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Universe 2.0 Leo Prime bio revealed

Transformers News: Universe 2.0 Leo Prime bio revealed
Date: Wednesday, December 31st 2008 4:32pm CST
Categories: Toy News, Site Articles
Posted by: First Gen | Credit(s): Sabrblade

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Views: 102,909 member Sabrblade has done some sleuthing for us and found the bio for Transformers Universe 2.0's Leo Prime. I can't say it any better than he did so here's what he had to share:

The TF08 forums have posted several images of the upcoming Universe leo Prime figure in his package. One of these images shows the back of his box and reveals his bio! Click here to see the images.

But the image is a little big and cuts off the bio. But if one right-clicks the image, copies & pastes it into a Word Document, and moves the image over, his bio is perfectly visible!

Here's what the bio says:
LEO PRIME is a career soldier, commander of an elite MAXIMAL black ops unit designated The Pack. So secret is his unit, even most of those in the MAXIMAL Command structure are aware of it only as a rumor. LEO PRIME and his comrades The Pack travel wherever trouble is thickest, often working undercover to deal crippling blows to PREDACON plots.

EDIT: Here's the bio from the image after I moved it over. Notice the small timeline on the 25 Years logo.

As always, keep checking back here at for all the latest news in the Transformers Universe.

New Reprolabels City Commander and More

Transformers News: New Reprolabels City Commander and More
Date: Wednesday, December 31st 2008 4:29pm CST
Categories: Toy News, Site Articles, Store News
Posted by: First Gen | Credit(s): Aaron Black

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Our friends over at ReproLabels have been kind enough to forward the latest additions to the sticker sheet family of theirs. Here's what they had to share:

Happy new year!

Three new repro labels sets this month:

Classics Ultra Magnus:

Classics Ironhide:

Upgrade A11 (Animated Dinobots):

Here's to another year of awesome stickers ;)

Thanks for the update Aaron and Happy New Year Seibertron!

Happy New Year!

Transformers News: Happy New Year!
Date: Wednesday, December 31st 2008 3:27pm CST
Category: Site Articles
Posted by: Dead Metal | Credit(s): Staff of

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We at wish you a very happy new year even if you already had it or will have it in a couple of hours!
Get out the Champagne or anything that makes bubbles and is drinkable and have a very happy New Year.

Or click here to view and hear the ABBA song!

Counterpunch Reviews 2008's Toys and Trends

Transformers News: Counterpunch Reviews 2008's Toys and Trends
Date: Wednesday, December 31st 2008 3:05pm CST
Category: Site Articles
Posted by: Counterpunch | Credit(s): Counterpunch

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I have to start off with something of an apology; it’s been sometime since I was able to put pen to paper and through coffee induced wizardry, draft up something worth either my time to write or, and more importantly, your time to read. Most of the time, writing about the hobby is something that I find to be fun and relaxing, but for the past few months, I have found it to be dreadfully uninspiring. There just did not seem to be anything worth commenting on.

I know, I know that there will be those who disagree with that last statement, but in comparison to last year where there was the magical mixture of new fans plus controversy, 2008 was seemingly rather ‘blah’. Taking task to sit down and drum up the highlights of the year in review, it began to dawn on me just how incorrect that assessment was.

2008 was something of a different game for me and I am going to have to assume a good number of other collectors out there. First off, the 2007 Movie changed, well, everything. For the first time in twenty years, Transformers was getting Star Wars level of attention in terms of media and toy aisle space. The brand moved to something new and different with the Movie look. The Transformers we knew were now distinctly alien to many. When it was all said and done, there was no return to normalcy. Transformers Animated picked up the reins and took the brand back to the other end of the extreme with a softer, cartoon based, and fresh look at both the media and toys.

I can admit it, for the first time since before Robots in Disguise, I did not find any real enjoyment of the main line Transformers being offered. I was not in ‘the thick’ of the hobby and this was entirely new to me. Now before you either 1) Attempt to hang me or 2) Try to defend either the Movie or Animated, understand that I do not dislike either one. I just don’t prefer them. Like choosing coffee over tea, it is just a matter of preference.

Why am I telling you all this? Why the big preface? Because I know, I am not the only one in a similar circumstance. To properly review 2008, I have to start with the things that were important everyone, not only my view on the matter.


As someone who has been around for a while in the hobby, I feel like I have a unique perspective on this matter and I am prepared to lay it all out straight, the good and the bad. Interestingly enough, Animated, it’s success, and the fan reaction reminds me, to the point of acid induced flashback, of Armada. The vivid colors, rounded designs, and orientation towards a younger audience all harkens back to those days. To a point, so does the very divided fan reaction to Animated’s arrival. While many find the designs to be refreshing and the direct representation of on screen characters to toys as the line’s most positive attributes, others decry the line’s lack of details and cartoon representations to lack a degree of “maturity”. I think if I looked hard enough, I could go back a few years and find the exact same thing said about Armada.

Now, no matter how you feel about the style of Animated, the designs are well, revolutionary. For the first time in a few years, the engineering has leaped forward. The transformations maintain the style of the brand in both vehicle and bot modes. The robots are near perfect representations of the on-screen characters and unlike Armada, Animated is able to fully articulate the toys and sacrifice next to nothing in regards to the character. Brilliant releases where the toys are pretty much marvels of modern engineering include Prowl, Ultra Magnus, and Bulkhead.

One interesting side effect of Animated (and its now forgotten about delays in coming to market), was the rise of prototype and test shot figure sales. This had a small start with the Movie line, but 2008 saw an almost rabid competition among collectors to gather these protos up from China and be the first to have and/or review them to their collecting brethren, bringing us to…

For a time, there was a grand standard upheld by many collecting veterans of relying upon our friends in Japan and Hong Kong to provide detailed reviews with pictures. The East simply got everything first and like clockwork, you could count on your neighbors half a world away to review and provide pictures of toys that you wouldn’t see for months. Whether a simple attempt to gather up internet fame or a more substantial desire to provide a ‘first look’, YouTube has become the market place for video reviews, commentary, and all manner of fan-based interaction. Many of these online reviewers were, well, simply not all that good at first. Lighting, sound, charm…well, all those things require a degree of practice and it took time, but there are now, numerous means of seeing your favorite toy (that you don’t own yet) on the small screen well before you find him in the store. Some of them are even quite good. I have to admit to missing the days of pictorial review. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I suppose I prefer to see the pictures without all that pesky sound…

That being said, all those out there who are devoting time, effort, and money to spreading knowledge about our hobby are to be commended. Efforts like these are at the heart of making a fan community grow and are ahead of the curve compared to old goats like me who just punch keyboards until something mildly intelligent comes out of it.

G1 and the Expense Report

2008 was without a doubt, an amazing year for G1 collectors and fans. 2008 was a vicious wallet destroying plague for G1 collectors and fans. I simply can not remember when we have had so many significant, large, and otherwise expensive G1 releases in one year. I do not, as a habit, complain about prices as this is a hobby where I have said on numerous occasions, “pay to play”. I still support that statement, however, please consider: Encore Skylynx $75, Encore Omega $85, Encore Metroplex $85, eHobby City Guardian Omega Supreme (Omega Sentinel) $200+, Masterpiece Thundercracker $105… So, around $550 in large reissue figures all in one year. Takara, Tomy…whatever it is now,…I am at the very least impressed with your faith in the fandom’s ability to absorb all that in one year.

Now, consider this, two of those figures (and kind of three) were thought to be strict no-no releases. Everyone including myself thought that Sky Lynx and Omega Supreme were just off limits. Takara…er, Tomy, whatever, has done an excellent job of kicking collector’s expectations of what they can and can’t do right in the balls this year. Roshambo Takara, Roshambo indeed…

For a long time, knock-offs and bootlegged transformers were something of a spectacle or slight amusement to many collectors. They were of poor quality, odd sizes, and radical colors. When they were not those things, they were clear, black, or vac-metaled to hell and back.

Now, we have bootlegged Transformers that are almost indistinguishable from vintage items. Mirage, Gnaw, Slag, Wheeljack, Metroplex and several other difficult to obtain G1 toys have become forever wrapped up in a set of events which will drive vintage collectors to the deepest catacombs of the internet to document the differences between the originals. With the dawn of this new collecting challenge, there has also been a significant number of people ready and willing to support this new market. The battle lines on the matter are clearly drawn, those in favor of the bootlegged Transformers see this as an opportunity to own formerly impossibly expensive and difficult to find pieces. They feel strongly that these releases have no effect on the collecting market. The other side finds these bootlegs to be a real problem which tarnishes the vintage market. Recent news of Encore Reissue Metroplexes having been replaced with Chinese bootlegs and the subsequent vomit reflex most collectors encountered in regards to this all indicates that the Almighty himself has sided with the anti-KO/Bootleg crowd.

Garage Companies

In other somewhat related news, the City Commander Upgrade Armor set for Classics Ultra Magnus descended from Heaven in October of this year to rowdy applause and a flurry of adulation. A handful of people claimed to either not like, or have no interest in the armor, but it is assumed that they are taking this stand on things to simply up their ‘street-cred’.

Where as years past have seen similar attempts at home-brewed Transformers merchandise and add on sets, most of those attempts where borderline disastrous or otherwise quickly forgotten. The City Commander set marks a turning point by doing two very crucial things for these garage companies. 1) It’s garnered attention from the community and established a critical mass of people who are willing to pay and eager to be amazed. 2) It’s brought about an element of trust between the community at large and these smaller businesses. We aren’t talking about fragile or poorly made materials here, this new wave of DIY Transformers products are just a shade off of what Takara/Tomy and Hasbro are providing in terms of quality. Most interesting, is that the level of engineering is already equal to the Official Transformers product and is in many ways more responsive to what collectors want to see. Where Takara/Tomy and Hasbro come up short due to cost concerns, fans now have a slight hope that this alternative product will provide.

Henkei-a-go-go and the return of Classics aka Universe

Takara/Tomy really gets a bit more credit than they deserve…in a way. Hindsight is always 20/20 and with the release of Henkei Transformers, the Japanese counterpart to US based Classics, Takara/Tomy is able to spend a good deal more on paint apps and reconfigure colors and decos to give fans an even more G1-y experience than before. Henkei has been somewhat of an incredible and yet overpaid 6th man, leaping up from the bench to perform on-court miracles when the home team is just not delivering. Henkei gave collectors another shot at each of the Classics toys, with an alternate deco, and a price tag with 100% mark-up. Where it is great, it is incredible, where it fails, it gets ugly.

Henkei Megatron and Astrotrain provided beautiful alternatives to the somewhat garish US releases of those toys while Bumblebee and Mirage really only provided inflated price tags. Speaking of inflate price tags, USA editions of Powerglide, Silverbolt, and Onslaught were available on the Japanese market, each of the three sporting a very G1 look in comparison to the US releases, each one also carrying a hefty price tag.

Henkei went and did something that for a while, we thought would never happen based upon everything told to collectors at various BotCons and from various panels over the years. Henkei provided collectors a second bite at the apple with the release of a Japanese exclusive Thundercracker. In comparison to the pure outrage that struck many collectors when Thundercracker was released as part of the very limited BotCon set, the fan response to the Henkei release of Thundercracker was quite mild. It was not the kind of victory that those who had been clamoring for Thundercracker’s general release were hoping for, the $75-80 price tag saw to that. Then again, dispelling the force behind what ‘BotCon Exclusive’ meant took the wind out of several collectors, this one included. The interesting thing that became evident to anyone who kept on top of the information, was the revelation of exactly how and to what extent, the term ‘exclusive’ applied to the collector’s market.

Completing the trend, Classics came back to the US and Western markets with the advent of the Universe line. G1 fan favorites Sunstreaker, Prowl, and Octane ushered in the new line in July of this year followed by the Ultra Class Powerglide, Onslaught, and Silverbolt. As with Animated’s release earlier in the year, quality control issues were prevalent much to the aggravation of fans everywhere. Hope for classic characters like Ironhide and Hound have finally come around and those who managed to keep faith in the idea that Classics would return were rewarded with some outstanding as well as mediocre figures.

So, perhaps 2008 was really not all that boring when I reconsider it. It was a different year in almost every regard. New toys, new designs, new lines, yet still some of the old favorites continued. Somehow I managed to sit out a lot of the year in terms of buying things as a result of being uninterested in Animated, but all the same I managed to buy a lot, and I mean a lot of toys. This strikes me as being very cool, if I may use that sacred term so loosely. 2008 was indeed a good year because even if it did not beat us over the head with the Movie’s release, heated arguments, or expensive toys…wait, it definitely did do that last one, it gave us a range of options and a selection of awesome that was quite wide.

Here’s hoping for a great 2009, a continuation of interesting and surprising releases from Hasbro & Takara/Tomy, and hopefully a raise or two so that we can all afford it.

Please refrain from responding until you're positive you've had enough to drink tonight to make your post interesting. :wink:

More Updates from Big Bad Toy Store

Transformers News: More Updates from Big Bad Toy Store
Date: Tuesday, December 30th 2008 12:56pm CST
Categories: Toy News, Sponsor News, Site Articles
Posted by: First Gen | Credit(s): dragons

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Hi - Here is a quick update from about a
wide variety of new arrivals, and more new preorders:


Hot Toys has announced three new Movie Masterpiece figures from
"Predator." The eponymous alien warrior is available, as are human
opponents Dutch and Billy. These figures will have all of the
articulation and accessories that we are used to seeing from the Movie
Masterpiece line, and we've got Dutch and the Predator listed at $199.99,
with Billy priced at $179.99. We are attempting to get a lower supplier
price on these, and if successful we will lower the price no these
figures. Check out the pics and listings here - ... tegory=324

The newest Encore set from Takara focuses on the cassettes and will
include Laserbeak and Ravage for the Decepticons, and Eject and Rewind for
the Autobots. This set is priced at $47.99 for all four, and is a great
way to catch up on some of the pieces you may have missed for your
collection. ... ode=retail

Hasbro has announced their newest wave of Marvel Mighty Muggs. This
X-Men-centric assortment includes a dressed-down Wolverine in his Logan
persona, along with Sabretooth, Cuclops and Jean grey. Each of these is
listed singly at $12.99, or you can pre-order the case of four for $49.99.
Take a look at the new figures here - ... egory=4572

We've also listed the next assortment of Marvel Universe 3.75" figures.
New figures for wave 2 include Ultimates Captain America, the Hulk (as
well as variant Grey Hulk), Ronin (Clint Barton), the Green Goblin and
Iron Fist. You can pick these up as part of one of wave 2's case
assortments of 12 for $99.99, or you can opt for the set of six new
figures, priced at 69.99, or you can mix and match your favorites, priced
at $11.99 each ($14.99 for Grey Hulk). Take a look at the new figures and
cases here - ... egory=5226

A number of new Henkei Classics have been announced. In March we get two
sets of Minibots - the Spy team (comprised of Wheelie, Warpath and Cosmos)
and the Attack team (including Bumblebee, Cliffjumper and Brawn), each set
priced at $28.99. Following in April are (Red) Alert and Smokescreen, and
each one is priced at $28.99 as well. Check them out here - ... egory=4165

One of Britain's comedic icons is finally getting an action figure of his
own. Mr. Bean (a.k.a. comedic genius Rowan Atkinson) will be arriving as
a 1/6 scale figure this summer, with his luggage and teddy bear in tow.
This great new figure is priced at $249.99, and you can check out the pics
here - ... ode=retail

Hot Toys is also producing 1/6 scale figures from "Planet of the Apes."
General Ursus will measure about 13" tall, and include accessories like a
removable helmet, a rifle with removable magazine, and interchangeable
hands. His underling, the Gorilla Soldier, will be about 12" tall, and
have accessories like a mancatcher, a backpack, and a rifle with strap and
removable magazine. Each figure is priced at $169.99; check these two out
here - ... tegory=323

These new figures from one of our newest manufacturers follow in the
popular spy vein. These 12" highly articulated figures include female
assassins and spies matched against men in suits, and each character comes
with one or more weapons and multiple individual costume pieces. These
figures are priced at $59.99 - $69.99 each, with an add-on accessory set
priced at $34.99, and a Deluxe Character set priced at $89.99. Check out
all of these new figures' pictures and details here -

Ternion Wars is another line of figures from Triad Toys, this time
swapping the guns and sunglasses of the spies for the swords and armor of
an ancient Sword School clan. Like the Gunn 4 Hire figures, these start
with well-articulated base bodies, and add weapons, costume pieces and
more to make great new figures. These figures are priced at $94.99 each,
with a Deluxe Character set (including a new hand-painted head) priced at
$119.99. You can check out these new figures here -

The last of our new Triad Toys items are the new Evolution/Evalution base
bodies. These new (almost-) anatomically correct bodies come with
multiple chests (2 for the male, 3 for the female), magnetized feet and
alternate hands, and boast more than 35 points of articulation each.
These new bodies are priced at $39.99 each, and you can check them out
here - ... egory=5275

The new 8.5" Noa statue from Attakus is based on the character from the
European comic, which is now being published in the U.S. by Marvel Comics.
This piece has Noa perched atop a television with her dog by her side,
and is limited to 999 pieces. She's priced at $369.99 ($30 below MSRP),
and you can take a look at her here - ... ode=retail

Our first listings from Lighthouse Showroom are 1/8 scale statues of two
of mythology's most familiar names. The Greek hero Achilles stands proud
in his armor, shield and short sword in hand, while Thor raises his
enormous hammer triumphantly to the heavens. These new pieces are priced
at $154.99 each, and would make great gifts for mythology buffs, as well
as adding to your own collection. ... egory=5276

This new assortment follows in the footsteps of Star Wars Galactic Heroes
and Marvel's Superhero Squad, treating the Hellboy characters to a new
cute form. This first wave includes eight figures, with a few different
versions of Hellboy alongside Abe Sapien, Prince Nuada, Johan, Wink and a
Golden Army Soldier. The set of eight figures is listed for $31.99, and
you can take a look at the pics here - ... ode=retail


This add-on set is a must for almost any Transformer fan. Cast in black
plastic with aqua and silver highlights, this set will turn your Nemesis
Prime into an unstoppable juggernaut, wielding a translucent pink sword
and sporting an all-new head sculpt. If you liked the City Commander set
for Ultra Magnus, you won't want to miss this one, priced at $89.99; if
you don't have a Nemesis Prime, you can pick up the SDCC 2008 exclusive
Nemesis Prime along with the Shadow Commander Trailer Set for the special
price of $129.99 - take a look at them here - This set is scheduled to
arrive later today, but due to a trucking error, it may be delayed until
Wednesday. ... +Commander

This new assortment includes old favorites done anew, like Firefly in a
blue outfit, Dreadnok Torch, a Python Patrol Crimson Guardsman and
Blowtorch, along with new figures Resolute Duke, Resolute Cobra Commander
and a pair of Resolute Cobra Troopers. This great new case is priced at
$59.99; we've also got many of these figures listed singly, priced at
$8.99 - $11.99 each. ... ode=retail

The first in Yamato's new line of Fantasy Figure Gallery statues, the
silent and dangerous beauty known as Akira has made her appearance.
Standing over 10" tall (15" with weapon and base), Akira is constructed of
over 100 individual pieces and over 400 paint applications, making her a
quality piece that any collector would love to own. Take a look at this
dangerous lady here, priced at just $89.99 ($10 below MSRP) - ... ode=retail

This new Masterpiece Shadow Alpha Fighter comes from the new Robotech:
The Shadow Chronicles animation. Piloted by Maia Sterling, the VFA-6ZX is
fully transformable into all three modes, consists of die-cast and
plastic, and even has rubber tires on the retractable landing gear. The
Shadow Fighter is priced at $79.99; check it out here - ... ode=retail

The newest releases from Takara's Encore line are Trailbreaker and Hoist.
These two are almost identical to the original releases, only shiny and
new! These releases are a great way to fill holes in your original
collection, or start a brand new one. They're priced at $34.99 each, and
you can find them and many other Encore releases here - ... egory=3670

Ryu Hayabusa, the hero of the Ninja Gaiden video game series, is now
available as an action figure, thanks to NECA. This new 7" figure
includes the Dragon Sword, a pair of oversized tonfas and some throwing
daggers, and he's priced at $14.99. You can check him out and place your
order for this new figure here - ... ode=retail

The first wave of GI Joe Mighty Muggs has arrived at our warehouse. It
includes Duke, Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow and Cobra Commander, and we have
the set of 4 priced at $46.99. We also have singles available of Duke and
Cobra Commander, priced at $12.99 each. We've also got pre-orders
remaining for the next shipment of Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow, priced at
$23.99 for the pair. You can place your order for the pair, set or
singles here - ... egory=4966

The second robot in our SOC shipment is the new version of Tetsujin-28.
An upgraded version of the original, this new bot is more streamlined than
the chunky original, and comes with accessories like driver PVCs and a
controller setup. This new version is listed at $74.99, and you can check
out his pics here - ... ode=retail

The third of our SOC shipment items, this set includes the New Tetsujin-28
figure along with all of his accessories, plus a New version of his enemy,
Black Ox. This set is a great way to grab both of these sleek new
versions of the classic robots, and it is priced at $129.99 for the pair.
Take a look at the new pics and place your order here - ... ode=retail

This Hong Kong/Asian release of God Cloth Pegasus is packaged in the
book-style of box, and includes a number of new parts, like the alternate
hair so that he can be displayed with or without 'crown.' This set is
done with a beautiful silver metallizing over most of the parts, with gold
detailing. We've got this one priced at $67.99, and you can take a look
at the pics and info here - ... ode=retail

Hasbro's newest Ultra Transformer is Predacon Bruticus. This redeco of
Cybertron Scourge is done in magnificently bright colors like red, gold,
orange and purple, equal parts regal and monstrous. We've got him priced
at $29.99, and you can take a look at him here - ... ode=retail

NECA has also released the new Bionic Commando figure.
Based on the upcoming sequel to the 1980's NES game, Nathan "Rad"
Spencer's figure includes a grapple hand on a 12" cord, so you can display
the figure and act out scenes from the game and more. This figure is
priced at $14.99, and you can check him out here - ... ode=retail

The 19th release in the Brave Gohkin line is super robot Baldios. This
new version separates into his component ships, and includes a number of
weapons and accessories, and many vac-metallized gold and silver parts.
This new Gohkin is priced at $189.99, and you can check him out here - ... ode=retail

This assortment of the popular DC Universe Classics line includes two
Wonder Woman figures, and one each of Captain Atom (or variant), Artemis,
Cyborg and Ares, each figure coming with a piece of the Despero
Build-A-Figure. This assortment does not include the Batman Beyond
figure, which does contain one of the parts for Despero and as such, this
case will not enable you to complete the Despero figure, but does contain
two of the most popular figure in the wave. This case is listed at
$69.99, and you can check out the assortment here - ... ode=retail

This new case pack includes two sets each of Lex Luthor with Luthor
Troopers and Hal Jordan/Black Canary/Green Arrow, and one set each of
Hawkman with Thanagarian Soldiers and Wonder Girl/Superman/Supergirl.
Catch up on these figures with these great three-packs, priced at $74.99
for the case - take a look at the assortment here - ... ode=retail

Hasbro's latest Littlest Pet Shop 10-pack includes 10 animals (including
two new ones), along with all kinds of accessories for them to enjoy. The
frog, the penguin, the deer, the iguana and the fish are just some of the
figures in this set, which is priced at just $19.99 for all ten. Take a
look at the assortment and place your order here - ... ode=retail

We've received more of the Leader Class Ultra Magnus figure from the new
Transformers Animated series. This large figure transforms from an
impressive robot into a large missile truck, brimming with weapons. If
you had missed out on Ultra Magnus previously n his original cartoon
colors, now is your chance to pick him up - he's priced at $47.99, and
ready to go. You can take a look at him here - ... ode=retail

This new case assortment includes returning sets Wolverine & Forge, Mr.
Fantastic & the Thing, and Nick Fury & Captain America, and adds the
Skrull version of Elektra, alongside a recolored Ronin. This case is
priced at $89.99, and you can take a look at the pics here - ... ode=retail

THis new assortment of Star Wars includes Escape From Mos Eisley, with
Luke, Han, Chewie, two Sandtroopers and a Dewback, and Geonosis Battle,
with Anakin, Obi-Wan, Padme, a Geonosian, a Nexu and a Reek. This case is
priced at $49.99, and is a great way to expand your Galactic Heroes
collection. ... ode=retail

We've received new cases of Battle Packs, and we now have stock ready of
the Hoth Recon, Jedi training and Jedi Vs. Darth Sidious sets, which are
priced at $24.99 each. These sets are a great way to add specific groups
of figures to your collection; take a look at the available sets and pick
your favorites here - ... egory=4940

After filling our pre-orders, we've still got a few cases of Wave 3 Star
Wars vehicles in stock. This assortment includes one each of the TIE
Fighter (gray), Obi-Wan's Clone Wars Delta 2 Starfighter, Darth Vader's
TIE Advanced, Anakin's Clone Wars Modified Starfighter and a Blue Trade
Federation AAT Tank. This case is priced at $109.99, and you can get one
here - ... ode=retail

We've gotten a good-sized shipment of Superhero Squad Series 10 cases.
This case includes returning favorites like Ghost Rider with Motorcycle,
Punisher & Blade and Wolverine & Hand Ninja, along with new sets like Nick
Fury & Skrull, Weapon X Wolverine & Mystique, Spider-Man & Ultron and
Ronin & Black Costume Spider-Man. The case of twelve two-packs is listed
at $79.99, with the set of four new two-packs priced at $33.99 and various
single two-packs priced at $4.00 to $15.99 each. Check out the selection
here - ... egory=3001

The new G3 assortment of Littlest Pet Shop Playpacks has debuted with it's
first wave. This assortment includes sets like the Chase-N-Play Park,
Rollin' Fun park, Jungle Hangout and more. The case of four is priced at
$44.99, with single sets priced at $11.99 each - take a look at them here
- ... egory=3944

The fourth series of new 12" GI Joe figures includes Beachhead, Cobra
Trooper, Torpedo, Shockblast, Short Fuze and Destro, and you can get the
case of six figures for $89.99. There are also singles available - choose
from Cobra Trooper, Beachhead, Torpedo, Shockblast and Short Fuze, priced
at $19.99 each. Take a look at the figures and cases available, here - ... egory=4591

This assortment is a great way to catch up on the Classics releases of the
past year. This case includes two each of Venom, Spider-Man, Black
Costume Spider-Man and SCUBA Spider-Man, with one each of Green Goblin,
Carnage, Iron Spider-Man and Translucent Iron Spider-Man, and is priced at
$129.99. Check out the assortment in this new case, here - ... ode=retail

We've received a shipment of Soul of Chogokin figures, and the first one
is the blue metallic release of Tetsujin-28. Also known as Gigantor in
the U.S., thos SOC release includes die-cast parts and a number of
accessories, like alternate hands and a jetpack. We've got this one
priced at $69.99, and you can place your order here - ... ode=retail

Bounty Hunters? Now is your time!

Transformers News: Bounty Hunters? Now is your time!
Date: Tuesday, December 30th 2008 11:32am CST
Categories: Site News, Site Articles, Heavy Metal War
Posted by: Dead Metal | Credit(s): Psychout, Chaoslock, Goribus, neliz

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Warriors of Cybertron,
We are The Huntmasters, and we represent the Bounty Hunting Elite of our world.

We have been watching those amongst you who have shown a thirst for the hunt.

Some amongst you hunt for the bounty, the sporting glory or the thrill of the chase. Others dedicate their time to capturing criminals and lawbreakers in these chaotic times and then there are also those who seek the answers to the universe that rest just out of their reach...
but the undeniable fact is that the skill and the dedication to the task you have shown is unquestionable.

In the past, many hunters have graced the Hall of Fame of Cybertron's Hunter Elite

Now, We offer you the chance to join the ranks of these elite and allow your unique breed of Cybertronian the opportunity to stalk your prey once more as a Heavy Metal Hunter.

The Decepticon among you known to us as Tammuz set you a challenge to test your hunting skills, which continues for another 4 cycles. We who have been watching that challenge and have added our own condition...


Complete this challenge as part of Tammuz's hunt, or as part of your war for the planet, and you will be granted a hunting licence that will award you the once-lost access codes to the hunter's database, as it is rebuilt. Through this database you will have access to the logs of the Heavy Metal Hunter's alliance and we will allow you to pass and receive payment for your deeds.

Hunters of Cybertron, when you feel you have passed out test post your application for a licence below, and as long as our condition is met you will be granted that previledge.

New opportunities await you Cybertronians; the Autobot neliz, has already proven himself by collecting Fearless Echoes Predacon team, and his name will be added to the Hunters Hall of Fame.

He is only the first, and will not be the last.

Placing a Bounty

For those of you with energon to burn or an axe to grind, should you wish post a bounty yourselves, here are the rules of the hunt:
[quote="The Huntmasters Creed"">
  • Bounties can be set on individiual Transformers, an entire commander's team, or any combination of the above.

  • To accept a public bounty a hunter must post to say he undertaking it. This does not exclude other hunters from also attempting the bounty. Private bounties must remain private until after completion and then can only be be disclosed at the clients request.

  • In the case of Private bounties, only Licensed hunters can be 'brokered' and all bounty applications must be made through PM's to us, The Huntmasters.

  • Please edit and submit this form if you wish to place a bounty.


Applicant Name :
• Do you wish your name to be disclosed? [ ] Yes [ ] No
• Do you wish this bounty to be disclosed publicly? [ ] Yes [ ] No
(Public disclosure will alert your target that a bounty has been placed upon them)

Name of intended target :
• Do you wish to place this bounty on the entire team? [ ] Yes [ ] No
• If no, please list the names of the individual bots you wish the bounty to be placed on.
(Please also provide links to targeted team/bots)

Do you wish this to be a public or privately listed bounty? [ ] Private [ ] Public
• If privately listed, please provide the name(s) of the bounty hunter whose services you wish to engage.
(Please note that a publicly listed bounty means any bounty hunter may accept the contract)

State the time period you want this bounty to be open for:
(By default a bounty will remain open for two weeks, if not claimed by then it will be automatically closed)

Value of Bounty (in Energon):
It is advised that you read the guidelines regarding costing of bounties
(Please state again whether it's for a team or individual bot(s) or both)

Please submit your bounty request to the hunters thread or to the The Huntmasters and wait for a response. Request of, and/or acceptance of, a bounty application is no guarantee of completion.

Just fill in this form and post it, or send it to us.

Bounty Guidelines, per individual target
Standard bounties as rates by Power level as set by Huntmaster consent.
These are not mandatory, but keep these enforced where possible to ensure all hunters are working to the same standards.

Lvl 0 = €500
Lvl 1 = €1,000
Lvl 2 = €2,000
Lvl 3 = €3,000
Lvl 4 = €4,000
Lvl 5 = €5,000

Anything above level 5 is negotiated on a case-by-case basis between client and hunter.

Who else amongst you has the skill to be the next licensed Heavy Metal Hunter?


Transformers News: TRANSFORMERS MOSAIC: "Service"
Date: Saturday, December 27th 2008 2:11am CST
Categories: Site News, Comic Book News, Site Articles
Posted by: First Gen | Credit(s): Richter

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The Universe of the Transformers is vast, and populated by many characters. Their universe is a large tapestry, made up of the stories and points of view of countless experiences that serve the larger whole.

These are some of those stories. This is:

It should be noted that while this project has been recognized by IDW Publishing and Hasbro, none of the works presented have been commissioned or solicited by either company. The stories are not official canon, except where noted. These stories are the result of Transformers enthusiasts taking the time out of their busy days to contribute to a universe they love. No one has been paid for the production of these stories.

For all Transformers news / updates / information, click here


Written by;
Aaron Bourque

Art & Colors by;
Thomas Wu

Letters by;
Joana "Khaamar" Lafuente


Encore Metroplex KO - Update

Transformers News: Encore Metroplex KO - Update
Date: Wednesday, December 24th 2008 8:59pm CST
Categories: Toy News, Site Articles, Store News
Posted by: Stormrider | Credit(s):, D Unit, Narc

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I spoke with spokesman, Curt, regarding the fake Encore Metroplex's that were sold. He assured me that only a small portion of their stock was affected. Curt had this to say:

Only a fraction of the orders purchased in December from us are the KO, so if yours shipped before December it is 100% authentic. We purchased from 4 different suppliers to get enough inventory for the holiday sale, and less than 10% of the stock shipped was the holiday sale. If your order shipped before December then, you have nothing to worry about.

In talking with other online retailers, it seems that the KO Metroplex came from one particular factory in China. As many of you will recall, a KO Metroplex was released this summer but in a different package. The illegal manufacturer most likely swapped the boxes this fall to disguise them as Encore figures in order to compete with the legitimate toys.


D Unit has reported that TFSource will be shipping authentic Encore Metroplex replacements to customers that received a KO. TFSource wrote:

At our cost, we also have purchased twice the amount of legitimate figures as KO’s shipped out, to fill any claims, from a legitimate supplier. So by all means please send your purchase back no questions asked, and we will send a replacement as well as refund shipping for the inconvenience. Normally we are good at identifying this product but the information regarding the counterfeit wasn’t readily available and we also received so many orders during the holiday, we really weren’t looking for it, so it is our oversight. Apologies for the unfortunate situation.

TFSource also mentioned that they will be taking action against the supplier of the counterfeit Metroplex’s.

We have filed a claim against the seller, as well as contacted Takara/Tomy with his name and address, as well as website, to report him for selling counterfeit products, as well as misrepresenting goods to customers as we have email communication stating that this was legitimate Takara/Tomy product.

To read the entire article, click here.

Transformers spoofed on Frank TV

Transformers News: Transformers spoofed on Frank TV
Date: Wednesday, December 24th 2008 2:26pm CST
Categories: Cartoon News, Site Articles, Digital Media News
Posted by: First Gen | Credit(s): Megatron_Wolf

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Views: 57,477 member Megatron_Wolf has just posted a link to a new video on YouTube that gives us another spoof on our favorite Robots In Disguise.

Frank TV featured this footage last night, which shows us G1 based Transformers with a different twist to the energy crisis that has lead both factions to war for epochs.

View the video by clicking here.

Transformers Mosaic: "The Joy of Giving"

Transformers News: Transformers Mosaic: "The Joy of Giving"
Date: Tuesday, December 23rd 2008 11:39pm CST
Categories: Comic Book News, Site Articles
Posted by: i_amtrunks | Credit(s): Richter

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The Universe of the Transformers is vast, and populated by many characters. Their universe is a large tapestry, made up of the stories and points of view of countless experiences that serve the larger whole.

These are some of those stories. This is:

It should be noted that while this project has been recognized by IDW Publishing and Hasbro, none of the works presented have been commissioned or solicited by either company. The stories are not official canon, except where noted. These stories are the result of Transformers enthusiasts taking the time out of their busy days to contribute to a universe they love. No one has been paid for the production of these stories.


Story, Art, Colors & Letters by;
Simon Reeves


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