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Transformers News: Staff Spotlight / Interview - Razorclaw0000
Date: Monday, November 26th 2012 3:12am CST
Categories: Site Articles, Interviews
Posted by: Blurrz

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"Just a normal interview," they said. "Everything will be alright," they said. Well as this innocent Autobot reporter found out, his assigned interview subject happened to live in a no-so-alright star system controlled by Unicron. It also turned out that my interviewee was not-so-normal either. Among the list of his many credentials is some sort of secret 'Agent of Unicron', so I was not entirely sure if we were going to play Casino Royale, or there was going to be some Skyfall. Luckily I found my subject in his natural habitat, and coincidentally, he happens to Twincast/Podcast and staff member, Razorclaw0000!


Blurrz: Every Transformers fan has a different origin. When and how did it begin for you?

Razorclaw0000: In my Universe, the Vok also created something greater from the sparks of Air Razor and Tigatron, but here, the Vok meant business. Instead of that sniveling Tigerhawk trying to stop Megatron from interfering with time, I just disposed of him. Tigerhawk is not me and I am not he. However, the Vok are not kind to their creations, and cast me adrift. Then, millennia later the Dark God Unicron found me and bestowed the mantle of General upon me. To feed the Chaos Bringer's thirst, I oversaw the Cauldron - a great Arena which put the ancient gladiatorial games at Kaon to shame. At that time, I also began amassing a vast collection of Microns and Minicons to please Unicron.

Alternatively, I've always been fond of Transformers, since I was very small. I was just a few years too late to catch G1 at its pinnacle, and ended up seeing reruns in syndication. My first few toys were Minibots, Perceptor, Blitzwing, Groundshaker, and Iguanus. We were not a financially stable family though, and toys that weren't from a dollar store were a sparse luxury, so I ended up with many anonymous robots from various low cost Chinese lines.

I stayed a fan for a long time, and saw some of Beast Wars as a teenager. Rampage was a fantastic character and the toy always excited me. It was a few years later, in my senior year of high school when I finally had a small job and a bit of money that I stumbled on a Rampage in a Boscov's Department Store, covered in dust, and had to buy it. I was hooked, but money was still tight. I ended up finding some good deals on clearance in Kay-Bee, a Scarem and Sonar, and a Transmetals Scavenger, which were my only toys for a few years.

By 2002, I had a fairly stable job, ironically at a Boscov's, while I was putting myself through undergrad. One day, I happened to stroll over to the toy area, and saw Armada Starscream. The design was interesting. There's a presence to that figure, with the stocky lower legs, smirk, and sword that mean business. I ended up buying it, but I felt slightly disappointed by the slightly less complex transformation. Within months, I ended up buying nearly every domestic Armada figure, skipping some repaints. I was hooked. There were some stinkers, like Scavenger, and some real winners, like Jetfire and Tidalwave that looked great, even if articulation was weak. I also started backfilling with clearance RID figures, and even a few Beast Machines figures hiding out here and there.

In 2003, I ordered my first Japanese figure: the reissue God Ginrai with God Bomber, on clearance at HLJ, along with a color set of Micromaster Six Wing. My fiancee (and currently my wife) was relatively annoyed but didn't complain too much. For years, I ended up picking up most of the domestic products, through Energon, Alternators, and Cybertron, along with a few pieces here and there from older or foreign lines, like a Sonokong Big Convoy. Right as Classics began to hit store shelves, we bought a house, and I took a large pause for nearly a year.

When the 2007 movie came up, on Memorial Day weekend, I found the movie prequel book "Ghost of Yesterday" and Protoform Prime and Starscream, and decided to pick them up. I was excited by the fiction, and intrigued by the molds. My collecting desires rekindled and I was on a mad dash to grab the Classics I'd missed. Staff Spotlight/Interview - Razorclaw0000
Unicron's glory reigns supreme in Razorclaw0000's collection!

Q: Sounds like Unicron will have Bards singing your tale! So let's get more into the little guys. What does collecting mini-cons mean to you?

A: When I was growing up, and we were poor, I did end up with a handful of Minibots, namely Powerglide, Brawn, Outback, Huffer, and two poor Seasprays that never managed to keep all the propellers. I think there's something about Minicons and Microns that pulls me back to those points, and there's some gleeful irony in the stupid prices a few of them are worth. I'm also borderline OCD, so the "gotta catch 'em all" aspect tickles my fancy. Finally, I think a few of them are so outright gorgeous and unique, like the DVD Sonic Attack team (girly planes!), Micron Booster Green Emergency team (minty fresh team!) , the Platinum team, and the US Giant Planet Team. They're fun to fiddle with, and don't take up much space, unlike other parts of my collection... Staff Spotlight/Interview - Razorclaw0000
A mere glimpse into his collection - Razorclaw0000's work in progress Mini-con shelf!

Q: Like myself, you are an avid video game enthusiast. How are you feeling about Fall Of Cybertron the game, itself?

A: I think it looks good. I got chills when I heard the original trailer, featuring "The Humbling River" by Puscifer. I'm a huge Maynard James Keenan fan, so that was a nice treat. The visuals look great, and I'm intrigued by some of the characters, like the Combaticons. However, I was somewhat unimpressed with WFC. I'm a big fan of real cover shooters, like Mass Effect and Gears of War, with nice clean snap in cover mechanics. Standing behind a pillar isn't quite the same, and I'm a bit spoiled. I'm sure I'll pick it up, though, just to support High Moon and the property. Staff Spotlight/Interview - Razorclaw0000

Q: Leaning more towards the Fall Of Cybertron toyline. How does it fit within your collection? Do you feel that WFC/FOC has done justice on the Pre-Earth Transformers? Do you think FOC toyline is a step backwards or forwards for the Transformers toy franchise?

A: I built up a shelf last year with Welcome to 2010 Primus, the War for Cybertron Generations Deluxes, BotCon Alpha Trion, and Universe 2.0 Blaster with Renderform's DJ Rockblast head. I'm pretty happy with it, and I have no problems adding a *few* more figures to it, particularly Shockwave, Starscream, and Bruticus. I'm not crazy that the mainline Bruticus has the inferior, pseudo-G2 color scheme, because I'd rather keep the SDCC MISB. The big thing that irritates me, though, is that large Soundwave with the annoying disk gimmick we saw at BotCon. I like the concept, but the execution is poor, and I can't help but think of all those development dollars that could have gone to more Neo-G1 figures, or Prime figures, or anything. Too much, too late?

Q: As we all know you have a nose for completion in regards to collecting toys. What made you lean towards this way of collecting? What was the most arguably painful and frustrating purchase you had to go through because of this mentality?

A: Completionism is a special kind of hell that only a dedicated few can put themselves through. It takes an understanding spouse, a dash of luck, and a whole heap of obsessive-compulsion. There's a special kind of yearning that enforces the "Gotta Catch 'Em All" feeling of toys, and makes you ignore the common sense that tells you one Backstop was enough, and you don't need two others in even worse decos.

Some of the hardest things to find in my collection are obscure non-Micron figures and items from the Micron Trilogy (the Japanese equivalent of the Unicron Trilogy here). I've been working for a long time on finding the last Force Chip (Cyber-key) that was not paired with a larger figure during Galaxy Force. If you know anyone looking to part with "Ignition Prize", send 'em my way! The Superlink Energon Weapons are also a bear to track down. Many of the hardest items are difficult to search for, and were often overlooked by sites like Seibertron when they were first released. Even getting photos is extremely difficult...

One of my happiest moments was tracking down the three rarest US Minicons, though. At the start of Cybertron, Wal-Mart released the Wave One deluxes in special tiny boxes, paired with a palette-flipped set of the Armada Road Destruction Team, along with "Tiny Tin" storage boxes. Each Minicon in the team was paired with two different deluxes. I've managed to complete a full set of the six deluxes, sealed, along with a loose set of the Minicons for display. Yes, that does mean I own the team three times... Staff Spotlight/Interview - Razorclaw0000
Razorclaw0000's specials. Prototype Razorclaw and BotCon 2010 Customizing Class G2 Sideswipe

Q: Mini-cons certainly perpetuate happiness among certain members of the staff! So among your massive collection, which one is your holy grail?

A: Shining Unicron is certainly the top of the "grail" list. Dragoyell is another Lucky Draw that tickles my fancy. For non-Micron Trilogy, I'd certainly love a Black Fire Convoy or the gorgeous Lucky Draw Micron Legends Megatron.

However, if we're looking for 'attainable' grails, it would probably be the Space Galaxy Team. They're still one of the most elusive sets of Microns ever produced that weren't Lucky Draws, and command absurd dollars in the after market, if they even show up at all.

If we step down from that, I'll be very happy when I wrap up the last three DVD Microns, Impulsor, Quench, and Freeboot, that I need. Staff Spotlight/Interview - Razorclaw0000
I don't want to die! Plot shield please?

Q: What is your opinion of Shattered Glass? Are you a devoted fan or strongly opposing it? What do you think of the upcoming e-hobby/TFCC crossover?

A: I'm not a fan at this point. It was clever at the beginning, especially since I'm a big fan of Star Trek, where the idea really blossomed from. However, I think it's been taken a bit too far by now, and is stunting the creativity of the club. To be fair, though, it's a nice avenue to get repaints we may not otherwise, like Road Rage. I'd just like to see some other property developed by the club already. Wings was promising, but seems to have petered out. I didn't join the Shattered Glass Collector's Club. Staff Spotlight/Interview - Razorclaw0000

Q: On the topic of the club, which figure is your favorite of the upcoming 2012 Subscription service, and why?

A: I'm the odd man out, and I'm really digging Circuit. I enjoy that mold immensely; it's one of my favorites out of the amazing NEST Global Alliance/Hunt for the Decepticons/Reveal the Shield era. I'm also really enjoying the trend of giving us Action Masters. I love Double Punch, Slicer, Kick Off, and Thundercracker, and I'm really looking forward to more homages to that era. Staff Spotlight/Interview - Razorclaw0000

Blurrz: Whelp, looks like Unicron calls. Thanks for stopping by Razorclaw0000! Staff Spotlight/Interview - Razorclaw0000
Razorclaw0000 left this here.. What is this? I don't even..


Auto Assembly 2013 - August 9th-11th

Transformers News: Auto Assembly 2013  - August 9th-11th
Date: Thursday, November 22nd 2012 10:17am CST
Category: Event News
Posted by: LOST Cybertronian | Credit(s): Auto Assembly

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Auto Assembly 2013 Major Updates

We've been quiet for a little while here at Auto Assembly. We've spent the last few months trying to recover from Auto Assembly 2012 and making plenty of plans for next year's convention, and taking a look back at some of the things we did this year so we can make 2013 the best convention we have ever organised.

Anyway, onto Auto Assembly 2013 and we have some fantastic things lined up for all of you. As you may know, back in August we confirmed our three voice actors who are joining us - Dan Gilvezan (G1 Bumblebee), Neil Kaplan (RiD Prime) and Steve Blum (TF: Prime Starscream), but since then we've been fairly quiet. Until now...

Over on our website, we've been busy making a lot of announcements about the convention and this is going to continue for the next few months with something new coming from us every few days!

One Day Passes
Until now, we have only been selling full weekend tickets for Auto Assembly 2013, but as of 22nd November 2012 we have now made one day passes available for the convention. However, these are limited so if you are interested, you'll need to book these sooner rather than later!


Starting things off are our guests. We deliberately held back on announcing our comic guests for 2013 so we still had guests to announce after our voice actors! Anyway, our first two confirmed comic guests are Simon Furman and James Roberts with more to come over the next few days.

Convention Exclusives

We've just unveiled the artwork for the first of our convention exclusive postcards for Auto Assembly 2013 and you can find this on our website. It's already been extremely well received and we'll be showing you the artwork for the rest of the cards over the coming months. That's not all though - we have more convention exclusive merchandise that we'll be announcing, starting tomorrow...

Full details on all of these stories and many more are on the Auto Assembly website, as well as more news to come over the next few days!

Auto Assembly 2013 is Europe's largest EVER Transformers convention and is taking place over the weekend of 9th - 11th August 2013 at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole Hotel. To book your tickets, to enquire about dealers tables or sponsorship / advertising opportunities or to find out more including details of all the dealers attending, all of our guests and a full schedule for the weekend, visit the website at

If you can't make it to the convention, we'll be offering a Non-Attendee Package early in the new year and running other online activities that you'll be able to get involved with!

Hope to see you all next year!

The Auto Assembly Team

Web: / /
Auto Assembly Europe:
Tel: +44 (0)7860 948296

Auto Assembly is sponsored by

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John Barber Transformers: Robots in Disguise Interview

Transformers News: John Barber Transformers: Robots in Disguise Interview
Date: Wednesday, November 21st 2012 11:34pm CST
Categories: Comic Book News, People News
Posted by: El Duque | Credit(s): Transformers facebook page

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The official Transformers facebook page has posted an interview with Transformers: Robots in Disguise Ongoing writer and IDW Senior Editor John Barber. We've mirrored the interview below for those without facebook access:

Q: Hi John. Robots in Disguise is almost a year old now. Has everything panned out as smoothly as you had hoped in the story you are telling?

JOHN BARBER: Hi! Well, we’ve stuck pretty close to the original ideas. New things have definitely cropped up, new ideas pop in all the time, but the essential story Andrew Griffith and I set out to tell over the first year or so has gone according to plan. Along the way there’ve been some nice synchronicities, some characters have asserted themselves in ways that either made them bigger characters or that changed the way the story unfolded, but overall, yeah.

Q: You’ve been trying to make sense of some continuity issues that have cropped up. Is this something you really wanted to try in fix from past TF comics?

JOHN BARBER: It’s not really that I set out to fix things as much as sometimes little continuity things suggest interesting stories or directions. Like, with Metalhawk—when More Than Meets The Eye writer James Roberts and I were working on The Death of Optimus Prime, James had come up with the notion of having a character be the de facto leader of the neutral Cybertronians who were returning home. I thought it’d be cool to use an existing Transformers character that we hadn’t seen yet—somebody that would have resonance with some fans, but it wouldn’t be essential that anybody know who he is.
We bounced some ideas between us and Andy Schmidt, who was the editor then, and to Michael Kelly at Hasbro. Eventually, James suggested Metalhawk. A quick internet search showed that Metalhawk had appeared in one panel in the Drift limited series. Or, anyway, somebody that looked an awful lot like Metalhawk was there. Alex Milne had drawn him in as, basically, a random ’bot. Nobody called him Metalhawk, he didn’t do anything particularly important. And it would have been pretty easy to just ignore that. And, honestly—and I know some fans vehemently disagree with what I’m about to say—I think it would have been fair to just write that off as “somebody that looks like Metalhawk” if it got in the way of the story.
But it got me thinking, and I thought it could be kind of cool if that were Metalhawk, and even though he’s only got that one panel in the Drift comic, that battle had actually been a key part of Metalhawk’s life. And that created an opportunity to bring Turmoil (who I think is an awesome character who deserved more of an on-panel life) back and have it mean something personal to somebody that Turmoil was around. So that panel just suggested some depth to the then-just-being-developed-in-current-continuity Metalhawk.
Hopefully, in practice, it doesn’t matter to the RID reader if they ever see that panel, but I think it’s fun that that panel is there. It creates a wider, more coherent tapestry of stories, without being obtrusive or stopping us from moving forward.

Q: After seeing all of the previous TF work, how hard did you find it get into the characters heads and come up with their voices and point of views?

JOHN BARBER: Well, over my life I’ve spent a fair amount of time with these characters—reading the comics, watching the cartoons and movies, playing with the toys when I was young—so I had some thoughts about the characters. There were some that, over the years, had been portrayed in ways that didn’t exactly match up all the way, which is just the reality of what happens when you have an ongoing comic book universe with different writers and artists playing in the same sandbox.
But, again, that was an opportunity. Real people do contradictory things, real people change their approaches over the years. We react differently to different situations. So I tried to use those different reactions and figure out what might make these particular iterations of these guys tick.
I tried to give the characters distinct points of view and voices based on what we’d seen them do over the course of all the IDW-published comics, and also what the sort-of “classic” versions of the characters are. I like using the big characters, and some of them have developed really interesting backstories, but that’s mostly how I view the previous stories, in practical storytelling terms. I mean, not that my stories are better, I just mean that as a writer, you have to focus on the story you’re telling, not a previous story. As a reader, you shouldn’t need to know the details of the character’s lives to follow what they’re doing now, or to enjoy them as characters… but if you do want to know about their life stories—a lot of it’s been published!

Q: Can you say much about your grand plan when you started writing RID? Did you have this time of peace on the re-born Cybertron well plotted out?

JOHN BARBER: Yeah, the big arc of the first year or so, definitely. It’s really about 16 issues that will get you a big climax to the story begun in issue 1. But not an end to the RID saga, I should add. That definitely keeps going!
Like I said, some of it changed a little, but the broad strokes are the same.
There were certain stories I wanted to hit—RID was never meant to be only about the political struggle. I wanted to have a story about somebody coming home trying to fit in on this world; a wilderness story; a story about the city surviving the changed environment of the planet. I feel like we did pretty well hitting those stories and still moving forward with a big, macro story about the power struggle in Iacon.

Q: Have you had to change or adapt how you write the stories, maybe based on something you’ve seen coming up in maybe an issue of More Than Meets the Eye (RID’s sister title)?

JOHN BARBER: We toss ideas back and forth all the time, James and I. So yeah, we’re constantly affecting what each other are doing. We’ve managed to not screw each other up, though, with our stories. If that’s what you mean.

Q: Have you found it difficult to keep a track of events in RID, especially with issues such as the time travelling space ship causing chaos (at least for the characters)?

JOHN BARBER: Yeah… it’s funny. I really intentionally focused in on five key players—Bumblebee, Ironhide, Prowl, Wheeljack, and Starscream—with Metalhawk playing a huge outsider role for most of the series. But as the series went on, a lot of other characters became important, too. So keeping track of where everybody is and where they wind up by issue 16 has been constantly on my mind.
Issue 10, with the time-traveling space-ship… that was it’s own beast. That was hard to keep track of on a totally different level. And I’m happy people came along for that ride.

Q: Is there any one stand-out moment from the first year of RID that you are most proud of over the others?

JOHN BARBER: Yes, but I can’t say what it is yet without giving things away.

Q: A certain character re-appears in issue 11 of RID. Had the return of this character been in your mind right from the very start?

JOHN BARBER: Yes, absolutely. Don’t miss today’s issue! Everything changes here.

Q: Between writing RID and editing the books across the TF license, would you say its one of the most challenging jobs you’ve done in comics?

JOHN BARBER: Sure, yeah. I mean, I edit more than just the Transformers comics, too—I work on G.I. Joe with Carlos Guzman, and on Dungeons & Dragons, and on a few other comics, too. So it’s a lot of good stuff to get to do. There’s definitely a lot of Transformers comics across a lot of timelines, but it’s a good challenge.

Q: Anything you can say about season 2 of RID? Can you say about possible happenings or characters that may reappear?

JOHN BARBER: Two words: purple reign.

BBTS Sponsor News: G2 Bruticus Arrives, Star Wars, Sideshow, Hobbit, Play Arts Kai

Transformers News: BBTS Sponsor News: G2 Bruticus Arrives, Star Wars, Sideshow, Hobbit, Play Arts Kai
Date: Wednesday, October 24th 2012 3:29pm CDT
Category: Sponsor News
Posted by: El Duque | Credit(s): BBTS

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This exclusive set includes Onslaught, Brawl, Swindle, Vortex and Blast off in their G2 colors. Leave them in vehicle or robot mode, or merge them to create the mighty Bruticus! ... ode=retail

This figure of Optimus before he became the leader of the Autobots has Decepticon symbols and comes with a gold chromed version of Ratchet's Arms Micron. This figure is listed at $54.99. ... ode=retail

We have received a small restock shipment of this popular set. This version of Soundwave has Soundblaster's double-deep cassette bay, and comes with Laserbeak and Ravage as well. We have this set listed at $64.99 ... ode=retail

The first wave of Mass Effect 3 Play Arts Kai figures has arrived. These figures include Garrus, Ashley and Commander Shepard, and they each come with an assortment of weapons. We have these figures listed at $64.99 each. ... Effect+Kai

The first of three 12" Star Wars figures from Sideshow this week is Commander Neyo. His armor is detailed with maroon and he includes multiple weapons, hands and more. This figure is listed at $129.99, $5 off the MSRP. ... ode=retail

The second 12" figure is the Tusken Raider from Tatooine. He includes his Gaffi stick, multiple hands, multi-layer robes and more, and is listed at $129.99, $5 off the MSRP. ... ode=retail

This 12" Battle Droid figure comes complete with his ride, a Single Trooper Aerial Platform or STAP. The complete package measures 13.5" tall and is listed at $169.99, $5 off the MSRP. ... ode=retail

This large-scale bust measures 26" tall by 27" wide and 10" deep, and shows Iron Man in a classic red and gold armor suit. It has limited articulation and LED-lit eyes and Unibeam emitter and is priced at $699.99, saving you $50 off of the MSRP. ... ode=retail

This bust of the mysterious and angry Sith apprentice stands 21.5" tall and includes a removable fabric cowl. It is listed at $494.99. ... ode=retail

This new polystone statue is decked out in armor and wields a plasma cutter. The helmet contains a light-up component, and we have the statue listed at $274.99. ... ode=retail

This assortment is from the Brood storyline from Uncanny X-Men 232-234 and includes Colossus, Longshot, Dazzler Rogue, Wolverine, variant Brood Wolverine and two Brood. We have this set listed at $29.99, $6 off the MSRP. ... ode=retail

The first assortment includes Rick Grime with Roamer Zombie, a Herd Zombie 2-pack, Dale with Roamer Zombie, and a short-packed Dale in Winter Coat with Roamer Zombie. This Set is listed at $29.99, saving you $6 off of the MSRP. ... ode=retail

This box set collects the whole family, just as you remember them from the original black & white TV show. Herman, Lily, Marilyn, Eddie and Grandpa 7" figures are all included, and the whole set is listed at $64.99, $10 off of the MSRP. ... ode=retail

If you are collecting the 7" color versions instead, now you can finish up the family with this two-pack. It includes Marilyn in a yellow dress plus Eddie in his black and white outfit, along with Eddie's doll and more. This set is listed at $21.99, $3 off the MSRP. ... ode=retail

This new assortment includes MegaMan, ProtoMan, ElecMan and GutsMan. They are available singly at $11.99 each, or as a set of four at $44.99. ... bble+Budds

Mezco has just released a new 18" Frankenstein figure, the first in their Monster Scale line of Universal Studios monsters. He is done in a new super deformed style and is listed at $79.99, $10 off the MSRP. ... ode=retail

Mezco has also done a new 6" figure of a Martian from "Mars Attacks!". He includes his helmet and space gun, and is listed at $19.99. ... ode=retail

These new Mr. Potato Head figures are sure to bring a smile to DC fans. We have Classic Batman, Classic Superman and Classic Wonder Woman in stock now, priced at $19.99 each. If you missed him the first time around, be sure to take a look at the Joker Spud as well, so that your super heroes have someone to battle. ... h=DC+Spuds

This quarter includes the Quasimodo, Phoebus, Esmerelda and King of Fools Quasimodo. It is listed at $15.99, $2 off the MSRP. ... ode=retail


The first two figures from this new line have been announced. We are waiting for confirmation on their identities right now, but it appears that 01 will be Optimus Prime and 02 will be Star Saber, and each will come with their own transforming weapon/accessory. We have each figure listed at $114.99. ... y+Super+GT

This new animated-style piece shows a Scout Trooper being taken down by three angry Ewoks. It stands about 10" tall, is limited to 1200 pieces and is listed at $99.99. ... ode=retail

The folks at the Noble Collection have announced six new replicas from the upcoming Hobbit movie. We have Glamdring and Orcrist at $188.99 each, Sting at $108.99, Bilbo's Deed of Contract ay $39.99, Thorin's Miniature Key and Map Replica at $29.99 and a Map of Middle Earth Replica at $39.99. ... ompany=964

Three new items are on their way from Diamond. We have the Alice: Madness Returns 7" Royal Guard Alice figure at $21.99, along with a Knight Rider Select Michael Knight 8" Cloth Action Figure at $37.99. There is also a new Best Of Minimates Wave, which includes Loki, Daredevil, Punisher, Mr. Fantastic, Deadpool, Dr. Doom, Venom and the Hulk (rumored to have Bruce Banner Swap parts as well), and this set is listed at $34.99, $5 off the MSRP.

Kotobukiya has also announced a trio of new items. We have the Commander Shepard 1/6 Scale ArtFX Statue at $114.99 (15 off the MSRP), a Batman: The Killing Joke Joker 1/6 Scale ArtFX Statue at $109.99 ($20 off the MSRP) and a New 52 Version Aquaman 1/10 Scale ArtFX+ Statue at $35.99 ($4 off the MSRP).

Eaglemoss debuts a new line this month, the Batman Automobilia Collection. The first offerings are 1:43 scale versions of the 1989 "Batman" Batmobile and the 1966 TV Series Batmobile; each comes with an acrylic case and includes a magazine, and each is priced at $19.99. In addition to these, the DC Chess Collection adds the #026 Alfred White Pawn and the #027 Batwoman White Rook at $15.99 each, and Marvel adds #193 Stingray and #194 Moonstone at $14.99 each.

A veritable horde of new Beast Saga listings is up for pre-order. We have BS-27 through BS-51 listed, including singles, Beast Sofubi Collection figures, Random Cases and Singles, and a number of items for which we are awaiting translations. You can take a look at all of the new items at the link. ... 955&page=2

This large-scale piece shows Death with his scythes and his raven, Dust; it measures 32" tall, is limited to 500 pieces worldwide and even has LED lighting effects. We have this statue listed at $599.99. ... ode=retail

A second wave of life-size puppet replicas has been announced by Full Moon Toys. from the Puppet Master series comes Stealth Pinhead, while the Gingerdead Man movies give us the title character. They are limited to 500 and 250 pieces respectively, and each figure is listed at $199.99. ... =Full+Moon

Three new items have been listed under the Doctor Who Novelties & Electronics Menu. We have the Red Dalek Talking Money Bank at $34.99 ($5 off the MSRP), the TARDIS Projection Alarm Clock at $41.99 ($8 off the MSRP) and the TARDIS Topper Alarm Clock at $29.99 ($5 off the MSRP). ... +novelties

Following up on their Alice release, CS Moore is releasing a figure of her daughter Calie. She comes dressed in a French Maid outfit and includes a number of accessories; we have her listed at $19.99. ... ode=retail

This new vinyl collectible combines the strength of a super strong creature with the uncontrolled nature of a tiny child. It is listed at $64.99. ... ode=retail

The Pullip line continues to make inroads in American culture with this figure of the Joker's main squeeze Harley Quinn. She comes with her hammer and either has a removable mask or else an alternate unmasked head; We have this exclusive figure listed at $144.99. ... ode=retail

Four new import exclusive items are now listed for pre-orders. Space Sheriff Gavan gets an S.H. Figuarts Exclusive at $99.99 as well as a Action Works Metal Finish Version at $174.99. We also have a Gintama Mask Premium Collection Limited Edition Exclusive at $124.99 and a 1/100 Scale Space Battleship Yamato 2199 Anniversary Space Panorama Version Exclusive with special display stand at $118.99.

Mad Engine has announced a number of new Star Wars T-Shirts. These include WWVD (What Would Vader Do?), Bit Wars, Snow Scouts, Revolution and more, and they are listed at $15.99 - $19.99 each. ... ine&page=2

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Ataboy is producing a number of accessories from the upcoming Hobbit movie. These include Mouse Pads at $9.99 each, Photo Magnet Sets at $14.99 - $17.99 each, a Key Chain Set at $14.99, Night Lights at $9.99 each and a 3" Button Set at $12.99. ... ompany=948 Treasures: The Armada Anniversary Article

Transformers News: Treasures: The Armada Anniversary Article
Date: Saturday, October 13th 2012 4:26pm CDT
Categories: Cartoon News, Toy News, Site Articles, Editorials
Posted by: Blurrz

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It was roughly 10 years ago that a series called Transformers Armada was released. Join staff members Blurrz, Counterpunch and Razorclaw0000, as they journey back a decade. They celebrate Armada in all of its fashion, as the trio critique the successful toy line, domestically as well as internationally, and show their passion (or disdain) for each figure. Treasures: The Armada Anniversary Article

The calm before…

Blurrz: It’s hard for me to imagine that it was a decade ago when a cartoon captivated me like none other. While some find that this series was a grotesque shame on the Transformers brand, it shares a special place in my toy collecting heart for eternity. Transformers Armada entered into my life at the exact time - any younger and I’d really have no funds to tackle a competent collection, any older and I’d be trapped in the stigma of adolescent youth. I ask myself time and time again, if Armada had switched places with Energon or Robots In Disguise, wouldn’t I be as attached to it as with Armada? The answer is simply no, there’s this feel to Armada that I personally can’t fixate with in contrast to any other series.

Counterpunch: Oddly enough, I didn't much like Armada at first glance. I was buying RiD toys at the time. I jumped back into the hobby after several years of absence. RiD was where I expected the toys to be. Armada was...not exactly what I expected. I bought the toys way before I even watched the show. There were enough interesting molds going into wave two that my curiosity was piqued.

Razorclaw0000: I was working in a deli in the basement of my local Boscov's Department Store during my Junior year of college. I was just starting back into collecting, and had maybe a half-dozen figures, when I stumbled across Armada Starscream. There was something about the look, maybe the Anime-esque look, maybe the distinctive plane mode, and maybe the little Minicon that pushed all the right buttons. Treasures: The Armada Anniversary Article

..the storm

Blurrz: When Armada hit, it was a bit of a frenzy and a rumble. I had to get the figures when they came out. When a new character came up open the screen, I just had to pick him up. That’s really no longer possible, as evidenced by Transformers Animated, whose character cast was too large to be put into a toyline, and Transformers Prime, in which their toys had a comparable delay time to any Blizzard product. There were relatively no store exclusives, and if there were, they wouldn’t be a show character. Despite how many antagonize the toys, one cannot question Armada’s unwavering availability and unlimited playability.

Counterpunch: Jetfire, Starscream, and Megatron were awesome enough that I began to wonder what the other figures were like. I ended up liking the line/concept/show before I even realized it. I began finding reasons to buy new and different figures. Even toys that were problems at the time, like Hot Shot and Sideswipe I found ways to justify purchasing, even if it was out of curiosity. I'm glad I did though, the figures were large and detailed. Though I couldn't put my finger on the issue at the time, in retrospect, what I really liked about these toys was how they reminded me of the late G1 figures that I grew up with.

Razorclaw0000: Blurrz brought up a great point. I vividly remember the releases of figures coinciding very closely with their on-screen appearances. It was so close, that I remember driving 20+ miles to pick up Side Swipe just to have him in time for that episode, that night. What a surprise that was...

Mischievous Mini-cons Treasures: The Armada Anniversary Article

Blurrz: The small guys were the stars of the cartoon show, and equally, the stars of the Armada toyline. Each bulk (bigger figure) came with a mini-con, and more importantly as we discuss, there was the release of the individual mini-con teams. 10 different teams, composed of 3, were released domestically alongside their variants.

For the Autobots and Decepticons in the Armadaverse, it was paramount that they control the three most powerful weapons, the Star Saber, the Skyboom Shield, and the Requiem Blaster. In toy form, that was the Air Defense Team, the Race Team and the Space Team, respectively, all capable of being wielded by any bulk with 5 mm peg hands. The Star Saber is combined from the parts of Jetstorm, Runway, and Sonar, all planes in some form or the other. While in fiction the Star Saber would be comparable to the Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, the planes don’t flush well together in toy form. Still they are aesthetically pleasing with their whites, bold blues and translucent plastic. They were repainted into their evil variants, the Air Assault team. However grey plastic replaced clear plastic, leaving much to be desired.

The impenetrable Skyboom Shield was composed of Mirage, Downshift and Dirt Boss. Speedsters and a SUV, the cars were colored with whites, yellows and greys, and featured pleasant articulation. Structurally the team makes a rather large shield, and is imposing on the likes of Jetfire, Megatron and Hoist, while laughable in the hands of Hot Shot or Side Swipe. They were repainted in imposing red and black colors, however their predecessor has much better character.

Lastly we have the Requiem Blaster, or in team names, the Space Team. Payload, Sky Blast and Astroscope all have individual colors, and aren’t exactly a trio of mini-con’s you’d normally expect to combine. The colors are not exactly the problem either, as the combined gun form is oddly flimsy, especially if your Astroscope is loose. All in all, out of the power weapon mini-con teams in Armada, the original Star Saber – the Air Defense team is my favorite and the superior! Treasures: The Armada Anniversary Article

Counterpunch: The Land Military Team was the first set of Mini-cons I purchased. Bonecrusher, Knock-out, and Wreckage were all various forms of military style missile trucks. In many ways, they were the easiest for collectors to come to terms with as legitimate transformers. They look like the Micromasters of yesteryear and somehow avoid the goofiness other Mini-cons gained when attached to larger figures. You could almost view them as Targetmasters but they were actually decent figures in their own right both in robot mode and vehicle mode. I'd even recommend them today for someone looking at a place to start with Mini-cons. Honorable mentions go out to their uniform color scheme cousins in the Night Attack team, who in addition to having cool colors, have an awesome sinister name.

Then there's the unfortunate but somewhat necessary Street Action team. Ever wanted a bicycle Transformer, a skateboard Transformer? how about a moped Transformer? Me neither, but Highwire, Grindor, and Sureshock were core characters to the show. Now, Grindor is great. The others? Not so much... That being said, their ability to combine into Perceptor (in name only) was AWESOME. Perceptor, despite his limited articulation is legit. He's a cool concept and character I would not mind seeing a return of.

The Sea team is almost a continuation of the Street Speed team's advances in engineering. Waterlog, Oceanglide, and Stormcloud are all great little Transformers with solid transformations, great amounts of detail for Mini-cons, and useful joints. Their variety of colors across all releases will inevitably make it so that there is some version out there you like. Additionally, because of their missile launchers, they make for decent Targetmaster style figures just like the Land Military team did.

I keep talking about these pseudo Targetmasters but the Emergency team was the real deal. These were the guys everyone was waiting for, legitimate three-mode Mini-cons. Prowl, Firebot, and Makeshift were also interesting in that they were some of the few Mini-cons to make purposeful use of clear plastic. Even among those who hated Armada and Mini-cons, this team was almost universally loved for its versatility and ability to mix in with almost any line.

As for me, my recommendations on these would be the Japanese TRU exclusives for the Land Military team, the Universe 2003 versions of the Street Action team, the Powerlinx version of the Sea team, and the Micron Booster 2 versions of the Emergency team. I think I just like the color selection of those, not so much for any particular matching with larger figures. Treasures: The Armada Anniversary Article

Razorclaw0000: The Air Military team is another Targetmaster homage, with each member transforming into some type of weapon, all the emphasis here is decidedly more melee. Thunderwing transforms from robot to SR-71 style stealth jet, to a three pronged claw weapon. Terradive is the second member of the team, transforming from robot, to "flying wing" stealth bomber, to a "ninja star" or shield. Interestingly Terradive's port is actually on a swivel, allowing him to spin freely when powerlinked to a bulk. Finally, Gunbarrel rounds out the team, transforming from robot to cargo plane to six barreled gattling gun.

The Street Speed team has the dubious distinction of being the most articulated Mini-con teams produced, as well as toying with several copyright and trademark violations. Backtrack is almost completely a Cadillac XLR in a rather unrealistic shade of green. Oval continues the trend of mimicking real vehicles by transforming into a Saleen S7 in a muddy orange color. Finally, Spiral takes a stab at ripping off the Germans, with a deep blue Mercedes C-Class alternate mode. While the articulation was impressive for the time, all three figures can suffer from loose, floppy joints, and may have difficulty not falling apart completely. This is a team that is either loved or hated.

Next, the Destruction Team makes up for limited articulation by packing in some interesting play features, particularly with Cyclonus. Each figure featured a center roller which would activate some action feature when rolling along, and there was a small gear and clip mechanism which allowed them to dock to the underside of Cyclonus. Spinning the rotors would trigger the gear and cause the action to occur. Dualor is the most straightforward, transforming into a dual-barrelled reciprocating tank. His gimmick works well and he's impressively bulky for a Mini-con. Next, Drill Bit transforms into a giant, well, drill. There are some small issues to his design, however, as the body of the drill is blocked by his legs, which transform into the wheels and bed of the vehicle. The drill does spin quite well. Lastly, Buzzsaw does not actually transform into a saw. Instead, the vehicle is technically a "Bucket Wheel Excavator", and his rotating bucket/blade works extremely well.

Finally, the Adventure Team uses the same gimmicks as the Destruction Team, but unfortunately suffers from having gimmicks that don't make as much sense docked to Cyclonus. Dune Runner starts off the set as a dune buggy with roof mounted machine gun. This feature works well both in rolling and attached to Cyclonus, in theory, but minor tolerance issues prevent the gun from turning smoothly. Iceberg is the next figure in the team, transforming into a snow plow tank with opening and closing plow jaws. Again, minor tolerance issues prevent this gimmick from triggering on Cyclonus, but the vehicle mode is a lot of fun. Finally, Ransack is a green jeep with a real working winch. Unfortunately, the winch aspect doesn't work very well at all with Cyclonus, as a few short turns will have the length of string fully retracted.

Out of all the Mini-con three packs, the Sea Team is probably still my favorite, particularly with Waterlog's elegant transformation and real knees.

Sly Super-cons Treasures: The Armada Anniversary Article

Blurrz: With hindsight, the Armada super-con figures, or in modern terms - Deluxe class figures - aren’t exactly a breakthrough in Transformers toy technology. They aren’t going to hold much against the modern figures, such as the Classics or the Generations, but they have their own uniqueness to them. What they lacked in articulation due to their gimmick-based interactions with their mini-con partners, they made up in playability and overall ‘fun’.

Tackling the Autobot super-cons, we have the first wave release, Hot Shot. Hindered by the axle-bazooka system, Hot Shot still offers movement in the important areas, however he won’t be moving his head anytime soon. Being in the year 2012, we expect our Transformers to offer both great alternate modes, as well as robot modes. Hot Shot isn’t exactly endearing to that philosophy, but his mini-con partner Jolt interacts well with Hot Shot’s vehicle mode. Not the best figure on the Armada market and not one you’ll have a struggle with when trying to obtain it on the secondary market. Much like a handful of figures at the end of the Armada toyline, Hot Shot was repainted as Powerlink Hot Shot, homaging Generation Hot Rod. While this repaint doesn’t exactly increase the mold’s stock, it’s certainly a nice change for those who were tired of seeing yellow (get out of here Cheetor)

Armada Blurr also fits in to the same category as Hot Shot, as in he has a great vehicle mode, but his robot mode is still a few years behind. The Lamborghini-Ferrari-something can grow wings thanks to Red Bull and Blurr’s mini-con partner, Incinerator. In robot mode, the majority of his car bits are a massive backpack, and Blurr has limited arm movement and no knee joints. The colors are aesthetically pleasing, but alas, hindered by the mold’s interaction with Incinerator.

Next up to bat is what some claim to be the worst Transformer of all time. It’s funny that this figure also fits into the same category as Blurr and Hot Shot. Despite the lack of suitors for Armada Side Swipe (Not Sideswipe, please don't mix the two!), the young Autobot warrior features a rather sleek vehicle mode, and up to its release date in 2002, offered one of the most realistic alternate modes the Transformers fanbase had ever seen. Side Swipe even featured a fun and interactive powerlinking gimmick with his mini-con partner, Nightstick. However folding the car’s pieces and parts into robot mode yields a nightmare. Side Swipe has the chunkiest limbs, kibble, and clumsy articulation. The figure has a tendency to just not stay still. It surprises me that this figure has as many repaints as it does, and its character was even homaged in this year’s BotCon set. Well….. there are cults for worse things I suppose.

Smokescreen isn't a very popular toy, and I can’t wonder why. Yes, he does not exactly have the best articulation, and he’s a bit chunky, but isn't that what should be expected for the tough guy of the group? His gimmick is a large crane on his shoulder; it’s the saving grace and also the downfall of Smokescreen. Its size will likely topple the figure in robot mode unless you position it properly, but its interaction with the mini-con Liftor turns the crane into a massive sniper rifle! Smokescreen even has a working winch, which fits with the rescue vehicle theme. While Smokescreen is full of fun, his min-con Liftor is also worth a shot, the little guy is sturdy and is solid in both modes.

Next up is another underrated figure, Armada Hoist. Smokescreen’s character in Armada kicked the can, but he was then resurrected as Hoist. Hoist is a construction vehicle with a giant crane-claw, and his mini-con Refute is one of the tallest in the scale. Despite Hoist’s massive crane-claw, he has the best articulation of all of the deluxe figures, as he can actually bend his legs 90 degrees!

Rounding up the batch is Armada Optimus Prime. He’s got quite the hype as being a great figure, and yet I think it’s more because the bigger Optimus Prime had a lot of follies to it. To me, he’s not that great, but I get my panties in a bunch when it comes to scale and Armada figures. Optimus Prime, also known as Bendy Prime features good, all around articulation, and a fighter/gun mini-con partner in Over-Run. (No, not this Over-Run!) I’d recommend this figure, but you probably already have it, and if you don’t, there’s the Nemesis version which Razor will allude to. Out of the figures we have here, the best Armada Autobot Super-con would have to be Hoist. He’s all around dynamic and you’ll always love that sound when you hear his gear-joints bend! The mold is also worth it in his Cybertron Longrack remold or the rather lucrative BotCon Dinobot version. Treasures: The Armada Anniversary Article

Counterpunch: It seems that the Decepticon Supercons (deluxe figures) are up to me. These toys all feature an interesting if largely unnoticed design point: They are all asymetrical. It's not that obvious and it's not that big a deal but it's there. The idea was to show the Cons as being edgier in this manner. It kind of worked and if you examine the toys you'll pick up on the little cues that show it off.

The first wave of figures gave us Demolisher and Cyclonus. Now neither of these guys are going to go down in the annals of TF history as being marvels of engineering but they are interesting never the less.

Demolisher is perhaps the best Decepticon Supercon. His transformation is clean, he locks together, and while he doesn't have modern articulation, he still has a great number of useful joints. His...head doesn't rotate, so there's that. -_- To make up for it, Demolisher has perhaps the best integration of Mini-con to Bulk out of the entire line. His Mini-con Blackout is useful no matter what mode Demolisher is in and there is even a third mode to compliment all this. Demolisher even has a nifty and fully functioning gimmick to shoot Blackout across a table in vehicle mode.

To make this $10 marvel (yes, deluxes used to be huge and 30% less expensive) even better, he has several Macross-style bot configurations where his arms can fold up into artillery formations. It's a nice touch that really makes use of his missile firing gimmick.

Cyclonus is less awesome but perhaps equally interesting. He has the same articulation range as Demolisher and even as good a Mini-con integration but that's where the similarities end. Cyclonus seems to have been the starting point for an abandoned Mini-con gimmick that would pair geared Minicons up with Bulks who could implement those mechanics. (You can see on Hoist where this might have been implemented had it continued) So there are a whole host of Mini-cons who work only with Cyclonus. (Spoiler: They don't work well with him)

In vehicle mode, Cyclonus is kind of awesome. The helicopter is well done, the blades spin properly, and kids can hold it in a gun-style way for pretending he flies. All and all, a nice figure. His robot mode...not so much. His missile firing gimmick is hampered by the need for a Mini-con and he has what are in all honesty, stupid guns in his knees. Despite his joints, he is virtually impossible to pose in any meaningful way and his head looks like he's hiding in a turtle shell. So...yea. When people point at Armada with an accusatory finger, it's because of figures like this. You should still track one down though. He has a little gun that goes back and forth when his blades rotate and very cool.

Late line Decepticons included Thrust and Wheeljack.

Thrust typifies all that was wrong with Armada. He has another, though this time criminally bad, abandoned mechanic. He has no real hands. He has a fake transformation. But...his vehicle mode is rather nice and his Mini-con is quite good actually. Thrust is even somewhat posable in robot mode if you can maneuver around his giant hanging cockpit.

I went there.

What happened with this figure is that he was essentially ruined by his gimmick. Though it is unobtrusive, all the engineering went towards its integration so several important things like...hands were factored out. Thrust is a loss and I would never recommend him to someone. But he's not a complete loss despite what I just said. The figure is very well detailed and the transformation is good if not a bit cheat-y. If you are completing an Armada cast, you could do worse than paying the $8 it would take to get this guy and have him standing majestically behind Galvatron with betrayal in his squid-eyes.

On the other hand, we have Wheeljack, who still holds up to today's standards in many ways. Wheeljack has simple and straightforward articulation and a simple but mechanically interesting transformation. He's large, detailed, and honestly quite well done. His Mini-con Wind Sheer is even pretty decent as Mini-cons go in design and shape.

Wheeljack turns into a slick black (or gray depending on your hemisphere) car. He has a M.A.S.K. style gimmick when you apply his Mini-con and God knows why we never got a red redeco of him. Some people might be turned away by his insignia, which shows off his faction change but I suspect more will be endeared by it. I only wish he had a larger and more pronounced Decepticon symbol.

For those who really like this figure, I suggest you track down the Japanese or Korean versions. The black and blue deco is easily nicer and more show accurate than the gray and yellow North American version.

Out of all these guys, I would recommend Demolisher. He's everything an Armada figure should be and I feel that he holds up very well after all these years, even if he has to turn his entire torso to look to the left. (but he can! He has a waist joint...) Treasures: The Armada Anniversary Article

Razorclaw0000: Lastly, we have Unicron's Agents from both the cartoon and comics. Sideways is one of the two Mini-Con Headmasters in the line, but actually features two different heads. A futuristic, if chunky, motorcycle, Sideways transformed into an oddly articulated "ninja", but lacks traditional fist holes, knees, a waist, and features some odd arm articulation. Despite that, Sideways has a special place in my heart. His Minicons, Rook and Crosswise also exhibit the ability to merge into a single, surprisingly articulated, robot rider for Sideways' bike mode. This, combined with the campy Headmaster gimmick, grant Sideways a pass, from being a forgettable mess, to maintaining a place, to this day, on my shelves. An odd variant exists, with the factions swapped between both Mini-cons.

Next, Nemesis Prime is a sinister redeco of the Super-con Optimus Prime mold, which Blurrz has so elegantly described. Hot off their successes with RID Scourge, Hasbro and Takara wished to cement the idea of a "Black Prime" as more than just hyper-exclusive repaints in Japan. A monstrous beast in the show, Nemesis Prime sported a strange dark gray, teal, and dusty brown color scheme, punctuated by intense red highlights. In a twist of a pun, his Minicon is slyly named "Run Over", a corruption of Super-con Prime's Over Run. Because of Nemesis Prime's show nature, and a rare case ratio, this figure still commands a comparatively high price on secondary market, easily outpacing other Super-cons by two to three times. Micron Legend Scourge at first glance appears to be similar to Nemesis Prime, but virtually every color has been replaced. The main body is different. The reds are different. The details are different. Scourge is virtually impossible to track down at this point, and frankly the domestic version is heading there as well.

The Super-con line was filled out by four Beast Wars redecos, featuring dead Minicon ports molded in key places. All four sport decos significantly different from their Beast Wars personas, with darker tones. Cheetor is paired with Cliffjumper, a redeco of Ransack. Rhinox is also paired with another Adventure Team redeco, Armorhide, from the Iceberg mold. Terrorsaur completes the Adventure Team pairings, joining Ironhide, a redeco of Dune Runner. Lastly, Airazor gets her partner Nightscream from the Street Speed Team, a redeco of Oval. While absent from the cartoon, these characters feature prominently in the defunct Dreamwave Armada and Energon comics, making them a must for any fan of those series.

Out of all the Super-cons, my favorite is probably Nemesis Prime, because he was from a time when the idea was still relatively fresh, and I have a soft spot for figures that have puns in their name. Run Over is a great little guy.

Mighty Max-cons Treasures: The Armada Anniversary Article

Blurrz: Max-cons, or in today’s terms – Voyager Class – were bold, big, and sometimes were just annoying all together. If you were max-con or bigger, it was likely that you’d have light and sounds.p RED ALERT RED ALERT RED ALERT WEEWOOWEEWOO

Armada Scavenger, a character who homages the Decepticon G1 Scavenger, was first acknowledged as a Decepticon in the cartoon, but then switched sides to the Autobots. Everyone wants to be Counterpunch, eh? Just because Scavenger is bigger, doesn’t mean he deviates from the Armada super-con formula. At the heart of the figure, there is just a giant brick. It makes for a great truck, as Scavenger has a solid alternate mode – his mini-con Rollbar, if in robot mode, fits right into the canopy of Scavenger acting as the truck driver. You also have rolling treads and a moving scooper. This doesn’t exactly yield the brightest robot mode, as Scavenger doesn’t exactly have what we’d call ‘legs’. Still, as an Armada figure, it went big on the gimmick factor and is still a fun figure to toy around with.

Next up we have Red Alert, taking the form of a rescue vehicle. The mode is rather bland until you perch the mini-con Longarm on to the back of Red Alert, and thus begins the electronics: RED ALERT RED ALERT WEE WOO WEE WOO. Transformed, Red Alert offers a bunch of fancy gadgets and moderate articulation. He has interchangeable hand weapons, a chest disc-launcher, a giant shoulder gun/handheld gun, and RED ALERT RED ALERT WEE WOO WEE WOO. The mold’s repaint is Powerlinx Red Alert, exchanging the medic red and white with vibrant blue and orange. Still, the same old RED ALERT WEE WOO WEE WOO. Out of these two, I’d have to give it to Mr. Wee Woo for actually having legs and the best……. or annoying electronics in the line. Treasures: The Armada Anniversary Article

Counterpunch: I can't believe I didn't get to write on Red Alert...

More Decepticons for me. Seekers. Starscream, other Starscream, and Skywarp. Yes, yes...the package for Thundercracker says Thundercracker but by the show it was Super Mode Starscream.

These guys are the same so I'm not going to split the discussion up too much. This mold is very G1-esq to me. It's big, bulky, and has limited or fake articulation. The legs have a full range of front to back movement but no side to side movement. All versions of this guy will be standing at attention. Likewise, his arms have several points of articulation, none of which help to show that Starscream is a master swordsman in Armada.

This mold is a brick, but that's ok.

Jet mode is interesting. It's large and well detailed. It's perhaps one of the best Cybertronian jet designs we've seen. Mini-con integration on this figure is well done with two distinct ways to actively engage it's workings.

The primary gimmick on this figure is the flip out Null Ray cannons. As far as gimmicks go, this one is quite screen accurate but also one of the drawbacks the mold suffers from. Where as on-screen, Starscream has a flat back, the toy is forced to have a large backpack to accommodate the cannons. Were there a simple hinge back there to fold the whole thing down further, the toy would have been near perfect.

Now, this Starscream is a swordsman. His blade is quite interestingly stored in his left wing. Removing the wing arms him and gives that asymmetrical look once again that was discussed before. Now, the show plays off the whole sword thing much better than the toy but the gimmick is quite clever and truly unique. I wish his articulation gave him a bit more use of the blade or that the handle was placed differently but this is a very fun alteration to Starscream's usual character portrayal.

Let's talk interesting toy history here. The US and Japanese versions have two distinct differences. The US versions have a slanted nosecone. It's pointed down in the way that some supersonic jets have an angled nosecone. This was ultimately a safety thing. The angle allows the nosecone to collapse if your kid brother charges at you with Starscream pointed straight out as to avoid impaling you. The Japanese (and Korean) versions are straight and more accurate to the show.

The other significant difference is in the paint details and masking. The US versions of Starscream and Thundercracker do a really ugly version of masking on the symbols to just plop purple on there. The Japanese versions are painted, detailed, and lined. The difference is staggering. Further, the US version of Starscream is gray and the Japanese version is white(ish). YMMV depending on what you're willing to pay. Oddly enough, Skywarp, who got a US release and a very limited Japanese release in US packaging has the properly done and painted symbols.

Out of the the three US versions of this, go for Skywarp. He has the best paint decos, a unique, different, and quality Mini-con, and an interesting head sculpt that makes him anyone you might want him to be. If we're talking the best version overall in my opinion, I would say that the Japanese Super Mode (Thundercracker) Starscream is the best. The colors and deco just shine and the toy looks brilliant. Treasures: The Armada Anniversary Article

Razorclaw0000: Did someone order a brick? Featuring almost G1 levels of articulation, Overload was the last original mold Voyager for the toyline. With only shoulder, hip, and head swivels, Overload still managed to be thoroughly impressive with his shoulder mounted missile batteries and giant fists ready to pummel any Decepticon into scrap. The toy’s articulation was scrapped to allow him to become a pair of giant shoulder mounted cannons for Superbase Prime. His third mode is a large launchpad/trailer, which can carry Jetfire and be towed behind Prime’s trailer, creating a massive convoy of Autobot might. Overload was also one of the first modern toys to include the iconic transformation noise we’ve all come to know, love, and subsequently despise as it’s included in dozens of figures over the years. Finally, Overload featured a unique interaction with his Mini-con, Rollout. Instead of having a typical transformation, with Rollout activating some feature, Rollout became the head and chest of Overload, unveiling a proportionate head and slotting into a giant cavity in the main body.

As with the Super-Cons, the Gigacon range also feature a Beast Wars remold and redeco, in the form of “Predacon”, a repaint and slight retool of the Transmetal Megatron mold, with added Powerlinx hard points. The figure features arguably the best deco of that mold, in rich greens, browns, and grays, with a dash of orange for visual pop. Predacon is also notable for coming with two Mini-cons, Side Burn and Skid-Z, which round out a full team of Street Speed redecos with Air Razor’s Nightscream partner.

Out of all the Max-Cons, the Starscream mold still has a soft spot for me, as it’s the figure I originally discovered in that dark Boscov’s basement and set me on the path to the raving lunatic completionist I am today.

Gallant Giga-cons Treasures: The Armada Anniversary Article

Blurrz: Space shuttle Transformers are few and far between and yet for their lack of numbers, Armada Jetfire certainly makes up for it. Jetfire epitomizes the ‘White Knight’ character, as he gallants in with his wings, engines and massive blaster. His mini-con Comettor is specific as it acts as Jetfire’s landing gear in alternate mode. Combined with his shield and Comettor, Jetfire can roll out on the ground, as well as fly without it. Jetfire also has droppable missiles, but they are rather bland. Amidst transformation, you’ll find that Jetfire’s blaster/rifle has been blessed or cursed with electronics, a countdown sound, the G1-Autobot blaster sound, and if a mini-con is attached, a blaster sound. Now fully transformed, Jetfire has a bunch of nice hawk-like aesthetics, and is full of character. My personal favorite with Jetfire is his ability to yield all of the power weapons (Blaster, Saber, & Shield) at the same time, with two of the weapons in his hands and the last of the trio perched on his wings. Jetfire also has the ability to bolster the power of Optimus Prime by combining with him, but we’ll leave the question of ‘who wears the pants in the relationship’ for later on. Jetfire was repainted under the Powerlinx Banner into a combination of blue and grey, homaging Jetfire’s pre-Transformers origin (Macross/Robotech). Overall you can’t really go wrong with a Jetfire figure, whether it’s in Armada, Energon or Cybertron. Treasures: The Armada Anniversary Article

Counterpunch: I'm lucky in that I get to talk about my favorite Armada figure, Megatron.

Imagine Megatron taken to a samurai extreme. He'd be a ruthless killer, willing to do anything or step on anyone to get to his ends, and all of this would be bent around a form of honor that somehow, only he and his rival understand. That's Armada Megatron. Now, the cartoon version is a bit hammy but the comic there is a villain.

I dream of a TF comic where Armada Megatron goes around to different multiverses killing off the Megatron in that world Highlander style. I digress.

Megatron actually has a good range of movement in his top half. He even has bicep swivels that most people don't know about due to how tight the joint is. His lower half is another thing entirely. He is essentially immobile below the waist. Now he can combine with Tidal Wave but...honestly, that's a mess.

His tank mode is perhaps the best H-tank this side of Generations Warpath. The transformation is clean and there's not really any kibble in either mode. He can hold, store, or capture Mini-cons in virtually any part of his alt mode. Additionally, there are two different ways to fire missiles out of this mode, both of which work well.

Robot mode has several gimmicks but coolest of all his his hidden shiv in his hand. Even if this Megatron is close to losing a fight, there's always a chance you'll get shanked. Megatron has perhaps the most useful Mini-con ports for attaching extra Mini-cons and not looking ridiculous. Spots on his arms and legs as well as his back allow him to hold 4-5 of the little guys and look perfectly balanced.

In looking at this mold, I would recommend Megatron over Galvatron. Megatron's color scheme is classic and well balanced. You can always pay a little bit extra and get the Japanese version for the improved faction symbols too. Galvatron in his US colors is a nice figure but it is still a white and lavender color palette and many people will not have a place for that outside of an Armada shelf. Of note, the Japanese version of Galvatron has a more accurate color scheme but that one is actually white and pink-ish purple. He's considerably more difficult to come by when compared to the US version of Galvatron. Treasures: The Armada Anniversary Article

Razorclaw0000: Tidal Wave rounds out the Giga-Cons, and has the dubious distinction of having even less meaningful articulation than Overload! However, don’t let this brickish brute fool you; Tidal Wave is an imposing addition to anyone’s collection. Comprised of three naval vessels – an aircraft carrier, a hovercraft, and a submarine-ish thing, Tidal Wave combines in a similar fashion to Beast Wars Neo Magamatron. Each vessel lacks an individual robot mode, but instead combines to create either a giant warship, or the robot mode of Tidal Wave. One of the tallest figures in the line, with the exception of Unicron, Tidal Wave can raise his arms, and that’s it. The legs are articulated, but only laterally, so if you’d like to have Tidal Wave doing the splits, you are set.

Tidal Wave also features the ability to combine with the Megatron mold, creating a set of overpowered arm gauntlets and a booster pack to compliment Megatron’s already absurd cannon mode. Paired with the smallest Mini-con, Ramjet, Tidal Wave is large enough to accommodate a fully functional elevator on the deck of the aircraft carrier to deploy Ramjet.

Tidal Wave also features a second, also dubious, distinction. He is the most different in deco from the Armada and Micron Legend releases. While the Armada version looks like a crayon factory accident, with olive green, gray, neon red, purple, gold, and dark gray, the Micron Legend deco simplifies to a lush purple, softer orange, and grays, unifying the decos between the three vessels, and building a beautiful palette of destruction.

If you like big, chunky, feature filled figures, Tidal Wave has should be on your purchase list. A word of caution, however… all the Armada and Micron Legend versions of this figure feature a design defect in the “armpits” that will fire the missiles accidentally and constantly. This flaw is fixed in the sublime Energon deco.

Garry Chalk Optimus Prime Treasures: The Armada Anniversary Article

Blurrz: By itself, the Optimus Prime figure is about the size of an Ultra figure, and I’m sort of lethargic and depraved to say anything good about it. The only thing that this version of Prime has on the deluxe version is his size and how it fits in with the rest of the scale for Armada. Out of all of the Armada figures, Optimus was hit the hardest when it comes to gimmicks, as they force him to not do anything else. Prime is one of the most static modern-day large Transformers. However when he takes the 1+ Mushroom, which Counterpunch is about to talk about, he gets a little better. Treasures: The Armada Anniversary Article

Counterpunch: Optimus has several versions of powered modes and in a way they became the symbol for any kind of Prime combiner mode. First off, Prime has the ability to combine with his trailer. What's really cool about this is the way in which you can have the trailer auto-transform for the merge. There is an infra-red light signal that cues the trailer to mechanically reconfigure for this mode. Prime then forms the upper half. Once combined, there's only limited arm movement and a head turn. It's more about stature and the fact that you can have the trailer reconfigure itself rather than making a bigger more posable prime. There's also a light gimmick that extends into his gun if positioned properly.

On top of this, you can attach Overload as a massive gun battery atop his shoulders. The instructions basically have you cram in on there but there is a series of latches that make it surprisingly secure. I have a hard time imagining who Prime needs this kind of firepower to go up against. Overload as a gun system looks like some kind of mass-murder machine...

Additionally or apart from Overload, Prime can combine with Jetfire who replaces the trailer and becomes a set of winged legs, presumably for flight mode. Don't be fooled, there is no added posability here but he does look damn cool with all of these units combined into one Supreme Optimus. Treasures: The Armada Anniversary Article

Razorclaw0000: Sparkplug is Prime’s Minicon, homaging both the G1 human by name, and very clearly Bumblebee by appearance, complete with the iconic horns on his tiny head. Transforming into a highly generalized Lamborghini, this mold remains one of my favorites today, with its clean lines and surprisingly complex transformation.

Undefeated Unicron Treasures: The Armada Anniversary Article

Blurrz: To this day, I still think of Unicron as a Transformers piece that is unrivaled. He’s menacing, loading with articulation, gimmicks and is a Transformers figure that everyone needs to own in one form or the other (Energon/2010/Amazon Exclusive). I remember getting Unicron for Christmas back in ’03, and it was a thrill to receive. I still remember the agony of having to hack him open from the jumble of twist-ties he was trapped in. He’s also got a really well engineered mini-con named Dead End, in which his mass appearance in the cartoon resulted in an increase in popularity and a penchant for Dead End to be army built. Treasures: The Armada Anniversary Article

Counterpunch: Actually during the time of writing this article, we're in the middle of packing for yet another move. I have my four Unicrons out, ready for packing and my wife comments on them, "I remember when you got that and how impressive it was. I never thought we'd see a Transformer that big again...and you have four of him now." She was right though, Unicron was a big deal when he came out. It's almost a "you had to be there" thing at this point. Funny thing for me is, I'm not sure we'll ever see a Transformer this big again considering how things are going. Treasures: The Armada Anniversary Article

Razorclaw0000: This guy was it for me. He cemented my love for the character and the awful chaos he represents. With the creation of this figure and the accompanying fiction across both the Unicron trilogy and the Universe 2003 line, my quest to collect all things Unicronian began. Years later that awful quest morphed into the disease of completionism, but Unicron was the dark seed that set me off.

The Legend of Micron Treasures: The Armada Anniversary Article

Blurrz: While Takara had their own toy line in with Beast Wars II and Neo, it was never until Armada, or in Japan – Micron Legend - that every Takara figure started to have their own differences in contrast to Hasbro figures. With two piles to pick from, Transformers collectors started to change their collecting habits. Takara’s Micron Legend focused more on show accuracy, and with that I have to say my favorite variant would have to be Blurr, or in Takara terms, Silverbolt. Silverbolt’s deco gives a new feel to the figure, as his yellow-stained windows are now red. Even his micron Incinerator, now called, Turbot, features a new deco. It’s just these little things that made Micron Legend deserve a second glance from me, and now I’m proud to own a majority of the Micron Legend figures. Treasures: The Armada Anniversary Article

Counterpunch: I've spoke a bit about this in my post but for me the most interesting difference between the Hasbro and Takara releases is Tidal Wave. It's a complete change in colors and really manages to give the big guy a color scheme that screams "death bringer". As a dark horse candidate, I'd mention Jetfire who's ML color swaps are simple but brilliant. Treasures: The Armada Anniversary Article

Razorclaw0000: As CP alluded to, Jetfire destroys his domestic counterpart by replacing the “heat scorched” white with the most crisp and pure white ever seen on a toy. The figure gleams in gorgeous brilliance. I’m also a fan of the “crystal” standard/deluxe Optimus Prime mold.

The I In Team Treasures: The Armada Anniversary Article

Blurrz: Blind packs, new decos, exclusives and the sort. Micron Legend went full force with their mini-con friends, and to this day I’m still trying to track down every mini-con that has been released by Takara. My counterparts are jerks. way ahead of me in that race, but I still have a fair share of little guys. Out of all of the Micron Legend variants, I have to say that my favorite would have to be X-Dimension Glide, whos blend of black, white, orange and chrome come together in a beautiful combination. Glide is a part of the X-Dimension Air Military team, and his teammates are gems as well! No don’t mind me as I start to cry myself to sleep as Counterpunch and Razorclaw0000 brag about their favorite micron. Treasures: The Armada Anniversary Article

Counterpunch: I will be forever grateful as a fan of Microns to JRFitzpatrick for setting me up with my Linkage Microns. I remember them when they came out but did not understand their relevance until later. The fiction tied into these guys and their simple but balanced color choices really work for me.

Honorable mentions go to Atlas and Rod who are wonderful vibrant redecos of Sparkplug. Treasures: The Armada Anniversary Article

Razorclaw0000: The Aqua Raider team, a DVD repaint of the Sea Team, is stunning in rich dark bluish grays that compliment Nemesis Prime exceedingly well. Also, the X-Dimension Destruction team gets a nod for the luxurious metallic orange and teal paints that would fit in with any modern United figure. Finally, the Micron Booster Emergency Team repaint, in all of its “Minty Fresh” glory delight me, with emerald transparent plastics.

The Aftermath Treasures: The Armada Anniversary Article

Blurrz: When Armada was done, I was taken aback by the fact that it was finished. I went on a Transformers hiatus and skipped Energon -> Cybertron -> Classics, and didn’t get back to the hobby until the 2007 Movie. The fact that there weren’t any mini-cons anymore was a big disappoint on my end. As long as I continue collecting Transformers, Armada/Micron Legend will be my favorite line, and I’ll cherish every little bit. The fact that lines like Power Core Combiners and Takara’s Arm Microns continue to carry the Armada banner thrills me beyond words. Armada begets a lot of distaste, but as I hope we’ve alluded to – there’s diamonds in the rough.

Counterpunch: I didn't like Armada at first but it was the line that got me to try and have everything in hand before making a solid judgement on a figure. I would come to love the large and simple designs as they were a straight call back to the G1 figures I grew up with. It's really the mark of my collection in a way because while I started back with RiD, it was Armada that got me to complete my first line. I still have one piece to grab though. Eventually I will find a Micron Legends Black Convoy to replace my US version. I may be holding out on finding him though so that I still have something fun to hunt for at Botcon. lol, I'm stupid. I know.

Razorclaw0000: I am a Mini-con and Micron collector, through and through, dedicated enough to even collect the minor variants between Armada and Micron Legend. With a count somewhere in the 500 area, I’m swimming in Microns, Scrooge McDuck style.


(Thanks to and the lens of Counterpunch for additional images)

So, we leave the floor to you, the members of How does Transformers Armada resonate with you?

IDW's REGENERATION 84 Reviewed - 'What About Starscream?'

Transformers News: IDW's REGENERATION 84 Reviewed - 'What About Starscream?'
Date: Wednesday, October 10th 2012 6:01pm CDT
Categories: Comic Book News, Reviews
Posted by: Tigertrack | Credit(s): tigertracks 24

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Eighty-four (84) is a pretty significant number to Transformers fans. All Transformers fans know 1984 was the year that this roller coaster ride kicked off, and many of us haven’t looked back since. Did you know that D-84 was the number of the rare Japanese Destron Abominus giftset? E-Hobby repaint 84 is the wonderfully fun repaint of the minibots into their similar Gobots likenesses. Do you know who Cybertron number 84 is from the Japanese toy line? His significance cannot be overlooked either, considering the fact that he plays a pretty major role in the new Regeneration series at this time. The question I have for you all is: will Issue #84 of Regeneration be as memorable as these infamous 84s are? I’ll take you through some reasons why you might consider purchasing this comic to read and decide for yourself.


The importance of Starscream to the storyline.

Starscream has done nothing yet. We know Megatron is paying him the ultimate snub by taking away his voice and making him a subservient ‘zombie’. All the Zombiecons are supposed to be subservient to Megatron, but Starscream is the only one whom he took the ability to speak from. Can you blame Megs? In a ‘redrum’ sort of way, Starscream starts to show the independence, and self-preservation that he is famous for, and that Megatron worked so hard to take away. Starscream makes a move this issue, although it’s very slow, and hard to understand, by the end of the issue the significance leads to more questions.

REGENERATION 84 Reviewed - 'What About Starscream?'

REGENERATION 84 Reviewed - 'What About Starscream?'


Megatron is batty.

I mean he is. I suppose some might call him VERY FOCUSED. He’s truly showing that he does not care about anyone else, that his only goal is to make himself feel significant again, and he has worked very hard to make sure that has happened. In this issue, Megs is finally seeing his goal come true as his message is sent and received loud and clear. Unlike what IDW has done in the other modern G1series in which they gave Megatron a fairly noble history with clear motivations for his violent behaviors, and shown a clear brotherhood with Autobots that he then fought against, the Megatron in REGENERATION does not seem to have these motivations, or noble history.

REGENERATION 84 Reviewed - 'What About Starscream?'


Wreck ‘N Rule!

The Wreckers are doing what they do best. Lots of rough and tough, special operations, ‘we may never return’ action. One thing that I loved seeing in this issue was the Autobot helicopters taking on the Decepticon jets in an aerial dogfight!
We get to see and learn more about individual Wreckers characters as they work to complete the goals that their two mission groups need to accomplish. Some are very much out of their league. I mean Springer versus Megatron seems like a great fight, but only if I write it. Here? Hmmm... Sacrifice, and loyalty are both expectations that they are all very willing to give to one another.

REGENERATION 84 Reviewed - 'What About Starscream?'

REGENERATION 84 Reviewed - 'What About Starscream?'

REGENERATION 84 Reviewed - 'What About Starscream?'


Optimus Prime Arrives On Earth

Megatron is happy. Optimus is angry. Enough Said?

REGENERATION 84 Reviewed - 'What About Starscream?'


Dual Fates

Kup and Ratchet. Fates intertwined? Or Megatron and Ratchet? You need to read the issue to try to start tying this together.


Auntie Will Wipe Out Circuit Smasher

Doesn’t happen in this issue, but couldn’t it? Please?

REGENERATION 84 Reviewed - 'What About Starscream?'

Overall, there are some great reasons to grab this issue and continue reading this series. More reasons than I gave here (the Hot Rod and Grimlock mysteries...). 84 isn’t that special of an issue for REGENERATION, in my opinion. Not like 1984 special, or Abominus Gift Set special, but it does have Springer in it (C-64), and some great action. The art is consistently as it has been so far...good, bad, workable, refreshing, classic... whatever words you wanted to use to describe it earlier, still apply. There are some really great panels, and then some that are, not quite so great, but the style is consistent. You’ll continue your enjoyment of the series because or in spite of it.

REGENERATION 84 Reviewed - 'What About Starscream?'

Issue 84 of Regeneration hit stores today. Grab it and continue the blast from the past-iness that we are lucky enough to enjoy.

BBTS Sponsor News: Huge Clearance Sale, Transformers, Bandai & More

Transformers News: BBTS Sponsor News: Huge Clearance Sale, Transformers, Bandai & More
Date: Monday, October 8th 2012 5:43pm CDT
Category: Sponsor News
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We've cut prices 10% to 30% on over 5500 older and overstocked products! Over 2500 of these items have had discounts of 20% or greater applied. There are many great deals available as we make way for a huge amount of new product coming in this winter and spring - take a look at the sale menu and take advantage of many great deals on a huge variety of products:


Two new Masterpiece items were announced shortly after last week's news. The MP-16 Set includes Rumble (in blue) & Buzzsaw, and this set is listed at $59.99. The MP-10B is a Nemesis Prime version of the new Convoy mold, complete with Decepticon symbols, and is listed at $159.99. ... ategory=22

The First Edition figures from Transformers Prime are coming back thanks to this shared exclusive offering. The Deluxe wave includes Arcee ($11.99), Starscream ($14.99), Terrorcon Cliffjumper ($19.99) and Vehicon ($24.99); we also have them listed as a set of four at $59.99, saving you almost $12 off the single prices. ... +Exclusive

The Voyager Wave of First Edition figures is also available again. It includes Optimus Prime and Bulkhead at $29.99 each, or you can get the set of two at $49.99, saving almost $10 off the singles prices. ... +Exclusive

This third assortment includes the Autopsy Zombie, Daryl's brother Merle Dixon, Michonne and both of her Zombie "Pets". Each figure is listed at $14.99, or you can get the set of 5 for $67.99, and save a few bucks. ... +Series+03

For those of you that prefer the comic's black & white aesthetic, McFarlane Toys is also releasing a three-pack of Michonne and her pets in this style. The figures are also sprayed in 'blood', and we have the set listed at $35.99. ... ode=retail

This version of Iron Man's suit is done in silver and red, and comes with alternate hands as well as an 'armor suitcase' accessory. This figure is listed at $54.99. ... ode=retail

We have listed a bunch of new and returning Bandai items from Gundam, Evangelion and more. We have the EVA-02 Version 2.0 Model Kit at $78.99, the EVA-06 Version 2.0 Model Kit at $68.99, the 1/100 MG Strike Noir Gundam at $73.99, the 1/144 HGUC RX-0 Unicron Gundam - Destroy Mode at $29.99, the 1/144 HG Clanche from Gundam AGE at $21.99 and more. You can see all of these new listings at the link.

NECA has announced that two previously-exclusive items from Bioshock 2 will now be available for orders. We have the single pack Little Sister (previously a European bonus for pre-ordering the game) listed at $9.99, and the Gift Set with a Splicer Mask, a Little Sister and Subject Omega is listed at $39.99. ... egory=5810

Two new items are up for pre-order from "Avatar". We have a life-size bust of Neytiri listed at $749.99, and a Jack Sully (in his Na'Vi form) 19" polystone statue at $299.99. ... egory=5803

Evolution Toy has a new Tetsujin 28 (Gigantor) figure coming out soon. It will stand just over 7" tall and include some die-cast content; we have it listed at $164.99. ... ode=retail

High Dream has announced three new Grendizer products. We have the Grendizer 9" Classic figure at $69.99, the Metaltech 01 Grendizer Chrome Version at $49.99 and the Metaltech 03 Duke Fleed's Buggy at $124.99. ... =Grendizer

This figure from Zetman is done in red and black and comes with an alternate head, hands and wings and a tail. We have it priced at $59.99. ... ode=retail

This new statue of Legion is listed now for pre-order, priced at $679.99. ... ode=retail

Our first offering from new vendor Toymunkey Studios is a 13" statue of the creature from Silent Hill II lovingly called "Pyramid Head". He is shown with a "Lying Figure" victim as well as his Great Knife, and is listed at $149.99, $5 off the MSRP. ... ode=retail

WizKids' newest announcement is for the Amazing Spider-Man Heroclix wave. It consists of ClixBricks that include 10 Booster Packs of 5 figures each, which are listed at $104.99 ($21 off the MSRP) for a ClixBrick or $194.99($57 off the MSRP) for a Case of two ClixBricks, as well as a gravity Feed of 24 blind-boxed singles, which will be the same figures as the Bricks but with new dials. These will ship a week before the Bricks, and are priced at $66.99 each ($8 off the MSRP). ... n+Heroclix

Toynami is releasing three 6" Mini Plush Skelanimals in Day of the Dead decos. Kit, Diego and Maxx are each available for pre-order, priced at $9.99 apiece. ... ad+Toynami

We have a number of new pre-orders up from a new vendor called The Bobblehead - can you guess what they are? We have listings for characters from Sarah Palin to Socrates to Leonardo Da Vinci to Mother Teresa and more. These new bobbleheads are listed at $19.99 - $24.99 each. ... mpany=1479

NECA has announced a number of new items from the upcoming "Breaking Dawn Part Two". We have Wire Cuffs, Necklaces, mugs, Pillow Cases, Rings and even a 16 Month Calendar - check them all out at the link.

This Square Enix figure comes from the Dragon Quest series. He is decked out in white, green and gold armor, and is listed at $79.99. ... ode=retail

Four new ZC World 1/6 scale figures are listed. We have Mark from A Better Tomorrow listed at $179.99, LA Police Jack and LA Police Tiger at $109.90 each and Payton Senior Secretary with Chair at $119.99. ... h=ZC+World


Two new Alternity exclusives have just arrived from overseas. Galvatron is a purple redeco of the Nissan Fairlady Z, while Bludgeon is a green and black redeco of the Okamora Orochi; each is priced at $109.99. ... +Exclusive

This set includes the Punisher with a new deco, She-Hulk, Shattered Dimension Spider-Man, the Scarlet Witch and Kang the Conqueror, and is listed at $67.99. The Series 02 Revision 02 Case Assortment adds Juggernaut, Colossus, Beast, Beta Ray Bill and other newer figure and is listed at $114.99. We also have singles of the new Punisher and Spider-Man, each priced at $11.99 - $12.99. ... +SERIES+02

Two new exclusive two-packs have arrived. The Endor AT-ST Crew includes an AT-ST Driver and an AT-ST Gunner, while the Ewok Scout Set includes Widdle Warwick and Wunka. Each set is listed at $29.99. We also have the AT-ST Exclusive vehicle listed to complete the display, and it is priced at $89.99. ... +Exclusive

The first release from Big Chief Studios' new 1/6 scale line is the Eleventh Doctor. He comes with a full outfit including jacket, alternate hands, a TARDIS Floor Base with Stand, Sonic Screwdrivers in both Opened and Closed positions, a Time Lord Consciousness Cube and more accessories. We have this great new figure listed at $199.99. ... ode=retail

The red Power Ranger from GoGo Sentai Boukenger has arrived in the form of this new S.H. Figuarts figure. It comes with accessories and is listed at $52.99. ... ode=retail

Transformers: Robots in Disguise #11 Andrew Griffith Interview

Transformers News: Transformers: Robots in Disguise #11 Andrew Griffith Interview
Date: Thursday, October 4th 2012 12:55am CDT
Categories: Comic Book News, People News
Posted by: El Duque | Credit(s): Transformers facebook page

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The official Transformers facebook page has shared an interview with Transformers: Robots in Disguise ongoing artist Andrew Griffith. The interview has been mirrored below for those without facebook access.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise #11 Andrew Griffith Interview

As the Transformers: Robots in Disguise comic book series from IDW Publishing and Hasbro approaches the end of its first year, we thought we’d sit down with the series artist, Andrew Griffith, for his thoughts on the first nine issues of the series (the first five of which have been collected in a paperback) as well as the future of the series! Back issues (and last week’s giant-sized annual) are available at comic book stores everywhere, and digitally at —or download it on Comixology on your mobile device!

Q: Hi, Andrew. As we’re approaching the end of Robots in Disguise’s first year—how has it has been for you?

ANDREW GRIFFITH: Oh, it's been fantastic. I’m enjoying working on this book as much now as when I first began. I mean, nothing can beat the initial thrill of getting a call to take on the art chores for an ongoing Transformers series, but the fun and challenge of it has not dwindled a bit. I even recently tweeted the fact that it's been a year and a half since I got that call and I'm still as excited to be on the book now as I was then.

Q: You and writer John Barber have been working very closely on the look and feel on this book. Has it changed much from where you started out to where you are now?

ANDREW GRIFFITH: John Barber the writer? For a second, I was afraid you were asking me about the John Barber responsible for the development of rail gun technology. No really, look it up. Same name.

Parenthetical humor aside, John’s a dream to work with. We’ve been working together since July of 2010 when we started the Dark of the Moon movie prequel series Foundation, and I feel like it didn’t take us long at all to meld with each other’s storytelling ideas. I really notice as I read his scripts that he’s writing them specifically for me—he’s gotten to know what he has to detail out for me, and what he can let me take hold of and run with.

That man is writing so many different things now, as well as editing a few more, that I don’t know how he manages to keep each book straight—but working closely with him for so long I haven’t seen any less commitment or intensity from him on the part of RID. It’s kind of amazing. He just chugs right along. As far as the look and feel, I think it’s stayed pretty consistent over the issues. We’re really been trying to do some world building, with Iacon changing constantly as more ships arrive, ships are converted into buildings, and civilization takes hold. Meanwhile, this relatively settled section is surrounded by an entire planet that's been reborn and essentially unexplored. We've been working to establish a mix of strange structures naturally forming, ruined husks of ancient Cybertronian structures, and bizarre alien landscapes. Hopefully that comes across in the books.

Q: What characters have you been finding more of a challenge to draw, and do any of them come as a surprise to you? I bet there are some you can do with your eyes closed.

ANDREW GRIFFITH: I don’t know what it is, but for some reason whenever I draw a Sweep's decapitated head in RID (specifically in issue 5) it never looks right to me. Something about the boxiness of the helmet, I think.

Q: You did a different design for Starscream before going for the War for Cybertron designs. How many of the characters did you re-design that weren’t used?

ANDREW GRIFFITH: Well, truth to be told, not too many. I knew the series was going to feature Bumblebee, so my thought was to nail down (no pun intended) Bee’s look, and then base the aesthetic of the rest of the characters off of his appearance. I ended up doing about three Bumblebee designs that were never good enough that I’d want show them to anybody, and then I did some of characters like Prowl and Starscream. The Starscream one is the one you’re talking about, but looking back I don’t think the Prowl one would have worked well at all for his role in the series and I don’t know that I’d ever want to show him off. Just not a very good design in retrospect.

Q: Any stand out issues for you during this first year that surprised you?

ANDREW GRIFFITH: You know, I really enjoyed #4. When I first read that issue, I was instantly eager to draw it. On one level it read as a fairly straightforward action issue, but underneath there were a to of things going on, some of which has yet to be revealed to the reader. But I think eventually people will be able to look back at that issue and see it in a different light and say “ooooohhhhhhh.”

Q: Would you say that you’ve changed much as an artist during the year as you’ve done more and more issues?

ANDREW GRIFFITH: Well, I hope so. I always want to be improving as an artist. I definitely feel like I can confidently turn out a competent page at a faster rate than I could have at the beginning. And there are certain things I wish I would have drawn differently in the first few issues, like Bumblebee and Prowl’s heads. I don’t know what it is about Bee, if I’m not careful I just end up making his head wider and wider and wider.

Q: You went to San Diego Comic Con this year, met the fans, signed many things and talked giant robots. How’d you find it? Was it a fun experience?

ANDREW GRIFFITH: Well, I’ve gone to a number of conventions this year, and from all the fans I’ve talked to, they are all really excited about what is going on in Transfomers comics, so it's been really encouraging. That’s a very rewarding thing to hear, that what you're pouring your heart and soul and time into is being appreciated. The highlight of SDCC for me is always getting to see the people there that I never get to see otherwise, and getting to meet and talk with [legendary G.I. Joe writer] Larry Hama and [legendary Transformers writer] Flint Dille for example. But the best part was probably finally meeting John Barber and [editor] Carlos Guzman, who I’d been working closely with for two years by that point but had never met in person.

Q: From the characters you’ve designed for the series, which one of them would you like to see turned into a toy? If you were given the choice.

ANDREW GRIFFITH: I’m pretty happy with what I’ve come up with for the Constructicons, they retain enough of their G1 appearance while still looking like Cybertronian in nature. It’d be pretty awesome for me to see a Generations-line Devastator combiner based on them, similar to the combining Fall of Cybertron Bruticus toy that’s out.

Q: As we’re wrapping up the first year, there’s still to more issues to go until we hit #12. is there anything little snippets you can say without giving to much away?

ANDREW GRIFFITH: Well, I can’t say too much without IDW snipers placed across the street filling me with tranquilizers and shipping me off to Siberia, but I can promise that issues 11 to 15 are ones not to be missed. By the end of that arc, you'll have a lot of questions answered, some long unseen characters make an appearance, and some resolution to the first year’s over-arching story. Basically, it’s good stuff. I just hope I can draw it as well as it’s written.

Q: Heading into year 2, you’ve probably been talking with John Barber about the future. Anything you can say about what the fans could possibly expect?

ANDREW GRIFFITH: Yeah, we had a chance at SDCC to sit down and bounce ideas off of each other. A bit early to see if he uses any of mine. [Laughs] In all seriousness, one of the great things about John is how he’s so open to collaboration between us, and if he likes an idea I have, he’s not too proud to use it in the story. If it seems like I’m avoiding spoilers as far as where the story is going, I am. It’s hard to discuss it without giving too much away. But I will say that John and I are both excited about where things are headed.

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Transformers News: BBTS Sponsor News: Transformers, Hot Toys, Metal Gear, Imports, Movies, Eaglemoss & More
Date: Wednesday, August 29th 2012 4:22pm CDT
Categories: Cartoon News, Live Action Movie News, Toy News, Sponsor News, Collectables, Unlicensed Products News, Collector's Club News
Posted by: El Duque | Credit(s): BBTS

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Hot Toys will be releasing a new version of Wolverine, this time based on his appearance in "X-Men: The Last Stand". It comes with alternate hands, a light-up display base and much more, and is listed at $214.99, saving you $20 off of the MSRP. ... ode=retail

Takara follows up Hasbro's Generations line with their own set of releases! Look for figures to come with slightly different paint applications as well as possible chrome parts. We do not have any images of Takara product yet, but will update the site when they become available. ... akara+fall

We have just listed this new kit from Metal Gear Solid. When completed it will be an articulated version of the original, and we currently have it listed at $109.99, although we expect this price to decrease once it is announced domestically. ... ode=retail

The new case assortment of Terminator figures includes five each of Kyle Reese and the T-800 (Tanker Truck Pursuit) as well as four of the T-1000 (Liquid Nitrogen), and is priced at $194.99, $57 off the MSRP. We also have them available as a Set of three for $47.99 ($8 off the MSRP). We have singles listed of Kyle Reese and the T-800 (Tanker Truck Pursuit) also, priced at $15.99 each. ... +Series+03

Fourteen new import exclusives are now up for pre-order. These include three new Figuarts Zero Artist Specials from One Piece, a Project BM Elek States figure from Kamen Rider, the Kamen Rider S.H. Figuarts Module Set 05, a Miku Hatsune Yukata Version Nendoroid figure and more.

Eaglemoss is branching out from the success of the DC Chess figures and starting a new line of Lord of the Rings Chess figures. This first month has #001 Aragorn White King, #002 Gothmog Black Bishop, #003 Gandalf White Bishop and #004 Gollum Black Pawn, each at $15.99. We also have the DC Chess #22 Red Hood Black Pawn and #023 Batwing White Pawn at $15.99 each and #189 Gamora and #190 Vance Astro for the Marvel side.

This month brings a good-sized list of DVDs and Blu-Rays from a variety of titles. We have the Mass Effect: Paragon Lost title on Blu-Ray at $34.99 and on DVD at & $29.99. We also have the Complete Season 4 of the Clone Wars listed at $49.99 for the DVD Set and $69.99 for the Blu-Ray Set. Other titles include Transformers Rescue Bots - Roll to the Rescue DVD at $16.99, two Batman Double Feature DVDs (SubZero & Batman Beyond: The Movie, Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker & The Batman Vs. Dracula) at $16.99 each, GaoGaiGar Complete Collection DVD Set at $49.99, Galaxy Express 999 Eternal Fantasy DVD at $18.99 and the follow-up Galaxy Express 999 Complete Series DVD Set Volume 01 at $54.99.

This 1/6 scale artillery unit features metal construction and is full of details. We have the gray and Tan versions listed at $599.99 each, and the Camo version at $624.99. ... akvierling

We have six new replicas from United Cutlery up for pre-order. We have the Sword of the Witch-King, Narsil: the Sword of King Elendil and Anduril: the Sword of King Elessar at $249.99 each, as well as the Fighting Knives of Legolas Greenleaf at $244.99, Sting: the Sword of Frodo Baggins at $179.99 and the Staff of Gandalf the White at $189.99. ... ed+Cutlery

We just wanted to add a quick note - the price on this item has been reduced to $159.99 now that it has been solicited domestically. If you were on the fence about this great piece before, now is your chance to grab one for your collection. ... ode=retail

This exclusive version of the new Batman vinyl figure is limited to 480 pieces and combines the Japanese super robot aesthetic with one of America's most beloved super heroes. We have this figure listed at $59.99. ... ode=retail

This new statue of one of the Dark Lords of the Sith stands 20" tall and has him in a cloth cape with his armor, lightsaber and respirator. We have him listed at $374.99, with a release date around March of 2013. ... ode=retail

This special holiday Black & White two-pack includes Dale and a Female Zombie. We have it listed at $7.99. ... ode=retail

Two new items have been listed from the newest assortment of DC Heroclix. This new assortment will include Birds of Prey, the Outsides and the WildC.A.T.S. and we have them available two ways - as a Countertop Display of 36 with 24 singles and four team packs for $89.99, or as a Fast Forces Six-Pack with Oracle, Black Canary, Huntress, Lady Blackhawk, Hawk and Dove, which is listed at $15.99. ... +of+Gotham

The ship from "Mighty Jack" is up for pre-order in its second incarnation. The Mighty Goh is about 12" long and is listed at $323.99. ... ode=retail

Kotobukiya is releasing a new figure of this Trigun character. We currently have it listed at $119.99, but this price will decrease if a domestic release is announced. ... ode=retail

The Captain Kirk and Captain Picard busts have been re-solicited and are ready for pre-orders. We have each listed at $79.99, $10 off the MSRP. ... +Trek+Bust

This new series is set to bring us all the famous creatures from the sci-fi series, starting with the one that inspired "The Watchmen" The 1/8 Scale Thetan is listed at $74.99, $5 off the MSRP. ... ode=retail

The upcoming Tim Burton movie "Frankenweenie" is sure to spawn a variety of figures, and we have the latest of these listed for pre-order. Medicom is producing VCDs of Sparky ($56.99, $4 off the MSRP) and Victor ($64.99, $5 off the MSRP), as well as an Ultra Detail Figure Set of Victor & Sparky at $37.99. ... ie+Medicom

Kotobukiya adds to their Yu-Gi-Oh offerings with this Black Magician 1/7 scale figure. He stands with his staff in hand atop a pentagram base, and is currently listed at $124.99, although this price may decrease is a domestic release is in the offing. ... ode=retail

Jakks is releasing a new line of video games that plug right in to your TV and are played through an included touch screen. The first titles to come out will be Star Wars, Spider-Man and Spongebob Squarepants, and we have them listed at $28.99 each. ... ames+Touch

We have a number of new dolls and figures from the upcoming "Secret of the Wings" Disney movie starring Tinkerbell. We have a Case of 4 9" Winter Fashion Dolls at $64.99, as well as two cases of 4 4.5" Fairies -- the Basic Fairies at $32.99 and the Winter/Spring Pack at $67.99. ... ks+fairies

Everyone's favorite Mogwai is now available in the form of a 6" plush, and we have him listed for $9.99. ... ode=retail

Four characters from The Walking Dead are the first to get figures in the POP! Television line. We have Sheriff Rick Grimes, Daryl, the RV Walker and the Bicycle Girl listed right now, priced at $10.99 each. ... Dead+Funko


This new Seeker comes with coronation pieces lke a cape and crown as well as a collectible coin. We have this figure listed at $189.99, $30 off the MSRP, and it is created from the updated Seeker body with the QC fixes. ... ode=retail

The new version of Bumblebee is a Tokyo Toy Show 2012 exclusive and also includes a clear purple version of the scorpion Arms Micron. Don't miss out on this exclusive, priced at $64.99. ... ode=retail

This new assortment includes Optimus Prime, Megatron, Bulkhead and Dreadwing, and we have the case listed at $89.99. We also have singles available of Optimus Prime, Megatron and Bulkhead, priced at $9.50 - $24.99 each. ... egory=8343

Enterbay has just released this fantastic new 1/4 scale articulated figure fo the T-800 from "Terminator 2". It comes with weapons including bullets and shells, interchangeable hands, a cloth outfit including leather jacket and pants, a display stand, an endoskeleton arm and more, and is listed at $499.99. ... ode=retail

The import version of Airachnid has arrived. She comes with her own Micron, transforms from robot to helicopter and is listed at $29.99. ... ode=retail

This new 1/18 scale Hornet aircraft comes loaded with weapons and other details. We have it listed at $179.99, $10 off the MSRP. ... ode=retail

This figure was once called Fi-Tor here in the States as a Renegade Gobot, but in Japan he is a Machine Robo character named Blue Jet. Fewture has produced an EM Gohkin figure of Blue Jet, and we have it listed at $109.99. ... ode=retail

This pair includes Telepathic E.T. and Night Flight E.T. The two figures com with accessories such as a blanket, a Speak N Spell and more, and the set is priced at $28.99. ... ode=retail

We have received two more SDCC exclusives from Toynami. The Street Fighter x Hello Kitty Chun Li stands about 10" tall and is listed at $63.99, while the Dark Knight Rises Skelanimal stands 10" tall as well and is listed at $47.99. ... 2012+Plush

A number of new t-shirts have arrived. We have GI Joe and Transformers shirts in sizes Medium to XXL, and they are priced at $15.99 - $16.99 each. ... ze+T-Shirt

For the benefit of our international and other customers we have received a small quantity of the Blue Lion set from Mattel. It comes with Princess Allura as well as a key, and is listed at $84.99. ... ode=retail

Our shipment also included a small number of the 8" Batman figure from the latest movie. It comes with batarangs and a display base and is listed at $42.99. ... ode=retail

This month's Club Infinite Earths subscription figure is Mirror Master, an enemy of the Flash. He includes his twin mirror guns and holsters, and is listed at $29.99. ... ode=retail

This new character created by Geoff Johns is part of the 30th Anniversary Series. He comes with a laser flail, a laser sword and a laser shield, and is listed at $34.99. ... ode=retail

This case assortment includes three of Norman with Hand Base, two each of Norman with Toothbrush and Zombie Judge Hopkins and one each of Alvin, Neil, Zombie John henry, Zombie Thaddeus Glover and Zombie Amelia Wilcott; we have the case listed at $124.99, $31 off the MSRP. We also have the set of 8 (one of each figure) listed at $99.99, and singles of Norman with Hand Base, Norman with Toothbrush and Zombie Judge Hopkins at $11.99 each. ... egory=8640

BBTS Sponsor News: Metroid, Diamond Select, Transformers, DC Unlimited, Hot Toys & More

Transformers News: BBTS Sponsor News: Metroid, Diamond Select, Transformers, DC Unlimited, Hot Toys & More
Date: Wednesday, August 22nd 2012 2:54pm CDT
Categories: Cartoon News, Live Action Movie News, Toy News, Sponsor News, Collectables, Unlicensed Products News
Posted by: El Duque | Credit(s): BBTS

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The heroine of the Metroid video game series is getting her own Figma action figure. She comes in her armor suit, with accessories like an energy blast and her ball form. This figure is currently listed at $64.99. ... ode=retail

Diamond Select has announced a number of new items, including three different waves of Minimates. Marvel Minimates Wave 48 Set of 8 includes new versions of Reed, Sue and Johnny from the Fantastic Four plus Blastaar, the Puppet Master, Alicia Masters and two Moloids, while the first wave of the new Battle Beast Minimates line has Vorin the Ram, Merk the Falcon, Scorpion, Snake and more; each of these waves of 8 is listed at $33.99. We also have the second Series of Street Fighter X Tekken Minimates, which includes Ryu, Yoshimitsu, Abel, Kazuya, Chun Li, Hwoarang, Rufus and Julia, and is listed at $33.99 as well. The Femme Fatales line continues with Kabuki, who is priced at $39.99, saving you $5 off the MSRP. Finally, the Star Trek line gets two new entries. The Landing Party Role Play Three Pack has a Tricorder, a Phaser and a Communicator from the Original Series and is listed at $99.99; Diamond Select is also beginning a new series of 7" scale figures, starting with Mr. Spock and the Horta from "The Devil in the Dark", and it is listed at $21.99, $3 off the MSRP.

Not to be outdone, Kotobukiya has announced a number of new items as well. The Men In Black get a female agent in the form of Agent G, a new Bishoujo statue who is listed at $53.99, $6 off the MSRP. Kotobukiya also add to two popular lines with the New 52 Flash 1/10 Scale ArtFX+ Statue at $35.99 ($4 off the MSRP) and the Danger Room Sessions Cyclops 10.5" Fine Art Statue priced at $199.99, $20 off the MSRP. The title transforming tank from Gunhed comes home as a new model kit priced at $89.99, $10 off the MSRP, as does the Muv-Luv Alternative Shiranui 2nd Yuya Bridges, as a D-Style model kit priced at $17.99. GaoGaiGar's helper ChoRyuJin will soon be available as a D-Style kit as well, priced at $24.99, and the first of the Frame Arms Extend Arms set is coming as well, priced at $17.99.

New from Mastermind Creations, we have just put up 3 new Knight Morpher items: KM-05 Airborne Squad Screecher, KM-06 Warper, KM-07 Stormer. Each one of these is priced at $89.99 and will come with a comic book. ... mastermind

We will be getting the figures from the upcoming Transformers Club Subscription. Some of the figures have already sold out, but we still have Depth Charge, Slipstream, Breakdown, Jackpot, Circuit and Ultra Mammoth, with prices ranging from $39.99 to $129.99.

Mattel has just announced a case assortment for the first wave of DC Unlimited figures. It includes three of Superman, two of Flash and one of Hawkman and is listed at $104.99, $15 off the MSRP. We have also restocked our pre-orders of the Set of Three, priced at $57.99, and the singles at $18.99 - $24.99 each. ... +Series+01

The Masked City Hunter and Warrior Predator figures are now up on the site. We have these available in either a case of 2 or individually. The individual figures are priced at $94.99 and the case of 2 is $189.99. ... predator+2

The latest figure from "The Dark Knight Rises" is this new 31" My Size Batman. It has 7 points of articulation and is listed at $49.99. ... icture=out

This set is labeled for experienced builders only and includes a resin Catwoman from "The Dark Knight Rises" to sit atop the Bat-Pod. We have this kit listed at $29.99. ... ode=retail

Moebius is releasing two more pre-finished model kits. We have listings for 1/32 scale versions of the Mark II and Mark VII Vipers, priced at $49.99 each. ... r+Finished

PopCultureShock has announced a new 21" statue of Sagat from the Street Fighter series. He comes in his cloth shorts and is listed at $344.99, $20 off the MSRP. ... icture=out

The Thundercats line also gets a new entry from PopCultureShock. Tygra is shown with his whip lashing forward and stands 32" tall. He comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and is listed at $339.99, $20 off the MSRP. ... ode=retail

Tyrion Lannister, one of the breakout characters on HBO's "A Game of Thrones" is now the subject of a Dark Horse statue. It stands 10" tall and shows Tyrion with axe in hand, ready to attack the Baratheon usurper at the wall of King's Landing. We have this piece listed at $159.99, $40 off the MSRP. ... icture=out

We have listed 15 new import exclusive figures. These include an S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Genocider at $237.99, PS# and Nintendo 3DS E.X. Troopers games with Teekee figures, a 1/144 scale HG Meteor Unit kit, 1/144 scale Sazabi GPB Color Reissue and GM Sniper II White Dingo Corps, Robot Damashii Leo Space Type, a Robot Damashii Leo Upgrade kit and much more -- be sure to check them out at the link.

We have four new listings from Enesco for Disney figurines. The Lily of the Valley Fairy from Fantasia measures 5" tall and is listed at $324.99 with bronze details; the Summer's Twilight, Autumn's Dawn Fairies stand 7.75" tall with three bronze fairies and are listed at $498.99. Mickey's Christmas Carol gives us Scrooge & Tiny Tim: Tidings of Goodwill at $198.99, and the 75th Anniversary Limited Edition Snow White & Prince: Fairy Tale Ending is priced at $298.99. ... ney+Enesco

A number of new items are coming out in the Sonic line. We have 20th Anniversary Comic Book Two-Packs od Shadow & Silver and Amy & Sonic, each at $16.99. We also have a 10" Classic Sonic & 10" Modern Sonic at $23.99 each, Sonic All Stars Racing items, Sonic Free Riders, Sonic 2" Classic Multi Packs, 3" Game Pack Figures, 6" Super Posers in Case, Set and Singles, 3" Figures with Accessories and more. ... arch=Sonic

Hollywood Collectibles is releasing a new 1/6 scale statue of Jill Valentine, the heroine of Resident Evil. She stands 13.5' tall with twin pistols ready and is listed at $179.99. ... ode=retail

Two new replica knives are being released from "The Expendables 2". We have new listings for a Gil Hibben Legionnaire Bowie Knife with Sheath at $106.99 and a Toothpick Knife with Sheath at $98.99. ... egory=6901

A number of new Transformers G1 T-Shirts are on their way. We have new shirts with Optimus, Megatron, Starscream, Bumblebee, Jazz, Grimlock, Thundercracker and Soundwave, along with the logos, and they are listed at $23.99 each. ... mpany=1162

Badali Jewelry is producing a number of replicas from the upcoming Hobbit movies. These includes a Bag End Door Necklace in bronze, silver or gold, Thror's Key necklaces and keychain and the Dwarven Ring of Power with a variety of stones or simulated stones, all in sizes 10-15. ... egory=8284

A variety of new Trexi figures have just been listed. The Justice League are represented by five new figures - clear Trexies in Green with the Green Lantern symbol, Red with the Flash symbol, Yellow with the Wonder Woman symbol, Black with the Batman Symbol and Blue with the Superman symbol. They are listed at $13.99 each, or as a set of 5 for $59.99. We also have six Spongebob Squarepants figures - Sandy, Squidward, Patrick, Viking Spongebob, Bedtime Spongebob and Spongebob - and they are priced at $69.99 for the set of 6 or $13.99 each singly. ... arch=trexi

We have listed four new items on our Doctor Who menu. For the science lovers we have the Dalek Enemy Identifier and Silurian Crystal Lab, each at $44.99. We also have Glow-In-The-Dark 2D Molded Stickers at $14.99 and a Doctor Who Yahtzee game at $23.99. ... Doctor+Who

Four new colors of the new Furby model have been announced. Plum, Pink Puff, green Man and Twilight have all been put up for pre-order, priced at $64.99 each. ... arch=Furby

The latest of the DC Animated titles to be announced is the upcoming version of Frank Miller's classic future Batman story. This video will include the first half (presumably) of the story, and is listed at $22.99 for the DVD, or $29.99 for the Blu-Ray & DVD Set. ... turns+Part

These licensed sunglasses come with a carry case, a cleaning cloth and a Certificate of Authenticity. We have them listed at $32.99, so don't miss out on them. ... icture=out

The Normandy will finally have some backup with the release of this new fighter ship. It comes with a display stand and is listed at $29.99, $5 off the MSRP. ... ode=retail

new Vendor Five 0 Nine is producing a new line of figures based on popular Luchadors from Mexico. Series 01 includes Atlantis, Averno, Mistico and Shocker, and we have them listed at $22.99 each, or $84.99 for the set of four.

The upcoming movie has a number of different figures being re4leased as well as a 10" plush of After Life Sparky at $19.99. The 3" figures come in two-packs, which are available singly at $10.99 each, as a Set of 4 at $41.99 or as a Case of 12 at $99.99. We also have listings for 4-piece Collector Packs, singly at $19.99 each or as a set of two for $39.99.

A number of new case assortments have been listed. We have Series 20 Global Superstars Case of 12 at $129.99 as well as the single Sheamus at $10.99. We have the Basic Figure Cases of 12 for Series 21, 22, 23 and Best of 2012 at $129.99 each, as well as Basic Figure Two-Packs Series 18 Case of 6 at $125.99 and Elite Figure Series 17 Case of 8 at $143.99. ... search=wwe


This new version of the Dark Lord of the Sith has both helmeted and Episode VI Anakin heads, an LED-lit lightsaber, a talking body with 6 original movie quotes, multiple hands and a display stand. We have this RAH figure listed at $289.99, $10 off the MSRP. ... ode=retail

This Toys R Us Japan exclusive includes the AM-01 Prime with his Arms Micron as well as three recolored Microns that together form the Cosmotector Shield. He also comes with a cardboard of his trailers which can hold a Deluxe transformer as all as the Microns; we have this item listed at $89.99. ... ode=retail

The first assortment of Halo 4 figures has arrived from McFarlane Toys. This series includes Grunt Storm, Spartan Warrior, Elite Zealot and Master Chief, and they are available as a Case of eight (two of each) for $89.99, a Set of four at $45.99 or singly at $11.99 each. ... 01+Figures

Hot Toys' second figure from "Sucker Punch" is Amber. This figure comes with her complete outfit as well as a lollipop, a lighter, a pistol, a knife and much more. We have this figure listed at $159.99, $10 off of the MSRP. ... ode=retail

One of the SDCC exclusives this year was this figure of Captain America as he appeared in "Captain America: The First Avenger". As in the film, the action figures comes with a brown leather-like jacket and tan pants and includes alternate hands, his triangular shield, multiple other weapons and more. We have this exclusive figure listed at $249.99. ... ode=retail

This figure stands over 8" tall with 16 points of articulation. Don't miss out on this towering Avengers for your collection, priced at $19.99. ... ode=retail

We have received a small restock shipment of Hawkeye from the recent movie. He comes in his black and red outfit and is priced at $19.99. ... ode=retail

This vehicle comes from the 1989 movie "Batman" and bring this popular car home for collectors. It is listed at $59.99 and is ready to join your collection now. ... ode=retail

This set includes regular and battle-damaged versions of Jason as he appeared in "Friday the 13th Part 3". These 7.5" figures come with a machete, an axe, a spear gun and more, and we have the set listed at $32.99. ... ode=retail

Two new Minimates four-packs have arrived. The Worthy set includes Cul the Serpent, Skadi (Sin), Angrir (Thing) and Mokk (Grey Gargoyle), while the Mighty set has Odin, Hawkeye, Spider-Man and Iron Man. We have each set listed at $15.99. ... ear+Itself

This two-pack has Spidey and the Lizard, each splashed with sewage. The two-pack is listed at $8.99. ... ode=retail

We also have the first release from the new Battle Beasts Minimates line. This set includes Vorin the Ram and a new dragonfly villain. This set is listed at $8.99. ... ode=retail

The latest Star Wars 12" figure environment from Sideshow is this chunk of the Cantina. It shows the curving roof and a window, and includes a double-sided window graphic as well as interior lights. This piece can be used as interior as well as exterior cantina displays and is listed at $234.99, saving you $15 off the MSRP. ... ode=retail

This website exclusive shows the Red Hulk touching down from a huge leap, with rippling muscles and a look of rage on his face. It stands 2 feet tall and is listed at $359.99. ... icture=out

Bowen Designs has just released this new statue of Union Jack. This is one of the Marvel heroes that represents the U.K., and he has his dagger and pistol at the ready. We have this statue listed at $229.99. ... ode=retail

X-Men mainstay Rogue gets a new statue that shows her flying in the outfit she wore right around the Fall of the Mutants storyline. This statue is a must-have for X-Men collector, and is listed at $224.99. ... ode=retail

The alien from the first movie is shown here crouching atop a Giger-esque pedestal. The piece stands 16" tall and is listed at $234.99, $15 off the MSRP. ... ode=retail

This statue of Roger Rabbit's wife shows her in her red fabric gown and comes with a Penguin Waiter statue alongside. It measures 20" x 7" x 7" and is listed at $324.99. ... ode=retail

This first assortment from Bif Bang Pow includes the Six Million Dollar Man himself as well as his one-time foe Bigfoot. We have the set of two listed at $43.99. ... ode=retail

Six figures from this assortment are now available as singles. We have Ben Henderson, Cain Velasquez, Chris Leben, Don Frye, Jason Miller and Nick Diaz, and each is listed at $14.99 each. ... +Specialty

A restock shipment of this popular wave has arrived. The Set of five includes the new Hulk, Beast, Spider-Man, Kraven and Beta Ray Bill and is listed at $54.99; we also have the Case of 12, which includes two each of the figures in the set as well as one of the Original Hulk and one of Ghost Rider, and is listed at $109.99. Each of the five figures in the set is also listed singly, priced at $11.99 - $13.99 each. ... +Series+01

Just a quick reminder - we have a number of new and recent Marvel Universe figures available as singles. For those of you that have holes in your collection, we have Shattered Dimension Spider-Man, New Deco Punisher, She-Hulk, Falcon, Modern Thor and many more - check them out at the link. ... egory=5226

This exclusive is taken from Catwoman's look in "The Dark Knight Rises" and has five points of articulation. We have this exclusive listed at $11.99. ... ode=retail

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Transformers Podcast: Twincast / Podcast #192 - Transformers vs. Impropriety
Twincast / Podcast #192:
"Transformers vs. Impropriety"
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Posted: Sunday, January 14th, 2018
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