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UK Victory DVD Boxset Review

Transformers News: UK Victory DVD Boxset Review
Date: Sunday, December 31st 2006 2:04pm CST
Categories: Cartoon News, Site Articles, Digital Media News
Posted by: Hotrod | Credit(s): Chris McFeely

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As some of you are aware Metrodome has just released their Victory DVD Boxset. Chris McFeely has dropped by and given us a review of the set. Here is Chris McFeely's review:

Cert: U
Dir: Yoshikata Arata
Starring: Hideyuki Tanaka, Takeshi Aono, Miyako Endo, Kyoko Tongu, Keiichi Nanba


Transformers: Victory was the third Japanese-exclusive Transformers animated series, originally broadcast in 1989 after ‘88’s Super-God Masterforce and ‘87’s , both previously released in similar box sets by Metrodome. As with Masterforce before it, Victory begins a new story that occupies the Generation 1 animated series universe, with an all-new cast of characters at an unidentified point in the near future. But where Masterforce used repainted, recast American toys to forge its characters, Victory’s new faces are almost entirely originally Japanese. The series introduces a new wave of Autobots under the command of Star Saber (Tanaka), protecting the Earth against the advances of the new Decepticon Emperor of Destruction, Deszaras (Aono), who schemes to steal Earth’s energy to reactive his planet-destroying space fortress.

In contrast to Masterforce, Victory eschews any kind of real continuing plot, returning to the episodic approach of the American series, with the Autobots thwarting the Decepticons’ daily plots before the series culminates in the much threatened attack of Deszaras’s fortress. This, in and of itself, is not a bad thing – it was, like I said, the approach taken by the American series, and I love the American series. Energy imps, mind-control, evil clones, super powers, and all manner of evil intentions and alien devices from electro-cells to flying fortresses always kept the series lively, but the outlandish nature of many of the ideas constantly had the show dancing wildly up and down the quality spectrum. Victory is almost the antithesis of this for its entire first half – there are none of these wacky schemes and plot devices, and the plot is basically the same thing every episode, with the Decepticons attacking a location, and the Autobots turning up to stop them, possibly with the introduction of a new combiner. This keeps the series on a very even keel, not rising or failing in quality, but it’s all terribly flat, and feels very much like a lack of imagination.

Thankfully, this doesn’t go on forever. Just before the series reaches the halfway point, the cast is shot off into space for a trip to Planet Micro, providing a change of scenery and a different style of plot (centred on the Decepticon Brestforce’s rescue of one of their number, Gaihawk) that is very refreshing. It’s uphill from there, with the introduction of Liokaiser, the return of God Ginrai from Masterforce, and steadily more and more imaginative single-episode stories in the style of the US series, with concepts as fun and unusual as deadly metal-eating insects and Leozack pretending to be Star Saber. The final trilogy of episodes, in particular, are especially exciting, energetic and eventful, ending the series with one of the top three Transformers one-on-one fights of all time.

The characters of Victory are, much like the storytelling of the series itself, a mixed bag. The Japanese production team persist in writing the Autobots into an embarrassingly rigid military structure, with everyone referring to each other with titles (“Yes, Supreme Commander!” “Right away, Lieutenant Commander!”), rather than names, which does nothing but grate. All three members of the Autobot Brainmasters are completely interchangeable in personality, and the Multiforce aren’t much better – pretty much all you can say about them is “Uh, Wingwaver and Blacker didn’t get on that well in one episode.” And Star Saber is the stereotypical J-TF Autobot leader, with all the personality of a Jacob’s Cream Cracker and an unending penchant for “OH BURNING HEART I MUST SUCCEED” speeches about the beauty of peace and nature. I said it before, and I’ll say it again – say what you will about Optimus Prime, but at least he had a gentle sense of humour that kept him accessible and entertaining. Star Saber is about as interesting as watching paint dry – except when he’s totally contradicting his own speeches about how great peace is by kicking epic amounts of ass in battle.

Because really, when we get down to it, Victory IS just about kicking ass, in the most thorough and straightforward way possible.

It is those characters whose asses are being kicked that inject the show with life and comedy and make it worth watching. You know what you’re in for with the Decepticons when they make their first appearance in the series in the form of the inept Dinosaur Force. This team’s obvious physical comedy may come as a rude shock to some viewers off the bat, because it is so vastly UNLIKE anything that they will have seen in Transformers before now - I know I certainly felt that way, but I personally found them to become genuinely endearing and amusing as the series went on. The other Decepticon team in the series, meanwhile, is the Brestforce, featuring memorable characters like Leozack (Nanba) and Hellbat (Shioya Yoku), Starscream-style schemers who are constantly trying to one-up each other in the eyes of Deszaras, who they are actually both trying to overthrow as well.

The show also gets points for its token human character, Jan Minakaze (Endo), who is one of the more intelligently-integrated human characters from the many Transformers series. After the death of his parents when he was just a baby, he was actually raised by the Autobots, and rather than just being the human friend that tags along on mission whether they’re needed or not, is treated as a member of the Autobot army, and is given tasks and missions of his own. Ultimately, he IS only usually involved in crowd control alongside his Micromaster chum Holi (Tongu), but it’s great seeing a human character with a defined reason for being there, who is important in his own, consistent, believable way – this stuff is a far cry from Spike suddenly being able to rally the Autobots to action by grabbing Jazz’s gun and planning to fight the Decepticons himself, or the Armada kids being brought into war zones for absolutely no reason.

And of course, a review of Victory would be remiss if it did not mention that it is the most JAPANESE of all the Eastern G1 shows – not just because of the unique characters and toys, but because of the anime facefaults constantly used by the Dinosaur Force, the crazy, super-deformed “chibi” versions of the characters that populate the commercial bumpers and closing sequence, and the closing theme music itself, a bizarre, cheeky tune that constantly chirrups “Chichichichichin pui!” and features an infant Star Saber wetting the bed and using the soiled sheet as a superhero cape.


In summation, Victory is a show that tests you. By which I mean, it tests your patience. Very little of the first half of the show is worth watching on the strength of the story, but if you give up on it then, you’ll be missing out on the much better stuff that comes along in the second half. Similarly, the protagonists are completely uninteresting, with the Decepticons easily being the most enjoyable characters to watch – except they’re not fully assembled, and their characters not fully realised, until that same latter portion of the series. The first half is a slog, but it pays off – if nothing else, you can switch your brain off and just enjoy the fun noises and pretty pictures, since Victory sports a strong soundtrack, and some of the most consistently strong animation of the G1 era. Despite all the hoo-hah the series is smothered in online, however, in no way, shape or form do I consider it to be the best Japanese series – still wears that crown.


Thirty-two episodes across four discs, in groups of eight. The video is unremastered, but perfectly watchable, and is complete, with all commercial bumpers and previews. The only audio stream available is the original Japanese audio, with English subtitles translated by Jordan L. Derber, that have previously seen use on TV Nihon’s online fansubs of the series. The subs have undergone a bit of work by me for purposes of Anglicization, changing American spellings and slang to Commonwealth and switching out a few Japanese terms for English ones.

As some may be aware, Victory originally consisted of thirty-EIGHT broadcast episodes, a preposterous SIX of which (including the final ep of the series) were clip shows. Given their lack of any new footage and general utter pointlessness (which is evidenced, I think, by the fact that TV Nihon did not even bother to sub them all), they have been excised from this DVD set, leaving only the main 32 episodes of story. Their removal affects nothing, and the previews for them on the relevant episodes have been jigged around and replaced with the previews for the next main episode to allow the series to seamlessly move forward. If you didn’t know they existed, you’d have no idea they were missing.


The set is contained within a cardboard sleeve, bearing a lovely bit of work by Nick Roche (by now well know as one of IDW’s artists) that depicts Star Saber, Deszaras, Road Caesar, Liokaiser, Landcross, Dinoking and Jan. It continues the “space background” theme of the previous two sets, rendered this time in magenta, which looks very nice on a shelf with the purple Headmasters and blue Masterforce.

Within the sleeve is a cardboard fold-out tray, holding the four discs and the accompanying booklet. The tray is decorated with Autobot and Decepticon symbols, Roche’s art and images of Star Saber, Dezsaras and the Brestforce (redrawn from screenshots of the show); the discs also bear these images to keep the pictures complete when they are in place in the tray.

The booklet (penned by me) runs to sixteen pages in length, containing a brief introduction to the series; an episode guide (divided by disc and spotlighting those episodes with audio commentary); details on the clip episodes, their content and their original placement with the series; and a short guide to the three series which came after Zone, Battlestars and


The only extra features on Victory are three audio commentaries for the first episode, “Brave Hero of the Universe, Star Saber,” episode 16 (the mid-point of the series), “Get Back Gaihawk!” and the final episode, “Showdown! The Fortress VS the Victory Unification.” Victory is no Masterforce when it comes to plot, so the commentaries are perhaps not as enlightening or in-depth as that show’s, but I cover all the basic stuff about the show and its characters, the toys, their relation to American fiction, the stories of the Victory manga, and, in the final episode, lengthy discussion of Zone, Battlestars and Operation: Combination. I do trip over my words in a few places (I think I say “Breastmasters” at some point, and I get Sixtrain and Sixliner’s names the wrong way around and had to correct myself in the booklet), but hopefully I’ve learned enough from what I’ve done before to make these easy enough to listen to.

OT: Saddam Hussein executed earlier tonight

Transformers News: OT: Saddam Hussein executed earlier tonight
Date: Saturday, December 30th 2006 1:10am CST
Categories: Site News, People News, Digital Media News
Posted by: Seibertron | Credit(s): -Sandman-

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As many of you know, I like to provide you with major world events when they happen such as 9-11, Hurricane Katrina, the 2005 Christmas Tsunami and the deaths of American Presidents. I think it is important to share this information with the massive worldwide population of Transformers fans that visit Yes, there are things that happen in the world that aren't Transformers related.

On that note, a political figure that was head of the country that serves as ground zero for the mid-east turmoil was executed earlier this evening. Weapons of mass destruction or not, ex-President Saddam Hussein is no longer among us.

For more information about this news event, please follow the story at the links below ...

  • Saddam Hussein on Wikipedia


  • Drudge Report

  • Saddam Hussein's execution article on

  • IDW Update: Transformers Spotlight: Ultra Magnus Wallpaper

    Transformers News: IDW Update: Transformers Spotlight: Ultra Magnus Wallpaper
    Date: Thursday, December 28th 2006 7:57pm CST
    Categories: Comic Book News, Digital Media News
    Posted by: Hotrod | Credit(s):

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    Views: 67,720

    Does your computer have an old wallpaper that you no longer care for but you cann't deal with it now, because you do not have time to search for a new one? Well IDW's got you covered! IDW has updated their Wallpaper Gallery. This time they have added art from Transformers Spotlight: Ultra Magnus. So give your computer some style and head over to IDW's Wallpaper Gallery.

    New Transformer Book Listings on Amazon

    Transformers News: New Transformer Book Listings on Amazon
    Date: Tuesday, December 26th 2006 7:01pm CST
    Categories: Comic Book News, Movie Related News, Digital Media News, Store News
    Posted by: Hotrod | Credit(s): and TFW2005

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    Some new Transformers books listings have appeared on Many of the titles seem to be related to the upcoming Transformers Movie. Here are the new listings:

    Transformers: The Movie Guide (Hardcover)
    Transformers: The Movie Storybook (Transformers) (Hardcover)
    Transformers: Sam's New Car (Transformers) (Paperback)
    Transformers: The Quest for the Allspark (Transformers) (Paperback)

    New Transformers Movie Promotional Site: Sector Seven Online

    Transformers News: New Transformers Movie Promotional Site: Sector Seven Online
    Date: Wednesday, December 20th 2006 7:18pm CST
    Categories: Movie Related News, Digital Media News
    Posted by: Hotrod | Credit(s): Scaleface and TFW2005

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    Views: 72,334

    Our own Scaleface has noticed something in the trailer during the scene with the sound playing. At the top of the screen the following word appear "Sector Seven Org" and "Tkara83". Scaleface did a little search and guess what, there is a and it is a promotional website for the upcoming Transformers Movie. At the password login enter the following:


    The password is case sensitive. If you enter it in capital letters you will not be able to log onto the site.

    New Movie Teaser Trailer is Online NOW!!!

    Transformers News: New Movie Teaser Trailer is Online NOW!!!
    Date: Wednesday, December 20th 2006 2:57am CST
    Categories: Movie Related News, Press Releases, Digital Media News
    Posted by: Bed Bugs | Credit(s): Crimson Dynamo of & Kaiser Convoy

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    Crimson Dynamo of Don has found a sneak peak of the new Transformers Movie Teaser Trailer scheduled to debut online later today.

    Click here to see this cinematic marvel in the making (In French)!

    Update #1! An English version has been found on Yahoo UK thanks to member Kaiser Convoy! Click Here to hear it in English!

    The Teaser Trailer will be officially be online at Yahoo Movies in less than 24 hours. You can check out the countdown here

    Remember to keep visiting for any updates on the Transformers Movie.

    Update #2! Transformers has uploaded the new trailer, but this time with a small difference. At the end of the trailer, Peter Cullen voices Optimus Prime's motto, "Freedom is the right of all sentient beings".

    "Live Free or Die Hard" takes on Transformers next summer

    Transformers News: "Live Free or Die Hard" takes on Transformers next summer
    Date: Tuesday, December 19th 2006 4:00pm CST
    Categories: Movie Related News, Digital Media News
    Posted by: Seibertron | Credit(s):,

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    Next summer's blockbuster Transformers movie just found itself some competition in the form of Bruce Willis' "Live Free or Die Hard" movie. Die Hard was originally supposed to open on June 29th but instead has been moved to July 4th. You can check out the "Live Free or Die Hard" trailer at The trailer debuted this past weekend with Eragon in theatres nationwide.

    New Transformers Inspired Stan Bush Song Reviewed!

    Transformers News: New Transformers Inspired Stan Bush Song Reviewed!
    Date: Tuesday, December 19th 2006 6:25am CST
    Categories: Movie Related News, Digital Media News
    Posted by: Alex Kingdom | Credit(s): Fan of Stan, mr_sinister_31

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    As revealed here exclusively at, Stan Bush has been working on a new Transformers inspired track possibley for use in the forthcoming live action Transformers Movie.

    mr_sinister_31 of the Don Murphy Message Board has been lucky enough to hear the new track first hand and has posted a small review of the song here. He writes:

    Put simply, this song rocks. I was pleasantly surprised. I'd describe it as a meshing of electronic and straight ahead hard edged rock. This is most definitely NOT 'The Touch -- Part Two'. It's starts off with roughly a minute or so of eclectic drums/electronic sounds. I closed my eyes and it felt like the type of ambient music you'd hear in the background of an expository scene. It reminded me of some of the music from 'The Island' actually.

    At around one minute in the song starts in earnest. Now, this is Stan Bush singing, and it sounds like Stan Bush singing. So if you're expecting something else than you'll be disappointed. I just felt the need to point that out. That being said, the dude sounds good. Really good. The lyrics evoke what the Transformers are about. What they are, what they represent, why they're here. Basically, it accomplishes what the lyrics to the original Transformers theme did, but in a fresh way.

    As yet there has been no confirmation that the track will appear in the Transformers Movie. or as part of the original soundtrack. The SEIBERTRON News Crew will keep you update with any futher developments.

    Open Letter from Anne Bryant, composer of original TF theme song

    Transformers News: Open Letter from Anne Bryant, composer of original TF theme song
    Date: Monday, December 18th 2006 10:34am CST
    Categories: Cartoon News, Digital Media News
    Posted by: Seibertron | Credit(s): Anne Bryant

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    I received an email from Anne Bryant this morning, who is the original composer of the popular Transformers theme song from the 1980s animated series. She wanted to express her thanks toward the show of support the Transformers community has shown her. Here is the letter that she wrote to all of you.

    An Open Letter from Anne Bryant

    Dear Transformers Fans,

    Thank you for your support of the Transformers over the years, and thank you for your support of my original Theme Music, which has become associated with the Transformers products and properties. Because of your support, "The Transformers" has truly reached a pop culture status.

    I also write to thank you for your many kind and supportive remarks regarding my exhausting, six-year litigation process. The blogs have been favorable, in the main, and I can tell you that your support means much to me in my David versus Goliath struggle to claim the royalties long due to me.

    To clear up any confusion here as to my motives and timing, I can say that my investigation into my pathetically negligible royalties for the TF theme began in 1994, six years prior to filing a formal lawsuit in 2000; including that in 1998, I contacted BMI, and then, as instructed, I repeatedly followed their formal inquiry procedures to the letter [for two years], without a single response from them. These big organizations have all of the records, so it is difficult for a composer to unravel problems, or perhaps even to identify honest mistakes, without their help; without their cooperation. As such, frustrated with the lack of response from BMI, I packed up all of my correspondence, proofs, contract numbers, original registrations and payment forms and went to see my attorney. He also tried to get satisfactory information from BMI for several months, but lacking any serious help, we moved to file a formal claim so that we could demand records from them. Concurrent with this, it became evident that my themes and songs [Transformers and others] were being used on a multiplicity of recording products licensed by Sunbow without any accounting statements or royalty payments to me, hence, the scope of this legal action.

    As indicated above, in no way was this lawsuit motivated by the new DreamWorks live action movie; the movie was not even a glimmer on the horizon when all of this began. I don’t know whether they plan to use my theme in the new movie, and of course, I would love it if they do, but this litigation is first and foremost about the past and present royalties due; the future for Transformers, Jem, ML Pony and GI Joe and the other themes, if there is one, can be handled when the case is decided or settled.

    Additionally, I can tell you that I have no rights to claim royalties for music composed by Ford Kinder, my former partner in our production company, except in any instances that our interests may overlap. We were separate writers -- not collaborators -- who jointly owned a production company we formed to take responsibility for all aspects of the full and final production of music that either he or I composed. As such, we credited any music that we produced through our company to both of us. This we did in order to build our company name. Ford and I wrote and produced several hundred pieces of music each year; this was our profession. Basic fees were paid to our companies for our services as producers, arrangers, *musicians and singers. And always, we were to be compensated, personally, as composers solely through our royalty payments. This is standard in the Commercial Music Business: writers write for royalties; professional writers always retain their royalties. So, this is what I am demanding in my court action: account for and pay the past and present royalties as agreed, and correct the records for the future.

    I sincerely hope this will clear up any misunderstandings any of you may have; and I hope you will continue to support my efforts to be fully compensated as I face this well-financed, brutal opponent that would rather pay millions in legal fees, than pay to settle this matter.

    See you at the movies: 7-4-7.

    With all good wishes,

    * Additionally, you may be interested to know that no "Secondary Market Payments" have been made to union musicians and singers for the use of their performances on TF, JEM and other television themes originally produced for Sunbow and GBI. Sunbow simply lifted these performances onto recording products and licensed them to distributors without making those payments required in their Union Contracts. The Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Musicians are working to recover payment to the performers in actions separate from my lawsuit.


    On the Web:
  • Anne Bryant on

  • Master Click Tempo Timing Software

  • TV Loonland Companies

  • Transfomers in Popular Science Magazine

    Transformers News: Transfomers in Popular Science Magazine
    Date: Friday, December 15th 2006 6:48pm CST
    Categories: Movie Related News, Digital Media News
    Posted by: Hotrod | Credit(s): csusandman and Popular Science

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    Views: 36,388

    Our own csusandman has brought us some interesting news about Transformers. In the latest issue of Popular Science there is an article about the upcoming Transformers Movie. Here is what csusandman posted from Popular Science:

    "Your Guide to the Year in Science 2007
    Transformers: The Movie
    Planet Earth is the front line in the epic battle between Autobots and Decepticons when director Michael Bay's live-action movie Transformers opens on July 4. Based on the animated series and popular action figures of the early 1980's, Bay's Transformers (brought to life by CGI) can change from, say, a 25-foot humanity-hating robot into a deadly jeet fighter in four seconds flat."

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