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Video Interview and Transcript with Hasbro Transformers Brand Team at #SDCC2018 #HasbroSDCC

Transformers News: Video Interview and Transcript with Hasbro Transformers Brand Team at #SDCC2018 #HasbroSDCC
Date: Thursday, July 26th 2018 7:54am CDT
Categories: Movie Related News, Toy News, Event News, People News, Interviews
Posted by: Va'al

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Another of's big interview videos from last weekend's San Diego Comic Con 2018 event features the Hasbro Transformers brand team, with the awesome/gruesome twosome of Ben Montano and John 'Hasbro' Warden answering questions as much as they're allowed to on the War for Cybertron: Siege toyline for the first half, our thoughts about the reveals and the future events in which more product will be shown (worldwide), then moving on to some Masterpiece line questions and US distribution of those figures (they're all coming over!), their hopes for the Bumblebee Movie and what's next in fiction.

The full video is posted below for your viewing pleasure, and we've provided an almost verbatim transcript beneath that for ease of parsing and understanding the points made in the interview. Check it all out, and let us know what you think in the Energon Pub discussion boards!

Ryan Yzquierdo (Seibertron) -
Alex Valente (Va'al) -
John Warden – Hasbro Design Manager
Ben Montano – Hasbro Marketing Manager

Va'al: "We saw today the reveals for the War for Cybertron Siege stuff, and you've said it's a very one sided war with only the Autobots revealed for now – when are we to expect more stuff (Decepticons in particular, ndr)?"

Ben: "Later this fall, there are some really cool conventions coming up around the world and we have a global tour coming up on our plan and we'll have a lot more to share. I can't say right now exactly when but stay tuned. Best non-answer answer I can give you."

John: "But I can say that if there were enemies they would be very cool and defy all expectations."

Va'al: "We've seen the different size classes for the line (Battle Master, Micro Master, Deluxe, Voyager, Leader, Weaponizer). IS Weaponizer only for the deluxe class, or will we see it across the line?"

John: "The Weaponizer classs robot is a deluxe class character, there will be other in the line than Cog, it makes sense from [?] - take Cog, he transformed into a bunch of weapons and vehicle, so it makes sense for that size to work with other characters to hold. So right now, deluxe."

Ryan: "One of the comments on our YouTube videos asked if Cog can also turn into the invidual robots that made up the character originally, can he still do that?"

John (with Ben) – No, he's not a Duocon. We'll put the actual vehicle and robot mode in the case soon, we need to move things around. He has a dedicated vehicle mode that can split into two, and he does have a third mode in being able to be all the weapons – that's the Weaponizer."

Va'al: "Combiner Wars had Devastator, Titans Return had Trypticon, Power of the Primes Predaking. Are there any plans to have something that size or with that idea in the line, at any point in the trilogy?"

Ben (with John) – Yes, that's our intention. Somebody fitting of the battleground. Fans have responded really strongly to it, so we'd like to continue with it."

Va'al: "So you'd like to continue the Titan class."

John: "Definitely. I mean, this is really taking a page from the 1984 pilot episode, and it's what happens on Cybertron in the last hour, and there's definitely room for a big character for sure"

Ben: "There's a lot of good guesses out there, online right now."

John: "It's exciting to see what people are saying, because we get an idea of what they want."

Ryan: "A question about Micro Masters, for the Unicron Trilogy fans: was there any talk of giving the Minicon ports? Are they compatible with previous figures?"

John: "We did talk about that actually, early on. We didn't want them to become too cluttered with stuff, and in order to pay homage to the original late 80s Micromaster line we wanted to really keep the conversion from vehicle to robot, but also make sure fit in the new ecosystem which is weaponizing. So they do convert and form weapons and munitions thing, so they do have that screwport, but so did the original Micromasters anyway."

Va'al: "In terms of the where this is now going, Siege being the first chapter and two more after that. Do you already know what the next two will be, or are you waiting to see how this one goes before moving onto the next part?"

Ben: "We already know where it's going. The Trilogy is mapped out, we're waiting to see some of the response and reaction, and some elements can change but the story is pretty much outlined in our heads, which is great and why – I think John would agree – the product is sharp, because we are focused, we have a plan, and we're able to provide a real play experience in Siege."

John: "Part of it is putting a stake in the ground with our design philosophy early on, we've been working of Siege for almost two years now, and trying to understand the constants. Scale is going to be a constant. The level of articulation mostly, and trying to make the characters the best version of that character they can be. Ultra Magnus is kind of a testament to that. The front cab turns into the white Ultra Magnus, the trailer turns into his armor, that's part of what he is. The plan is to keep that philosophy, so that people can go for a ride for three years. If this year they didn't get this one guy, they might get it next year."

Ben: "Assuming that fans love all we're doing is not fair to anybody."

John: "But coming to events like this and talking to you guys, finding out what you want is really exciting. Hearing what you have to say really does influence what we're doing."

Ben: "We had some people say 'I didn't vote for Impactor or Mirage' and the votings were close, so the more we hear from you guys, from your fans, it feeds the roster, it gives us depth through the line. There are certain things that will be standards, but there's flexibility in what micro collections can be fulfilled. Someone asked about Powermasters – there's a lot of subsets within the continuity that we can bring into the storyline if we see there's enough interest in it."

Va'al: "You mentioned the Armada retro-compatibility with the Minicon ports (that are not there), you have RID elements in Ultra Magnus, are there any other references or ideas from previous iterations that are not G1 or not RID that are present in the line?"

John: "There is Chromia, who is sort of IDW but really is an homage to that episode where she appears, briefly for a second. But there is definitely room to put things in that make sense in War for Cybertron: Siege and the Trilogy in general. There's a misconception that this is a G1 brand, and in a certain sense it is: there's the original Ark crew, things like that, but we also have characters like Ultra Magnus, he's got the RID vehicle mode. As we think about this toyline, it's more about who makes sense, if people want an authentic G1 experience, they can buy a Masterpiece toy – this is Generations, so what is best in the context of this new story."

Va'al: "So the story first approach is still continuing for this line."

John: "It's definitely a toy story, if you think of the ecosystem at play. I don't know about you guys, but my most favourite toy experiences as a kid were coming up with my own stories, pulling down Encyclopedia off the shelf and building a Cybertronian base and using sugar cubes as Energon."

Ben: "You took off a week from not designing toys and made this diorama. John did this for a week, or a month. 'John aren't you supposed to be checking emails?' 'No, I'm busy making this diorama.'"

John: "I was just moonlighting, much to my wife's chagrin. I jut worked day and night, I worked twice as hard. But when you get an opportunity to build a diorama… Ben's right, you get a chance to channel those exciting things that made you fall in love with being a toy designer in the first place, and I think this new line is not just about collecting characters, it's about creating that universe of story on the shelf, that's why those fireblast effects are in there. That's why we're adding levels of customisation to the characters, and more articulation than we've done in years. It's about how does your Transformers universe come to life. What does it mean for you to be a collector."

Va'al: "To that point, what is your target point for this particular age bracket? Are you looking at both the old collector and the new collector?"

Ben: "We've found that a huge set of the audience is kids, 7-8-12 years old getting into the Generations line. A lot of it has to do with parents getting their kids into the line, whether this is the touch point or the animation. But a large percentage of the fanbase is not the 30+ collector. It's just appreciation for really cool toys. John and I talk a lot, and you've asked if we have a long view for this trilogy, and we definitely do. And there's definitely a misconception in the universe that we may prefer one era of Transformers over another, say G1 over Beast Wars, but we grew up in different eras, half of our writers on Cyberverse grew up in the 90s, early 2000s, our design team is the same, we have designers who are in their mid 20s, so we're introducing G1 to them too – so what you'll see in this is an extended universe continuity introduced within Siege. So to a lot of people saying 'you don't like Beast Wars' 'you don't like the Unicron trilogy' I am fairly confident that we will debunk that over the course of the next couple of years. We respect the entirety of this brand. This is our first step, a starting point which will be epic, and I'm confident that everyone will be excited to go on this journey with us."

John: "Ultimately, the reason I hope this line will be popular with kids – just like Power of the Primes is – is that Transformers is fun to play with. It's fun to change a vehicle into a robot, you take time out on a rainy day to do so. And I think it's time to break that perception that there's Beast Wars fans or G1 fans – we're Transformers fans, we're a big family, we may have big fights online about stuff but we still love robots that convert into cool stuff."

Va'al: "So what you're saying is we'll complain no matter what you do anyway. [Laughter]"

John: "I didn't say that."

Va'al: "No, that's what I said. It's what I heard."

Ben: "Transformers fans unite. That's the vision we have, the entire team has, there's no reason there should be animosity within the fandom. Everyone has their own preferences, got it, we respect that, we don't want people to lose that, their passion, their 'G1' - but everyone has their own G1. We hope that this trilogy will be the opportunity to bring all of those things together, same with the Bumblebee movie, I really feel like that movie is going to unite fandoms. That's really a vision we have."

Ryan: "I hear you talking about Siege, your plans for the next stuff, I see IDW is coming to an end with the Unicron storyline – can about the fiction behind this? It's ripe with stories, any plans on that front?"

Ben: "Nothing yet. Nothing yet. But the fact that your head is already going there is great, this says 'tell me about it'. So we'll have a lot more to share in the future."

Ryan: "I'm really excited about this, I think it has a lot potential. If we switch gears real quick, I wanted to ask about Bumblebee – it looks like a different style to what we've been used to, there's a lot of love going into it, you seem to be having a lot of fun, can you speak to that?"

Ben: "The toys or the movie?"

Ryan: "The toys, that's where you guys are at."

Ben: "Yeah, so we've shown two characters so far with the Studio Series, Dropkick in a really cool new mode, that no one had seen yet. But also to have a VW mode for Bumblebee is really fun, it tugged at a lot of strings that we had as we got into this brand a long time ago. But even a lot of the other stuff, DJ Bumblebee, Energon Igniters, there's a place for them. Here at SDCC, seeing the kids' surprise and excitement around Bumblebee, having 3-4 year old kids running into here screaming 'Bumblebee' that's a whole new universe, a whole new group of fans that want to have fun with this brand. They're not looking for war, they're looking for their favourite hero, the playfulness of it, converting their figure, and we're having a lot of fun creating toys that do that."

John: "And what's exciting is knowing that that kid, who might go see the Bumblebee movie, maybe his first toys is the Power Surge one, but guess what – this world [Siege] is here, if he or she feels like they need another level of complexity, Transformers is great like that. There's room to grow into something. Once that kid is done with doing War for Cybertron, maybe they start collecting Masterpiece. There's ways of graduating into it."

Ryan: "Speaking of Masterpiece, Takara Tomy is releasing Beast Wars Megatron – is that coming from you guys or not?"

Ben: "It's a partnership we have with Takara now, so Hasbro are now importing the Takara Masterpiece items stateside. You will see a box that will go around the Takara Tomy original packaging, like a slip sleeve sort of thing, that will bring our brands together. It will be the exact release you would've expected in Japan, at the same time you would've gotten it in Japan."

Ryan: "Is it a product you worked on together?"

Ben: "There's definitely more collaboration going on, not to the level of Movie Masterpiece, but in general you see the unification of our brands, product lines, the Masterpiece line that Takara is creating is our next step in working together."

Thanks and END.

Josh Perez to Attend TFNation 2017

Date: Friday, November 18th 2016 12:10pm CST
Categories: Event News, People News
Posted by: Va'al | Credit(s): TFNation

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In other event news, we back across the pond to the UK, and TFNation 2017 - with their first guest announcement: IDW colourist and artist Josh Perez! Read more below on Bumblebee's biggest fan, and one of the staples of the IDWverse.

Transformers News: Josh Perez to Attend TFNation 2017

Transmission ID: 00003
Operation: First 2017 Guest

We are super-excited to reveal that Transformers colourist extraordinaire Josh Perez will be making his UK TF convention debut at TFNation 2017!

Josh began his time with the Cybertronians by providing colours for several Dreamwave titles, most notably various issues of Transformers: Energon and Transformers: Micromasters.

With the dawn of IDW, Josh was able to apply his talents to a wealth of new material, starting with the darkest of all backstories, Megatron Origins. He went on to add his very own (All)spark of magic to several movie-verse titles such as The Reign of Starscream and Tales of the Fallen. Afterwards, he hopped back to the regular IDW-verse to breathe life into a new fan favourite in the Drift mini series.

Josh is perhaps best known for his work on the Transformers: Robots in Disguise comic series where he served as regular colourist for most of the run – even the book’s name change couldn’t stop him! A keen Transformers: Animated fan, Josh also provided some additional character designs for The Complete AllSpark Almanac.

Josh will be signing autographs and selling sketches and artwork in our guest area all weekend. Just don’t be surprised if you catch him chowing down on a slice of pizza at his desk… he tells us it’s essential.

Launch tickets, bedrooms, pricing, further guests and activities will be announced in the coming months. Keep monitoring this frequency. If you want to ensure all communications are intercepted, join our mailing list at

Further transmissions to follow.

Where All Are One

Hasbro China Manager Zhang Yuchen Expects Big Success for Transformers

Transformers News: Hasbro China Manager Zhang Yuchen Expects Big Success for Transformers
Date: Tuesday, August 30th 2016 4:34pm CDT
Categories: Toy News, People News, Company News, Digital Media News
Posted by: Va'al | Credit(s): China Daily

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It will come as no surprise to people following the news on Transformers - from the Tencent game, to CybertronCon, to the recent Sun Wu Kong rumour, and all the way back to the Age of Extinction collaboration - but China is one of the biggest developing markets and audiences for the robot brand, and the general manager of Hasbro China also believes it to be the case. Speaking to China Daily, Zhang Yuchen had this to say:

The Transformers may have been around for more than three decades, but Zhang Yuchen, general manager of Hasbro China, the parent company of the brand, believes that the popularity of the iconic toy figures are just about to hit its peak, especially with four Transformers films set to hit the silver screens by 2025.

Zhang is optimistic that with the surge in nostalgia for the toys and the growing profitability of selling peripheral products from a movie in China, 2017 could very well be “the year of Transformers”.

“It’s been very exciting because over the last decade, the movie universe has given old fans something new and brought in a whole new generation of Transformers fans. That is probably one of the biggest forces driving Transformers in China,” said Zhang.

“We now expect to see explosive growth in the sale of Transformers products in China with the upcoming series of movies,” he added.

Similar trends have been noticed with the 2007 Paramount live-action movie in Western markets, too, so this is not entirely new. What is new is that the brand is looking to make a big mark in the country through media, movies, games, toys and a themed hotel in Shanghai in 2018. Remember:

The second installment of the movie franchise, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen broke the 12-year box office record set by Titanic to become the most-watched foreign movie in China.

In 2014, the fourth movie, Transformers: Age of Extinction, generated 300 million yuan ($45 million) in China, contributing to almost one-third of the global revenue. The upcoming one in the franchise, Transformers: The Last Knight, is scheduled to be released in 2017.

Find out more here, and let us know what you think about this global development for the Transformers!

Interview with Mairghread Scott on IDW Transformers: Till All Are One

Transformers News: Interview with Mairghread Scott on IDW Transformers: Till All Are One
Date: Monday, May 9th 2016 7:36am CDT
Categories: Comic Book News, People News, Interviews
Posted by: Va'al | Credit(s): Newsarama

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Courtesy of comics and entertainment site Newsarama, we have another first look at the upcoming IDW Transformers: Till All Are One series (coming in June), in an interview with writer Mairghread Scott and featuring unlettered preview pages by Sara Pitre Durocher (whatever the article might claim to the contrary). Check out some snippets, images below, and head here for the full piece!

Set on Cybertron and the political in-fighting between Starscream and Windblade to craft a new era for Transformers on Cybertron and beyond, the series has a broader scope than any Transformers series before. Picking up thematically from her last series, Transformers: Windblade, Scott and artist Alex Milne (nope --Va'al) are looking to delve deeper into the heart of being a Transformer.

Newsarama: "Till All Are One" is a very hallowed phrase in the Transformers mythos. What does it mean here for this new series?

Mairghread Scott: “Till All Are One” is a double-edged sword in our series. Our characters' main challenge right now is integration: Autobots and Decepticons, colonists and Cybertronians, various religious and political factions. These people know they need help to survive, but getting that help from former enemies is a hard pill to swallow. On the other hand, the threat of empire is always there. If Cybertron falls back under a totalitarian government and 'all' are forced to become 'one' it can be just as damaging. So everyone is working toward this single phrase, but in very different ways.


Nrama: How did this series come about? Is it something you pitched to do, or something IDW asked you to work on specifically?

Scott: We weren't sure when Windblade ended if we'd be able to do any more so we crammed as much plot in as we could. So when John Barber asked what I'd do with an ongoing, it took me a minute to figure out which of the many toys I'd grabbed I'd like to play with first. I'm glad I took the time to find it.

Till All Are One is going to explore and spotlight a variety of characters from across the spectrum of Transformers works, but in a single cohesive story. My goal isn't to hit everyone at once, but to bounce back and forth, to touch on the people that are rebuilding this world so that we're less of a classic 'team' book and more the story of a people and their struggles. Of course, some characters will always be at the heart of things, Windblade and Starscream in particular. But I've always been a character-focused writer and I want it to feel like Cybertron as a planet is changing and growing, not just a single character or a handful of them.

Transformers News: Interview with Mairghread Scott on IDW Transformers: Till All Are One

Transformers News: Interview with Mairghread Scott on IDW Transformers: Till All Are One

Transformers News: Interview with Mairghread Scott on IDW Transformers: Till All Are One

TFcon Chicago 2016 Guest Update - Gregg Berger

Transformers News: TFcon Chicago 2016 Guest Update - Gregg Berger
Date: Thursday, March 17th 2016 10:28am CDT
Categories: Event News, People News
Posted by: Va'al | Credit(s): TFcon Chicago

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The TFcon folk have sent us an update for their Chicago event, taking place this October 21-23rd - and it features the voice of the king: Gregg Berger! Check what further info the event has for the actor behind Grimlock, just below.

We are happy to welcome the voice of Generation 1 Grimlock Gregg Berger to TFcon Chicago 2016. He also voiced Skyfire (Jetfire), Long Haul and Outback in the same series. He thenreturned to the character of Grimlock for the Fall of Cybertron video game as well as Transformers: Devastation.

Gregg will be taking part in Q&A panels and autograph sessions with the attendees of the world’s largest fan-run Transformers convention all weekend long.

John Barber on IDW The Transformers #50

Date: Wednesday, February 24th 2016 6:25am CST
Categories: Comic Book News, People News, Interviews
Posted by: Va'al | Credit(s): Newsarama

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Gearing up to our own review of the massive issue #50 of The Transformers from IDW Publishing, take a look at the thoughts of its writer - John Barber - in this interview conducted with Newsarama on the eve of the book's release!

IDW looks to be setting up a major change to the status quo of its Transformers line, as longtime series writer John Barber and artist Andrew Griffith begins the "All Hail Optimus" arc.

But the battle lines are more than just Autobots vs. Decepticons, as different factions emerge against Optimus, Galvatron and Starscream... and that's not even including the humans of Earth, which as you can imagine might have issues with Optimus Prime annexing Earth.


Barber: At the start of the series, Galvatron is poised to wreak havoc on the Earth with an army of disaffected Decepticons. This isn’t the first time the Earth’s been in this dangerous position—among other things, Earth’s useful to the Transformers because it has this substance called Ore-13 which can be converted to energon, their lifeblood. Optimus has tried battling on Earth to defend it; he’s tried leaving Earth behind to keep it out of the Cybertronian’s war. Neither of those really worked. So now, he’s looking at Earth and seeing the Decepticons striking again, and he’s seeing there are people starving on Earth and people being disenfranchised in many ways.
"Transformers #50" preview
[Pin It] CREDIT: IDW Publishing
View full size image

And Optimus’ motto has always been, “Freedom is the right of all sentient beings.” It’s pointed out to him that he could act to make the people of Earth more free… and free from this eons-long Cybertronian war, that—while it’s technically over—is still endangering the planet.

So he decides to annex Earth into Cybertron’s council of worlds. Whether Earth wants to come or not; and whether the council wants Earth or not. He’s going to pull Earth into the cosmic community and try to improve life on the planet.

So, yeah—a lot of his friends see this as… not a good move. I think all of his enemies see this as bad. But Optimus has loyal allies, plus followers who view him as a messianic figure for being a Prime, and carrying (what’s left of) the Matrix of Leadership. Optimus has been unwilling to use that good will to his advantage… until now.


Nrama: Last question -- Transformers #50 looks to be extra-sized. Overall, what should fans expect?

Barber: There’s a 30-page story by me and Andrew, then Casey W. Coller drew a 10-pager that deals with the fallout. Plus some rambling reminisces by me. And some nice special guest covers, by Jonathan Hickman and Mike Choi and our regular gang of Transformers superstars like Andrew Griffith, Casey W. Coller, and Alex Milne.

TFcon 2015 Charlotte Guest Update - Gregg Berger

Transformers News: TFcon 2015 Charlotte Guest Update - Gregg Berger
Date: Tuesday, August 4th 2015 2:24am CDT
Categories: Event News, People News
Posted by: Va'al | Credit(s): TFcon Charlotte

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TFcon Charlotte have added another guest to their line-up for the USA event in October - none other than the big lump of a dinobot himself, or his voice at least, Gregg Berger! Find out what the organisers have to say about the man behind Grimlock - and many more characters - below, and head here to book your tickets now.

We are happy to welcome the voice of Generation 1 Grimlock Gregg Berger to TFcon Charlotte. He also voiced Skyfire (Jetfire), Long Haul and Outback in the same series. He returned to the character of Grimlock for the Fall of Cybertron video game as well as the upcoming Transformers: Devastation.

Gregg will be taking part in Q&A panels and autograph sessions with the attendees of the world’s largest fan-run Transformers convention all weekend long.

Editorial Vision, Shakespearean Power Plays, and Giant Robots with John Barber

Transformers News: Editorial Vision, Shakespearean Power Plays, and Giant Robots with John Barber
Date: Wednesday, November 12th 2014 1:22pm CST
Categories: Comic Book News, People News, Interviews
Posted by: Va'al | Credit(s): WCBR

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Wanting more this week in terms of Transformers fiction? Why not take a read at this lengthy interview with John Barber on WeeklyComicBookReview, editor and writer at IDW on at least, oh, all of the current series featuring robots, including those yet to come. Some snippets below, full piece here! [Note: Thumbnail is RI cover for Transformers #35, by Andrew Griffith. Fitting, non?]

Already well respected for his nearly Quixotic attempts to bring sanity to the Transformers movie continuity, John Barber’s tenure over IDW’s mainline Transformers comics has been viewed as something of a renaissance period for the brand.

Besides writing a tense sci-fi political thriller in the form of Transformers: Robots in Disguise, Barber has also served as the editor of the award-winning Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye as well as the Transformers: Windblade mini-series. Since then he’s added even more to his plate by writing Angry Birds Transformers and co-writing the latest Transformers vs. G.I. Joe series.

As the man behind one of my favorite shared universes in comics, I’ve been eager to meet Mr. Barber for some time. Little did I know how deep we’d get into the current Transformers line-up.

Mr. Barber was incredibly gracious with his time and considerable knowledge so please enjoy and, if so inclined, check out the newly renamed The Transformers #35, on sale today!


N: One thing that I was definitely curious about is that one of the weird figures for IDW in Transformers has been Galvatron, in that you couldn’t fall back on a G1 interpretation.

B: Yeah.

N: But so he was kind of Nova Prime’s Starscream for a while and then he kind of had this very ‘glorious leader against D-Void’ period. What made you settle on ‘Galvatron the Barbarian’ for your take?

B: I was kind of intrigued by the story that Simon [Furman] had set up of these characters being of a different age, y’know? These people that were there, that took off on the original Ark? I just kind of latched onto this idea of, ‘what was society like before they had the Golden Age?’ For me, it went back to doing the Robots in Disguise Annual and I had this idea of like Game of Thrones with Transformers, of this idea of these different tribes. And I played with that actually a bit in the movie universe stuff, but it was different in the main line stuff.

And Galvatron was one of those characters, kind of like Soundwave, where even within the IDW universe different writers had radically different takes on where he was. So, thinking about how you can sort of unify those, what kind of person would do all that stuff? And I came to the idea of ‘what if Galvatron’s kind of Conan’ and you had this guy who’s kind of really a rough guy, really a barbarian, but who becomes king?

“Galvatron was one of those characters where different writers had radically different takes. So, thinking about how you can sort of unify those, what kind of person would do all that stuff?”

I mean the story of Conan isn’t just Conan the Barbarian. There’s all these eras of Conan as he goes on; he eventually is King Conan. And the idea that Galvatron kind of went through all that, so he’s been different places in his life, appealed to me. And, in [issue #34] we’ll get kind of a larger grasp of how those early days with him and Nova functioned. We’ll be seeing some stuff, that I think may be surprising to some people, that we sort of hinted at. There’re definitely some hints that have been going on, but some of the ancient Cybertronian lore and history is gonna come up.

But, in short, it’s kind of the idea of this guy who, in his own mind, he’s noble, but it isn’t the usual nobility you get from a villain because he’s really, really brutal and he’s- he’s- like he’s genuinely not a nice guy, y’know, where, Soundwave, to me, he’s the good guy Decepticon.

N: Yeah.

B: Like he’s the guy that genuinely believes in the Decepticon cause and everything they had to do that was bad was a compromise that he had to make to a greater end goal, where Galvatron isn’t like that. He’s less compromising, but much more brutal and, like, the underlying…like-

N: He doesn’t feel like a guy who’s like thinking very much into the future.

B: Yeah. Like he does in his way. So, there are moments where you’re going to see him kind of doing stuff toward a larger goal, but it’s a very distinct, direct barbarian way of doing it. He’s not doing the Machiavellian playing guys off of each other the way Starscream does. Even when he does like straight up lie, his duplicity is a little more honest.


Just taking a step aside from Robots in Disguise for a second, I was just curious. You are not only a writer, but you’re an editor for IDW.

B: Yes.

N: As someone with that very unique experience, what do you think that -whether it be professionals, aspiring, anywhere in the process – what do you think that writers need to know about editors and editors need to know about writers? You have seen both sides.

B: That’s a good question. Ideally, everybody’s out to make a good comic. And there are good fits with writers and editors, y’know?

It’s funny because I have friends on both sides of the table. So, every once in a while you’ll sort of hear somebody, a friend of mine, complaining about, y’know, that editor didn’t work out. Then there’ll be people who are having a great relationship with that editor. So it’s like any other relationship in life. There are fits and there are non-fits.

When you’re putting a creative team together for a comic, it’s sort of like putting a band together, y’know? Like everybody has to get along. You have to know what parts everybody’s playing and what everybody’s doing. On the Transformers books we’re really lucky, everybody gets along really well, I think, between James, me, Mairghread, Chris Metzen, Flint Dille, plus like Alex Milne, Andrew, Livio, Sarah, everybody; we all interact really well.

IDW Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye #33 Convention Exclusive Cover by Casey Coller and JP Bove

Transformers News: IDW Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye #33 Convention Exclusive Cover by Casey Coller and JP Bove
Date: Thursday, August 28th 2014 4:51am CDT
Categories: Comic Book News, Event News, People News
Posted by: Va'al | Credit(s): Alamo City Comic Con

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Issue #32 just came out, and you can read our review here, but news is already trickling through for Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye #33, starting with this exclusive convention cover for Alamo City Comic Con by the ever-talented c-c-c-combo of Casey Coller and JP Bove. Check out the Jurassic Park-esque Fall of Cybertron Grimlock in Alamo below!

Transformers News: IDW Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye #33 Discussion Thread

SDCC 2014 Coverage - IDW Publishing Hasbro Licensed Comics Panel Summary

Transformers News: SDCC 2014 Coverage - IDW Publishing Hasbro Licensed Comics Panel Summary
Date: Friday, July 25th 2014 4:44pm CDT
Categories: Site News, Comic Book News, Event News, People News, Company News
Posted by: Va'al | Credit(s): IDW Publishing, Seibertron

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Site owner Seibertron is still on the scene at SDCC 2014, and is taking in all the comics news that the IDW Publishing panel will send us this way - so keep an eye out below for panel updates as they come, and a full gallery to accompany it (which you can access by clicking on any image below)!

Transformers News: SDCC 2014 Coverage - IDW Publishing Hasbro Licensed Comics Panel Summary

Transformers News: SDCC 2014 Coverage - IDW Publishing Hasbro Licensed Comics Panel Summary

Trasformers Robots in Disguise – John Barber writing, Andrew Griffith main artist. Searching on Earth for 'mysterious object' - everyone loves Thundercracker and Buster.

Transformers More Than Meets The Eye – James Roberts writing, teases return of old favourites, more horror, sci-fi and personal drama.

Transformers Windblade – Mairghread Scott writing. Sarah Stone art. Recently concluded first solo adventure, will return. Response has been impressive and amazing.

Transformers News: SDCC 2014 Coverage - IDW Publishing Hasbro Licensed Comics Panel Summary[/center]

Transformers Primacy – Writers Chris Metzen and Flint Dille, artist Livio Ramondelli. Final part of Cybertron Wars (Autocracy, Monstrosity), Ramondelli co-plotted volume this time.

Transformers News: SDCC 2014 Coverage - IDW Publishing Hasbro Licensed Comics Panel Summary

Transformers Punishment – Barber written, Livio Ramondelli drawn digital comic - read the review here! Shortly arriving on other OS, and possibly other formats too.

Transformers News: SDCC 2014 Coverage - IDW Publishing Hasbro Licensed Comics Panel Summary

Drift: Empire of Stone. Writer Shane McCarthy, artist Guido Guidi.

The cross-franchise Combiner Wars event, announced yesterday, will take place in the comics too, with John Barber and Mairghread Scott on writing duties, across 2015. We've already seen some seeding of the event in the comics so far.

Hasbro's Michael Kelly explains the previously reported Transformers Humble Bundle, and its charity purpose.

Transformers News: SDCC 2014 Coverage - IDW Publishing Hasbro Licensed Comics Panel Summary

Angry Birds Transformers crossover comic! Written by John Barber and art by Marcelo Ferreira. Covers by Livio Ramondelli, and Casey W. Coller & John-Paul Bove. Premise: All-Spark falls to Piggy Island, Transformers personalities merge with inhabitants. Very funny comic, panel says.

Transformers vs G.I. Joe - Tom Scioli and John Barber writing, Trypticon will show up in issue 2! Read the review of issue #1 here - sold out at distributor level, Liefeld convention cover exclusive sold out.

Transformers News: SDCC 2014 Coverage - IDW Publishing Hasbro Licensed Comics Panel Summary

Sarah Stone also doing covers for D&D comic series. 40th anniversary and coinciding with launch of 5th edition of the game.

Transformers News: SDCC 2014 Coverage - IDW Publishing Hasbro Licensed Comics Panel Summary

The Fall of GI Joe. Karen Traviss writing, artist Steven Kurth. More realistic, hardcore take, Scarlett currently leading. Larry Hama still on Real American Hero.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Power Ponies new series in fall, current run going really well, both readership and creators having fun.


Q: MLP comics follow the show?
Collaborating with the stories, nothing fixed.

Q: Transformers vs Ponies?
No plans - Tom Scioli imagine multi-franchise multiverse multi everything crossover.

Q: Plans for Grimlock in the current ongoings?
Definitely, and he's already in Primacy - was going to be in TF vs Joe.

Q: Are Shockwave and Bumblebee really dead?
We'll see the aftermath of Dark Cybertron/Crystal City in RID #33.

Q: Does Hasbro dictate characters in the comics?
There may be some guidance, but all stories come from creative teams, not top-down.

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