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Hasbro addresses allegations of poor working conditions

Transformers News: Hasbro addresses allegations of poor working conditions
Date: Wednesday, December 28th 2011 2:52pm CST
Categories: Rumors, Press Releases, Company News
Posted by: GetRightRobot | Credit(s): Hasbro

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On December 19th, the Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights posted an article on their website accusing Hasbro of poor working conditions and less than adequate pay for workers at the Jet Fair Factory in China. The article can be read here.

In a press release last week, Hasbro addressed the claims of dire working conditions in their Jet Fair Factory stating they have taken the allegations very seriously. They deployed a team to work with I.C.T.I (International Council of Toy Industries) to examine the conditions of the facility. After an unannounced, nine hour inspection, both Hasbro and the I.C.T.I. determined the facility met "Hasbro's rigorous requirements."

The press statement goes on to say "While Hasbro is committed to continual improvement in all facets of corporate social responsibility, including continued ethical product manufacturing at Jet Fair and all factories that produce Hasbro products, the inflammatory allegations made by the NGO in their report were unsubstantiated by our investigation. As a matter of course, Hasbro will continue to monitor conditions at Jet Fair and all of our factories."

Click here to read the entire statement.

As soon the article surfaced, members began discussing it in the forums. We immediately contacted Hasbro and they sent the following message to in response to our inquiries to this matter on December 19th, 2011:

"Thank you for checking in with us on this matter. Hasbro takes all claims involving working conditions very seriously, and we are immediately investigating. The Company has a strong track record and has had long-standing policies and processes in place for years to help ensure good working conditions, including health and safety, at factories making our products. We strive to conduct business throughout our supply chain in accordance with the highest ethical standards, and we utilize not only ICTI-- but also our own on-the-ground workforce-- to monitor social compliance. For more information about Hasbro’s comprehensive corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities, including more detail regarding Hasbro’s policies and practices related to ethical product manufacturing, please visit"

Hasbro is to sue Asus over the Transformer Prime line

Transformers News: Hasbro is to sue Asus over the Transformer Prime line
Date: Thursday, December 22nd 2011 10:56am CST
Category: Company News
Posted by: GetRightRobot | Credit(s): Ravage XK

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That is correct. Hasbro has taken legal action against computer company ASUS over their use of the name Transformer Prime. With all the potential intellectual property slights against parent company Hasbro, who would have thought it would be a computer that brings down the hammer? ASUS has named their converting laptop tablet PC Transformer Prime. Hasbro announced it will "aggressively protect its brands and products". reported the action stating:"The toymaker is no doubt worried that the name could be confused with that of its Transformers franchise, not to mention Optimus Prime, the lead protagonist of the animation and film series... though we're not quite sure how a robot that transforms into a semi truck could be confused with a tablet and detachable keyboard. Perhaps Hasbro is worried that tablet buyers might see it as a licensed product."

Is this an indication that Hasbro feels companies are flying fast and loose with the Transformers brand? Check out these articles here and here and join the discussion already under way in the forums.

Here is a picture of the offender. Not what I would have guessed.

Happy Holidays from Hasbro

Transformers News: Happy Holidays from Hasbro
Date: Wednesday, December 21st 2011 6:39pm CST
Categories: Company News, Digital Media News
Posted by: GetRightRobot | Credit(s): GetRightRobot

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Here is a Happy Holidays greeting from Hasbro starring your favorite building block toy stars. Click the link below to view the video.

Happy Holidays!

IDW Publishing and comiXology Expand Partnership

Transformers News: IDW Publishing and comiXology Expand Partnership
Date: Wednesday, December 14th 2011 4:58pm CST
Categories: Comic Book News, Company News
Posted by: El Duque | Credit(s): IDW

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We just received the following press release from our friends at IDW Publishing. All IDW titles will now be available digitally through comiXology on the same day as the printed release. See the full press release below:


IDW Publishing and comiXology Expand Partnership

iOS Storefront Apps now powered by comiXology webstore now live

All IDW Publishing titles will release same day as print

December 14th, 2011 – San Diego, CA — IDW Publishing and comiXology proudly announce the expansion of their digital partnership. Starting today, these IDW apps are now powered by comiXology: IDW Comics, Transformers Comics, Star Trek Comics, Doctor Who Comics, G.I. JOE Comics, 30 Days of Night Comics, Templesmith Comics and True Blood Comics Collection. All apps are live as of today, with new and old purchases alike syncing across the entire Comics by comiXology platform — iOS, Android, Web and Kindle Fire. In addition, all IDW digital comics are also available for online purchases and reading through the simultaneous launch of a new digital comics store at IDW readers now have a true “buy once, read anywhere” experience.

“Powering IDW’s entire catalog across their bestselling apps is a privilege. The diversity of IDW’s line offers something for everyone, whether you’re a comic fan or not,” said comiXology co-founder and CEO David Steinberger. “With the recent addition of Comics by comiXology pre-loaded on the Kindle Fire to our platform, IDW now has a fully cross-platform solution that can reach new fans.”

As the first comics publisher to launch its own "in app purchase" storefronts for the Apple iPad™, iPhone® and iPod touch®, IDW has long been a leader in the digital comics space —having their own IDW branded application along with introducing several unique apps catering to fans of particular titles. The IDW Comics app offers the complete digital catalog, while IDW’s apps for special series like TRANSFORMERS Comics, G.I. JOE Comics, Star Trek Comics, True Blood Comics Collection and Doctor Who Comics and most recently 30 Days of Night Comics app offer those specific comics for those specific brands. IDW also released the first creator-based app, Templesmith Comics, featuring the art and stories of Ben Templesmith.

In addition, IDW Publishing has committed to a full same day as print release schedule, a first for the company. All new digital comics will be offered at full cover price.

“IDW has always been dedicated to making our comics and graphic novels as accessible as possible on as many platforms as possible, and this deeper IDW-comiXology relationship continues that commitment,” said IDW CEO and Publisher Ted Adams. “We are strong believers that digital comics expand the reach of these books and consistently bring new readers into the industry.”

This past October, during the New York Comic Con, IDW Publishing and comiXology announced that IDW’s library would be coming to the Comics by comiXology platform. Today’s announcement marks a new chapter in the relationship between both companies.

The addition last month of IDW Publishing titles to the Comics by comiXology helped lift comiXology’s same-day-as-print offering over the 50% threshold, signaling a sea change in the comic book publishing landscape and making Comics by comiXology the destination for all consumers wanting to discover and read the latest and greatest comic books in digital format.
All comiXology platforms feature the company’s Guided View™ Technology, enabling the reader to transition smoothly between different comic panels, mimicking the reading experience of a traditional print comic book. Purchases of comics through the IDW apps or the Comics by comiXology app will be available to read across top platforms and devices, including Apple® iOS, Android and the Kindle Fire, or on the Web at or

About comiXology

Since 2007 comiXology has been developing the technological infrastructure to bring comics into the digital mainstream and expose new audiences to the rich history and culture of the industry. Through partnerships with top comic book publishers including Archaia Entertainment, BOOM! Studios, DC Comics, Dynamite Entertainment, IDW Publishing, Image Comics and Marvel Comics as well as their own Comics by comiXology mobile and web apps which host over 16,000 digital titles, comiXology has become a leader in digital comic book proliferation. Also focused on creating strong ties with retail stores through its technology solutions, comiXology continues to transform the previously fragmented comic ecosystem into a vibrant and cohesive marketplace.

About IDW Publishing
IDW is an award-winning publisher of comic books, graphic novels and trade paperbacks, based in San Diego, California. Renowned for its diverse catalog of licensed and independent titles, IDW publishes some of the most successful and popular titles in the industry, including: Hasbro’s The TRANSFORMERS and G.I. JOE, Paramount’s Star Trek; HBO’s True Blood; the BBC’s DOCTOR WHO; Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; Toho’s Godzilla; Wizards of the Coasts Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons; and the Eisner-Award winning Locke & Key series, created by best-selling author Joe Hill and artist Gabriel Rodriguez. IDW is also home to the Library of American Comics imprint, which publishes classic comic reprints, and Yoe! Books, a partnership with Yoe! Studio.
IDW’s critically- and fan-acclaimed series are continually moving into new mediums. Currently, Jerry Bruckheimer Films and Disney are creating a feature film based on World War Robot, while Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes and Sony are bringing Zombies vs. Robots to film.
As a recognized leader in digital comics, IDW’s digital partners include: comiXology, iVerse Media, Graphicly, Cryptozoic Comics, Panelfly, Digital Manga, Diamond Digital, NEC, Zero Sum and Smart Ebooks. The IDW digital line is available worldwide on top platforms including: Apple iOS apps and iBooks, Android apps, Barnes & Noble Nook, Amazon Kindle, Kobo Vox, Sony PSP, Nokia and RIM BlackBerry.
More information about the company can be found at

Apple, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and iTunes are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.

Hasbro Donates $150,000 Worth Of Toys For The Today Shows' 18th Annual Toy Drive

Transformers News: Hasbro Donates $150,000 Worth Of Toys For The Today Shows' 18th Annual Toy Drive
Date: Tuesday, December 13th 2011 2:21pm CST
Categories: Toy News, Company News
Posted by: LOST Cybertronian | Credit(s): The Today Show

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Hasbro is certainly getting into the Holiday Spirit. Karen Davis, Vice President Of Community Relations for Hasbro was on "Today" with Kathie Lee where she revealed that Hasbro will be donating $150,000 worth of toys to the Today Shows' 18 Annual Toy Drive.

Included in the toys that Hasbro will donate are Kreo Transformers sets, My Little Pony and many others. You can see the video from "Today" here.


Transformers Prime the Complete First Season Coming to Blu-ray and DVD

Transformers News: Transformers Prime the Complete First Season Coming to Blu-ray and DVD
Date: Friday, December 9th 2011 3:45pm CST
Categories: Cartoon News, Press Releases, Company News
Posted by: El Duque | Credit(s): Shout! Factory

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We just received the following press release form our friends at Shout! Factory, Transformers Prime season one is coming to Blu-ray and DVD. The Blu-ray collection is priced at $64.99 SRP, and the deluxe 4-DVD set is sold separately at a suggested retail price of $29.93 SRP. Both are scheduled for release on March 6th. Each set also comes packed with a 96 page graphic novel.

Check out the full press release below:

For Immediate Release




Featuring Over 10 Hours of Non-Stop Action, Special Bonus Content and More!






Prepare to experience the world of TRANSFORMERS PRIME like never before with perfect picture visuals and the purest digital sound available when the entire first season of the award-winning CGI animated series TRANSFORMERS PRIME arrives in stores everywhere in North America on March 6, 2012 in a deluxe 4-DVD set and a Limited Edition 4-Disc Blu-ray™ collection from Shout! Factory, in collaboration with Hasbro Studios.

Both the DVD and Blu-ray collections of TRANSFORMERS PRIME: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON boast all 26 action-packed episodes (including the 5-part miniseries Darkness Rising) and special bonus content. For a limited time only, TRANSFORMERS PRIME: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON Limited Edition 4-Disc Blu-ray contains a 96-page IDW graphic novel based on this hit series.

Fans and collectors can pre-order the DVD release of TRANSFORMERS PRIME: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON today! The Limited-Edition 4-Disc Blu-ray Collection (featuring the 96-page IDW graphic novel) is available for preorder exclusively on Amazon and

Pre-order link: ... 79&sr=8-14?tag=seibertron07-20&

Delivering a new level of heavy metal action and family entertainment for all ages, the limited edition Blu-ray collection is priced to own at $64.99 SRP. The deluxe 4-DVD set is sold separately and has a suggested retail price of $ 29.93 SRP.

The TRANSFORMERS saga starts a new chapter as old foes return, legendary heroes rise, and new ones are found in unlikely places. The new EMMY Award winning series TRANSFORMERS PRIME, A Hasbro Studios production, currently airs on The HUB television network in the U.S. and Teletoons in Canada, deepens the epic mythology of both the AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS, while starting a new chapter for a new generation of fans.

In early 2011, loyal TRANSFORMERS fans, as well as families and kids, were introduced to this visually stunning five-part miniseries on The HUB. Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Arcee, AUTOBOT Ratchet, Bulkhead, and many others are back to "roll out" against Megatron's latest attempt to conquer Earth. And Megatron proves to be more powerful than ever, having acquired a rare element that allows him mastery over life itself. OPTIMUS PRIME and the AUTBOTS may be few against the Decepticon hordes, but they find increased strength through bonds forged with three human teenagers.

Season One of TRANSFORMERS PRIME boasts an all-star voice cast, including Peter Cullen, Frank Welker, Steve Blum, Jeffrey Combs, Adam Baldwin, Markie Post, Ernie Hudson, among other notables. TRANSFORMERS PRIME is produced by Hasbro Studios, with Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci and Jeff Kline serving as executive producers. Kurtzman and Orci served as writers for the feature films TRANSFORMERS and TRANSFORMERS: Revenge of the Fallen.

TRANSFORMERS PRIME recently garnered two Emmy® Awards for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation and six Emmy nominations.

Technical Information


Limited Edition 4-Disc Blu-ray is packed with transformers prime graphic novel and bonus content

Street Date: March 6, 2012

Running Time: +/- 10 hours

Aspect Ratio: Anamorphic widescreen

Audio: English, Audio 5.1 Surround


4-DVD Set and bonus content

Street Date: March 6, 2012

Running Time: +/- 10 hours

Aspect Ratio: Anamorphic widescreen

Audio: English, Audio 5.1 Surround

About Hasbro

Hasbro, Inc. (NASDAQ: HAS) is a branded play company providing children and families around the world with a wide range of immersive entertainment offerings based on the Company’s world-class brand portfolio. From toys and games, to television programming, motion pictures, video games and a comprehensive licensing program, Hasbro strives to delight its customers through the strategic leveraging of well-known and beloved brands such as THE TRANSFORMERS, LITTLEST PET SHOP, NERF, PLAYSKOOL, MY LITTLE PONY, G.I. JOE, MAGIC: THE GATHERING and MONOPOLY. The Hub, Hasbro’s multiplatform joint venture with Discovery Communications (NASDAQ: DISCA, DISCB, DISCK) launched on October 10, 2010. The online home of The Hub is The Hub logo and name are trademarks of Hub Television Networks, LLC. All rights reserved.

Come see how we inspire play through our brands at © 2010 Hasbro, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

About Shout! Factory

Shout! Factory is a diversified entertainment company devoted to producing, uncovering and revitalizing the very best of pop culture. Founders Richard Foos, Bob Emmer and Garson Foos have spent their careers sharing their music, television and film faves with discerning consumers the world over. Shout! Factory’s DVD offerings serve up classic, contemporary and cult TV series, riveting sports programs, live music, animation and documentaries in lavish packages crammed with extras. The company’s audio catalogue boasts GRAMMY®-nominated boxed sets, new releases from storied artists, lovingly assembled album reissues and indispensable “best of” compilations. These riches are the result of a creative acquisitions mandate that has established the company as a hotbed of cultural preservation and commercial reinvention. Shout! Factory is based in Santa Monica, California. For more on Shout! Factory, visit

Emmy® is the trademark property of the Academy for Television Arts & Sciences/ The National Academy for Television Arts & Sciences. Grammy® is the registered trademark of the national Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences, Inc.

# # #

Hasbro Announces Commitment to Eliminate PVC from Core Product Packaging

Transformers News: Hasbro Announces Commitment to Eliminate PVC from Core Product Packaging
Date: Thursday, December 8th 2011 1:52pm CST
Categories: Toy News, Press Releases, Company News
Posted by: First Gen | Credit(s): HASBRO INC,

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In the ongoing effort to continue its goal to adhere to the 2010 Corporate Social Responsibility Report, HASBRO (NASDAQ HAS) has announced its plans to eliminate polyvinyl chloride (PVC) from all new core toy and game packaging beginning in the year 2013. Eliminating the use of PVC has already begun in some packaging and the toy maker states that it should be PVC free by 2013.

"At a time when consumers have an abundance of choices, we hope our track record of innovation and corporate citizenship — including our focus on sustainable packaging and product safety — will give shoppers one more reason to choose our products during the holiday season and throughout the year," said Brian Goldner , Hasbro's president and chief executive officer.

This follows a myriad of ecofriendly changes that HASBRO has committed to including:

* Elimination of Wire Ties: In 2010, Hasbro replaced all wire ties in its packages with ties made from paper rattan or bamboo mix to reduce environmental impact. The effort eliminated approximately 34,000 miles of wire ties — more than enough to wrap around the circumference of the Earth.

* Increase in Recycled Content: In 2010, Hasbro set a goal to derive at least 75 percent of paper and board packaging from recycled material, or from sources that practice sustainable forest management, by 2011. By 2015, Hasbro plans to increase that goal to 90 percent.

* New Sourcing of Paper: Hasbro outlined an aggressive paper sourcing policy in 2011, providing guidelines for suppliers regarding sustainable paper sourcing to help ensure that paper used in Hasbro products aligns with the company's commitment to environmental sustainability. Among the policy's key requirements is the expectation that suppliers will source paper with as much post-consumer recycled content as practical and financially viable. The company has communicated the policy to its suppliers, and has made it a part of its company-wide quality assurance procedures.

I know some of you wish they did the wire tie change BEFORE Armada Unicron was released.

You can check out the complete press release by clicking here.

Thanks for choosing, your Ultimate Transformers Resource!

Stock Watch: Hasbro Announces Q4 2011 Dividend on Shares

Transformers News: Stock Watch: Hasbro Announces Q4 2011 Dividend on Shares
Date: Thursday, December 8th 2011 1:24pm CST
Categories: Press Releases, Company News
Posted by: First Gen | Credit(s): Business Wire, HASBRO INC.

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From a press release issued today via Hasbro (HAS NYSE), the company has announced a quarterly cash dividend of $0.30 per common share. The dividend will be payable on February 15, 2012 to shareholders of record at the close of business on February 1, 2012.

During the tenure of the Transformers movie trilogy and the release of the live action G.I. JOE movie, dividends maintained an average payout of $0.20 per common share. With the increase in payout per share, speculation of a possible fourth film for the Transformers movieverse and the upcoming release of G.I. JOE 2, things are looking good for the toy maker.

Check out the full press release via Business Wire here.

Thanks for choosing, your Ultimate Transformers Resource.

Hasbro Canada returns to TFcon for 2012

Transformers News: Hasbro Canada returns to TFcon for 2012
Date: Monday, December 5th 2011 12:51pm CST
Categories: Toy News, Event News, Company News
Posted by: El Duque | Credit(s): TFcon

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We are very happy to welcome back Hasbro Canada to TFcon 2012. Hasbro will be presenting a new product preview and question panel on upcoming Transformers products and answering your submitted questions. Attendees will also have the chance to talk to Hasbro reps in person, one-on-one as they show off the latest releases for Transformers toys.


Statue of Transformers The Ride Evac

Transformers News: Statue of Transformers The Ride Evac
Date: Tuesday, November 29th 2011 2:11am CST
Categories: Event News, Company News
Posted by: Mach | Credit(s): Resort World at Sentosa

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Resort World at Sentosa has posted the image of the Transformers The Ride Evac statue at its Facebook page.

Evac is a newly created Autobot character specially for the Transformers The Ride.
The Ride is set to open this coming Saturday, 3rd December 2011 at Universal Studios Singapore at Sentosa .


Seibertron, Ultimate Transformers Resource!

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