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Rumor: Transformers Animated Toyline - Gone For Good?

Transformers News: Rumor: Transformers Animated Toyline - Gone For Good?
Date: Friday, March 26th 2010 12:33am CDT
Categories: Cartoon News, Toy News, Rumors
Posted by: Blurrz | Credit(s): TFormers

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We've had a lot of rumors this month, and another one has come out of the pipes. While rumors tend to bring happiness along with them, this one has the opposite effect. We regretfully inform everyone that Hasbro might have just shut down the Transformers Animated toy line for good. As reported by TFormers, one of their members got a response from Hasbro in regards to Transformers Animated inquiries. This was the response.

Thank you for contacting Hasbro, Inc. regarding the Transformers Animated Blackout and Thundercracker. We appreciate your interest in our company and products.

Regrettably, both products have recently been discontinued. We are, therefore, unable to assist you in identifying retail markets which may still have this product in inventory nor do we have any available for direct sale.

Although they are no longer in our current product line, you may still be able to find them in retail stores. Some of the retail stores that carry Hasbro products include Toys R Us, Wal-Mart, Kmart, and Target.

We apologize for any inconvenience. We hope you and your family will enjoy Hasbro products for many years to come.

Now what exactly does this mean for us? Animated has been discontinued since the spring of 2009. The remaining figures we were anticipating were meant to be store exclusives, much like Toys 'R' Us with Arcee and Cybertron Mode Ratchet. Does this also mean that the presumed store exclusives have been discontinued?

The remaining Hasbro Animated figures are listed below.

Rodimus Minor
Vortex Blurr
Fugitive Waspinator
Wingblade Optimus Prime
Toxic Oil Slick
Mudbuster Bulkhead
Hydrodive Bumblebee
Golfire Grimlock

Whether there is truth to this rumor or simply a misunderstanding, we'll be the first ones to update everyone on the official confirmation. What's your opinion on the situation? Feel free to sound off your opinion in the Energon Pub!

Keep it at - The Ultimate Transformers Resource!

New details for Animated Season3?

Transformers News: New details for Animated Season3?
Date: Saturday, November 29th 2008 12:57pm CST
Categories: Cartoon News, Rumors
Posted by: Dead Metal | Credit(s): Defences Prime

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Defences Prime of the Alspark boards has posted some interesting new details concerning Transformers Animated Season 3 character bios.
These he states come directly from the new Transformer Collectors club magazine, this issue is as we know supposed to come with character bios for the Transformers Animated cast.


Read it by clicking here or just by scrolling down:

On the way "to becoming Magnus."

Good-natured countrybot.
(already fully previewed at the club site, I know)

Her design takes some cues from her Armada namesake, esp. her left-hand module.

Armada look, Energon colors works well. Speedy but inexperienced.

Smaller'n 'Bee, stronger'n Bulky.

Pretty much the BM version in new colors.
...and LUGNUT's consort. O.O

...sounds a little like Dead End in the body of ol' rabbitears.

Gigantic living legend. A number of Omega Sentinels aren't alive to spread his tale...
( they talk in THIS universe, who knows...)

Walking trashpile. Eats you or turns you into a loogiemissile.

...ooch. Created/uses weaponized Cosmic Rust.

Stay tuned to for all your Transformers related news.

TFA info from Australian fan meet with Eric Siebenaler

Transformers News: TFA info from Australian fan meet with Eric Siebenaler
Date: Tuesday, November 11th 2008 5:54am CST
Categories: Cartoon News, Toy News, Rumors, People News
Posted by: i_amtrunks | Credit(s): Griffin of OTCA

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Thanks to Griffin of the OTCA Boards, for his write up of two Australian meetups with Transformers Animated Designer Eric Seibenaler, comes plenty of information regarding the Transformers Animated toys, past present and future.

The two meetings (held in Melbourne and Sydney) took place after Eric participated in an Australian Animated competition. He took time out from his busy schedule to talk Transformers with Australian Fans.

Some of the tidbits of information Eric divulged to the Aussie fans included:
- Eric designed all the Transformers Animated figures, not just Oilslick. His first figure was Armada Laserbeak, who Eric was re-united with thanks to Griffin.
- Eric is working on two size classes of figures for the upcoming Movie line.
- A New Animated Bumblebee figure is on it's way, it will be smaller and include an extra weapon of sorts
- A New Bulkhead repaint is also on it's way, and like Atomic Lugnut (which Eric named) it will be a repaint that retains the Bulkhead name.
- Oil Slick was meant to contain slime or Water in his helmet and second weapon, but due to safety concerns, it was nixed.
- New Deluxe Animated Arcee will not be entirely Pink
- The UK version of Animated Sideswipe was created without the knowledge or approval of Hasbro, and when found out, they were made to change the name.

For further details about the meetups, and more tidbits of information and photos of Eric doing his thing, please check out Griffin's thread at OTCA.

Another TF2 Philadelphia Set Report

Transformers News: Another TF2 Philadelphia Set Report
Date: Tuesday, June 17th 2008 9:45am CDT
Categories: Movie Related News, Rumors
Posted by: Skowl | Credit(s): John,

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A reader who unknowingly walked onto the Philadelphia set of Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen has sent his set report to

See his report by clicking here.

I wanted to get back to you on Transformers 2 here. It's a story of being at the right place at the right time. My son had an overdue book that I needed to return to the library and the library we took it out from is located on the Ben Franklin Parkway, not too far from the Art Museum where Rocky Balboa ran. I turn the corner to the street where the library's located and I'm met with about half a dozen tractor trailers. I was like what's all this? Then I see spotlights and I'm like wait a minute. I look at the door on the truck and sure enough there's a "Property of Paramount Pictures" sticker real big on the door. I went into a Frenzy (no pun intended!).

I quickly see the crew are wearing orange tags with an Autobot symbol & the #2 right next to it. At this point I'm losing it all over the place. They're filming inside the library!! So I go in here the shooting hadn't started yet. They didn't re-arrange the library but they have the 2nd floor all draped off but they were still letting you up there. My family & go up there & There's lights and cables everywhere. So whatever was going to happen in this scene will take place on the 2nd floor of the Free Library of Philadelphia's main branch.

This was this afternoon. In the evening we went back to see if anything changed or if any of the cars were in place. By this point some filming was being done and picture taking was cut off. I was told one actress in a long blue gown went into the library. It was like a prom or wedding gown. It was only me and 2 other people at this point watching what was going on inside. I really couldn't see anything. But a really cool security guard struck up conversation w/us. He told us they weren't finishing the scene so I might go back on Monday. He also went on to tell us about a chase scene that was filmed the previous Friday right on East River Drive. He didn't know the names of the cars but by his description it was Ironhide, Bumblebee, and Prime in pursuit of some silver car. He said this silver car is nothing like what's out there now and didn't even know the make on it. He said it's really slick & looks way cool. But he said the chase scene is way cool especially for people who live in the city here. He said there's 3 wks left of filming in Philadelphia.

I did take pictures but I don't think they'd be anything you guys would be interested in. It was really all the trucks parked along Vine Street & the lights inside the library. Even though I didn't really get to see anything, this was so cool for me. I've been a fan for 20yrs now since Gen. 1 and it just blew me away. I plan to go on Monday.


Canadian TF Release Dates

Transformers News: Canadian TF Release Dates
Date: Wednesday, June 11th 2008 7:49am CDT
Categories: Toy News, Rumors
Posted by: Down_Shift | Credit(s): GMfan101 of

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Some new new information has been revealed thanks to our friends over at

According to GMfan101 has learned of ballpark release dates for Animated, Universe, Crossovers and whats left of the Movie figures. They even have information about store exclusives.

Transformers Animated Deluxe Class
Wave-|Name----------------------|Retail Price|Release Date|Status|
1-----|Cybertron Optimus Prime----|$14.99----|May 2008---|RELEASED
1-----|Prowl----------------------|$14.99----|May 2008---|RELEASED
1-----|Bumblebee-----------------|$14.99----|May 2008---|RELEASED
1-----|Lockdown------------------|$14.99----|May 2008---|RELEASED
2-----|Ratchet--------------------|$14.99----|May 2008---|RELEASED
2-----|Blackarachnia--------------|$14.99----|May 2008---|RELEASED
3-----|Snarl----------------------|$14.99----|August 2008|N/A
3-----|Oil Slick--------------------|$14.99----|August 2008|N/A
3-----|Soundwave----------------|$14.99----|August 2008|N/A
3-----|Jazz-----------------------|$14.99----|August 2008|N/A
4-----|Swoop---------------------|$14.99----|August 2008|N/A
4-----|Sentinel Prime--------------|$14.99----|August 2008|N/A
4-----|Elite Guard Bumblebee------|$14.99----|August 2008|N/A
------|Prowl (with Samurai Armor)-|$14.99----|Unknown----|N/A

Transformer Animated Voyager Class
Wave-|Name----------------------|Retail Price|Release Date|Status|
1-----|Bulkhead-------------------|$29.99----|May 2008---|RELEASED
1-----|Starscream----------------|$29.99----|May 2008---|RELEASED
1-----|Cybertron Megatron--------|$29.99----|May 2008---|RELEASED
2-----|Optimus Prime--------------|$29.99----|June 2008--|N/A
3-----|Grimlock-------------------|$29.99----|June 2008---|N/A
3-----|Lugnut---------------------|$29.99----|June 2008--|N/A
4-----|Blitzwing-------------------|$29.99----|October 2008|N/A

Transformer Animated Leader Class
Wave-|Name----------------------|Retail Price|Release Date|Status|
1-----|Bulkhead-------------------|$59.99----|August 2008|N/A
1-----|Megatron------------------|$59.99----|August 2008|N/A
2-----|Ultra Magnus---------------|$59.99----|August 2008|N/A

Transformers Animated Supreme Class
Wave-|Name---------------------------|Retail Price|Release Date|Status|
1-----|Roll Out Command Optimus Prime-|$79.99----|August 2008-|N/A
2-----|Omega Supreme-----------------|$79.99----|Unknown----|N/A

Transformers Animated Activators
Wave-|Name---------------------------|Retail Price|Release Date---|Status|
1-----|Bumblebee----------------------|$9.99-----|July 2008-------|N/A
1-----|Bulkhead------------------------|$9.99-----|July 2008-------|N/A
1-----|Starscream---------------------|$9.99-----|July 2008-------|N/A
2-----|Lockdown-----------------------|$9.99-----|September 2008|N/A
2-----|Optimus Prime-------------------|$9.99-----|September 2008|N/A
3-----|Ratchet-------------------------|$9.99-----|October 2008---|N/A
3-----|Patrol Bumblebee----------------|$9.99-----|October 2008---|N/A

Transformers Animated Bumper Battlers
Wave-|Name---------------------------|Retail Price|Release Date----|Status|
1-----|Optimus Prime-------------------|$12.99----|July 2008-------|N/A
1-----|Ratchet-------------------------|$12.99----|July 2008-------|N/A
1-----|Bumblebee----------------------|$12.99----|July 2008-------|N/A
2-----|Bulkhead------------------------|$12.99----|September 2008-|N/A
2-----|Jazz----------------------------|$12.99----|September 2008-|N/A

Transformer Animated Special Assortments
Name------------------------|Retail Price|Release Date|Status|
The Battle Begins DVD 2-pack |Unknown--|June 2008---|N/A
Megatron & Optimus Prime----|---------- |------------ |

Transformers Universe Deluxe Class
Wave-|Name----------------------|Retail Price|Release Date|Status|
1-----|Prowl----------------------|$14.99----|June 2008---|N/A
1-----|Sunstreaker----------------|$14.99----|June 2008---|N/A
1-----|Tankor---------------------|$14.99----|June 2008---|N/A
2-----|Acid Storm-----------------|$14.99----|July 2008---|N/A
2-----|Galvatron------------------|$14.99----|July 2008---|N/A
3-----|Ironhide--------------------|$14.99----|August 2008|N/A
3-----|Sideswipe------------------|$14.99----|August 2008|N/A
3-----|Silverstreak----------------|$14.99----|August 2008|N/A

Transformers Universe Voyager Class
Wave-|Name----------------------|Retail Price|Release Date|Status|
1-----|Blaster---------------------|$29.99----|August 2008|N/A
1-----|Heavy Load----------------|$29.99----|August 2008|N/A
2-----|Dropshot-------------------|$29.99----|August 2008|N/A
2-----|Blades---------------------|$29.99----|August 2008|N/A

Transformers Universe Ultra Class
Wave-|Name----------------------|Retail Price|Release Date|Status|
1-----|Powerglide-----------------|$39.99----|August 2008|N/A
1-----|Onslaught------------------|$39.99----|August 2008|N/A
2-----|Silverbolt------------------|$39.99----|August 2008|N/A

Transformers Universe Legends Class
Wave-|Name----------------------|Retail Price|Release Date|Status|
1-----|Onslaught------------------|$6.99-----|August 2008|N/A
1-----|Red Alert-------------------|$6.99-----|August 2008|N/A
1-----|Starscream----------------|$6.99-----|August 2008|N/A
2-----|Jazz-----------------------|$6.99-----|August 2008|N/A
2-----|Hound---------------------|$6.99-----|August 2008|N/A
2-----|Megatron------------------|$6.99-----|August 2008|N/A

Transformers Universe Robot Heroes
Wave-|Name----------------------|Retail Price|Release Date|Status|
1-----|Megatron vs Rattrap--------|$8.99-----|July 2008---|N/A
1-----|Blackarachnia vs Chettor----|$8.99-----|July 2008---|N/A
1-----|Galvatron vs Sunstreaker----|$8.99-----|July 2008---|N/A
1-----|Blitzwing vs Hound----------|$8.99-----|July 2008---|N/A
2-----|Rumble vs Arcee------------|$8.99-----|July 2008---|N/A
2-----|Waspinator vs Rhinox--------|$8.99-----|July 2008---|N/A
2-----|Tarantulas vs Optimus Primal |$8.99-----|July 2008---|N/A
3-----|Thrust vs Blaster------------|$8.99-----|August 2008|N/A
3-----|Kickback vs Ironhide---------|$8.99-----|August 2008|N/A
3-----|Megatron vs Silverbolt-------|$8.99-----|Augest 2008|N/A

25th Anniversary Optimus Prime
Retail Price: Unknown, Release Date: Unknown, Status:N/A

Marvel Transformers
Wave-|Name----------------------|Retail Price|Release Date|Status|
1-----|Iron Man-------------------|$19.99----|June 2008--|N/A
1-----|Hulk------------------------|$19.99----|June 2008--|N/A
1-----|Spider-man-----------------|$19.99----|June 2008--|N/A
1-----|Venom---------------------|$19.99----|June 2008--|N/A

Transformers Movie Scout Class
Wave-|Name----------------------|Retail Price|Release Date---|Status|
4-----|Crosshairs------------------|$9.99-----|May 2008-----|RELEASED
4-----|Storm Surge----------------|$9.99-----|May 2008-----|RELEASED
4-----|Warpath--------------------|$9.99-----|May 2008-----|RELEASED

Transformers Movie Deluxe Class
Wave-|Name----------------------|Retail Price|Release Date---|Status|
9-----|Stealth Bumblebee----------|$14.99----|May 2008-----|RELEASED
9-----|Salvage--------------------|$14.99----|May 2008-----|RELEASED
10----|Premium Bumblebee---------|$14.99----|June 2008-----|N/A
10----|Premium Jazz---------------|$14.99----|June 2008-----|N/A
10----|Premium Barricade----------|$14.99----|June 2008-----|N/A

Transformers Movie Voyager Class
Wave-|Name----------------------|Retail Price|Release Date|Status|
5-----|First Strike Optimus Prime---|$29.99----|May 2008---|RELEASED
5-----|Evac-----------------------|$29.99----|May 2008---|RELEASED
5-----|Offroad Ironhide------------|$29.99----|May 2008---|RELEASED
5-----|Incinerator-----------------|$29.99----|May 2008---|RELEASED
6-----|Premium Ironhide-----------|$29.99----|June 2008---|N/A
6-----|Premium Blackout-----------|$29.99----|June 2008---|N/A

Transformers Movie Leader Class
Wave-|Name----------------------|Retail Price|Release Date---|Status|
4-----|Nightwatch Optimus Prime--|$59.99----|April 2008-------|RELEASED
5-----|Deep Desert Brawl----------|$59.99----|June 2008------|N/A
6-----|Premium Optimus Prime-----|$59.99----|May 2008-------|RELEASED
6-----|Premium Megatron----------|$59.99----|May 2008------|RELEASED

This is a very big treat for Canadian Transformers fans. With this information available now, it will be interesting to see what is shown and revealed at the Canadian Transformers Convention - TFCon coming up on June 21st.

New Trademark Applications from Hasbro

Transformers News: New Trademark Applications from Hasbro
Date: Wednesday, April 30th 2008 11:49pm CDT
Categories: Toy News, Rumors, Company News
Posted by: i_amtrunks | Credit(s): GetterDragun, TF@themoon

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It seems that Hasbro is going on a Trademark application binge, with over a dozen new Transformers related trademark applications being submitted to the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

There are a few nice surprises in the list:

Autobot Camshaft
Autobot Wheelie
Autobot Blades
Autobot Cosmos
Decepticon Bludgeon
Decepticon Heavy Load

It is not yet known for what series, figures, these names will be used in, or if each name will only be used in one series at a time, but what is known is that should these applications been granted, it means good things for Transformers fans!

To check out the original post that found these applications, please click here.

Club Exclusive Universe Seacons And Nightbeat Delayed.

Transformers News: Club Exclusive Universe Seacons And Nightbeat Delayed.
Date: Friday, March 28th 2008 7:04am CDT
Categories: Toy News, Rumors, Company News, Collectables
Posted by: Tigertrack | Credit(s): Crimson Guard @ TFW2005

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The new issue of the official Transformers Collector's Club Magazine is arriving in mailboxes everywhere, and unfortunately it contains some news that some may consider unsavory...

According to sources who have received the magazine, the much anticipated Seacons set will not be available in April as was first suggested, but looks to be delayed until a June or july time frame.

A very reliable source, Brian Savage, says that this is due to packaging issues, and not problems with the actual toys' production.

On a positive note, the magazine does include some information about characters in the Wave 2 and Wave 3 lineups of Animated, and of course the assortment of other goodies, including the continuation of the Transtech comic.

Animated Wave 2: Adds Ratchet and Blackarachnia
Animated Wave 3: Adds Jazz, Oil Slick, Snarl, and Soundwave

You can view the original author's thread here.

If you are a member of the Collector's Club, the mail should hold your magazine soon.

Energon Megatron and Battle in a box info.

Transformers News: Energon Megatron and Battle in a box info.
Date: Thursday, July 22nd 2004 11:50am CDT
Category: Rumors

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Here is a small update concerning both the exclusivity of Energon Megatron and the appearance of the Battle in a Box toys:

Transformers Energon

Energon Megatron is no longer a Wal-Mart exclusive in the States. He’s now available at Chicago area K-Marts. The packaging looks the same except it doesn’t have the Cartoon Network Cybertron Code sticker on the front anymore.

Transformers Universe

Also spotted at Chicago area K-Marts is the first of the Battle In A Box figures: Crystal Widow and Oil Slick, which retail for $21.99 (about $2 higher than the estimated Wal-Mart and Target price, assuming those figures will be available at those chains). Crystal Widow looks very similar to Blackarachnia: the only real difference is the orange color is now more of a red color. Oil Slick is technically now a remolded Armada Side Swipe – the molded Autobot logo has been replaced with a molded Decepticon logo

Various Energon Prototype Rumors

Transformers News: Various Energon Prototype Rumors
Date: Sunday, October 5th 2003 4:52pm CDT
Categories: Site News, Rumors
Posted by: Professor Smooth

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Prototype and Test Shot images of Energon figures have leaked. Due to various legal crap that I don´t feel like going into, I´m prohibited from posting these pictures. You guys deserve to at least know what´s coming your way, so I´m gonna drop some info on ya.

-Prowl: That´s right, everyone´s favorite police car is back in Energon! Except he´s not a police car anymore! He´s a slick Formula-1 Racer! His transformation is similar to Starscream´s Mini-Con, Swindle. the figure´s head does resemble G1´s Prowl, though.

-"Snowcat:" We don´t have a definate name for this figure yet, but as the name implies, the vehicle mode resembles a GI:Joe Snowcat. In robot mode the figure shares Energon Optimus Prime´s portly torso and skinny legs. One version of the prototype had both Autobot and Decepticon insignias. The head is insect like, best compared the G1´s Roadbuster.

-Rodimus: Rodimus Returns! Rodimus´ alt mode is a hot-rodding bottle-nosed truck. Thing G2´s Hero Prime with a spoiler (Remember kids, everything on wheels needs a spoiler to be cool. No exceptions!). In his robot mode, the head and chest scream "G1 Rodimus Prime" except he has Optimus´ "ab grill" on his lower torso. He has shoulders similar to Armada Blurr´s.
-Cruellock, Landmine, and Signal Flare: I have yet to see a picture of these figures, but they´re listed on the list of upcoming figures. As soon as I´ve seen ´em, their descriptions will be up here on the rumor page!

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