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Transformers News: Product Update
Date: Monday, November 28th 2005 10:40pm CST
Category: Sponsor News
Posted by: Alex Kingdom | Credit(s):

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BBTS News: 15% to 55% Off Sale, Stikfas, DC Superheroes,
14 & 15, New Preorders & More!

Hi - Here is a quick update from about
some new arrivals, new preorders, and a huge new sale we are running.

SALE - 15% TO 55% OFF SELECTED ITEMS! After reviewing our inventory
levels, we need to move a variety of older items! We are offering 15%
55% off selected lines. Here are a few examples, we have many more
on sale, this is just a sample - there are hundreds and hundreds
in this sale!

55% OFF: Fantastic 4 Movie
55% OFF: Halo 2: Series 3
55% OFF: Lord of the Rings - RotK - New Packaging Figures
55% OFF: Spider-Man Classics
50% OFF: GamePro Video Game Figures
50% OFF: Saint Seiya
45% OFF: Godzilla
40% OFF: Beast Wars Returns
40% OFF: BeyBlade
40% OFF: Intron Depot
40% OFF: Kamen Riders
35% OFF: Sin City
35% OFF: Sports Picks - NBA
30% OFF: Alien
30% OFF: Lord of the Rings - Statues & Busts
20% OFF: Gundam Imported Model Kits
20% OFF: Microman
15% OFF: Reissue Transformers
15% OFF: Star Wars Episode III

This sale will likely run for about a week, some menus may be removed
early. To view the entire sales list, please use this link:


STIKFAS: The latest round of new Stikfas has just arrived, headlined
the biggest kit they have made to date, the Alpha Male with Dune Buggy,
priced at $16.99. Four new Basic sized kits are also in stock
the Mobster, Delta Boy with Bike, and two cool dinosaur skeletons.

MARVEL SELECT: Two new Marvel Select items are now available for just
$16.99 each. The hefty Thanos figure comes with an alternate hand and
one of the largest and bulkiest Marvel Select figures out there.
Carnage is very well done and comes packaged with a zombielike female

NARNIA - PROP REPLICAS: The first wave of Narnia prop replicas has
arrived, we have have very limited stock remaining after filling our
preorders. Available now at $239.99 are Peter's Sword 1:1 replica, and
the White Witch's Wand 1:1 replica. Both are limited edition, high
quality replicas made by Master Replicas.

SIDESHOW - 1/4 Punisher and Metaluna Mutant: The Metaluna Mutant is
the old 'This Island Earth' movie and is priced at $43.99. The awesome
1/4 Punisher is priced at just $219.99 and comes with duel uzis,
rifle, and Punisher Skull Base.

EUREKA SEVEN: This cool figure is made by Bandai Japan and features a
cool display stand / hoverboard and also has transforms from robot to


MATTEL'S DC SUPERHEROES: This line looks to be very promising as
takes on Toy Biz' Marvel Legends line with highly articulated versions
all the DC Heroes. We have preorders up for Wave 1 and Wave 2 sets and
cases, as well as preorders for some single figures. Figures include
Batman, Bane, Superman, Supergirl, Killer Kroc, Scarecrow & More!

MARVEL LEGENDS 14 & 15: New preorders for the ever popular Marvel
series have just been added. We have set and case listings for series
and 15, and we've also added sealed case listings for ML 11, 12, and

They are releasing some of the more obscure characters in the future
as well as additional versions of everyones favorites. All cases
are priced at only $107.99 each!

MACROSS 1/60 VF-0S: Another very nice looking release from Yamato,
one is priced at $164.99 and will be arriving in April.

GHOST RIDER: New preorders have been listed for the Toy Biz figures
coming out this spring to match the new Ghost Rider movie. We don't
any pictures yet, but some of the names sound interesting: Chain
Ghost Rider, Flame Blast Ghost Rider, Gressel, Blackheart, Carter Slate
"Old West Ghost Rider", Penance Stare Ghost Rider.

IKKI TOUSEN KANU & DEAD OR ALIVE KASUMI: This attractive pair of
will be arriving in January. The Ikki Tousen Kanu figure is now in its
third production run and continues to sell well, Kasumi is a PVC Statue
release and made by Max Factory in Japan. Both are very well done and
would be a fetching addition to any collection.
kasumi kanu

Thanks very much for your interest in and be
to check out the new sale as well as the cool new preorders and new


Joel & The BBTS Crew Update - November 3rd, 2005

Transformers News: Update - November 3rd, 2005
Date: Thursday, November 3rd 2005 1:21pm CST
Category: Sponsor News
Posted by: Big Grim | Credit(s):

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-----Original Message-----
Sent: Thursday, November 03, 2005 9:38 AM
To: BigBadToyStore Mailing List
Subject: BBTS News: Laser Prime, Street Fighter, Cybertron, Star Wars, GI Joe & Much More!

Hi - Here is a big update from about a variety of great new preorders and a slew of new arrivals


LASER OPTIMUS PRIME / BATTLE CONVOY: This will be the first G2 reissue by Takara! Laser Optimus Prime is available to preorder for $62.99. This version features optimus as an tanker truck with a large sword as his main weapon - scheduled to arrive in March 2006

GALAXY FORCE & EXCLUSIVES: The very cool C-00 Primus planet figure has just been listed at $89.99 - this figure looks even better than Unicron!
More big news from the Galaxy Force lineup, we were able to secure a variety of exclusives including: EX-02 Sonic Convoy, Dark Fang Wolf, Dark Nitro Convoy, and Police Type Gasket. These were all either Toys R Us Japan exclusives, or exclusives to various other shows or companies. All were produced in quite limited quantities, most 1000 pieces or less.
We were able to secure a significant number of them, but they won't last for too long.

FANTASTIC FOUR CLASSIC: Preorders for this new line from Toybiz have just been listed. We don't have any images yet, but based on the number of inquiries we've received on this line it should be quite popular. Series 1 and Series 2 sets are each available as will as singles of some figures.

To view the entire preorder menu and the hundreds of items listed there (with more to be added soon), please use this link:


STREET FIGHTER ROUND 3: SOTA Toys (State of the Art Toys) has just delivered the latest set of Street Fighter figures to us! They have kept the same basic packaging design so these will visually fit right in with your series 1 and 2 figures. The Round 3 set is in stock now for $49.99 and includes one each of Guile, Balrog, Gen, Sakura, and Adon. The figures look great from a quality and poseability standpoint, each also comes with alternate fists and heads. Guile is available singly for $8.99 as well.

TRANSFORMERS CYBERTRON: More new Cybertron has just arrived, headlined by the awesome Ultra sized Red Alert 8 wheeled cannon truck (GC-21 First Gunner from Galaxy Force) - now in stock for $32.99. New Deluxe figures have also arrived - the latest figures now each include a Cybertron DVD.
We have 4 all new deluxe in stock: Runamuck, Longrack, Blurr, and Buzzsaw, each priced at $13.99. Also in stock in the new packaging with DVD is Snarl, Sideways, Overide, deluxe Red Alert.

CORPSE BRIDE 6" FIGURES: McFarlane has done an excellent job with the series 1 Corpse Bride figures. The set includes Victor, Victoria, Corpse Bride, Dwarf General, Gen Wellington, and the Skeleton Boy & Girl. Nice detail and they match the movie characters perfectly - sets of 6 in stock now for $64.99

GI JOE: Four new items have just arrived from the ARAH 2005 lineup. The R.O.C.C. (Rolling Operation Command Center) and R.H.I.N.O. (Rapid Heli-Integrated Neutralizing Offensive) vehicles are now in stock for $42.99 and $32.99 respectively. These vehicles are fairly realistic looking, which is a nice tribute to the early 80's vehicles. Also in stock are the two new 3-packs with comic - each set is priced at $11.49 and the figures include: Buzzer, Ripper & Thrasher; and Scarlett, Breaker, Cobra Commander.


--EVOLUTIONS: The repainted version of the very popular Clone Trooper to Stormtrooper set has just arrived and is available for $23.99 - this set features a dust/dirt covered Sandtrooper and repainted versions of both Clone Troopers - a great looking set.

--ATTACKTIX WAVE 2: Our first shipement sold out immediately and we have a much larger restock on hand now! The second wave of Attacktix features a new mix of figures in each booster box. If you order 6 booster boxes we'll ship you the full contents of a single case so you'll receive the best possible mix of figures! In stock now for $7.99 per booster box.

--EPIII BASIC: #33 Clone Commander with green paint has just arrived, also more #26 Yoda, #41 Clone Trooper, #9 Grievous Bodyguard, #54 AT-RT Drive, and a variety of other figures are also in stock.

--MACE WINDU FX SABER: Master Replicas has finally starting shipping this desireable saber again. We have limited stock on hand for $113.99 each, and more are arriving soon!

--EPIII DELUXE: Rebuild Darth Vader - $10.99, Red Clone Trooper 3-Pack - $10.99, and the Anakin changes to Vader deluxe figure for $12.99.

--SPUDTROOPER: A big batch of Spudtroopers has just arrived and they are now available for $8.99 each! Darth Tater is also in stock for $8.99 each.

SIN CITY - BLOODY MIHO EXCLUSIVE: This exclusive is from the Asian market and is limited to only 1500 pieces per version! We have both the color and black & white versions of blood spattered Miho in stock now for $16.99 and $15.99 respectively.

SLASH - GNR: McFarlane brings you a very nicely sculpted Slash figure with guitar & amps, even the tophat and cigarette. In stock now for $12.99

LORD OF THE RINGS - HELMS: The new Crown of the King of the Dead and Helm of the Mouth of Sauron have just arrived. Each helm is priced at $24.99 - we have a variety of other helms in stock as well.

DIE-HARD PALZ: Palisades has made a full lineup of very cool mini-figures from the Bruce Willis classic, Die Hard. The box of 16 figures is 'blind boxed' so you won't know whats in each individual figure box until its opened - available now for $89.99 per box of 16

ARMY OF DARKNESS SERIES 2: Palisades has released the next batch of figures in 'blind box' packaging so you won't know which figures are in the box until opening them. This wave features a few more versions of Ash and a nice variety of bad guys to build your evil armies. Box of 16 is available for $109.99

TRANSFORMERS MUSIC CD SET: We've restocked this multi-disc set that features 100 songs from a variety of Japanese Transformer cartoons. In stock now for $119.99

Thanks for your interest in - all these new items can be found on our list of new arrivals here:


Joel & The BBTS Crew

BigBadToyStore Product Update

Transformers News: BigBadToyStore Product Update
Date: Thursday, October 6th 2005 10:20pm CDT
Category: Sponsor News
Posted by: Alex Kingdom | Credit(s):

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Hi - Here is a big update from - we've received an immense amount of new items in the past few days, so many that nearly every graphic on our home page was updated! Please take a look through the impressive list of new arrivals.

TAKARA Transformers: Reissue C-372 Star Convoy with Micro Hot Rod, Binaltech BTA-01 Alert Police Impreza and BTA-02 Sunstreaker Viper Racing Coupe have all just arrived. Star Convoy features battery operated tank treads on the back of the trailer and comes with a micromaster version of Hot Rod, they are available now for $92.99. Takara's new Binaltech Asterisk line starts the numbering system over with #01 and #02, they also now package the figures in robot mode instead of car mode and each box includes a small pvc style companion figure - each is available for $57.99

GALAXY FORCE & CYBERTRON: The new GC-23 Megalo Convoy is now in stock for $64.99, this awesome figure comes with an exclusive bonus item - a metallic version of the EZ Collection (Legends of Cybertron) Optimus Prime. More GD-03 Starscream are finally in stock as well as more GC-22 Sonic Bombers. Legends of Cybetron Wave 2 sets of 4 have been restocked as well. From Kabaya we have the 'Block Armor' minifigures - which can be assembled in either robot mode or vehicle mode, sets of five are priced at $19.99. Also just listed is the EZ collection wave one set of 3 for $18.99.

MARVEL & DC ITEMS: Just in from Japan is Medicom's Real Action Heroes Cyclops, this is a highy poseable and well done figure priced at $199.99. We plan to also carry most of the rest of the Real Action Heroes Line. The Alex Ross JLA Series 2 set is available for $59.99, Hard Hero's 15" Thor Statue is $199.99 and for $39.99 we have the latest figure in the Batman Black & White Statue series by Brian Bolland.


--SOUL OF CHOGOKIN: The brand new GX-28 Blue Gale Xabungle and GD-99 Aquarion figures have just been listed at $89.99 and $234.99 respectively. As always they feature tons of detail, many extra parts and some die cast metal pieces. Please note that new orders placed for the Aquarion figure will ship on 10/12 when the remainder of our shipment arrives.

--GUNDAM MODEL KITS: The huge 1/144 Meteor Unit kit has been restocked at $99.99. The Endless Waltz High Grade kits have all come back into stock and are in the $25 to $30 range. A few new smaller high grade kits - Queen Mansa and 1/1700 EX Musai have also arrived.

--BRAVE REVIVAL LEGENDS: The first two figures from the Brave series have just arrived. Mightgaine and Mightkizer are each priced at $89.99 and feature transforming and combining features as well as a variety of accessories.

--GUNDAM ACTION FIGURES: A few more figures have just arrived, the Zeonography #3008 Gouf Custom is another cool looking and highly detailed figure - priced at $42.99. Also in stock is the extended MSIA MS-06F Zaku II for $21.99 and the Seed MSIA Strike Dagger for $17.99.

--EVANGELION MODEL KITS: Bandai finally did a new production run of these kits after a 4 year hiatus. The Perfect Grade Eva is back in stock for $119.99 and all the high grade kits are also back in stock priced in the $35 to $40 range.

YAMATO MACROSS: Three arrivals from Yamato's 1/48 lineup - the 1/48 VF-1S Roy is back in stock for $169.99 as well as the Super Parts Pack for $67.99. The new VF-1A Production Model has just been listed as well at $169.99 - this figure will ship on 10/12 when the rest of our order arrives.

STAR WARS: The new Rebels vs. Empire Battle Packs have just arrived, this cool set features Luke battling Darth plus a Stormtrooper, Han Solo and Chewy - $25.99. We've restocked six of the higher numbered basic figures including #48 - R2-D2 with sound, #49 - Commander Bacara, #50 - Anakin - Battle Damaged, #54 - AT-RT Driver, #55 - Obi-Wan Kenobi and #56 - Mustafar Sentry. Series 2 Attacktix Booster Packs are also in stock for $6.99

SCARFACE: The 10" Talking Scarface figures from Mezco have just arrived and are priced at $19.99 each in both the black and white suit versions.

We've also received Sideshow's 12" Talking Scarface. All three figures are well done and the sound chips differ between the Mezco and Sideshow versions with some overlap. None of the clips were censored so that makes them even more enjoyable.

STIKFAS: We've restocked 20 previously sold out Stikfas figures, back in stock for $8.99 are the Superhero, Supervillian, Nurse, Windsurfer, Rock Star, Pop Star, Monk, Safari, Fairy, Phantom, Pirate & many more! We also have all the November releases up for pre-order.

TAKARA MICROMAN: The latest set of figures called Acroyear EXO is now in stock for $69.99. This set of 4 figures has a cool underwater theme and all the figures come with their expected range of parts and pieces. The Batman Begins figure is back in stock for $16.99 and more Biomachine sets are available at $48.99 each.


ALIEN & AVP: Palisades awesome 19" Signature Series Alien Queen and the AvP Celtic Predator Bust are available at $249.99 and $64.99

FAMILY GUY: Griffins Family Boxed Set - the entire family & accessories

VOTOMS / SCOPEDOG: Two cool accessory packs for your 1/12 Scopedog

ROBOCOP: McFarlane's new 12" Battle Damaged Robocop - very well done

LORD OF THE RINGS: A few more Saurons and the War Mask of the Morgul Lord

SPORTS PICKS: NFL 12" Tom Brady - $29.99

SIDESHOW MARVEL: The Wolverine vs Sabertooth Diorama is back in stock for $239.99 - Sideshow won't be able to get anymore of these for us so this is the last of our stock.

UNICRON.COM: More Energy Cubes are in stock and Unicron Stands will be arriving soon.

MASTER REPLICAS: Darth Vader LE Lightsaber has arrived - $351.99. Anakin FX and AT-AT Signature Series are also in stock.

ANIME/MANGA: Capcom: Nishimura Kinu Set of 6 - $49.99 Range Murata PSE Solid Collection Set of 6 - $42.99

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check out some of the new listings above!


Joel & The BBTS Crew

BigBadToyStore Product Update

Transformers News: BigBadToyStore Product Update
Date: Tuesday, September 20th 2005 5:42pm CDT
Category: Sponsor News
Posted by: Razorclaw0000 | Credit(s): Big Bad Toy Store

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Hi - Here is a quick update from about a
variety of new arrivals and some very cool new pre-orders.


PRE-ORDER STIKFAS: Stikfas has just announced 5 new figures scheduled to
arrive in November. The largest kit to ever be released is the Alpha Male
and Dune Buggy kit priced at $16.99 and also 4 basic kits: Mobster, Delta
Boy & Bicycle, and two very fun Dinosaur skeleton kits - Stegosaurus and
Pterodactyl all priced at $7.99 each.

PRE-ORDER STAR WARS EVOLUTION: Hasbro has put together a special
Evolutions set for their specialty accounts - the Clone Trooper to
Stormtrooper #2 set features an attractive set of repaints. Pre-Orders
are available for $23.99 each.

PRE-ORDER GUYVER: A pre-order for the next Guyver figure has just been
listed, the Gigantic Dark figure is priced at $86.99 and will be arriving
in December. We've also just restocked Guyver I and Guyver II.

PRE-ORDER CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: Master Replicas has just announced a nice
round of prop replicas based on what looks to be a fantastic movie coming
out later this year. Full size Limited Edition replicas of the White
Witch's Wand and Peter's Sword are available at $239.99 and a variety of
1/5 and 1/6 scale replicas are priced from $34.99 to $39.99.
We also have final images posted for all the Weta Collectible Narnia
statues that will be coming out in the next few months - very impressive
pieces that should have relatively low production numbers.

TERMINATOR 2 STATUES: 1/6th Scale T2 Endoskeleton Statues from Aoshima
are now up for pre-order at $109.99. We have both the normal and battle
damaged figures available, they each look nicely detailed.

MASTER REPLICAS: The Anakin FX Saber will be arriving to us in around a
week, pre-orders are availalbe for $99.99!


GI JOE: The second series of vintage style packaged ARAH 2005 figures has
just arrived, full sets of 6 figures are available for $34.99 and include
one each of: Snow Serpent, Range Viper, Footloose, Major Bludd, Barrel
Roll, and David 'Salvo' Hasle. The Sigma 6 series 1 set has sold out and
a pre-order for our next shipment has been opened at $79.99. Also just in
is the Sigma 6 Switchfire Electronic Role Play Blaster - a large gun that
has a wide range of different sound effects.

Dark Ligerjack has just arrived and is available for $84.99. We've also
received a new wave of Cybertron Scout figures. All 6 of the first
figures have been restocked and new Scout figures include Brakedown,
Armorhide, and Undermine - each priced at $9.99.

MASTER REPLICAS AT-AT SIGNATURE SERIES: This monstrous replica is now in
stock for $1399.99 (the $6.99 flat rate shipping does apply within the
US!) This set is limited to only 750 pieces worldwide and truly is an
impressive item - the AT-AT comes with snow covered base and a crashed

STAR WARS EPISODE III: Darth Tater has finally arrived! (All pre-orders
were previously canceled due to Hasbro's lengthy delay in filling our
order, so you'll need to re-order now at the new lower price of $8.99)
More M-Pire Plush figures have arrived including Anakin, Count Dooku,
Queen Amidala, Mace Windu, and a restock of a few other previously sold
out plush figures. New Plush Electronic Lightsabers are in stock for
$10.99 - fun 18" sabers with electronic sounds. Also in stock are 12"
Darth Sidious, Shaak Tii, and Barriss Offee at $24.99 each. More
Evolutions sets have arrived and be sure to check out the new Clone
Trooper to Stormtrooper #2 repaint set pre-order.

is back in stock in limited quantities for $52.99 each. We were able to
take advantage of special pricing in Japan on some older Binaltech
figures. The BT-05 Dead End, BT-06 Blue Tracks and BT-06 Yellow Tracks
are now each available for the attractive price of $35.99 each. The
Transformers History of Music 1984 - 1990 CD set has just been listed at
$119.99 - this set of 5 CD's contains over 100 songs!

NEW SIDESHOW ARRIVALS: The Thing Maquette is now in stock for $169.99 and
three new 12" figures have just been listed at $36.99 each: X-Files
Autopsy Scully, Roger Moore as James Bond in Moonraker, and Subway Spike
from Buffy. Tons of other Sideshow items are currently in stock as well.

ALIEN: Palisades has just released another fun plush figure, the Dog
Alien Chestburster is in stock for $27.99. We have a variety of other
plush figures plus many statues and busts in stock for Alien, AvP, and

MEZCO - HELLBOY: The 18" Comic Version Hellboy has just arrived, they did
an extremely nice job with this figure, very impressive for the low price
point of $44.99.
The 1/4 Scale Sideshow Hellboy is also back in stock:

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check
out some of the cool new pre-orders and new arrivals.


Joel & The BBTS Crew

Product update from - includes pre-order for Star Convoy!!!

Transformers News: Product update from - includes pre-order for Star Convoy!!!
Date: Wednesday, June 8th 2005 8:54pm CDT
Categories: Toy News, Sponsor News
Posted by: Seibertron | Credit(s):

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Hi - Here is a very quick update from about
a few new arrivals and an exciting new pre-order!

TAKARA RE-ISSUE STAR CONVOY: Takara announced just hours ago that the next re-issue will be Star Convoy with mini Hot Rod. The Japanese vintage version of this item is very hard to find, the vintage department only came across a few last year and they sold for around $400. This new item will be arriving in September and we have it priced very competitively at $92.99. (The Japanese retail price is 8000 yen - about $75 to $80 before expensive shipping fees for this bulky item) This figure will not be part of the 'TF Collection' series with Dreamwave art box, but will instead be a standalone re-issue similar to how Predaking was released. Pre-Orders are now available here for $92.99:

STIKFAS: The latest Stikfas figures have just arrived and each is now in stock for $8.99 each. New arrivals include Beta Female Nurse, Beta Female Windsurfer, Glowing Omega Phantom, and Red Chinese Warrior Monk. We've also restocked the previously sold out and popular Beta Female Fairy, Green Omega Military, Black & Blue Ninja Set, Teal & Blue Hockey Players, 14" Stikfa, Superhero and Super villian.

STAR WARS - DARTH VADER STATUE: The 15" Gentle Giant Darth Vader has just arrived and we have them in stock for $189.99. We'll be carrying all the future Gentle Giant releases as well so be sure to pre-order the upcoming statues and busts you'd like.

PALISADES - SPECIAL EDITION PREDATOR BUST: Another nice Predator release from Palisades - this mini-bust is priced below MSRP at $62.99 and it features Predator ripping the skull & spine out of an unlucky victim.

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check out Star Convoy.

Joel & The BBTS Crew Update - May 27th, 2005

Transformers News: Update - May 27th, 2005
Date: Thursday, May 26th 2005 5:18pm CDT
Category: Sponsor News
Posted by: Big Grim | Credit(s): Big Bad Toy Store

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Hi - Here is a quick update from about some exciting new pre-orders and new arrivals as well.

PRE-ORDER MASTER REPLICA - EPISODE III: We've listed new pre-orders from M.R. including the EpIII Darth Vader LE Lightsaber for $351.99. New Scaled Yoda & Darth Sidious sabers are up for pre-order for $33.99.
We've also listed a pre-order for the Mace Windu FX Saber at $113.99 and EpIII Anakin and Darth Vader Sabers are available for pre-ordering for our summer shipment.

EPISODE III DELUXE - HASBRO: We've received a restock of the very popular Deluxe wave of figures including: Yoda on Can-cell, Vultur Droid, Rebuild Darth Vader and Clone Trooper with backpack. Each is available for $12.99 to $14.99

GI JOE - VALOR VS VENOM 7: This popular set is finally back in stock - it features an awesome Snake Eyes with Timber set and a variety of other nice figures. The set of 6 is available for $46.99

SOUL OF CHOGOKIN: The GX-27 Gaiking pre-order has been restocked and these will be arriving to us in about a week. The GX-28 Zambugle is available for pre-order and we've just listed the awesome GX Aquarion - the Aquarion set comes with 3 cool ships that each transform into a highly detailed robot, this is one of the better looking Chogokin items to be released for quite some time - the set is priced at $224.99

BUFFY - THE SWORD OF ANGELUS: A new release from FactoryX/Palisades - The limited edtion sword is life sized, high quality and made of real metal - priced $20 below MSRP at $179.99

JOYRIDE STUDIOS: Halo 2 series 3 and Battlestar Galactica Series 2 sets are in stock for $54.99 and $34.99 respectively. Single figures are also available.

SIDESHOW TOYS: The 1/4 Scale Phantom of the Opera and Planet of the Apes Slave Taylor & Nova 2-packs have arrived. The Phantom is priced well below MSRP at $189.99 and the PotA set is as well at $63.99. We have a huge variety of other 1/4 Scale and Sideshow items in stock.

NEW MCFARLANE PRE-ORDERS: McFarlane has just sent out the fall offeringsand we have pre-orders listed for all of them including a new license - Napoleon Dynamite. Pictures are not available for these yet, but we'll list them as they become available. All are listed at the top of this menu:

--NAPOLEON DYNAMITE: Set of 6 with several versions of Napoleon
including Tetherball Champ, Kip & Pedro. A 12" Napoleon in prom suit is also up for pre-order.

--SPAWN: 12" Gunslinger Spawn from series 27 and 12" Spawn 5 from series 17 are each available for $29.99

--MCFARLANE MILITARY: Wave 1 has been redeployed as a new set of 6 with updated sculpts, packaging and paint. A second wave of figures is also coming in November with 6 all new figures.

--DRAGONS 2: The boxed set for series 2 has been announced, this set is a repainted version of the Eternal Clan dragon and the boxed set is a limited edtion.

--ROBOCOP: This was by far the most popular figure from recent Movie Maniacs releases and a new battle damaged 12" Robocop will be released in the fall - pre-orders are available for $29.99

--WALLACE & GROMIT: The WereRabbit boxed set has been added to the lineup - we have all the other Wallace and Gromit items up for pre-order as well.

--3D ALBUM COVERS: These are 3D sculptures of famous album
covers. The first two pieces announced are Guns 'N Roses Appetite for Destruction and Led Zeppelin 1 - each piece is $12.99

NECA ARRIVING SOON: Our shipment of Sin City Black&White and Color sets of 6 will be arriving within a week and the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy 6" Figures will be arriving as well - be sure to check back soon for these.

COBALT SENTRY: We've restocked the site with a few remaining sets of Cobalt Sentry at $49.99 - these are completely sold out in Japan so this will be our final stock.

Thanks for your interest in - please be sure to check out some of the new items and new pre-orders.


Joel & The BBTS Crew Update - May 20th, 2005

Transformers News: Update - May 20th, 2005
Date: Monday, May 23rd 2005 5:12pm CDT
Category: Sponsor News
Posted by: Seibertron | Credit(s):

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Hi - Here is a big update about a ton of new arrivals at - Pre-Orders for all the items mentioned below will be processed over the weekend and ship Monday.

HALO 2 SERIES 3: The latest Halo figures have just arrived, sets of 4 figures include Blue Spartan, Special Ops Grunt, the huge Tartarus, and Ghost vehicle with mini Tartarus. The set is priced at $54.99 and single Ghosts and Blue Spartans are available for $13.99.

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA 2: The first series was immensely popular and Joyride has followed up with another nice wave of figures. Series 2 sets of 3 are available for $34.99 - the set includes Apollo, Starbuck and Cylon Commander. Also available is a Series 1 repaint of the Colonial Viper for $15.99. We still have a few Series 1 items in stock and the 12" Apollo and Cylon are in stock for $74.99

TRANSFORMERS: A wide variety of arrivals:

--USA G1 SEALED CYCLONUS: A rare warehouse find! Original US G1 boxed Cyclonus figures still factory sealed! We have C7.5 to C8 (standard grade) available for $279.99 and C6.5 to C7.5 (substandard grade) available for $239.99. Please be sure to read the 'Notes' section for further information on box descriptions - they are in pretty nice shape overall, but they are showing a bit of age, still a great piece at a reasonable price. Product removed from their website ... click here for more details!

--TRAILER FOR 20TH OP: Just Toys in Hong Kong has produced this custom trailer that fits on the 20th Anniversary Prime and can carry several BT cars. It is constructed of heavy duty plastic and matches the 20th Prime quite well - available now for $79.99

--NEW PRE-ORDER BT-15: Takara has announced they will release a 2nd version of the BT-15 Acura Integra. We previously had listed the Bt-15 Police Integra Prowl and we've now listed the new Blue street version of the Acura Integra. The name is unknown at this point, but its another good looking binaltech figure.

--MASTERPIECE PRIME: We were able to secure a small supply of Takara 20th Anniversary Masterpice Primes at retail overseas - limited stock is now available at $159.99 each and we also have the MP-02 Ultra Magnus in stock for much less :)

--BEAST WARS RETURNS: The 3rd wave of figures has just arrived - this wave features repainted versions of Beast Changer, Strika, Megabolt Megatron and Obsidian - they are priced from $37.99 to $41.99. We also have Silverbolt, Tank Drone, Motorcycle Drone, and Blackarachnia in stock from this same line.

--EVEN MORE TRANSFORMERS: These items are all back in stock: BT-13 Laserwave, BT-07 Smokescreen, BT-08 Meister, #17 Blitzwing, #13 Hot Rod, #04 Tracks, Mega PVC Megatron Exclusive, Mega PVC Optimus Prime Anime, Binaltech & TF Collection Book, G1 Transformers Book, Transmetal 2 Blackarachnia, Bumblebee & Cliffjumer Keychain set, Japanese Keychain boxes of 12, Galaxy Force GC-10 Nitro Convoy, Palisades Starscream Statue.

STIKFAS: Another big month of releases for Stikfas - These figures have just arrived: Omega Male Superhero, Omega Male Supervillain, Beta Female Fairy, Beta Female Safari with Jungle Cat, Alpha Male Firefighter, Omega Male Military, Classic Black Alpha Male Military - each only $8.99. The new Alpha Male Motorcycle kit has also arrived - $14.99. We've recently restocked these popular kits as well: Blue Samurai, Pirate & Skeleton, Legionnaire, Spaceman, Deluxe Dragon & Knight kits & More!

NINJA GAIDEN PVC STATUE: Our first shipment of these statues from Kaiyodo sold out in days - we've received an even larger 2nd shipment of Ryu and Ayane - both are in stock now for $37.99 & $36.99 respectively.

SPORTS PICKS - NBA LEGENDS: All your favorite NBA heroes in tight 70's shorts - we have Larry Bird, Julius Erving, Wilt Chamberlain, Pete Maravich, Bill Walton and Willis Reed in stock. All the normal figures are $9.99 each and we have a variety of variants in stock as well.

MICROMAN MAGNETFORCE: The first 3 figures all previously sold out and we have restocked them all - MGM-01 Achilles, MGA-01 Phobos, and MGA-02 Atlas are each in stock for $18.49. The next 3 figures arrive in 2 weeks.

EPISODE III: We had a great time seeing EpIII on Thursday and hope everyone will be able to see it this weekend if you've not already. We have more #33 Clone Commanders in stock as well as a variety of other newer figures, some with lower pricing! The .45 Scaled EpIII Anakin Lightsaber has also arrived - $33.99.

BANDAI JAPAN: A few new Gundam MSIA figures and more Kamen Rider Disk Animals have arrived. New Gundams include MSIA Asshimar, MSIA Blaze Zaku Phantom, Extended MSIA MK-II Titans Version #1 and #2. New Disk animals include #06 Lion and #07 Eagle. We also have #1, #2, #4, #5 in stock for $21.99 each.

LIVING DEAD DOLLS SERIES 9: The latest set of LDDs is available for $97.99, this is an interesting set with the highlight being the Purdy doll with exposed brain ala Ray Liotta dining with Dr. Lecter.

ARRIVING SOON - TWISTED FAIRY TALES: McFarlane has just alerted us that our full order of Twisted Fairy Tale figures will be shipping this coming week. Pre-Orders are available for this awesome set of 6 for $62.99 -


CHOBITS: Toynami's Yuzuki and Chi Chobits figures are $10.99 & $9.99 FIST OF NORTH STAR: The 200X repaint version Roah - $24.99
BERSERK: Limited Griffith Millenium Statue - $189.99
STAR TREK MODEL: 150 piece 1701-A kit for $39.99

Thanks for your interest in - if you have a pending pre-order for any of the items mentioned above we'll be processing them over the weekend. Please be sure to check out some of the new items.

Thanks again - we greatly appreciate your business!

Joel & The BBTS Crew

BigBadToyStore Product Update

Transformers News: BigBadToyStore Product Update
Date: Monday, April 25th 2005 3:04pm CDT
Category: Sponsor News
Posted by: Razorclaw0000 | Credit(s): Big Bad Toy Store

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Hi - Here is a quick update from about a
variety of exciting new pre-orders we've just listed in the last few

ALL items listed below can be found on the pre-order menu: - or by using the search
function on our site.


--REISSUES: Takara has just announced that the #20 reissue will be a
two-pack featuring Kup and Wheelie. They will be packaged in the
Dreamwave art collector box as past figures have and this set is availalbe
at the attractive price of $39.99 each.

--BINALTECH: A brand new mold! The BT-15 Prowl is an Acura Integra with
full police paint scheme, lights and lettering - a fantastic new Binaltech
that does the G1 version justice. The BT-16 Wild Laser is an updated
version of the Honda S2000 mold with convertible top and spoiler. Each
new Binaltech is priced at $53.99 and they arrive this summer

--GALAXY FORCE & ROBOTMASTERS: The Robotmaster RM-25 set will be repaints
of the RM-12 Starscream. Thundercracker and Skywarp will be packaged
together in the RM-25 two-pack for the low price of $38.99. Some great
looking Galaxy Force items are now listed - there is a heavy military
theme for the new Cybertron releases!

GX-02 Soundwave - a futuristic jet/shuttle with retro head/face
GC-22 Sonicbomber - Warthog type Bomber that seems to merge with Prime
GC-21 Fastgunner - 8 wheeled rocket launcher truck
GC-20 Packguild - missile launcher battery tank
GC-19 Exikaiser - 4 wheeled armored gunner truck
GD-14 Master Galavatron - a repaint of the GD-01 Master Megatron
GD-13 Ranbulu - very cool looking 4 legged pod robot
GD-12 Roadstorm - a Harley type road bike
GD-11 Cromia - small boat with rocket launcher

MICROMAN: Takara has announced two new small series of figures, the first
is GaoGaiGar - there are three figures in this set: Sissiou, Swan White,
and Utsuki - the set is priced at $44.99. Also now up for pre-order is
the Acroyear AEX series. The Set of AEX-01 through 04 is available for
pre-order for $69.99. We don't have any pictures approved for release
yet, but from the prototype pictures I viewed these seem to have an
underwater theme. The figures looked to be an Octopus, Crab or
crustacean, winged insect or manta ray, and a wheeled racing sled or cart.
We will post pictures once Takara forwards final approved versions.

GENTLE GIANT: BBTS now plans to carry the full Gentle Giant lineup - they
produce some great looking Star Wars busts and statues as well as items
from other properties. From Star Wars, we now have these pre-orders
listed: Scout Trooper & Speeder Bike Statue, Darth Vader Statue, Clone
Wars Animated General Greivous Maquette, Sandtrooper Bust Set of 2, Han
Solo Bust, Leia as Boushh Bust. From Harry Potter we have the Harry
Potter Bust and Sirius Black Busts. All item are priced below the MSRP!

STIKFAS: We've listed pre-orders for the new Omega Supervillian (green &
purple) and Omega Superhero (blue & white) regular sized stikfas. These
along with the recently announced Stikfas Beta Female Nurse are priced at
$8.99 each!

HIGH DREAM - CAPCOM VS SNK: The first set of 4 figures has just arrived
and proving to be quite popular. We've just listed the upcoming series 2
and series 3 sets for $54.99 each. Series 2 features Chun-Li, Mai, Gouki,
and Terry. Series 3 features Nakoruru, Haomaru, Guile, and Sakura.

PALISADES: A wide variety of new items from Palisades:

--DIE HARD - This classic action movie has received the PALZ treatment.
there are a total 14 PALZ figures including variants. They are packaged
in 'blind box' style packaging so you don't know what figure you are
receiving. We are selling them by the inner case of 16 pieces - order two
boxes of 16 and we'll send a master case of 32 - which should get you the
entire set.

--ALIEN & PREDATOR: The new Dog Alien Chestburster Plush, and AVP Celtic
Predator Mini-Bust are now up for pre-order, $26.99 and $44.99

--INVADER ZIM: Series 2 set of 5 is now available for $69.99

--ADULT SWIM: Set of 3 two-packs for $44.99 and we also have some of the
two-packs listed separately for pre-order.


--ALIEN: Here's a big ticket item - the 18" mini-bust Alien Head is
limited to only 500 pieces - and each piece will be hand signed by H.R.
Giger himself. These retail for $999.99 and we have an very small amount

--LORD OF THE RINGS ENVIRONMENTS: The Bucklebury Ferry and Weathertop
Environments are now up for pre-order - both great looking pieces from
important parts of the movie

MEDICOM: We had previously listed Medicom's 'Real Action Hero' Darth
Vader piece for $239.99. The latest figure is up for pre-order - Episode
6 Luke Skywalker - Jedi is available for $199.99. He comes with the black
cloak and green saber and looks to be quite poseable.

MARVEL LEGENDS 9: We expect a huge shipment of Marvel Legends 9 within
the next 1 - 2 weeks! Sets are available to pre-order for $79.99 each -
our last shipment sold out almost immediately!

GUNDAM: The FIX 0026 is now up for pre-order - this is the RX-78 Version
ka figure for $44.99. Some bad news from Bandai USA - they have
officially canceled the domestic release of Gundam, so from now on the
only figures available will be the imported versions. We'll continue to
import Japanese gundams as long as there is demand for them!

MASTER REPLICAS: The new EpIII Obi-Wan Kenobi LE Lightsaber has just
arrived, we have very limited stock left after filling pre-orders - they
are available for $351.99 each.

Thanks for your interest in - be sure to check out
some of the great new pre-orders above.


Joel & The BBTS Crew

BigBadToyStore Product Update

Transformers News: BigBadToyStore Product Update
Date: Saturday, April 23rd 2005 11:34am CDT
Category: Sponsor News
Posted by: Razorclaw0000 | Credit(s): Big Bad Toy Store

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Hi - Here is a big update from about a wide
variety of new items and some new pre-orders. There are a ton of new
products listed below from many product lines so be sure to check out what
interests you. Pre-Orders for all the items listed below will be processed
today and Saturday and will ship on Monday.


CLEARANCE SALE: Thanks to all who helped make our clearance sale a huge
success! Many items sold heavily and will either sell out or be removed
from the clearance menu next week, so be sure to take advantage of the
special pricing on the items that remain!


--BEAST WARS RETURNS: We were able to find a supplier in Japan for the
Toys R Us Japan exclusive Beast Wars Returns figures. Now listed are Tank
Drone, Motorcycle Drone, and Silverbolt recolored figures. Deluxe sized
Blackarachnia is also in stock.

--TRANSFORMER BOOKS: Two very cool Transformers books are now in stock -
The new Binaltech & Transformer Collection book features a ton of pictures
of each of the BT releases and all of the re-issues put out to date
including e-hobby and convention exclusives. The book also features
blueprints and schematic drawings. Back in stock is the G1 First Complete
Book, this book features pictures of all the G1 toys and provides a
variety of other info. Each book is over 100 pages, full color and is
entirely in Japanese other than the character names.

--TAKARA TRANSFORMERS: The following items are back in stock - #18
Soundblaster with Ravage and Buzzsaw, MP-02 Masterpiece Ultra Magnus,
Robotmaster RM-02 Beast Megatron, Mega PVC Starscream, Mega PVC Megatron,
JBW Lio Convoy, Re-Issue Rodimus Prime, JBW D-23 Hellscream, MD-10, BT-08
Meister - Red & White Versions. The BT-13 Shockwave Binaltech has shipped
to us from Japan and will be arriving next week along with Galaxy Force
restocks and new arrivals! We also expect to receive new product
announcements from Takara later this month - no info about what they will
announce yet, but I'd wager at least 1 or 2 new re-issues will be
announced - we'll list pre-orders as soon as they are known.

--UNICRON STAND: The innovative Unicron Stands have just been restocked
after being sold out for nearly 3 months! This stand is great for
displaying Unicron in planet mode and it also works to hold many other
Transformers in a 'flying' pose. More Energy Cubes are also back in stock
- thse are great for creating dioramas and fun scenes.

CONAN 2 - THE HOUR OF THE DRAGON: McFarlane's second release from the
Conan series does not disappoint. The boxed set features King Conan
sitting in a large throne as the King of Aqualonia. We have full sets of
5 figures available for $52.99 - the set features Conan the Warrior and
the awesome Man Eating Haunter of The Pits. These figures can be posed
together in a battle scene. The three other figures included are
Pallantides of the Black Dragons, Xaltotun the Undead and the fetching
Zenobia - who is chained to a dungeon wall.

STIKFAS: Another batch of cool new Stikfas has arrived - We've restocked
the Pirate, Legionnaire and Spaceman and listed the following new figures:
Basic Beta Female Tan, Blue, and Pink, Yellow Mechana Segmented Robot
with Teddy Bear, Blue K-9 Unit with Brown Dog, and Red Omega Knight with
Stallion. Most of the normal sized figures are now priced at $8.99 each!
The 14" Skeleton Alpha Male has just arrived - only 150 pieces were
produced for North America - priced at $74.99 each.

CAPCOM VS SNK - MILLIONAIRE FIGHTING - This is another nice looking set of
figures based on classic fighter games. The set of 4 is available for
$59.99 and includes one each of Ken, Ryu, Kyo, and Iori. The figures are
about 6" tall each and are individually packaged in a nice display box.
We'll be listing the series 2 pre-order shortly.

DC DIRECT & MARVEL: We'll be filling the Batman Hush 3 figure set
pre-orders on Monday and are still accepting new pre-orders for the rest
of our shipment which should arrive in around 10 days. The Alex Ross
Justice League 1 Set of 5 is now in stock - $59.99 per set. These items
have been restocked: Batman Hush 1, Return of Superman set of 4, Marvel
Select Fiery Phoenix & Human Phoenix set of 2.

STAR WARS MODEL KITS: These are some of the first 'glue & paint' model
kits we've carried and they have done very well! These model kits are
back in stock: TIE Interceptor, Speeder Bike, Death Star, X-Wing,
Snowspeeder, AT-ST, Star Destroyer, and Darth Vader TIE

LORD OF THE RINGS STATUES: The Seige Troll and Catapult Troll Maquettes
have just arrived and are each available for $64.99. More Gandalf and
Shadowfax have arrived - $289.99 each, and the Rohirrim Helm of Merry is
available. A variety of other statues, busts, helms, and plaques are in

PALISADES: The new Transformers Wheeljack statue has arrived and is
available for $59.99, also in stock from Palisades is the Alien 3 - Alien
Queen Chestburster Plush for $26.99 and the Predator Defeated Micro Bust
for $26.99. A variety of Alien, Palz, Muppets and other Palisades items
are available here:

YAMATO IMPORTS & ANIME: The high end Votoms 1:12 Scale Scopedog action
figure has just arrived and is priced at $119.99 - this figure is about a
foot tall and is highly detailed and articulated. From .hack//sign - we
have received the Subaru and Black Rose action figures. Berserk Mini
Figures volume 4 have arrived, we have cases of 12 figures available for
$74.99 each.

figure has just arrived and is available for $79.99. We have limited
stock remaining of the DX Magi King. Kamen Rider Disk Animal #04 Yellow
Crab and #05 Black Cobra are now in stock for $21.99 each. The DX Boxed
Mecha Godzilla 2002 figure is in stock for $69.99

NINJA GAIDEN: The Ayane vinly figure sold out very quickly and
we've just recieved the Ryu figure. Ryu is available for $36.99 and we
have a lot more Ayane and Ryu on backorder waiting for the next shipment.

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: The 12" Cylon and Captain Apollo figures from
Majestic Studios have just arrived. This set is available for $74.99 and
I was quite impressed with the quality and detail - this is the first item
from Majestic Studios we have carried.

PREDATOR VINLY MODEL KIT: This kit is designed exactly like the 1/7 Scale
Star Wars model kits. Highly detailed pre-painted pieces with a simple
assembly that form a very cool figure. The Predator 2 figure is available
for $69.99 -

NEW PRE-ORDERS: Master of the Universe Mini-Statues from NECA are now up
for pre-order. The set of Hordak, Clawful and Snout Spout are $57.99. We
have also listed the NECA Devil's Rejects set of 4 for $46.99

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check
out the clearance menu for great deals on a variety of older and
overstocked items!


Joel & The BBTS Crew

BigBadToyStore Product Update

Transformers News: BigBadToyStore Product Update
Date: Sunday, April 3rd 2005 8:18pm CDT
Category: Sponsor News
Posted by: Razorclaw0000 | Credit(s): Big Bad Toy Store

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Hi - Here is a quick update from about a
bunch of new arrivals, new pre-orders and 70 new Episode III - Revenge of
the Sith items that are in stock now!

EPISODE III - REVENGE OF THE SITH: We have about 70 items in stock and
ready for immediate shipment. Hasbro did a very nice job with the lineup
- there is a wide selection of various types of figures available:

-UNLEASHED: Series 1 Unleashed figures include General Grievous, Anakin
Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi. The Anakin & Obi-Wan figures can be
positioned together for a nice battle scene. Set of 3 is available for
$54.99. We have a pre-order up for Unleashed wave 2 as well.

12 INCH FIGURES: The Ultimate Villain Darth Vader figure is available for
$54.99. This set comes with a 12" Anakin figure and Darth Vader's
armor/helmet/scarred head come as additional parts so you can transition
the figure from Anakin to Darth Vader. 12" Grievous, Darth Sidious and
Clone Trooper are also available.

-ATTACKTIX: A new battle-action role playing game system. We have
starter sets, boosters, and battle master vehicle figures. This new game
looks like it would be a lot of fun, the pieces have to by physically
knocked down to be removed from the game and the last piece standing wins!

-BASIC: We have the first 36 figures in stock now - some in quite limited
quantities. The figures are split between Collection 1 and Collection 2,
we have more of many of these on the way and further new figures are also
on order so if they sell out early please check back in a week or so.

-VEHICLES: Anakin and Obi-Wan's Jedi Starfighter, Grievous Wheel Bike,
and Droid Tri-Fighter are in stock. Also in stock are the AT-RT, Barc
Speeder with Barc Trooper, and Boga with Obi-Wan.

-BLASTERS: Priced at $26.99 - we have 3 different blasters in stock:
Clone Trooper Blaster, General Grievous's Blaster, and Chewbacca's

-DELUXE, FORCE BATTLER, PLUSH: A variety of other figures are also in
stock including the very cool 'Call Upon Yoda' figure which is battery
operated and speaks over 500 phrases from all 6 movies! Force Battlers 8"
figures and a few plush items are also in stock.


HASBRO: Unleashed Wave 2 sets of 3 are available for $52.99 per set and
the 500th Figure - Darth Vader is available for $19.99

MASTER REPLICA: The new Darth Sidious LE Saber and .45 Scaled Saber are
available, and the first helmets from Master Replica - Clone Trooper
Helmet and Special Ops Troop Helmet are up for pre-order. The Special Ops
Troop Helmet is a retailer exclusive and limited to only 750 pieces.

SOTA TOYS: A new pre-order for the 18 inch Legend - Lord of Darkness is
now available for $69.99. We've also received more of the World of
Warcraft series 1 sets for $39.99

DC DIRECT & MARVEL: The Green Lantern set of 5 from DC Direct is now in
stock and we've re-opened our pre-order for the Alex Ross Justice League
series 1 set. From Marvel Select - the new Phoenix is in stock, both the
Fiery Phoenix and Human Phoenix are available. More Batman Hush 2 sets
are also in stock.

PALISADES - SESAME STREET & MUPPETS: We've listed a pre-order for Sesame
Street Series 1. This set includes Guy Smiley, Two Headed Monster,
Ernie, and Oscar the Grouch. Each figure comes with a portion of the
Sesame Street diorama and you can build the entire street by collecting
one of each of the figures from series 1 and beyond. We have the Super
Grover exclusive in stock now as well as the Muppets exclusive - Cabin Boy
Gonzo and Rizzo.

NECA: A variety of items have just arrived from NECA including:

-Hellraiser: Series 2, Series 3, Dr. Channard Statue and Boxed Set, and
the Wire Twins set are all in stock.

-The Crow: The Crow diorama is now in stock for $39.99 - featuring Eric
Draven sitting in front of a set of mirrors.

-Tron: We've received the 20th Anniversary Tron set of 4, the yellow and
blue Tron light cycles, and the Tron 2.0 eight inch figure sets.

-Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: Three of the Vogon prop replicase have
arrived - the Vogon Mug, Stapler, and Pen are all in stock for $49.99 each

-Sin City: The Sin City Grenade prop replica is now available for $39.99

-Blood Wolves: Stan Winston's set of 4 Blood Wolves figures is now
available for $43.99

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check
out the new Episode III items and other new arrivals


Joel & The BBTS Crew

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