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#10 Quick Review: iGear Gold & Silver Faith Leaders 2010-07-30 3:20 pm CDT
#9 'Deal of the Day' for Tuesday 7 / 20 - Transformers: WFC for $42.98 2010-07-20 1:07 pm CDT
#8 Last Rapido and Cindersaur BotCon Sets Available at TFCC Store! 2010-07-02 6:16 pm CDT
#7 Out of Box Images of TFCC Punch / Counterpunch and Shattered Glass Cyclonus 2010-06-17 8:18 pm CDT
#6 BotCon 2010: Iacon Selling Fast, Primus Nearly Sold Out 2010-06-03 8:23 am CDT
#5 Botcon 2010: Iacon Packages Available Now 2010-06-02 3:00 pm CDT
#4 ROTF Nebular Starscream and Human Alliance Mudflap in stock and shipping from 2010-03-14 5:25 pm CDT
#3 Commemorative Perceptor and Insecticons in stock at 2009-10-11 6:34 pm CDT
#2 K-Mart Minicon Exclusives Found At Retail And Online At! 2008-10-08 8:47 am CDT
#1 Possible First Pics of Japanese Classic Nemesis Prime 2008-04-28 1:57 pm CDT

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Transformers Podcast: Twincast / Podcast #256 - Netflix and Siege
Twincast / Podcast #256:
"Netflix and Siege"
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Posted: Tuesday, August 4th, 2020

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