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Happy New Year from

Transformers News: Happy New Year from
Date: Friday, December 31st 2010 6:48pm CST
Category: Site News
Posted by: Seibertron

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The staff of would like to wish all of you Seibertronians a safe and Happy New Year! It looks like 2011 is going to be another incredible year in the world of the Transformers with lots of new products in the works and the 3rd installment in the live action Transformers films titled "Dark of the Moon".


Make sure you check out the "'s Finest of 2010" article that was posted earlier today which showcases the staff's favorite picks from 2010. You can share your picks as well by posting in that thread.

Please stop by to share your New Year messages with other Seibertronians by clicking here. Stay safe friends ... 2011 is almost here! Happy New Year!

New Images of Xovergen's The Warriors From Cyborgtron Trilogy: The Battle Royal Custom Upgrade Kit - Pack V1.0

Transformers News: New Images of Xovergen's The Warriors From Cyborgtron Trilogy: The Battle Royal Custom Upgrade Kit - Pack V1.0
Date: Friday, December 31st 2010 7:57am CST
Categories: Toy News, Unlicensed Products News
Posted by: Mach | Credit(s): Xovergen

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3rd party toy maker - Xovergen has sent us some new photos of their upcoming product code name "The Warriors From Cyborgtron Trilogy: The Battle Royal Custom Upgrade Kit - Pack V1.0".

This is an upgrade kit for Generations War For Cybertron Optimus Prime as well as Megatron.
Optimus Prime receives new chest that can be opened, articulated fingers, new weapons such as axe, fusion gun and some translucent parts.

As for Megatron, the manufacturer's listing of add on parts are:
- Articulated fingers
- Matrix of Des-cons!
- New morning star?
- Blade  
- ????









Seibertron, Ultimate Transformers Resource!

Toy Images of Lucky Draw Transformers Animated Silver Bumblebee

Transformers News: Toy Images of Lucky Draw Transformers Animated Silver Bumblebee
Date: Friday, December 31st 2010 5:31am CST
Categories: Cartoon News, Toy News
Posted by: Mach | Credit(s): Transformers At The Moon

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Transformers At The Moon has posted an extensive toy gallery of the Lucky Draw version of Transformers Animated Deluxe Class Bumblebee.

This is a campaign ran by TakaraTomy from the 18th September 2010 until 31st October 2010 at the Bic Camera and Edeon Group stores. To enter the campaign, you need only make a purchase of Transformers figures (except EZ Collection figures) worth more than Yen 3000. The winners, 20 from each chain, would go on to receive a silver chrome Transformers Animated Bumblebee.

Check out the toy images below:







You can view the full gallery by clicking here.

Seibetron, Ultimate Transformers Resource!'s Finest of 2010

Transformers News:'s Finest of 2010
Date: Friday, December 31st 2010 2:13am CST
Categories: Cartoon News, Movie Related News, Toy News, Site Articles, Unlicensed Products News
Posted by: Blurrz

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I'll honestly admit it. I did not expect 2010 to be that strong of a year compared to 2009. Well I was completely wrong there. After living and breathing the Transformers lifestyle for the past 12 months, it feels like Transformers has gained a new level of popularity, and another level of excellence. 2011 brings mystique and new horizons. Yet if it's anything like 2010, then we are certainly in for one heck of a ride.

Can you believe it? We're about to enter the 27th year of the Transformers franchise! While franchises have become defunct, or have fallen off the face of the Earth, we have stood strong together. Certainly it hasn't always been pretty, take the transition from Generation One to Beast Wars, or the split-opinion on Michael Bay's Live-Action films as examples. However as a long-time fan and member of this site, as long as Transformers continues to be what it is - the heroic Optimus Prime fighting against all odds, or that joy you get when you open up toy packaging - then every year will be a great one.

Before we embark into 2011, I think it's suitable that we celebrate 2010. With that notion, I have the help of eight of my fellow staff members - Burn, Counterpunch, Dead Metal, Delicon, DevastaTTor, Diem, Mach, and Razorclaw0000. Before you get to know their Transformers tastes, let's get to know a little bit more about the people who help maintain and assist this wonderful community!

  • I'm Blurrz, from the land they call Canada. Armada crazed, and you don't need to guess who my favorite Transformer is.
  • Burn is here to give us his "disgruntled" "I-like-my-TF's-as-bricks" opinion. We're not actually sure what he does on the staff though!
  • Counterpunch has a knack of making other people buy Transformers. He also keeps the forums safe with burning justice, or was that Punch?
  • Dead Metal is crazy, from Germany, and he helps out the news crew while most of us are fast asleep. Did I mention he's crazy?
  • Delicon is a humble Transformers fan from the Northeast United States. He keeps the news up and running.
  • DevastaTTor has this addiction to collect transforming plastic toys. You might have heard of it.
  • Diem spent most of the year in Takara territory, and made his way back to the US later on. He got married this year, so congratulations!
  • Mach keeps the news looking mighty fine from Singapore. He's an Optimus Prime fanatic, he probably has more blue and red trucks than you!
  • Razorclaw0000 is a big contributer on the News Crew, and still has the time to maintain one of the most comprehensive Mini-con collections in the world!

Now that you know a little more about the staff, here's how we're going to reflect on 2010. We're each picking our favorite candidate for the following categories listed below. Once you're done reading our input, we'd like to see yours by replying in the forums through the 'Discuss This Topic' link above. If you are interested in one of our many different selections, links will be provided to galleries of the featured toys so you can follow along!

The Transformers Figure of the Year
Favorite Toy Line of 2010
Favorite Transformers: Generations Figure
Favorite Power Core Combiners Figure
Favorite 2010 Movie Line Figure
Favorite 2010 Animated Figure
Favorite 2010 BotCon Exclusive Figure
Favorite 2010 Non-BotCon Exclusive Figure
Favorite 2010 Third Party Figure
Favorite Transformers-Related Moment of 2010
What you are looking forward to with Transformers in 2011

So hide your Starscreams, hide your Bumblebees, and hide your Megatrons, 'cause they are certainly going to be jealous when they look at our selections. 2010, through the eyes of the staff of

You'll find our selections, comments and funnies for 2010 in the forums!

We hope you enjoy our review and favorites of 2010. May your 2011 be full of joy, love, excitement, good health, and more Transformers!

~Blurrz News Crew

Transformers Mosaic: "Answers."

Transformers News: Transformers Mosaic: "Answers."
Date: Thursday, December 30th 2010 11:57pm CST
Categories: Site News, Comic Book News
Posted by: Blurrz | Credit(s): Richter

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The Universe of the Transformers is vast, and populated by many characters. Their universe is a large tapestry, made up of the stories and points of view of countless experiences that serve the larger whole.

These are some of those stories. This is:

It should be noted that while this project has been recognized by IDW Publishing and Hasbro, none of the works presented have been commissioned or solicited by either company. The stories are not official canon, except where noted. These stories are the result of Transformers enthusiasts taking the time out of their busy days to contribute to a universe they love. No one has been paid for the production of these stories.

For all Transformers news / updates / information, click here

Transformers Mosaic FAQ, click here


Story by;
Josh van Reyk

Art by:
James Boykin

Colors by:
Michele Degon

Letters by:

Image - The Ultimate Transformers Resource!

Sneak Preview of Transformers: Infestation #1

Transformers News: Sneak Preview of Transformers: Infestation #1
Date: Thursday, December 30th 2010 11:20pm CST
Category: Comic Book News
Posted by: Blurrz | Credit(s): Chris Ryall

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Brains, brains, brains... and Drift? This highly anticipated IDW crossover features our favorite Transforming robots finally meeting face to face with today's most popular fad, Zombies. IDW Editor-In-Chief Chris Ryall gives us a sneak peek at the upcoming two-issue tie-in, Transformers: Infestation, starting this upcoming February. The preview shows off Nick Roche's infectiously pleasing art, which Autobots and Decepticons will be fighting mano-a-mano, and a look at the covers of Transformers: Infestation #1. Check out the preview below - and remember, strength in numbers, make sure not to get bitten, and aim for the head!


Pages 7-9

Keep it at for the latest Transformers news on the net!

New Gallery: Warbot Defender

Transformers News: New Gallery: Warbot Defender
Date: Thursday, December 30th 2010 11:07pm CST
Categories: Site News, Toy News, Unlicensed Products News
Posted by: Diem | Credit(s):

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Early this year FansProject surprised us all with a third party figure, Warbot Defender, who bore more than a slight resemblance to a certain sarcastic triple-changer Autobot. Now is pleased to present its extensive gallery of the figure. Click on the images below to see the full gallery:



For more galleries stick with!

Transformers Rising Storm #2 Cover Revealed

Transformers News: Transformers Rising Storm #2 Cover Revealed
Date: Thursday, December 30th 2010 10:59pm CST
Categories: Comic Book News, Movie Related News
Posted by: Blurrz | Credit(s): Archonia

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Transformers: Dark Of The Moon will be hyped up by IDW in the movie prequel, Transformers: Rising Storm. The first issue's cover featured an outline of a new Decepticon that would be making an appearance in the film. Now the second issue features a battle between a fan-favorite Autobot and his long time nemesis. We never got to see the cover from the March 2011 Solicitations, but thanks to Archonia we finally do. Take a look at the cover and the description below!


MEGATRON's deadliest plan yet kicks into high gear-it's all-out war! Plus-BUMBLEBEE squares off against BARRICADE for what may prove to be the final time, while OPTIMUS PRIME calls in every AUTOBOT on Earth to put an end to STARSCREAM! The stakes rise in this intense prequel to Transformers 3!

Image - The Ultimate Transformers Resource!

New Galleries: Encore Combaticons

Transformers News: New Galleries: Encore Combaticons
Date: Thursday, December 30th 2010 10:59pm CST
Categories: Site News, Toy News
Posted by: Diem | Credit(s):

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The latest additions to's unparalleled galleries are here: the Encore Bruticus set. This set, released in 2009, included all five Combaticons in G1 style packaging. Click on the images below to view the full galleries:









Blast Off


and that big bad battlin' dudicus, Bruticus


For more galleries stick with!

IDW's Transformers Sector 7 Issue #4-- Review

Transformers News: IDW's Transformers Sector 7 Issue #4-- Review
Date: Thursday, December 30th 2010 7:09pm CST
Categories: Comic Book News, Reviews
Posted by: Tigertrack | Credit(s): tigertracks 24

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Reviewing Transformers movie-verse history... Transformers Sector 7 Issue #4 (of 5)...(in stores Wednesday, December 29th).

For anyone who has been reading Sector 7, and I’m still not sure why I bother with movie-verse related comics, you know what’s been going on. For those who haven’t, I offer you the blurb review below from issue #4.


I have to say, I am not as much of a detail junky as many (like, oh say, the writer in this series). While the series is a ‘somewhat interesting’ step into the past of what is possibly the ‘most interesting’ new part of what came out of the whole movie thing, it is of the movie, and based on humans, so this series probably did/does not call out to many Transformers fans doesn’t feature many Transformers. No Transforming robot appears until page 15. Mechs in the previous pages though, yes. No actual named/known Transformer until the 4th to last page. Not much for a giant sentient robot fan to enjoy there.

And then there are those who will buy anything comics, merchandise, and/or toys with the Transformers name on it. I tend to be that way with comics, mostly because I think I am still looking for that perfect Transformers story. Sector 7 is not that story, but could be of interest to SCI-FI/conspiracy theory/X-Files type fans. But not so much Transformers fans (minus HARDCORE movie fans, you know who you are).

The writing of the series is not entirely bad. It certainly has not stood out to me to be distracting, or entirely ground-breaking, just the writing is doing a good job doing what writing should do... help to clear up the details in the story that the art work does not make clear, using dialogue, setting narration, etc. Except the German parts in this issue have started to irk me. I now find that piece of the writing to be utterly annoying--no translations--you can guess some phrases meanings, but many go unknown or unexplained. German dialogue is a large part of many of the last 10-12 pages.

Gutentag herr doktor. Gib mir all deine Transformers Spielzeug ... JETZT!

Anyway, issue #4 continues telling Sector 7 history as family members of its original 7 continue with ‘the family business’ that founding member Walter Simmons started. This time the story is set during 1944. A new Simmons, Bill or Billy, has been asked to carry on in Sector 7 activities and he is none to happy about it. Currently a soldier, he feels he should be in battles fighting the Nazi threat, not participating in “wasting his life like his mother (Margo)”, who we find out in this issue (Five page preview spoiler alert!!!) has passed since we last left her.

Reluctantly, Bill agrees, convinced by his grandfather (General Walter Simmons, Margo’s father), to join a group of 6 other operatives (Yo Joe!) to go behind enemy lines and destroy an NBE (non biological entity) that the Nazis have gotten their hands on, and have started reverse engineering tech from (We all know the United States is the only country responsible enough to have reverse engineered tech from the Transformers, right?). Who is the new NBE under NAZI control? Somebody we already knew about and I was surprised to see based on the earlier issues. Surprises are good in stories, so consider that a plus.

What struck me most about this comic, it was a decent read, but violent. As soon as the mission starts it basically falls prey to the Nazi’s new tech (human-piloted, transforming tank mechs), and Barber (writer) and Kang (artist) waste no time in adding in some gross out elements. Limbs here, missing limbs there, it wasn’t as excessive as January’s INFESTATION crossover is sure to bring about, but it just seemed...oddly placed or even unnecessary. You’re welcome IDW, I may have sold a couple more copies for you there.

How does a guy get his hand blown off (yes, it cauterized the wound, but pain!!!), and still continue on his mission looking no worse for wear (minus a hand)?
-I'm Simmons, Bill Simmons. Chuck Norris can lick my boot straps.

It is meant to be a suicide mission and for most of the group it is--thus, the violence, but not before Simmons carries out the group’s task, and destroys a large portion of the base, along with the projects and people (at least one, pretty cold-blooded killing) involved. However, for Simmons, the act was meant to be totally selfless for his country, but as the Transformer the Nazis were using to reverse engineer weapons from awakens, it destroys the Nazi tech and monster, deliberates, decides humanity may be mostly okay based on a few minutes with Simmons, and helps Simmons to finish his mission parameters, then flies them both away into the wild blue yonder sunset. Happy trails soldiers. Oops, dropped the spoiler there.

The artwork is pretty well done most of the time. It’s crisp and clear, no cluttery details. All lines have their purpose. The humans are able to emote, without looking like they stepped out of Bugs Bunny. The tech, weapons, and armament are nicely, accurately, and again simply detailed. Overall, an enjoyable presentation. I’m a bigger fan of the detailed work done in ‘Tales of the Fallen’, and ‘Nefarious’, if it has to be movie than make sure to put the details in intended in movie designs, but this is good work.


The colors are more vivid than previously seen in other issues, assuming that this is meant to be a progression through time, and previous art and color were meant to represent the eras they were telling stories about. The colors are still limited though, as most of this takes place in a nighttime operation setting, thus using more muted, dark colors. While aboard the plane we have a lot of red, from the emergency lights. So the colors are effectively used to express the settings.

I do have a problem with both of this issue’s covers though. If you didn’t like the Jazz/Hubcap cover of the last issue, I’m not sure how you can like either of these any better. A pile of scrap shooting something--courtesy of the retail incentive cover--, or a tank with legs chasing some soldiers depicted on the regular cover (meant to connect with the other covers to create a dossier of the NBE/Sector 7 activities). Take your pick. The very realistic and detailed, dirty, painted regular cover is the best of the two, but the tank on legs kind of makes it silly (is there commentary in here?), and ruins the presentation of the rest of a beautiful piece of military art. Probably not going to get many Transformers fans interested in a book with either of those designs.



Something about the mech designs as I flip back through the issue. The transformation from tank to mech is fudged...a lot, and the mech modes seem to retain nothing of the tank-- minus the treads/tracks and the cannon. They also seem faster and more maneuverable than the tanks they were, which for experimental tech, is quite amazing, as tanks were fairly high-tech devices for quite awhile. Where did the the hisstank (G.I. Joe) like cockpit come from?


Ultimately, this issue is, as I stated, an alright to fairly enjoyable fiction. If you could read the German phrases than maybe it is even more fun, or meaningful, but without knowing what they translate to is frustrating. I find the book to be a decent short war story with a little bit of robots in there. Not much “Transformers” though.

I have to say, I’m not sure if others enjoy them or not, but I like the final page of the issue, where Agent John Barber (the writer) has his ‘Field Notes’ and explains ideas, relationships, inspirations, and easter eggs along with artist Lou Kang (Mortal Kombat lover here?). I loved this kind of after sharing when WIZARD did it for DC’s Kingdom Come, and then MARVEL did it for their MARVEL’s series. I really like to be made aware of facts, etc., that inspire work, or are hidden in the work that many of us may never even be aware of.

I have read much more exciting issues. I’ve read a lot worse issues and series. This one works as a stand alone story, and as a part of the Sector 7 mini, making it effective for what it is... a book about a group of humans involved with the Transformers and how they evolve over the decades, but not much of a Transformers comic book.

Ratings (out of 5):

Art- 3
Colors- 4
Writing- 3
Covers- 2

Check out the five page preview for a little taste of the issue for yourself.

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