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#38 Full Image of Leader Class Optimus Prime Revealed! 2009-01-03 12:41 pm CST
#37 BotCon 2009 date and location revealed!!! 2008-12-24 6:32 pm CST
#36 Universal and Dreamworks 2.0 strike a deal! 2008-10-14 7:05 pm CDT
#35 New Bios for Transformers Animated & Universe Figures. 2008-10-14 6:50 pm CDT
#34 Mark Ryan returns for Transformers: RotF! 2008-07-21 3:11 pm CDT
#33 HASBRO to have special Webcast of Quarterly earnings report 2008-07-02 11:44 am CDT
#32 Alternatives revealed for late BotCon Primus Package registrations. 2008-02-28 8:28 pm CST
#31 More new images of Premium Series Movie Megatron 2008-02-05 6:17 am CST
#30 Transformers Animated Debuts! 2007-12-27 5:31 am CST
#29 Updates with new Allspark Blasters. 2007-11-02 11:26 am CDT
#28 TRANSFORMERS: THE SCORE track listing revealed! 2007-09-02 1:52 pm CDT
#27 The Transformers Movie Score to be released October 9th! 2007-08-27 12:53 am CDT
#26 GM Hopes Movie Will Transform Sales. 2007-07-02 4:18 pm CDT
#25 New Sector Seven Site Update! 2007-06-28 11:26 am CDT
#24 New Video of a "Non Biological Entity" at Stop Sector Seven! 2007-06-28 11:17 am CDT
#23 Ebay Auctions for Official Transformers Movie Props! 2007-06-28 11:06 am CDT
#22 GM Features Transformers in New Vehicle Advertisements! 2007-06-27 2:53 pm CDT
#21 Exclusive Footage and Spoof Shown at MTV Movie Awards! 2007-06-03 10:30 pm CDT
#20 Optimus Prime Voice Changer Variant Found! 2007-06-02 12:08 pm CDT
#19 Bumblebee "Freakout" TV Spot in HD! 2007-06-01 6:57 pm CDT
#18 Sector 7 to Spread More Propoganda on May 17th. 2007-05-15 9:52 pm CDT
#17 Chevy's "Transformers: Rise of the Autobots" game now online! 2007-05-15 5:37 pm CDT
#16 More Transformers Movie Images! 2007-05-15 5:29 pm CDT
#15 Transformers Movie Cyber Stompers and FAB Found in the US! 2007-05-06 10:03 pm CDT
#14 Transformers Bonecrusher at Toys "R" Us! 2007-04-14 10:44 pm CDT
#13 Protoform Optimus and Starscream at Hasbrotoyshop! 2007-04-01 12:49 pm CDT
#12 Steve White Talks About New UK Tranformers Comics! 2007-03-29 10:41 pm CDT
#11 Transformers Sale at Canadian Toys R Us Stores! 2007-03-16 11:53 am CDT
#10 Michael Bell to Attend TransformersCon! 2007-03-15 12:51 pm CDT
#9 New Images from the Transformers Movie! 2007-03-14 2:53 pm CDT
#8 New Covers of Transformers Childrens Books! 2007-02-27 3:09 pm CST
#7 Michael Bay Talks Transformers in New Video Interview 2007-02-15 8:53 pm CST
#6 New Pics of MP-05 Megatron and BW Repaints 2007-01-31 12:47 pm CST
#5 Crave Online Speaks with Tyrese about Transformers Among Other Things 2007-01-24 5:30 pm CST
#4 Hasbro's 10th Anniversary Beast Wars 2-pack Megatron production error! 2006-10-04 12:21 pm CDT
#3 Update for September 21st, 2006 2006-09-21 4:11 pm CDT
#2 Cybertron Defence Red Alert found in the US! UPDATED with Bio! 2005-11-19 1:20 am CST
#1 Transformers Galaxy Force 'Master Galvatron' Prototype Auction 2005-06-06 11:09 pm CDT

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Transformers Podcast: Twincast / Podcast #225 - The Overexposure of Bumblebee
Twincast / Podcast #225:
"The Overexposure of Bumblebee"
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Posted: Sunday, June 16th, 2019

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