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18 total news articles in this section, 10 per page. Changes to Shipping Rate and Product Updated

Transformers News: Changes to Shipping Rate and Product Updated
Date: Wednesday, March 30th 2005 9:33pm CST
Category: Sponsor News
Posted by: Alex Kingdom | Credit(s):

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Hi - Here is a quick update from about a
variety of new arrivals and some exciting new pre-orders!

BBTS SHIPPING POLICY UPDATE: We've decided to cease using the USPS
Select program after monitoring delivery times - the delivery times
not up to our expectations and our main concern is a satisfactory
time for all customers. Due to ever increasing shipping expenses and
multiple rate increases from UPS over the past few years, we need to
our flat rate shipping to $6.99 per order. All orders placed using the
$6.99 rate will ship by either UPS Ground or USPS Priority Mail.
will on average arrive in 2 - 4 business days after we ship. This is
attractive delivery time for a reasonable shipping fee that is still
of the lowest in the industry. (All pre-orders placed in the past at
$4.99 & $5.99 rates will be honored at the $4.99 & $5.99 rate.)


WETA - CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: Weta will be producing a line of
statues based on 'The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe' movie coming
December 2005 from Disney. This movie looks like it will have special
effects and costumes of the same caliber as Weta's work in Lord of the
Rings. We have a variety of pre-orders up for Weta's upcoming
of Narnia polystone statues, maquettes and environments. The early
of the Rings statues are now immensely valuable and these are being
produced in similarily small numbers so may be a great investment item
well as being great looking items based on a fun property. Here is a
link to a quicktime clip about the movie - it looks very exciting!

WETA - KONG: Weta will also be producing a line of polystone statues
busts based on the LotR director Peter Jackson's next film - Kong - We
have pre-orders up for a variety of items including Kong statues and
busts, Dinosaur busts and skulls, and statues with various characters
the movie.

SIDESHOW: A couple cool new pre-orders from Sideshow. The 1/4 Scale
Darth Vader is now available for pre-order in very limited numbers for
$399.99 each. Sideshow has sold out of them and is producing only 2000
pieces so this one will be tough to find. The Lord of the Rings
Weathertop Environment is also up for pre-order.

PRE-ORDERS ARRIVING SOON: All these items are in transit to us now
Japan: Masterpiece Ultra Magnus, BT-12 Overdrive, Robotmasters RM-22 &
RM-23 LioConvoy. Everything should arrive around Friday or Monday.


LORD OF THE RINGS: Two new gift packs have just arrived. The Pelennor
Fields set includes the Mumakil Rider and Morannon Orc figures which
only available in this set. The Lothlorien Gift Pack has also arrived
contains the Haldir and Celeborn figures that are only available in

SPIDER-MAN: A nice variety of new Spider-Man items has arrived.
Highlights include the Spider-Man Classic Villians set. Here is a
to pick up all the 'short-packed' chase figures from previous Classic
waves at a fraction of the price. The set of 5 figures includes one
of: Green Goblin, Ultimate Rhino, Ultimate Lizard, Tail-Strike
and Carnage. These sold for $15 to $25 each in the past and are now
available for $9.99 to $10.99 each or $49.99 for the set of 5! The
popular Sinister Six boxed set is back in stock for $44.99. Spider-Man
Classic Wave 12 sets of 6 are in stock for $64.99 and these other new
items have also arrived: Stunt System Expansion Sets, Web Power Gloves
Mask, Motorized Webble Shooter, Floor Crawling Spider-Man and More!

MASTER REPLICA: Darth Vader - A New Hope - FX Saber. This very
FX saber is back in stock for $113.99. It comes with a display stand
full size saber blade. Many other Master Replica items are in stock
all the new Star Wars items are available for pre-order as well.

WWE CLASSIC SUPERSTARS: We've received Jakks WWE Classic Superstar
figures from Series 3, 4, and 5. These waves contain tons of 80's and
90's wrestlers including: King Kong Bundy, Jake the Snake Roberts,
the Barber Beefcake, Hacksaw Jum Duggan, Jimmy Superfly Snuka, The
Dollar Man and More!


PALISADES: X-Files Palz - 11 different Palz figures including variants
GI JOE: Exclusive 6" Cobra Commander Statue - $64.99
TORTURED SOULS 2: Sets of 6 back in stock
#18 SOUNDBLASTERS: Limited quantities restocked
GALAXY FORCE: More Micron Booster Wave 3 in stock

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check
out the new pre-orders and other new items.


Joel & The BBTS Crew

BigBadToyStore Product Update

Transformers News: BigBadToyStore Product Update
Date: Saturday, February 26th 2005 3:56pm CST
Category: Sponsor News
Posted by: Razorclaw0000 | Credit(s): Big Bad Toy Store

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Hi - Here is a quick update from about some
new arrivals and new pre-orders:


MICROMAN: Batman Begins - Raz Alghul, RS-01, RS-02, RS-03, RS-04 - the RS
line features a microman figure and variety of ride-on vehicles/cycles.

MAGI RANGERS: DX Magi King and DX Wul Kaiser - the two largest and only
'DX' items from the Magi Ranger Line so far - $99.99 and $79.99 Pre-Orders

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: 12" Figure set - Captain Apollo & Cylon - $74.99

STREET FIGHTER: Wave 4 has just been announced - it includes: Akuma,
Birdie, Ibuki, Fei Long, Remy. For wave 3 and wave 4 we've set up 2 types
of pre-orders - one for the set of 5 normal figures, and another for the
full set of 7 with the normal set of 5 plus the two repainted versions
also included in each case.

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: Wave 2 set of 4 has just been listed for $45.99
- this set includes: Pintelli, Rigatelli, Elizabeth Swan, and a new
sculpt Jack Sparrow.

GALAXY FORCE: We have prototype photos listed for a few more of the new
figures including GD-10, GC15 through GC-18.

STIKFAS: The Alpha Male Firefighter is up for pre-order. There are also
a lot of Stikfas ARRIVING SOON: These figures will be arriving in around
7 - 10 days: Delta Boy Extreme - Yellow, Blue Samurai, both Hockey
Players, Red Beta Dragon and the all new Pirate figure. Pre-Orders
available on all these figures.

MORE COMING SOON: We'll be listing tons of new pre-orders in the coming
weeks as all the toy companies release the sales info for the many new
products that were displayed at Toy Fair in New York - so be sure to check
back for pre-orders on many more upcoming figures in the next few weeks!


WORLD OF WARCRAFT: This set is a great value and the figures are awesome!
The Tauren Shaman is a huge figure standing 10" tall and weighing about 2
pounds. The Undead Warlock and Jungle Troll Voodoo Priest are also very
well done and stand 6 to 8 inches tall. The set of 3 is available for

-MARVEL - The brand new 1/4 Scale Logan figure is in stock for $229.99 -
this figure is limited to only 1500 pieces and Sideshow has already sold
out of them. New Sideshow Marvel items listed on the pre-order menu.

-X-FILES - The 4th figure from the classic series is available for $39.99
- In the X-Files episode 'Millennium,' Frank Black helps Mulder and Scully
stop a madman from releasing his four 'Zombies' (aka his 'Four Horsemen of
the Apocalypse) on New Years Eve 1999. A great looking figure.

-TRANSFORMERS - The brand new Starscream 6" Statue has just arrived, this
statue has a nifty feature we've not seen on any other statues before.
Joints in the neck, arms, and waist allow you to pose the figure in a
variety of poses. There is not a ton of articulation, but much more than
any normal statue. In stock now for $59.99

-PREDATOR - The Predator 2 - Predator Triumphant Micro Statue is in stock
for $44.99. The statue comes in a larger box than I'd expect for a
'micro' statue so its really not too small at all.


EVANGELION: 6 Evangelion Action figures are back in stock and listed
on the 'various figures' menu for $15.99 each. The Purple, Black, Gray,
Yellow, Blue, and Red Eva's are all in stock now.

APPLESEED: More mini-figures called Active Motion Mode figures(about 4" -
5" tall each) have just arrived - sets of 5 are available for $36.99 and
Briareos and Deunan are availalbe singly for $7.99 as well

H.R. GIGER: Limited stock of the very popular statue from McFarlane have
just arrived - these are listed on the Spawn & More Menu and are priced at
$29.99 each.

TRANSFORMER ROBOTMASTERS: We've broken up the sets of 4 Black Exclusive
Robotmasters figures and are offering them all individually from $44.99 to
$74.99. Both the Black Starscream and Black G1 Convoy are now available

ARRIVING SOON: We expect a ton of great new items including Energon Mega,
BT-11 and many more items to arrive in the next week so be sure to stop
back by for more great new items.


Joel & The BBTS Crew

BigBadToyStore Product Update

Transformers News: BigBadToyStore Product Update
Date: Thursday, February 24th 2005 9:03am CST
Category: Sponsor News
Posted by: Razorclaw0000 | Credit(s): Big Bad Toy Store

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Hi - Here is a quick update from about some
new arrivals and info on 50+ new pre-orders, and a 10% off Sale!

10% OFF ALL IN-STOCK ITEMS - ORDERS OVER $25: This sale ends Saturday
2/26 at 12:00 Noon Central time. (This sale won't be extended and the
discounts will not be raised at any point) Please see the sale details on
this page: - this is an easy way to
save some money on ANY in-stock items we are offering - orders $25.00 or
more! (Pre-Order items are not included)



-SIN CITY: Series 1 Set of 6 Black and White Figures, 18" Marv Action
Figure, 13" Marv Statue, Prop Replica Grenades and Prop Replica Badge Set.

-HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY: Series 1 Set of 5 figures from this
fun looking summer release is available to pre-order for $59.99. Many
other Hitchhiker items are also available including: 3" Figures,
Hitchkiker's kit with ring, fish and towel, 10" Rotocast Marvin, Marvin's
Gun, and oversized prop replicas for the Vogon Mug, Stapler, and Pen

-MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE: The Tri-Klops Statue and Hordak Mini-Bust are
up for pre-order

-IRON MAIDEN, POTC: 7" set of Eddie figures and 2 new mini-busts from
Pirates of the Caribbean.

SIDESHOW LORD OF THE RINGS: 8 new LotR pre-orders including Legolas &
Gimli on Arod Statue, Aragorn at the Black Gate Statue, Flight from
Isengard Plaque and a variety of helms including King of the Dead, Mouth
of Sauron and the awesome War Mask of the Morgul Lord.

SIDESHOW 12" FIGURES & STATUES - tons of new 'Toy Fair' announcements!

-MARVEL: The Thing Maquette & Wolverine vs. Sabertooth Diorama
-BUFFY: Oz, Origins Angel, Vampire Buffy
-PLANET OF THE APES: Mutant Leader, Caesar, Gen. Ursus, Brent & More
-JOHN WAYNE: John Wayne as a Pacific Marine - a new Sideshow License
-MILITARY: Washington, Custer, Rickenbacher, French Legionnaire
-HIGHLANDER: Connor and Duncan MacLeod
-SCARFACE: 1/4 Scale and 12" Al Pacino Scarface figures
-X-FILES: Autopsy Dana Scully and "Home" Episode Fox Mulder
-FRIDAY THE 13TH: New Blood Part 7 Jason Vorhees
-JAMES BOND: 1/4 Brosnan Bond and Roger Moore Moonraker

ROBOTECH: We've restocked the Alpha Bookend Pre-Order at $174.99


SIDESHOW: The new Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Willow figure has arrived -
complete with cheesy outfit and rat. The new James Bond: Tomorrow Never
Dies Wai Lin figure is also in stock. Each figure is $34.99

SPORTS PICKS - NBA 8: The latest NBA wave has just arrived - the normal
figures are each available for $10.99 - including Carmelo Anthony, Shaq,
Iverson, Odom, Marbury, Marion, and Kidd. We have variants of Shaq, Odom,
Anthony and Marbury in stock in limited quantities.

TRANSFORMERS: The awesome Lazerbeak Statue from Palisades is back in
stock for $20.99. We have a few of the companion piece Soundwave Statue
in stock as well. A few more OTFCC 2004 Exlusive Megazarak have arrived
and we've opened short term pre-orders on these items: #11 Astrotrain,
#12 Minicars, #17 Blitzwing, and the First Series Complete Transformers
Book - all these short term pre-order items will be here in 7 - 10 days.

STAR WARS MODEL KITS: A variety of Star Wars model kits from AMT Ertl
have just arrived. These kits all require glue for completion and paint
for true completion. They are priced between $11.99 and $21.99 and there
are a number of cool kits including the Star Destroyer, AT-AT, Vader's TIE
and more.

SCI-FI MODEL KITS: A few plastic model kits from AMT Ertl have been
listed on the 'various figures' menu including 2 Star Trek ships, Seaview
from Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, and the spaceship from Land of the


ENERGON MEGA: Hasbro has just shipped a huge order of the latest Energon
Mega wave to us and the figures should be arriving in 5 - 7 days. This
wave includes Sixshot (repaint of the hard to find ShockBlast) Grimlock &
Swoop, Wing Saber, and the new Alpha Quintesson figure. We have limited
pre-orders remaining on several of these figures and we'll be processing
pre-orders shortly to prepare all the invoices for quick shipment once
they do arrive.

BT-11 RAVAGE: Our BT-11 shipment leaves Japan in a few days and we expect
them in around next Friday - pre-orders are still available for $54.99 on
this figure

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check
out the many new pre-order items and the new instock items. Don't forget
about the 10% off sale that is running until Saturday @ Noon Central Time.


Joel & The BBTS Crew

BigBadToyStore Product Update

Transformers News: BigBadToyStore Product Update
Date: Wednesday, February 16th 2005 4:34pm CST
Category: Sponsor News
Posted by: Razorclaw0000 | Credit(s): Big Bad Toy Store

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Hi - Here is a quick update from Joel & The BBTS Crew about some
new arrivals, new pre-orders, and an update on cool products arriving


STAR WARS UNLEASHED: The lastest wave of unleashed figures has just
arrived and sets of 3 are now available for immediate shipment. This wave
features IG-88, Stormtrooper, and Aurra Sing - each figure is very well
done and is packaged in the standard unleashed style packaging.

SLEEPY HOLLOW: The hefty 'Axe of the Headless Horseman' has just arrived,
this prop replica is basically a real axe, the box weighs at least 15 - 20
pounds! The axe is priced at $169.99 and listed on the Palisades Menu

YAMATO USA ANIME: We've restocked the Cowboy Bebob Faye and Julia PVC
Statues at $26.99. The new Noir resin statues of Mireille and Kirika have
arrived - each is priced at $99.99 - available on the 'various items'

TRANSFORMERS ITEMS: We've restocked the Soundwave and Arcee 6" Statues
from Palisades as well as a few Lazerbeak Statues (more of those are in
transit as well) The Transmanual Series 1 and Series 2 books have been
restocked at $25.99 and $29.99 respectively (these are located towards the
bottom of the main transformers menu.


STREET FIGHTER: We've just listed a variety of exclusive items - The
Round 2 exclusive set features: Yellow Ken, Pink Cammy, Black Vega,
Translucent Blanka, and White T.Hawk. This set is limited to only 1500
pieces so its sure to be hard to find in the future - available now at
$59.99. The standard Round 2 pre-order is still open, but filling up
fast at $54.99. The exclusive 9.5" Evil Ryu rotocast figure has also been
listed for $27.99. We expect Round 2 to arrive in 2 - 4 weeks.

1/4 SIDESHOW BROSNAN BOND: Now up for pre-order at $209.99 is the Pierce
Brosnan as James Bond 18" figure. We currently have the 1/4 Scale Connery
Bond in stock for $199.99 as well.

HALO 2: We've listed Halo 2 Series 6 and Series 7 sets of 4 figures for
pre-order. There are not any pictures of these figures yet, but the
names have been announced and it sounds like there will be some cool
figures in this wave - details of each listed on the pre-order page.


MCFARLANE DRAGONS & NBA 8: McFarlane has just shipped the Dragons Series
1 figures and boxed set to us! This has been the best pre-selling
McFarlane line for us so far this year and it looks to be a fantastic set
of figures. NBA 8 will also be arriving in 1 - 2 weeks as well.

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: The 7" Pirates of the Caribbean set of figures
should be arriving to us tomorrow 2/17. Sets of 4 figures are available
for $46.99 and they are listed at the very top of the pre-order menu.

TRANSFORMERS ENERGON MEGA: Hasbro should be shipping Energon Mega:
Wingsaber, Grimlock & Swoop, Alpha Quintesson, and Sixshot to us within a
week - pre-orders are still available on all 4 of these great figures.
This will be the last case assortment wave that Grimlock and Swoop are
available in.

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check
out the new arrivals and incoming pre-order items.


Joel & The BBTS Crew

BBTS News: Tons of Pre-Orders, Star Wars, Godzilla, TF, Microman & More!

Transformers News: BBTS News:  Tons of Pre-Orders, Star Wars, Godzilla, TF, Microman & More!
Date: Tuesday, February 15th 2005 12:26pm CST
Category: Sponsor News
Posted by: Seibertron | Credit(s):

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Hi - Here is a quick update from about a bunch of new pre-orders we've listed and a variety of new arrivals.


SIDESHOW & WETA: Now available for pre-ordering is the 1/4 Scale Han Solo, 1/4 Scale Scarface, and 1/4 Scale Punisher - each is priced at $239.99 and they will all be produced in quite limited numbers. The new Attack Troll of Mordor statue is up for pre-ordering for $174.99 - this is another fantastic statue from Sideshow, limited quantities available and Sideshow has not yet announced the edition size of this statue.

PALISADES: The latest products from Palisades are now available for pre-ordering includeing the Mega Log with 0 points of articulation from Ren & Stimpy, the Fairly Odd Parents Set of 4, and Elder Predator Microbust and plush Alien Facehugger & Egg.

MCFARLANE: We've listed new images of McFarlane's Soldiers, Dragons, Spawn 27, Conan 2, and Twisted Fairy Tales - all of these figures live up to the expectations. The Twisted Fairy Tales figures are very well done and should be quite popular and the Dragons line is awesome given their low price points. New McFarlane pre-orders include: Dragons Series 2, AVP Box Set, Conan Box Set, Spawn 28 Set and Box Set, The Simpsons box sets(which is a new license from McFarlane and should spawn a great series of figures) Wallace and Gromit, All upcoming sports picks available by the sealed case, Motley Crue, The Beatles, and from Tim Burton's upcoming new stop motion film 'Corpse Bride' - McFarlane has the master license for this film and is producing a variety of figures, dolls, bobbleheads and plush figures.

PRE-ORDERS ARRIVING SOON: Star Wars unleashed Stormtrooper, IG-88, Aurra Sing wave will be arriving on Thursday or Friday. The following items will be arriving in early March from Japan: Transformers #18 Soundblaster with Ravage and Buzzsaw, Binaltech BT-11 Ravage Corvette Convertible, Microman Godzilla & Kingidora, Microman Megaro & Jetjaguar, Microman Street Fighter Chun-Li & Sakura.


GODZILLA: The enormous Godzilla 50th Anniversary Memorial Boxed set has just arrived - we have only 10 of these sets in stock and they are basically sold out in Japan. The set includes 20 various 6" Godzilla and enemy figures - some of the figures are exclusive repaints available only in this set and each figure comes with a collector card. The set is priced at $349.99 - we had to pay nearly $50 per set to ship them over so that added a good chunk to our costs. Godzilla Microman figures and a variety of other 6" and 9" godzilla figures are in stock.

STAR WARS: The Animated Clone Wars season 3 figures have just arrived.
They are each available separately - figures include: Clone Trooper, ARC Trooper, General Greivous, Durge, Anakin Skywalker and more. A few Playskool - Jedi Force items have also arrived including the X-Wing and Luke with Speeder Bike.

MICROMAN: We've received our 2nd and final shipment of the AcroyerX-2
figures: AL-21 Acroelsa, AL-22 Acroplana, AX-21 Acrophantom and AX-22 Acromedalg are each in stock for $16.99 per figure. A variety of other microman figures are in stock including Military Force, Biomachine, Batman, Devilman & More

TRANSFORMERS: A very cool new Transformers Book from Japan has just arrived, this book is listed on the main Transformers page along with all the Takara re-issue figures. The book features all the latest Takara re-issues as well as images of all the other G1 toys. The book is entirely in Japanese, but was still quite enjoyable to look through. More #17 Blitzwings have arrived, we have only a small amount remaining and are working on getting more, but not much luck yet. The BT-07 and BT-08 Binaltechs have been restocked in small quantities and more Universe Ultra Depth Charge figures are back in stock. Predaking Note: We are down to the last ~10% of our Predaking stock, I've inquired with Japan about getting more and it does not look like we'll be able to at this point so don't miss out on this classic re-issue.

GUNDAM: The 1/200 HCM Pro #09 Red Rick Dias figure is in stock and we've received more of the huge perfect grade GP-01 kits. Be sure to check out the wide vareity of FIX and MSIA figures in stock and we have pre-orders up for upcoming FIX and MSIA figures as well.

SIDESHOW: A few very large items just arrived from Sideshow. The 1:1 Scale Kroenen Mask prop replica is now in stock for $229.99 - this prop comes with a display stand and can be also worn as a real mask. The Planet of the Apes Lawgiver Statue is now in stock for $124.99 and all 5 of the 12" POTA figures are currently in stock.


STIKFAS: Spaceman and Legionnaire are back in stock for $9.99 each - be sure to see all the new Stikfas pre-orders as well

GI JOE: Many 12" Joes are in stock including the brand new MK47 Advanced Grenadier - we have the Caucasian, Hispanic, and African American versions

HALO: More of the Series 4 Red Covenant Elite figures have arrived

TOY PRESIDENTS: We've restocked Jefferson, Lincoln, Washington, Carter, and Nixon, and the new Franklin D. Roosevelt figure has also arrived.

STREET FIGHTER: More Evil Ryu exclusives have arrived - $22.99 each.

MASTER REPLICA: limited stock of the Snowspeeder, AT-AT, and Neuralyzer remain!

Thanks very much for your interest in and be sure to check out the new items


Joel & The BBTS Crew

BigBadToyStore Product Update

Transformers News: BigBadToyStore Product Update
Date: Thursday, January 20th 2005 2:35pm CST
Category: Sponsor News
Posted by: Razorclaw0000 | Credit(s): Big Bad Toy Store

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Hi - Here is a quick update from about some
new items!


15% OFF ALL IN-STOCK ITEMS: Just order $50.00 or more of instock
non-pre-order items between now and Sunday January 23rd at 7:00 PM Central
time and we'll deduct 15% from your order when we process it! Please see
important details about the sale here:

One reason for this sale is because we will be re-organizing our warehouse
in the next month or so to more efficiently deal with the much larger
selection of items our upcoming new website will allow us to manage! (The
new site will also have a full 'account' feature, search/filter/browse
features, improved vintage listings, comprehensive pre-order selection,
email notification system & more - the site should be done sometime in
March) Given this situation we are looking to clear out overstocked and
older inventory before the new site goes live and the warehouse
re-organization begins.


TRANSFORMER STATUES: Our shared exclusive Metallic Bumblebee statue has
just arrived! I thought this version looked even better than the normal
'cartoon' paint version - we have only 125 pieces available of the 250
piece total production run. Also in stock is the new Grimlock Statue
from Palisades. This is the first statue made in 'vehicle' mode - it
features Grimlock in T-Rex mode and is a very nice item. Pre-Orders will
be processed & shipped on Thursday for these items.

MASTER REPLICA: The awesome new Rebel Snowspeeder has just arrived and we
have a few left after filling pre-orders. Also just in from M.R. is the
Pirates of the Caribbean Cursed Aztec Gold Coin and Necklace - modeled
after the coins used in the movie. We have one AT-AT left in stock. Our
shipment of Stormtrooper Blasters is on the way and will be arriving next

ALIEN: The very cool Alien Chestburster Plush toy has just arrived and
is listed on the Palisades Menu. The figure is about 3 feet long from
head to tail! Also just in from Palisades is the Alien Facehugger Micro


BEATLES: The animated Beatles sets of 4 have been restocked
DUSTY TRAIL 1: Just $26.99 per set of 6 - MSRP of $59.99! (Various Menu)
STREET FIGHTER: Evil Ryu, and the Evil Ryu & Bison 2-Pack in stock
REN & STIMPY: Powdered Toast Man Micro Bust - Palisades Menu
BLUES BROTHERS: Blues Brothers Connection - Jake & Elwood (Various Menu)

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to take
advantage of the sale pricing and check out the new items!


Joel & The BBTS Crew

BBTS News: 10% Off Sale, Sideshow, Bandai, Pre-Orders & More!

Transformers News: BBTS News: 10% Off Sale, Sideshow, Bandai, Pre-Orders & More!
Date: Friday, January 14th 2005 9:13pm CST
Category: Sponsor News
Posted by: Seibertron | Credit(s):

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Hi - Here is a quick update from about new arrivals, pre-orders, and a sale!

10% OFF SALE: Order over $50.00 of non-pre-order items and receive 10% Off your order! This sale will end Monday January 17th at 2:00 PM Central Time. The sale is valid on ALL in-stock items! Here is another chance for you to pick up items at very attractive sale pricing, we still have a bit too much inventory on hand so my error is your gain! Please read the full sales details page:

  • STIKFAS - Fairy, Red Dragon, Yellow Mechana, Blue Samurai
  • TRANSFORMERS: Black Robotmaster Victory Saber Exclusive - $54.99
  • STREET FIGHTER: Series 3 Sets of 6 up for pre-order - $64.99
  • CAPCOM VS SNK: A great looking set: Ryu, Ken, Iori, Kyo - $59.99
  • LITTLE APPLE DOLLS: Series 2 Sets of 4 - $119.99
  • GALAXY FORCE: GD-03 Starscream - $39.99 - Arriving early February
  • GI JOE: Valor vs Venom Wave 7 set of 6 - $46.99


    DC & MARVEL: The new Jim Lee Signature series Superman set has arrived - this set is limited to 750 pieces worldwide and includes the Hush Superman figure in two states of prototype and the final version, also includes a signed print. The new Marvel Saga Series 1 statues from Hong Kong have arrived - limited to only 500 pieces each - Spider-Man and Iron Man - priced at $74.99 each.

  • STAR TREK: 1/4 Scale Kirk and Spock - $199.99 - only 1000 pieces made!
  • PLANET OF THE APES: Gorilla Warrior - $34.99
  • WES CRAVEN: New Nightmare Freddy Krueger - $34.99
  • MONSTERS: The Hunchback of Notre Dame - $36.99

    TRANSFORMER STATUES & BUSTS: The exclusive Palisades Lazerbeak Statue has just arrived and is priced at $20.99. This statue comes with a base as a standalone item and also fits onto the 6" Soundwave Statue's arm! The 12" Palisades Optimus and Megatron Statues have been restocked and we have a new pre-order listed for the Palisades Sunstorm Statue. Our Hard Hero metallic Bumblebee statue exclusive will be arriving next week!

  • SOUL OF CHOGOKIN: More GX-26 Doublas M2 & Minerva X have arrived
  • GODZILLA: More GD-76 Gaigan in stock
  • PERFECT GRADE GUNDAM: PG Zeta and RX-178 MKII restocked
  • MACHINE ROBO RESCUE: Victory Leon back in stock

  • GALAXY FORCE: More GC-01 Optimus Prime have arrived
  • EMILY THE STRANGE: Two versions of Emily on the 'Various Menu' $8.99
  • BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: Limited stock of Cylon and Cylon Raider
  • SPAWN: Spawn 26 - Spawn & Cy-Gor Boxed Set - $21.99
  • STAR WARS: Unleashed Wave of Vader, Mace Windu, Count Dooku
  • SPORTS PICKS: 12" Lebron James and Yao Ming
  • BLUE BOX: Elite Force US Army Ranger 'Renegade'
  • BUFFY: Pals Previews Exclusive Angel - $8.99


    Our next big shipment from Japan will be arriving around February 4th or 7th. This shipment includes these items:
  • MICROMAN: The 4 new Aqualady figures
  • GUNDAM ACTION FIGURES: Nearly 50 MSIA and FIX figures including FIX 0013
  • MACROSS: Konig Monster - Pre-Orders available on Macross Menu - $150

    Thanks so much for your interest in and be sure to check out the new items, new sale, and new pre-orders!


    Joel & The BBTS Crew
  • BigBadToyStore Product Update

    Transformers News: BigBadToyStore Product Update
    Date: Thursday, January 6th 2005 7:35am CST
    Category: Sponsor News
    Posted by: Razorclaw0000 | Credit(s): Big Bad Toy Store

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    Hi - Here is a quick update from about a
    wide variety of new arrivals. Pre-Orders for all the items listed below
    will be processed later today and ship out on Thursday or Friday.

    TRANSFORMER STATUES: The Hard Hero Bumblebee Statue, Palisades Arcee
    Statue and Palisades Paradron Medic (Arcee Repaint) Statues have all
    arrived! The Bumblebee statue is limited to 2000 pieces and Hard Hero has
    already sold out! Our exclusive metallic Bumblebee Statue is a nice
    companion piece to the G1 paint scheme statue.

    GODZILLA & MICROMAN: A variety of new Godzilla items have arrived
    including the KM-01 First Godzilla & Microman, and KM-02 Final Wars
    Godzilla & Microman. The Microman figure fits inside the vinyl Godzilla
    figure as a full body costume and the Godzilla hands and feet attach
    directly to the microman limbs! The very nice GD-76 Gaigan from Bandai
    has arrived along with the Kaiteigunk Angotengo 2005 Ship. A few new
    vinyl figures have arrived including the Power Up version of Gaigan 2005
    with huge chainsaw hands, and the three headed Kaiser Ghidora figure.

    SOUL OF CHOGOKIN: GX-26 Doublas M2 has arrived - another great looking
    release from Bandai. The Minerva X figure has also arrived. We have all
    4 of the Mazinger Angels in stock right now: Minerva X, Diana A, Venus A,
    and Aphrodai A. Other Chogokins in stock include: GX-25 Karada K7,
    GX-01R Mazinger Z, Tetsujin 28 and more! A misc. robot arrival is the
    Tobikage Ninja Robot, listed towards the bottom of the chogokin menu.

    GUNDAM FIGURES AND MODELS: The FIX 0022 ZZ Gundam and FIX 0023
    Hyaku-Shiki figures have just arrived, they are priced at $44.99 and
    $59.99 respectively. Also in stock is the Zeonography #3005A and #3005B
    Zaku II F2 figures - available in Tan or Green for $44.99 each. The
    Master Grade Mobile Ball Pod Ver.Ka has arrived and is available for

    SIDESHOW: The third figure from the popular X-Files series has just
    arrived - "Cigarette Smoking Man" is priced at $34.99. From Brotherhood
    of Arms - Legendary Icons: President Abraham Lincoln. Also just in is
    the Sean Connery as James Bond set from Thunderball. This set comes in a
    larger box than the standard Bond releases and includes his wetsuit and
    full scuba & personal submarine accessories.

    STAR WARS: One more Master Replica AT-AT is available for $1199.99! Just
    in from Japan - the ArtFX vinyl snap together 1/7 Scale model kits have
    just arrived. These kits are fairly spendy, but we put a few together and
    the detail and quality is very impressive! Figures include: Yoda, Darth
    Vader, Darth Maul, Stormtrooper, Jango Fett, Boba Fett, and Han Solo - on
    the main Star Wars Menu.

    STREET FIGHTER: Series 1 Street Fighter sets are back in stock! This is
    going to be the last shipment Sota Toys will send out of series 1. Sets
    of 5 include: Ryu, Chun Li, Sagat, Sodom, and M. Bison - available for
    $54.99 per set. Series 2 figures & 9" Rotocast figures are available for
    pre-order as well.

    PALISADES: The ALIEN QUEEN chestburster and ARMY OF DARKNESS figures have
    just arrived! The Alien Queen statue is available for $54.99 and full
    sets of 8 AoD figures are available for $59.99

    TOYPRESIDENTS: We've just received the full lineup of talking
    ToyPresidents - each figure is priced at $24.99, is dressed in clothing
    correct for the era of their presidency and speaks 25 historical phrases.
    These Presidents are available on the 'various' menu: Washington,
    Jefferson, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Kennedy, Nixon, Carter, Reagan, Clinton &


    HELLRAISER: Dr. Channard Statue - limited to only 500 pieces, a few older
    Hellraiser items are also in stock in small quantities (various menu)

    BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: Series 1 - Cylon, Cylon Raider, Colonial Viper
    SPORTS PICKS: Series 2 NHL 3" Figures - each available indiviudally
    FUTURAMA: Holiday Ornament Set of 3 (various menu)
    GUILTY GEAR XX: I-No figure - $24.99 - (various menu)
    LORD OF THE RINGS: Two new Helms from Sideshow-Weta
    HALO: Series 1 Weapons Pack & Series 5 Red Grunt
    DC DIRECT: Silver Age Bat-Girl and Batwoman

    Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check
    out the new items.


    Joel & The BBTS Crew

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