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ROTF Soundtrack Song "21 Guns" by Green Day nominated for a MTV VMA

Transformers News: ROTF Soundtrack Song "21 Guns" by Green Day nominated for a MTV VMA
Date: Monday, August 10th 2009 7:33pm CDT
Categories: Live Action Movie News, People News, Digital Media News
Posted by: Delicon | Credit(s): Matteo, MTV

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The Transformers live action franchise has quickly developed a reputation for its star-studded soundtracks. Among others, Linkin Park's "The New Divide" and "What I've Done" and The Goo Goo Doll's "Hold On" have been majorly successful songs to be featured on a Transformers soundtrack.

Another such song is "21 Guns" by Green Day. For those of you who enjoy the song and its accompanying video, there is good news. 21 Guns has now officially been nomianted for "Best Rock Video" at MTV's Video Music Awards (also known as the VMA's)

To vote for 21 Guns, you may click here. - The Ultimate Transformers Resource!

Images from Hong Kong's Toys Open Day & Super Festival (Mark Ryan and much more)

Transformers News: Images from Hong Kong's Toys Open Day & Super Festival (Mark Ryan and much more)
Date: Sunday, August 9th 2009 8:50pm CDT
Categories: Event News, People News
Posted by: Delicon | Credit(s):, Real Devastator

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Views: 16,060 member Real Devastator has found some cool images on of Hong Kong's Toys Open Day & Super Festival.

You might remember that we reported that Transformers actor Mark Ryan (Bumblebee in TFTM and Jetfire from ROTF) would be making an appearance at this event.

Below you can see Mark signing an autograph at the festival, along with several other images from this fun event.

Re: Mark Ryan Hong Kong appearance and contest update
Re: Mark Ryan Hong Kong appearance and contest update
Re: Mark Ryan Hong Kong appearance and contest update
Re: Mark Ryan Hong Kong appearance and contest update
Re: Mark Ryan Hong Kong appearance and contest update

To view the rest of the images (and there are many) please click here. - The undisputed world-wide leader in Transformers coverage!

Gregg Berger - The King of Conventions?

Transformers News: Gregg Berger - The King of Conventions?
Date: Thursday, August 6th 2009 9:49pm CDT
Categories: Cartoon News, Event News, Site Articles, People News, Interviews
Posted by: Delicon | Credit(s): Auto Assembly 2009,

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There are many famous voice actors in the Transformers universe. Obviously, Peter Cullen (Optimus Prime and Ironhide), Frank Welker (Megatron, Soundwave, Galvatron and the cassettes), and Chris Latta (Starscream, Sparkplug and Wheeljack) are nothing less than iconic but for many fans Gregg Berger is just as legendary. Gregg has a very extensive resume but he's best known to Transformers fans as the voice of Skyfire, Outback, Long Haul and of course GRIMLOCK from the G1 Sunbow cartoon.

Gregg has been a very busy man in 2009, headlining at not one but THREE major conventions this year. The first was at Botcon 2009 in Pasadena, CA this May. I had the honor of being granted an interview with Mr. Berger at that time and he was a true class act. The topics included the most unusual items he has ever autographed, a breakdown of some of his current projects and of course some reminiscing about the old Sunbow cartoon among other things. You may read that interview here.

Roughly 2 weeks ago, Gregg was also one of the featured guests at the world famous San Diego Comic Con. While at SDCC, Gregg again took some extra time out for an interview, this time with Gregg kindly voices his opinions on the Shout Factory! G1 boxset and the live action Transformers movies, and of course a lot more. You may view the entire interview here.

Headlining at those 2 conventions would be impressive enough but Mr. Berger's appearance schedule still has one major stop ahead. This time, he will be heading to the United Kingdom for Europe's largest Transformers Convention, Auto Assembly 2009. The staff here at would like to applaud Gregg for everything he has done and continues to do for the many Transformers fans all over the world. Those of us who have been lucky enough to meet him feel very honored for that opportunity. The fans attending AA2009 are in for a treat, to say the least!

For more information on Gregg Berger, you may visit his official website and his myspace page. For serious booking inquiries, you may contact his representative Emily Danyel of Tri-Booking Management at and at 1 (310) 497-7994. -
If you like Transformers, you'll love us!

Mark Ryan Hong Kong appearance and contest update

Transformers News: Mark Ryan Hong Kong appearance and contest update
Date: Thursday, August 6th 2009 3:52pm CDT
Categories: Live Action Movie News, Event News, Press Releases, People News
Posted by: Delicon | Credit(s): Starfish P.R., Mark Ryan

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We'd like to thank Alison Mullin of Starfish P.R. for dropping us a line today. Alison is from the group that represents Transformers actor Mark Ryan and she provided us with a press release detailing some upcoming events involving Mark. One of the items mentioned is the "Behold the glory of Jetfire!" contest, which we originally reported on here.


Ryan will Appear at Hong Kong’s Toys Open Day & Super Festival and Announce Finalists in “Behold the Glory of Jetfire Contest”

Los Angeles, CA – August 4, 2009: Actor Mark Ryan, the voice of Bumblebee in “Transformers” and Jetfire in “Transformers Revenge of the Fallen,” is on his first visit to Hong Kong to promote his role in the blockbuster at Hong Kong’s Toys Open Day & Super Festival ( taking place August 8th through August 9th. This appearance also coincides with Ryan’s “Behold the Glory of Jefire” contest where fans were invited to submit creative content demonstrating their devotion to the character up unitl August 1st. Ryan will soon post the top 5 entries on his blog (Angel in the Dark). Fans are encouraged to vote for their favorite entry beginning August 10th until August 15. The two fan favorites will win collectible, SeaHope Transformers watches.

WHO: Mark Ryan (Transformers, Transformers Revenge of the Fallen)

WHAT: Toys Open Day & Super Festival

WHERE: Hong Kong International Trade & Exhibition Centre

Rotunda 3, 6/F HITEC.

1 Trademark Drive, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong

WHEN: August 8th & 9th, 2009:

• Times?

WHY: “Transformers” and “Transformers Revenge of the Fallen” have excited new fans and old fans alike since 2007. Ryan, who has been involved with the production since the original “Transformers”, holds a deep appreciation for the franchise and enjoys sharing his enthusiasm for the film with its loyal fan base worldwide. Ryan will promote the film during his time in Hong Kong and by announcing the finalists in his “Behold the Glory of Jetfire” contest, which overwhelmed him with entries and showcased the creativity and passion of “Transformers” fans.

About Mark Ryan:

Mark Ryan worked on the original “Transformers” movie during production as the on-set voice of several robots prior to being cast in the final film as the voice of Bumblebee. He also voiced Ironhide and Hoist for the Activision video game based on the film and is currently doing more voice work for “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.” Ryan has been combining his acting, singing, writing and Action Direction talents in an eclectic and successful career ranging over 30 years.

# # #

For more information and all media inquiries regarding Mark Ryan, please contact Alison Mullin at 310-560-4049 - The trusted world leader in Transformers coverage!

Hasbro Studios announces new President

Transformers News: Hasbro Studios announces new President
Date: Tuesday, August 4th 2009 3:04pm CDT
Categories: Cartoon News, Press Releases, People News, Company News
Posted by: Delicon | Credit(s): Hasbro

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Back in June, we were pleased to report to you that HASBRO/Discovery Communications Joint Venture Television Network had announced their President/CEO as Margaret Loesche.

We have now learned that Hasbro Studios, which is the studio that will produce Habsro-related content for this new network has announced a new president of its own. Here is an excerpt from Hasbro's official press release.

PAWTUCKET, R.I.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Hasbro, Inc. (NYSE:HAS - News) announced today that prominent international production and distribution television executive Stephen J. Davis has been named President of the Company’s newly-formed, Los Angeles-based Hasbro Studios. The “virtual” studio will produce shows based on Hasbro’s world class brands, deliver new branded content and produce programs from top third party content creators. Many of these shows will run on the new television network created by the joint venture between Hasbro and Discovery Communications (NASDAQ: DISCA - News, DISCB - News, DISCK - News), that is planned to debut Fall 2010, as well as on multiple channels in international markets.

Davis will begin work in September, leading a team of internal and external creative talent in a wide-range of genres, including animated, live-action and game show programming, as well as content designed for digital and mobile extensions.

New programming is planned based on brands such as ROMPER ROOM, TRIVIAL PURSUIT, SCRABBLE, CRANIUM, MY LITTLE PONY, G.I. JOE, GAME OF LIFE, TONKA and TRANSFORMERS, among many others.

You may view the complete press release here. Trust us for all your Transformers news and resources! interviews Arcee bike creator Will Kenefick of RetroSBK

Transformers News: interviews Arcee bike creator Will Kenefick of RetroSBK
Date: Monday, August 3rd 2009 7:59pm CDT
Categories: Live Action Movie News, People News, Interviews
Posted by: Skowl | Credit(s): William Kenefick,

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Views: 70,622 news crew member (and resident motorcycle enthousiast) Skowl recently spoke with Will Kenefick, the owner of RetroSBK, and the creator of the three Arcee motorbikes (Arcee, Chromia & Flareup) from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen about his experience working on the Transformers movie sequel.

Mr. Keneficks provides some behind-the-scenes details of his experience working with Dreamworks and Michael Bay - and what it was like to have his work become firmly established as part of the Transformers universe. He also reveals that some pieces from one of the bikes will be put up for auction, and the money will go to charity - so stay tuned to for more on that!

Thank you to William Kenefick and his staff for granting us the interview!

Skowl: How long have you been building custom bikes?

RetroSBK: I built my first custom bike at 7 years old with the help of my father, but my first REAL custom bike was named Isabella, in 1996. She was a Ducati Monster 900, and won the Del Mar Concours d’elegance. interviews Arcee bike creator Will Kenefick of RetroSBK
Chromia - Suzuki B-King

Skowl: How and when were you approached about working on Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen?

RetroSBK: Early in 2008, with a phone call. I spent the first five minutes of the call trying to figure out who was pulling my leg. They had seen my work in a magazine. interviews Arcee bike creator Will Kenefick of RetroSBK

Skowl: How much did you know about Transformers beforehand?

RetroSBK: I grew up playing with the Transformers toys and watching the cartoons. Loved them when I was a kid, but when I discovered girls and cars and motorbikes, I think all that went out the window. I hadn’t even seen the first movie, after having been so disappointed with some of the other adaptations from my youth. Needless to say, I watched it, and loved it, the day after my first meeting with Dreamworks. interviews Arcee bike creator Will Kenefick of RetroSBK

Skowl: Is this the first time your bikes have been used in a movie?

RetroSBK: No, bikes I have built have been used in other movies and television shows in the past. interviews Arcee bike creator Will Kenefick of RetroSBK

Skowl: Does your company have any forthcoming marketing tie-ins that relate to the Transformers film?

RetroSBK: Dreamworks and Michael Bay are extremely protective about the characters in the movie, and rightfully so. We don’t have any direct tie ins with the movie, however they have been very accommodating with any requests we have had. All in all this is a VERY enthusiastic group of people, and they take the TF2 brand very seriously. interviews Arcee bike creator Will Kenefick of RetroSBK

Skowl: What information, if any, were you given about the bike characters before you started working on them? Rumour is the bike characters were meant to combine but it was cut from the film, were you told about that?

RetroSBK: I was given pretty much the low down on the bikes and the big plan for them. I cant comment on any rumors about the bikes or what they may or may not do. interviews Arcee bike creator Will Kenefick of RetroSBK
Arcee - Ducati 848

Skowl: We know you and your team worked long hours to get the bikes finished on time. How difficult was this project compared to your usual work?

RetroSBK: These bikes are more of a styling exercise, where the normal bikes we build are much more performance oriented. Our last bike was built in 4 weeks for my television series, taking more than 400 man hours to complete. The unique thing for me was these really were the first bikes with such unreal paint, and so much graphic detail. Our painter, Chris Wood, from AirTrix came up with new techniques just to do these bikes. interviews Arcee bike creator Will Kenefick of RetroSBK

Skowl: What was your level of involvement in the process? Were you given creative liberties with the look of the motorcycles, or was it strictly a "build this for us" thing?

RetroSBK: We weren’t given any, but we still took some. Having our painter, who is the best in the world, we were able to do things that the guys who work in CGI full time couldn’t believe were possible. Usually the CG is far beyond the ability of the real world, but not in this case.

We did work on other scenes in the movie, supplying many of the bikes in the “Mikes Custom Cycles” scene with Meagan Fox painting the bike. That was another scene where we brought in our painter, Chris Wood, to consult, and he worked the entire day teaching her how to airbrush and setting up the shot. Funny part is that in the “goofs” sections on the IMDB website, it says that the airbrush is being held sideways and wouldn’t work, but it’s a very special airbrush that Chris actually uses, and works on its side, just as he showed her to use.

There were other things we had our hand in as well, and it was a great time, and a great way to express ourselves. interviews Arcee bike creator Will Kenefick of RetroSBK

Skowl: How do you feel about the motorbikes being female Transformers?

RetroSBK: Its great! How could you not like a beautiful, fast woman! Even if she is made out fo metal...

Skowl: Were you disappointed by the little amount of screen time your motorcycles had in the movie?

RetroSBK: Actually, I was quite happy with it. Knowing where the movie was shot, and where it takes place, the bikes play a pivotal role in the opening sequence, and have the most beautiful shot in the entire movie, the dolly around the newly introduced characters. That shot really showed just how beautiful the bikes came out. Motorcycles don’t go to well on the desert sand, so I knew the time would be limited, but there is always TF3! interviews Arcee bike creator Will Kenefick of RetroSBK

Skowl: We heard Michael Bay say he wanted to kill-off the bike characters because he didn't like them - how did that make you feel?

RetroSBK: I thought it was awesome! I knew how much he liked the bikes, he really went out of his way to tell me how pleased he was with the bikes in person, so I knew he was doing his thing about keeping the fans on their toes.

I got to hang our with Bay, under his canopy in Bethlehem, and it was a great experience. He actually inspired me to direct, and produce, both of which I have started to do in film and television. Despite his reputation, he is a genuine guy, and a perfectionist. Bring him perfection and he is thrilled, anything less doesn’t meet with his approval, and you suffer the wrath of Bay! interviews Arcee bike creator Will Kenefick of RetroSBK

Skowl: We've seen plenty of the other new Transformers vehicles (Trax, Beat, Volt, Stingray concept) in car shows and photo ops leading up the film's release - but we never saw the bikes anywhere, why is that?

RetroSBK: We worked VERY hard to keep it that way. The ONLY thing that wasn’t leaked in the movie, the ONLY real surprise was Arcee. It was great! In that part of it, reading the forums, and the speculation about the bikes and some of the plot lines about them was awesome, I loved it. The best part was the huge amount of mis-information that was out there about the bikes. Honestly, they generated such an enormous amount of press pre-release that it made it really hard to hide. interviews Arcee bike creator Will Kenefick of RetroSBK
Flareup - MV Augusta F4

Skowl: Do you know how Michael Bay felt about doing action scenes with motorbikes? Bikes can be very dangerous, were you comfortable with the stunt crew pushing your bikes to such limits?

RetroSBK: The real limits that these bikes keep are MUCH higher than the stunt guys can push them to on the set. These are race bred motorcycles, and I have ridden each of them on the track and street, although not THESE bikes. You can go MUCH harder and much faster than the camera can get to do the stunt orient shots. I think Bay was enamored with the bikes from the get go, and wanted to use them more, but the story takes on a life of its own and just grows and grows. So some of the “good stuff” gets trimmed for other “good stuff.” interviews Arcee bike creator Will Kenefick of RetroSBK

Skowl: Speaking of pushing the bikes to the limit, we heard about one of the motorcycles crashing while filming in Bethlehem, PA - what happened?

RetroSBK: It was just a simple low speed miscue. No one was hurt, but maybe a bit shaken up. Part of riding is falling down sometimes, and the rider wasn’t quite prepared. Quite a bit of damage was done to the bike, but it was quickly fixed, and we had a backup bike as well. We actually have the crash damaged pieces of the bike, and will be auctioning them off for charity and other fund raisers over the next few months. A good chance to own a bit of the REAL movie and help some great causes, like the Pediatric Brain Tumor foundation. interviews Arcee bike creator Will Kenefick of RetroSBK

Skowl: Have you seen any of the Hasbro toys based on your bikes yet? What do you think of them? One of them has a Burger King kids meal toy, what do you think of that?

RetroSBK: I think the toys are awesome! We did use some special race type parts on the bikes, Leo Vince Exhaust, SpeedyMoto triple clamps and race parts, CRG levers, and Pirelli tires. They carried over most of the parts to the toys and the models, which is great to all of us!

Skowl: And finally, who is your favorite Transformers character?

RetroSBK: Arcee of course!

The Ark Addendum: The Shadow Emperor, Scorponok.

Transformers News: The Ark Addendum: The Shadow Emperor, Scorponok.
Date: Tuesday, July 28th 2009 7:29am CDT
Categories: Cartoon News, People News
Posted by: Dead Metal | Credit(s): Jim Sorenson

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Jim Sorenson updated his blog Disciples of Boltax with a new set of character models for an episode of the Japanese Transformers: The Headmasters anime show. This time it's the animation models for the reporters and staff of the Solar-1 Satellite from the episode "The Shadow Emperor, Scorponok" in this episode Scorponok does his first move after becoming leader of the Decepticons after Galvatron's demise.

To view the original article with all character models please click the image!
The Ark Addendum: The Shadow Emperor, Scorponok.

Stay tuned to for all your Transformers related news!

Michael Bay on the Dinobots: "I hate them."

Transformers News: Michael Bay on the Dinobots: "I hate them."
Date: Monday, July 27th 2009 3:41pm CDT
Categories: Live Action Movie News, Rumors, People News, Interviews
Posted by: First Gen | Credit(s): Alienbot of TFW2005

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According to a post by member Alienbot, Empire Magazine will be featuring a piece on Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Director Michael Bay in its September 2009 issue.

Michael Bay was quoted in the post as saying this about the possible introduction of the Dinobots for Transformers 3:

"They've never been discussed [for inclusion]" stated Bay. "I don't like them. Actually, I hate them."

Could the director of the 10th most domestically grossing film in movie history be throwing us an early "misinformation" loop well before production of the third film begins? Let us know what you think by clicking Discuss this topic above.

Keep your optics locked, right here at, your Ultimate Transformers Resource!

Furman Talks Transformers Nefarious from Comic Con

Transformers News: Furman Talks Transformers Nefarious from Comic Con
Date: Sunday, July 26th 2009 8:40pm CDT
Categories: Comic Book News, Live Action Movie News, People News
Posted by: First Gen | Credit(s): Simon Furman

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Views: 9,549

Transformers scribe Simon Furman took some time out of his busy convention schedule to post an update regarding his involvement in the new IDW Publishing story arc Transformers Nefarious.

In his usual manner, he gives great details about the scope of the coming series without getting spoilerific. He also promises to give us some in depth character development and maybe a bonus surprise or two.

Check out his blog entry by clicking here.

Auto Assembly 2009: Final Single Day Tickets Released

Transformers News: Auto Assembly 2009: Final Single Day Tickets Released
Date: Sunday, July 26th 2009 1:32pm CDT
Categories: Toy News, Event News, People News
Posted by: First Gen | Credit(s): Auto Assembly 2009

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Views: 10,557

UK Transformers Convention Auto Assembly has forwarded new information regarding the impending release of the last of the single day tickets available for the event. Here's what they had to share:

With Just 20 days to go before Auto Assembly 2009, we are now releasing the FINAL batch of single day tickets for those of you unable to attend for the full weekend...!

We have now released a further 45 single day passes for the Saturday and Sunday and once these have sold out, the only way you will be able to get a one-day pass will be as an on-the-door attendee and these will be sold on a first come, first served basis subject to availability. We do have plenty of full weekend passes available still and these are not subject to any restrictions on sales numbers so if you want a full weekend pass you still have time to book these, but as the convention is getting closer, you don't want to miss out...

The cut-off dates for pre-registrations are looming ever closer and for those of you living within the UK, you MUST get your bookings in by 10th August 2009 to allow us enough time to process them and post your passes out to you. If you live outside of the UK, we are recommending that you book no later than 3rd August. Any later and we can not be held responsible for delays in the postal system.

If you wish to collect your passes on the weekend itself in person, we will be looking into this for WEEKEND ATTENDEES ONLY but please contact us to discuss this.

Single day attendees will get access to the FULL convention on your chosen day including all the dealers, workshops, all the guest talks, FREE autograph sessions, our goodie bags, and everything else that weekend attendees have. However, weekend attendees gain earlier admission to the convention and have access to the exclusive Saturday evening programme with our voice actor script reading, live band and disco and the bonus Friday evening programme. Single day passes are just £25 for adults and £18 for children/concessions.

Full weekend tickets are still available and are £45 for adults and £35 for children/students/senior citizens with under 5s being FREE. Family tickets (2 adults and 2 children) are just £145 saving £15. Don't miss out on your chance to be a part of what is going to be a great weekend celebrating 25 years of the Transformers!! The convention is already about to break the European attendance record from pre-registrations alone so isn't now the time you should be a part of it?!

Finally, our main convention hotel is now FULL for the Saturday night for accommodation so we have now moved onto an overflow hotel nearby and are also investigating a THIRD for accommodation. If you are travelling and do need somewhere to stay, we can't stress the urgency now of booking sooner rather than later to get somewhere to stay as well as your ticket for the event! Hotel details will be sent with your booking confirmation. The Holiday Inn, and our overflow hotel have ample rooms for the Friday and Sunday evenings but Saturday is only available in the overflow hotel.

For full details on Auto Assembly 2009 and to book your tickets, visit the website at

Simon Plumbe
Auto Assembly 2009

Auto Assembly 2009 is a non-profit making convention for fans of Transformers and is being held on 15th - 16th August 2009 at the Holiday Inn Birmingham City Centre, Birmingham, England.

Are you going to Auto Assembly? Meet with us at the Official Auto Assembly Meetup!

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