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Q&A with Game Director Matt Tieger from Transformers Fall of Cybertron

Transformers News: Q&A with Game Director Matt Tieger from Transformers Fall of Cybertron
Date: Friday, August 3rd 2012 3:11pm CDT
Categories: Game News, People News, Digital Media News, Interviews
Posted by: Seibertron | Credit(s): Kotaku

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Earlier today, popular game site Kotaku hosted a live Q&A interview session with Matt Tieger, the game director of the highly anticipated Transformers Fall of Cybertron game. The session ran for about an hour starting at 10am PT. Fans quickly bombarded Tieger but he addressed many of the questions presented to him.

Q&A with Game Director Matt Tieger from Transformers Fall of Cybertron

Q&A with Game Director Matt Tieger from Transformers Fall of Cybertron

Q&A with Game Director Matt Tieger from Transformers Fall of Cybertron

Here's the full interview from Kotaku ...

MrOpto: How did you first get the Transformers license? Did Hasbro put out offers or did you go them?

Matt Tieger: ATVI already had a relationship with Hasbro, but what they were looking for was someone to make a non-movie based game. They both felt that we would be a great fit and War for Cybertron was born. The success of that game allowed us to make Fall of Cybertron.

bigduo209: I love games that use Sci-fi inspired weaponry/abilities and not just future-looking guns (Ratchet and Clank, Bioshock), how many crazy weapons have you made for Fall of Cybertron?

Matt Tieger: The great thing about this game world is that there are absolutely shotguns and sniper rifles, but also lightning guns, acid guns, and 'tron' disk guns. The guns are divided into Primary and Heavy weapons. Many (but not all) of the more sci-fi guns fall into the heavy weapons category. In SP there is a Teletraan Store where you can buy and upgrade those weapons. In MP the weapons are divided between the classes based on countless play testing hours - so not every class can use every weapon. As to the exact number of them, since you explore and find blueprints to unlock them i don't want to spoil anything, so ill say quite a few more than we ever had in War for Cybertron.

Jason Schreier: How would you convince a non-Transformers fan that he/she should play your game?

snowtires: Play the demo, it's awesome.

Matt Tieger: Good Question, and one that I often think about. The worst compliment we get about War is, "what a great game, too bad nobody knew about it." What i would say is this (in my most passionate game dev voice. "forget Transformers, forget Michael Bay, forget the toys, and consider for a moment a game that allows you access to your vehicle at any moment in time, a game where the core tactical choices are movement based, and now imagine a game where each character is a unique experience with different vehicles or special abilities. This game offers something that no other game can, huge variety and tactical variety. Oh yeah and it happens to be Transformers"

SaburoDaimando: What are some of the lessons you learned on designing Fall of Cybertron compared to War for Cybertron?

Matt Tieger: When we developed WFC we looked for similar games that tackled similar level design issues and frankly, found none. So we blazed a trail and learned alot. With FOC we again did a survey and found WFC to be the only comparable game, so we set out to exceed it in every way. As one example, the driving got a bit stale in WFC, it might seem like a small thing but in FOC we added terrain, so instead of all flat metal surfaces, you now had hills - which innately make driving more fun. We also bowed down to the gods of player choice, and for much of the game you can tackle problems as you see fit - stay in vehicle the whole time, Transform constantly, etc. We had some of that in WFC, but now it is the rule in FOC.


Hlokk: Most important question! Notice the all caps!

Matt Tieger: I get asked this alot. Lets see how this game does. We do have Dinobots and Insecticons, so i'd say its in the realm of possibility - someday.

Marquis_Gabriel: When taking on a IP, especially one with tie in's to a movie. What are your expectations?

Matt Tieger: just to make sure - we are not related to the movies in anyway, we are a distinct storyline. We do this by telling their story before they ever reach Earth. With any game you need to find the 'heart' of what makes that game so unique (original or licensed). Strip everything else away and Transformers are about 'transforming' (i know sounds simple, right?). By focusing on that single concept and making everything else supportive to that, we stay true to the license while still making a great game.

KnickKnackMyWack246: How does this universe connect (if at all) to any Transformers stories other than G1? A friend of mine suggested it's a prequel to Transformers Prime while another believes it's a prequel to the Michael Bay films. Can you clarify?

CodeMonkey76: It's a prequel to the G1 television series

Matt Tieger: G1 is our primary touchstone, meaning that we look to G1 for visual ques, abilities, VO quotes, etc. We look to not violate the Movie universe, but aren't beholden to it (and we do in-fact stay in the distant past to help with that). Prime has the most relevance with our game, there are many things introduced in WFC that are not part of the Prime show, like Dark Energon. There are a few elements that have the same 'visual DNA' like the Nemesis for example.

Emmerson: With how the Transformers scaled in the first game, with Scorpinok and Omega Supreme being the biggest we had seen. Then in the second game with having combiners, and then summoning Metroplex, how can you guys top that in terms of Transformers power and scale? How will you handle the issue like Fortress Maximus and Unicron?

Matt Tieger: Quick edit : last game didn't have Scorpinok in it (although that would have been cool) it had Trypticon. Your essential question is, "How do we keep ratcheting up from here?" Honestly, I dunno - you made some good suggestions, what we will do is wait and see what the reaction from this game is before thinking that far ahead.

Brian Erice: Im curious about the campaign design change for FOC. Why did you move away from the two split campaigns that were in WFC?

Matt Tieger: Excellent question. Game Director is often thought of as the best job ever, and some days it is, but often we have to make excruciatingly tough calls - the campaign change was one of those. In WFC, you had 2 separate campaigns that you could play in either order, so we never knew how you were going to play. What this meant for the game that there were functionally 2 first levels, 2 second levels, 2 3rd levels - you get the picture. and when you had played 50% of the game you had really played 100% of the game. We believe that one of the primary reasons for the major criticism of the game, "The gameplay got repetitive", was in-fact because it DID get repetitive based on the campaign structure. So we made a single interwoven campaign where we could pace it well.

Mungry: Hey Matt, huge fan and I love everything about the game we have seen so far! My questions is about multiplayer. I am wondering if their will be killstreak rewards in the game and if we can expect new multiplayer game modes as the game progresses through its life? Thx - SoooMungry

Matt Tieger: SoooMungry - I'm actually a fan of yours. At the studio we watch your Youtube channel and read the comments - thank you for your excitement for the game. Regarding Killstreaks, we had them in for a while during our dev of the game, we took them out for balance reasons. Let me explain, every game has a very unique MP pace and with all the changes from WFC, what we were seeing was runaway gamers, specifically due to killstreaks. By removing them, they game was more competitive. Along a similar vein we removed double jump, many gamers initial reaction were negative until the played it for a bit and realized that the streamlined approach actually made it better. remember this isn't WFC2 this is FOC.

DinoDinoBot: What made you guys change your mind about releasing it on PC after you said you wouldn't? And what do you think is the best addition or special feature in this version?

Thanks for the Q&A.

Matt Tieger: coming off of WFC we needed to laser our focus on FOC. Reducing the number of platforms that we ship on was one way to do that - and it was the right call for the dev team. The fan outcry wasn't lost on us, however and once we saw how much PC gamers wanted it we started looking for solutions. The short version is that, a PC version exists because of the fans.

czen2: Is there any plans to include other combiners like the aerial bots ,protectobots, or even transformers like ultra magnus ,hot rod,cup, etc.

Matt Tieger: Yes and no. The curse of Transformers is that there are so many of them. Last time I spoke with Hasbro i asked them how many there are, their response was in excess of 11,000! We simply cant put that many into the game. What we do have is customization in MP. There are millions of combinations and enough color choices that you can make, and name, a garage full of Transformers.

Emmerson: As my favorite Transformer(s) ever, I have to ask, Where is Devastator? Any chance on seeing him in the new game?

Matt Tieger: Devastator isn't in this game. however, who knows where we go from here

Leebee: how did you guys approach designing multiplayer this time around? what features did you guys want to add to make it fresh from the last game? how often did you guys release new builds to tweak overpowered/underpowered stuff? will keeping the MP suite fresh and balanced be a priority for you guys after release?

I'm a huge fan of asymmetrical competitive multiplayer design, and I love giant robots. you could say that I'm a huge fan of your games. :3

cheers, and thank you.

Matt Tieger: We host 5pm MP matches for the team, EVERY night through the ENTIRE project. Now not everyone can play every night and sometimes the build breaks, but more often than not the team is playing. What that means is that it gets tweaked every day, we try all sorts of stuff, game modes, who has what gun, footspeed adjustments, everything. the 'secret sauce' is countless hours by a dedicated team.

James De Moss: Will we see humans in the franchise? I know WfC and FoC take place waaaaaaay before humans were in the picture, but will the franchise ever go that far into the future?

Matt Tieger: Certainly not is this game, but we will have to see.

Aidil42: During development, with all ideas flying around, do you sometimes wish you're not tied up to an already established franchise?

Matt Tieger: In this case, i'd say no. The harder decisions are what not to put in.

FullmetalPrime: Are there any characters, save the Dinobots of course, that you'd like to have included into this months Fall of Cybertron?

Matt Tieger: Triple changers. I always thought that concept was a cool one. We just didn't have the bandwith to do it right, that I am not sure how much fun Astrotrain's train mode would be.

CFNexus: Any chance there could be a Transformers MMO in the future? Ive been thinking about 1 for years. I have already thought of character creation, mechanics and plenty of other things. I think and MMO has some very interesting things going for it.

Callum F, Northern Ireland.

Matt Tieger: It is definitely a big enough universe, but at HMS we aren't geared for MMOs.

mandrate: Is Co-op has been taken out for a more immersive single player storyline?

Matt Tieger: I mentioned earlier about tough decisions - this was the other big one. We do however recognize that Co-op is part of fan expectations, so we really put a lot of focus on Escalation. It is crazy addictive 4 player online Co-op, trust me you will like it.

Zurick: Will there be a 3rd game in the series?

Matt Tieger: Maybe. Lets see what the fans are saying about this one first.

dinowho: Why you no give autobots combiners? AerialBots! Thanks for revitalizing the Transformers to the glory they deserve

Matt Tieger: Deceptions get Bruticus, Autobots get Dinobots - sounds pretty fair to me!

Glenn Beck: Pre-order G1 DLC has been shown played to "The Touch." Make us all happy and tell us you have some Stan Bush somewhere in the game.

Matt Tieger: you will be happy.

Trax0r: How come it took 25 years for a designer to finally make a great Transformers game (WFC)? It seems like its the perfect premise and platform for a good story/fighting/shooter, and yet until, WFC, the ones that did come out were total shit.

Matt Tieger: Transformation is a tough concept to wrap you brain around. It sounds simple enough, but when you start to really knuckle down with the geometry and the mechanics it is a unique problem with no real parallels. We took this as an opportunity to do something different, I am glad you feel that we succeeded.

opieman2010: From what I can understand, War and this game are considered the "revised" official canon for the Transformers, as well as the Prime cartoon. How involved was Hasbro, outside of just overseeing the story? Were any other writers brought in to work on this that have also contributed to the Transformers story?

Matt Tieger: Hasbro was very involved, but the story starts and ends here are HMS. We have some very talented writers, a studio full of G1 fans, and a design staff that is passionate about bringing the story out in the world.

Cabbagetroll: Any hints to what else you guys are working on? Maybe a little bit of news about Deadpool?

Matt Tieger: No can do.

frizzlestick: The first level of the demo had you playing as Bumblebee, but for some reason his voicebox was smashed. I really enjoyed Johnny Yong Bosch as Bumblebee in the first game, so will he still have a voice or is this a reflection of the Bay-era where he never speaks?

Also, Dinobots are awesome, but they did get messed up by Devastator in the 80's film.

Matt Tieger: BB does not have a voice in FOC. This is one element that is in fact a reflection of the Bay movies. Per a comic that was a 'movie prequel' he has his voice box crushed by Megatron, in the game there is a VO that allude to that fact.

Chris Zombiechild: Are there any other cartoon series from the same era that you would like to make a game for?

Matt Tieger: Thundercats, Dinoriders, He-Man. Not sure that anybody other than me would want to play them, but they could be awesome. Also Big Trouble in Little China would make an amazing video game.

djs2879: How soon do you expect the Dinobot DLC to come out after launch?

Matt Tieger: not soon enough by most peoples standards, but it will happen.

Anubis_Arcane: Will we be able to use our custom built transformers for escalation mode? A few of my friends and I were wondering if that might be a possibility down the road.

Matt Tieger: in Escalation you play as the named characters, we chose this for 2 reasons. 1 so that you could use the official iconic characters with your friends and 2 because that mode requires an extreme level of balance within the team, we needed to set the rules.

montymonster50: I love the WFC multiplayer, but I thought it died out (relatively) quickly. Are there any plans to expand the multiplayer to keep players involved for a longer period of time?

Matt Tieger: Tell your friends about it. Seriously, we are very hopeful that the community can reach a much larger self-sustaining size this time around. ATVI has gotten behind the product in a big way, so if you love it help us get the message out there. Are there any Easter Eggs in the game that die-hard Transformers fans can look forward to? (other than Stan Bush's "The Touch")

Matt Tieger: tons of them, keep your eyes open

TheBigTsk: Will the MP skills that were so popular in the first game be back? Right now there doesn't seem to be much info and the info that is out there looks bleak.

Matt Tieger: This game stands on the shoulders of WFC, but it isn't WFC2. Things are slightly different, and in our opinion significantly better. What I suggest you do is try the demo, you initial reaction might be that you miss something specific, but i'd bet that after a few matches you will realize the clarity of the MP experience and see how much better this game is. WFC had really good MP, FOC has great MP.

mannoroth0913: My question has to be: Is Grimlock as amazing in game as the trailers make him out to be, because there's no way I can miss a chance to play as the King

Matt Tieger: Yep. Not only is the gameplay fun, it is very unique compared to every other playable character and the story is exceptional - you get to see how they are created in a brand new official cannon story.

Atomic3xplosion3564: Is it possible for you guys to make a movie?

Matt Tieger: LOL. I hear that alot. Thanks for the vote of confidence.

Liquid-X: Will we get some version of Starscream in a cape and crown?

Matt Tieger: smells like an easter egg to me.

opieman2010: What does an Easter egg smell like? Probably a lot like a regular, hard boiled egg.

Twincast / Podcast Episode #39 "Pax Prime"

Transformers News: Twincast / Podcast Episode #39 "Pax Prime"
Date: Sunday, February 26th 2012 11:10pm CST
Categories: Site News, Digital Media News, Podcast
Posted by: Razorclaw0000

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Views: 109,653

With the Twincast crew in brighter spirits, we are proud to present the latest episode, available from our RSS feed, iTunes, or download it directly by clicking here. Join host Counterpunch, along with regular cast members Seibertron, Jon 3.0, Tigertracks and Razorclaw as they discuss a truck-load of new news since our Toy Fair episode.

  • Transformers 4 has been greenlit, and may be a reboot.
  • Transformers Prime Season 2 has begun. We discuss the first episode, character development, and a bit about the upcoming Blu-Ray release of Season 1.
  • Club Exclusive Over-Run and Shattered Glass Drift arriving, but with QC issues...
  • Transformers Prime RID Arcee
  • Transformers Prime RID Ratchet
  • Transformers Prime RID Wave 1 Impressions on Prime, Megatron, Bumblebee, Wheeljack, Cliffjumper, and Soundwave
  • Generations/Fall of Cybertron Combaticons - what color will they be? Are the guns back-mountable?
  • Encore Sixshot and MP Sunstorm - worth the cost?
  • IGear Presser and MW-04 Hench
  • We discuss the newest news about Fall of Cybertron
  • Potential BotCon Guests as well as our thoughts on the club panel is your ultimate Transformers resource!

Twincast / Podcast Episode #38 "Toy Un-Fair"

Transformers News: Twincast / Podcast Episode #38 "Toy Un-Fair"
Date: Wednesday, February 15th 2012 10:45am CST
Categories: Site News, Toy News, Event News, Digital Media News, Podcast
Posted by: Razorclaw0000

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Views: 114,241

Join the Twincast/Podcast, featuring host Counterpunch, crew Tigertracks and Razorclaw, and special guest Seibertron and El Duque, with our extensive Toy Fair 2012 coverage! Seibertron and El Duque were live from New York City, and have a mountain of images to share. Listen via iTunes,'s Twincast RSS feed, or a direct link to hear our after show report including discussions about:


Fall of Cybertron

Transformers Prime Robots In Disguise

Transformers Prime Cyberverse

Bot Shots

SDCC HISS Tank Shockwave is your ultimate Transformers Resource!

Transformers Prime: Season One Blu-ray Review and 2 new promo videos

Transformers News: Transformers Prime: Season One Blu-ray Review and 2 new promo videos
Date: Wednesday, February 15th 2012 9:21am CST
Categories: Cartoon News, Reviews, Digital Media News
Posted by: El Duque | Credit(s):

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Views: 86,065 has reviewed the soon to be released Transformers Prime: Season One Blur-ray. Click here to read their full review, we've posted a few excerpts and images below as well as a couple of new promos that we received directly from Shout! Factory. Transformers Prime: Season One Blu-ray is scheduled to release on March 6th. You can pre-order Transformers Prime: Season One [Limited Edition] on Blu-ray and DVD.


Transformers Prime: Season One's 1080p transfer isn't all that consistently pretty. Certainly, there are moments when the animation sparkles, but aside from its flatness, there are some technical bugaboos that drag it down considerably. First, the image is greatly hindered by what is oftentimes intense banding. Huge chunks of the image often suffer through terrible bouts, with entire backgrounds sometimes reduced to large masses of bands of poor color transitions. Unfortunately, many a line are jagged, and aliasing appears with some frequency, too. As noted, the animation is naturally flat and often looks to have a plastic-like texture to it. There's no real flow on anything but the Transformers themselves; human hair and clothes offer no real movement or textures. Such elements are very much flat and stiff, but that's inherent to the original elements, not a fault of the Blu-ray transfer. On the flip side, those Transformers can look quite good in close-ups; the digital artists have taken the time to create some fairly complex elements within eyes, faces, various exposed gears, and the like. Their metallic exteriors are scratched, dented, dirty, and generally well-abused, but that's mostly the extent of fine detailing. Colors, likewise, are very flat and lack much range outside of basic shades. The yellows, reds, greens, whites, and blues that make up the Autobots are bright but monochromatic. The Decepticons are a bit colder, favoring rather flat shades of purple and gray. It's all relatively simple, but it's that intense banding, frequent jaggies, and occasional aliasing that really hurt this one. The banding is nothing short of an eyesore, so audiences sensitive to that might want to rent before committing to a purchase.


Disc One:

Audio Commentaries: "Darkness Rising, Part 1": Executive Producer Jeff Kline, Hasbro Studios Developer Mike Vogel, Animation Producer Therese Trujillo, and Art Director David Hartman; "Darkness Rising, Part 2": Jeff Kline, Mike Vogel, Therese Trujillo, and David Hartman; "Darkness Rising: Part 3": Hasbro Studios Executive Director Brian Lenard, Actors Tania Gunadi and Ernie Hudson, and Art Director José Lopez; "Darkness Rising, Part 4": Brian Lenard, Tania Gunadi, Ernie Hudson, and José Lopez; "Darkness Rising, Part 5": Composer Brian Tyler; "Masters and Students": Production Manager Mathias Dougherty, Animatic Artist Meghan Burleson, and Production Assistants Nathan Johnson and Jacob Rivera; "Scrapheap": Production Manager Sonya Park, Production Coordinator Meredith Rogers, Production Assistant Kathy Cavanaugh, and Post Supervisor Austin Block.

Disc Two:

Audio Commentaries: "Convoy": Actor Peter Cullen, President of Hasbro Studios Steve Davis, and Producer Rafi Ruthchild; "Predatory": Director Todd Waterman and Actors Sumalee Montano and Josh Keaton.

Disc Three:

Audio Commentary: "Shadowzone": Supervising Director David Hartman, Actor Andy Pessoa, Editor Mike Miles, and Bumblebee.

Disc Four:

Audio Commentaries: "Stronger, Faster": Actor Jeffrey Combs, Writer Mairghread Scott, and Director Shaunt Nigoghossian; "One Shall Fall": Writers Joseph Kuhr and Nicole Dubuc, Director Vinton Heuck, and Character Designer/Prop Designer/Colorist Augusto Barranco; "One Shall Rise, Part 1": Nicole Dubuc, Jospeh Kuhr, Vinton Heuck, and Augusto Barranco; "One Shall Rise, Part 2": Supervising Producer/Head Writer Duane Capizzi, Staff Writer Marsha Griffin, Supervising Color Designer Christophe Vacher, and Background Design Supervisor Vince Toyama; "One Shall Rise, Part 3": Duane Capizi, Staff Writer Steven Melching, Christophe Vacher, and Vince Toyama.
Making-Of Transformers: Prime (1080p, 11:02): An all-too-brief look at the creation of the show, beginning with a look back at the older franchises and moving on to examine the presentation for a new generation, the voice acting, the Transformer cast, the human characters, and the animation.
Toy Featurette (1080p, 16:31): A look at continuing with Transformers lore, creating new characters, characters who didn't make the cut, toy design, and the characters the crew would like to see in the show.
Season 2 Teaser (1080p, 0:20).

News from Hasbro's Fan Media Event at Toy Fair 2012

Transformers News: News from Hasbro's Fan Media Event at Toy Fair 2012
Date: Saturday, February 11th 2012 1:53pm CST
Categories: Cartoon News, Toy News, Event News, Game News, Digital Media News
Posted by: Seibertron

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News from Hasbro's Fan Media Event at Toy Fair 2012

NOTE: We will be allowed to take pictures of the showroom between 3:30pm and 5:00pm Eastern. Pictures will begin posting on around 7:00pm Eastern. Please keep checking back for updates.

Hasbro's presentation started out today with Steven Davis, the president of Hasbro Studios, discussing the various shows on the Hub. My Little Pony, Jaikudo (sp?), Transformers Rescue Bots, Transformers Prime, and Pound Puppies. Jeff Kline and Teresa Hail (sp?) were guests at the presentation. Transformers Prime is an emmy award winning show.

Showed us some never-before seen footage from Transformers Prime Season 2. Scene involved the Decepticons battling the Autobots. Decepticons leave via Space Bridge, Arcee drove through it right before it closed, battles Decepticons at their base, looking for Optimus Prime, while Soundwave watches over.

Transformers brand team took the stage next.

Transformers "More Than Meets The Eye" 2012

Jerry Duboin (Marketing Director) and Joshua Lamb did presentation.

2012: Biggest Year Ever!
- Theme Park Rides
- New TV Shows
- Digital Gaming
- Virtual Worlds
- Video Games
- Digital Books

Rescue Bots Season 1
Prime Season 2
Bot Shots Battle Game Intro
KREO Continues to build

Transformers The Ride - The Ultimate 3D Battle (Showed us the commercial that aired during the Super Bowl)
Universal Studios Hollywood
Opens in May 2012
Singapore launched in December 2011 (showed us some outside visuals)
2012 Product Rollout - Showed us Delue Class Evac and Legion Class Evac (will have its own unique packaging, Bumblebee and Optimus (deluxe) and Voyager Megatron and Optimus in Transformers The Ride Universal Studios packaging.

Jagex - Transformers enters massively multi-player game market in 2012 "Take the Transformers Battle Online"
Showed us trailer for MMO (Massive Multi-player online) "War is coming", "Choose Your Side", "Shape your Destiny", various unknown Autobots and Decepticons battling ... "Join the Battle Online" at and Teased that the MMO might be a great opportunity for toys later down the road.

Moved on to Rescue Bots
Brand new Animated Series
Showed us the current Rescue Bots toy line
New Mobile HQ coming out in 2012.

New KRE-O Transformers
New theme in the fall "The Quest for Energon"
Looks like the Kreons come with Energon weapons.
Comes with accessories to build the Ultimate Dark Energon weapon
New Kre-O Devastator
29 new Kreons, 16 Transformers Robots to collect (showed Ironhide)
Showed us a Kre-O commercial (the one with the hip hop music with the bouncing car and Bumblebee dancing)

Transformers Prime - Hub
Premieres February 18th
on DVD and Blu-Ray on March 6th, 2012 (has season 2 preview)
Enhanced E-Book apps from Ruckus Media
Gave us an update on First Edition: deluxes and voyagers not available in the US. Was a Hasbro issue, not a retailer issue. Recognizes these are great toys, looking to release them in some format in 2012.
Movie trilogy deluxes shown at SDCC will only be available in Asia.
Movie trilogy deluxe Optimus Prime with trailer will be available
Robots In Disguise - 2012 product rollout
Prime RID toys officially launches on March 1st. Will be out everywhere by then.
Showed us current product line (deluxes Bumblebee, Wheeljack, Cliffjumper, Soundwave, Optimus Prime, Megatron)
Showed us deluxe Ratchet, Arcee (wave 2), Knockout, Hot Shot, Vehicon (wave 3)
Voyager Starscream, and new Bulkhead (doesn't look too bad, both look very represenative of show models)
New weaponizers (similar to Leader Class scale): Optimus Prime, Bumblebee
New Prime entertainment pack available in Canada and Asia only (uses First Edition molds of Starscream and Bumblebee)
New remote controlled wave 1 (Bumblebee, Knockout) remote controlled transformation included to enable battling
Battle Masks (Bumblebee, Optimus Prime) and mission helmet (Optimus Prime w/ Peter Cullen's voice)

Showed us wave 1 again
Wave 2: Breakdown, Mirage, Evac, Soundwave
Commander wave 1: Optimus Prime, Bulkhead, Starscream, and Megatron
Wave 2: Ironhide (red SUV) and another mold to be announced at later date
Vehicles wave 1: Star Hammer w/ Wheeljack
Showed us Optimus Maximus (on display), holds 9 Cyberverse figures), has battle station mode with wheels)

Bot Shots Battle Game
Official debuts March 1st
Showed us new TV commercial
"Either you're bot or you're NOT!!"
March 1: Online game launch
May 1: player vs player, codes in pack
Fast Action!
44 bots to collect!
Codes inside for online play!
Online: unlockable characters, enter codes to level up, player versus player!
Characters will use come from different iterations of the Transformers universes
Wave 2: Ratchet, clear Bumblebee chase
Optimus Prime and Megatron haulers
3 pack: Acide Storm included
Battle for the Matrix in the fall (sets)
Going through too fast for me to write down toys/characters ... on display down stairs, look for pics later)

Transformers Generations
IDW Comic Books
Fall of Cybertron game from Activision - September 2012
Showed us the trailer from the Spike TV awards (check out's YouTube channel to watch it)
Matt Tieg took the stage to discuss Fall of Cybertron
Showed us video clip of gameplay as BRUTICUS ... pretty frikkin' awesome, looks amazing! Basically lays waste to everything and everyone in his path. You guys are going to love this.
Showed us another pretty epic commercial that looks amazing - focused more on the FALL of Cybertron. This game is going to rock!
Transformers brand team showed us the toys that will be in the Transformers Generations packaging (fall 2012)
Wave 1 Optimus Prime, Jazz, and Shockwave (looks like a gun/cannon)
Bruticus: deluxe wave 2 - Blast Off, Vortex, Brawl (colors are accurate), Swindle, and Onslaught (official pics look way better than what we've seen online) ... will be on display
Over 40 new Generations Transformers coming down the pipes, really took what the fandom has been saying to heart. HUGE focus end of 2012 into spring 2012
Mentioned 30th anniversary in 2014 ("wait until you see that stuff!")

Gi Joe Toy Fair 2012
Retaliation opens in theaters on June 29th
Dwayne Johnson as Roadblock
Bruce Willis in film
Movie line on shelves in early June.
50 figures including those sold with vehicles + 4 additional Comic Con exclusives
Won't have products aimed at younger children (leaner line)
9 vehicles + 1 additional comic con exclusive
Wave 2 (more movie accurate): Battle Kata Roadblock, Firefly, Flint, Ninja Duel Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow
Wave 3: Joe Colton (Bruce Willis), Lady Jaye, Alley Viper, Cyber Ninja, Dragon Ninja
Wave 4: Kim Arashikage (Jinx, can't use name on toy), Blind Master
Wave 5: Crimson Guard (comes with sticker sheet to customize faction), Night Viper
Ninja Showdown Set Asst wave 2 on shelf sept 2012 (GiJoe Night Ops Team)
Alpha Vehicle Assortment: Ninja Speed Cycle w/ Snake Eyes, Road Retaliator w/ Flint
Bravo Vehicle Assortment - wave 1 June 2012 - Cobra Fangboat w/ Swamp Viper, Ninja Commando 4x4 w/ Snake Eyes
Wave 2 (July 2012) - Tread Ripper w/ Clutch
Delta Vehicle Assortment: Wave 1 June 2012 - Ghost Hawk II w/ Duke, Cobra H.I.S.S. Tank w/ Cobra Trooper
Showed us Shockwave H.I.S.S. Tank, Destro in Decepticon color scheme (purple), also comes with "Constructicon" Bat
Didn't show any regular Joe stuff?

MARVEL Universe Death's Head for 2013. Sculpt looks dead on to how he looked in 1980s.

Hasbro Announcement! Toy Fair 2012

Transformers News: Hasbro Announcement!  Toy Fair 2012
Date: Thursday, February 9th 2012 1:22pm CST
Categories: Toy News, Event News, Site Articles, Press Releases, Company News, Digital Media News
Posted by: GetRightRobot | Credit(s): Hasbro

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Hasbro has posted some interesting information on what we can expect to see at the 109th American International Toy Fair in New York, NY. Mr. Seibertron and El_Duque will be on hand bringing you all the latest coverage beginning this weekend. However, the good folks at Hasbro have given a little heads up on some of the products that will be on hand:

Hasbro wrote:Throughout the year in 2012, kids and fans of the globally popular TRANSFORMERS brand will get to experience the “MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE” property in a variety of new and exciting ways. In February, the new animated series TRANSFORMERS RESCUE BOTS and the second season of the hit animated series TRANSFORMERS PRIME, both from Hasbro Studios, will debut on The Hub television network. And, for the first time ever beginning in March, most of the TRANSFORMERS action figure expressions will adopt the TRANSFORMERS PRIME styling to complement the award winning series. Also in March, Hasbro will introduce a new toy segment called TRANSFORMERS BOT SHOTS, a whole new way to play out TRANSFORMERS battles. Available in favorite characters like OPTIMUS PRIME and BUMBLEBEE, kids can choose their power, crash into battle and defeat their opponent. TRANSFORMERS BOT SHOTS automatically convert when you crash ‘em! Sold one per pack, fans can collect 44 different BOT SHOTS figures across the product line. Then in May, fans will have another new way to experience the TRANSFORMERS brand with the launch of the highly anticipated new motion-based thrill ride TRANSFORMERS: THE RIDE-3D, opening at Universal Studios Hollywood. To finish the year with even more entertainment experiences, TRANSFORMERS fans will be able to enjoy the much buzzed about new video game TRANSFORMERS: Fall of Cybertron from Activision and High Moon studios as well as the highly anticipated TRANSFORMERS UNIVERSE MMO from Jagex both launching in Fall. Roll Out!

More than Transformers, Hasbro is bringing a ton of other great products from Bey Blade to My Little Pony and host of new G.I. Joe toys and games to coicide with new Joe film. To read more about the Hasbro Toy Fair contingent, click here! Keep checking this weekend for all the news regarding Toy Fair 2012!

Toy Fair 2012 coverage starts Saturday, February 11th around 2PM on

Transformers News: Toy Fair 2012 coverage starts Saturday, February 11th around 2PM on
Date: Tuesday, February 7th 2012 9:09pm CST
Categories: Toy News, Event News, Digital Media News
Posted by: Seibertron

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This weekend, two of's staff members are heading to New York City to bring you the latest Transformers news from Toy Fair 2012! Armed with laptops and cameras, Ryan and El Duque will be there in person to cover Hasbro's "Fan Media Day" event at the American International Toy Fair in New York City on Saturday, February 11, 2012.

This year brings exciting new products from Hasbro's Transformers brand as well as its G.I. Joe, KRE-O, Marvel and Star Wars toy lines. is honored to be invited by Hasbro once again and we look forward to sharing previews of Hasbro's upcoming products. This special event allows to gather invaluable information from Hasbro, engage brand team members with questions, and tour the Hasbro showroom to capture high-def photos and videos of the products you’ve been anxiously waiting to see.

Internet connections allowing, we'll start posting news around 1:30pm EST through 3:00pm EST. From there, we'll head to Hasbro's showroom where we'll be allowed to take pictures and videos of the products they have on display until around 5pm. Obviously, we'll stay focused mostly on Transformers, but we'll be sure to grab pics of other hot products that we think might be of interest to the fans of

After Hasbro kicks us out around 5pm or so, we'll head back to's secret headquarters in Times Square where we'll begin the tedious task of sifting through all of the data we obtained. Internet connection allowing, we'll most likely have the first galleries posted along with corresponding news stories around 7 or 8pm. It'll take us a few hours to go through all of the pictures, upload the galleries to the site, post news stories, etc, but by midnight you should have hundreds of new photos of Hasbro's preview of their 2012 product lines.

The following day, we'll head over to the Javits Center where the rest of Toy Fair is throwing down to see if we can scour up any other Transformers related goodies from licensed companies, or anything else that might be of interest to all of you.

Stay tuned this weekend for all of the latest and greatest Transformers news this side of Alpha Centauri. will be your #1 source for Transformers news and pictures from Toy Fair this weekend!















Twincast / Podcast Episode #37 "Sub-Prime"

Transformers News: Twincast / Podcast Episode #37 "Sub-Prime"
Date: Tuesday, February 7th 2012 10:00am CST
Categories: Site News, Digital Media News, Podcast
Posted by: Razorclaw0000

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Grab your energon pitchforks and plasma torches faithful listeners! On the latest episode of the Twincast/Podcast, your host Counterpunch tries to find the silver lining in the disappointment the fandom has encountered over the last few weeks. Throwing gas on the fire is repeat guests Razorclaw and Tigertracks. As always, you can download the Twincast directly from iTunes or here at's Twincast RSS feed.

Kicking things off, we discuss the launch (and relaunch) of the TFCC Exclusive Over-Run and Shattered Glass Drift figures, as well as the problems the Club managed during the sale.


We discuss the issue with preorders, offer suggestions for the future, and discuss the figures themselves.

Next up, we lament the unexpected end of Transformers Prime: First Edition toys. We analyze the problems with store exclusives, discuss the costs involved, speculate on reasons, and get rather salty about the whole affair, including the shortage of Takara First Edition toys to compound fan desire.


Moving on from First Edition to Robots in Disguise, we give our thoughts on the recently revealed Ratchet and Optimus Maximus, as well as some of the other, upcoming figures.



We then jump to other side of the world, and review the just-released United Rodimus and give our thoughts on his over-the-top paint apps.


We have some Micron talk up next for those collectors with a tiny figure predilection, with the recently announced Arms Micron line.


Finally, we discuss a few pieces of excellent art floating around from the likes of Jim Sorenson and Guido Guidi showing us some new sides to the art we've come to know and love. is your ultimate Transformers Resource!

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Transformers Podcast: Twincast / Podcast #217 - Toy Fair 2019
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"Toy Fair 2019"
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