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1,458 total news articles in this section, 10 per page.'s Finest of 2009

Transformers News:'s Finest of 2009
Date: Thursday, December 31st 2009 10:15pm CST
Categories: Live Action Movie News, Toy News, Site Articles
Posted by: Blurrz

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We are about to embark into an incredible year of Transformers in 2010. From our knowledge we know that Transformers Animated will finish in the first half of the year, with figures such as Arcee and Rodimus Minor. Revenge of the Fallen's N.E.S.T. Global Alliance will consume some time, notable with releases of Human Alliance Barricade, Mudflap, and Leader Starscream. Newcomers such as the rebirth of Transformers Universe and Power Core Combiners are also in our horizons.

While we are absolutely excited about the upcoming year, the staff of also wants to reflect on the great 2009 that we've experienced. Both the cartoon and toy line for Transformers Animated kept us busy until the eventual release of Revenge of the Fallen. The beginning of 2009 also experienced the final push from the Universe 2.0 toy line. ROTF finished off the last 7 months of the year. The movie also brought a boom in Transformers popularity much like it's predecessor.

The staff of have been given a handful of categories related to 2009 to weigh in on. Mkall, Nekoman, tigertracks 24, Delicon, First Gen, Burn, Dead Metal, Cyber Bishop and myself have all participated. While the nine of us are all dedicated Transformers fans and hard workers on this website, our opinions on Transformers tend to differ. While we can agree on some aspects, you'll see below that our opinions are on each side of the spectrum! Our ages range from mid teens to early parenthood, so we've all been brought into the Transformers from different eras.

Take a look at the year through our eyes, and feel free to share your opinion in the forums by clicking the 'Discuss This Topic' link above!

Transformers would be nothing without new creations. With 3 major toy lines in 2009, we recieved several new figures from Hasbro and Takara. Here are the ones that we thought were the most impressive.

Universe Cyclonus

Seibertron's Finest of 2009

Mkall: He's simple, and very close to his G1 persona, and in a rare divergence Hasbro and Takara both made completely different decos of the figure, allowing for the differing tastes of the collectors.

Blurrz: Among the numerous choices of figures this year, I believe that Cyclonus stands out. I'm an avid Armada collector and a Targetmaster fan, so this release fits my tastes. Hasbro and Takara's versions of Cyclonus basically give you two different figures. The reuse of the figure as Henkei Strafe was simply dynamic.

Nekoman: Universe Cyclonus was a toy that was very deserving of the high anticipation that surrounded it. Both Hasbro's and Takara's version of the toy were very accute to two different portrayals of the character. He was highly articulated, but maintained a simple yet satisfying conversion.

Delicon: Cyclonus wins this for me, although I like the Henkei version colors better than the US release. Still one of the best new molds in any line in a very long time.

First Gen: Universe Cyclonus and ROTF Prime are a dead tie for me.

Masterpiece Grimlock
Tigertracks 24: I think this choice means that the line has a viable future. Not many repaint options that will sell like hot cakes, and a fan-favorite character, he is pretty durable for such a highly detailed, and massive figure. I like him a lot.

Revenge of the Fallen Bludgeon
Dead Metal: Universe Cyclonus is great but this guy just takes the biscuit for me.

Device Label Ravage
Burn: I absoloutely love this little guy, as does everyone at work who I showed him too. Sure his alt mold may be ... well a stick, but his robot mode is everything G1 Ravage was and then some. And I needed a new memory stick too, may have cost a bit but he's got the coolness factor!

Repainted Transformers have been a mainstay ever since the existence of Generation One. While some dislike repainted Transformers, some are great homages and can bring out the figures aesthetics if the original issue did not. Take a look at the ones that have caught our attention this year.

Universe Hardhead

Seibertron's Finest of 2009

Nekoman: To me, a repaint that works the best is a repaint that in some form improves the original toy. The way I see it, Universe Hardhead does just that. He bares a striking resemblance to his original Generation 1 toy, but at the same time does not sacrifice a gimmick as great as what made Generation 1 Onslaught a fun figure. The toy is creative, best exemplified by the anti-Decepticon emblem on his shield.

Universe Darkwind
Mkall: I know Hard Head will probably win, but I'm going to throw my hat in with Darkwind. This was a repaint which no one had even thought of before it was announced, unlike the Onslaught --> Hardhead demands which popped up every other week for a while. In the galleries, this figure matches his G1 counterpart shade for shade, making him a brilliant homage.

Universe Skyfall
Tigertracks 24: I'm a sucker for black repaints, and ones that represent obscure G2 characters you never saw coming are awesome in my opinion. A nice way to get a third paint job out of the Universe Silverbolt mold.

Animated Purple Shockwave
Blurrz: I think all of us Animated fans were asking for this when Shockwave was released. After Cartoon Network made Shockwave's true colors Purple, it was simply a figure that everyone needed to have. The colours aren't stunning per se, but homages are homages - and this is one of the best.

Universe Starscream
Delicon: Starscream (Universe version) is my favorite here. When Classics Starscream came out a few years back, I was one of the fanboys who salivated when I saw him on the shelf. However, as the rest of the seekers were eventually released and I saw how G1 accurate they were, I started hating some of Screamer's funky colors, especially on the wings. The Universe version takes care of those flaws nicely, so much that I might end up getting rid of my Classics version.

What is old can easily be new again. Remolding can make or break a figure. Whether it's a slight retake on the cast of the head or an entirely new look on the figure, here's a few that stood out for us.

Animated Samurai Prowl

Seibertron's Finest of 2009

Blurrz: For me, the original Animated Deluxe Prowl was really flimsy and just not my cup of tea. Add some 'upgrades' and you have one of the most brilliant remolds of the year. Samurai Prowl was pretty beastly in the cartoon, and it's reincarnation into plastic was played well.

Botcon Scourge and Sweeps Two, Six and Seven
Delicon: The best remolds for me are usually the ones that have new heads which better fit their characters so my choice is Scourge and the Sweeps.

Animated Activators Cliffjumper
Dead Metal: Look at that head!

Exclusives are a bit of a challenge for us Transformers fans. If we don't like it, we can easily avoid it. If we like it and don't live close to where the exclusive is, then we're in a lot of trouble. Here are a select few that were worth the challenge.

Gentei Ghost Starscream

Seibertron's Finest of 2009

Mkall: I'm going to make the case for Gentei Ghost Starscream, even though I don't have it yet. Transparent figs aren't released en-masse so every one is special to the collectors. Not many actually represent a character that appeared in G1, but Ghost Starscream was, and did rather well. This figure matches that awesomeness in an updated Classics/Universe feel for those of us that enjoy that.

Amazon Black ROTF Optimus Prime
Tigertracks 24: All the sweetness from the original, but with a sweet black, blue, grey, paint scheme with orange, yellow, gold, flame highlights! Black variant collectors rejoice!

Target Titanium Hotzone
Delicon: Target Titanium Hotzone is the clear winner for me. He's the perfect update to G1 Hot Spot.

Target/Zellers Purple Shockwave with Activators Bumblebee
Blurrz: I don't want to sound like a broken record but Purple Shockwave.... Purple Shockwave.... Purple...

Botcon 2009 was in Pasedena, California this year, and it was a dashingly impressive event. The box set went back in time as it focused on the Elite Guard of the past. Attendee figures were also integrated to fit with the set, some were funky repaints, others payed homages to Generation One characters. Below are our favourites.


Seibertron's Finest of 2009

Delicon: While they didn't have the resale value of some past sets, I liked most of the BotCon exclusives this year. I would say Scourge is my favorite as the head on that figure is awesome and his color scheme fits pretty well, also. He's not perfect in vehicle mold but when you have such an odd alt mode you are trying to emulate, your options are going to be limited in what you can work with. I like Scourge slightly better than his Sweeps because I thought the Sweeps would have been better as a slightly different shade of blue than Scourge, instead of the teal that they ended up with.

Blurrz: As a starving University student I can't exactly afford anything from Conventions like my fellow staff members, but I'll go out on a limb and say that Botcon Scourge was the best Botcon Exclusive this year. It completes the trifecta of Post Movie G1 Baddies with Universe Galvatron and Universe Cyclonus being released within the past and current year.

First Gen: Scourge, the tracker was phenomenal, along with his henchmen, the Sweeps.

Mkall: They took an awesome mold to the next level with this figure. They even went so far as to transcribe his motto into Cybertronian and place it on his hull. The colours and the mold pay an awesome tribute to the original figure. No new head was even required.

Tigertracks 24: The often overlooked Energon Starscream mold gets a fun repaint as this Japanese G1 Breastforce team member. While the character himself may not be the most popular member of this group, the idea and execution were well intentioned, and well completed.

Dead Metal: Skyquake closely followed by Elita one, a quirky Euro exclusive guy gets a new toy and is a double homage to Machine Wars Starscream and the colours are awesome!

Without a doubt, Revenge of the Fallen brought in many new fans and many new figures. While the popularity of Revenge of the Fallen is not so high with all the old farts on the staff *wink*, a few of us weigh on which figure impressed us the most.

Leader Class Optimus Prime

Seibertron's Finest of 2009

Mkall: I don't have one so I'm going by what others have said, and this guy wins in terms of poseability and features.

Tigertracks 24: Plenty of poseability, plenty of gimmicks, plenty of weapons, and plenty of kick ass. I am not a fan of movie toys, but this was a very nice addition to my Optimus Prime collection.

Deluxe Sideswipe
Blurrz: In the initial release of Revenge of the Fallen back in June, Sideswipe was one of the forerunners for being best of the line. Six months later I still feel strongly that Sideswipe is the best. The figure isn't trying too hard to pull off the character's aesthetics, which was exactly what the Human Alliance class figure did and failed badly. Be it the twin swords, interesting wheel feet, or sleek paint job, Sideswipe's a figure every ROTF fan needs in their collection.

The cutting edge of Animated was established back in 2008 and excelled in 2009. While the toy line was short-lived, it brought a variety of new figures, repaints and remolds. The majority of the figures were all for cartoon characters. While 2010 looks to be a better year for Animated, here's what 2009 Animated did for us.

Animated Shockwave

Seibertron's Finest of 2009
Seibertron's Finest of 2009

Nekoman: A rather interesting figure that came out of Transformers Animated was Shockwave. Unlike most other figures, Shockwave was slightly unorthodox, with two alternate modes, as well as two robot modes, accurate to his portrayal as the spy, Longarm in the series. The Target exclusive version was colored purple like his Generation 1 toy, and his later appearances in the TV series. These colors were more vibrant and attractive on the mold as opposed to the the stark gray the regular release came with.

Dead Metal: He rocks hard

Animated Samurai Prowl
Tigertracks 24: Interesting new take on a the stale old G1 bot, this version includes a lot of added weaponry and armor that is added in alt mode as a sidecar to his motorcycle. Cool.

Burn: While I didn't like Animated all too much, I did like Samurai Prowl. Prowl on his own wasn't a great figure. But then they introduced a side car that acted as add-on armour. This is a concept sorely missing from TF's and it worked well. Taking a pretty bland figure and giving it a fun gimmick that made him look better and gave him a unique look.

Animated Jetstorm/Jetfire
Blurrz: No, Purple Shockwave does not get the Hat-Trick, and it's not going to be Blurr either. I believe Jetstorm and Jetfire are the best Animated Figures released this year. Yes, they are flying bricks, and yes they combine into a bigger flying brick, but they're just fun toys. They aren't trying hard, they fit the line's aesthetics and Safeguard is a pretty impressive combiner.

Animated Blurr
Mkall: I don't collect TFA figs, but I'm going to say, based only on what I've heard that this would go to Blurr. Very poseable and a very nice homage to his G1 self.

For all the marbles, we get to choose our favourite line of 2009. North America had Revenge of the Fallen, Universe 2.0, and Animated. Takara had some interesting lines with Alternity, Encore and the dead to a halt Device Label. Check out which line impressed us the most.

Revenge of the Fallen

Seibertron's Finest of 2009

First Gen: Its literally thrusted TF's into the stratosphere and the kids love them.

Cyber Bishop: Have to say this since it was the dominant line this year.

Tigertracks 24: I like the idea of BT style Transformers toys coming back into the territory, and I think that TT are taking a chance to try to reach back out to the BT/Alternator collectors of a few years past with this line.

Burn: For the simple fact the RotF and Animated toy lines had not impressed one bit, to the point i've nearly given up collecting. Alternity however takes me back to what I like about TF's. Robots with non-insect heads and decent proportions.

Blurrz: Ultimately I feel that Animated gets the job done. Even though it was the later half of the toy line, I still feel it bests the other lines. And it's not really what Animated did, but it was what the other lines lacked. Universe 2.0 was short lived in 2009 and distribution was sketchy. Revenge of the Fallen was teeming with repaints since Wave 1 - Store Exclusives were dry and repaints uninspirational. On the other hand, Animated never tried too hard. It kept us busy until the release of Revenge of the Fallen.

Universe 2.0
Mkall: Universe 2. Some of the best repaints of the line came out in 2009, and the best figures such as Inferno and Cyclonus

Delicon: I'm gonna go with Encore, it is nice to see these G1 molds still being produced, even if it is not stateside.

We had a lot of transformers news in the past year. Several members of the staff were more excited about announcements for events in 2010, then what actually happened in 2009. But no one could really blame them, as most of the news has been down right awesome. 2009 is also highlighted by the release of Revenge of the Fallen, and Transformers conventions - noticeably Botcon, SDCC and TFCon have grown in popularity. Take a look at what's been our favourite moment of 2009.

Revenge of the Fallen

Seibertron's Finest of 2009

Delicon: Whether you loved the movie or hated it, the box office performance of Revenge of the Fallen, especially over the first couple of days was pretty incredible.

First Gen: Not much can top what Revenge of the Fallen has done.

Cyber Bishop: Without a doubt, it has made a lot of money!

War For Cybertron
Burn: The announcement of the upcoming War for Cybertron game is my favourite. While I enjoyed Revenge of the Fallen and was one of it's few supporters, I did have my dislikes, mostly the designs of the TF's themselves. WFC, like Alternity, is giving me the look I like in Transformers

San Diego Comic Con 2009
Blurrz: I never attended, but wow, maybe it was all the hot chicks cosplaying or the fact that we got the low-down on Human Alliance, N.E.S.T. Global Alliance and so many Transformers releases for 2009 and 2010. It was definitely a great event to watch - not only for Transformers, but for every genre of geekdom. SDCC almost rivaled Botcon this year, and we Transformers fans were well aware of that in July!

Universe 3.0
Mkall: I'm going to say that it is the announcement of Universe 3 starting up again in the back half of 2010. There are a few like me who only collect "traditional" style figures, which means no Animated and very few ROTF figs decorate my shelves. Universe 3 give me hope that there will be figures that satisfy me in 2010, and I won't have to pay 80+ dollars for them like the Japanese henkei exclusive repaints.

TFCC Counterpunch/Punch
Tigertracks 24: The announcement that the Transformers Collectors club will indeed create a figure that collectors will want in the upcoming Punch/Counterpunch exclusive from one of my favorite 2008 molds, the Sideswipe/Sunstreaker mold.

So there you have it, a look at 2009 from the eyes of the staff! Think we missed out on something special? Sound off your opinion in the Energon Pub!

I think 2009 showed us that no matter where are opinions lie, there was always something Transformers related the brought us all together as one. On behalf of the staff of, I wish everyone the best of holidays, and a prosperous year in 2010.


New Toy Galleries: Human Alliance Barricade with Frenzy

Transformers News: New Toy Galleries: Human Alliance Barricade with Frenzy
Date: Thursday, December 31st 2009 2:37am CST
Categories: Site News, Live Action Movie News, Toy News
Posted by: Blurrz

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Views: 163,093

Among the couple thousands of toys in the galleries of, 2007 Movie Deluxe Barricade is the 7th most viewed figure of all time. Two and a half years down the road we get a new incarnation of Barricade in the Human Alliance class. The evil Police car interacts with a Human sized Frenzy. Frenzy can 'drive' Barricade, be put into the hood and chest like the Deluxe version, and can also sit on Barricade's right arm to operate a gun - a gimmick for all Human Alliance figures.

Ever since Barricade was previewed at San Diego Comic Con 2009, there has been a lot of thoughts on the quality of the figure. Some have questioned the brown plastic, the dimensions and over simplistic look of the figure. Now whether you're on the fence with Barricade, or looking to buy it in the future, the galleries can help formulate your opinion with a 360 look at the Decepticon warrior, comparisons to previous versions of Barricade, and photos with other Human Alliance figures. Disregarding fan speculation, it looks like Human Alliance Barricade is a menacing figure and an outstanding piece to any Revenge of the Fallen collection. Check out some teaser pictures and a link to both Barricade and Frenzy's galleries below.

Human Alliance Barricade

New Toy Gallery: Human Alliance Barricade with Frenzy

New Toy Gallery: Human Alliance Barricade with Frenzy

Human Alliance Frenzy

New Toy Gallery: Human Alliance Barricade with Frenzy

Does Human Alliance Barricade make the grade for you? Share your opinion in the Energon Pub! For Barricade Fans, a gallery for the Gravity Bots figure has been added as well.

New Toy Gallery: Human Alliance Barricade with Frenzy

Keep it at for the highest quality galleries and the fastest Transformers news on the net!

Comparison pics of Takara's ROTF "Buster" Optimus Prime Figures

Transformers News: Comparison pics of Takara's ROTF "Buster" Optimus Prime Figures
Date: Wednesday, December 30th 2009 11:10pm CST
Categories: Live Action Movie News, Toy News
Posted by: Mkall | Credit(s): 神月亮 of actoys

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Views: 135,946

Just in case you are deciding which version of ROTF Buster Prime you want, the standalone figure, or the two-pack figure with Jetfire, 神月亮 of actoys has posted a comparison of both figures. Since most readers are unlikely to be able to read Chinese, here is a rough translation of the images. Click here to read the original article and to see images of the two-pack combination of Buster Optimus Prime and Jetfire.

2-Pack Release | Single Release
A comparison of Buster Primes

Single Release
2-Pack Release
A comparison of Buster Primes

Single Release
2-Pack Release
A comparison of Buster Primes

Single Release | 2-Pack Release
A comparison of Buster Primes

Single Release
2-Pack Release
A comparison of Buster Primes

Single Release | 2-Pack Release
A comparison of Buster Primes

Single Release | 2-Pack Release
A comparison of Buster Primes

Single Release | 2-Pack Release
A comparison of Buster Primes

Single Release | 2-Pack Release
A comparison of Buster Primes

TFCC 2010 2nd Exclusive - Shattered Glass Cyclonus

Transformers News: TFCC 2010 2nd Exclusive - Shattered Glass Cyclonus
Date: Wednesday, December 30th 2009 8:35pm CST
Categories: Toy News, Collector's Club News
Posted by: Mach | Credit(s): TFCC

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Views: 103,463

Transformers Collectors Club has just announced their second exclusive figure of 2010 for its members - Shattered Glass Cyclonus.

TFCC also confirmed the pre-order for both Cyclonus and previosly announced 1st figure for 2010 - Punch/Counterpunch will be available for the next few weeks. Expected release date for both figures is scheduled on Spring 2010.

TFCC shattered glass cyclonus

Check out TFCC official site here.

Stay tuned to Seibertron for all your latest news on Transformers.

Preorder for Masterpiece Ghost Starscream at BBTS

Transformers News: Preorder for Masterpiece Ghost Starscream at BBTS
Date: Wednesday, December 30th 2009 1:48pm CST
Categories: Toy News, Sponsor News
Posted by: First Gen | Credit(s): Joel @ Big Bad Toy Store

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Views: 98,276 sponsor Big Bad Toy Store has just informed us of it's preorder listing for the recently confirmed Masterpiece Edition Clear (Ghost) Starscream. Here's what they had to say:

Releasing in June

Product Number: TAK10995

Joel Boblit

There you have it Seibertronians, we now have two reliable sources have confirmed and listed pre orders for Masterpiece Ghost Starscream.

Keep your optics locked right here at, bringing you the most efficient news in the Transformers Universe and your Ultimate Transformers Resource!

ROBOTKINGDOM .COM Newsletter #1099 - Masterpiece MP-03 Clear Version- Ghost Starscream Confirmed

Transformers News: ROBOTKINGDOM .COM Newsletter #1099 - Masterpiece MP-03 Clear Version- Ghost Starscream Confirmed
Date: Wednesday, December 30th 2009 10:47am CST
Categories: Toy News, Sponsor News
Posted by: Delicon | Credit(s): Ray from

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Views: 94,813

We'd like to thank Ray from, a valued sponsor for providing us with the following update. As you can see, Takara Masterpiece Ghost Starscream has now been officially confirmed and can no longer be considered a rumor or a hoax.

ROBOTKINGDOM .COM Newsletter #1099

Here is a quick update from


Takara Masterpiece MP-03 Clear Version - Ghost Starscream.

We are accepting pre-order now!

Release in June 2010.

US$98.9/pcs ... -G&lang=us


Asia Exclusive Transformers 2 ROTF 2 pack of Optimus Prime & Redeco Jetfire (COMBO set).

Sold out quickly.

Will restock in 4 Jan 2010.

US$109.9/pcs ... tID=41_150

Also, don't forget to check our Just List Items & Restock items! ... 50&lang=us

Robotkingdom Crew - Home of the best Transformers coverage and the coolest sponsors anywhere!

Toy Images of Takara Buster Prime & Jetfire 2 Pack

Transformers News: Toy Images of Takara Buster Prime & Jetfire 2 Pack
Date: Wednesday, December 30th 2009 4:54am CST
Categories: Live Action Movie News, Toy News
Posted by: Mach | Credit(s): HK-TF member 車車車

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Views: 120,703

HK-TF member 車車車 has purchased the Takara Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Buster Optimus Prime & Jetfire 2 pack and shares his haul with us. This version of Buster Prime comes with the mouth plate, and you can compare it to normal version of Buster Prime in our galleries. As for Jetfire, the body colour also differs from the first version, with more of a brown and gray colour scheme. Check out the pictures of both figures below.

If you want to check out all the images, click here.

Stay tuned to for all the latest news on Transformers.

BBTS News: 15% Off Sale, DCU, Wolfman, Star Wars, Imports & More

Transformers News: BBTS News: 15% Off Sale, DCU, Wolfman, Star Wars, Imports & More
Date: Tuesday, December 29th 2009 3:54pm CST
Categories: Toy News, Sponsor News
Posted by: Nekoman | Credit(s): Joel, Big Bad Toy Store

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Views: 86,958

Hi - Here is a final update for 2009 from -
its been another great year and we truly appreciate you and all the rest
of our customers! We've had a flurry of new arrivals in the past few
days as well as a few more preorders to list. Our final sale for the year
is also running.


Save 15% on everything except 'New' and 'Preorder / Backorder' items from
now until mid-day on January 1st, 2010. Thousands of toys and thousands
of Graphic Novels are included in this sale. Take a spin through your
favorite menus to take advantage of the 15% off pricing.


We're just received a portion of the Wave 12 singles. Our most recent
shipment includes Desaad, Copperhead and Mary Marvel (both versions), and
we have singles available of these figures at $16.99 to $19.99 each. The
remaining DCU 12 figures appear to be quite a ways out from delivery. ... egory=5863

A shipment of the Scorpion Chopper from "Avatar" has arrived at our
warehouse. This helicopter-esque aircraft is armed with guns and missiles
and should be in scale with the 3.75" figures from the movie. This piece
is listed at $29.99, and should be popular, given the response to the film. ... ode=retail

This figure is a brand new redesign of the original 1999 GX-03 version,
and includes a number of new parts and weapons, along with redesigned leg
joints and more. This version of Combattler comes complete with
interchangeable hands, a display base and more, and we have it listed at
$209.99. ... ode=retail

We've received a number of DC Universe singles recently. From Wave 11
come the "Best Of" Superman and Batman (Black & grey) figures, each listed
at $16.99 and each with a display base. The "Best Of" figures are a great
way to pick up popular heroes and villains, especially if you had missed
them in an earlier wave. All sets of 8 preorders have been filled, a
variety of singles are available again including Steppenwolf. ... egory=5815

We've just received the regular version of Frank Cho's Jungle Girl statue
into stock. This piece has the title character in a fur bikini, with a
knife in her hand as she climbs through the vegetation with a parrot for
company. We have the regular version of this statue listed at $174.99,
saving you $14 off the MSRP. ... ode=retail

Both the 7" and 12" versions of the very cool Wolfman figure are now in
stock. The Wolfman is a heavily muscled figure with curving yellow teeth
and thick black talons - take a look here: ... fman+mezco

"Monica’s Axe" by Boris Valejo as envisioned by Tobe of HEAVY GAUGE.
Brought to three dimensional life, Boris Vallejo’s "Monica’s Axe"
crouches, ready to pounce at nearly 7.85", and comes complete with an
elaborate themed display base. In stock now $10 under MSRP at $109.99 ... ode=retail

We've just received the two most recent Masters of the Universe Classics
figures into stock. This month included King Randor and the Green Goddess
figure, and each is listed at $34.99 for the convenience of our
international and other customers. ... egory=5230

This 10" tall maquette is done in the animated style and includes Boba
Fett and his quarry, Han Solo, who is encased in Carbonite. Priced at
$116.99, this piece would be great either on it's own, or displayed with
other Star Wars Animated pieces. ... ode=retail

This replica is taken from "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" includes
lights, sounds and voice effects, and includes the new removable Type-1
Phaser for stealthier attack options. This new version is listed at
$29.99 - get your landing party ready for battle with V'ger with these new
phasers. ... ode=retail

The 7" PX Cylon Commander from the Razor era is decked out in gold armor,
and its style bridges the vintage and new cylon versions. Priced at
$13.99, this exclusive Cylon Commander is waiting to lead your troops into
battle. ... ode=retail

We've just received a shipment of Kabaya Gum + Convoy kits from Japan.
These mini-models include pieces and decals to create your own Classics
(Henkei) Optimus/Convoy, G1 Convoy and G1 Star Saber 3" - 4" transforming
figures. We have them listed in a Display Box of 8 for $39.99, or as a
Master Case of 64 for $269.99. ... rch=kabaya

The new wave of World of Warcraft figures includes Alliance Hero Lo'Gosh,
Night Elf Hunter Alathena Moonbreeze and Scourge Ghoul Rottingham. We've
got them listed singly for $16.99 - $20.99 each, and we also have them
listed as a set of three at $49.99. While you're in the menu, check out
the Deluxe Illidan Stormrage figure, priced at $39.99. ... egory=5395

A shipment of Marvel Select Daredevil figures has just arrived at our
warehouse. This assortment includes the regular Daredevil figure with his
cross base, as well as the unmasked variant figure; we've got the
Daredevil figure listed singly for $17.99, and the set of regular &
unmasked versions at $44.99. ... +Daredevil

The newest wave of the History of the DC Universe line includes classic
heroes Superman and Plastic Man along with villains Brainiac and Ocean
Master. We have the set of 4 figures listed at $59.99, or you can mix and
match your favorite single figures, priced at $16.99 each. ... +Series+03

This 9.5" tall statue of Batman's female ally/enemy shows her in her black
leather costume with a whip hanging from her side. We have this new piece
priced at $84.99, a savings of $15 off the MSRP. ... ode=retail

Mattel has sent us the first two figures in the Ladies of the 80's
assortment. The Debbie Harry and Joan Jett dolls each come with a fitting
accessory (microphone with stand and guitar, respectively), and each
figure is listed at $34.99. These figures are a great combination of 80's
style and Barbie collectibility, and are sure to be a hit with fans. ... the+80%27s

This fantastic set from Hot Toys not only includes a well-dressed and
detailed figure of Don Vito Corleone, one of the greatest roles in cinema,
but also includes his chair for new display possibilities. We have the
set listed at $159.99 - don't miss out on this classic movie collectible. ... ode=retail

Mattel has also just released two more Ghostbusters figures. The 6"
Winston figure comes with a special ghost trap (that the Slimer accessory
from a previous figure can fit into) and is listed at $34.99; the new 12"
Egon comes with a load of accessories and is dressed in his movie uniform,
and is priced at $89.99.

The DC Super Friends line has gone from being a retail line to being a
Matty exclusive, and we've got the two latest figures listed and ready to
join your collection. This new wave includes Robin and Hawkman, and each
figure is priced at $24.99. ... egory=3553


We've just listed a wide variety of current and upcoming Pokemon figures,
playsets and accessories for the coming year. We've got basic singles,
three-packs, mini playsets, large playsets, a National Pokedex, and
plushes in large and small sizes - check out all of the listings at the
Pokemon menu for more details.

Gentle Giant's first release in a new line of scaled Star Wars helmet
replicas, this version of Jango Fett's helmet is a 45% scale version that
includes smoke-tinted lenses, a display stand and more. We've got this
helmet listed at $49.99, a savings of $10 off the MSRP. ... ode=retail

The completed model versions of 1/1400 Scale Prebuilt N.S.E.A. Protector
Ship and Prebuilt Ion Nebulizer & Vox Communicator Set are up for preorder
at $37.99 and $24.99 respectively - this fun film gets very few licensed
items - so be sure to take advantage of these infrequent offerings: ... egory=6052

This new 6.5" tall bust from Gentle Giant immortalizes Bespin City's
Administrator for your collection. Priced at $49.99 ($10 below MSRP),
this figure has Lando ready to take control of the situation, with his
pistol ready. ... ode=retail

THis new assortment of Minimates from the upcoming "Iron Man 2" feature is
to include 12 figures, with the assortment including one exclusive
character as well as 5 other unique single-packed Minimates. We've got
the case of 12 listed at $49.99, with a March arrival date. ... ode=retail

Mattel has solicited two new figures from the "Avatar" movie. These
larger Movie Masters figures offer increased articulation and come with
accessories. The first two figures on their way are Colonel Miles
Quaritch and Avatar Jake Sully; each figure is listed at $16.99. ... ie+Masters

Mattel has also announced a number of Barbie Toy Story 3 tie-in figures.
There is a Ken & Barbie Giftset listed at $29.99, a Great Shape Barbie at
$14.99, and three different Barbie Loves... figures (Aliens, Buzz, Woody)
at $18.99 each - these figures will include mini-versions fo the character
in question, along with a stylisticly-similar Barbie doll. ... egory=6092

This Matty exclusive will be the fifth figure in this new line of 9" cloth
costume figures. Green Arrow is due to arrive in January, and is listed
at $34.99 - don't miss out on this exclusive figure from this
sure-to-be-popular line. ... ode=retail

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check
out some of the many new items above.

Thanks again for making 2009 a great year and be sure to check out some of
the sale prices with our 15% off sale.

Joel & The BBTS Crew

New Toy Gallery: Voyager Bludgeon

Transformers News: New Toy Gallery: Voyager Bludgeon
Date: Monday, December 28th 2009 7:59pm CST
Categories: Site News, Live Action Movie News, Toy News
Posted by: Blurrz

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Seibertron stated that he's waited 20 years for this figure to be made. After seeing the teaser back at Botcon 2009, it was one of the most anticipated toys of the year for many fans. We're talking about the one and only Master of Metallikato - Bludgeon. Finally the Voyager sized figure under the Revenge of the Fallen toy line makes it's way into the prestigious galleries of

Bludgeon takes the form of a "Jungle Tank" and transforms into a Samurai Robot - similar to the original Generation One Bludgeon. This gallery not only shows Bludgeon in the highest quality possible, but it also tells his tale. From the decapitation by the hands of Whirl to his eventual encounter with Recon Ironhide, we get a breath-taking look at one of the greatest figures of 2009.

You can check out the Voyager sized homage in the link below.

Revenge of the Fallen Voyager Bludgeon

New Toy Gallery: Voyager Bludgeon

New Toy Gallery: Voyager Bludgeon

New Toy Gallery: Voyager Bludgeon

New Toy Gallery: Voyager Bludgeon

New Toy Gallery: Voyager Bludgeon

Keep it at for world-class galleries and the fastest Transformers news on the net!

TFsource 12-27 SourceNews

Transformers News: TFsource 12-27 SourceNews
Date: Monday, December 28th 2009 7:04am CST
Categories: Toy News, Sponsor News
Posted by: Mach | Credit(s):

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Our sponsor - TFsource has updated us of the latest offers from its store:

In this issue of the SourceNews:
1) Warbot Defender - by Fansproject now available for preorder
2) Snowman Version - Superion Add-on kit is now instock!
3) TFSource New Loose Items!
4) Robot-Q Optimus Prime and Bumblebee now added to the Holiday Sale!
5) Leader Class - Buster Optimus Prime & Jetfire Giftset Preorder Up!
6) MP-05 Megatron Perfect Edition Accessory Kit back instock!
7) Encore #19 - Now Instock!
8) Alternity Bumblebee, Cliffjumper, & Device Label Mice - Now Instock!
9) Ghost Starscream shipping out!
10) Youtube - Join the TFsource Channel!
11) MP-01B & Buster Prime Now Instock
12) Toy Hobby's Exclusive Henkei Classics Dark Skyfire Preorder Up!
13) MP-08 Masterepiece Grimlock & MP-04 Optimus Prime Instock!
14) MP-08X Masterpiece “King” Grimlock Preorders shipping!

1) Warbot Defender - by Fansproject now available for preorder
Now up for preorder - Warbot Defender by Fansproject! TFsource is first with new pictures of this impressive piece, check them out. Transforms to three modes, includes pistols and blade, will come in very displayable packaging, and with TFsource's bonus pricing, buy two and save $15!

Warbot Defender - by Fansproject

2) Snowman Version - Superion Add-on kit is now instock!
Snowman Version - Superion Add-on kit is now instock! Just in time for the holidays, get your stocking stuffed with the 2009 TFSource Stocking Stuffer campaign - Snowman Version Superion Add on kit!

Snowman Version - Superion Add-on kit

3) TFSource New Loose Items!
We've added in hundreds of new loose items to the site! Everything from rare Japanese Beast Wars figures, to Botcon exclusives, Armada, Galaxy Force, Cybertron, Energon and much more! We'll be adding hundreds more to the site, from all Transformers series, so be sure to check it out and fill in the gaps in your collection!

New Loose Items

4) Robot-Q Optimus Prime and Bumblebee now added to the Holiday Sale!
Now added to the Holiday Sale: Robot-Q Optimus Prime & Bumblebee! Although late for a stocking stuffer, at just $29 each they are great pieces to add to your collection. Originally $40 in Japan, we picked some of the last cases of these in Japan and are passing along the savings to our TFsource Fans. Also great to a...dd to a preorder and save on shipping - email us if you would like us to add to a preorder.

Robo-Q Transformers the Movie Walking Optimus Prime

Robo-Q Transformers the Movie Walking Bumblebee

Don't forget we also have deals on other items including Fansproject trailer for $59, e-hobby ironhide $29, encore sky lynx $29, Henkei Strafe $69, and much more! Shop and save at TFsource this holiday season! Transformers Generations Vol, 1, 2 & 3 now added to the Holiday sale!

The Annual TFsource Holiday Sale

5) Leader Class - Buster Optimus Prime & Jetfire Giftset Preorder Up!
Up for preorder - an Asian market exclusive, Buster Prime and a black and brown version of Jetfire, in one giftset! Preorder up, and ships out in January.

Leader Class - Buster Optimus Prime & Jetfire Giftset

6) MP-05 Megatron Perfect Edition Accessory Kit back instock!
MP-05 Megatron Perfect Edition Accessory Kit back instock! Also back instock this week, many sold out Classic Henkei figures. MP-05 Masterpiece Megatron will be back instock in a week, if you are looking to pick both Megs and the Kit up check back or sign up for the TFsource personal assistant on Megatron!

MP-05 Megatron Perfect Edition Accessory Kit

7) Encore #19 - Now Instock!
Instock likely this week, and preorders will start shipping out as soon as it's received. Encore #19 Cassettes now up for preorder!

Encore #19 Cassettes Big Mission Set 3!

8) Alternity Bumblebee, Cliffjumper, & Device Label Mice - Now Instock!
The following items are now all in our warehouse and will start shipping out! Alternity Bumblebee, Cliffjumper, Device Label Grimlock & Trypticon, and Transformer Generations Ghost Starscream are currently in our warehouse. We also have a restock on almost 20 popular out of stock items!

Alternity - A-03 Bumblebee Suzuki Swift Sport - Champion Yellow!

Alternity - A-03 Cliffjumper Suzuki Swift Sport - Red Pearl

Device Label Transforming USB Flash Memory (2 GB) - Ravage

Device Label Transforming USB Flash Memory (2 GB) - Tigatron

9) Ghost Starscream shipping out!
Transformers Generations Ghost Starscream is now shipping out from our warehouse!

Transformers Generations 2009 Volume 02 - Exclusive Henkei Ghost Starscream!

10) Youtube - Join the TFsource Channel!
Welcome to the new TFsource Youtube Channel! We've posted our first official review, and will continue to improve, but check out our hot new video review of Diamond Black Alternity Megatron!

Check out the new TFsource Channel on Youtube!

11) MP-01B & Buster Prime Now Instock
MP-01B Masterpiece Black Version Convoy photos including packaging are now up and preorders are getting boxed up to ship out! Includes a great looking gift of a metal name plate and stand, including a velvet bag as well. A very impressive and displayable piece, check it out!

MP-01B Masterpiece Black Version Convoy - Nemesis Prime

We have a limited amount of instock Buster Primes available, as we were fortunate enough to pick up some of the last remaining stock available, so place your order now before they're sold out! If you preordered, preorders start shipping out tomorrow so stay tuned!

RA-24 Revenge of the Fallen Buster Optimus Prime!

12) Toy Hobby's Exclusive Henkei Classics Dark Skyfire Preorder Up!
Toy Hobby's Exclusive Henkei Classics Dark Skyfire Preorder Up! A limited edition repaint from Toy Hobby. Preorder combo pricing on two pieces also available.

Henkei Classics - Toy Hobby Exclusive - Dark Skyfire!

13) MP-08 Masterepiece Grimlock & MP-04 Optimus Prime Instock!
Just arrived and starting to ship out from TFsource! We now have back instock the re-release of two of the hottest Masterpiece Figures: MP-08 Masterpiece Grimlock and MP-04 Masterpiece Optimus Prime "Perfect Edition." Both Masterpieces of two of the most popular Transformers characters, and great pricing available on these guys as well.

MP-08 Masterpiece Grimlock - now instock

MP-04 Masterpiece Optimus Prime "Perfect Edition." - now instock

14) MP-08X Masterpiece “King” Grimlock Preorder Shipping!
MP-08X Masterpiece King Grimlock Arrives! Freshly delivered in our warehouse, we'll be taking a short break for the holidays but will start packing and shipping out orders on this piece promtply.

MP-08X Masterpiece "King" Grimlock

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Also we want to hear from you, what do you like about TFsource and what can we improve. So log into facebook and become a fan of TFsource today!

Why go to the store when you can go to the SOURCE!

Now you can also follow us on Twitter!

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