News Credits for Flux Convoy

Flux Convoy has submitted or contributed the following 20 news stories to the News Staff since April 2004. Thank you Flux Convoy for contributing to the community!

#20 Clear Images of PerfectEffect's PE-12 2011-09-25 1:41 am CDT
#19 Encore #20 Officially Announced and Available for Pre-Order 2011-06-16 10:51 pm CDT
#18 I-Gear Ironhide & Ratchet Revealed! 2011-06-01 3:34 am CDT
#17 Classics Cliffjumper - Devil Horns - Custom Kit Available for Preorder @ TFsource! 2011-02-28 7:12 pm CST
#16 New Image of Transformers Collectors' Club Elite Guard Dion 2010-02-17 12:46 pm CST
#15 "Decepticons, I Starscream Am Your New Leader"--Coronation Gear For MP Starscream 2008-01-13 6:50 am CST
#14 Justitoys - Megatron Gunstock & New WST Dinobot Images 2007-05-19 9:07 am CDT
#13 Clearer color images of Revoltech Convoy. 2006-11-07 12:59 am CST
#12 Cybertron Leader Class with bonus Basic figure now out! 2006-10-27 5:34 am CDT
#11 New color images of Revoltech Convoy, and Revoltech Convoy not to be released in the US. 2006-10-24 6:17 pm CDT
#10 Transformers Cybertron Giant Planet Map Found in the United States 2006-07-13 11:40 am CDT
#9 BotCon 2006 Cheetor Figure Preview! 2006-06-09 4:25 pm CDT
#8 Cybertron Red Alert Upgrade, Crosswise, Brimstone and Thunderblast in Package! 2005-09-16 11:59 am CDT
#7 Knock Off Yellow Binaltech Lambor, Sunstreaker Anyone? 2005-05-07 1:48 am CDT
#6 e-Hobby update with more pictures of Decepticon / Joint Force Magnificus and Ga'Mede 2005-03-19 3:39 am CST
#5 New clearer pictures of Flame Convoy from GF 2005-01-09 10:11 pm CST
#4 Pictures of Backpack from Galaxy Force surface 2004-12-30 4:05 am CST
#3 Change Of Name and Colour For RM-19? 2004-11-07 6:28 am CST
#2 Lucky Draw Superlink STD Grand Convoy And Rodimus Images 2004-06-17 5:56 pm CDT
#1 Remy's Superlink Kicker Gallery 2004-04-05 1:28 am CDT

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Transformers Podcast: Twincast / Podcast #232 - NYCC 2019
Twincast / Podcast #232:
"NYCC 2019"
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Posted: Sunday, October 6th, 2019

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