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HMW Tournament: Legacy of the Quintessons

Transformers News: HMW Tournament: Legacy of the Quintessons
Date: Sunday, February 28th 2010 2:04pm CST
Category: Heavy Metal War
Posted by: Mkall | Credit(s): Redimus GTS

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Legacy of the Quintessons

Due to problems caused by the recent hardware failure, the tournament will start as a traditional tournament with all missions ending with '0' and '5' counting. First official mission will be: 191305

Running Dates: Sunday 28th Feb, 9pm GMT* - Sunday 14th March, 9pm GMT
Event Tagline:
Two mighty combiner groups lead task forces into “The Graveyard”.Which group can lead it’s faction to the Quintesson’s lost knowledge?

Event Format: A 2 week tournament with a kills related mini-game.

In an age long past…

Cybertron has not always belonged to The Transformers. Not long after the first Transformers came on line the planet was found by an empire under the control of a race known as the Quintessons.

The Quintessons saw the abilities of the Transformers and realized they had found the perfect weapon with which to expand their empire. The early Transformers, unaware of the wider galaxy, welcomed their arrival. All too quickly the Transformers had become slaves to the Quintesson Empire. Using the Cybertronian body as inspiration the Quintessons developed the Sharkticons, simple minded brutes that served as their foot soldiers, and their elite warriors known as Allicons.

However, the Cybertronian minds yearned for freedom, and the Transformers revolted. Slowly but surely, the drove the Quintessons off the planet. Such was their desire for freedom that it still drives the Transformers of today. The leaders of the rebellion became the first Primes, and the Quintessons passed into myth, for no living Cybertronian remembers that dismal age.

Their defeat on Cybertron marked the start of the Quintesson’s downfall. Soon enough their empire had collapsed as their numerous enemies banded together to drive the Quintessons from the worlds they claimed. Eventually their home world of Quintessa was at risk of being overrun. The Quintessons chose to destroy their home world rather than allow it to be captured. Their reign was over.


Driven mad by their loss, the Quintessons became obsessed with regaining control of Cybertron, trying increasingly desperate gambits to seize control of the world. Eventually they struck a deal with the unholy entity known as The Fallen. While The Fallen’s ultimate aim remains a mystery, the goal of the Quintessons was clear. Sending in an invasion force of Sharkticons, the Quintessons began their war to retake Cybertron.

Ultimately, they failed. Faced with a common foe, the Autobots and Decepticons fought side by side to ensure the Quintessons could not restart their empire. Facing defeat, The Fallen betrayed his allies, unleashing an ion storm that destroyed the Quintesson fleet. As the surviving Quintessons fled they left their wrecked ships as testament to their foolishness in making such an unwise bargain.

Still, the Cybertronian forces were broken by the effort of fending off the invaders, and old enmities quickly tore the alliance apart. Neither the Autobots nor the Decepticons had the resources to claim the wrecked ships and so they were left untouched. Over time this region of Cybertron’s solar system became known as the Quintesson Grave or, often, simply “The Graveyard.”

Untouched, but not forgotten.

Time passed and the war for Cybertron continued as both sides recovered from the injuries inflicted. All the while the Transformers kept an optic trained on the sky, wondering if the Quintessons would return, or what they had left behind as they tried to escape the wrath of The Fallen.

The Present.

After the reintegration of the splinter factions known as the Maximals and the Predacons, both factions have found them selves with more resources than they have had for megacycles. The Autobot high command has decided to risk it’s new found wealth in a make or break mission to retrieve the scientific and technological knowledge left by the Quintessons in the The Graveyard, and have amassed a large task force led by Computron.

However, the Decepticons have learnt of this plan and committed a rival force, led by the mighty Devastator, to beat the Autobots to the Quintesson’s treasures. Now the race is on as both sides seek the treasures left behind in the wake of the Quintesson’s defeat.


Legacy of the Quintessons: Main Tournament.
- Only special tournament missions can count towards the final result.
- Valid missions must have at least one warrior from both factions to count.
- Each faction’s total final total will be the sum of all their wins, multiplied by a value derived from the Seek and Destroy/Cut Out Their Supply Lines result.
- The victorious faction will unlock the ability to use the Quintesson’s technology, in the shape of these new and improved alts**:

Legacy of the Quintessons: Mech of War.
- Competition to discover the most deadly commanders.
- Only kills landed in valid tournament missions count.
- All kill claims are to be posted in the Tournament Claims Thread (to be posted).
- All claims must include a link to the mission, plus the timestamp, your character’s name and the vanquished character’s name.
- Example: 01:14 Behalter Maximus punches Bullet-cjb.
Code: Select all
[url=(address of mission)]00:00 Your character does something to Their character.[/url]

[url=/heavymetalwar/view_mission.php?mission_id=190631]01:14 Behalter Maximus punches Bullet-cjb.[/url]

- The most effective commander from each faction will win the chance to select any alt from the rotation to be permantly assigned to their team
- The most effective commander of all will also win** a unique, slightly overpowered*** weapon.


Tournament created by Redimus
Story and Mission texts created by Kaijubot
With thanks to Mkall.

*Due to the recent problems, the start of the tournament may be delayed, and if access to the database cannot be gained within the first few hours, the tournament will begin using the old system of missions ending in '0' and '5'.*
**All prizes are dependent upon restoration of the required tools for the database after the recent problems.**
*** The name of the weapon is entirely up to the winner, and they will be required to pick it’s stat requirement. From the stat requirement, the power of the weapon will be calculated to be slightly more powerful than normally allowed by the stats. *

HMW: Smelting Pool League, round 2 signups...

Transformers News: HMW: Smelting Pool League, round 2 signups...
Date: Friday, June 26th 2009 6:28pm CDT
Categories: Game News, Heavy Metal War
Posted by: Psychout | Credit(s): Psychout

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This is the Smelting Pool League
Taking the Heavy Metal War and adding extra metal.

The art of the gladiatorial arena retuns to Cybertron as the 4 factions face off against each other in a league that tests both the tactics and experience of the HMW commanders to the limit.

Firstly, congratulations again to Symbiote Spiderman 14 of the Decepticons for being the first ever ICL: Smelting Pool League Champion. His reward will be the alt of his choice for the next round.
Can he retain his crown in round 2, or will the spider get tangled in his own web?
Only time will tell...

...but that time is now - so, here are the budgets for Round 2!
XP limit: 25,000,000 XP
Level: Seven

Everything else - weapons, armour tactics etc. is all up to you and there are no restrictions but, as always, there is to be no resetting once the start date has been passed and the game has begun.

The rules are simple; nominate a single member of your HMW team, calculate a configuration of no more than 25 million XP that falls in the level 7 range, then PM it to 'The Huntmasters' using the form in the post below.
Then, once the game starts, build your warrior and join in the arena battles posting your victories in the special thread in HMW GD and the staff will do the rest.

The closing date for applications is 3rd July (thats a whole week away!) and the game is planned to start on the 6th July.

Also, as an advanced notice, scoring will be simplified - all you will need to do is list your Victories and shut-outs gloats (when your opponent scores 0xp) and this time and we will do the rest.

Anybody of any level can join the game, even if you weren't in round 1, but if you do have an existing SPL character you must re-submit that one, you are not allowed more than 1 league minion. Then, all you need to worry about is your energon, but your faction will be there to help you if you need it...

We have a special prize in store for the winner of round 2 - Make sure you get your characters backstory in order and listed as without it, you wont qualify for the prize...

Lastly, as a final note, please be sure to send configs only to The Huntmasters, If you have any questions please post them below or PM them to either Burn or myself directly.

HMW: Maximal vs. Predacon Tourney - Round 1

Transformers News: HMW: Maximal vs. Predacon Tourney - Round 1
Date: Monday, March 2nd 2009 9:18am CST
Categories: Site News, Game News, Heavy Metal War
Posted by: Psychout | Credit(s): Wingspan

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The Beast Wars have returned!

The battle lines have been drawn and, orchestrated by the devious Predacon Wingspan, the fragile cease-fire that survived for centuries between the Maximals and Predacons has been shattered.

Which of the Beast factions will conquer both their ancient enemies and the hazardous the Sonic Wastes to take the Brightsoul Matrix for themselves?

And what of the Autobots and Decepticons? Will they just stand aside to watch these events, or have they rallied amongst themselves and prepared their own plan of action? *IF* you can follow the links, then you will find out.

Stay tuned to the Heavy Metal War forums to watch as the battle unfolds...


The Maximal vs. Predacon tournament begins today! Read below for the details needed.


Peace and treaties have been thrown aside because of the treachery of the Citizens of Chayot. The rogue Predacon team falsely summoned and then ambushed members of the Predacon High Command to renew the Beast Wars. Successfully framing the Maximals they have seeded information to both factions about a lost artifact of power, the Brightsoul Matrix, which is fabled to be a direct conduit for Primus’ power. With this artifact the faction commanders fear their enemies could easily overwhelm and conquer all of Cybertron. The Citizens of Chayot, under the command of their former captain Archistrategos, secretly intend to use the Brightsoul – along with lost the Autobot Matrix of Leadership – to revive their fallen ancestors and end the Great War.

Beast forces now line the Sonic Waste borders, preparing to plunge into intense urban warfare as they each hunt for the Brightsoul Matrix. Prepare now to fight for your faction’s survival!

Click here for Part 1 – Betrayal of the War in the Wastes Story!


Segment 1 Rules – All missions which (a) are divisible by 5 and (b) have opposition will be counted as valid. Faction winner of Segment 1 is the most valid mission wins.

Starting Mission - #51050
(approximately 12 hours from now, 05:30 AM GMT)
Ending Mission - #51850 (approximately 36 hours after the starting #)

TRACK YOUR KILLS by posting them in this thread using the following format. Make one post and edit it as you go. Post only valid missions per above or your entry may not be counted.

Tournament organizers will validate kills posted. Tournament organizers also will perform a final tally of the missions wins after the ending mission number passes. Results will only then be posted.

Let the Beast Wars start again!


This is a HMW game tournament based on the Predacon and Maximal factions, which will be run over 3 stages beginning today. It was scripted by Wingspan, based on an idea by Absolute Zero and extended to involve the Autobots and Decepticons by Psychout.

HMW: Maximal vs. Predacon Tournament - War in the Wastes!

Transformers News: HMW: Maximal vs. Predacon Tournament - War in the Wastes!
Date: Monday, February 23rd 2009 8:26pm CST
Categories: Site News, Game News, Heavy Metal War
Posted by: Psychout | Credit(s): Wingspan, Redimus, Jeep?

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Wingspan of the Predacons has kicked off the sign-up for our first big tourney of 2009, and its a battle between the Maximals and Predacons in a race to find the Brightsoul Matrix, an almost unknown artifact of great power.

All Maximal and Predacon players are invited to join in and race against your generations's enemies -
Which faction will be first to find the Matrix, and what will be left of those who who stand against them?

It all begins on the 2nd March, the day the Beast Wars will be re-ignited.

And if you are of the first generation - Autobots and Decepticons - call into your faction command chamber, as you will have your part to play too...


Power wielded properly can be a tool of conquest, glory, and even benevolence. Improperly, and the iron fist of tyranny shall crush all before it. The aim for many however is not how to wield great power, simply to wield it at all. – Cybertronian Proverb

With Cybertron on the brink of self-destruction from energon depletion the warring forces of Maximals and Predacons have entered into an uneasy truce. Both factions hoped to forgo war to give time to science and innovation in healing their home.

Two centuries later the peace has amounted to little more than a temporary cease fire. The lofty hopes for peace were never realized. Cybertron is still deprived of its needed energy because neither of the two factions trusted the other enough to ignore potential conflict and make real efforts to healing their home.

Now tensions between their respective high commands over the lack of progress have lead to border skirmishes as tests to the enemies readiness. The battles have been lopsided, favoring one faction or the other, with rare demonstrations of the real force either side can offer. As the borders have continually grown more hostile and full war seems imminent all hopes to heal Cybertron seem lost.

One rogue collection of Predacons has quietly observed this change and is now choosing to take action. They have unearthed legends of a lost artifact in the Sonic Wastes of untold raw power, the Brightsoul Matrix, which could change all balances in the fight for Cybertron. With world-wide conflict already about to break out they are choosing to instigate the war now. The Beast forces will clash first in the Sonic Wastes and both Maximal and Predacon teams will have to choose – will they enter the region of Stanix and risk going permanently offline or will they allow unmeasured power fall into enemy hands?

Beast Warriors, choose now! Signup here for the Maximal vs. Predacon Tournament: War in the Wastes!


Click here for the Prologue of the tournament story.
Click here for the Tournament Rules and discuss..

Tournament Day 1 - March 2nd, 2009

Post here with your team link and signup! All signups must be posted by March 1st, 2009, 23:59 GMT.

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