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Lootcrate video interview with artist Marcelo Matere

Transformers News: Lootcrate video interview with artist Marcelo Matere
Date: Saturday, July 29th 2017 11:33am CDT
Category: Interviews
Posted by: Kurona

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With a Transformers-themed Lootcrate having dropped just last month, Lootcrate themselves got together with Transformers comic book artist Marcelo Matere - who also drew up the illustration for said Lootcrate's shirt - for a short video interview to discuss what type of art he goes for and how he got into drawing Transformers in the first place among other things. Check out the interview below and tell us what you think in the forums!

SDCC2017: Plans Until 2021, Only Slugslinger in Wave 6, Hidden Gimmicks and More Discovered in Interview with Hasbro #HasbroSDCC

Transformers News: SDCC2017: Plans Until 2021, Only Slugslinger in Wave 6, Hidden Gimmicks and More Discovered in Interview with Hasbro #HasbroSDCC
Date: Saturday, July 22nd 2017 10:25pm CDT
Categories: Event News, Site Articles, Interviews
Posted by: william-james88 | Credit(s): John Warden from Hasbro

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Site owner Seibertron had some exclusive news from Hasbro head Transformers designer John Warden during the designer's final interview at SDCC2017. We got several definitive answers to questions several fans had, and we thank him greatly for that. Here is the full interview

Can you tell us about the other two Titans Return box sets which we have not seen yet?

Sure, as fans have noticed, the sets are centered around the four different powers/tech specs and only two of those powers are getting the boxset treatment. We will not be releasing the other remaining powers as box sets of the same kinds but there will be unique offerings that will allow fans to have a representation of the two remaining powers. It will be exciting news shared later so stay tuned (Editor's note: this is probably what the recent Arcee and Ultra Magnus leaks are about and would explain why they are a different format than what we have previously seen since the remaining powers would not be done in the same way as the boxsets)

Will there be other toys in the Slugslinger wave?

Yes but they will all be repackaged characters. I do not remember which characters are repackaged however Slugslinger is the only new character in that wave and the final new toy from the Titans Return line (Editor’s note: this might be a response to the frequent practice of retailers not ordering/stocking the final waves of figures as was the case with Combiner Wars)

While the Combiner Wars show got a lot of hits and downloads, the fan community still felt there was much to be desired. Can you tell us if there will be an improvement with the Titans Return show?

We are very excited to be working with a partner like Machinima. The Combiners Wars show turned out great. Machinima has some exciting news that they shared at the panel we just had like all the new voice actor talent. They're very excited to say that Peter Cullen is back and so is Judd Nelson and Wil Wheaton will be the voice of perceptor which is great. They will also be lengthening the episodes which is really really cool.

Transformers News: Plans Until 2021, Only Slugslinger in Wave 6, Hidden Gimmicks and More Discovered in Interview

Okay well I'm looking forward to it. Now speaking of supporting fiction, what is the plan for supporting fiction in Prime Wars and Power of the Primes? Will these core ideas of the toy line be supported in the IDW fiction?

Um, well I mean that's a very good question. We do have a great partnership with IDW and we share with them all our plans. They're able to bring to life those characters in very interesting ways so I think that yeah I don't know specifics but yeah the plan would be to work with IDW as much as possible.

Why release the 12 Primes as avatars instead of making toys of the Primes themselves?

Also a really good question. So the primes really in some cases are more like spirits, you know, it would be hard to imagine some of them in toy form aside for some like Vector Prime. Also, they are lesser known to casual fans. The Prime Wars line really seems to be paying off like doing A-list characters and also mixing in some more obscure characters like the Targetmaster Decepticons that only had the G1 toy before. With the Primes, that's a lot more difficult especially when scale is a factor since some would be really big it would be a challenge to make a big version of a great Prime. So to bring them to life in an ecosystem it's better to look at it in a small and unified collectible way and introduce them that way. That's how we came up with the decoy suits, it gives a chance for younger fans to have a collectible and it helps to bring these lesser known characters into a toyline.

Why not wait for this Prime evolution gimmick to release Power Master Prime?

That's an excellent question. The idea we have in Power of the Primes line is that they evolve up so he would have been a good fit. But in the year Titans Return we wanted to make sure we had a big version of Optimus Prime and there's only so many big cool versions of the character so as we were looking at the Titans Return ecosystem we weren't even thinking of that evolution system yet which only came to real form a year ago and by that time Power Master Prime was already finished.

Quick question on that on (Power of the Primes) Jazz, is he a fully new mold?

Yes he is all new.

Any plans for God bomber in the US?

God Bomber, there are no plans for God Bomber to come to the US at this time. All that is planned is that Magnus Prime in the Seige of Cybertron set.

Transformers News: Plans Until 2021, Only Slugslinger in Wave 6, Hidden Gimmicks and More Discovered in Interview

It appears that there are combiner ports on the Power of the Prime deluxe figures and on Starscream. What can you tell us about Combiners in Power of the Primes?

I will answer that with a very vague answer right now. So story-wise the Prime Masters had the powers of the gods and they can unlock certain powers. Now we wanted it so that these powers are not just up to kid's imaginations, the Prime Masters can literally unlock some gimmicks that are hidden in these toys as well. That is as much as we can say for now but we will reveal more at a later date for sure, fans just need to stay tuned.

I'm assuming that Hascon is a place where this will be further revealed?

That's right, Hascon, and Hascon fans will be the ones that will see more of the gimmicks hidden in the Power of the Primes line.

There were some Headmaster characters that were missing in the Titans Return line so will the Titan Master gimmick have a resurgence in the power of the Prime line where Headmaster Juniors could have toys of their own?

Not in Power of the Primes line I can say that flat out but in the future, not only were we thinking ahead when we did the Prime Wars trilogy but as we start to think about the future we actually have our course mapped all the way to 2021 which is very exciting. So when you look at Generations, the roadmap for the future is very bright and gimmicks like a Titan Master are fully engineered and there's no reason why we would not revisit that later and these are all characters we could eventually cover.

When you guys started Combiner Wars, was the road map to Power of the Primes there or not?

We started with Combiner Wars and we knew we wanted some sort of a sequel to it since we knew that Combiner Wars would one day end. When I started planning, I came to the table with all these characters we had not done yet. Headmasters, Fortress Maximus, Trypticon, so we decided it would just so much stuff that the higher ups decided to make it a Trilogy. And that made sense to us so it happened organically. So the idea of doing Power of the Primes was there in essence and we put a flag in the ground a long time ago knowing it would eventually lead to the Primes and the Power of the Prime (literally) since it's the most epic part of Transformers history.

Transformers News: Plans Until 2021, Only Slugslinger in Wave 6, Hidden Gimmicks and More Discovered in Interview

Anything with Omega Supreme or Scorponok which were also into fan vote since you know we like those guys?

Well the fan polls are really awesome for us because they let us engage with the fans and see what they're excited about. When we look to 2021 and all the possibilities we now have with the technology, absolutely. Characters like Omega Supreme and Scorponok are some of the most memorable characters in The Transformers universe and in the spirit of imagining things that are cool and giving them a new light they are totally on the table.

Now what about the fan favourite Dinobots, is there any possibility of G1 reissues or in the Generations line, other than Grimlock?

One thing great about San Diego Comic-Con is speaking to people not just die hard fans like you, but also any casual fan that could be walking by. We hear loud and clear last year that Rodimus Prime was the character people really wanted to see and now we have him. We also heard loud and could people really wanted those Dinobots so nothing to reveal yet but I can say that we always listen to fans.

Transformers News: Plans Until 2021, Only Slugslinger in Wave 6, Hidden Gimmicks and More Discovered in Interview

Has Hasbro unveiled anything in terms of exclusives for Hascon?

Nothing yet but stay tuned, there is definitely something. It's a very very cool something.

Is there anything else you might want to share with us any random thought let us know?

I don't know, I think it's just really exciting to be at an event like this because not only do you have a chance to meet fans but when you look at characters like the movie Masterpiece Optimus Prime, there was 20 year old kid and I saw a sparkle in this guy's eyes and he was thinking "that's a toy of a character I loves seeing as a kid" (when he would have been 10) and it's energizing to see the torch being passed, I think that's really what makes our franchise so cool. It's not just G1, it's not just Beast Wars, it's not just the movies, it's everything and we're all together it's one big Transformers family. It's very exciting.

The Transformers IDWverse - Interview with Scott, Barber, Roberts on

Transformers News: The Transformers IDWverse - Interview with Scott, Barber, Roberts on
Date: Sunday, July 16th 2017 12:51pm CDT
Categories: Comic Book News, People News, Interviews
Posted by: Va'al | Credit(s): CBC

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With TFCon currently stunning over in Canada, national media have also run a piece on the current output of IDW Publishing's Transformers stables, with a lengthy interview featuring writers John Barber, Mairghread Scott and James Roberts! (Shame about the neglected artists, really.)

While the interview does not really give any new information exactly, it's a good point to take to reflect on where the TF comics have come and will be going, with Till All Are One ending, and Optimus Prime and Lost Light reaching their second arcs, as First Strike is about to .. Strike the Hasbro Universe too. Check out some snippets below, and read the whole interview here!

The writers' biggest challenge is figuring out how to explore gender in a race that has rarely encountered it while avoiding making the characters feel wholly alien to readers.

"If you took a hard-science-fiction look at a world of machine life that reproduces asexually, ideas like gender and sex would be either nonexistent or very, very different than our human understanding and background in those issues," says Barber.

"But Transformers stories exist in our human world, where we know Optimus Prime is male because people say 'he' and he sounds like (voice actor) Peter Cullen and whatnot. So there's gender in there whether it makes hard-science-fiction sense or not."


"Initially, you were invited to think of them [Rewind and Chromedome --V] as very good friends, and as the story progressed, as I became more confident in what I could and couldn't do, we became more explicit in establishing them as 'robot husbands,'" says Roberts. "And I'm pleased to say that everyone involved — IDW editorial and Hasbro — have run with it. And fans, most importantly, seemed to like it."


"There are certain things that Hasbro will dictate that they do or do not want, but other than major things like 'Don't kill our main characters' or 'We really want to highlight this person,' they let us tell the stories that we want to tell," says Scott.

Transformers News: The Transformers IDWverse - Interview with Scott, Barber, Roberts on

IDW Rom Vs. Transformers: Shining Armor - John Barber, Christos Gage, Alex Milne Interview

Transformers News: IDW Rom Vs. Transformers: Shining Armor - John Barber, Christos Gage, Alex Milne Interview
Date: Wednesday, July 12th 2017 9:40am CDT
Categories: Comic Book News, People News, Interviews
Posted by: Va'al | Credit(s): IDW

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The back matter of this week's issue of IDW Publishing's Optimus Prime #9 - review coming soon, so keep an eye out for that - includes an interview with the three creators behind Rom vs Transformers: Shining Armor: writers John Barber and Christos Gage, and artist Alex Milne (who will be joined by Josh Perez on colours)! We've copied below what the three have to say to support the book and new character Stardrive - check it out!

John, Christos—does this series mark the first time that Rom and the Transformers meet? We
saw them together in IDW’s Revolution event, but this story is set 200 years in the past!

CNG: Yes, this is the first time Rom has met a Transformer. As we begin the miniseries, the Solstar Order and the Cybertronians are aware of each other's existence, but until this story they have
stayed in their own territories. But the end of the Wraith War—which led to the Dire Wraiths fleeing throughout the universe—has changed things!

JB: It's also the first time the Dire Wraiths meet the Decepticons. We've never seen what happens when a Wraith takes over a Cybertronian body before... and the results aren't pretty.

Stardrive is a unique character for a crossover like this—a Transformer that’s also part of the Solstar Order. How does this conflict affect her personality?

CNG: The interesting thing about Stardrive is that she has never met another Transformer before this miniseries. She has only been given the Solstar Order's take on them: that Cybertronians are destructive machine monsters that rampage through world destroying organic life. She's told that
she's "better" because she was raised differently, but it's unmistakable that she's been brought up to feel there's something wrong with her. Now, for the first time, she's actually meeting beings of her own species—and they're from opposite factions, so she's more torn and confused than ever!

JB: Stardrive's been an outsider her whole life, and when she meets other Cybertronians, she doesn't expect to feel even more alone. She's not part of their war; she doesn't want to be destructive
like they've actually become.

Working with Alex Milne on this—did you approach it any differently than previous projects? Were the scripts very specific or did you give him a lot of leeway on the art?

CNG: We worked plot-first and I think it was the right approach. John told me Alex loves to add detail, and boy, does he! We'd give him a four-panel page and he'd turn it into a nine-panel page chock-full of aliens (all different species) and sci-fi tech. I love it! I grew up on George Perez so Alex's stuff is right up my alley!

JB: Alex had an amazing run on More Than Meets the Eye for so many years, where he started out as a fantastic artist and only got better. I'd seen a lot of his sketches and his conceptual work as that
series went on, so I definitely wanted to make sure he had the opportunity to design this series—new worlds, new characters, new aliens, new space ships. It's not even just a visual thing—Alex thinks this stuff through from top to bottom, and that definitely shows through in the comic.

Alex, your art on this story is just on another level—crazy amounts of detail and panel-heavy layouts! Can you tell us a bit about how you approached the art for this project?

AM: The script for the book is written in a plot style—it leaves me with a lot of options on how to approach it. Unlike past scripts I've worked on that have had full dialogue and descriptions for the
panels, here it's all up to me, so I'm not worrying about trying to fit a lot of different actions into one panel. It's a very interesting creative freedom I feel working on this book. It pushes me to try different things and to see what I can come up with not just in the art but in the storytelling as well. It's a nice change for me!

Transformers News: IDW Rom Vs. Transformers: Shining Armor - John Barber, Christos Gage, Alex Milne Interview

More Lorenzo di Bonaventura on Bumblebee Movie, with Transformers: TLK Spoilers

Transformers News: More Lorenzo di Bonaventura on Bumblebee Movie, with Transformers: TLK Spoilers
Date: Sunday, July 9th 2017 6:19pm CDT
Categories: Live Action Movie News, Rumors, People News, Interviews
Posted by: Va'al | Credit(s): Collider

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We have a new interview retreading some old ground concerning producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura and a fairly spoiler-filled interview with Collider on Transformers: The Last Knight - but focusing even more so on the Bumblebee movie which has started shooting just recently.

If The Last Knight spoilers are your bread and butter, head here to our spoiler thread to discuss the movie itself, and keep watching the clip. If you'd rather avoid them, however, we've transcribed di Bonaventura's thoughts on Bumblebee below, once more repeating the Iron Giant parallels, and the 1985 setting and feel for the upcoming movie!

Check out what Lorenzo di Bonaventura had to say in the player above and below is exactly what we talked about followed by the official synopsis and a few images.

Lorenzo di Bonaventura:

How technology has advanced since the first film where the robots now look like they’ve gone from the Atari 2600 to a PlayStation 4
What 3D IMAX brings to the experience.
What was the most challenging part of making the film?
The film ends with [spoiler]. Where did the idea come from?
How much do they know about where the next film will go?
What can he say about the Bumblebee movie?

Transformers News: More Lorenzo di Bonaventura on Bumblebee Movie, with Transformers: TLK Spoilers

“The objective of that movie is to develop more time with less robots, and to go back to 1985 and to go back to the original heritage, if you would, of the Transformers, G1.”


“So it has a very distinct idea in it, and whatever is going to happen with the chemistry is what’s going to happen. But it really is a young female lead [Hailee Steinfeld] opposite of Bumblebee, and I think that Optimus is going to be jealous that Bumblebee has his own movie.”

“There are less Transformers, dramatically less… We hired, purposely, Travis Knight who’s a very distinct filmmaker. You can’t compete with Michael [Bay], you’re going to lose. Also, the audience wants something different all the time, let’s keep them interested. So they’re going to get a very emotional, complex story. A very tight story, in terms of its location, in terms of its storytelling. In fact it reminds me a little bit of The Iron Giant when I did that movie at Warner Brothers. It just reminds me a little bit of that, where that it feels contained, but it doesn’t feel small.”

IDW Editor David Hedgecock Interview on Hasbro Universe First Strike #HasbroFirstStrike

Transformers News: IDW Editor David Hedgecock Interview on Hasbro Universe First Strike #HasbroFirstStrike
Date: Thursday, July 6th 2017 7:17pm CDT
Categories: Comic Book News, People News, Interviews
Posted by: Va'al | Credit(s): Dynamic Forces

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We have some more news on IDW Publishing's Hasbro Universe comics crossover event First Strike, starting this September, via the website Dynamic Forces, who were able to have a chat with current editor David Hedgecock! The full interview can be found here, but we've highlighted some snippets below too, covering the main plot of the event, the factions, the motives, and more! Check it out.

DF: It is so hard to have peace in any comic book universe, but the IDW/Hasbro Earth was on the verge of joining the Cybertronian Council of Worlds … not unlike the Earth of the Star Trek universe when it was initiated into the United Federation of Planets, to my mind. What goes wrong here?

David Hedgecock: The Transformers are members of a massively powerful ancient alien race that have been warring amongst themselves for millions of years. As the Transformers have spread out across the stars, that war has spread with them. No matter where the Transformers go, they bring death and destruction. The “peace” that the Transformers currently enjoy is but a breath in the grand scheme.

There are people on Earth who understand this. People who feel that Optimus Prime, by initiating Earth into the Council, has done nothing but paint a big red target on the planet and that our destruction is a foregone conclusion if something isn’t done. First Strike is about one man's mission to save his planet from what he feels is the greatest threat to humanity in its entire history, and his solution to save all of humankind... is to destroy all Transformers.


DF: David, there certainly seems enough action for two or three “events” in First Strike, but what can you tell us about the personal side of all of this? Who are the real POV characters here and what is/will become their motivations? What will give First Strike its heart?

David Hedgecock: Scarlett is really going to be the “heart” of this story. In the midst of all the chaos and destruction that will ensue, it’s Scarlett’s personal battle that may determine the true outcome and fate of two planets. I’m so amazed by what Mairghread Scott and David Rodriguez have been able to accomplish in this regard. These two writers have put together an event book worthy of the name, with all the explosions, destruction, and cyborg ninjas one would expect while still delivering a really compelling, heartfelt character piece with resonance and meaning. I’m in awe of both of them, truly!

DF: As August and this epic crossover approaches, is it possible to give readers new and established a road map of sorts as to where it starts and where it will go, title-wise?

David Hedgecock: August will see the “Season Finale” of several of our titles— G.I. Joe, M.A.S.K., Micronauts: Wrath of Karza, and Rom. These books are all coming to their natural conclusions and making way for the big First Strike event. We had several reasons for this but chief among them were two things— 1. All the stories were coming to their natural end for the “Season” and we needed to clear the decks for brand new material coming out of the event. 2. We didn’t want to ask our fans to buy more than what they were already comfortable with buying. With the event and its surrounding one-shots, we felt we had enough books in the market and didn’t want to ask our fans to buy MORE than what they might normally buy to be able to enjoy the “big” story we’ve created.

Transformers: The Last Knight Editors Interview with Art of the Cut

Transformers News: Transformers: The Last Knight Editors Interview with Art of the Cut
Date: Tuesday, July 4th 2017 7:17pm CDT
Categories: Live Action Movie News, People News, Interviews
Posted by: Va'al | Credit(s): Art of the Cut

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People give a lot of (dis)credit to the director of the live-action Transformers movies, Michael Bay, or to the producers like Lorenzo di Bonaventura, or the writers such as Ehren Kruger or Akiva Goldman's writers room - but what about the editors of the movie itself? Art of the Cut had a chance to talk to some of the six editors working on Transformers: The Last Knight, and discussed the intricacies of working in a team on the same footage, dealing with Bay's own selections and personal style, and their previous experiences feeding into this movie. The full, lengthy piece (which is actually three) can be read here - we've only highlighted some passages below!

Art of the Cut takes a step into the epic – not just with the film we’re discussing – but because to cover the editing of Michael Bay’s Transformers: The Last Knight, we spoke to four editors in three separate interviews. The exciting thing for readers of Art of the Cut is that when you get six top editors on a single picture, they all learn from each other in ways that are impossible without working on the same footage and with the same director. Those important lessons are at the core of this Art of the Cut.

The six editors listed as “editors” are Roger Barton (Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales), Adam Gerstel (Star Trek Into Darkness, Previs editor), Debra Neil-Fisher (The Hangover), John Refoua (Olympus Has Fallen) , Mark Sanger (Gravity), and Calvin Wimmer (13 Hours). We had the opportunity to speak to all of them except Barton and Wimmer.


REFOUA: None of us, except Roger, had worked on a movie with so many other editors before, so it took a while for us to figure out how we were going to do this and what does Michael (director, Michael Bay) want? Eventually, you settle into a rhythm and you really have to put your ego on hold because a scene that you work on — Michael, likes to move scenes around from editor to editor. He just wants editors to try different things and eventually he’ll say, “I like that one from this guy…This part from that guy.” So that took a little getting used to.

GERSTEL: What was great is after you put a scene together, you get to see somebody else cut the same scene and it really brings to light a different way that you hadn’t thought about. And so the next time you go to cut a scene in the film that may be similar you’re already now thinking of two different way of doing it. It really expanded your view because you’ve seen so many versions of the scenes while also having an intimate knowledge of what footage was there to put them together. You knew what challenges you had when cutting them and you see how somebody else dealt with those same challenges. It’s quite a learning experience.

NEIL-FISHER: It was fun actually. It was great to see How each of us approached the material differently. Learning from each other was really awesome. Especially for me. I don’t work as often on action pictures so it was really fun to see everybody’s versions on those scenes. I was fascinated by how many versions you can do of an action scene. How exciting and interesting each one was. And then moving on from here I take that with me and use it on the next thing I’m working on.

GERSTEL: Exactly. And this was a complicated story. There’s a lot in there. It has a lot of depth, a lot of layers. And so there was constant conversation about how best to structure it. Michael loved to intercut and he also is not tied to the script so everything is up for grabs and we were always trying new ideas. We would sit, all of us in the room and just talk about what was the best way to put a scene together or put a sequence together. So it wasn’t just always one person taking a stab and then another person taking a stab. There were many times when we were all just discussing it together. Almost like a writers room for editors.


SANGER: I like to do it organically depending upon the style of the director. All directors shoot differently so I actively avoid setting myself a particular way of working. That’s part of the fun of going into a new project with a new director: the way they shoot determines how I will assemble. But there is one key area that I won’t change and that’s how I get my assistants to prep the material only up to a certain level. Then beyond that, I will prep it myself because that’s how I learn the dailies.

The late and very great Jim Clark always used to mark up his own scripts, rather than use the script supervisor’s version. He would watch the dailies and mark up his own script as he learned them each day. Many of the old school British editors did things that same way. I was only their apprentice at the time but I’m proud to have learned from their wisdom and so what I do is my own version of that.

Some directors will shoot very quick takes while others leave the camera running for fifteen minutes at a time. I will adapt how I break down my dailies depending on how the shoot went.

With Michael Bay, you might get 10 hours of dailies for a single scene, and when that comes in you think, “How on earth am I going to get him an assembly by the end of the day?” I decided that 95 percent of my day would be spent assessing and breaking down the dailies. Then, as I was doing it I was developing a mental structure of how I was going to put that scene together. I work fast and make notes as you go. And then at the very last minute, I cut the scene and got it uploaded to him for wrap. You physically can’t go through 10 hours of material and then spent five hours editing. But you can go through 10 hours of material methodically and understand all the dailies and then put together a version at the end of the day that is solid.

That’s just what I did, the other editors have their own processes. But we all adapted to Michael’s process and combined it with our own and all were based on necessity due to the volume of material that we receive each day.


REFOUA: Michael shoots everything live. All the explosions are live. All the smoke is live and the human stunts are live. What we have is a bunch of plates with explosions, smoke, and stunts in them. Our main challenge, in action scenes, was trying to figure out: what’s supposed to happen here? We would talk amongst the editors and say, “I think this is supposed to happen here. And I think this shot’s for that. And a lot of times, Michael would say, “That shot isn’t for that spot!” or he’d say, “That’s cool! I can use this. Yeah, this is a good place for this shot.”

NEIL-FISHER: I definitely went through each scene looking from a specific point of view. If I was starting the scene fresh, I would look through the film and pulled selects of what I thought were the pieces that would work for me. I went through the dailies and found pieces that were going to aid my version of that scene.

HULLFISH: John mentioned that Michael will create his own selects reels. Was it weird using somebody else’s selects?

GERSTEL: No not at all. They were just suggestions from him. You didn’t have to take it as final. It was just, “Here’s what Michael pulled as his options.” Often, they were the same thing we would have pulled or a slightly different version. And sometimes we even shared each other’s selects.


REFOUA: Gradually the movie, as you put it together, it divides itself into sections. So Michael would say, “I want so and so to make a pass on this section. And I want so and so to try and shorten it and I want so and so to work on this thing that they do or I want somebody to check the jokes and make sure that we have the best jokes.” On Transformers, the editors became a team. We didn’t function as much as individuals but really the teamwork takes over. I had never been in that kind of situation to that extent, so that was cool and sometimes Michael would want three different versions of the same scene.

SANGER: He’ll look at scenes individually for a long time and then he might look at scenes assembled with a couple other scenes around them. But then we’ll start looking at things in reels. Instead of looking at those scenes within the reels for three or four weeks or four or five months in advance there’ll come a point where he’s happy with individual scenes then you’ll watch them in reels and when he’s happy with the reels, then you watch them in the movie. And so you kind of go in these much larger steps than many directors who would work on a scene by scene basis and then a reel by reel basis MUCH earlier on in the process. Michael works on a scene by scene basis for much longer and then makes these big leaps where we’re often watching the whole movie maybe on a Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The changes that are going on within those five days are huge because with five editors you can get quite a lot happening in that amount of time. But it’s piece-meal for much longer at the beginning.

HULLFISH: That’s got the potential to just be a political nightmare but I’m glad that it worked out for you guys.

REFOUA: Really you have to put the politics away because you’re making a Michael Bay movie. You’re not making a John Refoua movie.

HULLFISH: That’s the quote of the day right there.

Transformers News: Transformers: The Last Knight Editors Interview with Art of the Cut

Transformers News: Transformers: The Last Knight Editors Interview with Art of the Cut

Transformers News: Transformers: The Last Knight Editors Interview with Art of the Cut

Transformers News: Transformers: The Last Knight Editors Interview with Art of the Cut

Hailee Steinfeld on Transformers: Bumblebee Role, Starts Shooting Soon

Transformers News: Hailee Steinfeld on Transformers: Bumblebee Role, Starts Shooting Soon
Date: Sunday, July 2nd 2017 3:41am CDT
Categories: Live Action Movie News, People News, Interviews
Posted by: Va'al | Credit(s): ET Canada, B96

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We have some new information about the soon to start shooting Bumblebee spin-off movie, courtesy of a number of appearances of its lead actor Hailee Steinfeld! Speaking to ET Canada, she mentioned that preparation and acceptance of the role came via her brother, an avid movieverse Transformers fan.

“My brother is to blame for introducing me to ‘Transformers’,” Steinfeld jokingly explains. “I’m like, ‘Finally, I get to make a movie for my brother!’ He loves ‘Pitch Perfect’, but he’s kind of like, ‘Where’s the action? Where’s the cars?’ So yeah, I’m really excited.”

While with B96, attending the Pepsi Summer Bash, Steinfeld talked about preparation and the beginning of the filming process - which is apparently ahead of schedule than what we initially heard about. See more about it below!

Bailee dished about her upcoming role in the movie Bumblebee, which is a spin-off to Transformers.

“So it is the spinoff to Transformers and we start shooting in a couple of weeks,” she said.

How is she preparing for the role? Binge-watching all the movies as a point of reference.

SPOILER Interview with Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Transformers: The Last Knight Producer on Origin of Quintessa

Transformers News: SPOILER Interview with Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Transformers: The Last Knight Producer on Origin of Quintessa
Date: Thursday, June 29th 2017 7:04pm CDT
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Fellow Seibertronian Sabrblade has come across a new interview with producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura on Transformers: The Last Knight, where there are more spoilers than a racing car festival. Seriously, the main point of discussion revolves around Quintessa and the post-credits scene in the fifth movie, so if you have not seen the film and do not want anything ruined for you, do not read further!

The producer, talking to, had some very interesting teasers to introduce when talking about the origin of the creators and of Quintessa specifically.

The premise of who and what Quintessa is seems pretty straight forward throughout most of The Last Knight's story; however, the Transformers 5 post-credit scene throws a big twist about Quintessa's character into the mix.

Read on to see what Transformers movie producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura revealed about that the big twist in Quintessa's character - and the massive implications it could have for the franchise mythos, going forward.

As di Bonaventura goes on to say in the video found here, her story might have big ramifications for the franchise as Paramount expands its territory in future movies. Read on below, check out the video, and let us know what you think in our Spoiler thread inside!

When asked what significance the big reveal in The Last Knight's post-credit scene will have on the next Transformers movie, di Bonaventura had the following tease:

"You never know, that's part of what the discovery is gonna be. But actually, if you look at the mythology, the mythology of The Quintessa is that she very well and was probably human. So when you go back in time and go through that 6 billion years of mythology, there's certainly a current of thought within it that says she was a human character and perhaps was actually the first one who built the Transformers. So ironically, if that's accurate, then humans built Transformers."

Transformers News: SPOILER Interview with Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Transformers: The Last Knight Producer on Origin of Q

Transformers Movie Masterpiece Bumblebee: Interview With Designer Yuya Onishi

Transformers News: Transformers Movie Masterpiece Bumblebee: Interview With Designer Yuya Onishi
Date: Tuesday, June 27th 2017 9:26am CDT
Categories: Live Action Movie News, Toy News, People News, Interviews
Posted by: Sigma Magnus | Credit(s): Chevrolet Japan

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Straight from Chevrolet Japan's company newsletter, we have an interview with Yuya Onishi, a member of the Takara Transformers product team and the lead designer behind MPM Bumblebee! The original text can be found here, and a mechanical translation courtesy of Google Translate is transcripted below, so check it out and let us know what you think in the Energon Pub!

Before the release of "Transformers / Last Knight King" on August 4th, as for Camaro likes the place where Bumblebee's career is anxious. And better news before the new release. Transformers masterpiece "MPM - 3 Bumblebee" commemorating the 10th anniversary of the movie will be released from TakaraTomy on July 15th.

This MPM - 3, the world 's topic with the amazingness of making it. As I witnessed the appearance of the standing Bumblebee, I do not think that this is assembled with the parts built into the Camaro scale model.

"This January, when real items were announced in Hong Kong in the world premiere, it was a pleasure from the fans around the world that I was happy." Transformers designer Hiroya Onishi . In the United States, Hasbro Inc., a toy maker based in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, holds a license for Transformers. In that connection, Mr. Onishi has visited Hasbro headquarters in the US East Coast several times. When entering the United States, passport control declared "Transformers designer" about occupation, and was also deeply impressed by the officer. It is not uncommon to be asked for a sign when participating in an event held in the United States. Even in Hong Kong, again. Transformers designers are very popular worldwide.

"To faithfully reproduce the image in the play is a mast, it is a masterpiece movie that requires a high degree of completeness as a transformer toy, so I bothered as much as I could breath, and the overseas fans got a weight There was a strong desire to be sensitive to marketing and to have a strong sense of weight.It was severe in terms of cost but this time we adopt die cast parts everywhere to give weight And I made the deformation difficulty degree a setting of 8 years old up.When I touched the transformer toy for the first time, I designed it so that you can enjoy the deformation easily by getting used. "... It will fit properly in the Camaro form It is terrible because it is. If you ask Mr. Onishi, he sometimes aimed for a car designer. "Actually, our company President Toyama was riding in Camaro's Transformers specification limited car released in 2010, and I have also tried it.It is very prominent in Bumblebee color, but also unique to the cockpit There is a view of the world, driving is fun "

The MPM-3, manufacturer's recommended retail price setting is 10,000 yen (tax excluded). It is a one-make product to be released under the TAKARATOMY brand logo as a universal specification, but although it had significant cost constraints, from the quality it can be said that it is reasonable. Bumblebee is a dream function carried by Camaro. That dream was very realistically reproduced and molded. It is wonderful that Mr. Onishi who likes cars designed it by driving Camaro. Whenever a new work of a movie transformer is made public, "Bamblebee is Speaking of Camaro", it is no longer promised. Mr. Onishi keeps his promise as a designer.

Also, at the dealer caravan event "Chevrolet Camaro Preview Tour 2017", the Transformers Specification (5th generation) Camaro owned by Takara Tomy and the Bumblebee statue exceeding 2 m in height are also on display. The future will be Chevrolet North Osaka (Minoh City, Osaka Prefecture) on June 24 and 25, Chevrolet Kasugai (Aichi Prefecture Kasugai City) on July 8th and 9th, Chevrolet Tokyo on August 19th and 20th (Tokyo Metropolitan Port Ward) and a caravan. Please check the power and precision of Bumblebee, and the profound charm of Chevrolet Camaro on this occasion.

Yuya Onishi (Oyunshi Yuya) Born in Higashi Osaka city in 1984, "City of Manufacturing". He is in charge of research and development of next-generation devices at the Panasonic Group. Joined Takara Tomy in 2011. In charge of planning and development of transformers overseas with mechanical engineering, car design / product design as backbone. Coauthored book "Monodzukuri 2.0 Makers' Movement in Japan" (Kadokawa Shoten).

On the right side of the photo, the vehicle mode of "TLK-01 Bumblebee" (2,800 yen / tax not included) with the motif of "Bumblebee of Transformers Last Knight" published on August 4. The left is "Vehicle mode of" MPM - 3 Bumblebee "(released on July 15, ¥ 10,000 / tax). Furthermore, the left is "MPM - 3 Bumblebee" robot mode, and "TLK - 01 Bumblebee" robot mode. Package is "MPM - 3 Bumblebee". On the left side, Mr. Onishi changed the vehicle mode from robot mode to robot mode in an instant while answering the interview that day Takara Tomi customer consultation room tel. 0570-041031 (Weekday excluding weekends and holidays 10: 00 - 17: 00)

Transformers News: Transformers Movie Masterpiece Bumblebee: Interview With Designer Yuya Onishi

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