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B.O.T.S. Reveals Dutch Broadcasting of Animated

Transformers News: B.O.T.S. Reveals Dutch Broadcasting of Animated
Date: Friday, May 16th 2008 2:59pm CDT
Categories: Cartoon News, Event News, Digital Media News
Posted by: Raymond T. | Credit(s):

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In a promotional piece by Jettix Magazine in the Netherlands for the B.O.T.S. Dutch Transformers Convention, which will be held on June 8th 2008 in Nieuwegein, the broadcasting date for Transformers: Animated on dutch television has been revealed. This issue of Jetix Magazine will be released for sale next week. But we can reveal the article here below.


After the cinematic movie, The Transformers have been
more populair then ever! Therefore B.O.T.S. will be held
on June 8th in Nieuwegein. THE only Transformers event
in the Benelux. Really everything related to Transformers
will be there, from toys to comics. And on August 23rd
Jetix will start with the new series Transformers
. In which the battle between Optimus Prime
and Megatron continues. But the Transformers will have
a totally different look. Soon more!


TV Loonland sells Metrodome Shareholdings

Transformers News: TV Loonland sells Metrodome Shareholdings
Date: Friday, May 16th 2008 2:36pm CDT
Categories: Cartoon News, Press Releases, Company News, Digital Media News
Posted by: Raymond T. | Credit(s):

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After TV Loonland sold the rights of it's "Hasbro Classics Library", which includes the media rights over the original Transformers show as well as other Sunbow produced shows like G.I. Joe and Jem, earlier this week. TV Loonland has announced on their site that the company has made another sale. This time they have sold their majority shareholding over Metrodome Group plc. The following has been taken directly from their site's Press Release.

Munich / London, 16th May 2008 - TV-Loonland AG is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of the sale process of its shareholding in Metrodome Group plc, its UK subsidiary quoted on AIM.

The deal has seen MediaPro Management SA of Bucharest, Romania, initially purchasing a 50.1% stake in Metrodome Group plc from TV-Loonland AG's existing 61.7% holding in Metrodome at a price of 2.62 pence per share. The deal values TV-Loonland AG's entire stake at approximately £2.0m (ca. €2.5 Mio.).

In accordance with Rule 9 of the UK Takeover Code, MediaPro Management SA has today also announced a mandatory public offer at 2.62 pence per share for all the outstanding shares of Metrodome.

This mandatory public offer will run for a period of 21 days, following which, TV-Loonland AG's remaining 11.6% shareholding will either be acquired by MediaPro Management SA at the same price as the public offer, or sold in the market depending on the level of acceptances from the offer.

Simon Flamank, CEO of TV-Loonland AG, commented "The effect of this transaction coupled to the earlier announcement this week about the sale of the Hasbro Library back to Hasbro has enabled the group to repay all of its remaining €5m of bank debt and therefore become a debt free business for the first time in the past seven years, which was always our first objective."

"We will now consider further the various alternative scenarios which may exist for the remaining core children's animation business and in particular the new properties that we have been developing."

"The conclusion of the sale process of Metrodome Group plc will also bring to an end my involvement as Chairman of that company, which has covered the past two years. Following the corporate and financial restructuring of the company that we undertook in the autumn of 2006 the company has increased its revenues in 2007 by some 66.7%, and over the last two years has acquired distribution rights for four Oscar nominated films, including one winner for Best Foreign Language Film, THE COUNTERFEITERS."

"We are delighted with MediaPro's involvement now in Metrodome and wish both parties every success for the future".

Forbes: Blurr voted fastest fictional car.

Transformers News: Forbes: Blurr voted fastest fictional car.
Date: Thursday, May 15th 2008 11:21am CDT
Categories: Cartoon News, Digital Media News
Posted by: First Gen | Credit(s):

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Views: 15,523 (of all sites) recently posted a list of fictional vehicles from movies, cartoons and other origins and placed rank on them based on their capabilities.

Topping the list is Transformers own Autobot Blurr,

with a listed speed of 800 mph. Second place went to the Mach 5 of Speed Racer fame

(both the cartoon and newly released movie) running at 258 mph and third and fourth places going to the Batmoblie from Batman Begins (Starring Christian Bale) and Dom's Charger from the Fast and the Furious (Vin Diesel) both clocking in at 220 mph.

A couple honorable mentions added to the list: Doc Brown's DeLorean

from the Back to the Future Movies going up to 190 mph on the ground and and the man powered Flinstone mobile burning up the roads at 11 mph downhill.

To view the complete list, click here.

Hasbro Buys Media Licences From TV Loonland

Transformers News: Hasbro Buys Media Licences From TV Loonland
Date: Wednesday, May 14th 2008 5:34am CDT
Categories: Cartoon News, Press Releases, Company News, Digital Media News
Posted by: Raymond T. | Credit(s):

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TV Loonland has broken the news on their website that they have sold their media licences for many of the classic cartoon series in their "Hasbro Classics Library", including the original Transformers and G.I. Joe series, to none other than Hasbro themselves for the sum of 7 million US Dollars. In 2000 TV loonland had bought Sunbow productions who together with Sony owned the media rights of the cartoon show for many of the territories outside of the United States. The article does state that TV Loonland will continue to work with Hasbro in regards to these propoties in the future.

"As we deliver new immersive entertainment experiences to audiences worldwide, it was extremely important that we had the rights to fully control the usage of our intellectual properties. Entertainment is becoming increasingly important in helping us to strengthen and build our brands globally, and this will enable us to engage consumers in new and exciting ways".

To answer some questions, If the article on the TV Loonland site is correct, this deal is ONLY for the so called "Hasbro Classic Library". This would mean only shows like G1 Transformers, G.I. Joe, Jem, Inhumanoids and so forth. This might also include G2, since it is basically a reworked G1 show. But this DOES NOT include the japanese series, Scramble City, HeadMasters, MasterForce, Victory or Zone. Neither does that mean any other Transformers series.

The TV Loonland also only covers territories outside of the US, like the UK, europe and South America. The media licence for release in the US still belongs to Sony as far as we know.

The only real change with the shifting of ownership of these rights is that TV Loonland will now most likely act a middleman between Hasbro and companies like Metrodome, who actually produce the titles. The consumer should not be effected by this change.

TFA "A bridge Too Close Pt.2" Preview w/ Videos **SPOILERS**

Transformers News: TFA "A bridge Too Close Pt.2" Preview w/ Videos **SPOILERS**
Date: Wednesday, May 14th 2008 3:25am CDT
Category: Cartoon News
Posted by: Stormrider | Credit(s): Neomagmatron, Lawson, Orion_Prime48

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More Transformers Animated episodes have been spotted. A Bridge Too Close Part contains images of Animated Omega Supreme, Shockwave, and Blurr. They are demo versions, so no sound.

Be Warned - Spoilers

Part 2A

Part 2B

Official Press Release: Madman's Transformers Victory DVD

Transformers News: Official Press Release: Madman's Transformers Victory DVD
Date: Tuesday, May 13th 2008 12:31am CDT
Categories: Cartoon News, Sponsor News, Press Releases, Company News
Posted by: i_amtrunks | Credit(s): Daniel Chlebowczyk of Madman

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TRANSFORMERS: VICTORY completes the trilogy of Japanese exclusive Transformers series’. Originally aired in Japan in 1989, Victory follows the events of the previously released HEADMASTERS and SUPER GOD MASTERFORCE, which in turn directly continue from the original Transformers G1 cartoon!

Set in 2025 A.D., VICTORY introduces Star Saber, the mightiest Autobot warrior and greatest swordsman in the galaxy. The Decepticons continue to invade planets, so the Autobots and humans form the Space Defense Force, with Star Saber as its leader. Leading the Decepticons is Deathzaras, who has targeted Earth as the next planet to plunder.

Each Transformers set contains fan favourite special features such as character art, toy galleries, and exclusive cover artwork by the Transformers artists at IDW comics. VICTORY includes the rarely seen TRANSFORMERS: ZONE, the last ever episode of Generation 1. A MUST-HAVE for Transformers fans!

The pinnacle of the original Japanese series, VICTORY features fantastic animation and action that both Transformers and giant robot anime fans will enjoy. Now is the perfect time to discover the unique and amazing tales previously only told in Japan , a must for the army of Transformers fans looking to discover what happened next.

For more information on the unmissable range of Transformers DVDs, including the worlds-best TRANSFORMERS: GENERATION 1 COMPLETE COLLECTION, TRANSFORMERS THE MOVIE and BEAST WARS Seasons 1-3, plus our ultra cool Transformers apparel ranges, toys and statues, free downloads and more, visit the freshly updated Transformers minisite:


English and Japanese Dialogue
4 disc set with all 32 episodes

Introductory booklet with episode guide
Includes RARE final Transformers episode: TRANSFORMERS: ZONE
All-new cover by IDW Transformers artist EJ Su
Toy gallery
Character art gallery
Japanese toy ads
Japanese toy catalogues
DVD ROM Content - the story continued in Manga

Cartoon Network To Air Transformers Animated Episode "Garbage In, Garbage Out"--10:30AM

Transformers News: Cartoon Network  To  Air Transformers Animated Episode "Garbage In, Garbage Out"--10:30AM
Date: Saturday, May 10th 2008 6:42am CDT
Categories: Cartoon News, Digital Media News
Posted by: Tigertrack | Credit(s): Cartoon Network

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The weekly update-- this week's episode has some interesting appeal to it for many of us older fans.

Alfred Matthew 'WEIRD AL' Yankovic, of "Dare to be Stupid" fame, guest stars with the crew on TRANSFORMERS ANIMATED this morning at 10:30 AM. Weird Al will bring to life the good-intentioned Wreck-Gar to try to help the Autobots with their Decepticon problems.

Why does this appeal to transfans you might ask besides the introduction of an odd, new character? Weird Al's song, "Dare to be Stupid" was the music used in the 1986 Transformers Movie during the exciting introduction of the Autobots to Wreck-Gar and the Junkions. While Weird Al never voiced the character previously, apparently some powers that be saw it as an interesting connection and went with it, since Weird Al already had ties to Cartoon Network, and Transformers.

And of course, besides the fame to TF fans worldwide due to the movie, Weird Al also has many infamous parody songs such as 'Eat It', 'Ebay', and 'The Saga Begins', as well as his own movie "UHF". Weird Al also voices Squid Hat on Cartoon Network's 'The Grim Stories of Billy And Mandy'.

If you miss the bots and Weird Al today, check it out tomorrow, on Mother's Day--after pampering mom of course-- at 11:00 AM Eastern on Cartoon Network.

Also, of note, TF Animated returns on weekday AMs airing repeats of previous episodes, with 'Nanosec' on Monday at 6:00AM Eastern. Fear not, they are still continuing with new episodes on the weekends with next weekend airing 'Velocity', and then the following weekend scheduled to play 'Rise of the Constructicons'. Check out the Cartoon Network schedule.



ENJOY... with mom's permission of course!

"Transformers: The Movie" to air on Encore Avenue May 17th.

Transformers News: "Transformers: The Movie" to air on Encore Avenue May 17th.
Date: Friday, May 9th 2008 5:06pm CDT
Category: Cartoon News
Posted by: Darth Bombshell | Credit(s):

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Views: 9,602

The Transformers Animated Movie will be airing on the Encore Avenue cable network on Saturday, May 17th. The start time will be 7:15pm (on Encore Avenue 2) and 8:00pm (on Encore Avenue 1). To view the listing on the Encore Avenue website, click here.

TF Animated DVD to hit Germany in late August

Transformers News: TF Animated DVD to hit Germany in late August
Date: Thursday, May 8th 2008 3:05pm CDT
Category: Cartoon News
Posted by: First Gen | Credit(s): hutemx

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More information about the Transformers: Animated cartoon series being brought to Germany has surfaced. Hudemx of reports that he received an email from Paramount Deutschland stating that a TFA DVD will hit the German market in August.

All the information posted about the possible release is in German, and it appears that no other information regarding the DVD is present. We can only assume, at this time, that the DVD released will most likely be the three episode release that the US is due to receive later this year.

The good news about this is that this could be a sign that more markets in Europe and the surrounding area may be getting the same TF Animated treatment soon. We'll keep you posted on events as they happen.

To view the original post, click here.

One Week Until Victory!

Transformers News: One Week Until Victory!
Date: Wednesday, May 7th 2008 6:19pm CDT
Categories: Cartoon News, Company News, Store News
Posted by: i_amtrunks | Credit(s): Madman

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Views: 17,335

Only one week remains before the final Chapter of G1 cartoons "Victory" is released on Region-Free DVD.

Madman will be releasing the final chapter of their Japanese Transformers Collection on Wednesday May 14th 2008 for AU$59.95. The collection is region free, meaning it will play on any DVD player in any part of the world.

The Disc will contain all 32 Victory episodes spread over 4 discs, with Japanese Audio and English Subtitles. Artist E.J. Su, best known for his work on the IDW Transformers Infiltration, Escalation and Devastation Series has produced the cover art, and extras include the Victory Manga issues, Japanese Toy Advertisements, Character Art Gallery, and Toy Galleries from itself.

Preorders can be made by clicking here, or you can order the set from the 14th of May 2008.

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