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'Buy A Car, Get A Free Transformer' Chevy Promotion

Transformers News: 'Buy A Car, Get A Free Transformer' Chevy Promotion
Date: Saturday, August 25th 2007 9:30am CDT
Categories: Toy News, Company News, Collectables
Posted by: Tigertrack | Credit(s): s250

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So were you thinking about buying a new car, and wondering how in the world you could work it so you could get a free collectible toy out of the deal too?

Look no further. Apparently Chevy is having a promotion and all you need to do is buy an Aveo and you get a really cool new and exclusive Transformers Autobot Swerve (new mold!!!) limited to only 2000 pieces.

We have two links for you. One is to AcToys showing all modes and a size comparison to deluxe movie Concept Bumblebee.

Autobot Swerve on AcToys

And the other is an auction...

Exclusive Autobot Swerve Auction

Let's hope there is a way to get this that does not involve shelling out tons of money. Or those of us who are Transformers completists will also be driving brand new Aveo's shortly.

New Images and Review of Japanese Exclusive Micron Noise Effect

Transformers News: New Images and Review of Japanese Exclusive Micron Noise Effect
Date: Friday, August 24th 2007 9:27pm CDT
Categories: Toy News, Reviews
Posted by: Hotrod | Credit(s): rikkomba

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Rikkomba of the has contacted us with some interesting news that fans of mini-cons will appreciate. Rikkomba has received a Japanese Exclusive Micron Noise Effect. He has post new images of the figure along with a review. Check out the new photos and review by clicking here. Update - August 24th, 2007

Transformers News: Update - August 24th, 2007
Date: Friday, August 24th 2007 8:20pm CDT
Categories: Toy News, Sponsor News
Posted by: Seibertron | Credit(s): Joel @

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Hi - Here is a quick update from http://www.bigbadtoystore about some very
exciting new preorders just listed today and a variety of new arrivals.


TRANSFORMERS ENCORE - RATCHET & IRONHIDE: A nice surprise announcement
from Takara today. Ratchet and Ironhide will be released as part of the
Encore lineup at the very attractive price of only $34.99 each. These
were reissued about 5 years ago as exclusives in very limited quantities.

HASBRO MARVEL BUILD-A-FIGURE SETS: We've just listed two exciting new
sets of figures, and each 8 figure set includes parts needed to build an
extra larger Build-A-Figure. Up for preorder now at $89.99 per set is
the Marvel Legends Fantastic 4 set with Ronan the Accuser, and a
Spider-Man Movie set with Sandman. Lets hope Hasbro continues this trend.

be producing more of the Spark Blue MP3 players, they are also introducing
a third version into the mix with the new SoundBlaster MP3 player with
black paint. Both figures are up for preorder at $94.99.

STAR WARS TRANSFORMERS - NEW DELUXE: We've listed two new case
assortments that contain the new Commander Cody Turbo Tank, Luke Skywalker
Snowspeeder, and AT-AT Driver - AT-AT. They unfortunately packed 2 old
figures along with the 4 new figures per case, so while our case prices
are very reasonable at $94.99, the single figure and sets are a bit high
since we'll have to recoup the expense of the two unwanted items.

MARVEL SUPERHERO SQUAD - SERIES 5: We don't have images for this new wave
yet, but it sounds like a good one. Instead of the normal 4 sets of
2-packs, Hasbro doubles up this wave with 8 new 2-packs. We have cases,
sets, and a few singles up for preorder. New figures include: Storm &
Black Panther, Ultimates Captain America & Nick Fury, Wolverine with
chopper, Human Torch & Annihilus, Iceman & Pyro, Thor & Loki, Gambit &
Rogue, and Dr. Strange & Ant-Man.

MORE COMIC-CON EXCLUSIVES: We'll be receiving another batch of SDCC items
fairly soon. There are currently almost 20 items up for preorder or in
stock now. New preorders include: Gold Bender Bank, Justice League
3-pack, Mattel Manbat, Underdog 2-pack, South Park Butters, Goonies Copper
Bones Skull Key Replica, and don't miss out on the 300 Leonidas, NBX
Vampire Jack, and Harry Potter with Hedwig.

STAR WARS EXCLUSIVES: For those of you without access to Toys R Us, we've
just listed the TIE Interceptor - 181st Imperial Fighting Group vehicle,
and also the upcoming Battle of Geonosis Creature Pack. Check out these
two items here + the Gold Squadron Y-wing:
= Y-Wing
= Creature Pack

SPIDER-MAN MOVIE ITEMS: We've listed more of the 'Offscreen' Action
Figures as well as new 10" offerings - check out the Spider-Man 3 menu:


STAR WARS UNLEASHED ARC HEAVY GUNNER: This internet exclusive is now in
stock for $23.99. It comes packaged in the attractive cylinder style
packaging and features another dynamic Unleashed style pose.

BATMAN 1/4 SCALE MUSEUM STATUE: A beautiful new mixed media piece that
stands over 18" tall, the Museum Statue is very impressive:

SPIDER-MAN UNLEASHED 360 FIGURES: The 360 designation of these new
Unleashed figures means that they are extremely articulated action figures
instead of the staionatry Unleashed figures from Star Wars or
Transformers. I took a look at them all in person today and was quite
happy with them - the images don't do the figures justice, they are fairly
large, nicely equipped, and reasonably priced at $24.99 each.

MARVEL LEGENDS ICONS - SERIES 4: Magneto and Cyclops are now in stock for
$23.99 each or $44.99 for the pair. This line keeps getting better so be
sure to check out waves 5 & 6 preorders as well.

STAR WARS - SAGA 2007 WAVE 3: We now have Wave 3 and Wave 3.1 cases in
stock along with a variety of single figure listings including the Yellow
and Red Clone Troopers - view them all here:

STAR TREK - TNG - WAVE 4: Beverly Crusher, Wesley Crusher, Q, and the All
Good Things Beverly figures are all in stock. We have sets of 3 with Q
available as well as single figure listings for all the rest.

SDCC UTAPAU CLONE TROOPER: Limited to just 2007 pieces, we now have these
in stock for just $89.99 - we'll under the convention pricing!

STAR WARS EXPANDED UNIVERSE: The third wave of comic 2-packs is now in
stock in limited quantities. Get all 3 of the new sets for $39.99 here:

KOTOBUKIYA WOLVERINE STATUE: This Japanese statue is one of the cooler
Wolverine statues out there - tons of action and a very busy sculpt - in
stock now - $20 below MSRP at $154.99

STAR TREK MINIMATES - WAVE 1: We now have 6 figure sets in stock for just
$15.99 - this gets you everyone but the short-packed chase figure and most
of the key characters:

BOWEN ROGUE STATUE: This 12" Statue features Rogue punching her way
through a brick wall. In stock now for $174.99

perfect for Goth weddings or shelf display - we have it priced $25 under
MSRP at only $99.99.

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to take a
quick look at some of the new items or your favorite menus. Dozens of
other items arrived this week that we don't have time to mention.

Joel & The BBTS Crew

SWTF Darth Vader Obi-Wan 2-pack

Transformers News: SWTF Darth Vader Obi-Wan 2-pack
Date: Friday, August 24th 2007 8:07pm CDT
Categories: Toy News, Sightings
Posted by: Seibertron | Credit(s): Brazilian

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An all-new 2 pack featuring Darth Vader and his arch enemy Obi Wan Kenobi apparently has been released. Brazilian found this "Galactic Showdown" set at a Wal-Mart in Union, NJ.

Galactic Showdown featuring Darth Vader and Obi Wan Kenobi

You can click the image above to view a larger image.

According to the packaging, both figures sport a new exclusive deco that's only available in the "Galactic Showdown" 2 pack. Happy hunting!

Dreamworks / Paramount's Official Press Release regarding Transformers IMAX

Transformers News: Dreamworks / Paramount's Official Press Release regarding Transformers IMAX
Date: Friday, August 24th 2007 8:06pm CDT
Categories: Live Action Movie News, Press Releases, Digital Media News
Posted by: Seibertron | Credit(s): Paramount

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One of the Biggest Movies of 2007 Gets Digitally Enhanced into The IMAX Experience®

LOS ANGELES, CA, August 21, 2007 -- IMAX Corporation, DreamWorks Pictures and Paramount Pictures announced today that “TRANSFORMERS,” one of the highest grossing movies of the year, will be digitally re-mastered into IMAX’s immersive format and released to IMAX® theatres on September 21. The Michael Bay-directed movie, which has already generated $310 million in gross box office receipts domestically since its premiere in conventional theaters on July 3, will be enhanced into the unparalleled image and sound quality of The IMAX Experience® through IMAX’s DMR® (Digital Re-Mastering) technology.

“IMAX’s all-encompassing format takes ‘TRANSFORMERS’ to a whole new level of detail and intensity,” said Michael Bay, the film’s director. “I am very excited to work with the team at IMAX to create this turbo-charged version.”

“As fans of ‘TRANSFORMERS’ await the release of the DVD in the fall, they will have a brand new way to experience the adventure -- as if they are actually part of the movie,” said IMAX Co-Chairmen and Co-CEOs Richard L. Gelfond and Bradley J. Wechsler. “The images and sound in ‘TRANSFORMERS’ are perfectly suited to The IMAX Experience and we are very excited to share the IMAX version with the film’s present and future fans.”

“When you combine Michael Bay’s action packed brand of filmmaking with The IMAX Experience, you get a movie that plays to the elusive and extremely valuable tech-savvy demographic,” added Greg Foster, Chairman and President of IMAX Filmed Entertainment. “We are very excited to offer moviegoers a chance to experience one of the highest grossing and most popular films of the year in a premium way that cannot be replicated anywhere else, and we are delighted to once again work with the talented team at Paramount Pictures to make this happen.”

DreamWorks Pictures and Paramount Pictures Present, in Association with Hasbro, a di Bonaventura Pictures Production, a Tom DeSanto/Don Murphy Production of a Michael Bay Film, “TRANSFORMERS” starring Shia LaBeouf, Tyrese Gibson, Josh Duhamel, Anthony Anderson, Megan Fox, Rachael Taylor with John Turturro and Jon Voight. Directed by Michael Bay from a story by John Rogers and Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman and a screenplay by Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman, the film is based on Hasbro’s Transformers™ Action Figures. The producers are Don Murphy, Tom DeSanto, Lorenzo di Bonaventura and Ian Bryce and the executive producers are Steven Spielberg, Michael Bay, Brian Goldner and Mark Vahradian. The director of photography is Mitchell Amundsen. The production designer is Jeff Mann. The film is edited by Paul Rubell, A.C.E. and Glen Scantlebury. The costume designer is Deborah L. Scott. The music is by Steve Jablonsky. The music supervisor is Dave Jordan. The special visual effects are by Industrial Light & Magic. This film has been rated PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi action violence, brief sexual humor and language.

Transformers Mosaic: The Curse

Transformers News: Transformers Mosaic: The Curse
Date: Friday, August 24th 2007 6:30pm CDT
Categories: Site News, Comic Book News, Site Articles
Posted by: Hotrod | Credit(s): TF Mosaic

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The celebration of the new Transformers Mosaic and Seibertron partnership continues! So far many fans are begging for more, and who can blame them since the each issue of Mosaic is awesome! Today we bring you issue 4, which is titled "The Curse". It's written by Carlos Oliveros (aka Synapse), with art by Ivan Mas (aka Decep). Enjoy!

Images of Prototype Transformers Animated Bulkhead

Transformers News: Images of Prototype Transformers Animated Bulkhead
Date: Friday, August 24th 2007 6:23pm CDT
Category: Toy News
Posted by: Hotrod | Credit(s): eBay seller etoyshunter

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Views: 8,604

Images of prototype for Transformers Animated figures are starting to make there way onto the internet. Photos of a prototype of Transformers Animated Bulkhead have surfaced. Ebay seller etoyshunter has posted an auction for the prototype. Here are the mirrored pictures from the auction:

New Transformers Hand Fans

Transformers News: New Transformers Hand Fans
Date: Friday, August 24th 2007 6:10pm CDT
Category: Collectables
Posted by: Hotrod | Credit(s):

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Views: 7,154

Trying to beat the heat this summer? We a new Transformers product may help. There are now Transformers hand fans available exclusively in Japan. There are two versions of the fan. One is painted like G1 Megatron, and the other is painted as G1 Optimus Prime. View images of the fans here.

(RUMOR) GIJOE Movie slated for Summer '09 ... what does this mean for TF2?

Transformers News: (RUMOR) GIJOE Movie slated for Summer '09 ... what does this mean for TF2?
Date: Friday, August 24th 2007 4:17pm CDT
Categories: Live Action Movie News, Rumors, Digital Media News
Posted by: Seibertron | Credit(s): IGN

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Views: 13,558 has reported that the GIJOE movie is tentatively scheduled for a Summer 2009 release. Many TF fans have speculated that the next installment of the Paramount/Dreamworks Transformers franchise would be released that same summer. It doesn't seem logical that Hasbro would pit two of its core properties against each other during the same movie season, though perhaps it could be done with one of the movies being released in May '09 and another being released around July.

Of special note to GIJOE fans, the acronym now apparently stands for "Global Integrated Joint Operating Entity" for the upcoming 'Joe movie, according to the article at

Stay tuned for more information as we find out what impact the GIJOE movie has on TF2. In the meantime, let the speculation begin!

(RUMOR) Metallic Megatron and Ratchet To Be 'Best Buy' Exclusives

Transformers News: (RUMOR) Metallic Megatron and Ratchet To Be 'Best Buy' Exclusives
Date: Friday, August 24th 2007 2:19pm CDT
Categories: Live Action Movie News, Toy News, Rumors, Digital Media News, Collectables, Store News
Posted by: Tigertrack | Credit(s): The Allspark

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According to sources on the Allspark, it appears that the metallic RATCHET and MEGATRON repaints will be BEST BUY exclusives.

Need proof? How about pictures with a 'BEST BUY Exclusive' sticker on each package...

Metallic Ratchet and Megatron thumbnails located in first post of thread with stickers.

The going theory is that these may come out to help promote the movie's DVD sales in BEST BUY when it is released. Toy News, the latest information to satisfy your toy needs.

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