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Interview with Transformers / My Little Pony Crossover Creative Team

Transformers News: Interview with Transformers / My Little Pony Crossover Creative Team
Date: Wednesday, April 22nd 2020 11:10am CDT
Categories: Comic Book News, Interviews
Posted by: D-Maximal_Primal | Credit(s): Hollywood Soapbox

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Over at the Hollywood Soapbox, the Soapbox crew got the chance to conduct an interview with the creative team for the upcoming Transformers / My Little Pony crossover event, which will run for 4 issues and, prior to the coronavirus pandemic, was set to come out next month. The creative team included in this round of interviews includes writers Ian Flynn and Sam Maggs, as well as artist Jack Lawrence.

You can check out the full interview by following the above link, and you can also read some snippets of the interview included below. Let us know what you think and let us know how excited you are for this crossover that will hopefully soon grace our comic book shelves!

Were you skeptical at first that My Little Pony and Transformers could come together for a comic book?

IAN FLYNN: Not skeptical, more like delightfully baffled. With a little bit of work and research, they came together surprisingly easily. It’s like mixing up your toy boxes and playing with everything.

SAM MAGGS: I thought the idea was both absolutely brilliant and absolutely bonkers. I pitched on it immediately.


How difficult was it to have two artistic styles for this four-part series?

JACK LAWRENCE: I didn’t actually approach it as two artistic styles as such. It’s different characters as part of the same animated TV show like, say, Bobby interacting with Uni in the ’80s Dungeons & Dragons show. The two character types are built differently, but exist in the same world.


What do you like about Twilight Sparkle as a character?

SAM MAGGS: I think I find Twilight Sparkle relatable, personally. She loves to read and learn and can get lost in books. But over the course of the series, she’s really come out of her shell, and that’s inspiring.

What do you think is the most appealing aspect of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic series for its fans?

JACK LAWRENCE: I think everything about it is appealing. The characters and world designs are just so pleasing to the eye, which draws you in, but then it’s very, very funny at times — and the stories are really good. You don’t necessarily expect ‘epic’ from My Little Pony, but that’s what you get!

Transformers News: Interview with Transformers / My Little Pony Crossover Creative Team

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Posted: Sunday, May 24th, 2020

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