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Generations Autobot Wrecker Figures Now Available @ HTS

Transformers News: Generations Autobot Wrecker Figures Now Available @ HTS
Date: Tuesday, June 25th 2013 6:40pm CDT
Categories: Toy News, Store News
Posted by: Autobot032 | Credit(s): Autobot032, Hasbro Toy Shop, ZenPrime

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The Generations line has seen it's fair share of molds that are used and reused and given several different options for release. Generations Bruticus (and it's five components) are no different. We've seen Onslaught and co. in different color schemes throughout TF history, with their debut in 1986. With the newest incarnation of the Generations line, we see the Combaticons redesigned from top to bottom. No longer WWII vehicles and a space shuttle, now they're Cybertronian vehicles, the likes of which we hadn't seen before. First it was a redesign, then it was a redeco and it's been redecoed several times since. First, a retrospective of sorts...

Since mid 2012, the Generations Bruticus mold has seen various releases and designs:

So far, it's been used to create:

SDCC exclusive Bruticus, of course. (A game accurate deco.) (You can see the full gallery here) Generation 2 Bruticus

Retail Bruticus

And now they've been turned into...

Autobot Wrecker Ruination!

Generations Autobot Wrecker Figures Now Available @ HTS

And now you can be one step closer to owning Ruination with the four limb robots now available for sale at Hasbro Toy Shop! (Unfortunately, the fifth and final robot, Impactor (based on the Onslaught mold) is currently not available. Please keep checking back on the HTS site so you can order him once he becomes available.)

(NOTE: You can click on any of the images below to be taken to that product's ordering page.)

The Whirl figure is based off of the Vortex mold.Generations Autobot Wrecker Figures Now Available @ HTS

The Topspin figure is based off of the Blast Off mold.Generations Autobot Wrecker Figures Now Available @ HTS

The Twin Twist figure is based off of the Brawl mold.Generations Autobot Wrecker Figures Now Available @ HTS

The Roadbuster figure is based off of the Swindle mold.Generations Autobot Wrecker Figures Now Available @ HTS

And the missing member, Impactor
Generations Autobot Wrecker Figures Now Available @ HTS

All figures come with new weapons, new paint decos and newly designed heads. All are priced @ $14.99 and they're available to ship right now @

Can't wait to get the figures, gonna be buying? Check out the pics, links and our Bruticus galleries! Feel free to join the discussion and give us your thoughts and comments.

Keep your optics tuned to for the latest in news and updates, and the best galleries around!

First Look at Platinum Edition Grimlock?

Transformers News: First Look at Platinum Edition Grimlock?
Date: Monday, June 17th 2013 6:26pm CDT
Category: Toy News
Posted by: El Duque | Credit(s): lena81822

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Here's another interesting listing from eBay seller lena81822, what appears to be our first look at the Platinum Edition Transformers Fall of Cybertron Voyager Grimlock. Back during Toy Fair 2013 we were told by Hasbro representatives that we could expect a Platinum Edition set featuring a redeco of Transformers Generations Voyager Grimlock and Bruticus. We've mirrored the images from the auction below, along with some comparison images of Takara Tomy's TG-19 Grimlock. Note the differences in the gold and lack of red on this figures abdomen among other deco differences.

First Look at Platinum Edition Grimlock?

First Look at Platinum Edition Grimlock?

First Look at Platinum Edition Grimlock?

First Look at Platinum Edition Grimlock?

First Look at Platinum Edition Grimlock?

First Look at Platinum Edition Grimlock?

First Look at Platinum Edition Grimlock?

First Look at Platinum Edition Grimlock?

First Look at Platinum Edition Grimlock?

First Look at Platinum Edition Grimlock?

First Look at Platinum Edition Grimlock?

First Look at Platinum Edition Grimlock?

First Look at Platinum Edition Grimlock?

For comparison here are images of TG-19 Grimlock:

First Look at Platinum Edition Grimlock?

First Look at Platinum Edition Grimlock?

The Hunt is On - Transformers Prime Beast Hunters UK Tour

Transformers News: The Hunt is On - Transformers Prime Beast Hunters UK Tour
Date: Wednesday, June 12th 2013 6:46am CDT
Categories: Cartoon News, Event News, Press Releases, Digital Media News
Posted by: Va'al | Credit(s): Habro UK, Bite Global

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This is for all the UK fans out there (or disgruntled Brits, as we call ourselves): Hasbro and Bite Global are partnering up this summer to take the Optimus Prime truck on tour around the country, in order to promote the Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters series and line. Read the following press release for more information!

The Hunt is On - Transformers Prime Beast Hunters UK Tour

“A new fearsome faction of TRANSFORMERS beasts has arrived on earth to threaten the AUOTBOTS, who must now evolve into BEAST HUNTERS to fight them…”

To celebrate the launch of the new TRANSFORMERS PRIME BEAST HUNTERS, the OPTIMUS PRIME truck is embarking on a UK tour where fans will get the chance to ‘choose their side’ and discover the new range.

Based on the third season of the Emmy Award-winning animated series TRANSFORMERS PRIME, TRANSFORMERS PRIME BEAST HUNTERS, the AUTOBOTS face off against both the DECEPTICONS and an unprecedented new foe: the dragon-like PREDACONS, led by the spectacular PREDAKING character! Hasbro’s 2013 TRANSFORMERS PRIME product line will be based on the new BEAST HUNTERS story and will feature many of the new PREDACON characters as well as new designs for favourite characters like OPTIMUS PRIME, BUMBLEBEE and more.

Accompanying the replica of the AUTOBOTS leader will be an interactive TRANSFORMERS Station that will showcase the new range of BEAST HUNTERS toys alongside viewings of the thrilling new DVD series TRANSFORMERS PRIME, digital play areas and the opportunity for fans to have a customisable picture taken with OPTIMUS PRIME and the new BEAST HUNTERS against a green screen.

The OPTIMUS PRIME truck and TRANSFORMERS Station will be at the following events this Summer:
Royal Highland Show, Edinburgh: 20th-23rd June
Fairford Airshow, Swindon: 20th-21st July
Sunderland Airshow: 27th-28th July
Bristol Airshow: 8th-11th August
Lollibop, London: 16th-18th August
Bournemouth Show: 29th August-1st September

For more information on the OPTIMUS PRIME truck and TRANSFORMERS Station, please contact / 020 8741 1123

The Hunt is On - Transformers Prime Beast Hunters UK Tour

The Hunt is On - Transformers Prime Beast Hunters UK Tour

With the same press release, another piece of information has been revealed, concerning the release of what appears to be series three of Transformers Prime (though confusingly named Series One).

Also coming this Summer is the new TRANSFORMERS PRIME: SERIES ONE – DECEPTICONS UNLEASHED on DVD. The latest series sees the Transformers face their toughest challenge yet in their quest to save OPTIMUS PRIME - a must-see for any Transformers fan! The DVD is available at all major retailers and via digital download from June 24th, priced at £10.99.

New Galleries: Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Voyager Ultra Magnus and Grimwing

Transformers News: New Galleries: Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Voyager Ultra Magnus and Grimwing
Date: Monday, May 20th 2013 4:47pm CDT
Categories: Site News, Toy News
Posted by: El Duque

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The Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Galleries roll on! Today we have the latest two figures from the Voyager Class, Ultra Magnus and Grimwing!

Ultra Magnus makes brilliant use of the Transformers Prime Robots in Disguise Voyager Optimus Prime mold with extensive retooling, new colors, and accessories, which include the Forge of Solus Prime. This retool works especially well since so many fans use the First Edition Voyager Optimus Prime in their displays.

Grimwing is the latest addition to the Predacon ranks. According to the Transformers panel at Toy Fair earlier this year Grimwing is an Ursagrpyh, rather than a generic dragon. He comes with Blackbeak, a semi sentient weapon/drone.

Enjoy the full galleries by clicking any of the images or links found below:

Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Ultra Magnus

Re: New Galleries: Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Deluxe and Voyager Class

Re: New Galleries: Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Deluxe and Voyager Class

Re: New Galleries: Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Deluxe and Voyager Class

Re: New Galleries: Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Deluxe and Voyager Class

Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Grimwing

Re: New Galleries: Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Deluxe and Voyager Class

Re: New Galleries: Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Deluxe and Voyager Class

Re: New Galleries: Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Deluxe and Voyager Class

Re: New Galleries: Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Deluxe and Voyager Class

Official Image of Metroplex's Legends-Sized Companion: Scamper.

Transformers News: Official Image of Metroplex's Legends-Sized Companion: Scamper.
Date: Friday, May 17th 2013 12:34am CDT
Categories: Toy News, Sponsor News
Posted by: Mkall | Credit(s): BigBadToyStore

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Site sponsor BigBadToyStore has come into possession of an official picture of Titan Class Metroplex's diminuative sidekick, Scamper. This suggests that US preorders for this behemoth will go live fairly quickly. will, of course, inform you when the listing is live; but for now let us have a good look at the final accessory to the Titan that is Metroplex: Scamper.

Official Image of Metroplex's Legends-Sized Companion: Scamper.

Aligned Optimus Prime Truck Mode Concept Art

Transformers News: Aligned Optimus Prime Truck Mode Concept Art
Date: Wednesday, May 15th 2013 8:18am CDT
Category: People News
Posted by: El Duque | Credit(s): Ken Christiansen

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Our friend Ken Christiansen dropped by to let us know Hasbro has given him permission to share and discuss some of his concept work for the Aligned Continuity. First up, we have his design for Optimus Prime's alt mode, which was featured in Transformers Vault: The Complete Transformers Universe. His main goal for this piece was to maintain the conventional cab style truck mode as seen in the live action movies.

Click here to visit Ken's blog, Bad Flip Productions, to read more. Ken can also be found on facebook at: Bad Flip Productions

Last but not least, don't forget to visit Ken at this year's BotCon Artist Alley!

Ken Christiansen wrote:The request was to keep him a long nose, as he now appears in the film series, and if I remember right, that was just about it. Of course I ventured the question. "I don't have to put those flames on him, do I?" But I did keep in line with the movie logic of the long nose, giving him more mass to work with in robot mode, and we added in a roof fairing over the extended cab to build it out even more.

Aligned Optimus Prime Truck Mode Concept Art Member Interview / Spotlight - alldarker

Transformers News: Member Interview / Spotlight - alldarker
Date: Wednesday, May 8th 2013 6:29pm CDT
Categories: Site Articles, Interviews
Posted by: Blurrz

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The member spotlights continue as my latest interview subject is a veteran site member from the Netherlands. Check out my interview with member alldarker, as we discuss everything from his devoted Generation One toy collection, to the new Generations Blitzwing and Springer, transitioning to IDW's Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye and even ending up at's browser game, Heavy Metal War!


Q - Hi alldarker, good to have you here! For those who don't know you all too well, mind giving us some of your history with a little Transformers Spotlight: alldarker?

Hey Blurrz, thanks for having me! Back in 1984, my family moved to England for a couple of years, so I went to school in England, right when Transformers hit. I was only 9, but I remember my first experience with Transformers well: a friend brought Grimlock to school and showed him off. I wanted to hold him myself, of course, so I bragged that I could transform him without instructions. It went pretty well, until I got to his chest. My friend eventually had to show me how his chest moved upwards. Man, Grimlock just looked so cool. Of course, for my next birthday I also asked my parents for a Transformer. I was actually allowed to pick one out myself, and I chose Thundercracker (although even my parents liked the look of Dinobots more). I still sort of regret that choice: I should have gone for Grimlock or Sludge... Although I did get Slag for Christmas a little later.

I have to admit, in those years I ended up being into M.A.S.K. more than into Transformers, so I never had many TF's back then, and the ones I did get were pretty lackluster (Groove, Skydive, Flywheels), so I sort of lost touch. I also did not follow any of the fiction back then, so the concept of 'Cybertronian modes' really put me off when Hasbro moved to original designs instead of the Diaclone-based real world vehicle alt modes. When I went to university, I only kept my M.A.S.K. collection, and my few Transformers all went to charity.

It was Beast Wars that got me back. Optimus Primal just looked so cool and poseable, and his gimmicks were incredible! I bought him and Polar Claw as my first two BW Transformers, and soon wanted more. This was of course way before the Internet was a thing, so with my free student travel-card I traveled all over the Netherlands (we had moved back in 1988) to find Beast Wars TFs. The Transmetals were even nicer than the first year toys, so I often went toy-hunting instead of studying...

This was actually around the time that it was becoming increasingly difficult to find consecutive lines of Transformers in Dutch shops: computer games and consoles were definitely starting to take over and Transformers were shelf-warming: you could often find first season Beast Wars figures on the pegs years after they'd been introduced, while new series were being ordered less and less. As a student I needed to graduate and it was becoming expensive to find new Transformers, so I once again stopped collecting.

The RiD Car Brothers amazed me when I first saw them: not only were they vehicles again, but they were highly poseable! I had to get them, at inflated prices, from an import store. They were however probably the only TF's I bought in the period between 20000 and 2007: it was a period in which I focused mostly on getting my degree and on finishing up my M.A.S.K. collection (both of which feats of which I am still proud).

Once again though, my interest was rekindled in 2007 by the TF movie. This time I had a job, so it was a lot easier to buy them, and toy stores were once again stocking up on Transformers for the first time in years. Although I did enjoy some of the movie molds, I realized that they weren't the Transformers of my youth (why wasn't Ironhide red!!!), and I started to browse the internet for the G1 Transformers that I'd always wanted but never had. One thing led to another and soon I'd started a pretty nice G1 collection, all the while finding new Transformers to want, including the Japanese-only G1 TF's which I had never realized were also seriously nice (and buying them whenever I had the chance and available resources). Since 2007, I've also finally gotten around to the fiction (cartoons and comics), which has really enriched my understanding of both characters and toys, and made me appreciate the whole Cybertronian aspect of TF's. Member Interview/Spotlight - alldarker
Alldarker's Star Saber

Q - You've amassed quite the large Transformers collection. Out of all the figures you own, which one is your favorite, and why?

A large collection... Well, when I look at other people's collections, some of which run into thousands, the size of my collection seems pretty average. I use to catalogue my collection, and it says I have about 350 figures: 300 of which are G1.

My favorite figure is one of the first ones I ever bought online: G1 Scorponok. He's got everything that makes any toy look good: he's big, he's got the Headmaster gimmick, he's got a 'secret' compartment, he's a base, he's a triplechanger. I'm sure I would have loved having this toy when I was a kid, but even as an adult I can marvel at his qualities. Funnily enough, it was only after I had received Scorponok that I even found out about the moving scorpion legs feature it has. And due to getting into the fiction at a relatively late stage, I only really found out about his important role in the G1 comics after I had gotten him. That knowledge added to his coolness: Scorponok is not only a great figure, but he's also a very interesting character, a Decepticon leader who redeems himself and is not just purely evil.

Scorponok was also the figure which made me appreciate the blockier 1987 Transformers a lot more: in fact the Headmasters (both big and small) have become my favorite subgroup. Ironic perhaps, considering it was those blocky, unrealistic, primary colored Transformers which turned me off Transformers back in 1987! Member Interview/Spotlight - alldarker

Q - I guess it is safe to ask, have you ordered Encore 23 Fortress Maximus? How much does it mean to you, for you to finally own this plastic beast? And despite how big Fort Max is, is there a holy grail of Transformers figures out there for you?

When word got out that an actual reissue of Fortress Maximus would be happening, like many others I was ecstatic. I'd never expected to ever own him; I'd never even tried to find one because the vintage ones available were always either too expensive, incomplete, broken or yellowed (and often all four of those at the same time). I'll be honest, I do actually already own the Maximus mold in the form of Brave Maximus, which made an aching desire for Fortress Maximus a bit less painful. Although Fortress Maximus has the extra accessories, Brave Max definitely wins out on the color scheme. However, I'm also slightly ashamed to say that my Brave Max is still tied up on the cardboard and factory fresh in my storage unit. That fate would definitely not happen to Encore Fortress Max, though...

So yeah, once pre-orders for Encore Fortress Maximus went up, I ordered him on day one of availability, back in October of last year. After those 5 months of waiting, I finally received him two weeks ago, and I'll tell you, I was looking forward to Fortress Maximus's arrival day like I used to look forward to my birthday when I was a kid!!! Finally being able to take him out of the box, seeing that beast up close, holding him and almost literally wrestling with him to transform him was just such a pleasure. I even enjoyed stickering him up: I find it makes you really get to know a Transformer and its details. And there's quite a lot to admire on a Transformer as big as he is! So Fortress Maximus is the first real hands on experience for me with his form. And he is just glorious. Member Interview/Spotlight - alldarker
Alldarker's Fortress Maximus!

Fortress Maximus was never really a 'holy grail of Transformers' though. I never expected to own him, but like I said, I also never really had the ambition to own him either, until he became readily available as a reissue. However, there are still a couple of Transformers which I'd really, REALLY love to own one day. They are actually all Japanese Transformers, which makes just finding them available in a good condition difficult, let alone for a price I'd be willing to pay. First of these is Dinoking. While I realize that even the sum of his parts still makes a puny combined Transformer, considering the money he goes for, I just love the dino-shells and the color schemes. Luckily, I do have Monstructor which is all sorts of fun in his own way (except that darn GPS), but having Dinoking alongside him... Oh yes, one day, I hope. And secondly, I'd love to acquire his boss, Deszaras (Deathsaurus). All that chrome, the Breastmasters... When I was young I would have found him completely ridiculous, but nowadays he's definitely a Transformer I'd be willing to lay down some cold hard cash for. Of course, if Takara would also consider reissuing those two... They'd certainly get my fond blessing and my money! Member Interview/Spotlight - alldarker
Deszaras Unleashed!

Q- You have quite the passion for Generation One toys, a passion that many fans here on this site can relate to. Most fans of the G1 series have translated their passion by making their collections more focused on the Classics figures. What made you stick with the G1 toyline? What role does the Classics/Universe/Generations and Masterpiece toylines play in your collection?

Yeah, Generation One has become my main collecting focus, but I do still very much appreciate the Classics/Universe/Generations/Henkei/United (and I hope I can be forgiven for using CHUG from here on!) toys that have been heavily inspired by G1, and also the Masterpieces.

When the CHUG toys first came out they just looked amazing. Finally Hasbro and Takara were giving a real tribute to the Generation One toys, and acknowledging both children AND the generations that had grown up in the '80's and '90's as customers.

I personally was especially interested in the Classic Seekers, which in my eyes were just a huge improvement on the Generation One jets (molds which to this day I just do not really enjoy). I managed to get Starscream, Ramjet and the Skywarp/Ultra Magnus set, before the whole Botcon Games of Deception fiasco disillusioned me into ever getting a complete set of Classics Seekers. So I sold them all off (including the Skywarp / UM set!) and invested in the six Henkei Seekers. Even so, I never really became a completionist with the Classics line, so I only ever picked out the molds that really caught my eye or looked like strong improvements on their vintage counterparts, like Tracks, Jazz, Blurr and Kup. But, to be honest there were many 'CHUG's I never bothered to find, often because I was happy enough with the G1 version. Actually, this is where I have to again complain about Hasbro's total and utter lack of decent distribution in the Netherlands and Europe. I know in the US Hasbro distribution is also pretty poor, but here in the Netherlands, we only ever saw some distribution of the first Classics and Universe waves. It meant that I needed to import stuff at double the cost one would pay in the US, and that sort of forces you to be pretty picky in the molds you want. On the other hand, importing the Takara versions from Japan usually wasn't that much more expensive than importing from the US, while (especially in the first years) the Takara versions often looked better (even with the chrome overdoses!).

I only got into the Masterpieces pretty late in the game. For a long time, the only Masterpiece I owned was the original Takara MP-07 Thundercracker, an incredible grown-up version of my own very first G1 Transformer. However, I never really fell for the first MP Optimus Prime or for Megatron, and in hindsight, I guess I made a wise choice in not getting them. I also never got any version of Grimlock; in fact the first time I was tempted by another Masterpiece was when the pre-orders for Rodimus Prime went up. I had a pre-order in, but cancelled it even before the first reports came out of its poor quality and fragile nature. Once again I felt I made the right choice in not investing in the MP line. Then, when first MP-10 was shown, and relatively soon afterwards MP-11 to MP-16, I was just amazed. They all looked like they'd just stepped out of their G1 box-art. And I just knew I needed them!

To be fair, I can actually totally understand the people who feel that CHUG and even more so Masterpieces have over-classed their vintage ancestors. Many G1 toys were bricks... But I guess they look better to me through the rose-tinted glasses of nostalgia. Without it, I'm sure I too would not find G1 Transformers very interesting any more. I guess I could compare it to the way I feel about Masters of the Universe. Some people grew up with them and still love Masters of the Universe toys. However, I never had any MotU toys as a kid, I never really enjoyed the cartoons and so personally, I just do not see the attraction.

But even though I had only a few Transformers when I was a kid, I do remember peering at the booklets showing all the toys, imagining how they'd al transform, how they'd look together, how they'd feel... And that still makes me love the original vintage Generation One toys to this day, as flawed as some most certainly are! I guess that's also the real attraction of the Masterpieces for me: they are like 3D images of the original box-art. They are the way the G1 'bricks' could only ever look in your wildest imagination. I guess Masterpieces are just a tribute to the man-child in each of us: with technology compensating the loss of our childish imagination that used to be able to make those G1 'bricks' come alive. The same goes for the Classics/Universe/Generations/Henkei/United/etc. toys: I like them because they are such creative re-imaginations of their G1 counterparts. Member Interview/Spotlight - alldarker
Henkei! Henkei!

Q - Great insight! Lets say there is a fan in the Netherlands, who got into Transformers in the 80's and 90's, but never really had interest in collecting toys until now. As a savvy collecting veteran, what would you suggest to them to help start them off?

Generally speaking, collecting Transformers in the Netherlands is always going to be a pricy hobby, due to having to import a lot of stuff, especially newer Transformers. Although we used to have brick and mortar Toys 'R' Us stores here, they have all gone, so there's not even access to the TRU exclusives, including the Masterpieces, which do incidentally shown up in the UK. In other toy stores, you'd be lucky to find one or two TFPrime Transformers, some Activators and Bot Shots... It's pathetic.

However, although Hasbro has very little presence in the shops here, there are still good opportunities for new Dutch collectors. On our Dutch version of Craigslists ( people do often offer interesting stuff from all era's of Transformers, sometimes for exorbitant prices, but sometime for very reasonable prices as well. Furthermore, twice yearly there are huge collectors fairs in Utrecht, which always include a whole hall dedicated to professional sellers of all sorts of good quality toys from past and present. Furthermore, the Dutch collectors community isn't huge and there are frequent get-togethers (like the B.O.T.S. Convention on June 9th in Aalsmeer), which also offer excellent opportunities for getting to know other fans and buying stuff. And of course there's eBay, which offers everything, although at a price. In the past, Dutch people have always been hesitant to get credit cards: even many shops and supermarkets do not accept credit cards here, but as far as I'm concerned, having a CC makes it a lot easier to acquire Transformers by way of the internet. And one more tip: despite some wonderful US-based internet retailers with access to almost every new Transformer that gets released from both the US and Japan, for us Europeans it's always going to be cheaper to import Japanese Transformers directly from Japan and Hong Kong, and US Transformers from the US! Member Interview/Spotlight - alldarker

Q- There are two figures that are showing up worldwide this month, and they are representations of characters that many fans have clamored for ever since the beginning of Classics in 2006. They are Blitzwing and Springer; what do you think of the two? Will you end up obtaining them?

That's an interesting question, to which I haven't got a definite answer. A couple of years ago would definitely have said yes. But nowadays, I am not so sure.

Firstly, G1 Blitzwing has always been a favorite toy of mine: he's probably the best G1 Triplechanger from that era, with both alt modes being recognizable real-life vehicles. However, I'm just not too keen on how the new version of Blitzwing looks. With what the Masterpieces have already shown us, I would have been hoping for some better defined alt modes, each one hiding away more of the other modes than what we have now. I've also read his reviews quite keenly, and it seems that Generations Blitzwing's quality control is a bit off. I guess that I might get him if he made to a brick & mortar store, but I'd don't think I'd take the trouble to import him through the internet.

The new Generations Springer definitely looks excellent from what I've seen, with both alt modes and the robot mode all very convincing. He really IS Springer, and I guess more so than FP Defender, which I did buy, and who looks good enough, but which does have some weird design issues. Again, the choice is influenced by how easy it will be to find him: I'd rather not pay over double US retail to get him to the Netherlands! But he's definitely tempting me the most out of these two.

I guess this question ties in with myself becoming less influenced by hypes that will take over in Transformers fandom. I've fallen victim to Transformers-hypes in the past, including buying early samples of the TFTM toys and several third party Transformers, just to be able to see what people were raving about. And as always, some hypes are justified, while some really just aren't.

I've found I've become a happier collector in relying more on my personal preferences and choices of molds to get, instead of depending on the hype of the month: I check out more reviews and judge new Transformers based on personal preferences, and based on that I decide which Transformers really appeal to me. I'm especially glad that I'm no longer a completionist when it comes to lines or series: not for G1, not for Masterpieces and not for Classics. It definitely makes collecting less stressful! Member Interview/Spotlight - alldarker

Q- That's certainly a hardy collecting mentality! One last set of toy related questions before we move on to other aspects of the fandom. There has been a craze going on recently, and I suppose it all started with the BotCon '11 set - that being G2 inspired repaints. Do you enjoy the effort put in from Hasbro and Takara, or are these just 'easy' repaints? Does G2 deserve the spotlight or is it better left in the dark?

Although I really couldn't appreciate the colorschemes back when it 'happened', G2 did have quite a strong presence in Europe. Even now, original G2 toys are easy to and cheap to find. As time went by, I've learned to like the gaudy colors: and despite the colors, some very fun toys were introduced back in those days.
So I have to admit I do actually really enjoy the new G2 repaints. And although I've never been to Botcon (but would certainly like to someday), I did get that 2011 Botcon set through eBay, and I feel it is actually a pretty good set (although many of the repaints aren't technically G2). I even picked up the Botcon Rapido/Cindersaur set due to liking both the original Rapido toy and the way they repainted the Universe Bluestreak mold into Timelines Rapido.

So yeah, in an age where repaints are pretty essential for making Takara and Hasbro's new molds economically viable, I certainly do approve of G2. Member Interview/Spotlight - alldarker
Alldarker's G2 Clench

Q - Do you have a favorite Transformers cartoon series? Specifically a favorite episode?

I'm ashamed to admit I've yet to watch either Animated or TFPrime, let alone the Armada, Energon and Cybertron cartoons (although I've understood they're best left unseen), so there's still some catching up to do. I've actually only ever watched the G1 cartoons and the Beast Wars cartoons in full, and I'm still working through Headmasters, so my answer to this question is based on a relatively limited back catalog.

The G1 cartoon holds a special place even despite all its flaws. Contrary to some, I always enjoyed the 'toy of the week' episodes, especially in season 2, which feature some of my favorite toys and characters. However, I recently started re-watching The Transformers, and I have to admit they are pretty exhausting to watch.

I guess the choice for favorite cartoon is still pretty easy though: Beast Wars is my absolute favorite Transformers series, and is still very easy to watch as an adult, with an excellent start in the first season, building up to a couple of very intense story arcs and featuring humor, excitement, tragedy, redemption and even romance. I guess my favorite episode is, perhaps slightly cliche'd: 'Code of Hero'. A painful but touching episode, especially for what is originally a children's cartoon. Member Interview/Spotlight - alldarker

Q - IDW has unleashed two highly acclaimed ongoing Transformers series, The Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye and The Transformers: Robots In Disguise. Which series do you prefer, and do you have a favorite issue so far?

I've been reading practically all the IDW releases since they started with 'Infiltration', and I'm keeping up by faithfully buying up the TPS as they are released. Last week I received volume three for both MTMTE and RID, so while I'm not exactly up to date, I'm never that far behind on what's happening (and I have to admit I do read spoilers on the various sites that review the comics month by month). However, reading the TPS makes it hard for me to point out a favorite issue: sometimes I'm just so engrossed in the story that I don't notice the issue change!

Now, I think most people will agree that not all of the IDW titles have been of the same constant quality. Quite a few titles have starting out strong, only to fizzle out in relatively lacklustre conclusions. However, as far as I'm concerned both MTMTE and RID have been on surprisingly long good streaks. When they first came forth from 'Ongoing' I was especially pleased with MTMTE. Right from the start this looked like a series that was really going somewhere, with a format that lends itself well to telling both short one-off stories and longer arcs, which to me seems beneficial to it longevity. Furthermore, it is using several characters that traditionally never got much attention before. I actually feel quite strongly about the relationship between toys and characters: strangely enough it can help me appreciate a toy even better if I get a feeling for the character it is portraying. I've also always found it interesting to see the way toys were formed into characters, and characters into toys, each influencing the other. So seeing quite a few underused Transformers get some 'prime' time (pun intended) is one of the things that keeps me very much invested in MTMTE. Apart from that, the way it is written is extremely entertaining: it is exciting, funny, cruel, gut-wrenching and at times it provides some good back story.

The Transformers: Robots In Disguise started off a bit more messy, I thought. It used characters that have always been more prominent in Transformers fiction, but especially in the first few issues it seemed that characters were behaving out of character. All in all, it took a bit more getting used to the story that was being told. However, Robots In Disguise definitely revealed a bigger, more intricate and exciting story as it went onward, and I'm actually pretty interested in how things will move on. Perhaps it's not the fastest moving story, but compared to how quickly and unconvincingly some earlier IDW titles wrapped up, this title is able to hold my attention.

Of the two, I guess MTMTE does have my preference, although I'm hoping both keep going strong and both are already riding high in my personal list of top IDW titles! Member Interview/Spotlight - alldarker

Q - Heavy Metal War. It is's browser game and you are one of the top players. Tell us how awesome it is to have the top character, and how fulfilling it is to among many other things, to be able to kick Burn's butt

Ah yes, I'd definitely hoped this question was coming! HMW: my greatest glory! February 11th 2006 was the fateful day I actually signed up with And it was primarily to give Heavy Metal Wars a shot!

I've played ever since that day, even after the giant server crash which deleted all progress, which reset everyone's scores and which ended the HMW careers of many old timers with maxed out scores. It was the reset that gave one of the biggest boost to my current position in the game. It reset the tables, allowing a fresh start for everyone. Then, in about 2010, I got an iPhone, which made regular deployments a whole lot easier. And in the last two years, even more regular players than myself have unfortunately dropped out of the game, real life catching up on them, but effectively removing a lot of top competition from the game. Becoming the numrber one player was for a very long time a seemingly unreachable goal, so it was incredibly fulfilling to finally make it after 7 years.

I'll be honest, HMW is not the most exciting game around, but at least it's cheaper than Farmville, and unfortunately at least as addictive. There was a time when you could say: well, the game itself pretty much sucks, but the fun half of the game is in slagging off other competitors on the HMW forum. Nowadays, again unfortunately, the HMW forums have become a lot less active, which really is a shame, because topics could get pretty heated. Due to its rather addictive nature, HMW players are still relatively active, but I think many would LOVE an upgrade of the game. There have of course been several ill-fated attempts at creating the legendary, multi-feature 'HMW version 2.0', but the instigators have usually ended up like Spinal Tap drummers: MIA. A real upgrade would however have benefits all around: the game would become more exciting, hopefully also for less OCD players than I've always been, it would be a unique selling point for and the HMW forums would liven up again. Right now, coming into the game is hardly worth it for competitive newcomers: catching up to the highest levels is practically impossible.

For me, the greatest joy in the game is currently most absolutely kicking Burn's ass around the room. It's not often you can have such fulfilling virtual interaction with a mod. In all honesty, Burn is enormously active in the HMW, both as a player and as a mod, and he is currently my biggest competitor, so it's no surprise he and I keep running into each others bots. I haven't kept score, but I'm guessing that we're probably each getting 50% of the wins in our matches... I'm also very glad he's doing a great (and probably thankless) job in doing what he can to keep the HMW alive, both the game and the HMW forum. But yeah... HMW 2.0 would be real nice! Member Interview/Spotlight - alldarker
Alldarker's Brave Maximus!

Q - Sadly our time has come to an end. I would like to say that this was certainly a very enjoyable interview! Any parting shots?

Thanks for having me! Nah, no parting shots, I think my answers are already tl;dr!!!


Previous Interviews - Counterpunch / El Duque / Razorclaw0000 / Va'al

Check out alldarker's flickr!

The Hub Rebranding to Hub Network

Transformers News: The Hub Rebranding to Hub Network
Date: Tuesday, May 7th 2013 10:04pm CDT
Categories: Cartoon News, Company News
Posted by: El Duque | Credit(s): Nick and More!

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Views: 24,597

Not the biggest news, but it appears The Hub is in the process of rebranding itself to Hub Network. This news reaches us from Nick and More!, who after doing a little internet sleuthing have found that is now registered to The Hub’s SVP Business and Legal Affairs Joshua Meyer. Nick and More! speculate the move may be to improve search engine optimization. No word on when the change will become official, they also revealed Hub Network's new logo.

The Hub Rebranding to Hub Network

Death's Head is Back, Full-Size, in Marvel Comics IRON MAN #9

Transformers News: Death's Head is Back, Full-Size, in Marvel Comics IRON MAN #9
Date: Thursday, May 2nd 2013 10:35am CDT
Categories: Comic Book News, Toy News, Rumors
Posted by: Va'al | Credit(s): Va'al, Burn, Marvel NOW!

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Do you remember Death's Head? The 30-foot tall robotic bounty hunter was created by Transformers godfather Simon Furman during his run in the Marvel UK series, and Geoff Senior's artistic touch. He was soon promoted to more than a one-off character and even got his own series in the late 80s, though reduced to a human-sized robot.

With Furman's blessing, writer Kieron Gillen brought the multi-dimensional mercenary back to Marvel comics, although always as a secondary character. Well, after showing up in the background of Marvel comics for the past year, Death's Head makes his full-on return in Gillen and Dale Eaglesham's latest Iron Man comic, issue 9, and he's in his full size!

Back in 2012, reported from the Toy Fair that a new Marvel Universe figure of Death's Head had been announced by Hasbro - is this a good sign for its release?

Death's Head is Back, Full-Size!

Leave your opinion and discuss this below!

Transformers: The Ride 3D Universal Orlando - Megatron Takes Orlando

Transformers News: Transformers: The Ride 3D Universal Orlando - Megatron Takes Orlando
Date: Wednesday, May 1st 2013 1:56pm CDT
Categories: Live Action Movie News, Event News
Posted by: El Duque | Credit(s): inside the MAGIC, Universal Orlando

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Our friend and theme park enthusiast Rick Brigante with Inside the Magic dropped by to let us know about the latest promotional campaign going on in Orlando for Universal's upcoming Transformers: The Ride 3D attraction. Similar to the campaign leading up to the ride's release at Universal Studios Hollywood, the Fairwinds Credit Union building in downtown Orlando has been outfitted with an 80 foot sign made to look as though Megatron took a stroll right through the building. Universal Orlando has also uploaded a YouTube video to go along with the campaign. We've embedded images from Inside the Magic and the Universal Orlando video below.

Brigante feels a grand opening announcement is just around the corner.

Re: Transformers: The Ride 3D Universal Orlando - Megatron Video and Images

Re: Transformers: The Ride 3D Universal Orlando - Megatron Video and Images

Re: Transformers: The Ride 3D Universal Orlando - Megatron Video and Images

Re: Transformers: The Ride 3D Universal Orlando - Megatron Video and Images

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