Sideswipe 2021-06-29 8:32 am CDT
#19 Possible First Look at Studio Series Bumblebee Movie Thrust 2021-06-16 4:44 pm CDT
#18 First Look at Transformers Studio Series SS 73 Grindor and Ravage 2021-06-04 2:29 pm CDT
#17 Hasbro Reveal New Studio Series Toys and Ghostbusters Afterlife Ectotron + Preorder Links 2020-11-13 1:53 pm CST
#16 Hasbro Pulse Unboxed Blog Talks Devastator 2020-10-16 5:33 am CDT
#15 More Transformers Knick Knacks to get at Dollar Tree 2019-12-17 2:08 pm CST
#14 New Video Review of Transformers Studio Series 56 Dark of the Moon Leader Class Shockwave 2019-11-03 2:52 pm CST
#13 New Video Review of Transformers Studio Series #51 Deluxe Class DotM Soundwave 2019-10-12 1:51 pm CDT
#12 Video Review for Studio Series 49 Bumblebee Deluxe Camaro 2019-10-08 10:32 pm CDT
#11 Image of Studio Series Bonecrusher Undocumented Decapitation Feature 2019-08-11 7:42 am CDT
#10 360 View of Studio Series Dark of the Moon Leader Optimus Prime 2019-06-03 12:18 pm CDT
#9 Official Images of Transformers Studio Series Voyager Class Optimus Prime, Bonecrusher and Leader Class Jetfire 2018-10-26 4:21 pm CDT
#8 New Stills for Transformers Bumblebee Movie, featuring Bumblebee, Dropkick, Shatter 2018-08-06 2:49 pm CDT
#7 Transformers Studio Series Leaders Grimlock and Blackout Found at US Retail 2018-03-29 9:56 pm CDT
#6 Transformers: The Last Knight 3D Cardboard Cutout Optimus Prime Spotted 2017-05-31 12:19 pm CDT
#5 Transformers: The Last Knight Slushes Now Available at Sonic Restaurants 2017-05-22 3:05 pm CDT
#4 New Promo Clip for Transformers: The Last Knight - Optimus Prime British Dialogue Coaching 2017-05-07 12:05 pm CDT
#3 New Optimus Prime and Bumblebee Still from Transformers: The Last Knight 2017-05-01 4:50 pm CDT
#2 New CGI Renders of Optimus Prime and Megatron from Transformers: The Last Knight 2017-04-04 3:42 pm CDT
#1 Travis Knight To Direct Transformers Bumblebee 2018 Spin-Off Movie 2017-03-03 2:01 am CST

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Transformers Podcast: Twincast / Podcast #339 - Nature Lies
Twincast / Podcast #339:
"Nature Lies"
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Posted: Sunday, December 3rd, 2023

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