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Pretender Skywarp has submitted or contributed the following 36 news stories to the News Staff since December 2004. Thank you Pretender Skywarp for contributing to the community!

#36 Transformers Asia Exclusive G1 Sixshot Reissue Premium Packaging Revealed, Updated with Official Images 2012-07-17 8:51 am CDT
#35 Transformers Prime RID Wave 2 Deluxe at UK retail 2012-05-11 1:00 pm CDT
#34 Transformers Prime Powerizer Optimus Prime In-Hand Images 2012-01-21 2:54 pm CST
#33 Transformers Prime Voyager Optimus Prime Instruction Sheet Reveals Alternate Head Sculpt? 2012-01-21 1:18 pm CST
#32 Free Matrix Optimus Prime Kreon with UK's Dr. Who Adventures Comic 2011-10-23 11:55 am CDT
#31 Master Piece Rodimus Prime out in UK retail 2011-08-18 3:15 pm CDT
#30 Interviews Simon Plumbe of Auto Assembly 2011-03-23 10:13 am CDT
#29 Reveal The Shield Wave 1 Available in the UK 2010-12-21 10:24 am CST
#28 Variants of Transformers Universe: Mini-Con sweet figures 2010-12-13 8:05 am CST
#27 Masterpiece Grimlock confirmed for UK! 2010-07-09 9:13 am CDT
#26 TRU Exclusive "Back Road Brawl" Coming to UK! 2009-11-01 1:06 pm CST
#25 TRU Gathering At The Nemesis and Wheelie vs Sideways out in UK! 2009-09-24 1:18 pm CDT
#24 New Color Images of Alternity Bumblebee & Cliffjumper 2009-08-21 6:36 am CDT
#23 Buyer beware: KO Sunstreaker to be released! 2009-07-17 9:58 am CDT
#22 Transformers Attacktix at Tesco UK 2006-09-18 3:16 pm CDT
#21 New Toy Images from the 2006 East Japan Toy Trade Fair 2006-09-16 10:44 am CDT
#20 New Image of UK version of 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime! 2006-05-06 2:21 pm CDT
#19 Hasbro Updates Transformers Website 2006-05-04 11:49 pm CDT
#18 New Official Images of Cybertron Quickmix! 2006-05-02 1:23 pm CDT
#17 More G.I. Joe vs Transformers "The Art of War" Alternate Covers! 2006-05-02 7:19 am CDT
#16 BotCon Toy News from TransformersCon and new pictures of Landquake! 2006-05-02 7:10 am CDT
#15 New In-Package Images of Transformers Attactix! 2006-05-02 6:44 am CDT
#14 Cybertron 41-45 up on 2006-05-01 1:37 pm CDT
#13 Hasbro lands Marvel Comics license! 2006-01-09 10:44 am CST
#12 Galaxy Force Episode 48 Sub Available 2005-12-05 9:22 am CST
#11 Galaxy Force Episode #35 Fansub Now up at TV-Nihon 2005-09-05 10:55 pm CDT
#10 Auction for prototype of unknown Cybertron figure 2005-08-30 7:56 am CDT
#9 Super God Masterforce Fansub @ TV Nihon (Online!) 2005-08-28 8:21 am CDT
#8 Fansubbed Galaxy Force Episode #29 Download 2005-07-27 9:58 am CDT
#7 Galaxy Force Episode 27 Fansub Available to Download 2005-07-14 6:06 am CDT
#6 Super God Masterforce Fansubbed Episodes 35 & 36 2005-07-07 7:29 am CDT
#5 Galaxy Force Episode 26 Fansub Available for Download 2005-07-06 7:04 am CDT
#4 Transformers Galaxy Force 25 Fansub Avaialble for Download 2005-06-30 7:05 am CDT
#3 Transformers Masterforce Episode #34 Fansub 2005-06-29 9:34 am CDT
#2 UK Release date for Transformers RID Vol. 2 DVD Box Set 2005-01-31 4:57 am CST
#1 Energon Roleplay Weapons Half Price at Tesco 2004-12-04 2:24 pm CST

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Transformers Podcast: Twincast / Podcast #287 - Pulse Con 2021
Twincast / Podcast #287:
"Pulse Con 2021"
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Posted: Monday, October 25th, 2021

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