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Top 5 Same-Sex Transformers Couples

Transformers News: Top 5 Same-Sex Transformers Couples
Date: Sunday, June 6th 2021 5:59pm CDT
Categories: Site Articles, Editorials, Top Lists
Posted by: Tigerhawk7109

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Every month now, brings you a Top 5 list related to all things Transformers written by me, your fellow editor or a guest. These are our opinions (just like movie or game reviews hosted by sites are still just the opinion of one person) so what matters most is what you guys think of the topic or list, and I hope to see your own lists or comments on omissions and ranking. Let's have fun! All previous lists can be found here.

Top 5 Same-Sex Transformers Couples

Happy Pride month, everybody! My name is Tigerhawk7109. I’ve been on the forums for about two years now. And, this week, I’ll be bringing you a special Pride-themed list. Before we begin, though, let me set one major rule: canon pairings only. As much as I stan ships like AlphaRoad, they’re not official. Also, major spoiler warning for More Than Meets the Eye and Lost Light ahead. And please remember that the use of the term "same-sex" is in the generalized sense where sex is used to refer to gender quite often. Now, without further ado, let’s get into it!

5: Knock Out and Breakdown

Knock Out, the slick Decepticon medic, was far and away the breakout character of Transformers: Prime. He was suave, he was extremely vain, and he gave Autobots like Bumblebee and Arcee a real challenge on the roads. His partner-in-crime was Breakdown, a heavy bruiser who filled the role of Bulkhead’s archnemesis. From their interactions in the show, many fans suspected that the two might have been a couple. As fun as it might’ve been, there was no official confirmation- until IDW stepped in and put their own spin on things.

When Knock Out was introduced in Windblade: Volume 2 number 4, he retains everything from his Prime persona except the sadistic streak. He’s a high-ranking racer on Velocitron, but nothing’s really been said that’s new. However, when Moonracer and Windblade have their conversation at Maccadam’s, the Velocitronian alludes to Knock Out having a Conjunx Endura who ‘couldn’t break Mach 1 if his life depended on it.’ Breakdown, with his bulky build, certainly fits this description. In the Holiday Special, we finally get confirmation that the two are a couple.

Because they had less time for their relationship to develop than any of the others on this list, Knock Out and Breakdown are lower in the ranking- but that doesn’t mean that they’re any less precious.

Transformers News: Top 5 Same-Sex Transformers Couples

4: Drift and Ratchet

Suffice to say, this is a relationship that not many saw coming. Drift and Ratchet are polar opposites- one is an ex-Decepticon trying to find his place in the world, and the other is a grouchy old medic who’s losing his touch. But, if you look closely, you can see how their relationship developed over the course of More Than Meets The Eye and Drift: Empire of Stone. When Drift is knocked down by a brick after taking the blame for Overlord, Ratchet is the only member of the ship’s crew who helps him up. In issue 28, when Atomizer hands Rodimus a list of those who supposedly didn’t vote for him, Ratchet reveals that it’s a fake- because his name isn’t on it. There are a number of reasons why this could be, but we’re led to believe it’s because of Drift. The turning point in their relationship comes when Ratchet attends Brainstorm’s trial. After the scientist gets away with a slap on the wrist, Ratchet finally snaps at Rodimus for letting Drift take the fall. He leaves the Lost Light in a shuttle, with a figurine of Drift made by Ten on his dashboard. By Lost Light, the two are officially a couple. Their relationship’s buildup was absolutely genius, and is one of many examples as to why James Roberts is a fricking genius.

Transformers News: Top 5 Same-Sex Transformers Couples

3: Anode and Lug

Anode and Lug were the first major newbies introduced in Transformers: Lost Light, the sequel to More Than Meets the Eye. They are a couple when we first meet them, but we also meet them when they have a pretty major argument. Anode eventually realizes that the Lug she is seeing isn’t real- she’s a mere hallucination, brought upon after being saved by the Necrobot. Using a protoform and a spark, Anode is able to essentially bring Lug back to life. Now that’s dedication.

However, that’s not the only reason that Anode and Lug are special. The two are the first official transgender couple in Transformers, and have a whole page dedicated to Anode explaining why the two of them didn’t feel right as males. This quality, combined with the real and believable nature of their relationship, makes Anode and Lug a truly special couple.

Transformers News: Top 5 Same-Sex Transformers Couples

2: Cyclonus and Tailgate

All I can say is this: James Roberts knows how to write a romance, because God damn. These two get off to an extremely rocky start. Poor Tailgate is looking for somebody to room with, and Cyclonus lets him into his quarters- only because there’s a sparkeater on the loose. When the minibot starts to annoy him, Cyclonus knocks Tailgate out cold. Gradually, the two grow closer, bonding over the fact that they are both from Cybertron’s ancient past. At the end of Season 1, Cyclonus uses his own spark energy to cure Tailgate’s cybercrosis. In Season 2, Getaway plays on Cyclonus’ reluctance to show his feelings, and manipulates Tailgate into almost getting killed. Cyclonus protects him, and is shredded by bullets. When Tailgate is presumed dead after Fangry locks him in a radioactive chamber, Cyclonus’ faith and desire to see him again causes Cyberutopia to manifest itself as the Afterspark. These two have so much development, and have so much love between them- except Cyclonus’ pride keeps him from saying the Big Three Words until Lost Light issue 16. Caught in the middle of this romance is Whirl, who slowly pushes the two into revealing their feelings for each other. That comedic plot point alone is just fantastic.

Transformers News: Top 5 Same-Sex Transformers Couples

1: Chromedome and Rewind

You all saw this coming. Chromedome and Rewind have the single-most developed relationship in all of Transformers history. They don’t just top a list of same-sex couples- these two would top a list of all couples. From the very first issue, we see them fight and make up, like a real couple. The two are very obviously lovey-dovey with each other. However, it’s not until after Rewind sacrifices himself to get Overlord off the ship that he finally says ‘I love you.’ Heartbroken, Chromedome locks himself in his quarters and plays his husband’s final message, a composition of footage recorded by Rewind himself, over and over again. However, the two get a second chance when Megatron discovers a quantum duplicate Lost Light, with Rewind the only survivor. Seeing as he is the same, yet different, from Chromedome’s Rewind, the two get off to a less-than perfect start. Their love eventually grows back to what it once was- to the point where Chromedome almost kills himself to bring Dominus Ambus, Rewind’s old Conjunx, back from his lobotomized state as ‘The Pet.’ Instead of bringing Dominus back, Rewind severs Chromedome’s arm, keeping him alive at the cost of his former husband. There are no other words to describe just how deep their relationship runs.

Transformers News: Top 5 Same-Sex Transformers Couples

Honourable mention: If there was one other couple I need to make mention of, it’s Tigatron and Airazor- specifically from the Japanese dub of Beast Wars. Airazor was male in Japan, which was all well and good for the most part. But when the obvious affection between the two blossomed into romance, they inadvertently became the first gay couple in Transformers history.

What do you guys think of this list? Got a couple you think should be on it? Sound off in the Energon Pub forums. For now, this is Tigerhawk7109, signing off.

We thank @LostVelocitron for the thumbnail art.

Transformers Beast Wars #4 Review

Transformers News: Transformers Beast Wars #4 Review
Date: Thursday, June 3rd 2021 9:49pm CDT
Categories: Comic Book News, Reviews, Site Articles
Posted by: william-james88

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A Formal Request
A Review of Beast Wars #4

While the issue came out last week, we were only able to review it now. Only Spoilers ahead.

Transformers News: Transformers Beast Wars #4 Review

I will start by saying that as with the previous issues, I did not find this to be all that good. It was not terrible, but there was very little in it that I found worthwhile to recommend to any Beast Wars or Transformers fan.

I had found this comic series' version of Dinobot's rebellion against the Predacons to be an unwelcome change from the original idea that he is a Predacon that chooses to team with the Maxmimals more out of hatred/rivalry against Megatron and slowly leans into their ideals. Instead, here, he really is just one note. Like to a T, as you can read in the panel below. If you are wondering if there is a lead up to that panel in this comic, not really. It's like it was written by a kid. "I like honour, but my colleagues who are known to be murderous phychos don't seem to have any, maybe you do. So can I join?". This is beyond amateurish. And a formal request no less, my good sir. Is Dinobot a warrior or a senior asking a father if he can take his daughter to prom?

Transformers News: Transformers Beast Wars #4 Review

I did like some of the writing. Optimus has a nice moment of characterization here. As I had previously said, I don't mind changes if they make it worth my time. This version of Optimus is different and they have fun with it. I'm here for that. I would of course prefer that he only use his pop up forearm weapons in robot mode since him doing it in beast mode makes my eyes twitch, but that's just me.

After 4 issues, you'd think it would be best to just accept the art, but it is damn hard. There are shots that just highlight how odd the style is. Like this Megatron shot were his legs just go for miles. Plus I really could do without that underbite in the T-Rex head. These stylistic elements just undo any threat or presence he may have. And Nyx's Bat face is just really ugly and jarring as you can see from the picture I posted at the top.

Transformers News: Transformers Beast Wars #4 Review

That isn't my biggest problem with the art in this issue though, we get some really messed up scale. A big chunk of the issue is dedicated to a confrontation with a seemingly alien beast (so, are we not on Earth? We'll see) and it's size compared to the bots changes from panel to panel. It seems colossal when fighting Nyx but Dinobot looks even bigger than it in another panel. Yet, while Nyx is small, Dinobot doesn't tower over her like the beast did.

Transformers News: Transformers Beast Wars #4 Review

Transformers News: Transformers Beast Wars #4 Review

Look, if anyone out there likes this book then I am glad. It means this book found an audience. It just didn't find it with me so far. In the end, it's just average with very little to offer me.

:rodimusstar: :rodimusstar: :rodimusstarhalf: out of
:rodimusstar: :rodimusstar: :rodimusstar: :rodimusstar: :rodimusstar:

This issue is out now, and you can pick it up at the eBay store or at your local shop, check here to find the closest shop to you.

Top 5 Worst IDW Transformers Stories

Transformers News: Top 5 Worst IDW Transformers Stories
Date: Sunday, April 4th 2021 12:44am CDT
Categories: Site Articles, Editorials, Top Lists
Posted by: Kurona

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Every month now, brings you a Top 5 list related to all things Transformers written by me, your fellow editor, or a guest. That's the case this month where fellow Seibertronian Kurona wrote this list. These are our opinions (just like movie or game reviews hosted by sites are still just the opinion of one person) so what matters most is what you guys think of the topic or list, and I hope to see your own lists or comments on omissions and ranking. Let's have fun! All previous lists can be found here.

Top 5 Worst IDW G1 Transformers Stories

For many years, the IDW Generation One comics have been a gift to its readership. Entertaining battles and interesting new spins on old characters are a standard of any good Transformers series; but the IDW comics stand out in particular for being aimed at an older audience than usual - hence we've been challenged with darker material, philosophical questions, political allegories and deep character studies the likes of which we have never had in the franchise before. Among all this sophistication, however, it's sometimes easy to forget that the company has unfortunately put out some very, very bad stories in its time. Let's count down what are arguably the 5 worst IDW Transformers stories!

5. Combiner Wars

As time has gone on, my opinion on this crossover has lightened up a bit as it does have quite a few good points. We have some fantastic action courtesy of a very unique style of combiner battles, we get to see Starscream's political machinations behind the scenes continue to wreak havoc on society, and this arc did provide the true beginning to the Colony Worlds story that makes the Windblade books and Till All Are One so good.

Transformers News: Top 5 Worst IDW Transformers Stories
Neither did most the comic, Superion

However, these are not enough to save this crossover - only enough to put it at the top of the list rather than the bottom. This was a scary event from the outset as it put interference from Hasbro at an all-new high - while IDW did advertise some of Hasbro's Universe/Generations toys before, generally it was at a much lower rate compared to the usual amount of salesmanship Transformers fans are used to and they were allowed to continue their stories with only a couple new bodies or background characters to show for it. However, Combiner Wars saw fit to shove in as many toys as it could at an alarming rate, even to the expense of interesting concepts like the Prowl-controlled Devastator getting shelved for the sake of showing off the new £150 Titan-Class toy. An attempt at focus in the storyline seems evident but we can barely keep up as the titular gestalt scuffles rage not once, not twice, but three times over the course of but a few issues when the political and religious ramifications of Cybertron coming into contact with Caminus should be at the forefront. 'Combine' that with an unprecedented amount of scripting and art errors and it's easy to see why many fans at the time took to calling this the worst arc of the post-Death of Optimus Prime era.
- Kurona

4. Infestation

This is a bit odd because it technically isn't a Transformers story - well, it is, but the actual Transformers part is just one aspect of it. The actual story is based around, as far as I can tell, two of IDW's original franchises - CVO: Covert Vampire Operations and Zombies vs. Robots. A prelude of multiversal nonsense has zombies invade multiple universes in what was at the time billed as the biggest crossover event of IDW as a company, with zombies infesting various of their licensed universes - G.I. Joe, Ghosbusters, Star Trek and, of course, Transformers. This isn't the first time IDW Transformers has done a cross-continuity crossover, but it is notable for being the only one of the two that stayed canon and had effects on the universe going forward.

Transformers News: Top 5 Worst IDW Transformers Stories
Kup and Cyclonus both sum up my feelings

And as one might have guessed, the two-issue segment of Infestation containing the Transformers is pretty bad! Transformers does not lend itself well to the threat of undead flesh. The whole point of zombies as a horror trope is that no matter what you do, no matter how hard you try to stop it; it is slowly coming for you, it will get you, and everyone who falls in its path will be added to its ranks. It's very chilling, and while in recent years Zombies in horror movies have arguably not been used to their best potential - that's a top 5 worst list all on its own - it's still very possible to make them very scary with a human element. Not with a giant-robots-from-outer-space element. You can't possibly fear for the Autobots here as the best the zombies can do is weakly slap their metal before getting kicked away or obliterated by a photon blast, and even in the story Wheeljack uses their advanced technology to make sure they can't even get to the humans beyond a small portion of Las Vegas! But even beyond that faulty premise the story does not inspire confidence. Galvatron and Prowl are both wildly out of character, very weak "it's magic, we don't have to explain it" reasoning is used for the main villain to pose a threat to Cybertronians, and a potentially interesting look at Kup's mental health following Everything in its right place (a very good Transformers story I can recommend) is pulled out of nowhere by trying too hard to link the undead to what happened in his Spotlight and resulting in a rather pointless sacrifice to stop villains we don't care about from a universe we don't care about. Maybe CVO and Zombies vs. Robots are interesting franchises, I don't know; but it really had no business being here.
- Kurona

3. 2019 IDW Reboot Series

You know what's worse than something bad? Something boring. And this series is the most boring piece of Transformers fiction I ever read. At any point that it picks up an inkling of momentum, it then shifts into an all talk issue leading to absolutely nowhere. I swear I never read a comic with so many panels of Transformers just talking while walking up or down some stairs.

Here's a shot from issue 7

Transformers News: Top 5 Worst IDW Transformers Stories

Now one from issue 8

Transformers News: Top 5 Worst IDW Transformers Stories

By 10 we at least get to see some actiOH My God STOP!

Transformers News: Top 5 Worst IDW Transformers Stories

Transformers News: Top 5 Worst IDW Transformers Stories

And this was supposed to be a bold new era of Transformers fiction. Give me a break!
- william-james88

2. All Hail Megatron

Ah, All Hail Megatron. Now we're getting to the big leagues. For those that have only started reading IDW in the past few years, a quick history lesson - when IDW first got the license to Transformers back in 2006, the infamous and well-loved among the fandom writer Simon Furman was given full reign to create whatever story he liked with nothing to hold him back. And it was, in fact, rather interesting and a Transformers story unlike what we had seen before. Full emphasis was put on 'robots in disguise' as Autobots and Decepticons alike made sure to hide themselves from humans at all cost. Darker, more complex morals for the Autobots were introduced with an Optimus jaded by the war and implied to not have the matrix. Megatron played the long game with an infiltration protocol that had the Decepticons pervade a world's politics and society before destroying it and taking over. Lesser-used characters like Hardhead and Doubledealer became big players alongside new concepts like Sunstreaker being a Headmaster. This was no Shakespeare, but it was a great breath of fresh air for the franchise.

Transformers News: Top 5 Worst IDW Transformers Stories
Kup once again asks the important questions

So you can probably understand why the fans who loved this little era were not appreciative when All Hail Megatron came around. Suffering sales forced IDW to bring in a whole new direction and soft-reboot for the title as Shane McCarthy took over writing duties. So what was this fresh new direction? What wellspring of new ideas came from a writer new to the series? Well, the Decepticons abandon all subtlety and take over Earth. And suddenly have technology that in previous stories was stated to be extremely rare and lost to the ages. And then the Autobots come and defeat them. Oh, and Optimus has the matrix and there's an original character who is a samurai Decepticon turned Autobot in there somewhere. Disregarding the AHM: Coda series which attempted to patch this up - and in some parts was rather good - this plays out essentially like a bland, standard, by-the-books G1 episode or action movie with a superficial gritty overlay. Little characterisation is given or focused on beyond Ironhide's newfound want for punching everyone and everything, and I constantly ask why I don't stop reading this and put on the 1986 movie instead. At least that one had the bravery to actually kill off important characters to increase tension! Oh sure, it was purely to sell toys, but it's a heck of a lot better than this! At the end of the day, this is a story that tries to pretend it's mature and gritty but instead has no new ideas, nothing important to say, no risks to take, and comes off as a watered-down version of an 80s movie whose express intent was selling toys.
- Kurona

1. Revolution

It was a little difficult for me to put this ahead of things as cynical as All Hail Megatron, as you do feel a real passion here. One of the great things about all the creative teams on the modern IDW Transformers comics is that you can feel a true love for the franchise and the series they're writing for - this isn't just a day job for them, this is something they want to do and something they adore doing. And as an aspiring writer myself, I can kind of see how they thought this could be a fun idea - much as the concept has arguably been overdone after Marvel's movies proved it could be successful, an expanded shared universe does bring in a lot of positives. You're able to explore a lot more areas of your world and universe and focus on a lot of different things at once without getting in the way of each other all the time. Your franchise can bring in a lot of different readers looking for a lot of different things. You can have some great crossovers with some entertaining team-ups and history if you really work well at it!

Transformers News: Top 5 Worst IDW Transformers Stories
No, Optimus, apparently no-one in this comic can

But it's hard to see how one could start up a shared universe worse. I'm not entirely sure how much I have to criticise this here - of the six franchises involved, four of them have no history and have either just started up a few months prior or are starting in this very book. It... the premise speaks for itself. This is probably not going to go very well. Between having to start up MASK, restart G.I. Joe and show what exactly is going on with the Transformers; Micronauts and Action Man barely get to show up at all in the crossover while ROM does show up... and acts completely out of character in the first issue by killing someone without trying to explain why (trying to explain being something he had consistently done in his own comic up until this point) to set up artificial drama and conflict in the second. As crossovers go, this is badly thought out. While the focus has to be on some group and you can't be perfect in your distribution; you should at least try and give equal focus to each party involved in the crossover and make sure to represent them correctly. Instead we got a trigger-happy moronic G.I. Joe randomly shooting at the Autobots in what is... probably the 1,673th time in this franchise humans don't understand there are good robots (despite their predecessors in the EDC making such a distinction and going about things far, far better in more interesting ways for the story), ROM being an idiot, a bulk of focus being given to MASK characters who at the end of the day don't really contribute anything to the story, and Action Man and the Micronauts only arriving at the last second to give too little joy too late. The final battle should be an awesome sight to behold - all these iconic characters people have grown up with over the years banding together for the very first time to fight a threat none of them can hope to face alone. But the actual action panels are a mess with too much happening to make out anything that's going on - not helped by the art which is decent at best, and distorts characters like Victorion and Arcee beyond recognition at worst - and even if they were good by the time you got to Issue #5 you're so exhausted from the terrible quality of the preceding issues and trying to make sense of what I can only generously call a plot that it's difficult to feel any investment or care.

I really did try to like Revolution. I really did. And you know what? I like the shared universe! The miniseries Revolutionaries alone has proven its merits, some of the books (especially Micronauts) are pretty damn good, we've got what looks to be a decent, small-scale crossover between Transformers and ROM coming up, and despite the fears many fans had; the Optimus Prime ongoing has had minimal effect on its stories by the shared universe while the other two ongoings (Till All Are One and Lost Light) go on as if it never happened. The shared universe is working out fantastically, and if any readers left because of Revolution - something I can't be surprised by and something I really can't blame you for - I absolutely urge you to pick up these ongoings you loved again, because they're still great and Revolution has not hurt them in the slightest.

But as a comic? As a story? As a crossover? As something I can pick up to read and try and enjoy and have fun and hopefully get invested in some new characters and comics? Revolution is an objective failure in almost every area, and I am sorry to say that it is the worst story in the IDW G1 continuity that at the time of writing has ever been put out.
- Kurona

Dishonourable mentions:

Dark Cybertron is yet another unfortunate example that shows IDW sadly, for whatever reason, can't make a good crossover. It wasn't awful and I would certainly recommend it to you over anything on this list, but it was a very long very boring story that, contrary to a lot of modern IDW's strengths, required you to know a lot of backstory and seemed to exist for the pure purpose of tying up loose threads from when Furman left the series. Still, it does provide some good lines, some good team-ups (Whirl and Arcee, Rodimus and Optimus), and managed three incredible twists at the end - two of which it seemed like Hasbro would never let IDW do - that paved the way for amazing stories and have not been undone since.

New Avengers/Transformers, on the other hand, is so stupendously bad it almost got a spot on this list. I decided against it as Infestation is one multi-continuity crossover enough for the list and unlike that one, this has the good grace to be non-canon to both franchises involved. But it is still a mess. Some cool ideas like Iron Man getting a bigger suit to be on-par with the Decepticons and a neat homage to Marvel Transformers #3 aside there are almost no good points to be found here; the art isn't particularly outstanding, character motivations seem to come and go (ESPECIALLY with Dr. Doom), the plot is standard and boring and almost nothing interesting comes of the team-ups. But hey, I got to mention Dr. Doom and Iron Man in a Transformers list, so I'll give it that.

Also, while the Heart of Darkness limited series is related to the Infestation event that is already on the main list, I wanted to make special mention of it here for adding terrible art to an already completely uninspired story.

Review for IDW Transformers Beast Wars Issue 2

Transformers News: Review for IDW Transformers Beast Wars Issue 2
Date: Wednesday, March 3rd 2021 5:22pm CST
Categories: Comic Book News, Reviews, Site Articles
Posted by: william-james88

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The entire issue is discussed in this review

Transformers News: Review for IDW Transformers Beast Wars Issue 2

This issue was a series of interactions among various characters. Of course, that's what all stories are but what I mean here is that every 2 pages we got different characters talking to one another and this gave us a great sense of their relationships and personalities. It was basically a series of small character pieces all in one comic, ending with a pretty great action scene.

I especially like how different the Maximals are to the Predacons. All Predacon interactions are violent, with no sense of comradery. I loved the scene between Dinobot and Tarantulus, where the allegiance and disdain for hierarchy among Megatron's soldiers is made loud and clear. Dinobot is one of my favourite characters from my childhood and I am happy to see him interact with his fellow Predacons as an ally, since that's something we never really saw in the original Beast Wars show.

The other interaction I like is Optimus Primal and Nyx, but more for Primal's characterization. We see more of that younger and adventure hungry Primal here and how this side of him affects him as a leader. I like it. I already had the more world weary and pensive Primal, so it's fun to see this side of him. I also thought Josh Burcham drew him really well. The art will still not win a ton of people over but as someone who was not a fan, I did think Primal looked great. The simple approach to the fur in robot mode reminded me of the original toy where the molded fur detail would be more apparent at the edges. And speaking of the original toy, his transformation in the comic was a nice callback.

Transformers News: Review for IDW Transformers Beast Wars Issue 2

So, back to this less risk averse Primal, we see in this issue just what the consequences of this change can entail for the safety of his crew. It leads to a terrific scene with Terrorsaur. Once again Josh Burcham really delivers here with a great looking Pteranodon mode and some fun shots and angles, making for a very dynamic scene. I especially like the predatory POV shot we get (I won't spoil that shot in this review).

Transformers News: Review for IDW Transformers Beast Wars Issue 2

However, like I wrote earlier, the art in this issue won't change your mind. There are some odd choices, like how Scorponok's tail seems designed by Tim Burton and the lack of background in particular scenes is very glaring. The characters are expressive though, and the scenes are dynamic. So I choose to take the good and leave the bad. You do you.

Transformers News: Review for IDW Transformers Beast Wars Issue 2

We also get a small taste of the VOK and I am fine seeing them this early. We get a sense of all the players being brought to the table. I was never a fan of the VOK, they always felt anticlimactic to me in the original show, so I'll wait to pass judgement until I see more. At least their appearance this early already avoids the anti climax the show gave us when we found out what they really looked like.

Overall, I preferred this issue to the first, I really loved the character interactions. If you liked the characters from the original, especially the Predacons, then I recommend you check this out.

:rodimusstar: :rodimusstar: :rodimusstar: :rodimusstarhalf:
out of
:rodimusstar: :rodimusstar: :rodimusstar: :rodimusstar: :rodimusstar:

Seibertron's 2020 Year End Review

Transformers News: Seibertron's 2020 Year End Review
Date: Saturday, January 2nd 2021 1:41am CST
Categories: Site Articles, Editorials
Posted by: william-james88

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Seibertron's 2020 Year End Review

On this glorious 1st of January 2021, we said goodbye to 2020 and while there are no wishes of faring well to that year, it did give us quite a bit of Transformers product. Gone are the years of just one line on the shelves to support whatever show is on, we had several lines celebrating current and past Transformers eras. This year gave us an Arcee for every line as well as the best deluxe Bumblebee figures (plural), among a myriad of other toys, and now we look back on all of that. Please share us your thoughts with what your picks would be for each category.

Best Cyberverse toy

Deluxe Thunderhowl. Unique transformation and weapon storage in wolf mode. - Bounti76

Ultra Rack'n'Ruin. I haven't had much experience with the Cyberverse figures, but I did get to play with a fellow collector's Rack'n'Ruin figure earlier this year. It's got some fun play gimmicks, but the obvious draw is that this is the first toy version of the character, though the Cybertron redesign does differ quite a bit from the original G1 character model. Here's hoping we get a repaint of Earthrise Doublecrosser as Rack'n'Ruin at some point!-Wolfman Jake

Deluxe Arcee. Arcee was a super fun character on the show, especially thanks to VA, Jaime Lamchick, and the toy conveys her lax and gunslinging personality well. With the other crappy Arcee toys this year, having one with a manageable (and actually accurate!) backpack, along with other pros, this one easily takes the cake. Greatly posable, real dynamic, and hey, she comes with an actually useful Maccadam part (hammer)! -notsoalex

Tiny Turbo Changers Sharkticon/the Sharkticons from that one set with black one-step Rodimus. They are just too adorable for words. It's too bad Tiny Turbo Changers badically don't exist in America anymore, as this means troopbuilding opportunities are limited. -ScottyP

I really like deluxe Arcee. The alt mode is a really cute take and the robot mode is very show accurate, right down to how the backpack looks. - William-james88

Hard to call between Ultra Class Thunderhowl and...Actually, scratch that, I'm just calling it for Thunderhowl! -ZeroWolf

Transformers News: 2020 Year End Review

Best Studio Series toy

Tie between Devastator as a whole, and the Chromia, Elita-1, and Arcee 3 pack. Hasbro showed us that at the complete opposite ends of the scale, they can do well engineered toys. Plus we FINALLY get movie Elita-1 in her proper altmode. - Bounti76

Leadfoot. This guy has been a long time coming. The original Deluxe Leadfoot figure's release was cancelled in most markets, so there was no way to complete the Wrecker trio at that scale unless you imported the scarce Takara Tomy version. More importantly, the figure is well designed, fun to transform, armed to the teeth, and oozing with "Nascar" charm. Although pre-order quantities were limited for this Target exclusive in the U.S., Studio Series Leadfoot was a rare success story in brick-and-mortar availability, unlike many other Transformers retailer exclusives this year. -Wolfman Jake

Devastator. This one might be cheating, but Hasbro released it as one boxset so it's one toy in my book! Absolute behemoth comprised of multiple great toys on their own. He feels like an event or a spectacle. It's amazing we finally have an awesome toy of this big action set-piece from a crap movie. No mark against the toy, this set is amazing, with a giant combined robot mode! -notsoalex

Overload. Even if the combiner is ugly as sin, the Devastator journey is finally over and the individual robots we got out of it all rock. -ScottyP

Got to be Devastator, a true beast of a combiner. -ZeroWolf

Movie 1 Megatron for me. I remember loathing the original toy from 2007, and disliking the design in general, which I have adressed in my top 5 worst lists. Hasbro really went out of their way here to give us an involved transformation with distinctive looks for both modes and they didn't cheap out on the paint. -william-james88

Transformers News: 2020 Year End Review

Best Earthrise toy

Deluxe Cliffjumper. Even though the figure is small, he's got some amazing engineering and fantastic paint- almost all the Red seen on him is paint. Mini-Masterpiece indeed. - Bounti76

Scorponok. It's boring to pick the Titan, but Scorponok is outstanding and is maybe the most well-rounded, fully realized entry to the Titan Class ever. -ScottyP

Voyager Starscream. This figure has been an even longer time coming! We waited nearly 14 years for a new G1-styled "Seeker" figure. The original, and prolific, Classics 2006 mold was great, but too small. Many fans dreamed of an "upscale" of that figure. Now it's finally here, and I couldn't be happier. Starscream is easily one of the "Mini Masterpieces" that many, including myself, have been raving about since the beginning of the War for Cybertron Trilogy. -Wolfman Jake

Earthrise gave us a lot that I am thankful for but I think my favourite is Snap Dragon. Triple changers always have a weak mode out of the three but I find this one is solid all around. I was waiting quite a while for this toy (ever since Hasbro made all their voyagers triple changes in titans Return) so I am glad my patience paid off. -william-james88

Commander Class Sky Lynx. Such a fun toy, nothing complicated, satisfying joints and transformation, looks great in all its modes (along with a base mode that isn't terrible), and it's friggin' Sky Lynx! He is the best. -notsoalex

Has to be his magnificence, Sky Lynx. A fantastic update. -ZeroWolf

Transformers News: 2020 Year End Review

Best Retailer Exclusive

Night Club Dance-frenzy Rung. It even included a bonus Ultra Magnus accessory! -ScottyP

Netflix Soundwave. He is amazingly well done, and finally turns into his G1 altmode. And though I'm a sucker for toy accuracy, I love that he has his red visor. - Bounti76

Walmart Netflix War for Cybertron Trilogy Bumblebee. This little guy is a big deal. Many fans anticipated an eventual Bumblebee redeco of Earthrise Cliffjumper, himself a very satisfying figure, but no one could guess that Hasbro would get the license to use the classic G1 Volkswagen Beetle! This is the BEST iteration of G1 Bumblebee we've gotten in a mass-market modern Transformers line, and to think, this time Bumblebee is the redeco and retool! Again, this is a "Mini Masterpiece" of a figure, right down to the real world vehicle mode details. -Wolfman Jake

Hasbro finally released Prime Breakdown. FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and he comes with jet vehicon, another toy they never released? Well, I won't say no. -william-james88

Pulse exclusive War for Cybertron Trilogy Deluxe Centurion Drone. The Brunt mold is easily the best Siege Weaponizers in my opinion and having the toy in nicer colors is, well, nice. It is good to see the robot mode in the ACTUAL colors it was made for, y'know? Not only is the toy great, but the accessory pack is also great fun. Some of it is a bit... useless to me, but others really help enhance their respective toy. -notsoalex

The Pulse Exclusive 10th Anniversary Prime Jet Vehicon and Breakdown Boxset, a very nice surprise for once! -Zerowolf

Transformers News: 2020 Year End Review

Best redeco/retool

With Piranacon, we finally got the last of the Scramble City style combiners. The level of deco and paint on these figures is insane, Skalor/Gulf in particular. The figures are great on their own, but then combined into Piranacon, it's somehow cranked up a notch. Out of any of the CW style combiners, he just has PRESENCE that the others don't. And then they gave us Selects God Neptune out of that. The paint on that figure is stunning, and painstakingly accurate to the original Beast Wars II toys. Plus we got remakes of toys from a Japanese only cartoon. How's that for obscure toy lovers? Also, the fact that Scylla got some major retooling is pretty impressive. - Bounti76

Netflix Optimus Prime. While Earthrise Prime looked good, I was not interested in another trailer, and I didn,t like the grey on the legs reminding us all that the lower half was using recycled bits from the Siege mold with vestigial parts. But along came the Netflix release which gave me pretty much what I wanted in the first place. I now got to experience this excellent mold. -william-james88

Earthrise Optimus Prime. Yes, this challenges what it means to be a "retool." Earthrise Optimus Prime shares much of the truck bed assembly with Siege Optimus Prime, while creating a brand new mold for the truck cab, resulting in a new transformation that is even more interesting than that of the Siege version, and even more accurate to the original cartoon's stylings. Like Starscream, we've been waiting since the Classics line back in 2006 to have a proper modern update of G1 Optimus Prime. As good as some of the "re-interpretations" have been in the Generations lines, no collection is truly complete without a "definitive" Optimus Prime, and this is it. Dare I say it once more, but Earthrise Optimus Prime is truly a "Mini Masterpiece." - Wolfman Jake

Netflix/War for Cybertron Trilogy Deluxe Class Bumblebee. I didn't really think the Earthrise Cliffjumper mold was worth the asking price, but I still got his other 3 reuses at full price, no respect for myself and all that. Do I regret it, not a chance, all of them are great toys and improve upon the original, especially Bumblebee. He gets the distinction of turning into the first licensed vehicle in years (or maybe the first in general?), at least for mainline-ish G1-update toys. Excellent 70's Volkswagen Beetle mode and an extremely fun robot mode. Sweet boy. -notsoalex

Super Megatron elevates the TR Galvatron mold to an amazing level and accomplishes some crazy feats along the way. Never thought we'd see this toy but I'm so glad we did -ScottyP

Netflix Transformers War for Cybertron Spoiler Pack 2# Nemesis Prime. The choice to use the Siege Prime mold with the trailer was inspired, meaning that Nemesis owns the mold for himself. -Zerowolf

Transformers News: 2020 Year End Review

Best Masterpiece toy

Mp-50 Tigatron is the standout. I really love how massive that toy is and how we get a similar looking robot mode to Cheetor's (as it should be) but a totally different transformation. I am really happy Takara did not go the easy way out on this one. william-james88

MPM Ratchet. It only took 13 years to get a decent, screen accurate version of Ratchet, and kibble in altmode aside, it was worth the wait. - Bounti76

MP-50 Tigatron, almost by default! It was a slow year for Masterpiece with most of the releases being repaints. MPM's entries were both ok and Lio Convoy was fun, but Tigatron delivered in every way for me. A complex but not impossibly so transformation, excellent sculpting and a heavy dose of presence make this the real Tiger King. -ScottyP

Transformers News: 2020 Year End Review

Best piece of Transformers Media

Transformers: Galaxies comic. I wish this was an ongoing series, because I find it much more engaging and interesting than the main series. - Bounti76

War for Cybertron Trilogy - SIEGE. I liked it. Ditto with EARTHRISE. - Wolfman Jake

Cyberverse Chapter 3/Bumblebee Cyberverse Adventures. Woof, what an exciting journey from beginning to end. I forgot what it felt like to have good on-screen Transformers media! IDW2 narrowly made it, but I had to lend it to Cyberverse, especially season 3. This "Chapter" blew me away with a fun team dynamic, actual stakes with threatening villains, great dialogue and storytelling, and an all-around fun time. Looking forward to the Cyberverse TV movies! -notsoalex

Cyberverse Season 3 and nothing else even came to mind. This is possibly the only highlight in an extremely bad year for storytelling in the Transformers universe. Honorable mention to the Transformers manga volumes from Viz as the other bright spot in our darkest hour. -ScottyP

Has to be Transformers Cyberverse Season 3, it upped the ante significantly, and proved that Cyberverse was far from what first impressions made of it. -ZeroWolf

Cyberverse season 3 was a blast. That first half was excellent with a really great take on Hot Rod becoming the hero in the most organic way we have ever seen in Transformers media. I know a lot of fans have been asking for a reboot of G1 and this is it. Plus, since it's a kids show (just as G1 was), it's a great way to introduce your passion to your kids. -william-james88

Transformers News: 2020 Year End Review

Best TF toy aimed specifically for children

Cyberverse Clobber. Her transformation is both interesting enough for adults, and easy enough for kids. Plus, I always enjoy fembots who don't look typically feminine. - Bounti76

Cyberverse 1-Step Whirl. This was a hard one as I don't own many easy-to-transform toys, so I chose the only one I own, but it is a really good one. Whirl then, it's a shame his last toy was just fine, not really scratching that MTMTE itch, and surprisingly, this 1-Step does! Cyberverse Whirl himself is a fun guy, thanks to the voice-work of Jeremy Levy, and the toy brings that light hearted-ness! Fun and addictive transformation, certainly a good pick-up. -notsoalex

Cyberverse Battle Call Optimus Prime. I would have loved this to pieces when I was 6. -ScottyP

Rescue Bots Dragster Chase, i will let this picture speak for itself. -william-james88

Transformers News: 2020 Year End Review

Worst Transformers Toy of the Year

Any Micromaster. They have extremely limited articulation, limited usability, and they took up peg space that could have been better utilized. The only exception is Blast Master and Fuzer, and only because of their very cool combined mode. - Bounti76

Earthrise Arcee. It's bad, folks. It's better as Netflix Elita One, despite the new shoulder clearance issues introduced with that remold, since it's at least painted adequately. Arcee doesn't even have her face painted to contrast with her white helmet. Even Lifeline, the Paradron Medic, got that much.
- Wolfman Jake

Earthrise Arcee/Netflix Elita 1- these two can share the award, and I just can't square the circle that these were from the same designers as all the other Earthrise toys. Better Arcee toys exist in the Deluxe Class, and no doubt will in the future. -ZeroWolf

Earthrise Quintesson Judge. I don't own the exact toy, I own the superior colored and also pre-assembled WFC Pit of Judgement Judge, though flavoring in what others have said, the Earthrise Judge is not a good toy! I understand the toy isn't supposed to do much, it's a Quintesson Judge, some goofy design that isn't Really Anything after-all, but what they chose to do with it is... boggling. Too much partforming and balancing pieces onto other pieces, and it doesn't even look good! Just keep it in the Judge mode, yeah, at least, IF you can. The horror stories about those faces, yeesh. Feel bad for the folks that spent a ton of time into a toy that comes out as just ok-to-bad. Also, was it asking too much to have all of the faces have moving mouths? I guess so! -notsoalex

Earthrise Arcee for being an action figure strapped to the flimsy shell of a space car. Arcee is a wonderful character but this toy was terrible. -ScottyP

Netflix Elita 1. I know people say it has the better deco but it adds an extra annoyance of limited posing due to remolded shoulders, making a really bad toy become even worse. -william-james88

Transformers News: 2020 Year End Review

Comic Reviews for TF vs Terminator #3, TF '84: Secrets and Lies #2 and TF / My Little Pony: Friendship in Disguise! #1

Transformers News: Comic Reviews for TF vs Terminator #3, TF '84: Secrets and Lies #2 and TF / My Little Pony: Friendship in Disguise! #1
Date: Wednesday, August 19th 2020 8:03pm CDT
Categories: Comic Book News, Reviews, Site Articles
Posted by: Tigertrack

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Happy comic book day everyone!

We just wanted to remind you that there is a great variety of comics fiction to be consumed coming out this week (and one from previous weeks).

Transformers News: What's New in Comics This Week? August 19th, 2020

Just in case you missed it, ScottyP reviews the Transformers Rise of the Decepticons Issue #22.

Also coming available this week, Transformers Vs. The Terminator Issue #3 (mini-review by williamjames)

A lot has happened since the first issue was released for Terminator Vs Transformers 1 but the main things in relation to this books as that since then I watched Terminator Dark Fate and Netflix's Siege series. Both left me underwhelmed. They were both trying something new but also failing at it. Transformers vs Terminator 3 acts as a palette cleanser to both of those by being a fun retelling of the first episodes of the G1 Cartoon and adding the Terminator to it. Everything you'd want as a G1 fan is here including a fight between Optimus and Megatron using their respective energon weapons. And there are transformations aplenty. Everyone feels on point, especially Optimus who is truly the Optimus of yore. It was impossible not to hear Cullen's voice, as it was in the 80s, while reading this comic. All the classic lines are said, and while I didn't need them there, I didn't mind. They at least fit with the G1 pastiche the author is going for. I also really like the fact that the cast is much smaller than other Transformers comics and the Siege show. It makes for a more focused story. Then again, smaller casts on both sides, and one side being warriors while the other one is scientists really speaks to me as a big Beast Wars fan. It's a good formula.

Transformers News: What's New in Comics This Week? August 19th, 2020
It's basically a greatest hits album

This issue also reminded me of how much of a failure All Hail Megatron was. In just a few panels, this issue shows us just how easy the Decepticons could take over if they were unopposed and we see the destruction and death they cause, something lacking from the actual story of Megatron taking over Earth unopposed. As for the Terminator angle, it was most present at the cliffhanger and while I am impressed at Starscream's genius, it isn't clear how he arrives at his conclusions. I did like the interactions between the Terminator and Arcee.

Speaking of Arcee, she is given a nice new alt mode and Alex Milne has a field day with how it integrates into her robot mode, creating a similar silhouette. I like Milne's art for the most part though I do really miss the cleanliness from his MTMTE days. He adds a lot of lines here to add shadow (like cross hatching without the cross effect) but I don't think it works with the colourist's attempt to show that shadow by using a darker colour. Hand drawn shading is meant to be used to differentiate light and dark against the same colour, so using a darker colour for the shaded parts just makes everything much darker than it needs to be. Still, that doesn't detract from some really mouth watering splash pages. Overall, not only did I enjoy this issue but it's something I needed.

:rodimusstar: :rodimusstar: :rodimusstar: :rodimusstar: out of 5 stars

Would you believe it, also available for purchase this week, is Transformers 84 Secrets and Lies Issue #2 (tigertrack shares some thoughts)

I think this series is being written for me. I’ve read and re-read the original US Marvel comics series many time, and also the UK Marvel comics series and kind of love consuming them, but they have gotten a bit too familiar, somewhat stale. This series adds a new level of detail and understanding to what previously was. It’s amazingly and lovingly drawn by Gudio Guidi to match classically created character art…even down to the color work done by Jean-Paul Bove being simpler-reminiscent of the 80’s style. Do I think it’s necessary? No. Is it fun. Yeah, I think it is -it totally immerses you into feeling like you are consuming material from the original time period. I also think it allows people newer to the fandom to experience and consume the older stuff without making commitments to whole collections, or graphic novels.

So Marvel TF readers, if you’ve ever wondered what the heck the Dinobots were doing on Earth, when they did not seem to be a part of the ark crew that we knew about (remember this is comics, so not cartoon origin), why Shockwave was not boarding the ark to attack the Autobots pre-planetfall and yet ended up on Earth, or how warlord Straxus received his new home (with a smelting pool even!), you get your answers here. For those up on current and previous IDW lore some of this is going to look REALLY familiar, something writer Simon Furman confirms in his afterthoughts.

Transformers News: What's New in Comics This Week? August 19th, 2020Transformers News: What's New in Comics This Week? August 19th, 2020Yes, all to familiar and repetitive (*clears throat, whistles*)

I recommend this comic for G1 Dinobot, Shockwave, and Counterpunch fans, as well as, fans of 80’s Marvel series Transformers (hence the title), or someone looking to dip a toe into that end of the fandom. It really is fun, and a nice change of pace from other current fiction. It includes a lot of action, ‘easter eggs’ and adds to the lore, albeit a bit needlessly...Fun, overly thought through continuity hole filling fun.

And finally, from last week, a little share about a little comic subtitled, 'Friendship in Disguise'. There's no doubt about it 'Transformers and My Little Pony' is an unexpected, and fun crossover (thoughts shared by tigertrack and sons).

Fun and friendship is the name here. My boys loved it—and I enjoyed it too). I’m a casual MLP participant, but my boys (8yo and 11yo) are much more refined reading the comics, and watching the movie and cartoons. They were surprised by the crossover idea, and immediately opened it to read when I gave it to them, consuming it in no time.

There’s a lot of tongue-in-cheek fun, and this issue doesn’t take itself too seriously, as I imagine the series probably will reflect that as a theme, as well. Plenty of silliness, and some great sincere messages as well. Sometimes characters play very simple (Windblade, Bumblebee, Optimus Prime), trying to stick close the the main themes, and sometimes they play pretty deep (Arcee). The art reminded me of the ol’ ‘Robot Heroes’ toys from a few years back working to match the style of the ponies in their world. I don't think it's 'just for kids' though. There's fun to be had here for older Transformers (and pony) fans too. Just don't expect anything much above G-rated fun (maybe a little PG). For those with loved ones who like MLP, this is a nice way to introduce them to your love of Transformers, and get to understand their world of MLP, a little better too.

Transformers News: What's New in Comics This Week? August 19th, 2020
Oh Bumblebee, there's our innocent, thoughtful youth
Transformers News: What's New in Comics This Week? August 19th, 2020Yes, there's evil in this book, but it's nice evil...CUTE evil

If you want to be a part of something pretty different in Transformers crossovers, give this a try. You may be happily surprised. And the next issue features a cover with Grimlock and combiners, so… interest level even higher? Or a cover lie? I excitedly cannot wait to find out!

Transformers News: What's New in Comics This Week? August 19th, 2020

It's worth a shot on cute and fun, but not a great story, yet.

All three issues have several covers to choose from, and of course, your mileage could vary from ours.

Check out the VSD entries to see them all.

Transformers Vs. The Terminator Issue #3
Transformers 84 Secrets and Lies Issue #2Transformers and My Little Pony Friendship in Disguise Issue #1

Top 5 Best Partformers Transformers Toys

Transformers News: Top 5 Best Partformers Transformers Toys
Date: Saturday, July 13th 2019 1:03pm CDT
Categories: Site Articles, Editorials, Top Lists
Posted by: william-james88

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Every two weeks, brings you a Top 5 list related to all things Transformers written by me, your fellow editor. These are my opinions (just like movie or game reviews hosted by sites are still just the opinion of one person) so what matters most is what you guys think of the topic or list, and I hope to see your own lists or comments on omissions and ranking. Let's have fun! All previous lists can be found here

Top 5 Best Transformers Parts-Formers

Partsforming has been present since the beginning of Transformers in one way or another. It is the principle where part (or all) of the transformation is done by detaching/attaching/reattaching pieces rather than simply folding or rotating pieces to get from one mode to the next. We are not talking about armour pieces or accessories here. While most people understand what that entails, partsformers have never been fully defined so it gives me the luxury of playing it fast and loose with the notion. It is not often a well liked aspect of transforming since it may feel cheap and not as ingenious but since it has been around for so long, to various degrees, I wanted to look back on five fun toys that truly use partsforming inorder to get to the bot mode. Let's get to it!

5. Transformers G1 Seekers

While it is possible to transform the G1 seeker mold with removing and adding only a few parts, the most direct way to transform him is taking the plane parts off, transforming the body and then reattaching the parts back. The Landing gear is only used in jet mode and must be removed for robot mode while it’s the reverse for his fists. The fact that he has so many parts that come means that a wingless plain is what is most commonly found on the secondary market, yard sales, and thrift shops.

Transformers News: Top 5 Best Partformers Transformers Toys

Transformers News: Top 5 Best Partformers Transformers Toys

Transformers News: Top 5 Best Partformers Transformers Toys

4. Transformers Super God Masterforce Fire Guts Godbomber

G1 Godbomber is one of the kings of partsforming (but not THE king, that goes to the bot in the number 1 spot). There is a logic to it of course, he isn’t just a partsformer for the hell of it. He is essentially an add on to Power Master Optimus Prime (Ginrai) in both modes. He becomes an extra trailer behind the main trailer in alt mode and that trailer’s parts completely detach to be placed back onto the robot to give him his ultra super mode (God Ginrai). You would think that is enough, it is for most trailers (like POTP Rodimus Prime’s and RID Optimus Prime’s) but no those pieces also form an extra independent robot mode, which is Godbomber. And this ingenuity in reattaching parts to create three different things (robot, trailer, armour) is why this is one hell of a partsformer.

Transformers News: Top 5 Best Partformers Transformers Toys

Transformers News: Top 5 Best Partformers Transformers Toys

Transformers News: Top 5 Best Partformers Transformers Toys

Transformers News: Top 5 Best Partformers Transformers Toys

3. Transformers War for Cybertron: SIEGE Cog

G1 Cog was not the greatest of partsformers. There was not much going on for that bot with some a minimal transformation that resulted in a lackluster bot mode. But man, what an update he got. In Siege, Cog got all the articulation he could have ever dreamt of in robot mode, as much as any other deluxe class figure. But, unlike those figures, he could still detach himself to resemble the G1 vehicle modes. But Hasbro didn’t stop there, oh no. They made him fully detacheable so that his body could turn into shields, cannons and guns for both offensive and defensive configurations on other robots. He is the first of a new type of toy called a Weaponiser which is essentially the long awaited answer to fans wanting weapon packs. So now we have weapons packs, disguised as deluxe robots, which is simply awesome. I mean look at what someone was able to do with a few Cogs, they gave Optimus a trailer!

Transformers News: Top 5 Best Partformers Transformers Toys

Transformers News: Top 5 Best Partformers Transformers Toys

Transformers News: Top 5 Best Partformers Transformers Toys

Transformers News: Top 5 Best Partformers Transformers Toys

Transformers News: Top 5 Best Partformers Transformers Toys

Transformers News: Top 5 Best Partformers Transformers Toys

Transformers News: Top 5 Best Partformers Transformers Toys

2. Transformers Power of the Primes Rodimus Prime

This toy isn’t talked about much in relation to him being a partsformer, but that’s what he is and he’s a damn good one at that. Transforming him from his space Winnebago alt mode into Rodimus prime requires that you detach the arms from the trailer and convert both the trailer and the car component and then reattach it all together. The result is an imposing one. He is very solid for a partsformer and a good example of that technique done right. Sure, he could do with better articulation for his arms but I think that’s a small sacrifice for all that he accomplishes.

Transformers News: Top 5 Best Partformers Transformers Toys

Transformers News: Top 5 Best Partformers Transformers Toys

Transformers News: Top 5 Best Partformers Transformers Toys

Transformers News: Top 5 Best Partformers Transformers Toys

1. Transformers G1 1985 Omega Supreme

When I think of partsformers, this is the toy I think of and I doubt I am the only one. Unlike every other toy on this list, this was not designed by Takara and was intended for a totally different kind of toyline, hence why the transformation is so different from everything else. What impresses me so much though is that it works. This is the toy that makes you see the value of partsforming and its possibilities for fun gameplay. You essentially get a traintrack (with a tank that goes along it) which turns into a giant walking robot. That sounds like the ultimate toy, and it was to many kids growing up in the 80s. Knowing how well partsforming can work, I welcome the idea that the update we are getting this year will be similar.

Transformers News: Top 5 Best Partformers Transformers Toys

Transformers News: Top 5 Best Partformers Transformers Toys

Transformers News: Top 5 Best Partformers Transformers Toys

Honourable Mention: Action Master Elite Turbo Master

This is mainly due to the gimmick. This smaller version of Bruticus can transform from a full robot into an Cybertronian Osprey-type vehicle and the rotors spin in vehicle mode. A big part of that transformation is removing the rotors from the robot shoulders and placing them on his fists in vehicle mode. His giant sword becomes vehicle wings and also require attaching and detaching so his vehicle mode is made relevant due to the partsforming.

Transformers News: Top 5 Best Partformers Transformers Toys

Transformers News: Top 5 Best Partformers Transformers Toys

Transformers News: Top 5 Best Partformers Transformers Toys

IDW Transformers Ghostbusters - Ghosts of Cybertron Part 1 - Review

Transformers News: IDW Transformers Ghostbusters - Ghosts of Cybertron Part 1 - Review
Date: Wednesday, June 26th 2019 10:18am CDT
Categories: Comic Book News, Reviews, Site Articles
Posted by: Tigertrack | Credit(s): IDW Publishing

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Transformers Ghostbusters
Ghosts of Cybertron - Part 1 Review

“There’s somethin’ strange in the neighborhood.
Who you gonna’ call?…

More than meets the eye..."

Transformers News: Re: IDW Transformers x Ghostbusters Comic Discussion
If you would allow me a moment.

Transformers comics history is rife with crossover partners. Some seemed sensical (if not forced) and established a shared universe with similar franchises that seemed to make sense, starting with GI JOE. Then, there are those that made less sense like Visionaries, Micronauts and Rom (remember this is just writer’s opinion) -but again, shared universe pushing. And finally, there are just pairings that seem to be thrown together for pure F-U-N like Star Trek —- which sadly did not include tribble-cons —- or for the ultimate ‘what the’ or ‘what if’ factor in the much criticized Transformers and Avengers crossover. Sadly missing from the crossovers to date are some that make a little more sense like Robotech, Power Rangers, Godzilla, or Gobots, all of which have enjoyed recent revival in comics format, if not other formats, as well.

This brings us to now.

A new crossover with another revitalized and popular sci-fi franchise. One that you might not pair with Transformers immediately like a GI JOE, but one that may prove as fun as the Star Trek series was, or possibly as painful as the Avengers series. This partnership has a lot riding behind it, more than a comic crossover (which is more than what most of the crossovers can claim), but a dedicated brand-new toy of a brand new character being introduced in the mini-series -retroactively, first introduced in a comedy TV series about childhood in the 80's-, as well as, an exclusive comic con toy, and apparel. A bit more due given here than we are used to. Will it pay off?

Hopefully, we’ll find that the combining of these two popular IDW comic franchises is a fun, adventure that leaves us wanting more. Hey, with Slimer AND the ghost of Starscream, what could possibly go wrong?

Because this is a crossover being reviewed, I will be reviewing this in conjunction with D-MAXIMAL_PRIMAL (D MAX). Don’t look for a good cop, bad cop thing here, each of us will tell it like it is to us, try to avoid any major spoilers, and enjoy the fact that we have a very different Transformers experience ahead of us!


This issue opens on a familiar scene. War on Cybertron between Autobots and Decepticons.

Our introduction to the characters is very familiar generation one cartoon and comic personalities and designs in battle. Okay, looks familiar. The Autobots are taking off in their shuttle, and the Decepticons are getting ready to pursue in the ever familiar ‘More than Meets the Eye’ way. But that’s where the familiarity grinds to a halt…(record scratch)

D MAX: I wasn't expecting the comic creators to take it in that direction, and that's awesome that they did. It leveled the playing field and set things in motion in ways I hadn't imagined but it makes sense the way that they did it. And I like the fact that they took it in that different direction.

TIGERTRACK: Yeah, the coming of the traveler from Ghostbusters -the pivotal scene in the finale of the original movie- it was cool, but then to manipulate it to become Transformers related, coming to Cybertron and the form of the traveler being what one wouldn’t first predict, and that it was picking on the cons… it truly was a nightmare! :) Starscream you imbecile!!!! Kudos to writer Eric Burnham.

Transformers News: Re: IDW Transformers x Ghostbusters Comic Discussion

Are you wondering if the rest of the issue and series will be as impressively and thoughtfully planned? Me too.

Act 2 Takes us aboard the ark….which the Decepticons are a little too busy to intercept currently. Bumblebee, Cliffjumper, Jazz, Eck (Ectronymous Diamatron), and Optimus Prime are discussing Ectronymous’ findings.

D MAX: I am OK with Ectotron being a standard Autobot on the Ark, his science background and also the pain he feels from bots not calling him by his real name is relatable. I feel OK with his personality so far, but I feel like it will shine a lot more in the presence of the Ghostbusters.

Transformers News: Re: IDW Transformers x Ghostbusters Comic DiscussionEctotron...does not like Shakespeare.

TIGERTRACK: Spoiler alert!!!! Seriously though, it does feel like the absent Wheeljack might have fit that role just fine. I thought the name thing was somewhat fun banter to get us to understand how the other bots view Ectronymous. Sorry that I didn't know that about your name...

D-MAXIMAL_PRIMAL: Ectotron felt like from his intro on: a Ghostbuster in the Autobot ranks. He stands out amongst the bots because he really is a personality from one book displaced into another. And that is OK by me with what he is about to work with.

TIGERTRACK: I suppose he has to show up in it, or else they wouldn’t sell any toys or t-shirts. I have a feeling Wheeljack will get to help invent some ‘do-hickey’ down the line anyway. Making Ectotron a part of the original ark crew in this universe IS a cool way to do it. That way he isn’t just the Ghostbuster’s Ecto-1 given life by the allspark, or a ghostbuster's soul transferred to Ecto-1 by the same autotech that created Autobot Spike, or (choose your macguffin).

I think we possibly spoiled something there.

Act 3 took us to Earth. Much time has passed.

We’re on a mission with the four original Ghostbusters in Brooklyn. Ray, Igon, Peter, and Ernie Hudson (I’m so not good with his character’s name, but I do love Ernie Hudson! -Winston, right, his character’s name is Winston) are pursuing what looks to be a pretty seriously powerful apparition. Ecto-1 is ‘stuck’. In the shadows, a familiar face looks to acclimate himself to Earth and needs a disguise…(explore, explore…)

D-MAXIMAL_PRIMAL: As a Ghostbusters fan, I am glad to see the gang doing what they do and talkin' the talky-talk. Everything felt good and made sense, and it is awesome to read a comic with the Ghostbusters in it like this. Everything is awesome there.

Transformers News: Re: IDW Transformers x Ghostbusters Comic Discussion
Banter BANTER bAnTeR BANter (joke)

TIGERTRACK: I enjoyed this part as well. I’m not a BIG Ghostbusters fan, more a casual consumer (ie - I watch the movies when they are on). The characters felt familiar. The personalities displayed through the banter and interactions seemed spot on.

Why do the Ghostbusters in Brooklyn end up crossing paths with Ectotron and another Cybertronian? That would be telling, but ghosts and cybertronians…. hmmm….you can guess.

This issue was Illustrated by regular Ghostbusters comic artist, Dan Shoening and colored by Luis Antonio Delgado. The Letters were by… you guessed it! The famous and talented, Tom B. Long.

TIGERTRACK: Reminding people about my low level of consumerism for Ghostbusters, I did think the art was an interesting mix of the cartoon-y style of vintage ‘The Real Ghostbusters’ cartoon, but with less artistic license taken with the characters - more movie accurate coloring, costume and settings. The Transformers were deftly handled and accurately designed by an artist that probably doesn’t draw them often; although once pointed out, I couldn’t ignore the difficulty that sometimes occurred with the robots proportionality, but really, overall was excellent portrayal (especially compared with some previous crossover artists). But just look at the detail in the image below. So much in the traveler's gate to look at. The colors were done well in supporting the designs and layouts of the illustrator, and as always, Tom B. Long does excellent work in supporting the drawings and colors with unobtrusive words and sound effects that help to illustrate what is happening in the story.

Transformers News: Re: IDW Transformers x Ghostbusters Comic DiscussionIt's spelled 'T-O-M'!

D-MAXIMAL_PRIMAL: So, the art felt a bit lacking in detail for me, and some of the proportions appeared to be off. The bots feel more bland than they should, especially Ectotron compared to his toy, and the humans were the ones who really felt like they had small heads. But it wasn't bad, it wasn't overly distracting, and it still gave us a good look at what we expect the Ghostbusters and Cartoon-based Transformers to look like.

Transformers News: Re: IDW Transformers x Ghostbusters Comic DiscussionGhosts don't cast shadows, do they?

The colors were pretty swell, and I felt that they paid proper homage to the classic cartoon style and also the Ghostbusters and what kind of wacky animated world they could live in as well.

In case, you were wondering, there is a plethora of covers to choose from to most likely hit your cover collecting fancy, or if you are a completist, to spend lots of extra money.


D-MAXIMAL_PRIMAL: I think this was a great kickoff issue. It was a really fun journey, and it just about ticked all the boxes I could have asked for to be ticked in an opening issue crossing over 2 of my favorite Science Fiction universes. This opener gave me hope for a great and enjoyable series, and I could not be happier to be along for the journey.


TIGERTRACK: I think that IDW has another winner on their hands here in the ‘FUN WAYS TO CROSS TRANSFORMERS OVER WITH OTHER SUCCESSFUL FRANCHISES THAT SEEM TO BE IN NO WAY RELATED’ genre of crossover that doesn’t mess with their current Transformers series. Much like ‘Transformers - Star Trek’, I feel like this is meant to be a silly, what if, style series, with some avenues of popular Transformers lore being interestingly transformed to fit into another SCI FI world… when cartoons collide!

Can Transformers Ghostbusters pay off with something as fan-servicingly awesome as a freaking Fortress Maximus Enterprise piloted by Captain Kirk? Or was the ‘traveler has come’ part already been that pay off? I’m not sure, but I’m very excited to continue reading to see what else this crossover has in store! Thanks D Max for the banter. Maybe we can continue this on the next issue?

:rodimusstar: :rodimusstar: :rodimusstar: :rodimusstar: out of :rodimusstar: :rodimusstar: :rodimusstar: :rodimusstar: :rodimusstar:

Transformers News: Re: IDW Transformers x Ghostbusters Comic Discussion Transtopia Roundup! May 2019

Transformers News: Transtopia Roundup! May 2019
Date: Sunday, June 23rd 2019 11:40am CDT
Categories: Site Articles, Transtopia
Posted by: D-Maximal_Primal | Credit(s): Transtopia Artists of Seibertron

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Views: 33,202

After a bit of a delay, we have another round of fantastic homemade work from the many Seibertronians who give their time and effort to create some awesome pieces of fiction, art, and tutorials for all of us to enjoy. Check out what all hit our Transtopia Section in May of 2019, and let us know what you think of it all below, or in the threads that each piece comes from!

Fan Fiction
Home to the creative authors of's Transtopia

The Heist

To say the least, whenever Feedback got a visit from Crueljaw, it never ended well. Mostly, it ended in him offlined for a bit.

This time, when he booted back up, Crueljaw had left a data pad on Feedback's chestplate.

"What the frag..." He muttered as he looked at the data pad. It had orders on it for him to report to Psychout's for further information on his new assignment...




The Rough Draft

Primal was proud. Observing in silence from his quarters on-board the Axalon. Through the window, Cheetor was running drills with the troops below, evasive manoeuvres from Beast to Bot Mode and back again. Any flaring tempers - B'Boom - his protege was able to defuse with an ease that many within Maximal Command would struggle to emulate. Rattrap's withdrawal from active command had prompted Primal to consider Cheetor as a C.O. He previously believed the young Cat Bot had potential, yet had shied away from pushing him further, due to his impulsive nature. This choice had yielded such positive results, he felt a little guilty at his prior reluctance.

Movement in the corner of his optic drew him away from his reverie. Battle hardened instinct had him launch a mace with amazing speed to the source. The mace was deftly evaded by the darkness in the corner of the unlit room. Which then seemingly coalesced into the slight form of the Tri-Predacus Agent, Shadow. In truth, a deep cover Maximal Double Agent, known only to the Maximal Elders... and Optimus Primal.

Prime Effect 4

"Another great lesson you two, keep this kind of pace up and you will be ready for the Autobot Academy a year earlier than your supposed to." the tutor said with a proud smile as the pair of teenagers stood in front of him. Nightracer was managing to look like the praise had not gone to her head as she stood there in a calm manner, Orion though...well, he had the biggest grin on his face and could not look more happy. The Femme simply smiled and shook her head slightly as she looked to the ground for a second.

'I could hit Orion for being so big-headed, if it weren't for the fact he was so cute doing it.' Nightracer thought as Jetfire looked at his holo-tool.

Transformers Continuu, Resurgence Pt. 1
Josh Boyfriend

On Nebulos, Brainstorm and Arcana were explaining Sumdac's Proto-matter process. Perceptor and Zetar were spellbound. Living metal bodies that could be rendered by programming the alloys to take form. Sumdac's achievement was no small feat. This marked the beginning in a new age. The gap between biological and technological was going to become smaller. Perceptor, Brainstorm, and Arcana conversed about the seemingly unlimited uses for such a process. Zetar looked around the lab before asking. “So where is the doctor?” The three bots paused. Arcana smiled softly. “He's taking some time off to spend with his daughter.” After a moment Brainstorm broke the silence. “While the doctor is not here, there is however, someone here you should both meet.”

Transformers Resolute

Ahead, gathered in a large clearing, were over a dozen Insecti-clones. Skyfire’s optics flared with uncontrolled rage! To him, these newly minted Transformers resembled three of the most sadistic beings he had ever encountered—Kickback, Shrapnel, and Bombshell. The Seeker-turned-Autobot soldier leveled his double-barreled laser rifle and lit into the unsuspecting swarm until they were nothing but smoking piles of scrap. When he finally stopped firing, robotic insect parts littered the landscape for as far as the optic could see. A sense of satisfaction washed over him as his cooling systems kicked in.
“Damn that felt good,” he said.

Photo Blitz
This is where you can post your pictures of Transformers in whatever fashion you like.

Joevill's Photography

Transformers News: Transtopia Roundup! May 2019

Leokearon's Digibashes

Transformers News: Transtopia Roundup! May 2019

PetesSuperRobots - My Toy Photo Comics

Transformers News: Transtopia Roundup! May 2019

Madeus Prime: Autobots and Decepticons Living Together!

Transformers News: Transtopia Roundup! May 2019

Post all your customized Transformers here. Whether it's a small mod or a true kitbash, we'd love to see it!

Lego Transformer RMS Titanic AKA Titanicus

Transformers News: Transtopia Roundup! May 2019

Transformers Furai 03 Optimus Prime IDW Ver. Model Kit

Latebrus-L's Custom Corner

Transformers News: Transtopia Roundup! May 2019

Power of the Primes Rodimus Custom

Transformers News: Transtopia Roundup! May 2019

Siege WFC Ultra Magnus Upgrade Kit
Skorp Designs

Transformers News: Transtopia Roundup! May 2019

Custom Generations Bulkhead
The Cluttered Desk

Transformers News: Transtopia Roundup! May 2019

Siege WFC Prowl Accessory Kit
Skorp Designs

Skorp here is looking for some community feedback for some shoulder missile launchers for Prowl, please drop them some thoughts!

Transformers News: Transtopia Roundup! May 2019

Transformers Titans Return Hubcap custom
The Cluttered Desk

Transformers News: Transtopia Roundup! May 2019

Custom Transformers CW Optimus Prime as Thunderclash
The Cluttered Desk

Transformers News: Transtopia Roundup! May 2019

Fan Artwork
Did you create some original artwork? Post it here!

Full-Tilts Sketches

Transformers News: Transtopia Roundup! May 2019

Galaxy Upgrade Optimus as Nova Prime Digibash

Transformers News: Transtopia Roundup! May 2019

MadProject's TF Arts and Comics

Transformers News: Transtopia Roundup! May 2019

Shattered Glass Aerialbots G1 Cartoon Style
Madeus Prime

*You can also check out the Shattered Glass Stunticons Over Here and the ongoing Cartoon style Shattered Glass guys Over Here!

Transformers News: Transtopia Roundup! May 2019

And that's it for the month folks! Like what you see or read? Be sure to leave a comment and let our creators know! Looking to share your own creations? Please do! We'll be back in a months time for the next round up from our Transtopia forums!

Top 5 Best Hot Rod / Rodimus Transformers toys

Transformers News: Top 5 Best Hot Rod / Rodimus Transformers toys
Date: Saturday, June 1st 2019 12:07pm CDT
Categories: Site Articles, Editorials, Top Lists
Posted by: william-james88

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Every two weeks, brings you a Top 5 list related to all things Transformers written by me, your fellow editor. These are our opinions so what matters most is what you guys think of the topic or list, and I hope to see your own lists or comments on omissions and ranking. Let's have fun! All previous lists can be found here.

Top 5 Hot Rod / Rodimus Transformers toys

Even though he was the autobot leader, Hot Rod/Rodimus often had the short end of the stick when it came to toys in the past. It's all due to his design that, while really cool and sleek looking, didn't have enough shared elements between both his modes. He transforms at least three different ways in the original film and, unless I am very wrong about this, it seems the entire dome of his car mode shrinks into becoming his crotch. So not an easy design to have a toy imitate. There were attempts, of course, but as time went on we definitely got some gems. His evolved form, Rodimus Prime, also had a rocky start with the G1 toy but we eventually go something better, as you will soon see.

5. Transformers The last Knight Hot Rod

Ok so this will look like the odd duck in this list, but he is still a version of Hot Rod and a pretty good toy at that. A pretty awesome toy actually. I know people will be turned off by his looks but the alt mode is gorgeous (and to me the most appropriate real life alt mode he would have if futuristic cars are not an option), the transformation is smart, especially for the arms, and he has very nice alt mode integration, reminiscent of his G1 self with the front of the sports car becoming his torso and folding vertically the same way (as opposed to it sticking out ala Datsuns). I find him really fun to mess with and I think he looks kick ass in both his modes. Easily one of the best deluxes from the Transformers: The Last Knight toyline. - William-James88

Transformers News: Top 5 Best Hot Rod / Rodimus Transformers toys

Transformers News: Top 5 Best Hot Rod / Rodimus Transformers toys

Transformers News: Top 5 Best Hot Rod / Rodimus Transformers toys

4. Power of the Prime Rodimus Prime with Hot Rod

It's first and foremost a great toy with a lot of playability options. Secondarily, it can be good display piece and offer a lot of different display options, though some are better than others.
It's nice to finally have that form of Rodimus Prime in a big, chunky toy for the first time in the "Classics" era of Transformers. It looks pretty good, all told. He really looks like a viable Autobot leader. I love the face sculpt, which conveys the increase in experience, wisdom, and confidence that Rodimus Prime cultivated during his tenure as "Prime." Much of the "super armor" to form Rodimus Prime is in a darker, more maroon leaning shade of red, contrasting the brighter "cherry red" that dominates more of his "unevolved" self in both robot and alternate modes. Again, this gives a nice sense of maturity in the evolution of the character and calls back to details from the original cartoon as well. - Wolfman Jake

Transformers News: Top 5 Best Hot Rod / Rodimus Transformers toys

Transformers News: Top 5 Best Hot Rod / Rodimus Transformers toys

Transformers News: Top 5 Best Hot Rod / Rodimus Transformers toys

Transformers News: Top 5 Best Hot Rod / Rodimus Transformers toys

Transformers News: Top 5 Best Hot Rod / Rodimus Transformers toys

3. Transformers Masterpiece Hot Rod (Hot Rodimus)

He. Might be. My... FAVORITE Masterpiece yet. And I do NOT say that lightly.
Out of the box, he's in car mode. And I'm not even kidding, I just starred at it for a good 10 minutes. It's just so friggin sleek! I couldn't take my eyes off that engine block or the rear end, he looked EXACTLY like he did in the movie. I got tingles.
Transformation flows naturally and is a joy. The backpack doesn't look like anything out of the ordinary to me and neither does the chest.
What do I love? Posability is a dream. Arm cannon thingies are somehow more satisfying than MP09. Head sculpt and shades are perfect. The hood panels that become the shoulders, just fill him out and give him a real organic look.
I %^&*#$@ing LOVE this figure. And I'm almost positive I'm buying a second one just to have in car mode. - Shajaki

Transformers News: Top 5 Best Hot Rod / Rodimus Transformers toys

Transformers News: Top 5 Best Hot Rod / Rodimus Transformers toys

Transformers News: Top 5 Best Hot Rod / Rodimus Transformers toys

Transformers News: Top 5 Best Hot Rod / Rodimus Transformers toys

2. Titans Return Hot Rod

Yeah, this is a better toy than the MP, especially when you look at cost to value ratio. When I look at this toy and how compact and streamlined the transformation is, I can't help but wonder how making a sleek MP with a minimal backpack could be so hard. This toy also has a better silhouette at every angle, with his magnificent spoiler, he has his own car mode detail at the bottom of the car which doesn't look like a robot hiding, and I am much less scared of breaking him when transforming. The fact that he is a headmaster greatly helps and works in this case because of all characters, Hot Rod is the one where the alt mode's cockpit area begs for use in car mode since it totally dissapears in robot mode, like several headmasters. So its a perfect fit to have someone make use of that cockpit and add functionality to it. Plus, him being a headmaster means there is one less part to hide in vehicle mode, helping the sleek transformation and resulting robot.
I fear this is a toy that does everything so right without doing anything overly special that it may not get the spotlight it deserves and hopefully this entry cements the achievement of this toy. - William-James88

Transformers News: Top 5 Best Hot Rod / Rodimus Transformers toys

1. Transformers Animated Rodimus Minor (Rodimus)

To me, this is still the Rodimus/ Hot Rod toy to beat when it comes to engineering/price point ratio and overal style. Everything is just so elegant in every mode. Everything you want from a Hot Rod toy is there and done expertly while also adding a few details that are specific to this rendition, setting him apart. The sleek alt mode even goes one step beyond the usual idea of the futuristic car by giving him back windows as well. The front wheels hide like a charm and the effect of the continuing exhaust pipes in alt mode will never grow old. Plus we have the most minimal backpack on any Hot Rod toy. He is one of the transformer toys I enjoy transforming the most and I recommend him every chance I get. - William-James88

Transformers News: Top 5 Best Hot Rod / Rodimus Transformers toys

Transformers News: Top 5 Best Hot Rod / Rodimus Transformers toys

Transformers News: Top 5 Best Hot Rod / Rodimus Transformers toys

Transformers News: Top 5 Best Hot Rod / Rodimus Transformers toys

Honourable Mention: I realize this list only has newer Hot Rod/Rodimus toys but that is because his design is so tricky (due to having minimal alt mode integration) that only more recent engineering has been able to pull it off effectively. The other way to do a good version was to totally change his alt mode, which they did in the Energon line. I have to admit, the design is pretty awesome and the alt mode is cool. I also like how the feet are front and center in vehicle mode but work perfectly as being part of the truck. He can't pose very well though and ends up having a truncated torso due to being able to form both the pants and shirt of a two part combiner. Easily the best of the Autobot Deluxes from the Energon line, but to be honest that isn't saying much.

Transformers News: Top 5 Best Hot Rod / Rodimus Transformers toys
Transformers Energon Rodimus (Rodimus Convoy) Gallery

Transformers News: Top 5 Best Hot Rod / Rodimus Transformers toys

Transformers News: Top 5 Best Hot Rod / Rodimus Transformers toys

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