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67 total news articles in this section, 10 per page. Watches Netflix The Toys That Made Us Transformers Episode #TTTMU

Transformers News: Watches Netflix The Toys That Made Us Transformers Episode #TTTMU
Date: Sunday, May 27th 2018 5:11am CDT
Categories: Reviews, Site Articles, Digital Media News, Editorials
Posted by: Va'al

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The Toys That Made Us - the Netflix original documentary series focusing on 80s toys and franchises - aired its second tranche of episodes on the streaming service on Friday 25th May, and several fans and collectors tuned in to check out the Transformers specific episode (two years in the waiting, after all) but also the Star Trek, Lego, and Hello Kitty episodes that accompanied it.

As such, we sat some of the staff down and had a chat about what we thought about the way our favourite transforming robots were treated, and how it lived up or not to our expectations! Read along below to find out more, and join the discussion with your own thoughts in the thread on the Energon Pub discussion boards!

Transformers News: Watches Netflix The Toys That Made Us Transformers Episode

Introducing: the participants

Va'al - I have watched entire series out of interest, and in anticipation for the Transformers episode in particular, of course, so I can also see and compare this episode in the frame of the whole documentary. People who know me are aware of my stance and position towards toys, in that I don't really collect them but am fairly invested in the fiction surrounding the characters - but have gone through the motions as a kid who grew up in the 1990s, so Beast Wars and what followed were definitely a thing until the toy buying died down!

william-james88 - This was the first episode I watched of the series so far and I thought it was an excellent look at the toy brand and the best piece yet relating its history. Transformers are my very favourite toys, always have been, ever since I was 8 and discovered Beast Wars toys. I have been buying figures here and there ever since and went deep down the rabbit hole in 2014 where I have yet to emerge. I love all transforming toys, so I collect a few more franchises as well (e.g. Power Rangers, Voltron, Japanese 70s Super Robots) but my favourites are still Transformers, simply due to the Takara workmanship, which I was very happy this episode highlighted.

Qwan - I don't have Netflix myself, so this episode (when I managed to bum a friend's account) was my first chance to watch the show. Bearing that in mind, I don't have anything to compare this episode to in the show's broad scope, but hopefully I at least have enough perspective on the Transformers franchise to judge it in that way. I've been into Transformers since Cybertron (I was only 6 when it caught my interest!), and though I care most about the toys, it's the fiction and characters that keep always me wanting to buy more. I collect a bunch of other stuff too - Gunpla, Bionicle, other Lego mechs, basically anything with big robots; and then anything else with characters that catch my interest - but in the end it's always been Transformers that stands out as the one that matters most.

Cobotron - Being born in 1975 put me right at prime demographic for every toy brand this series has covered. And boy did I play with a lot of if not all of these toys! So needless to say the entire series not only hits my nostalgia button, but also covers a subject that is still near and dear to me 42 years later. I've been playing with and collecting Transformers since even before 1984, as I had friends with Diaclone toys. My love for Japanese robots grew from playing with my older brother's Micronauts, and Shogun Warriors, but really found it's focus with Transformers. To this day I still have my childhood collections, and/or actively collect not just Transformers, but Star Wars, GI Joe, MASK, Lego, and more. Transformers makes up a majority of my collection, but first and for most I consider myself a toy collector, and specifically a collector of these very toys that made us.

D-Maximal_Primal - This is a show I have been interested in watching, but this was the first chance I have gotten to see an episode, thanks to my girlfriend's Netflix account. My journey with Transformers began with the 2007 movie, and I got my first toy on Christmas eve of that year, which was movie 1 voyager Megatron. I started collecting a bit more around Revenge of the Fallen, and my collecting really took off in 2013 after I started college. I am 23 now, and still vastly enjoy the brand all the different aspects of it. I also enjoy the Marvel Universe, particularly Iron Man, Gundam, and Voltron.

With the backgrounds set out and the cards on the table, let's dive in!

Transformers News: Watches Netflix The Toys That Made Us Transformers Episode

What did you enjoy the most?

C - Every episode in the series has offered something interesting about each brand they've featured. With the Transformers episode I was delighted to gain more insight into the early days and the designers at Takara. In fact, Transformers humble Japanese beginnings is probably one of my favorite aspects of the brand. While this history is not new to me, I'm so happy they focused a lot of this episodes on the prehistory of Transformers, because now there is this nice, comprehensive source, wrapped in a fun to ingest package, that sums up their origins for even the newest collector to learn about how it all began.

D - ...seeing all the old Takara stuff was so neat and also incredibly informative to see where Transformers came from, what all Takara did, what Hasbro did without them for a bit, and then how things have progressed since. It is especially interesting to see how the toys changed from being good guys to bad guys and viceversa between the original Microman/Diaclone and the Transformers versions.

WJ - I agree, my favourite part of this episode was how we spent a lot of time with Takara. I liked how humble everyone was and how these men were just glad to know that what they created brought joy to children and keeps doing so as the brand evolves and grows. I also loved learning of Takara's reaction to Hasbro's take on their product, which was something I had oddly never considered.

V - Yeah, I think that was the most enjoyable part of the episode, mostly also due to the tone of the entire series: the switching between different speakers to gauge the reactions and reception of the brand initially - the history is a well known mismatched one in the fandom, and the editing of Takara vs Hasbro, toy vs marketing, with the almost flippant narration, was entertaining (though I know this is not the widespread reaction to the series).

Q - That mismatched history stood out for me. I thought it was great seeing the process leading up to the brand's creation and introduction to the Western market. All too often the background of Transformers is given as "GI Joe then Microman and then Transformers happened" with about that much detail, so I loved how much time was dedicated to seeing exactly how this brand we all adore came about, from early cultural and media influences through to actual licensing.

What do you think was missing?

Q - Since I'm a little baby boy who missed out on the whole G1 and Beast Wars scenes, I would've really liked to see even a bit of screentime dedicated to the post-BW pre-Movie stuff; Car Robots, Unicron Trilogy, Animated, anything like that. Heck, even Beast Wars got the shaft a bit in terms of its importance. Things still happened between 1996 and 2007, guys! (I also sorely felt the lack of any G2 raps: easily the most artful creations to ever come out of the brand.)

D - Yeah, I really missed seeing more of the toyline past G1 though. As a big Animated fan, movie fan, and now a Beast Wars fan, I missed seeing more of those guys, and seeing some of the newer toy designs that came from the original 80s toys. Other than that bit of oversight, I really enjoyed the episode!

C - I do wish they had spent a little more time covering the post Beast Wars era toy lines. They had Aaron Archer as an interviewee, but really just dusted over the huge contribution he (and his team) made to the brand. The Archer led era of Transformers was an important time that produced some of the toys that are to this day among my very favorites.

V - I mean, the series is dedicated to the 80s, of course, so we knew all of the toys some of us grew up with were going to be only briefly featured from the start - but for me the Italian perspective on the brand, with the GIG licensing, naming, and branding situation, essentially the creation question about the Transformers (or Trasformers on my side) would've been fun to see explored too! (That, and some issues with framing the Japanese perspective from a production point of view.)

WJ - On that last point: Since we do spend a lot of time on the Japanese side of things, with the creators and designers, I would have really liked to have the option of their speech subtitled rather than dubbed. This brand is so deeply rooted in Japan that it would have been nice to have this episode fully embrace this idea of two worlds and give us two different languages at least. Also, while the episode looks great and seems to have a budget on par with any other documentary, that intro feels like it comes from Newgrounds circa 2001 and feels off compared to the rest of the episode which has a rather decent quality.

Transformers News: Watches Netflix The Toys That Made Us Transformers Episode

What is one new thing you learned?

D - I only know a little bit about Diaclone, So almost the entire first half of the episode was a history lesson I really knew nothing about, so that was really cool! I enjoyed seeing the ideas form and change over time, and it was awesome to get all that history and pre-history of the brand.

V - Similar for me! The original GI Joe connection was one I was not entirely aware of - the shared Hasbro Universe everyone has been griping about at IDW goes way back further than I thought, and I'll admit I had a little 'ha!' moment about that. Oh, and the wooden toy prototypes were pretty cool.

WJ - Yeah, I really liked seeing the early process as to how Transformers (Microchange and Diaclone toys) were first designed, in wood. We are used to seeing grey prototypes but seeing prototypes in wood just shows me how limited toy technology once was and how amazing it is that we got such complex toys back in the day. Also, as a Jim Shooter fan, it was really cool to learn that he came up with the story of the Autobots vs Decepticons.

Q - Shooter yes, but also it was really interesting to hear how Budiansky ended up writing for the original Transformers; I never really stopped to think about how he got the job, only that he did it (and did it well). I've always loved behind-the-scenes stories, so learning more about how the very original TF fiction was created was fascinating to me!

C - I'll stand out on this one: I was surprised to learn that after Transformers: the Movie, Takara stepped out of the picture completely. I thought for sure the "Masters" eras of the brand were still created in tandem with Takara. In fact I've always thought that the likes of the Head Masters were so awesomely silly and original that they had to have come from the Japanese designers. I would have liked to learn more about the design process during this time frame.

Transformers News: Watches Netflix The Toys That Made Us Transformers Episode

What was your personal highlight from the episode?

WJ - The highlight is everyone they got to interview, including seeing our own site owner Seibertron being rather eloquent, with a contagious enthusiasm for the brand. You did us proud buddy! Oh and probably the major highlight was seeing all those gorgeous Diaclone toys. I was watering at the mouth watching those beauties transform onscreen, what gorgeous toys.

Q - Yes, seeing Bossbot represent us so well was great! That aside since it's almost cheating to pick it, I thought the moment at the end with Yoke's Perceptor was incredibly sweet and a heartwarming note to end on. (More lightly, I got a good chuckle out of the observation that even whoever was in charge of the Transformers displayed in the episode couldn't get MPM Optimus' truck mode to cooperate either!)

C - I think the biggest highlight for me was the interviews and insight into the original Takara team. Especially Yoke-san! That moment where he started to get emotional showing off the Perceptor that Hasbro had given him kicked me right in the tear ducts too. Everything I love about all Takara toys, not just Transformers, can be linked to him. And, he seems to just be such a nice and kind person, not to mention a design genius. I'd like to thank Yoke-san for giving me and so many others the fuel we needed to drive our imaginations to the farthest reaches and back, for all these many years.

V - I really want to say something else other than seeing Ryan / Seibertron on screen, as you all did. I do. So I'll go with Bob Budiansky's entertainingly dry humour, and Hideaki Yoke calling Bumblebee 'a sweet boy'.

D - The whole naming and personality part from Budiansky himself, and how it took so long to get to him and how fast he put everything together. "High Beam" huh? Guess the person who vetoed that name wasn't around when Erector came out! But really though, seeing the toys take on their personalities that have helped endear them to all of us was really awesome, and it's amazing how fast it was all done too.

Transformers News: Watches Netflix The Toys That Made Us Transformers Episode

All in all, we thought this was an great look at the franchise, covering the early major beats and giving us our best and most accessible version yet at the story behind these magnificent toys - it's a fantastic primer about this huge universe and the wonderful people that made it happen, even with the sometimes goofy, forced humour (to some).

Transformers News: Watches Netflix The Toys That Made Us Transformers Episode

Oh, and one last thing from Cobotron, before we hand the thoughts over to the rest of the community:

I watched the episode twice. The first time I was at work, and while I was looking down at my work I heard a very familiar voice. It was a true delight to look up and see the old Bossbot himself, Seibertron. It's so great that such an important and long time contributor to the fandom got recognized in such a wonderful way. You deserve the acknowledgement Ryan. Thanks for giving us Transformers nerds a place to hang out and be ourselves!

The Toys That Made Us is now streaming on Netflix, with all 8 episodes available.

Thumbnail image by Bronzewolf

Video Review of Transformers Studio Series Deluxe Lockdown

Transformers News: Video Review of Transformers Studio Series Deluxe Lockdown
Date: Friday, May 25th 2018 9:53pm CDT
Categories: Movie Related News, Toy News, Reviews
Posted by: Qwan | Credit(s): PrimeVsPrime

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Fellow Seibertronian PrimeVsPrime has once again reached out to us, and graced us with another video review for the Deluxe-class Lockdown from the second wave of Studio Series figures. Alongside posing and transformation, we get a great look at the extensive detail adorning his robot and vehicle modes, as well as comparisons to the previous Age of Extinction Deluxe Lockdown and the other Studio Series figures released so far.

Of course, we want to hear your opinions too! Do you have Lockdown yet too? If you do, let us know what you think of this toy by posting in the Energon Pub Forums - or if you've only seen the review, tell us what you're most anticipating about it!

In this review, I take yet another look at the latest entry into the Studio Series line, that being the Studio Series Lockdown! I showcase the figure in both his robot-mode as well as his vehicle-mode. I also show a step-by-step guide of how to transform him from his robot-bounty hunter mode to his Lamborghini Aventador alt-mode. This is the final figure that I shall be taking a look at this week as I have reviewed and collected all the Studio Series figures released thus far!

Transformers Studio Series Jazz Review and Leaked From Cybertron Video

Transformers News: Transformers Studio Series Jazz Review and Leaked From Cybertron Video
Date: Thursday, May 24th 2018 9:57pm CDT
Categories: Toy News, Reviews
Posted by: D-Maximal_Primal | Credit(s): PrimeVsPrime, Transformers

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Views: 8,186

We have a pair of news for you tonight regarding the upcoming and fairly highly anticipated figure from the Studio Series Line: Jazz!

The first news we have for you is yet another video review from PrimeVsPrime, who has already done reviews for us of voyagers Brawl and Megatron. Here PrimeVsPrime gives us a great look at Jazz, who is a very small deluxe with some great talking points, such as the high amount of silver paint and the fairly awesome posability. You can check out his review below.

The second bit of news comes from the Transformers Facebook and Instagram accounts, which give us yet another look at Jazz, this time from one of the designers of the figure. The video goes briefly into the design process for Jazz, explaining how he is one of the favorites of this particular design engineer and how he came to be. You can check it out below the review.

Let us know what you think of this new deluxe Jazz below!

Video Review of Transformers Studio Series Voyager Brawl

Transformers News: Video Review of Transformers Studio Series Voyager Brawl
Date: Wednesday, May 23rd 2018 7:39am CDT
Categories: Movie Related News, Toy News, Reviews
Posted by: Va'al | Credit(s): PrimeVsPrime

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As we announced in the review for Megatron yesterday, Seibertronian PrimeVsPrime has also uploaded a full video review of the Transformers Studio Series 12 Voyager class Brawl, taking on his incarnation from the 2007 live action movie (as the backdrop also shows) in which he was also mistakenly labelled as Devastator.

Check out the embedded clip below, featuring transformation, poses, and comparisons, and share your thoughts in the Energon Pub discussion boards!

Transformers Studio Series Brawl Review

In this review, I take yet another early look at the brand new Studio Series Voyager Class Brawl from Wave 2! I give you a detailed look at both the robot-mode, transformation, as well as the tank mode. I also compare the figure to a multitude of other Transformers including the 2007 Leader Class Brawl! Stay tuned for my next review of the Studio Series Jazz & Lockdown!

PotP Gear: Machinima's Transformers Power of the Primes Episode 4 REVIEW

Transformers News: PotP Gear: Machinima's Transformers Power of the Primes Episode 4 REVIEW
Date: Tuesday, May 22nd 2018 9:01pm CDT
Categories: Cartoon News, Reviews
Posted by: Bronzewolf | Credit(s): Go90

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Burn wrote:TONIGHT

Megatron wrestles with a monkey
Transformers News: PotP Gear: Machinima's Transformers Power of the Primes Episode 4 REVIEW

Volcanicus falls into a hole
Transformers News: PotP Gear: Machinima's Transformers Power of the Primes Episode 4 REVIEW

And Perceptor punches Predaking
Transformers News: PotP Gear: Machinima's Transformers Power of the Primes Episode 4 REVIEW

Hello, WE'RE BACK! Yes, that's right, it's Tuesday again, meaning we're now on episode four of the Machinima Power of the Primes series. If you'd like to know more, read on, as we take a look at


(This review does contain spoilers for the Power of the Primes cartoon, as well as the previous two shows to some degree.)

The main cast is still on the primal swamp planet and still being chased by Combiners. Predaking is continuing his search for the Enigma of Combination, and Perceptor swears that Victorion doesn't have it. The beast combiner refuses to believe him and, although his logic here is a bit hard to follow, he too has noticed the events Cybertron and the surrounding systems have been going through.

Transformers News: PotP Gear: Machinima's Transformers Power of the Primes Episode 4 REVIEW
"Everything on Cybertron is trying to destroy everything else!" Top notch dialogue, guys. Just...just *kisses fingertips*

Volcanicus has finally had enough of Predaking, and pushes him over. Predaking promptly gets up and the two finally begin to tussle. Victorion gets upset with Megatron for leaving them behind, and starts to bluntly chip away at the ancient sacred temple of the Primes behind them, something you wouldn't think she'd do, being in favor of honor and fairly traditional.

Inside the temple, Megatron finds his way into a room with the Requiem Blaster sitting on a shrine, in a scene that was totally not spoiled in promotional material last week. (Spoiler: it totally was.)

Transformers News: PotP Gear: Machinima's Transformers Power of the Primes Episode 4 REVIEW
*Que Legend of Zelda music*

Just as a side note, the music score in this scene when Megatron finds the Requiem Blaster is so ridiculous and over the top, it almost seems intentionally comedic. From a series with very subtle background music, (and certainly very little classical-styled background music) it just feels so bizarre. Don't get me wrong, it's not a badly composed piece of music, it just doesn't fit with the score of the rest of the series.

Anyway, when Megatron is about to take the Requiem Blaster, Optimus Primal appears from the opposite side of the room. He tells Megatron that he should leave, and Megatron goes on a tirade about his condescending tone, telling Primal he reminds him of Starscream. Which is fine, except he didn't really have one. He was speaking very clear, basic instructions. *sigh* I dunno.

Transformers News: PotP Gear: Machinima's Transformers Power of the Primes Episode 4 REVIEW
It's dangerous to go alone! Take this!

The pair begin to fight for the blaster, and we catch up again with the group outside. Volcanicus and Predaking are still fighting, and it's...unbelievably boring. All but one of the camera angles are the most mundane, basic shots you could put in something like this, and there's absolutely zero tension. Seriously, the first fight we've ever seen in animation between these two awesome, giant, powerful combiners, looks like two elderly people gently tapping each other with their walkers.

But it gets worse

Transformers News: PotP Gear: Machinima's Transformers Power of the Primes Episode 4 REVIEW
"Ooh, I'll get you, Gertrude! This'll teach you to miss bridge night!"

Predaking pushes Volcanicus into a super shallow, small puddle that he somehow isn't able to get out of. You know. Like a giant robot combiner totally would. He's seriously stuck here for most of the rest of the episode.

Transformers News: PotP Gear: Machinima's Transformers Power of the Primes Episode 4 REVIEW
See, this is what happens when you forget to flip the toilet seat back down!

I'm not sure why, but Perceptor jumps in and tries to distract Predaking. He's successful, and turns the wrath of the combiner team toward the team who's been struggling to fight him since the second episode. Nice going Percy. Megatron arrives back from the temple, now wielding the Requiem Blaster, to bail the team out just in time. He threatens Predaking, and tells him they really don't have the Enigma, and if they find it, they'll keep in touch.

Transformers News: PotP Gear: Machinima's Transformers Power of the Primes Episode 4 REVIEW
Minibot, 10 Year old, the other TF fan in my household:"Did it freeze up just then?" Me:"No, that's just the animation." Minibot: *Looks at me like he's looking at a camera on The Office*

The dinobots finally make it out of the puddle by decombining, as the temple behind them starts to glow, projecting a beam into the sky above them. Apparently this beam contains coordinates that Perceptor starts to read. They're hard to make out, but he recieves assistance from Optimus Primal, who I guess is okay from the fight he and Megatron just had, even though we get a total of zero explanation for that. The adventure continues with new allies, new weapons, and, finally, a new destination.

Transformers News: PotP Gear: Machinima's Transformers Power of the Primes Episode 4 REVIEW
Minibot: "How is he reading it? He's not even looking at it!" *imitates reading a piece of paper thats two feet above his head by looking straight forward*

That's the end of episode 4. Despite it's fair, fair share of just plain goofy moments, I'd argue it's the best so far of the series. No bizarre plot errors, just straight to the point. And, more importantly, progress is made. It only took four episodes, (Read: that's 45 minutes of real life time), to get here, but we are finally here. This episode seemed a lot more coordinated and logical, and far less pf a jumbled mess compared to the preceding three. It actually leaves me excited, or at least interested, in the coming story, as there isn't exactly a predicable plot from here on. Yes, obviously they'll try to use the blaster to defeat Megatronus, but there are other twists and turns that the story could (and hopefully will) take. A small bit of hope has been instilled in me again. We shall see.

Transformers News: PotP Gear: Machinima's Transformers Power of the Primes Episode 4 REVIEW

And, on that bombshell, it's time to end. See you next week!

Video Review of Walmart Exclusive G1 Autobot Hot Rod Reissue

Transformers News: Video Review of Walmart Exclusive G1 Autobot Hot Rod Reissue
Date: Tuesday, May 22nd 2018 1:08pm CDT
Category: Reviews
Posted by: william-james88 | Credit(s): Kevin Liu

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Views: 8,315

We ony got confirmation of the Walmart exclusive G1 Hot Rod reissue yesterday and now we have a video review. While it is in Chinese, we see all we need to see for a toy that has already been reviewed ad nauseum.

It comes in a very nice replica G1 packaging minus rounded corners on the flap. Aside form that, it appears to be a straight reissue of the original TRU Commemorative Hot Rod reissue. It has the wrong sticker on his chest, which comes from the later Targetmaster chest sticker instead of the original plain non-shiny version on the original G1 Hot Rod. Also, it does not have the pins in his "shoulder" joints that attach his upper arms to his torso.

The review was done by Kevin Liu and this was sent to us by Daniel Oon.

Video Review of Transformers Studio Series Voyager Megatron

Transformers News: Video Review of Transformers Studio Series Voyager Megatron
Date: Tuesday, May 22nd 2018 10:14am CDT
Categories: Movie Related News, Toy News, Reviews
Posted by: Va'al | Credit(s): PrimeVsPrime

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Views: 11,485

Fellow Seibertronian PrimeVsPrime was able to acquire a new Trasformers figure earlier than expected, and has shared a video review of this Decepticon leader: check out below the embedded clip featuring Transformers Studio Series 13 Voyager class Megatron!

Sporting his Revenge of the Fallen mismatched body, Megatron also comes with the forest battle scene backdrop from the movie, where Optimus Prime is killed (again, but for the first time in the live action series), and some nice detailing, with a 32 step transformation, and comparisons with Leader Class Blackout, Voyager Optimus Prime, and the Voyager Brawl (with a review coming soon). Give it a look, and let us know your thoughts in the Energon Pub discussion boards!

Up the Swamp Without a Paddle: Machinima Transformers Power of the Primes Episode 3 Review!

Transformers News: Up the Swamp Without a Paddle: Machinima Transformers Power of the Primes Episode 3 Review!
Date: Thursday, May 17th 2018 1:58am CDT
Categories: Cartoon News, Reviews
Posted by: Bronzewolf | Credit(s): Go90

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Views: 8,957

It's been a few weeks since Power of the Primes, the third and final installment of the Machinima series of Transformers cartoons, and this Tuesday brought with it episode 3, "Without Warning". The previous two episodes haven't lived up to many expectations, will the third be any different? Tune in as we take a look at the episode to find out. Read on!

(Note: The following review contains spoilers for the Machinima Power of the Primes cartoon.)

So, we start out again in the swamp, a place that the cast somehow hasn't been able to move on from for the entire show so far, with Victorion still being tossed around by Predaking, a new character in the show who just arrived last episode. Windblade tries to help by...shooting Victorion several times.

Transformers News: Re: Machinima Transformers Power of the Primes Cartoon Discussion Thread
*rubs temples*

Perceptor tries to find a way to help that consists of actual helping, as Volcanicus, the combiner made up of the dinobots, starts to gain consciousness again after being shot to the ground by Predaking in the last episode. He promptly starts chasing after the Predacons for revenge.
We catch up with Megatron, who approaches the shiny thing he was distracted by in the last episode, and it turns out to be a giant energon waterfall that looks like a Matrix, with the insignia of the various original Primes stamped on it.

Perceptor tries to distract Predaking from attacking the others, and soon all three of the main cast are being chased by two giant combiners.

Transformers News: Re: Machinima Transformers Power of the Primes Cartoon Discussion Thread
*Record Scratch* *Freeze Frame* "Yep, that's me. I bet you're wondering how I got here..."\

Something to touch base on here briefly is the random inclusion of assorted slow motion shots peppered in here or there through the episode. They are painfully out of place, and haven't been a part of the show so far, (or either of the other shows, if memory serves) so they're a bit of a jarring change. They remind me of the infamous split screen edits that randomly popped up in the second half of the previous series.

We also catch up with the main baddie of this series, Megatronus, who has released the Enigma of Combination to place it in a shrine of sorts, at the head of the well of sparks, deep in the heart of Cybertron.

Transformers News: Re: Machinima Transformers Power of the Primes Cartoon Discussion Thread
Oh God*** it it's just the ******* Infinity Gauntlet, isn't it?!?

As he sets the the Enigma within the altar, we're treated to another flashback from the days of the original Primes. Solus begs Megatronus to return the Requiem Blaster so she can destroy it, promising she'll craft him more weapons in exchange. She mentions she doesn't want to fuel his, *ahem*, appetite for destruction, if you will.

Megatronus promises he'll take care of the blaster, but Solus grabs it from his back. They fight over it, accidentally triggering it to fire. A beam is launched off the surface of Cybertron, killing Solus in the process. Megatronus mourns her as the spark drains from her optics.

Transformers News: Re: Machinima Transformers Power of the Primes Cartoon Discussion Thread
something something topical gun control joke

He watches a spark fall into the well, and comments that his henchmen are doing their job, further confirming no one else lives on this **** planet. He opens a briefcase to reveal the Matrix of Leadership to add it to the shrine.

Transformers News: Re: Machinima Transformers Power of the Primes Cartoon Discussion Thread

Fun is not something one considers when watching a terrible cartoon, but this...doesn't put a smile on my face.

Back in the swamp, our heroes are still being chased by the two combiners, when they reach the obvious conclusion of trying to make them fight each other. The pacing of the scene is literally slowed down because of another slo-mo shot. To make matters worse, Windblade talks, in the middle of the shot, at normal speed. I just... I just don't know anymore.

After running a long distance from where they first landed and met the Dinobots, they all get launched off a cliff by one of Predaking's blasts, but neither of the Combiners see it coming, so they fall as well, farther into the canyon. The heroes have a moment to regroup and find...Megatron and his giant Matrix waterfall?!? ******* what?!?
Transformers News: Re: Machinima Transformers Power of the Primes Cartoon Discussion Thread
The Miraculous Teleporting Megatron; Wherever The Plot Needs Him To Be.

But the newly reacquainted group doesn't have long to chat, as Predaking and Volcanicus show up again, having magically climbed a giant cliff face in justa handful of seconds with no other signs or clues that they were approaching.
Megatron enters the Matrix building and tells the others to wait there. The episode ends.

Oh my God.

I said last week that the show felt like it was just sitting here spinning it's wheels, and this episode illustrates that perfectly. The main cast have been in the swamp for all three episodes now, and for the majority of that time simply being chased around in circles. They're accomplishing nothing, and it's getting extremely frustrating. This episode could basically have been the first, practically beat for beat. "Find enemy. Fight enemy. Figure out how to beat enemy. Run away. Repeat." The glaring plot holes and continuity errors are ridiculous, and the end of this episode is the first time I've actually shouted at my screen because of these shows. If I have to search for a positive, I like the idea of the various relics combining their power to create...something. It's fairly cool, if a little overdone by other shows. Entertainingly bad, but little more. See you next week.

Thanks for reading my review of Episode 3, you can find it on go90 and the Transformers Tumblr if you wanna watch it for yourself. Come back and tell me what you thought of the episode, and what you thought of my review! I'll see you next week when we take a look at episode 4!

Aggressive Back Rubs: Machinima's Transformers Power of the Primes Episode 2 REVIEW

Transformers News: Aggressive Back Rubs: Machinima's Transformers Power of the Primes Episode 2 REVIEW
Date: Tuesday, May 8th 2018 4:03pm CDT
Categories: Cartoon News, Reviews, Site Articles
Posted by: Bronzewolf | Credit(s): Go90

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Another Tuesday brings another episode of Machinima's Power of the Primes cartoon. Last week we discussed episode one, and it was not great, to say the least. Will episode two do any better? Will it fare any worse? Let's find out, as we dive into Volcanicus!

(I also suppose I should warn you that the following review does contain spoilers for the POTP Cartoon, just in case. You can read my review of episode one here.)

We jump in where the first episode left off, in the "Primal Forest", with Victorion, Windblade, and Perceptor fighting the newly formed dinobot combiner, Volcanicus.

Transformers News: Re: Machinima Transformers Power of the Primes Cartoon Discussion Thread
Uh, roll credits, I guess?

Similar to the last episode, this scene is riddled with bizarre continuity errors that just make no sense, and could have been resolved with simple editing. We're introduced to our first one here: Our heroes are trying to come up with a plan to take down Volcanicus, as they recognize they should be searching for the Requiem Blaster before it falls into Megatronus' hands. Windblade blames Victorion for making the Dinobots so angry they had to combine, saying they had them "Under control" (Suuuure), when Volcanicus tries to step on them. They appear surprised, as if they couldn't see him coming from a mile away. They decide to try to find Megatron, but Victorion says she doesn't need his help.

Transformers News: Re: Machinima Transformers Power of the Primes Cartoon Discussion Thread
How does one get snuck up on BY A GIANT ROBOT DINOSAUR COMBINER?!

Speaking of old Megs, we catch back up with him, as well. After being thrown miles away (a distance described in the official episode summary) into the swamp by Grimlock in the last episode, he wakes up...ten feet from where Volcanicus and the main cast are?

Transformers News: Re: Machinima Transformers Power of the Primes Cartoon Discussion Thread

Nearby, he sees a convenient odd glint of light in the forest. He decides to go investigate, leaving the rest of the crew to fend for themselves.

The scene changes and we finally see Devastator, Computron, and Menasor again, currently being questioned by Overlord and..."Rodimus Cron" Menasor swears he doesn't know anything about where Megatron and the others have gone, and Rodimus responds by shooting Computron through the chest, apparently dead now.

Devastator also gets shot through the chest, but survives. Overlord compliments Rodimus on his firepower, and has a flashback to him pulling the "Matrix of Chaos" out of Unicron's decapitated head. Megatronus (through hologram) congratulates Overlord for finding it. Something to notice here is the the Matrix of Chaos uses the Botcon 2000 design for the Matrix of Conquest. An interesting trivia bit pointed out by Seibertronian Sabrblade. Anyway, Devastator and Menasor decide to take them on, but they aren't strong enough, and Devastator gets shot through the chest again, launched through the air, and still survives.

Transformers News: Re: Machinima Transformers Power of the Primes Cartoon Discussion Thread
What is physics?

Menasor gets his fist crushed by Overlord, and then gets kicked around for his trouble. Again to the show's credit, between DashieXP's vocal performance and an actually expressive face animation for once, this scene is quite painful and desperate. Even though Menasor only gets his hand crushed, it feels violent and dramatic. I just wish some of that drama and weight would carry over to other parts of the series. Character's deaths in particular.

Back in the swamps, Windblade and crew are still dealing with Volcanicus. The grand plan that Victorion came up with is to have Perceptor distract Volcanicus while the other two attack. Perceptor decides to do this by pretending to be a researcher who wants to ask Volcanicus a few questions, even though not only did Vocanicus just see him two seconds ago, but Grimlock identified him by name last episode.
However bad of a plan it is, it works for long enough to let Victorion take a swing at the Dinos, showing that she's nearly the same size, compared to earlier in the episode where she was dwarfed by Volcanicus.

Transformers News: Re: Machinima Transformers Power of the Primes Cartoon Discussion Thread
Transformers News: Re: Machinima Transformers Power of the Primes Cartoon Discussion Thread
What is scale?

Just when it looks like all hope is lost and Vocanicus has them beat, Predaking emerges from the swamp, taking out the Dinobots. He demands to know where the Enigma of Combination is. We cut away just as he decides to blast Victorion. We'll have to wait till episode three to see how that turns out.
Samoa Joe, a new actor to the Trilogy, actually puts on a great performance as Predaking from what we've seen so far of him. He's not really the traditional voice for the character, but it works well in my opinion.

Back at Metroplex City, the two remaining combiners are getting torn to shreds. Overlord Demands answers out of Menasor, and orders Rodimus to continue shooting Devastator until he gets them. Devastator gets an arm and a leg blown off before Menasor talks. He tells Overlord that Megatron headed to the Primal Swamp. Overlord orders Devastator killed anyway, and then kills Menasor by...(checks notecards) gently pushing on the back of his neck.

Transformers News: Re: Machinima Transformers Power of the Primes Cartoon Discussion Thread
Devastator dies by a dozen shots straight through the spark from an agent of Unicron, and Menasor dies from an aggressive backrub. Got it.

Overlord and Rodimus then start their journey to the swamp, and the episode ends.

Episode two was arguably an improvement over the season opener, though I'm not sure if that's a complement, nor if it's good enough. It certainly doesn't instill faith into the rest of the series. It feels like it's just spinning it's wheels, getting nowhere, even though it's already introduced the majority of the main cast now, and they are all on separate missions. Episode two felt too much like filler with no point or purpose, and there's no tone to speak of. While bits and pieces work, the majority doesn't, especially with an angering amount of random continuity problems plaguing both episode one and two which, and correct me if I'm wrong, weren't as prevalent in either of the two previous shows. We'll see where it goes from here.

Thanks for reading my review of Machinima's Power of the Primes episode 2! If you want to watch it for yourself, you can find it on the Go90 platform and the Transformers Tumblr account. Make sure to share your thoughts on the episode and my review in the comments below, and then tune in next Tuesday when we'll take a look at episode three!

Review of IDW Transformers Unicron #0 - #FCBD

Transformers News: Review of IDW Transformers Unicron #0 - #FCBD
Date: Saturday, May 5th 2018 2:27am CDT
Categories: Comic Book News, Reviews, Site Articles
Posted by: Va'al | Credit(s): IDW, FCBD

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The Beginning of the Beginning of the End
(Spoiler free-ish)

Not a whimper, nor a bang-the end comes with a squall of entropy shrieking from the ravenous maw of death itself. The message is clear: Unicron has arrived. The Transformers lock into a desperate bid to save Rom's homeworld from the world-killer - but why has Unicron chosen this world on his path to Cybertron... and Earth? The biggest story in the history of Transformers starts now: for Unicron's arrival can mean nothing less than the end of a universe.

Transformers News: Review of IDW Transformers Unicron #0 - #FCBD
a narrative universe, that is

First things first: this issue is part of the Free Comic Book Day initiative, in which participating physical comics stores give out free copies of comic books from a number of publishers. If you don't know where to find a store near you, try this tool (works relatively accurately outside of US and Canada too)!

Second: even just the opening, and the preview, of this book will spoil at least one and a half storylines from the current Optimus Prime ongoing series. The cover does too. So that's that, and we all know now. I will not dwell on it further, but if you'd rather wait for the next two issues of OP to hit before finding this issue, do so!

Transformers News: Review of IDW Transformers Unicron #0 - #FCBD
yeah, pretty much

Now, into the main course: John Barber brings Unicron to the Transformers universe, fully, entirely, wholly and viciously . And I really mean that last one. There is no sympathy from me towards those asking for the entire IDW universe casts to be annihilated as the continuity ends, but it looks like Barber is definitely starting to trim those down from the get go (a recurring theme since David Mariotte's arrival on editorial, now that I think about it...) - and not even in the main part of the story.

Transformers News: Review of IDW Transformers Unicron #0 - #FCBD

Optimus Prime is the more or less de facto narrator (his caption tag says so), and the technique is one that will be familiar to all of Barber's readers - but even so, this ..thing, this threat is new to him too. He does not have prior knowledge. None of the characters beside him do, nor does the Solstar Order, nor does the reader. And that narration helps us - established fans of Transformers, and in the know about the mythos in general - see this new Unicron, this IDW version of him, in a different light.

Transformers News: Review of IDW Transformers Unicron #0 - #FCBD
I give you: OP raising an eyebrow

There are of course some lighter moments, where possible, mostly in the form of wit quickly truncated by the events taking place around the characters (Rom's deadpan behaviour, Wheeljack being himself, Pyra Magna's shade towards Optimus), but for such a short story, there are so many heavy beats that you will most definitely be wanting some more.


Alex Milne, who has had a taste of Elonian blood already in the Shining Armor mini-series that saw the first collaboration between Cybertronians and Rom's Solstar Order (including specific characters in this issue, who reference that fact), returns to similar worlds to bring some painstaking detail to the frames he lays out with almost dark glee. And, most admirably I thought, he gives us a sense of the sheer scale that Unicron holds compared to everything else on the page, without ever fully showing the planet - this is not Unicron's story, after all, but that of the people facing him.

Transformers News: Review of IDW Transformers Unicron #0 - #FCBD
hi Bob

Colours are provided by a previous collaborator of Barber's and a new for Milne, Sebastian Cheng, last seen in Revolution and Revolutionaries. While showing the same vibrancy of some of those series, in fact, he manages to convey some truly dark moments for everyone involved with some impressive lighting angles and surfaces.

Transformers News: Review of IDW Transformers Unicron #0 - #FCBD's really hard not to spoil..

What else can I add about Tom B. Long's lettering, really, at this stage - other than reiterate his necessary role in something as vast and encompassing as the entire Hasbro Universe and its unmaker, with captions placed right, dialogue paced out, and a new title redesign that ..just works.

There is just the one cover, being a FCBD comic, but the composition - one that we have seen many a time, is a pretty good reminder of the immense powers at work on the universe right here, and Sara Pitre Durocher delivers.

Spoilerish ahead

As I said above, the pacing that Barber has created - by dropping us into the story exactly as it's happening (unavoidable, given the scheduling of the book compared to the ones leading into it) and building to it through Revolutionaries and Optimus Prime, Shining Armor, and the early days of exRID - allows for some pretty breakneck reading and experiencing of the heavier moments taking place in the pretty short issue. And it's done in such a way that will allow several readers to really want to get into the main story come July, while not relying on senseless shock value twists or carnage for its own sake (yes, we all know what I'm referring to here).

Transformers News: Review of IDW Transformers Unicron #0 - #FCBD
More snerk

Milne and Cheng work really well together too, which is a low-key relief. Having seen both of their work apart from each other, I wasn't entirely sure it would end up looking this good, and am excited to see more (even just on covers, like for Unicron #1). The extra treat in the book, though? John Barber's letter at the very end, tidying up a lot of the threads that have lead to this moment, and initially written in January - there's Revolutionaries, Dark Cybertron, exRID, First Strike, and more, laid out for readers who wanted to follow up without keeping everything at hand. It's good. It's Barber. It's good Barber.


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