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Quick Reviews for Transformers Cyberverse Episodes 15-18 + Season 1 Review

Transformers News: Quick Reviews for Transformers Cyberverse Episodes 15-18 + Season 1 Review
Date: Sunday, December 30th 2018 10:38pm CST
Categories: Cartoon News, Reviews
Posted by: william-james88

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We will first go through the final episodes that we had not reviewed yet. When available we have the episode embedded within the article for your viewing pleasure. After the quick reviews from myself and fellow Seibertronian new staff member Notirishman, you will find our ovrall thoughts on season 1. Enjoy!

Cyberverse episode 15

King of the Dinosaurs

Summary: Windblade and Bee uncover a buried Autobot who turns out to be an old friend.

Before we get into my quick thoughts (which are not quick for this episode), it's best you take a look at the episode:

Quick Thoughts:

I have issues with this episode, very nerdy issues but it really makes me not enjoy this. So, we have seen Grimlock a lot so far in this series. And he looks as we would expect Grimlock to look, with all that obvious dinosaur kibble. Since this show takes its inspiration from everything that could be considered G1 in theme, there are lots of versions out there where Grimlock had a dino type alt mode in the war on Cybertron (FOC, IDW), so I without a doubt assumed he had a dino type alt mode whenever we saw him so far. But no, it turns out that it was just animators being very cheap (still today) since it was revealed in this episode that he only took on a dino mode when he arrived to earth at the time of Dinosaurs. Beyond that meaning that all that dino kibble we have seen so far makes not a lick of sense that also means that the war has been raging for 65 MILLION years without Bumblebee, Optimus, Grimlock and the like. Now 4 million years was always crazy in the original cartoon (like how do they even know there is still a war going on?) but at least some writers have tried to make some sense of it (I write more about that here). But 65 MILLION years, that's a nonsense number, especially when it looks like nothing changed. Shockwave is still against Bumblebee as he was 65 million years ago. It was just a pause for some characters while the rest fought and when they are reawoken it's like nothing happened. And I find that very hard to reconcile since one of the best aspects of this show is seeing Cybertron before the war with Shockwave and Soundwave being friends with Autobots. If so much changed in a few years with the war breaking out, why would nothing change in 65 million years?! And the worst part is this is all just to explain why Grimlock is a T-Rex which again, is nonsense since he is shown with that alt mode kibble before!!!! - William-James88

Quick Thoughts:
I like this one. I really like Grimlock in this show, and the "he's stupid in dino mode only" thing to appease G1 fans is actually quite smart, and puts an interesting spin on his character. It was also quite sad to see him distraught over the death of his dinosaur pals, though it seem they tied that up rather quickly. Still, good episode, even if not much happened. -notirishman

Cyberverse episode 16

The Extinction Event

Summary: The newly formed team of Autobots must stop Shockwave from destroying all life on the planet.

Quick Thoughts:
Transformers News: Quick Reviews for Transformers Cyberverse Episodes 15-18 + Season 1 Review

Seriously though, if any of you were wondering if anything could be told in a 10 minute format, well here you go. You get Shockwave literally planning to destroy all life on earth and executing the plan. You don't even have to watch the previous episodes to enjoy this, this link is right below, have fun. This definitely made up for any troubles I had with the previous episode (which I will simply try to forget and move on from). - William-james88

This episode was also good. As opposed to the more slow pace of last episode, this episode moved fast. Shockwave's plan is introduced, then his plan commences, then the Autobots have to figure out how to stop it last minute, and they do. That's the thing, the resolution was last minute. The episode was leading up to this whole "extinction event," and it just abruptly ended. Still, this episode was enjoyable! -notirishman

Cyberverse episode 17

Awaken Sleeping Giants

Summary: The Autobot team finally discovers the location of the Ark.

Quick Thoughts: Coming out of an episode where Shockwave almost anihilates all organic life on earth, this one has much less going on. It's a race to get to the ark and very aerial combat heavy. It's fine but it offers nothing new aside from some X-Men cannonball action. Also, I find it really hard to understand why a Seeker's instinct when being hit or in danger when in air is to transform into their robot mode and plummet. And one last thing, I do like that Shockwave's mini me minions are so prominent in this season, it makes me feel way less guilty about having purchased both a warrior and ultra Schockwave figure. Now I can have the ultra as the main shockwave and the warrior in alt mode as his spy. - William-james88

This episode was very entertaining! However, there is one pickle in my onion, they found the location of the Ark, very quickly. Y'know, something they've been trying to figure out all season. But the group hug at the end was awesome. It was quite lovely. - notirishman

Cyberverse episode 18


Summary: The Autobot team must fight its way through Shockwave and his Decepticons to defend the Ark and awaken Optimus Prime and the other Autobots.

Quick Thoughts: Once again, Shockwave just getting stuff done. No nonsense, no countdown, just annihilation. This time directly attacking all Autobots. I like seeing him both being up to his own machinations and also being the leader of the Decepticons. The all out brawl was fun and the finale really makes you wish the next episode was right around the corner. They better pay off that final shot. - William-james88

The finale! Well, I mean, it's a cliffhanger for season 2. But still, I liked it. The fight in the volcano was well done and entertaining to watch. And one of the ending shots with all the Autobots INCLUDING Rack'n'Ruin, and a cool little battle mask on Grimlock, was pretty great. Overall, great episode. -notirishman

Overall Thoughts on Season 1

This show is giving me high hopes for the future! 'Cause season 1 was awesome! I mean, yeah, it has flaws, but the season was entertaining, and getting to see characters like Rack'n'Ruin, and Maccadam were fun. Shockwave was a threatening villain, and newcomer Shadowstiker (mostly) had a great arc behind her. Overall, this season was a fun, and enjoyable, and pretty good. - notirishman

What Burn writes below is something I agree with. I do have a tad bit to add. For instance, I am still not on board with keeping Bumblebee's radio talk gimmick, especially since it makes no sense (if he is just pulling recordings from the air, isn't he advanced enough to just combine words from various recordings to make sentences?). I do recommend this show to all those who like Transformers, especially those who have been clamoring for a G1 reboot. This is exactly what that is. It uses everything under the G1 umbrella (IDW, Sunbow) to make a cohesive show while showing you elements from before the war, during the war on Cybertron and now. Plus I absolutely adore this rendition of Shockwave, it's perfect. Also, not one human, which I was perfectly fine and happy with. Looking forward to season 2 especially with the finale we got. - William-James88

Now, onto Burn's thoughts:

Let me preface this by saying that I was one of "those hater people", you know the sort, write a series off before watching it. I was one of them. From what I saw from the previews I was not impressed, and previews are like trailers, they tend to show the best bits.

This was the opposite, if anything, those previews were detrimental to marketing Cyberverse.

Initially I kept up each week, for four weeks ... then life got in the way. This week I found some time (mostly because of our house guest commandeering our big lounge TV) so I sat down in front of my trusty "personal computer", tracked down the episodes, and settled in.

I started by watching Episode 4, I was certain I had watched it but I figured after such a break it'd make for a good reminder of where I was at.

Let me just say this, present time Bumblebee and his radio speak is annoying. That's why the flashbacks work so well, it limits the radio speak and each memory is actually a really good individual story that feeds into the major story.


The writers have done a fantastic job drawing from various TF stories of the past. Was that just Rack 'n' Ruin? HELL YEAH IT WAS RACK 'N' RUIN!

And it turns out I've been pronouncing Maccadam wrong all these years. I don't know how I'm expected to pronounce it as "Macc-adams" as opposed to "Macca-dam"

While I feel that the two main Autobots, Bumblebee and Windblade, have received far too much exposure in other media, the writers have done a fantastic job of balancing out their on-screen time with other lesser known characters.

Shadowstriker and Maccadam have been given backstories where there was previously very little. A bunch of seekers who were animation errors/throw aways in G1 suddenly find themselves with characterization.

Grimlock ... wow, that is such a massive shift from what we're normally accustomed to, but a fun twist is added to the character by the time he joins Windblade and Bumblebee.

This is the sort of show that can appeal to old and new fans, older fans though may need to keep an open mind about things.

The animation style ... I think my biggest gripe with it is the hips, where it gives the look that they're wearing underwear on the outside. Otherwise, I have no real gripes with the animation.

Overall, I had my reservations about this series, but I've been pleasantly surprised by it. If you've had your reservations as well, give it a go, you may find yourself surprised by it. - Burn

Pictorial Review of Takara Encore Unicron of Light

Transformers News: Pictorial Review of Takara Encore Unicron of Light
Date: Friday, December 28th 2018 10:16pm CST
Categories: Toy News, Reviews
Posted by: william-james88

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The latest entry in the Encore line from Takara arrived today. Which is amazing, considering it was just released in Japan and I am all the way in Canada. Shipping only took two days and was $10 USD (the total of my order including duty and customs was $140 USD).

Transformers News: Pictorial Review of Takara Encore Unicron of Light

The full name of this release is Transformers TF Encore Unicron Micron Gathering Body Color, meaning that this is the Unicron mold in the colour representing all minicons combining. The effect in the Armada show was a bright glowing chartreuse/green. This colour is done here though a combination of clear green plastic, green plastic, and green paint. This is a much more accurate rendition than the lucky draw we previously got which was more teal than fluo green, with quite a bit of grey plastic and less clear plastic than this version. You can view that initial version here.

You will find some images below of this toy in both robot mode and alt mode as well as Bug (his minicon) and comparison images with the original Armada Unicron. You can also see the box and how he is packaged. While it is the same mold we all know, here are a few points I found noteworthy:

This figure is not mostly clear plastic, it is a 50/50 mixture of clear and non clear plastic. The clear plastic pars are his chest flaps, the planet kibble on his back and legs, the forearms and hands, the crotch flaps and the thighs.

The wings and feet are not the grey plastic we have had before, they instead have a green tint.

This really is just a straight redeco, there is nothing changed to the mold nor the electronics.

This means that the problems of floppy wings persists and the electronics give red lights, rather than green lights.

The inner chest missile does not function very well on my copy and gets stuck inside 9/10 times.

Now onto the pics!

Transformers News: Pictorial Review of Takara Encore Unicron of Light

Transformers News: Pictorial Review of Takara Encore Unicron of Light

Transformers News: Pictorial Review of Takara Encore Unicron of Light

Transformers News: Pictorial Review of Takara Encore Unicron of Light

Transformers News: Pictorial Review of Takara Encore Unicron of Light

Transformers News: Pictorial Review of Takara Encore Unicron of Light

Transformers News: Pictorial Review of Takara Encore Unicron of Light

Transformers News: Pictorial Review of Takara Encore Unicron of Light

Transformers News: Pictorial Review of Takara Encore Unicron of Light

Transformers News: Pictorial Review of Takara Encore Unicron of Light

Transformers News: Pictorial Review of Takara Encore Unicron of Light

Transformers News: Pictorial Review of Takara Encore Unicron of Light

Transformers News: Pictorial Review of Takara Encore Unicron of Light

Transformers News: Pictorial Review of Takara Encore Unicron of Light

Transformers News: Pictorial Review of Takara Encore Unicron of Light

Transformers News: Pictorial Review of Takara Encore Unicron of Light

Transformers News: Pictorial Review of Takara Encore Unicron of Light

Transformers News: Pictorial Review of Takara Encore Unicron of Light

Transformers News: Pictorial Review of Takara Encore Unicron of Light

Quickfire Reviews for Transformers Cyberverse Episodes 11-14

Transformers News: Quickfire Reviews for Transformers Cyberverse Episodes 11-14
Date: Tuesday, December 25th 2018 11:11pm CST
Categories: Cartoon News, Reviews
Posted by: william-james88

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While we started with roundtable reviews of episodes, as we got nearer to the end of the year it was not as easy to plan such articles. So for this batch, it's just me. For those who have some catching up to do as we near the finale, I have the youtube links right below the quick fire reviews.

Transformers: Cyberverse 11


Summary: Shockwave traps Bumblebee in a false memory designed to convince him he's a Decepticon.

Quick Thoughts: Shockwave has always been a rather underutilized villain in shows. Often on the sidelines. That is very contrasting to the comics where he has several times been an even bigger nemesis than Megatron himself. I really like the middle ground between those two extremes that this show takes. We have him as the diabolical scientist and as a looming threat but also getting his hands dirty for some immediate villainous treachery. My only problem is I think his plan was dumb, you would think someone that smart would come up with a plan that an amnesiac Bumblebee couldn't poke holes through in a matter of minutes.

Transformers: Cyberverse episode 12

Teletraan X

Summary: Windblade and Bumblebee trace an Autobot signal and find themselves lured into a trap set by Slipstream and her Seekers.

Quick Thoughts: I am not a fan of quirky characters, and that's what Teletraan X is. But hey, at least it's better than that Peter Dinklage drone from Destiny. It's cool to see the show come into it's own without relying on cool G1 fan wank flashbacks, though I find the seekers to not be that meaningful of threats. Also, while I do not care that Hasbro made Acid Storm female in this version, it gets quite frustrating to have the use a male seeker body for her.

Transformers: Cyberverse episode 13

Matrix of Leadership

Summary: Bee learns the meaning of leadership through three memories of Optimus Prime.

Quick Thoughts: Back to flashbacks, but I am not complaining. This is all the stuff a kid wants to see, Optimus being a bad ass (with no face removals). I also like seeing his Autobot light up shield since it makes it a fun gimmick kids can recreate with his toys, I am all for toy/show synergy. A fine episode but I still preferred the previous Optimus appearances.

Cyberverse episode 14


Summary: The Seekers attempt to extract the location of the Ark from Windblade's memories.

Quick Thoughts: While the Maccadams episode is all kinds of special, I feel this might be my favourite. We get to see the show not dwell on flashbacks and focus on Windblade, a rather new character in Transformers lore. So it gives us a good look at what the show has to offer aside from all the fan oriented callbacks. And it is better WIndblade content than anything we have ever gotten in Machinima. I also love the Decepticon hierarchy and how scared the seekers are of Shockwave. The action was excellent and I love the little details, like how Windblade in jet mode has to do a slight circle to be able to escape vertically.

Video Review for Transformers Cyberverse One Step Optimus, Megatron and Starscream

Transformers News: Video Review for Transformers Cyberverse One Step Optimus, Megatron and Starscream
Date: Monday, December 17th 2018 11:22pm CST
Categories: Toy News, Reviews
Posted by: william-james88

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The latest wave of one step Transformers from the Cyberverse line is hitting retail across North America and fellow Seibertronian Chuck Dawg has reviews of the three new molds, Optimus Prime, Megatron and Starscream, for anyone interested.

chuckdawg1999 wrote:I've always been a fan of the One-Step style figures so when we saw that there would be G1-ish styled figures released in the Cyberverse line I was quite pleased. Well, for one reason or another these have been somewhat hard to find in certain areas but I got lucky and am VERY happy to bring them to you now. If you're going to buy one, Starscream is my personal favorite, but all of them would make for great desk toys.

Video Reviews for Transformers Studio Series Deluxe Sideswipe and Barricade

Transformers News: Video Reviews for Transformers Studio Series Deluxe Sideswipe and Barricade
Date: Monday, December 10th 2018 9:22pm CST
Categories: Toy News, Reviews
Posted by: D-Maximal_Primal | Credit(s): TonTon Reviews

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Thanks to TonTon Reviews on Youtube and a heads up from Seibertronian What's Crackin'?, we have a pair of nice video reviews for the upcoming Transformers Studio Series deluxe class Barricade and Sideswipe!

Starting with Barricade, we have a nice look at the figure that utilizes some of the transformation tricks his MPM self had, and we also see that his chest is mostly real car parts in robot mode, with only the center moving out of the way to allow for the angry chest slant. He is also unique in that he is a Barricade figure that ends up with the hood as the outside piece of his back complete with a bumper-butt.

Up next, we have a nice look at Sideswipe, based on his Dark of the Moon form. The toy switches back to having the movie accurate rear end of the car become the chest (something the Dark of the Moon deluxe did not do), and he comes with a pair of blasters and a fair of detachable swords that peg into his hands. He is also the first Sideswipe figure to actually have the sides of his chest (the rear fenders and tail lights) slant in in a movie accurate style.

Check out the reviews below, and let us know what you think in the comments section below!

Early Reactions and Impressions for 2018 Live Action Transformers Bumblebee Film

Transformers News: Early Reactions and Impressions for 2018 Live Action Transformers Bumblebee Film
Date: Saturday, December 8th 2018 9:45pm CST
Categories: Movie Related News, Reviews
Posted by: william-james88

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The early showings for the Bumblebee movie happened tonight and fans are back from their screening with their thoughts. We wanted to share a few with you below from our community and other fans online. We will keep it spoiler free as best we can. If you want to discuss spoilers (or read spoilers), we now have a spoiler discussion thread on the site.

Those who attended this special early screening got some goodies. Fellow Seibertronian xRotorstormX got a Bumblebee themed bucket and a Tiny Turbo Changer from the latest series. You can see images at the end of the article.

Now for some thoughts and impressions on the film:

Kyleor wrote:Just got home from an early access showing. If you hated or dislike the Bayverse movies, you should at the very least like Bumblebee, it's 9001% better than *any* of the Bayverse. The story is completely coherent and well told from beginning to end. The human characters are actually all likable too.

Deadput wrote:Yup I can say right now that the Bee film was excellent, definitely the best live action film so far

It wasn't just a good Transformers film, it was a good film in general and I will say that all of you guys must at least see this film once even if it's on Dvd/rent or something.

I've never really liked Bee that much prior, never hated him but he wasn't a favorite, this film changes that the character is so good in this film and probably one of his best portrayals yet.

The Humans were more then just tolerable they were good characters as well, and by god the Decepticons were awesome, they weren't particularly deep but they had clear personalities and weren't really annoying.

That Cybertron scene? By Primus I just want to watch that over and over, it was beautiful.

If you are curious about just how much screentime that Cybertron scene took, here is a quote from kary who wrote on the TFW forums.

Kary wrote:It's about 5 mins at the beginning, and it's a lot more polished than what we see in the trailers. Some folks criticized the Cybertron scenes for looking like WFC, but they looked really awesome in the final version.

A big question people had was whether or not it was a reboot. Well, as it turns out, the film does not make it clear. There are callbacks to the Bayverse (with appearances from Bayverse human characters) but certain details don't line up. Then again, certain details from The Last Knight didn't line up with the previous films either so that is nothing new. The point is, nothing is explicit but it doesn't seem like the movie cares to make a stance since it just wants to be good on its own.

Tony_Bacala writes as such on the TFW forums:

Tony_Bacala wrote:Just got back. Really great flick. Tons of nostalgia points, well done story on it's own. Good action, but not crazy. Things were slower, less shaky, I could actually see the bots and cons for more than 2 seconds at a time. Good characterization for the cons. Backstory on Cybertron and it's talk throughout movie is pretty much WFC / FOC / Siege, which is more depth than we've had up to now.

There are connection points to the Bayverse, but so many things that contradict what happened before that it falls more in reboot territory. Just not 100% clear cut, creative writing could send it either way. That is the only thing that half bothers me, no clear cut reboot line.

That however, is minimal. I'd pay 15 bucks to just see the 7 minutes of Cybertron stuff again.

So there you go. We would rather not say more than that for now, especially since the film's full release date is still two weeks away.

Transformers News: Early Reactions to Live Action Transformers Bumblebee Film

Transformers News: Early Reactions to Live Action Transformers Bumblebee Film

Video Review of Movie Masterpiece MPM-6 Ironhide.

Transformers News: Video Review of Movie Masterpiece MPM-6 Ironhide.
Date: Monday, December 3rd 2018 5:25pm CST
Category: Reviews
Posted by: ZeroWolf | Credit(s): PrimevsPrime from

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Fellow Seibertron user, PrimevsPrime, has shared with us a video review they have created of the newly released Takara Tomy Movie Masterpiece MPM-6 Ironhide! Included in the review is a detailed step by step transformation from robot to vehicle, as well as other notes about the figure. Please watch and enjoy!

This figure is available to buy now, and is based off his appearance in the 2007 movie.

Do you agree with the review? Has this swayed you on your decision to own the figure? Let us know in the Energon Pub and stay tuned to Seibertron for all the latest news and reviews.

Review of IDW Transformers: Optimus Prime #25

Transformers News: Review of IDW Transformers: Optimus Prime #25
Date: Wednesday, November 21st 2018 6:37am CST
Categories: Comic Book News, Reviews
Posted by: ScottyP

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The Final Cut!
A Review of Optimus Prime #25

Free of any explicit spoilers, but some may be unintentionally implied.
Transformers News: Review of IDW Transformers: Optimus Prime #25
'til all are gone?

It all (re)started with "The Death of Optimus Prime". Surprising no one, he wasn't really dead, and not even in a way requiring a true resurrection. The namesake character of this comic series has been defined throughout as both an idea and a character. With the opening pages leading off with the first lines of Bob Budiansky's original Tech Spec for Optimus Prime, you'll immediately recognize that we're starting at the start before we arrive to the end.

Here we are now at the end, with Optimus Prime, 27 (or 24) pages, and one of the longest uninterrupted Transformers stories ever created wrapping up. How did it go? Read on.

Transformers News: Review of IDW Transformers: Optimus Prime #25
It's too late to emergency separate into the other book!

This is indeed the end with this issue serving as a final exhale, putting a cap on a good deal of unfinished business. More akin to Lost Light #25 than Unicron #6, Optimus Prime #25 provides final flashbacks and final thoughts with all the big, sweeping, intergalactic action wrapped and over. It was important for more than just Optimus Prime himself to get a last tale and that hope is fulfilled. Arcee, Jazz, Aileron, Rum-Maj, and more I won't mention (just in case you haven't caught up to the end of Unicron) at least get a little something this time out and even if a bit short in some cases, these mini-endings all feel appropriate and help take the characters further if not entirely full circle.

Transformers News: Review of IDW Transformers: Optimus Prime #25
Got to the last issue after all, sort of.

There are flashback scenes dispersed throughout, and the first few of them pay respect to characters wiped out in other Transformers comic series in a fun way that unfortunately did not continue to the end of the book, but this was necessary to carry the issue's story along. It's another way that writer John Barber ensures more characters are around if you need one last goodbye, adding to the emotional weight that ebbs and flows during the course of this installment.

Transformers News: Review of IDW Transformers: Optimus Prime #25
Entire mini-series of Buzzsaw: Planeteer? Sold.

Somewhat similar to horrible tearjerker/fantastic comic book "The Life of Sideswipe", a sense of melancholy carries from page to page, and while it isn't all depressing or mournful something in the tone of the writing shoots pangs of regret. I can't say that there's regret here for certain, but if there is, good luck figuring out if it's about the series ending, where it ended up, or maybe even how the grand experiment of the shared Hasbro Universe followed course. Either way it's another layer to the depth of the book, which some will find more hopeful than wistful even though that doesn't match the mood I received.

A quick, special note is in order to one scene in particular featuring Aileron, Jetfire, Sunstreaker, Bob, and more of a spacefaring team aboard an Autobot shuttle as it travels the unknown and makes a discovery. Well, at least I think it did, and it was a superbly fun touch.

Transformers News: Review of IDW Transformers: Optimus Prime #25
Go back to the Shadow

Kei Zama and Josh Burcham finish up this series by handling all the lineart and color work for Optimus Prime #25 and deliver all the striking lines, thick borders, and retro-cool lighting that defines the look of this series. A particularly amazing panel of Ravage (from a flashback scene, sorry!) is shown above that provides a sharp contrast and rich shadows that help tell the story within the story. Tom B. Long's letters further enhance the work, providing emphasis in just the right places to help some scenes comfort while others turn sinister. David Mariotte ensures a coherent package is delivered even with the flashback-to-present-and-back-again hopping and regular shifts in character focus.

This review's newspost thumbnail shows Casey Coller's B Cover for the issue, which I felt was most indicative of the kind of story within. Zama and Burcham (after Simonson) deliver a beautiful cast piece on Cover A, with just about everyone from the Optimus Prime series accounted for. Robots in Disguise helmsman Andrew Griffith takes us back to 2012 on a retailer incentive cover that I hope does not immediately sell out everywhere and quadruple in value like Alex Milne's Lost Light #25 RI cover did. You can find images of all of those covers and full credits for the issue in our Vector Sigma Database page for Optimus Prime #25, but please note it contains a character appearance list which may accidentally deliver spoilers.

Transformers News: Review of IDW Transformers: Optimus Prime #25
Left to read Go-Bots

This was a book with a heavy burden, but as a final epilogue after the climactic battles it still makes it to Cybertron without jettisoning Insecticons worth of weight in the process. A healthy dose of character endings, playful dialogue that snatches the Furmanism away from the jaws of finality, and a ready-built setup for the future help too, even if it won't be realized.

Optimus Prime's epilogue is a very good epilogue because it's exactly that and doesn't try to be something beyond its purpose. Even the well worn trope of the final villain being back for one last go doesn't show up, a pleasant surprise given how easy a setting like Infraspace could have been for such a moment. Enjoy this while you can since we've got a few quiet months ahead of us in the world of Transformers comics, but that's well earned after 13 years of amazing stories.

Once more, to all the creative forces at IDW Publishing that have made this happen since 2005, thank you!

. :BOT: :BOT: :BOT: :BOT: and ½
out of

Transformers News: Review of IDW Transformers: Optimus Prime #25

IDW Go-Bots #1 Review

Transformers News: IDW Go-Bots #1 Review
Date: Tuesday, November 20th 2018 8:06pm CST
Categories: Comic Book News, Reviews, Site Articles
Posted by: D-Maximal_Primal | Credit(s): IDW, D-Maximus_Primal

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The Cruel Cy-Kill Begins
A Review of IDW Go-Bots #1


Go-Bots have changed our way of life. Leader-1 is a self-aware fighter jet on a hostage rescue mission with his partner, Commander Nick Burns. Scooter is the personal transport and best friend to undergrad A.J. Foster. Turbo is Matt Hunter's transforming race car in the hottest sport in America, Go-Bot Racing. Cy-Kill is the champion of the illegal, underground Go-Bot Fighting League. A sophisticated sci-fi epic from the visionary creator that brought you Transformers vs. G.I. JOE. They say they're here to help us, but are they here to replace us?

Transformers News: IDW Go-Bots #1 Review
They see me rollin'

I will be up front and honest with all of you right now: I know practically nothing of Go-Bots. This is an entirely new experience for me with characters I know absolutely nothing about. If this comic series is not true to the Go-Bots lore, I don't know it. This is my introduction to the world of Go-Bots, so lets see how the premiere issue turned out.

I didn't know what to expect from the series. Tom Scioli did some fantastic stuff with Transformers vs. G.I. Joe, albeit some very strange and unique stuff. So coming into a series about Go-Bots, and basically reinventing the franchise, there were a lot of different ways this could play out, good and bad.

And having read issue 1, I can say with a fair amount of confidence that Scioli really seems to have hit something good.

Transformers News: IDW Go-Bots #1 Review
Do your thing Leader-1

The issue itself was not lacking in character introductions that flowed well and action outlining this world of Go-Bots that will last for 5 issues. We start right off with action missions starring Leader-1, Go-Bot world building with Scooter that also provides us some necessary background, a pretty cool introduction to Turbo (who became a favorite of mine in the course of this issue), and a totally metal introduction to Cy-Kill, who certainly lives up to his name and reputation.

Transformers News: IDW Go-Bots #1 Review
A short little history lesson!

The Go-Bots world is built up so fast in just 1 issue, and not in a rushed way. It flows, it feels natural, it gives someone like me who knows nothing of the franchise some background into this strange world. We get to see the line between partners and superiors/inferiors, and how it sets up the big conflict the story is set to tell. Cy-Kill is awesome too, I loved his intro and his characterization so far.

Transformers News: IDW Go-Bots #1 Review
METAL (in context)

As was the case with TF vs G.I. Joe, Scioli does his own art and lettering, and he keeps up the same art styles that he did with the previous series. And it works really well with the Go-Bots universe. The art has an old-fashioned look to it that really lends itself to packing in action in each page with some pretty spectacular coloring. The scenes that are from Leader-1's view are really cool to see, and the human characters are drawn pretty well too. I appreciate how plain yet still so full the art on the pages can be. And the opening introduction to Cy-Kill was masterfully done as well. Everything about that section of the book was amazing.

Transformers News: IDW Go-Bots #1 Review
This too is awesome in context

So for an introduction to the Go-Bots, this series was pretty spectacular. The writing was pretty tight and packed with information that doesn't feel rushed in any particular way and gives a lot of necessary information to understand this Go-Bot land. The writing of the characters was convincing and the Go-Bots themselves were pretty fun in their varying personalities. The art was a pretty neat retro style that made me feel like I was reading an 80's era comic and enjoying it for the fun that it is meant to be.

So good job to Tom Scioli, you gave us a great introduction, and I'm really looking forward to what you have to give us next.


Transformers Bumblebee Movie Engergon Igniters Power Shatter Video Review

Transformers News: Transformers Bumblebee Movie Engergon Igniters Power Shatter Video Review
Date: Sunday, November 18th 2018 6:57pm CST
Categories: Movie Related News, Toy News, Reviews
Posted by: Bronzewolf

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As the Bumblebee movie hype begins to reach a climax, it's time to take a look at one more toy from it's accompanying figure range! Today's subject is Engergon Igniters Power Shatter, reviewed by our very own Seibertronian Chuck Dawg! Shatter is a triple changer, however this toy only features her robot and jet modes. It omits her third, muscle car mode. Take a look at the video below and tell us if it changed your thoughts on Shatter or the Energon Igniters as a whole in the Energon Pub!

chuckdawg1999 wrote:While many of you have made up your minds on the Energon Igniters series, Shatter from the Power subline of the subline is a fun figure. It reminds me of a toy jet I had that worked on the same spring/gear motor system. Even if you don't like it I'm sure your pets would love chasing it around.

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