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Transformers: Robots in Disguise Ongoing #8 Creator Commentary

Transformers News: Transformers: Robots in Disguise Ongoing #8 Creator Commentary
Date: Wednesday, August 8th 2012 6:33pm CDT
Categories: Comic Book News, People News
Posted by: El Duque | Credit(s): Transformers facebook page

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The official Transformers facebook page has posted the creator commentary for Transformers: Robots in Disguise Ongoing #8. Artist Andrew Griffith and writer John Barber give us their thoughts on the first five pages. Mirrored below for those without facebook access.

Re: Transformers: Robots in Disguise Ongoing #8 Preview
PAGE 1- Ironhide is setting out the mission for this issue. It seems like Ironhide is changing as a character as much as Cybertron itself continues to evolve.

JOHN BARBER: Yeah, he’s evolving as he tries to make sense of the vision of the future that he had in “Chaos.” I wanted to make that something that really impacts the character. He’s still the old battle-ready roughneck, but he’s seen something that’s really changed his perception of the universe. And yeah, it’s continually changing—his ideas about what he saw—and we’re also seeing more aspects of what he know, and what he thinks.

ANDREW GRIFFITH: I was surprised you didn't ask about the obvious visual reference to the movie Patton, which I give full credit for to John. I think John's shown a real good handle on Ironhide's character, which is something worthy of note considering he's a battle-hardened and weary warrior who's been killed, resurrected and presented with a vision of where he ends up billions of years in the future. Whether or not what he saw is real or a dream, that's gotta leave a mark on a guy. And it's been fun to see old Ironhide explore his metaphysical side.

Re: Transformers: Robots in Disguise Ongoing #8 Preview
PAGES 2 and 3- The Dinobots are revealed along with Sky Lynx. As a team they appear to be a natural fit. What made you want to bring them back now and Sky Lynx, what draws you to him as a character.

JOHN BARBER: I love the Dinobots—I’ve never made any bones about that! (Er, get it? Bones? Dinosaurs? Sorry.) The thing that drew me to Sky Lynx is about 100 billion emails and phone calls from Andrew asking when he’d play a big role. What works here is that Lynx has such a different personality than the Dinobots. I mean, going back to his original G1 personality—we haven’t really seen him much in the IDW comics. I think he’s such an odd Transformer… people get drawn to him because he wasn’t a car or a jet that changes into a humanoid robot-mode… he’s a bird, he’s a cat, he’s a space shuttle, and he’s an odd combination of all those. I’d actually tried to get Mirage in this issue, too, after Andrew suggested it, but he didn’t really work. The story was better without him. No offence, because he’s a great character that I’d like to see more of—he just wasn’t playing out in the story the way he needed to.

ANDREW GRIFFITH- Did I lobby for Sky Lynx to play a bigger part? Really? Ok, OK. Yeah, it's coming back to me now. What can I say, I always enjoyed his toy and thought of all of the characters that have yet to make much of a mark on IDW's comics that he's one with a lot of room for exploration of his character. And yeah, when you see the Dinobots and Sky Lynx together, it does just somehow feel natural, doesn't it?

Re: Transformers: Robots in Disguise Ongoing #8 Preview
PAGE 4- Bumblebee reflects, quickly, on how far they’ve come since everyone returned to Cybertron. Has anything changed in the way the characters are reacting so far from how it was initially imagined?

JOHN BARBER: Sure—some characters have asserted themselves in different ways than I would have anticipated, but in the main, the idea here is that normal life now is so different than it has been for the past four million years. Even these quiet moments are full of frustrations and… is it hope? Is it impending doom?

ANDREW GRIFFITH: I'm actually impressed with how closely things are playing out compared to what John had originally discussed when I came onboard, in terms of the overall ideas and story arc. But of course as things have evolved and new ideas have come along, I think they story has only improved. Of course when you see the finished product in retrospect, I think it can affect how things go in the future. A specific character in the background might inspire John to write that character in to a scene later and add some depth to their initial appearance, for example. I can't say if that specifically has happened, but sometimes John has gone back and expanded on things I drew in of my own volition. It's great being able to contribute to the storytelling in that way.

Re: Transformers: Robots in Disguise Ongoing #8 Preview
PAGE 5- The prospect of new elections is looming, something which is being reflected across some nations on our own planet today. Have these events influenced the progress and possible outcome of this story thread?

JOHN BARBER: Not really specifically. I mean, this isn’t an analogue to any specific instance. It’s really about the idea of building a nation. The same problems occur over and over in history. It’s more about the exploration of the idea, not about any one place. Of course free elections are the right thing to do, but without the framework of a solid, stable government, they can make things worse, is the hard, terrible reality that Bee’s dealing with.

ANDREW GRIFFITH: As I've been drawing this series, I've looked to places like Deadwood or Rome (The TV series) for how a fairly primitive and unsettled city might be convincingly be portrayed, but I haven't really tried to allude to any specific contemporary political situation. Reviews IDW Transformers: Robots In Disguise Issue #8

Transformers News: Reviews IDW Transformers: Robots In Disguise Issue #8
Date: Wednesday, August 8th 2012 2:15am CDT
Categories: Site News, Comic Book News
Posted by: Blurrz | Credit(s): IDW Publishing

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With the last page of Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye #7, their centerfold appearance in Transformers: Regeneration One #2, and IDW's Transformer theme for the month of August, it's quite obvious who's the center of attention in this week's Transformers: Robots In Disguise #8 - the Dinobots! Swoop, Slag, Snarl and Sludge are back in IDW action and are paired alongside the Autobot with newly found seer powers, Ironhide. As evidenced in RID #5, Ironhide believes that the Transformers race will return to its glory, and that he'll live to see the day. Hanging out with a group of Dinobots isn't the best way to make true to his premonition. Reviews IDW Transformers: Robots In Disguise issue #8
They want need like to break stuff..

Now that the Dinobots are back in the current ongoing, aswell as the Generation One comics, and the upcoming video game, Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron, it's fair to compare the three different Dinosaur groups! Aesthetically they all fit very well to their respective media, however the one nack against the ongoing group has to be Swoop's robot mode design. Haven't been a fan of it since his appearance back in early IDW works. In regards to their characterization, Barber does a fantastic job at continuing off where Furman left off in Maximum Dinobots. Reviews IDW Transformers: Robots In Disguise issue #8
Say my name, say my name, say my name

As much as I wish my comic reading palette was bigger, I can relate Ironhide to a character from the Green Lantern series, Guy Gardner. Mostly because both of them speak the same dialogue, and they both like to think with their fists rather than with their mind. Ironhide`s personality certainly leads him into situations where he`s not likely to abide by the rules. Thus I find it intriguing that he wasn't on the Lost Light when Rodimus departed - he'd be a great character to have in MTMTE. Reviews IDW Transformers: Robots In Disguise issue #8
Everything is bigger in Tex.. Cybertron

Moving on to the other groups on Cybertron - Barber shows a very interesting side to Prowl when faced with the reality of political unrest among the Autobots, Decepticons, and NAILs. Let's just hope that his counterpart, Bumblebee, doesn't fall under the pressure with the situation that he's in. #8 also gives light to what's brewing in the Decepticon camp, and we get another great appearance and dialogue from Swindle. Reviews IDW Transformers: Robots In Disguise issue #8
It's Starscream's fault my FoC toy is so bad!

Ultimately, I feel that RID #8 is a great issue. The Dinobots and their quirky, rebellious attitude shine through, while events and emotions are starting to pick up politically on Cybertron. Barber shows us that whether it's war time or peace time, you never truly know who's got your back. Reviews IDW Transformers: Robots In Disguise issue #8
My name is Dirge, and I have a problem...

:BOT: :BOT: :BOT: :BOT: out of :BOT: :BOT: :BOT: :BOT: :BOT:

Q&A with Game Director Matt Tieger from Transformers Fall of Cybertron

Transformers News: Q&A with Game Director Matt Tieger from Transformers Fall of Cybertron
Date: Friday, August 3rd 2012 3:11pm CDT
Categories: Game News, People News, Digital Media News, Interviews
Posted by: Seibertron | Credit(s): Kotaku

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Earlier today, popular game site Kotaku hosted a live Q&A interview session with Matt Tieger, the game director of the highly anticipated Transformers Fall of Cybertron game. The session ran for about an hour starting at 10am PT. Fans quickly bombarded Tieger but he addressed many of the questions presented to him.

Q&A with Game Director Matt Tieger from Transformers Fall of Cybertron

Q&A with Game Director Matt Tieger from Transformers Fall of Cybertron

Q&A with Game Director Matt Tieger from Transformers Fall of Cybertron

Here's the full interview from Kotaku ...

MrOpto: How did you first get the Transformers license? Did Hasbro put out offers or did you go them?

Matt Tieger: ATVI already had a relationship with Hasbro, but what they were looking for was someone to make a non-movie based game. They both felt that we would be a great fit and War for Cybertron was born. The success of that game allowed us to make Fall of Cybertron.

bigduo209: I love games that use Sci-fi inspired weaponry/abilities and not just future-looking guns (Ratchet and Clank, Bioshock), how many crazy weapons have you made for Fall of Cybertron?

Matt Tieger: The great thing about this game world is that there are absolutely shotguns and sniper rifles, but also lightning guns, acid guns, and 'tron' disk guns. The guns are divided into Primary and Heavy weapons. Many (but not all) of the more sci-fi guns fall into the heavy weapons category. In SP there is a Teletraan Store where you can buy and upgrade those weapons. In MP the weapons are divided between the classes based on countless play testing hours - so not every class can use every weapon. As to the exact number of them, since you explore and find blueprints to unlock them i don't want to spoil anything, so ill say quite a few more than we ever had in War for Cybertron.

Jason Schreier: How would you convince a non-Transformers fan that he/she should play your game?

snowtires: Play the demo, it's awesome.

Matt Tieger: Good Question, and one that I often think about. The worst compliment we get about War is, "what a great game, too bad nobody knew about it." What i would say is this (in my most passionate game dev voice. "forget Transformers, forget Michael Bay, forget the toys, and consider for a moment a game that allows you access to your vehicle at any moment in time, a game where the core tactical choices are movement based, and now imagine a game where each character is a unique experience with different vehicles or special abilities. This game offers something that no other game can, huge variety and tactical variety. Oh yeah and it happens to be Transformers"

SaburoDaimando: What are some of the lessons you learned on designing Fall of Cybertron compared to War for Cybertron?

Matt Tieger: When we developed WFC we looked for similar games that tackled similar level design issues and frankly, found none. So we blazed a trail and learned alot. With FOC we again did a survey and found WFC to be the only comparable game, so we set out to exceed it in every way. As one example, the driving got a bit stale in WFC, it might seem like a small thing but in FOC we added terrain, so instead of all flat metal surfaces, you now had hills - which innately make driving more fun. We also bowed down to the gods of player choice, and for much of the game you can tackle problems as you see fit - stay in vehicle the whole time, Transform constantly, etc. We had some of that in WFC, but now it is the rule in FOC.


Hlokk: Most important question! Notice the all caps!

Matt Tieger: I get asked this alot. Lets see how this game does. We do have Dinobots and Insecticons, so i'd say its in the realm of possibility - someday.

Marquis_Gabriel: When taking on a IP, especially one with tie in's to a movie. What are your expectations?

Matt Tieger: just to make sure - we are not related to the movies in anyway, we are a distinct storyline. We do this by telling their story before they ever reach Earth. With any game you need to find the 'heart' of what makes that game so unique (original or licensed). Strip everything else away and Transformers are about 'transforming' (i know sounds simple, right?). By focusing on that single concept and making everything else supportive to that, we stay true to the license while still making a great game.

KnickKnackMyWack246: How does this universe connect (if at all) to any Transformers stories other than G1? A friend of mine suggested it's a prequel to Transformers Prime while another believes it's a prequel to the Michael Bay films. Can you clarify?

CodeMonkey76: It's a prequel to the G1 television series

Matt Tieger: G1 is our primary touchstone, meaning that we look to G1 for visual ques, abilities, VO quotes, etc. We look to not violate the Movie universe, but aren't beholden to it (and we do in-fact stay in the distant past to help with that). Prime has the most relevance with our game, there are many things introduced in WFC that are not part of the Prime show, like Dark Energon. There are a few elements that have the same 'visual DNA' like the Nemesis for example.

Emmerson: With how the Transformers scaled in the first game, with Scorpinok and Omega Supreme being the biggest we had seen. Then in the second game with having combiners, and then summoning Metroplex, how can you guys top that in terms of Transformers power and scale? How will you handle the issue like Fortress Maximus and Unicron?

Matt Tieger: Quick edit : last game didn't have Scorpinok in it (although that would have been cool) it had Trypticon. Your essential question is, "How do we keep ratcheting up from here?" Honestly, I dunno - you made some good suggestions, what we will do is wait and see what the reaction from this game is before thinking that far ahead.

Brian Erice: Im curious about the campaign design change for FOC. Why did you move away from the two split campaigns that were in WFC?

Matt Tieger: Excellent question. Game Director is often thought of as the best job ever, and some days it is, but often we have to make excruciatingly tough calls - the campaign change was one of those. In WFC, you had 2 separate campaigns that you could play in either order, so we never knew how you were going to play. What this meant for the game that there were functionally 2 first levels, 2 second levels, 2 3rd levels - you get the picture. and when you had played 50% of the game you had really played 100% of the game. We believe that one of the primary reasons for the major criticism of the game, "The gameplay got repetitive", was in-fact because it DID get repetitive based on the campaign structure. So we made a single interwoven campaign where we could pace it well.

Mungry: Hey Matt, huge fan and I love everything about the game we have seen so far! My questions is about multiplayer. I am wondering if their will be killstreak rewards in the game and if we can expect new multiplayer game modes as the game progresses through its life? Thx - SoooMungry

Matt Tieger: SoooMungry - I'm actually a fan of yours. At the studio we watch your Youtube channel and read the comments - thank you for your excitement for the game. Regarding Killstreaks, we had them in for a while during our dev of the game, we took them out for balance reasons. Let me explain, every game has a very unique MP pace and with all the changes from WFC, what we were seeing was runaway gamers, specifically due to killstreaks. By removing them, they game was more competitive. Along a similar vein we removed double jump, many gamers initial reaction were negative until the played it for a bit and realized that the streamlined approach actually made it better. remember this isn't WFC2 this is FOC.

DinoDinoBot: What made you guys change your mind about releasing it on PC after you said you wouldn't? And what do you think is the best addition or special feature in this version?

Thanks for the Q&A.

Matt Tieger: coming off of WFC we needed to laser our focus on FOC. Reducing the number of platforms that we ship on was one way to do that - and it was the right call for the dev team. The fan outcry wasn't lost on us, however and once we saw how much PC gamers wanted it we started looking for solutions. The short version is that, a PC version exists because of the fans.

czen2: Is there any plans to include other combiners like the aerial bots ,protectobots, or even transformers like ultra magnus ,hot rod,cup, etc.

Matt Tieger: Yes and no. The curse of Transformers is that there are so many of them. Last time I spoke with Hasbro i asked them how many there are, their response was in excess of 11,000! We simply cant put that many into the game. What we do have is customization in MP. There are millions of combinations and enough color choices that you can make, and name, a garage full of Transformers.

Emmerson: As my favorite Transformer(s) ever, I have to ask, Where is Devastator? Any chance on seeing him in the new game?

Matt Tieger: Devastator isn't in this game. however, who knows where we go from here

Leebee: how did you guys approach designing multiplayer this time around? what features did you guys want to add to make it fresh from the last game? how often did you guys release new builds to tweak overpowered/underpowered stuff? will keeping the MP suite fresh and balanced be a priority for you guys after release?

I'm a huge fan of asymmetrical competitive multiplayer design, and I love giant robots. you could say that I'm a huge fan of your games. :3

cheers, and thank you.

Matt Tieger: We host 5pm MP matches for the team, EVERY night through the ENTIRE project. Now not everyone can play every night and sometimes the build breaks, but more often than not the team is playing. What that means is that it gets tweaked every day, we try all sorts of stuff, game modes, who has what gun, footspeed adjustments, everything. the 'secret sauce' is countless hours by a dedicated team.

James De Moss: Will we see humans in the franchise? I know WfC and FoC take place waaaaaaay before humans were in the picture, but will the franchise ever go that far into the future?

Matt Tieger: Certainly not is this game, but we will have to see.

Aidil42: During development, with all ideas flying around, do you sometimes wish you're not tied up to an already established franchise?

Matt Tieger: In this case, i'd say no. The harder decisions are what not to put in.

FullmetalPrime: Are there any characters, save the Dinobots of course, that you'd like to have included into this months Fall of Cybertron?

Matt Tieger: Triple changers. I always thought that concept was a cool one. We just didn't have the bandwith to do it right, that I am not sure how much fun Astrotrain's train mode would be.

CFNexus: Any chance there could be a Transformers MMO in the future? Ive been thinking about 1 for years. I have already thought of character creation, mechanics and plenty of other things. I think and MMO has some very interesting things going for it.

Callum F, Northern Ireland.

Matt Tieger: It is definitely a big enough universe, but at HMS we aren't geared for MMOs.

mandrate: Is Co-op has been taken out for a more immersive single player storyline?

Matt Tieger: I mentioned earlier about tough decisions - this was the other big one. We do however recognize that Co-op is part of fan expectations, so we really put a lot of focus on Escalation. It is crazy addictive 4 player online Co-op, trust me you will like it.

Zurick: Will there be a 3rd game in the series?

Matt Tieger: Maybe. Lets see what the fans are saying about this one first.

dinowho: Why you no give autobots combiners? AerialBots! Thanks for revitalizing the Transformers to the glory they deserve

Matt Tieger: Deceptions get Bruticus, Autobots get Dinobots - sounds pretty fair to me!

Glenn Beck: Pre-order G1 DLC has been shown played to "The Touch." Make us all happy and tell us you have some Stan Bush somewhere in the game.

Matt Tieger: you will be happy.

Trax0r: How come it took 25 years for a designer to finally make a great Transformers game (WFC)? It seems like its the perfect premise and platform for a good story/fighting/shooter, and yet until, WFC, the ones that did come out were total shit.

Matt Tieger: Transformation is a tough concept to wrap you brain around. It sounds simple enough, but when you start to really knuckle down with the geometry and the mechanics it is a unique problem with no real parallels. We took this as an opportunity to do something different, I am glad you feel that we succeeded.

opieman2010: From what I can understand, War and this game are considered the "revised" official canon for the Transformers, as well as the Prime cartoon. How involved was Hasbro, outside of just overseeing the story? Were any other writers brought in to work on this that have also contributed to the Transformers story?

Matt Tieger: Hasbro was very involved, but the story starts and ends here are HMS. We have some very talented writers, a studio full of G1 fans, and a design staff that is passionate about bringing the story out in the world.

Cabbagetroll: Any hints to what else you guys are working on? Maybe a little bit of news about Deadpool?

Matt Tieger: No can do.

frizzlestick: The first level of the demo had you playing as Bumblebee, but for some reason his voicebox was smashed. I really enjoyed Johnny Yong Bosch as Bumblebee in the first game, so will he still have a voice or is this a reflection of the Bay-era where he never speaks?

Also, Dinobots are awesome, but they did get messed up by Devastator in the 80's film.

Matt Tieger: BB does not have a voice in FOC. This is one element that is in fact a reflection of the Bay movies. Per a comic that was a 'movie prequel' he has his voice box crushed by Megatron, in the game there is a VO that allude to that fact.

Chris Zombiechild: Are there any other cartoon series from the same era that you would like to make a game for?

Matt Tieger: Thundercats, Dinoriders, He-Man. Not sure that anybody other than me would want to play them, but they could be awesome. Also Big Trouble in Little China would make an amazing video game.

djs2879: How soon do you expect the Dinobot DLC to come out after launch?

Matt Tieger: not soon enough by most peoples standards, but it will happen.

Anubis_Arcane: Will we be able to use our custom built transformers for escalation mode? A few of my friends and I were wondering if that might be a possibility down the road.

Matt Tieger: in Escalation you play as the named characters, we chose this for 2 reasons. 1 so that you could use the official iconic characters with your friends and 2 because that mode requires an extreme level of balance within the team, we needed to set the rules.

montymonster50: I love the WFC multiplayer, but I thought it died out (relatively) quickly. Are there any plans to expand the multiplayer to keep players involved for a longer period of time?

Matt Tieger: Tell your friends about it. Seriously, we are very hopeful that the community can reach a much larger self-sustaining size this time around. ATVI has gotten behind the product in a big way, so if you love it help us get the message out there. Are there any Easter Eggs in the game that die-hard Transformers fans can look forward to? (other than Stan Bush's "The Touch")

Matt Tieger: tons of them, keep your eyes open

TheBigTsk: Will the MP skills that were so popular in the first game be back? Right now there doesn't seem to be much info and the info that is out there looks bleak.

Matt Tieger: This game stands on the shoulders of WFC, but it isn't WFC2. Things are slightly different, and in our opinion significantly better. What I suggest you do is try the demo, you initial reaction might be that you miss something specific, but i'd bet that after a few matches you will realize the clarity of the MP experience and see how much better this game is. WFC had really good MP, FOC has great MP.

mannoroth0913: My question has to be: Is Grimlock as amazing in game as the trailers make him out to be, because there's no way I can miss a chance to play as the King

Matt Tieger: Yep. Not only is the gameplay fun, it is very unique compared to every other playable character and the story is exceptional - you get to see how they are created in a brand new official cannon story.

Atomic3xplosion3564: Is it possible for you guys to make a movie?

Matt Tieger: LOL. I hear that alot. Thanks for the vote of confidence.

Liquid-X: Will we get some version of Starscream in a cape and crown?

Matt Tieger: smells like an easter egg to me.

opieman2010: What does an Easter egg smell like? Probably a lot like a regular, hard boiled egg.

BBTS Sponsor News: G2 Bruticus, New Hasbro, SW Vintage, Enterbay, Transformers Generations Wave 2 Revision, New Transformers: Rescue Bots Hoist and Medix!

Transformers News: BBTS Sponsor News: G2 Bruticus, New Hasbro, SW Vintage, Enterbay, Transformers Generations Wave 2 Revision, New Transformers: Rescue Bots Hoist and Medix!
Date: Wednesday, August 1st 2012 3:01pm CDT
Categories: Cartoon News, Live Action Movie News, Sponsor News, Game News, Collectables, Unlicensed Products News
Posted by: El Duque | Credit(s): BBTS, Bubbah, Mike Dillon, daimchoc

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Couple of additional notes:

It has also been brought to our attention that Transformers Generations Wave 2 has been revised to be a little more collector friendly:

"Hi - we wanted to let you know that Hasbro has just announced a new and slightly different Generations Deluxe case assortment called Series 02 Revision 02. This case is exactly the same as what you preordered (Series 02), except they replace one of the two Optimus Prime figures with Shockwave. So the case now contains Shockwave, Prime, Jazz, and one each of the 5 figures that form Bruticus. We have moved all preorders over to the new assortment, which is also scheduled to arrive in September. If for any reason you wish to receive the original case that contains 2 primes and 0 shockwave, you can just reply to this email and we will switch it back for you, or you can place the new order on our site and cancel your preorder for the Wave 02 Revision 02 Case.

Joel "

Transformers: Rescue Bots Series 5 adds two previously unknown characters, Hoist and Medix.

Blades and Boulder are joined in this case assortment by Medix and Hoist. We have this Case of four listed at $53.99. ... ode=retail


Did you miss Bruticus when it first went up? We have reopened the preorder, get yours now while they are still available! ... ode=retail

This new release of the movie figure includes jetwings, an energon axe, his energon sword, multiple hands and more. We have this piece listed at $69.99. ... ode=retail

Enterbay has announced two new 1/4 scale HD Masterpiece figures. Batman and the Joker from "Batman: The Dark Knight". Each will come with costume pieces and accessories, and each is currently priced at $449.99, although that is a preliminary number and may change before the figure is released. If this happens, we will be sure to notify you as soon as possible. ... ompany=395

This new version is in response to fan requests and features a brighter paintjob. Like the Classic version, this statue will be priced at $324.99 for a short time, and then raised to $399.99 when the non-signature version is listed. Be sure to grab yours before the increase! Edition Sizes have also been announced - only 110 of the Classic version and 65 of the Gamma Glow Version! ... ode=retail

This new case assortment will see limited release, but we will be able to get them for our customers. The assortment includes Clone Wars Ahsoka Tano, Clone Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi, Naboo Pilot with Duster, Mawhonic, Aurra Sing, Lumat, Gungan Warrior, Nien Nunb, Weequay Hunter, Royal Guard, Republic Trooper and Orrimaarko. Each figure appears to be new, many with additional accessories and more. This case is listed at $119.99. ... ode=retail

The next wave of Arms Microns includes Ratchet Spanner, Wheeljack Kunai, Starscream Boomerang and a Dragonfly Machine Gun, which may come in two colors. We have these figures listed as a case of 300 for $799.99 or a Bag of 6 (one each of 5 + one extra if possible, otherwise one each of the four figures [no secondary color] plus two extra) for $17.99. ... +Volume+03

Four new items have been listed from Arcade Factory. We have a stand-up arcade game, sit-down games in both black and cherry and even a Mini-RetroTable tabletop game system. Each unit comes with six game boards that can be easily plugged in, and each contains 2-3 classic video games from the 80s like Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Missile Command, Galaga and more. These units will be drop-shipped to your home for free, contain 5 year warranties and are priced at $998.99 for the tabletop, $2498.99 for either sit-down version and $2698.99 for the stand-up version. ... egory=8846

Following up on the Captain America Jackets and Suit Replica, we now have listings for the Darth Maul Leather Cafe Racer Jacket at $649.99, the Empire Leather Racing Jacket in either Black or White at $499.99 and three new Suit Replicas - Tron Legacy Rinzler, Tron Legacy Sam Flynn and Star Wars Black Stormtrooper, priced at $829.99, $829.99 and $879.99, respectively. Each Jacket comes in sizes from XXS to XXL; the suits will need to be ordered through Customer Service with the sizing per piece as shown on each item's page. ... sal+Design

Bowen has announced five new statues. Warpath gets a regular version at $224.99 as well as an X-Force Website Exclusive at $234.99. Three other Website Exclusives are also up for pre-orders - the Cable Action Statue at $249.99, the Doctor Strange Faux Bronze statue at $224.99 and the Hercules Variant Statue at $199.99. ... arch=bowen

Enterbay also has the new BL-1 1/6 Scale Bruce Lee Statue on the way. This Black Label piece shows a shirtless Bruce in blue jeans with a medallion around his neck; we currently have this piece priced at $284.99, although it may decrease once domestic information is released. ... ode=retail

Hollywood Collectibles' second statue in their 1/4 scale Star Trek line is Science Officer Mr. Spock. He stands 19" tall with a phaser in hand and is listed at $279.99. ... ode=retail

This assassin is the subject of the latest Play Arts Kai announcement. He comes with his handguns, an alternate hand and a sniper rifle, and is listed at $64.99. ... ode=retail

We just wanted to drop you a quick note and mention that the price on this figure has dropped from $98.99 to $64.99, so anyone who was holding off for the decrease can go ahead and place their pre-order now. ... ode=retail

Toynami is reissuing the second and third series of the Bleach Encore figure line, as well as announcing a new Bleach Deluxe figure. Series 02 of the Encore line includes Byakuya and Ichigo, and Series 03 has Renji and Toshiro; each line is available as a set of two for $27.99 or singly at $14.99 each. We also have the new Bleach Deluxe 7" Ichigo with Bankai Mask listed, at this figure is priced at $22.99. ... egory=3403

The new Battle Pack case assortment includes two each of Bespin Battle and Episode 1 Duel and one each of Obi-Wan/Jango/Battle Droid and Rebel Heroes. This assortment is listed at $139.99. ... ode=retail

These two new assortments include new figures like General Grievous, Captain Rex and more. Each Case of 8 is listed at $49.99. ... -Pack+2012

Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Maul are each getting a new Ultimate FX Lightsaber. They are available singly at $44.99 each, or as a set for $87.99. ... ightsabers

Two new waves of Cyberverse Commander are on their way. Wave 03 Revision 02 includes two of Nightwatch Optimus Prime plus one each of Ultra Magnus, Ironhide, Dreadwing and Megatron, while Wave 04 includes two of Nightwatch Optimus Prime plus one each of Starscream, Ultra Magnus, Bulkhead Redeco and Skyquake; each case is listed at $64.99. We also have the Set of Bulkhead Redeco and Skyquake listed at $33.99, and Ultra Magnus as a single at $11.99. ... +Commander

The new waves of Assortment A include older figures plus new ones such as Autobot Ratchet and more. Cases are listed at $49.99, with a Set of 5 Series 05 vehicles at $34.99 and new singles at $4.99 - $47.99 each. The Assortment B vehicles with Launchers add new figures Starscream and Ironhide, who are available as a set of 2 for $19.99. Cases of 10 are also listed at $89.99 each. ... =Bot+Shots

The American releases of the Japanese Transformers shows finish up with Victory. This box set is listed at $33.99, and is set to arrive this October. ... ode=retail

Blades and Boulder are joined in this case assortment by Medix and Hoist. We have this Case of four listed at $53.99. ... ode=retail

These two new case assortments are great ways to catch up on some earlier figures. They includes popular characters like Iron Man, Wolverine, Spider-Man, Captain America, Thor and more, and are listed at $124.99 - be sure to check them out for complete assortment lists. ... gends+2012

The second assortment includes X-Force Wolverine and Iron Man with the Hovercar and Silver Centurion Iron Man and Captain America with Quinjet, while the third assortment has Wolverine and Iron Man with the Rescue Jet and Hulk and Silver Surfer with the Mud Storm 4x4. Each Case of 2 is listed at $44.99. ... cle+Series

Three new assortments of the Avengers figures have arrived, and they are perfect for catching up on figures you may have missed. They contain returning figures like Cosmic Spear Loki, Fusion Armor Iron Man, Hawkeye and Gamma Smash Hulk, along with newer figures like Shatterblaster Iron Man, Assault Squad Nick Fury and Cosmic Axe Chitauri. Each assortment of 12 is listed at $114.99, so check them all out and grab your favorites. ... %22+Figure

This case includes two of the Hulk and one each of Captain America and Iron Man. The Case is listed at $47.99, with singles listed at $12.99 each. ... 153&page=3

This assortment of eight includes one each of Spider-Man with Spinning Web Blade, Web Slash, Web Smash, Classic Doc Ock and Classic Green Goblin, and three of Battler with Retractible Snare (presumably Spider-Man - we're waiting on confirmation). This case is listed at $112.99. ... ode=retail

Two Heroclix assortments from the upcoming Hobbit movie are on their way. We have the 24 Pieces Countertop Display at $64.99, along with the Campaign Starter Set with seven figures, plus maps, Horde tokens and more, and it is listed at $33.99. ... t+Heroclix

WETA is producing a set of dioramas due to popular demand that will show the entire Fellowship on their trek. The first piece shows Frodo, Gandalf and Legolas, and measures 7.5" long by 5.1" wide and 5.5" tall. This first piece is listed at $199.99. ... ode=retail

Fewture continues their line of super deformed mini bots with Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger. Each will include a Scrander, multiple arms, weapons and more, and they are priced at $79.99 each. ... n+Mazinger

The popular move has spawned four sizes of plush bears that each speak a number of his movie phrases. We currently have the PG versions listed, as the more adult version will not be available until later in the year. We have the Backpack Clip version at $9.99, the 8" Plush at $14.99, the 16" Plush at $31.99 and the 24" Plush at $59.99. ... egory=8842

The fantastic line of D-Style figure kits continues with ChoRyuJin. This piece can be built as his two separate robots, as their vehicle modes or as the gestalt figure. It is currently listed at $38.99, although that price may decrease if a domestic supply is found. ... ode=retail

The LPS Enchanted line continues with these two new assortments. The Story Pack Series 02 includes the Sweet Shop and the Playground and is priced at $29.99, while Feature Pet Series 02 has Light Up Sun Bright Fairy and Light Up Daybreak Fairy and is listed at $17.99. ... +Enchanted

This month brings seven new comic figurines from Eaglemoss. Marvel adds #186 Trapster, #187 Shaman and #188 Werewolf By Night, priced at $14.99 each. DC gets #120 Kid Flash at $14.99, plus three new DC Chess figures at $15.99 each - #019 Hush Black Pawn, #020 Red Robin White Knight and #021 Huntress White Rook.

Kotobukiya is also releasing three new 1/72 Scale HMM kits from Zoids. We have the EZ-034 Geno Breaker Raven Version at $133.99, the RZ-031 Dibison Toma Custom at $137.99 and the Cannontortoise at $49.99. ... egory=5306

This trio of figures comes from the animated movie and includes Master Chief, Frederic-104 and Kelly-087. Each comes with items from the movie, and we have this set priced at $33.99. ... ode=retail

The latest piece from Luis and Romulo Royo is this 1/4 scale statue of Malefic. This character is to be the centerpiece of a new multi-media project, and is listed at $329.99, $20 off the MSRP. ... ode=retail

We have listings for three new Real Action Heroes (RAH) figures. Cyborg 009's Joe Shimamura is priced at $223.99, with Evangelion's Asuka Langley Version Q is priced at $239.99 and Kamen Rider Agito Grand Form is priced at $236.99. ... search=RAH

We have just listed eight new Gundam model kits. We have the Master Grade 1/100 Blitz Gundam at $65.99, 1/144 scale HGUC Base Jabber and Zaku Mariner at $16.99 and $22.99, 1/144 Advanced Grade Gundam AGE-2 Darkhound and G-Exes Jackedge at $11.99 each, 1/144 High Grade AGE-2 Darkhound at $24.99, and BBB SD Gundams #372 AGE-3 and #373 Musha Gundam at $19.99 and $16.99. ... undam+Kits

Four new items are on their way from Underground Toys. We have 15" Plush talking versions of the Red and Blue Daleks priced at $49.99, as well as a Vortex Manipulator & Sonic Screwdriver Set at $29.99 and a Third Doctor Sonic Screwdriver & Sonic Pen Set at $39.99. ... nderground

This 12" piece is the first in Tweeterhead's Kimba the Witch collection, and shows the character in an orange and black witch outfit, seated on a broomstick with a full moon in the background. This statue is listed at $179.99. ... ode=retail

Quarantine Studios' new line, The Dead Reich, starts out with this 1/4 scale bust of a German soldier. he still wears his helmet to cover his undead skull, and we have him listed at $99.99. ... ode=retail


This fantastic figure of the classic pulp hero includes a poseable cape and scarf, along with a black suit, alternate hands, two guns, his fedora and more, with a bonus Lamont Cranston head that is only available from BBTS. We have this figure in stock now, and it is listed at $129.99. ... ode=retail

A shipment of Transformers Prime figures has arrived. This one includes EZ-15 Energon Driller & Knockout at $64.99, EZ-16 Ultra Magnus at $15.99, AM-15 Darkness Megatron at $64.99 and AM-16 Vehicon Jet at $34.99, which may be an import exclusive, from what we've been able to learn. In addition to these figures, we also received AMW01 through AMW06, the first six Arms Micron figures, and they are listed at $7.99 each. ... e+Japanese

This new set includes bricks to assemble four Constructions, or the mighty Devastator! It also includes a Kreons of Devastator, Ironhide and four Construction workers, construction site equipment and more. We have this set listed at $74.99. ... ode=retail

The Joker's gal-pal Harley Quinn has arrived. This figure comes dressed in a nurse-like uniform and includes Scarface, the Joker's cane and alternate hands. We have Harley listed at $59.99. ... ode=retail

Five more SDCC exclusives have arrived from our friends at AFX. We have the Alpha Flight and Thundercats Minimates Sets at $19.99 each, the Thundertank Statue at $69.99, the Black Widow Bishoujo Figure at $64.99 and the Plastic Man Bearbrick at $19.99.

This second assortment includes Henrietta and Hero Ash, and the Case of 8 (split 4 and 4) is listed at $124.99, $27 off the MSRP. We also have them listed as a Set of two for $34.99 ($4 off the MSRP) and singly at $17.99 each. ... +Series+02

This assortment includes one each of Jar Jar Binks, Bespin Leia, Shock Trooper, Darth Vader, Clone Lieutenant and Sandtrooper on each of Black & Red and Blue Cards. The Case of 12 is listed at $119.99, and the Sets of 6 are priced at $59.99 for the Black & Red Card versions and $69.99 for the Blue Card versions. Singles are available of most figures as well (on Blue Cards) at $9.99 - $13.99 each. ... rs+Wave+04

A small shipment of this popular wave has arrived. This Case of eight includes one each of Hope Summers, Constrictor, Heroic Age Thor, Ghost Rider, Klaw, Steve Rogers and two of Extremis Iron Man; this case is priced at $124.99. The Set of seven includes one of each figure and is listed at $119.99, and we also have singles available of most figures, priced at $11.99 - $19.99 each. ... +Series+01

A number of singles are now in stock and ready to join your collection. We have added stock for the Hulk, Ghost Rider, Spider-Man Unlimited and more, so grab your favorites now. ... se+3.75%22

SDCC 2012 Coverage: Interview with Hasbro's Aaron Archer and Jerry Jivoin

Transformers News: SDCC 2012 Coverage: Interview with Hasbro's Aaron Archer and Jerry Jivoin
Date: Wednesday, July 25th 2012 11:44pm CDT
Categories: Site News, Toy News, Event News, Interviews
Posted by: Seibertron

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Shortly after Hasbro's Transformers brand panel on July 12th, 2012 at San Diego Comic-Con,'s owner Ryan Yzquierdo had an opportunity to interview Hasbro's Jerry Jivoin (Marketing Director of Global Brand Development) and Aaron Archer (VP Creative Director, Brand design IP creation). Jerry and Aaron are well known to Transformers fans around the world. The audio from this interview will be included in our next Twincast / Podcast early next week. In the meantime, I did my best to transcribe the audio for all of you to read. Without further ado, here's's interview with Hasbro.

Image / Ryan: "What can you tell us about Takara Tomy exclusive figures such as Unicron, Breakdown? Are they going to stay exclusive to Japan?"

Hasbro / Jerry Jivoin: "We don't have plans right now really. This is the second time this question has come up. We're definitely evaluating those and one thing that we're trying to do is that you saw with the Year of the Dragon edition Optimus Prime and the China exclusives that we're bringing over to Toys R Us is we recognize that Takara Tomy is working on great stuff that's being released and we want to bring stuff over to the fans here so rather than paying $200 on eBay ..." / Ryan: "Yeah, I just dropped $70 on those Legends class toys [from Asia]."

Hasbro / Jerry: "I'd rather us get those into a store and sell it here. All that kind of stuff we're looking at. We don't have any plans right now but not to say that we wouldn't do it." / Ryan: "Then again with the Takara Masterpieces, it seems like the smaller scale might be more appealing to American retailers such as Walmart and Target. Are you working with Takara on that or is that too far down the road?"

Hasbro / Aaron: "No we work with them on concept with "here's the next one we're thinking about", "what do you think?" so we do discuss it even though we know on the offset that it's for their market. Doing the smaller cars has helped but it's really about the market for Jerry. Do we do a non-connected high end item as an exclusive or where does it fit?"

Hasbro / Jerry: "The other thing with Sideswipe too is we have to get the Lamborghini license, which they have, which they were able to secure for the Japanese market. We have not [secured that]. If we're going to do that, we're going to need to approach Lamborghini and setup a licensing deal with them to do that. But we've seen them, we love them, we'd love to bring them to the US, there's no plans exactly yet but Masterpiece will continue. You've got Optimus Prime and Thundercracker this year, so we definitely see the value in bringing them over because fans love them." / Ryan: "The first thing that came to my mind when I saw the new pictures from Takara is basically this is Hasbro's answer to Mattel with their Masters of the Universe Classics line which has the perfect epitome of all of those characters. That's what I [thought] when I saw that. What can you tell me about the shared exclusive G2 Bruticus set? You guys really went all out with that package so much so that I don't think I've seen you guys put that much work into an or exclusive before. Was that at one point going to be a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive?"

Hasbro / Jerry: "You know the package, we wanted to make it something special because we realize "hey, you can buy Bruticus in the main line in the deluxe format, we're selling him here at Comic-Con as an exclusive, and we wanted to make it special. We didn't just want to do a redeco and put it in a general package. This was an opportunity to really do something unique with this item. And a lot of it goes to our packaging creative group and art directors. They really had a lot of fun."

Hasbro / Aaron: "They challenged themselves. They went above and beyond, not that we didn't want that. The brief was the brief but they certainly did extra work to take it to a much finer point than may have seemed necessary at the beginning."

Hasbro / Jerry: "They surprised us when they showed it. They had a lot of passion for it. They just dove into it and replicated everything." / Ryan: "Please thank whoever. That's awesome I think. Looking at the size of some of the other items that are with the Marvel or G.I. Joe brands, you've got the giant heli-carrier for Marvel, I feel like Transformers is getting the short end of the stick as far as big products. Someone mentioned about Omega Supreme, Metroplex, Fort Max ... some of those big guys ... is there a chance of getting some love for some of those guys?"

Hasbro / Aaron: "I think that we recognize that those other groups have done that and even some other companies have. You know, $300 items, $400 items, in the market place not just for collectors or [conventions]. So it makes sense for us to look at that so we're starting that process because we do have big characters."

Hasbro / Jerry: "And I think you see with Bruticus and having that ..." / Ryan: "Well then you have the 3rd party companies coming out with the big figures and I know that's a sore spot."

Hasbro / Aaron: "(sarcasm) Not familiar with that."

Everyone: (laughs) / Ryan: "It's obvious that Transformers fans have lots of money to spend when it comes to this stuff. I'd rather give you guys the money than somebody else."

Hasbro / Jerry: "We appreciate that." / Ryan: "Alright, one more question. Recently Hasbro trademarked "Transformers Combiners". Is that for the Kre-o line or is that for another future product line that you guys have coming down the ropes?"

Hasbro / Jerry: "Probably for Kre-o. We have our combiners from like the Bruticus combiners from Generations but it's probably from the Kre-os and Kreons that we showed today with those combiners. But it's probably specifically for them." / Ryan: "Alright, one more. With the success of some of the big brands that Hasbro owns such as Transformers, G.I. Joe, ... My Little Pony apparently now, is there any discussion within Hasbro of maybe doing an equivalent of a Hasbro-Con or something to that effect?"

Hasbro / Aaron: "A lot of people bring that up, not at Hasbro, just people bring that up. And some at Hasbro. Not yet."

Hasbro / Jerry: "I think between the conventions and Toy Fair, like our collector day at Toy Fair, BotCon, JoeCon ..."

Hasbro / Aaron: "What's great about BotCon and JoeCon is that it's targetted conversation exactly about your brand to the people that care most about the brand. It's an ability to take all that information that goes out around the world." / Ryan: "Which we appreciate. I would not be a big fan of going that route just seems like a possibility as these brands keep getting bigger and bigger."

Hasbro / Aaron: "There could be risk of taking away that intimacy in doing that though the Hasbro mark is cool too though. It's not like the fans cross polinate all the time."

Thank you again to Jerry Jivoin and Aaron Archer at Hasbro for taking some time out of your very busy and hectic SDCC schedule to answer some questions for We really appreciate it!


Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye Ongoing #7 Creator Commentary

Transformers News: Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye Ongoing #7 Creator Commentary
Date: Wednesday, July 25th 2012 3:07pm CDT
Categories: Comic Book News, People News
Posted by: El Duque | Credit(s): Transformers facebook page

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The official Transformers facebook page has posted their weekly creator commentary for IDW's Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye Ongoing #7. Writer James Roberts gives us his insight into the first five pages below. Pick up your copy today!


PAGE 1- The Decepticon Justice Division (D.J.D.) had had a few mentions in other Transformers publications you’ve written. Now we finally see them here in action. Can you tell us about where the idea for them came from?

JAMES ROBERTS: The D.J.D. were first mentioned in issue 1 of Last Stand of the Wreckers; Springer refers to a mole within the DJD. That’s all you get, one mention. My co-writer on Wreckers, Nick Roche, came up with the name but we never discussed who the DJD might be or what they might do.

When I came to write “Bullets,” the short story featured in the Wreckers trade, I decided to revisit the D.J.D. What I liked most about their name, for fairly obvious reasons, was the word “justice.” I got to thinking about what justice might mean in the context of the Decepticon army. What if justice meant vengeance or retribution? What if a name that conjured images of policing or righting wrongs had a darker, more horrific connotation? And so the D.J.D. became a group of Decepticons who hunt down and punish deserters, turncoats, and incompetents—basically, anyone who would compromise the realization of Megatron’s goals.

Through their actions they keep the rest of the Decepticons in check. If you know the D.J.D. are going to hunt you down, you’re less likely to quit or betray Megatron. So the D.J.D. are conscious that they have a reputation to uphold; namely, that they are terrifyingly sadistic killers.

The idea of there being a mole in the D.J.D. was explored in “Bullets,” where we discovered that this undercover Autobot agent, Agent 113, sends intelligence reports to his superiors by firing special info-laced bullets into Autobot badges (specifically the right eye socket).

I decided early on that the D.J.D. should be one of the “big bads” of MTMTE. I thought the best way to “sell” their dangerousness was through other characters—by showing that even people like Drift, who can handle himself, were afraid of them.


PAGE 2- Poor Black Shadow is getting, well, fried here. These guys seem to be named after Cities on Cybertron. What was your thinking behind that? And why choose Black Shadow for this scene?

JAMES ROBERTS: They call themselves after the first five cities to fall to the Decepticons after the war broke out. So, their names are freighted with significance.

The D.J.D. are the ultimate Decepticon loyalists. They passionately believe in Megatron and his ideals and so everything they do and say is steeped in Decepticon culture and iconography. Also, by giving them codenames we can have some fun down the line with regards to who they really are. The D.J.D. has a rolling, shifting line up. If and when Vos dies, they’ll recruit someone else and give them the same name. And it was in this way, no doubt, that Agent 113 got onto the team.

I chose Black Shadow for two reasons: firstly, regular readers will know that he is a Phase Sixer (i.e. a phenomenally powerful Transformer). By beating him, the D.J.D. demonstrate what a serious a threat they pose to anyone out there. Secondly, Black Shadow had a brief cameo in Wreckers, and, as I guess everyone knows by now, I like referencing old stories.


PAGE 3- 3 pages in and we’re seeing just how brutal and nasty these guys are! How much worse can they get?!

JAMES ROBERTS: The only acceptable response to that question is, “Much.” You’ll see. They each bring something to the team, and usually that “something” is related to their destructive capability. For example, Helex has a smelting pool built into his chest. And Tesarus’ very torso is lined with drills and blades designed to mutilate his victims. The others have special talents too but you’ll have to wait a bit longer to find out what they are.


PAGE 4- We’re seeing more or less the bible that the D.J.D. follow. Are these true believers or have they simply been manipulated by words, as so many others have?

JAMES ROBERTS: Their leader, Tarn, absolutely believes in what Megatron is trying to achieve. He venerates Megatron and considers himself something of a Decepticon scholar- an expert in the Decepticon school of thought. He has read all of Megatron’s masterworks, not just “On Peace,” and is fond of quoting them prior to killing his prey. As you can see!


PAGE 5- Black Shadow goes out with, quite literally, a bang. And the DJD simply pick their next target and move on? Can you say anything more about these individual bots and what they are thinking?

JAMES ROBERTS: In these first five pages the focus, deliberately, is on Tarn. He does the introductions, essentially. They move on because their whole modus operandi centers on The List—literally, a list of targets that they work down, methodically, one by one.

We’ll certainly be finding out more about Helex, Tesarus, Koan and Vos as the story unfolds. Suffice to say that there may be more going on than meets the eye. And thank you for giving me the opportunity to say that.

Official Hasbro SDCC 2012 Press Release: Hasbro Returns to Comic-Con International to Showcase Its Iconic Pop-Culture Brands

Transformers News: Official Hasbro SDCC 2012 Press Release: Hasbro Returns to Comic-Con International to Showcase Its Iconic Pop-Culture Brands
Date: Monday, July 9th 2012 1:55pm CDT
Categories: Cartoon News, Toy News, Event News, Company News
Posted by: El Duque | Credit(s): Hasbro

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Hasbro has issued the following press release regarding their presence at this year's SDCC:


July 9, 2012
Hasbro Returns to Comic-Con International to Showcase Its Iconic Pop-Culture Brands
The Branded Play Company Continues to be the Premiere Destination for fans of Giant Robots, Super Heroes, Intergalactic Battles, Magical Ponies and More at Comic-Con in San Diego

PAWTUCKET, R.I.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- With globally renowned brands including TRANSFORMERS, MY LITTLE PONY, JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS, KRE-O and G.I. JOE as well as licensed toy lines for MARVEL, STAR WARS, SESAME STREET and STAR TREK, few exhibitors at Comic-Con International in San Diego can boast the pedigree of properties so significant to the heritage of the popular arts than Hasbro. To celebrate these brands, which span comics, animation, action figures, blockbuster movies and additional entertainment experiences, Hasbro, Inc. (NASDAQ: HAS) will deliver an unprecedented lineup of panels, autograph sessions, special edition toys and more that surpasses anything in its past history at the show. The fan communities of these properties are among the most passionate and dedicated in the world and Hasbro will deliver a tremendous experience tailored specifically for them and all convention goers based on the rich Hasbro portfolio of characters, stories and products.

The Terrorcon Cliffjumper figure, based on the hit Transformers Prime animated series from Hasbro Studios, is one of several special edition toys Hasbro will offer at Comic-Con International in San Diego. (Photo: Business Wire)

Over the years Hasbro has become a Comic-Con International mainstay and its booth remains one of the most popular at the convention. With one of the largest presences at the show, the Company continues to grow its broad range of opportunities for fans spanning Hasbro,, WIZARDS OF THE COAST, Hasbro Studios and The Hub TV Network and more as Comic-Con continues to expand. Hasbro will deliver unique experiences for attendees, pulling in the creative talent behind its biggest pop culture properties and licensed toy lines including custom displays for its latest toys and action figures.

"Hasbro looks forward to Comic-Con International in San Diego every year," said John Frascotti, chief marketing officer, Hasbro, Inc. "Connecting with our most passionate fans is extremely important to us and we're thrilled to offer an incredible line up of special edition collectibles, panels and opportunities to meet the talent behind our remarkable brands like TRANSFORMERS, MY LITTLE PONY and G.I. JOE that have become synonymous with the popular arts."

The following features highlights of activities across Hasbro brands and licensed properties to be showcased in the Hasbro booth (#3213) and around the convention.


From action figures and animated series to movie and video games, the G.I. JOE brand from Hasbro has been an enduring pop culture icon for generations of fans. At Comic-Con, the Hasbro booth will provide G.I. JOE enthusiasts with an up close look at the entire upcoming G.I. JOE: RETALIATION line including newly announced items revealed at the G.I. JOE convention as well as the recently announced G.I. JOE MICRO FORCE line. The Hasbro booth at Comic-Con will be an opportunity for fans to see them in person before they hit shelves in the spring of 2013. The G.I. JOE: RETALIATION movie from Paramount Pictures is scheduled to hit theaters on March 29th, 2013 in 3D and stars Dwayne Johnson, Channing Tatum, Bruce Willis, Adrianne Palicki and more. As G.I. JOE fans know (and knowing is half the battle), the vehicles and costumes featured in the G.I. JOE vs. COBRA saga are just as important as the characters. As a special opportunity for fans, Hasbro will have props from the movie on display including the FIREFLY character's motorcycle and the COBRA COMMANDER character's iconic helmet.

Hasbro and the G.I. JOE publishers at IDW will also be celebrating the ongoing legacy and heritage of G.I. JOE comics by welcoming G.I. JOE comics legend, Larry Hama to its booth for an autograph session on Saturday, July 14 from 1:00-2:00pm. Tickets for the autograph session will be available at the Hasbro booth on Saturday morning beginning at 9:00am and G.I. JOE comics are available for purchase at the IDW booth (#2643).


Produced by Hasbro Studios and currently airing on The Hub TV Network in the U.S., KAIJUDO: RISE OF THE DUEL MASTERSTM is a new animated action-fantasy series based on the popular trading card game from WIZARDS OF THE COAST, a Hasbro subsidiary. The WIZARDS OF THE COAST booth (#3249) will be dedicated to this new property at Comic-Con for fans to experience throughout the show. Hasbro will welcome voice talent from the show including, Scott Wolf the voice of RAY, David Sobolov the voice of TATSURION THE UNCHAINED (a.k.a. "Bob"), Phil Lamar the voice of GABE and Kari Wahlgreen the voice of ALLIE to its booth on Saturday, July 14 from 11:00am-12:00pm. Tickets for the autograph session will be available at the Hasbro booth on Saturday morning beginning at 9:00am while supplies last. The special guests will be signing special edition KAIJUDO: RISE OF THE DUEL MASTERSTM posters featuring their characters from the new animated series. Hasbro will also host a giveaway of limited edition KAIJUDO: RISE OF THE DUEL MASTERS TM posters on Sunday, July 15 from 9:00-10:00am in the Hasbro booth while supplies last.


At Comic-Con, the KRE-O brand from Hasbro boldly goes where no one has gone before. Based on the upcoming STAR TREK sequel from Paramount Pictures and directed by J.J. Abrams, the KRE-O STAR TREK line, under license from CBS Consumer Products, features a variety of vehicles from the movie along with fun KREON figures based on iconic STAR TREK characters. Fans will be able to see the KRE-O STAR TREK U.S.S. ENTERPRISE set and select KREON figures for the first time in person at the Hasbro Comic-Con booth beginning on Preview Night, July 11.

In a groundbreaking move for entertainment based building sets, Hasbro teamed up with J.J. Abrams, director of the upcoming STAR TREK sequel, to create a KRE-O STAR TREK stop motion digital short. The digital short, produced by Bad Robot, features icons of the STAR TREK saga in a stand-alone storyline and will premiere at a later date in partnership with Paramount Pictures. Fans can view a teaser trailer now on the KRE-O brand Youtube channel at or at the convention in the Hasbro booth.

STAR TREK will mark the third major entertainment property to be featured in the KRE-O line. Hasbro successfully introduced the KRE-O brand in 2011 with building sets featuring its globally popular TRANSFORMERS characters and in 2012 introduced the KRE-O BATTLESHIP line. New KRE-O BATTLESHIP and KRE-O TRANSFORMERS sets will be on display in the Hasbro booth including never before seen KRE-O TRANSFORMERS expressions: KRE-O TRANSFORMERS MICROCHANGERS and KRE-O TRANSFORMERS MICROCHANGERS COMBINERS. Fans won't want to miss these new reveals as well a chance to snap a photo with KRE-O character statues including TRANSFORMERS BUMBLEBEE, a BATTLESHIP ALIEN and STAR TREK CAPTAIN KIRK all in their unique KREON expressions! Fans will also want to get their hands on a special edition KRE-O BATTLESHIP BATTLE-BOAT building set sample pack which will be distributed at various times throughout the show while supplies last.


In a banner year for MARVEL Super Heroes, Hasbro, home of the master MARVEL toy license, will be celebrating its MARVEL'S THE AVENGERS and THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN toy lines in support of the two massive blockbusters as well its wildly popular MARVEL UNIVERSE and MARVEL LEGENDS collector lines.

Fans of the MARVEL UNIVERSE, MARVEL LEGENDS and other MARVEL action figure lines will want to check out the Hasbro booth for a comprehensive look at the extensive line-up of 2012 toys as well as new, upcoming figures revealed for the first time following the Hasbro MARVEL panel taking place on Saturday at 4:00-5:00pm. Attendees will also get to "assemble" and be "amazing" in the Hasbro booth where they can pose as their own action figure in either an AVENGERS or AMAZING SPIDER-MAN ‘life-sized' MARVEL blister card package!

Visitors will also see something brand new for 2012 as Hasbro showcases its new MARVEL BONKAZONKS stunt battling game line in a unique display. With over one hundred BONKAZONKS figures to collect in 2012, this new stunt battling expression where kids "Flick, Stack, Spin and Attack" their way to victory is a highly collectible and unique way to play with MARVEL Super Heroes! Fans can visit for more information about the new game and to battle with BONKAZONKS online.


The MY LITTLE PONY brand, a pop-culture phenomenon from Hasbro, gallops into Comic-Con in 2012 with a hit animated series, new toys and an extensive line of licensed goods. Featuring a unique sense of humor, memorable characters and endearing stories about the power of friendship, the MY LITTLE PONY FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC animated series, produced by Hasbro Studios and airing on The Hub in the U.S., has amassed a fan following as varied as the ponies of PONYVILLE. Comic-Con attendees will be able to snap photos of a life-sized PINKIE PIE character statue, gaze at a giant MY LITTLE PONY cast mural emblazoned on an entire wall within the Hasbro booth and get a look at an extensive line-up of current MY LITTLE PONY toys, licensed apparel and more. The MY LITTLE PONY brand will also unveil the winning design from its "Design a MY LITTLE PONY" contest with the winning figure on display beginning on Preview Night.

To transport fans to and from the convention in style, The Hub will transform the interior and exterior of one car of the San Diego trolley system to create a magical MY LITTLE PONY FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC experience showcasing some of the series' characters. The train will be styled as the Friendship Express train, which is featured in the popular animated series. The Hub is also unveiling the "My Little Pony Friendship is Magic" themed, 8-bit "Adventure Pony" game on; visitors to the network's Comic-Con headquarters at popular eatery The Broken Yolk will receive a secret code to gain exclusive access to game.

As a very special experience for fans, Hasbro welcomes several voice actors behind many of the most popular ponies and a story editor from the MY LITTLE PONY FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC series for an autograph signing session. Andrea Libman, voice of PINKIE PIE and FLUTTERSHY; Tabitha St. Germain, voice of RARITY; Tara Strong, voice of TWILIGHT SPARKLE; Cathy Weseluck, voice of SPIKE; and story editor Meghan McCarthy, will sign MY LITTLE PONY FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC keepsakes in the Hasbro booth from 3:00-4:00pm on Friday, July 12. Tickets are required for the session and will be distributed beginning at 9:00am on Friday in the Hasbro booth while supplies last.


Superheroes abound at Comic-Con every year but not all are the same. Some are strong, some are fast, some, fuzzy and use their powers of observation to solve problems! Hasbro and its PLAYSKOOL brand are excited to celebrate the upcoming launch of its FLYING SUPER GROVER 2.0 toy. Eric Jacobson, the man behind Super Grover 2.0, will be available for a special autograph session on Thursday, July 12 from 9:30-10:30am in the Hasbro booth. Lucky fans will have the chance to meet Eric for an autograph and pose for a picture with Super Grover 2.0. Tickets for the session will be distributed in the Hasbro booth on Wednesday, July 11 during Preview Night while supplies last (a ticket is required to participate). FLYING SUPER GROVER 2.0 is one of the most talked about preschool toys for the upcoming holiday season and comes to life when kids pick him up and "fly" him around the room. His arms will rise as if he's flying and he will let children know whether he's "Going up" or "Going down!"


The Force is strong with Hasbro at Comic-Con International as the Company celebrates the recent launch of its popular STAR WARS FIGHTER PODS toy line, new action figures, the epic Course of the Force Lightsaber relay and more! To celebrate the highly collectible STAR WARS FIGHTER PODS line, visitors to the Hasbro booth will be able to pose in front of a unique display featuring DARTH VADER and CHEWBACCA statues in their ‘Micro Heroes, Mega Battles' FIGHTER PODS expression as well as a massive FIGHTER POD in the shape of a DEATH STAR filled with thousands of figures from the new line. Additionally, in what is becoming a Comic-Con tradition for Hasbro, fans of the traditional action figure lines will be able to step inside a ‘life-size' DARTH VADER RETURN OF THE JEDI blister card package and pose as their own action figure. Hasbro will be sampling STAR WARS FIGHTER PODS blind bags featuring one FIGHTER PODS figure and one "Pod" which will be distributed at various times throughout the show to fans while supplies last.

STAR WARS collectors will want to visit the Hasbro booth to get a sneak peak at current and upcoming toys in its MOVIE HEROES, CLONE WARS, VINTAGE, and FIGHTER PODS action figure lines. Fans won't want to miss these reveals as well as a look at the extensive line of STAR WARS vehicle toys and roleplay items to act out the intergalactic saga including ELECTRONIC MASKS, ULTIMATE FX LIGHTSABERS and more.

However, as STAR WARS fans know, the ULTIMATE FX LIGHTSABER can't be contained in the Hasbro booth alone. The ‘elegant weapon' will be featured in the Course of the Force, an Olympic-style Lightsaber relay presented by LucasFilm and Nerdist, taking place in the days leading up to Comic-Con, where participants will make a journey from Santa Monica to San Diego. Participants will hand off a custom Hasbro STAR WARS ULTMATE FX LIGHTSABER, the official Lightsaber of the Course of the Force, to the next runner as they begin their leg of the journey. Hasbro will welcome Ashley Eckstein voice of Ahsoka Tano in STAR WARS THE CLONE WARS and of the STAR WARS Course of the Force to its booth for an autograph session on Sunday, July 15 from 2:30-3:30pm in celebration of the epic Lightsaber relay where she will sign special Course of the Force photos for lucky fans. Tickets are required for participation and will be distributed in the Hasbro booth beginning at 9:00am on Sunday while supplies last.


The astoundingly prolific TRANSFORMERS brand from Hasbro will have an equally impressive presence at Comic-Con. From action figures to video games, animated series to comics, the TRANSFORMERS brand in 2012 offers an exciting lineup of new takes on the pop-culture powerhouse that is truly "MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE." Hasbro will present the perennially popular TRANSFORMERS brand panel on Friday at 1:30pm where never before seen action figures from across the TRANSFORMERS PRIME, GENERATIONS, BOTSHOTS, KRE-O and RESCUEBOTS expressions will be unveiled. Newly revealed action figures in this presentation will be featured in the Hasbro booth display cases following the panel. Beyond the news-packed panel, Hasbro is delivering all of the new ways to experience the TRANSFORMERS brand in 2012 to Comic-Con with a lineup of events as diverse at the TRANSFORMERS characters themselves!


Towering over all of Comic-Con and the Hasbro booth is a 17-foot tall OPTIMUS PRIME statue in the styling of the TRANSFOMERS PRIME animated series — and he has a lot to celebrate. The hit animated series produced by Hasbro Studios currently airing on The Hub in the U.S. recently wrapped its second season for which it won two 2012 Daytime Emmy© Awards, for a total of four since it first premiered in 2010. Hasbro also "rolled out" an extensive line of action figures based on the series and fans will be able to see the full 2012 lineup of TRANSFORMERS PRIME figures in both robot and vehicle mode in an extensive booth presentation including an intricate TRANSFORMERS PRIME diorama featuring space bridges, VEHICONS and more! Plus, Hasbro will distribute samples of TRANSFORMERS PRIME CYBERVERSE Legion Scale figures to convention goers in the Hasbro booth at various times throughout the show, while supplies last. Fans of the series and the iconic voice of OPTIMUS PRIME won't want to miss the "OPTIMUS PRIME: Up Close and Personal" panel on Friday, July 13 at 6:00pm, presented by Hasbro Studios and The Hub TV Network where Larry King, one of the most recognized broadcast interviewers in the world, salutes legendary OPTIMUS PRIME voice actor, Peter Cullen, in an exclusive one-on-one interview.


TRANSFORMERS RESCUEBOTS, a new animated series from Hasbro Studios and toy line for younger TRANSFORMERS fans, celebrates its first Comic-Con by offering attendees the chance to meet HEATWAVE, one of the series' characters in the Hasbro booth. The HEATWAVE costume character will be in the booth as well as at "The Hub Headquarters at the Broken Yolk" at various times throughout the convention. The TRANSFORMERS RESCUE BOTS series, currently in its first season, airs on The Hub in the U.S.


The TRANSFORMERS brand also saw the opening of its very first thrill ride in the U.S. in 2012 with the recent launch of TRANSFORMERS: The Ride-3D at Universal Studios Hollywood. To celebrate the ride at Comic-Con, fans will have the chance to receive limited edition TRANSFORMERS: The Ride-3D commemorative launch posters beginning at 6:00pm in the Hasbro booth while supplies last.


In celebration of the upcoming, highly anticipated and critically heralded TRANSFORMERS: Fall of Cybertron video game from Activision, available August 21, 2012, Hasbro will welcome game designers to the Hasbro booth at 10:00am on Friday, July 13 to present a look at game play. Action figures based on the CYBERTRONIAN style of the video game (and featured in the brand's GENERATIONS line) will be on display in the Hasbro booth. For an in-depth TRANSFORMERS: Fall of Cybertron video game experience, fans will also want to check out the Activision booth (#5344).


To wrap up Comic-Con in 2012, the TRANSFORMERS brand goes back to the convention's roots and welcomes amazing talent behind two popular comic series from IDW based on the TRANSFORMERS brand. Chris Metzen (writer) and Livio Ramondelli (artist) from the TRANSFORMERS AUTOCRACY series and John Barber (writer) and Andrew Griffith (artist) from the TRANSFORMERS: ROBOTS IN DISGUISE series will be signing autographs from 1:00-2:00pm on Sunday in the Hasbro booth. (TRANSFORMERS comics will be available for purchase in the IDW booth, #2643). Tickets are required for the session and will be distributed beginning at 9:00am on Sunday in the Hasbro booth while supplies last.


Hasbro will offer more events in its booth than ever before. Fans should check the schedule in the Hasbro booth each day for these events and more including Hasbro Global Design team digital sculpting demos, brand experts staffing their areas and costume character photo ops. The following is a list of scheduled highlights.

Wednesday, July 11

6:00—7:00pm: TRANSFORMERS: The Ride-3D limited edition poster giveaway (while supplies last).
Thursday, July 12

9:30-10:30am: Autograph session with Eric Jacobson, the man behind Sesame Street's Super Grover 2.0 character and photo op with Super Grover 2.0. Tickets are required for participation and will be distributed in the Hasbro booth on Wednesday, July 11 during Preview Night (while supplies last).
Friday, July 13

10:00-10:30pm: TRANSFORMERS: FALL OF CYBERTRON and TRANSFORMERS PRIME video game demos by Activision.
3:00-4:00pm: MY LITTLE PONY FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC animated series autograph session with Andrea Libman, voice of PINKIE PIE and FLUTTERSHY; Tabitha St. Germain, voice of RARITY; Tara Strong, voice of TWILIGHT SPARKLE; Cathy Weseluck, voice of SPIKE; and story editor, Meghan McCarthy. Tickets are required for participation and will be distributed in the Hasbro booth beginning at 9:00am on Friday (while supplies last).
Saturday, July 14

11:00-12:00pm: KAIJUDO: RISE OF THE DUEL MASTERSTM autograph session with voice talent including, Scott Wolf the voice of RAY; David Sobolov the voice of TATSURION THE UNCHAINED (a.k.a. "Bob"); Phil Lamar the voice of GABE; and Kari Wahlgreen the voice of ALLIE to its booth. Tickets are required for participation and will be distributed in the Hasbro booth beginning at 9:00am on Saturday (while supplies last). The featured guests will sign special edition KAIJUDO: RISE OF THE DUEL MASTERS TM posters provided by Hasbro Studios featuring their characters from the new animated series airing on The Hub.
1:00-2:00pm: G.I. JOE IDW Comics autograph session with legendary writer Larry Hama (G.I. JOE: A REAL AMERICAN HERO IDW comics). Tickets are required for participation and will be distributed in the Hasbro booth on beginning at 9:00am on Saturday (while supplies last). G.I. JOE comics are available for purchase at the IDW booth (#2643).
Sunday, July 15

9:00-10:00am: KAIJUDO: RISE OF THE DUEL MASTERSTM special edition poster giveaway
1:00-2:00pm: TRANSFORMERS IDW Comics autograph session with writer Chris Metzen and artist Livio Ramondelli from the TRANSFORMERS AUTOCRACY series and writer John Barber and artist Andrew Griffith from the TRANSFORMERS: ROBOTS IN DISGUISE series will be signing copies of these comics (available for purchase in the IDW booth #2643). Tickets are required for participation and will be distributed in the Hasbro booth beginning at 9:00am on Sunday (while supplies last).
2:30-3:30pm: Autograph session with Ashley Eckstein voice of AHSOKA TANO in STAR WARS THE CLONE WARS and of the STAR WARS Course of the Force. Ashley will be signing special Course of the Force photos for fans. Tickets are required for participation and will be distributed in the Hasbro booth beginning at 9:00am on Sunday (while supplies last).
Special Edition Giveaways

Throughout the convention, Hasbro will offer fans the opportunity to get their hands on a variety of special edition giveaways and samples of its latest and greatest toy lines. Check the Hasbro booth for a list of times when the following and more will be distributed to fans while supplies last:

KRE-O BATTLESHIP BATTLE BOAT Building Set Special Edition Sample Pack
KRE-O BATTLESHIP Special Edition posters and coupons
STAR WARS FIGHTER PODS Sample Pack (featuring one figure and one "Pod")
STAR TREK CBS Consumer Products Special Edition Postcards
TRANSFORMERS PRIME CYBERVERSE LEGION Scale Figures (assorted characters)
TRANSFORMERS: THE RIDE-3D Limited Edition Posters
All scheduled appearances and giveaways are subject to change without notice.


Every year Hasbro offers an exciting lineup of panels to give fans an inside look at its brands at Comic-Con. In 2012 Hasbro, in conjunction with strategic partners, will present the following panels:

IDW & Hasbro; Thursday, July 12 at 10:00-11:00am in Room 9

Join IDW Senior Editor John Barber (Transformers: Robots in Disguise), editor Carlos Guzman, and Hasbro's Director of Global Publishing Michael Kelly as they reveal secrets and upcoming plans for Transformers, G.I. Joe, Dungeons & Dragons, Magic: The Gathering, and more! A new Transformers series will be announced—as will a new license! All this and special guests Larry Hama (G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero), Chris Metzen (Transformers: Autocracy), Flint Dille (Transformers: Autocracy), Livio Ramondelli (Transformers: Autocracy), Andrew Griffith (Transformers: Robots in Disguise), Brendan Cahill (Transformers: Robots in Disguise), Mike Costa (G.I. Joe: Cobra) and surprise guests!

Hasbro: TRANSFORMERS Brand; Thursday, July 12 at 1:30-2:30pm in Room 24ABC

Aaron Archer (Vice President, Hasbro Design) and Jerry Jivoin (Director, Global TRANSFORMERS Brand) discuss the hottest TRANSFORMERS topics including the TRANSFORMERS PRIME and TRANSFORMERS RESCUE BOTS TV series, action figures, videogames, comics, theme park rides and more. Attendees will also get sneak peeks of upcoming action figures and brand news. Jerry and Aaron will also host some Q+A for your burning TRANSFORMERS questions.

Hasbro Studios & The Hub: MY LITTLE PONY FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC; Friday, July 13 at 10:00-11:00am in Room: 23ABC

Join special guests from Hasbro Studios and The Hub TV Network's MY LITTLE PONY FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC as they share details of the making of the animated series and how the "friendship" and "magic" are brought to life. Fans won't want to miss it! Also includes Q&A time.

Hasbro: STAR WARS Action Figures; Friday, July 13 at 11:00-12:00pm in Room 7AB

Derryl DePriest (VP, Global Brand Marketing, Hasbro), Jeff Labovitz (Director, Global Brand Marketing, Hasbro), Brian Merten (Sr. Manager, Product Design, Hasbro), Adam Pagano (Sr. Art Director, Hasbro) and Erik Arana (Star Wars Product Designer, Hasbro) discuss the popular Hasbro Star Wars line. Attendees will also get a sneak peek of upcoming, never before seen items. There will also be some Q+A for burning Star Wars action figure questions.

Hasbro Studios & The Hub: "OPTIMUS PRIME: Up Close and Personal"; Friday, July 13 at 6:00-7:00pm in Room 23ABC

The incomparable Larry King, one of the most recognized broadcast interviewers in the world, goes one-on-one with voice actor Peter Cullen (OPTIMUS PRIME), a talent who is practically synonymous with Comic-Con itself. In this panel, "The King of Interviews" salutes the beloved Cullen and takes attendees through the actor's early days on the original 1984 animated TRANSFORMERS TV series, the three box office smash TRANSFORMERS movies, and his current work on The Hub TV network's Daytime Emmy® Award-winning animated series TRANSFORMERS PRIME from Hasbro Studios. Audience Q&A to follow.

Hasbro Studios & The Hub: "The Making of KAIJUDOTM"; Friday, July 13 at 7:00-8:00pm in Room 24ABC

From Hasbro Studios comes a new animated TV series — KAIJUDO: RISE OF THE DUEL MASTERSTM, seen on The Hub TV Network. Join the cast, including Scott Wolf ("V"), David Sobolov ("Beast Wars: TRANSFORMERS") and panel moderator Phil LaMarr ("Futurama") as well as the Hasbro Studios production team and the R&D team from Wizards of the Coast for a conversation on how they brought the popular KAIJUDOTM trading card game to life in this fantastical new series.

Activision: TRANSFORMERS: Fall of Cybertron Voice Talent; Saturday, July 14 at 10:00-11:00am in Room 24ABC

Legendary TRANSFORMERS voice talent and game experts at developer High Moon Studios will come together in one epic panel to discuss their roles in the upcoming Activision video game, TRANSFORMERS: Fall of Cybertron. The panel will feature Peter Cullen, voice of OPTIMUS PRIME, Gregg Berger, voice of GRIMLOCK, Nolan North, voice of CLIFFJUMPER and BRUTICUS, Matt Tieger, High Moon Studios Game Director and David Cravens, High Moon Studios Senior Creative Director. The panel will give everyone an inside look into bringing favorite characters to life in the making of the game, as well as answers to the questions fans want to know.

Hasbro: MARVEL Action Figures; Saturday, July 14 at 4:00-5:00pm in Room 24ABC

Adam Biehl (Sr. Director, Global Marvel Line at Hasbro), Jesse Falcon (Licensing Director, Marvel), Dwight Stall (Senior Marvel Product Design Manager, Hasbro) and Kristin Hamilton (Sr. Manager, Global Marvel Line at Hasbro) discuss Hasbro's popular MARVEL LEGENGS, MARVEL UNIVERSE, THE AVENGERS, THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN and MARVEL BONKAZONKS toy lines. Attendees will also get a sneak peek of upcoming, never before seen action figures. There will also be Q+A for fans' MARVEL action figure questions. Special Edition Toys

Hasbro's 2012 Comic-Con Special Edition toys available for purchase through the booth (#3329) while supplies last, include:


After the extreme popularity of last year's G.I. JOE and TRANSFORMERS crossover San Diego Comic-Con special edition, Hasbro has done it again! In 2012, the iconic G.I. JOE vehicle, the H.I.S.S. TANK, will get a DECEPTICON SHOCKWAVE make-over, including a G1 SHOCKWAVE blaster attachment. The set comes with a 3.75-inch DESTRO action figure with special edition DECEPTICON deco, a 3.75-inch COBRA B.A.T. figure with special edition CONSTRUCTICON deco. The set also comes with several ENERGON cubes on a cart, a briefcase full of money, and a small boom box with 3 cassette tapes- better known to TRANSFORMERS fans as the classic alt-mode of DECEPTICON spy SOUNDWAVE along with RATBAT, LASERBEAK, and RAVAGE. Yo, Joe AND Roll Out! (Approximate Retail Price: $64.99 each; Ages: 4 & up)


The baddest female ninja around will return in the blockbuster film, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, scheduled to hit theaters on March 29th, 2013 in 3D, but first, KIM ARASHIKAGE is making an appearance at San Diego Comic-Con. As the latest G.I. JOE Comic-Con special edition figure, Hasbro will be releasing two movie likeness versions of the fan-favorite ninja. The primary KIM ARASHIKAGE figure is dressed in her classic red ninja suit with a double bladed bisento, while the unmasked variant is wearing a white costume and wielding a kusarigama. (Approximate Retail Price: $14.99 each; Ages: 4 & up)


Under license from Hasbro, fans will have a truly outrageous time when they see JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS Special Edition doll: HOLLYWOOD JEM from Integrity Toys! The fully articulated HOLLYWOOD JEM doll stands 12 inches tall and features rooted pink hair and stunning long eyelashes. Looking fabulously fashionable in capri pants, black high-heel pumps, and a shiny gold-toned jacket (complete with shoulder pads!), HOLLYWOOD JEM is ready to rock the stage. As the leader of JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS, the HOLLYWOOD JEM doll comes complete with a microphone and silver chromed microphone stand. When the tour is complete, fans can display their doll proudly using the included doll stand. Each HOLLYWOOD JEM Special Edition Doll comes with a certificate of authenticity and a souvenir postcard with artwork from the original JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS line. (Approximate Retail Price $125; Ages 14 & up)


Collectors will have a chance to get their ADAMANTIUM claws on these X-FORCE figures in 6" scale for the first time! Featuring ARCHANGEL, WOLVERINE, and PSYLOCKE in costumes from The Fall of Archangel story line, this set comes in a collectable display box with exclusive art by well known comic artist Clayton Crain! (Approximate retail price: $49.99 each; Ages: 4 & up)

MARVEL UNIVERSE 3.75" MASTERS OF EVIL Special Edition 3-Pack

Fueled by a raging need for vengeance against CAPTAIN AMERICA, BARON ZEMO hatches a masterful plan. Not foolish enough to face the AVENGERS alone, he strategically forms one of the most powerful groups of villains ever assembled. The MASTERS OF EVIL 3-Pack includes BARON ZEMO, RADIOACTIVE MAN and TIGER SHARK all appearing in 3.75" scale, and united for a singular purpose: destroying EARTH'S MIGHTIEST HEROES. The villains can also be seen fighting against THE AVENGERS in the exclusive art by Joe Quesada on the SDCC exclusive THE AVENGERS HELICARRIER, sold separately. (Approximate Retail Price $29.99; Ages 4 & up)


Get ready to explore Hasbro's biggest SDCC release yet! Featuring an exclusive deco, this S.H.I.E.L.D. SUPER HELICARRIER is over 4 feet long! In addition, it features 9 working projectile launchers for taking out enemies such as the Masters of Evil (sold separately). This special edition vehicle also features exclusive CAPTAIN AMERICA and MARIA HILL 3.75" figures and specially commissioned box artwork by Joe Quesada. (Approx. Retail Price $129.99; Ages 4 & up)

MY LITTLE PONY 2012 Special Edition Pony

The popular special edition MY LITTLE PONY figure, available this year at the MY LITTLE PONY Fair and Convention and Comic-Con, is sure to be a fan favorite in 2012! Inspired by the animated series MY LITTLE PONY FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC, this gray, Pegasus pony features rooted blonde hair and a cluster of bubbles for a cutie mark. (Approximate Retail Price: $19.99; Ages 3 & up)


Pretend to visit an alternate reality with this incredible package of seven 3.75-inch STAR WARS figures—one figure from each film in the Saga, and one figure only available in this collectible set. Each figure is individually carded with packaging that pays tribute to a "lost" line look that Kenner considered before going with their classic black-and-silver look! This Comic-Con special edition pack will be fans' first chance to get the "lost" packaging, available this fall as variants in the STAR WARS VINTAGE COLLECTION line. In addition, this special collector's pack will be the only place to get an exclusive treat for fans— a 3.75-inch carded JAR JAR BINKS in CARBONITE, which will be hidden in the center of the packaging and can be revealed by raising it through the "CARBONITE CHAMBER" top of the case. The other figures included are a standard JAR JAR BINKS (EPISODE I), CLONE TROOPER LIEUTENANT (EPISODE II), SHOCK TROOPER (EPISODE III), SANDTROOPER (EPISODE IV), PRINCESS LEIA (EPISODE V) AND DARTH VADER (EPISODE VI). (Approximate Retail Price: $79.99; Ages 4 & up)


The DARK ENERGON will be flowing through San Diego this year with the release of this special edition Deluxe scale TERRORCON CLIFFJUMPER figure. Featuring a special "TRANSFORMERS zombie" deco, this figure looks just like he did in the Darkness Rising storyline of Hasbro Studios TRANSFORMERS PRIME animated series. This figure comes with a DARK ENERGON shard and a DARK ENERGON chest attachment in a special edition clam shell packaging designed to look like his head. (Approximate Retail Price: $24.99; Ages 5 & up)


The TRANSFORMERS DELUXE BRUTICUS COMBINER SDCC Special Edition set features the fearsome DECEPTICON, BRUTICUS in a special CYBERTRONIAN deco as seen in the eagerly anticipated video game TRANSFORMERS: FALL OF CYBERTRON from Activision. BRUTICUS is formed when all five deluxe scale ‘combiner' action figures in the set link together. The COMBATICONS characters BLAST OFF, VORTEX, DECEPTICON BRAWL, SWINDLE, and ONSLAUGHT each have three modes: robot, vehicle and a third ‘combiner' mode to link together. This Special Edition also includes removable packaging resembling a silhouette of the DECEPTICON logo that becomes a display case for the BRUTICUS figure. (Approximate retail price: $99.99 each; Ages: 5 & up)

Following the convention, a limited number of each item will be available for purchase online at

About Hasbro

Hasbro, Inc. (NASDAQ: HAS) is a branded play company providing children and families around the world with a wide-range of immersive entertainment offerings based on the Company's world class brand portfolio. From toys and games, to television programming, motion pictures, digital gaming and a comprehensive licensing program, Hasbro strives to delight its global customers with well-known and beloved brands such as TRANSFORMERS, LITTLEST PET SHOP, NERF, PLAYSKOOL, MY LITTLE PONY, G.I. JOE, MAGIC: THE GATHERING and MONOPOLY. The Company's Hasbro Studios develops and produces television programming for markets around the world. The Hub TV Network is part of a multi-platform joint venture between Hasbro and Discovery Communications (NASDAQ: DISCA, DISCB, DISCK), in the U.S. Through the company's deep commitment to corporate social responsibility, including philanthropy, Hasbro is helping to build a safe and sustainable world for future generations and to positively impact the lives of millions of children and families every year. It has been recognized for its efforts by being named one of the "World's Most Ethical Companies" and is ranked as one of Corporate Responsibility Magazine's "100 Best Corporate Citizens."Learn more at © 2012 Hasbro, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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This latest Bluefin sheet has a number of One Piece Figuarts Zero figures, as well as the new Soul of Chogokin Mazinger Z Deluxe Set, which is priced at $374.99 (saving you $65 off of the MSRP). It also includes Super Robot Chogokin Aquarion EVOL, Robot Damashii Altron Gundam and Dunbine, Armor Girls Project Gertrud Barkhorn and more.

We've just put up Impossible Toy's TRNS-03-Alicon. This figure is listed at $79.99. ... ode=retail

A second wave of Beast Saga figures has been announced. The third Kingdom - Sky - gets a Starter Set at $24.99, with new singles of BS16 Gorilla, BS17 Crocodile, BS18 Rhinoceros and BS19 Turtle at $7.99 each. Finally, a new BS20 Deluxe Starter set with two new figures from each of the three Kingdoms along with other game items is listed at $59.99. ... Beast+Saga

We have listed a wide variety of this year's SDCC exclusives, with more yet to come. The list currently contains items from Hasbro, NECA, Mattel, Gentle Giant and more, with items such as the Clear City Hunter Predator, the living dead dolls Resurrection Series 06 Set, the return of Jem and other great items.

HOT TOYS will be releasing a 1/6 scale figure of the Amazing Spider-Man from the current movie. It is set to come with a number of weblines, alternate hands, a Peter Parker head sculpt and more, and is priced at $189.99, $15 off the MSRP. ... ode=retail

Two new Asian exclusive Alternity figures have been announced. The Nissan Fairlady Z has been redecoed for Galvatron, as has the Okamora Orochi for Bludgeon; we have each of these figures up for pre-order at $134.99. ... +Exclusive

The Bounty Hunter subline continues with the Trandoshan, Bossk. He comes with interchangeable hands and feet as well as his grenade launcher and is listed at $149.99, $10 off the MSRP. ... ode=retail

Syco Collectibles is releasing a 10" statue of the former Apple leader, Steve Jobs. it shows him standing atop a chunk of keyboard and is listed at $99.99. For every statue sold, Syco will donate $20 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, as will BBTS, so you can rest assured that your purchase is going for a great cause. ... ode=retail

Yamato's new motorcycle goes above and beyond other vehicles - this piece is to the level of a museum piece and can be almost completely disassembled through removal of real nuts and bolts so that you can customize it whatever way you'd like. It includes over 1600 pieces, and we have it listed at $1129.99, $70 off the MSRP. ... ode=retail

McFarlane Toys has just announced a new three-pack of LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade in their Championship outfits. This set also includes a replica of the trophy, and is listed at $34.99. ... ode=retail

The Man of Steel will soon be available to join your collection in the form of this life-sized bust. It stands 30" tall by 20" wide and 9" deep and shows superman atop a Krypton-styled silver pedestal. This piece is listed at $649.99, $30 off of the MSRP. ... ode=retail

Captain America's nemesis also gets a life-size bust this time around. He is sculpted in his dress uniform with a (removable) filtered cigarette, and his bright blue eyes peering out of his sockets. This piece is listed at $579.99, $20 off the MSRP. ... ode=retail

Wanda Maximoff is sure getting a lot of attention lately. Her newest piece is this 19" figure complete with a cloth costume and poseable cape. It comes with an Avengers display base and is listed at $339.99, $10 off the MSRP. ... ode=retail

The Scarlet Witch is also getting a 14" Variant Website Exclusive Statue with her cape unfurled high around her; this is listed at $249.99. We also have a Faux Bronze 12" Deadpool Website Exclusive at $249.99 and a Cable Classic 12" Statue at $264.99. ... el+Statues

This new statue should last even longer than the game's development cycle! It stands 16" tall and shows Duke with his golden pistol and shrink ray. This statue is listed at $284.99, $15 off the MSRP. ... ode=retail

Sideshow is also releasing a 20" statue of the Wolf Predator from "Aliens Vs Predator: Requiem". It is loaded with detail and includes both masked and unmasked heads. We have this item priced at $289.99, $10 off the MSRP. ... ode=retail

Two characters from Devil May Cry 3 art getting the Play Arts Kai treatment as well. Dante and his brother Vergil are both up for pre-order, priced at $69.99 each. ... +Cry+3+Kai

NECA is releasing a new series based on the classic horror movies. The first assortment includes regular and battle-damaged versions of Jason, each with a removable mask and weapons. We have the set of two listed at $32.99, or you can go for the case of 8 (packout to be determined) at $117.99, and save $24 off the MSRP. ... riday+NECA

NECA is also releasing a third assortment of Freddy figures. This time it includes Dream Warriors Freddy and Dream Child Freddy. Each figure comes loaded with accessories and we have the set of two listed at $32.99, or the case of 8 (packout TBD) at $117.99, once again saving you $24 off the MSRP. ... +Series+03

Two new listings are up for pre-painted model kits from the Dark Knight Rises. Batman and Bane are each available now, priced at $109.99 apiece. ... tman+Model

Shinji's EVA unit is getting its own RAH figure. it will come with two different plug units, a the charging plug, a prog knife, a rife, an AT field that it can be posed forcing open, multiple hands and more. It will measure about 15.3" tall, and we have it listed at $299.99. ... ode=retail

PBM is releasing a Modern Sonic statue to go with their other Sonic releases. It shows the Hedgehog in a running pose and comes in the Regular version at $189.99 or a set of the Regular and Exclusive (with light-up base) versions for $419.99. ... nic+Modern

A number of new Bandai Japan exclusives are up for pre-order. These include an Akiba Ranger Mask Collection at $83.99, a Kamen Rider Fourze S.H. Figuarts Power Dizer at $208.99, a 1/144 scale ReZEL Type C General Revil Custom Machine at $59.99 and more.

We have a second "The Rise of the Planet of the Apes" figure coming soon. This time it is Koba, and we expect it to have the same type of extras as Caesar. We have Koba listed at $24.99. ... ode=retail

Yamato has announced a new die-cast upgrade of the Shield Liger DCS-J. It is loaded with articulation and weapons and is listed at $288.99, $10 off the MSRP. ... ode=retail

The latest release in this line is the Shadow Fox. This black Zoid looks similar to the Lightning Saix, complete with the laser cannon on its back. We have this one listed at $68.99. ... ode=retail

This new figure is made almost entirely from die-cast materials. It includes a flying stand and light-up eyes, and is listed at $114.99. ... ode=retail

The upcoming DC wave of Heroclix focuses on Batman and his friends and foes. We have the ClixBrick (with 8 regular boosters and one Super Booster, like the recent Giant-Size X-Men assortment) at $124.99, a Case of 2 ClixBricks at $224.99, a Gravity Feed Box of 24 Singles with new dials at $64.99 and a Fast Forces 6-Pack at $15.99. ... lix+Batman

WizKids is branching out to yet another license with their latest announcement. This Gravity Feed box of 24 will include 12 figures from Brotherhood and 12 from Revelations, and is listed at $64.99. ... ode=retail

This new figure by Spiderweb includes a full outfit as well as a ceremonial robe and a suit of armor, in addition to his quarterstaff, alternate hands and more. We have this figure listed at $199.99 ... ode=retail

This expansion set requires the original set to play, and adds the Romulan Empire as a third play option. It includes 12 new Romulan Ships and adds new play mechanics and more. We have this set listed at $44.99. ... ode=retail

We have listed a number of new GI Joe and Transformers G1 t-shirts from Freeze. We have them available in sizes Medium to XXL, and they are priced at $15.99 - $16.99 each. Old-school fans won't want to miss out on these new tees. ... ze+t-shirt

Four new Tonner dolls are up for pre-order. For DC we have the Steampunk #1 Wonder Woman, priced at $174.99, while Tron Legacy brings us Sam Flynn, Quorra and Gem, priced at $179.99, $174.99 and $174.99 respectively. ... rch=Tonner

In addition to the new Nerf DT Sharp Shot Blaster at $10.99, the Vortex Pyragon Blaster at $49.99 and the Vortex Ammo Belt Kit at $15.99, Nerf has announced a new line. These sports items require the special Frames ($7.99), which cause the balls to glow with bright lights day or night. We have the Hyper Bounce Ball at $11.99, the Nerfoop Basketball set at $17.99 and the Football at $23.99. ... earch=Nerf

Flirty Girl is putting out armor sets that will fit a wide variety of 1/6 scale bodies. These suits include 20 separate armor pieces and come in grey, white, red and gold and are priced at $94.99. ... irty+Armor

A wide variety of new 1/6 scale items are now up for pre-order. We have PMC figures, skulls, Realtree Camo Hunting clothing, an Afghanistan walls environment, Mens fashion suits and more -- be sure to take a look at the items at the link for more information.


This piece shows Darth Vader as he appears on Bespin, complete with a staircase illuminated by an orange glow. He stands with his lightsaber out and cape unfurled; we have this piece listed at $224.99, $25 off the MSRP. ... ode=retail

Our first shipment of Fall of Cybertron figures has arrived. This case assortment includes three each of Optimus prime and Jazz and two of Shockwave, and is priced at $104.99. We also have the Set of three available, priced at $47.99. Finally, we have singles available of Optimus prime and Jazz, and each of these is listed at $15.99, so feel free to grab your favorite, or both. ... +Series+01

A large shipment of Arms Micron figures has arrived. We have stock available of AM-13 Knockout and AM-14 Vehicon at $37.99 each and AM-12 Breakdown and AM-07 Starscream at $59.99 each. ... egory=8098

We finally have this one in stock for the benefit of our domestic customers. Que comes with multiple weapons and is listed at $39.99. ... ode=retail

A new shipment of DefenderWorx items has arrived for customizing your car. We have License Plate Frames at $14.99 each, Aluminum Sunglasses at $297.99 each, Logo Badges at $10.99 and Hitch plugs at $52.99 each. ... orx&page=2

This assortment has finally arrived, and we have sets available of Psycho Bandit and Claptrap. The set of two is listed at $31.99, $6 off the MSRP. We also have singles of Psycho Bandit, priced at $14.99 each. ... egory=6757

For the benefit of our international and other customers we have obtained some of the new releases of the MOTU Classics line. This month includes Horde Prime, Snake Man-At-Arms and Griffin, and they are priced at $34.99, $34.99 and $54.99, respectively. ... e+Classics

We have received a number of 8 GB Flash Drives from InfoThink. We have Cap's Shield, Mjolnir, Iron Man's Helmet in either Red & Gold or Silver, Hulk's Fist and either Autobot or Decepticon Symbols in silver. We have each of these Avengers drives listed at $34.99, with the Transformers drives at $39.99 each. ... lash+Drive

Mr. Potatohead gets a new outfit tonight - Batman's, from the new movie! This figure wields a batarang and comes in the black and gold version of the suit; we have it listed at $19.99. ... ode=retail

This former exclusive is now available for purchase. Nick Fury comes with a SHIELD pin as well as three weapons, and is priced at $89.99. ... ode=retail

IF you missed out on this great figure during Free Comic Book Day, now is your chance to pick one up. We have them available now, priced at $5.99 each. ... ode=retail

This faux bronze statue of Lady Death is painted to resemble her original white skin color. She is limited to just 200 pieces worldwide, and is priced at $249.99, $49 below the MSRP. ... ode=retail

Joel & The BBTS Crew

SDCC 2012 Schedule Saturday July 14th - Sunday July 15th

Transformers News: SDCC 2012 Schedule Saturday July 14th - Sunday July 15th
Date: Monday, July 2nd 2012 10:22am CDT
Categories: Cartoon News, Comic Book News, Event News, Game News, People News
Posted by: El Duque | Credit(s): SDCC

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San Diego Comic-Con has posted the scheduled for Saturday, July 14th and Sunday, July 15th. The Transformers related panels are listed below, and the full schedules for each day can be found at the following:

Saturday July 14th
Sunday July 15th

Saturday July 14th

10:00-11:00 Activision Panel Featuring Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Video Game Talent— Legendary Transformers voice talent and game experts at developer High Moon Studios come together in one epic panel to discuss their roles in the upcoming Activision video game Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. Panelists include Peter Cullen (voice of Optimus Prime), Gregg Berger (voice of Grimlock), Nolan North (voice of Cliffjumper), and Matt Tieger (High Moon Studios game director). They'll give everyone an inside look into bringing your favorite characters to life in the making of the video game, as well as answer the questions you've been dying to ask. Room 7AB

11:30-12:30 IDW's Digital-First Comics— IDW is at the forefront of digital comics, bringing special new series to digital before they come out in print. Hear more about the making of digital blockbuster Transformers Autocracy, and learn more about new projects featuring Transformers, Star Trek and Memorial. Join an all-star cast featuring Chris Metzen (World of Warcraft, Transformers Autocracy), Flint Dille (Transformers Autocracy), Livio Ramondelli (Transformers), Mike Johnson (Star Trek), Chris Roberson (Memorial), John Barber (Transformers, G.I. Joe), Lorelei Bunjes (IDW Digital), and Jeff Webber (IDW Digital). Room 24ABC

1:00-2:00 Cartoon Voices I— Audiences flock each year to moderator Mark Evanier's panels of folks who supply the voices of your favorite animated characters. They demonstrate their craft and tell who they are and how they got into that bizarre line of work, and you'll hear a voice session happen right before your ears. This year's Saturday gathering features Matthew Mercer (ThunderCats, Resident Evil 6), Debi Derryberry (Jimmy Neutron, Monster High), April Winchell (Lilo & Stitch, The Legend of Tarzan), Steve Blum (Transformers, The Super Hero Squad Show), Fred Tatasciore (Kung Fu Panda, The Hulk), Jack Angel (Toy Story 3, G.I. Joe), and the legendary Chuck McCann. Room 6BCF

Sunday July 15th

11:30-12:45 Cartoon Voices II— It's the second of two panels this weekend featuring folks who supply the voices of your favorite animated characters. Moderator Mark Evanier will interrogate them about how they do what they do, ask them how they came to do what they do, and make them demonstrate what they do. Their ranks this time will include Dee Bradley Baker (American Dad, SpongeBob SquarePants), Rob Paulsen (Pinky and the Brain, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), Audrey Wasilewski (The Garfield Show, My Life as a Teenage Robot), Jim Ward (The Avengers, The Fairly OddParents), Gregg Berger (The Garfield Show, Transformers), and Misty Lee (The Garfield Show, Spider-Man). Room 6A

World Hobby Fair 2012 Transformers Prime Arms Micron Display

Transformers News: World Hobby Fair 2012 Transformers Prime Arms Micron Display
Date: Saturday, June 30th 2012 11:16am CDT
Categories: Cartoon News, Toy News, Event News
Posted by: El Duque | Credit(s): Autobase Aichi

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By way of their facebook page Autobase Aichi has posted images of Takara's Transformers Prime Arms Micron display for World Toy Fair 2012. Nothing new is revealed, but they had a nice display of figures from the line including the yet to be released AM-15 Darkness Megatron and various campaign Microns. Image mirrored below.




































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